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Eco-friendly travel guide to Lithuania advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Lithuania, Europe.

Typical Lithuanian flatlands with lakes, swamps and forests. Thousands of various lakes lie in Lithuania and create magnificent sights from the bird's eye view.

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Bus connections: 4 / 5
  • Train connections: 4 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 4.5 / 5
  • National parks: 5/ 5
  • Outdoor activities: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Safety: 4/ 5
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $80
  • Budget per day: US$80 - $120

Responsible Travel

Suppose you are a person who loves to appreciate nature. In that case, we can imagine that you would have Lithuania on your list of places to visit as it has many enhancing and enchanting sceneries that can leave anyone in a perfect mood.

It is a European country and a perfect holiday location for many people. There are many places to visit in this country, and you should have an open mind if you want to enjoy all that it has to offer. We would also not be surprised if you are in awe of the women as they are sometimes described as the most beautiful worldwide.

It is typical to see the locals relaxing at cafes, although they may not have a friendly face. However, they will warm up to you if you are respectful of their culture and lifestyle.

Air Quality and Pollution

We cannot say that Lithuania is the busiest country worldwide; neither can we say that it is usually not busy. The best word to use and describe it would be bubbly, and it is almost impossible that there would be no atoms of air pollutants in the country.

Due to the numerous activities that people do, this country does not have the safest air quality. However, it should not deter you from visiting it as you could protect yourself against air pollutants.

If you have breathing issues or react easily, it is best to travel with your medications and also have a face mask as you move around. A majority of the air pollutants in this country come from thermal power plants for electricity generation and vehicle emissions.

Respect the Culture

One thing you should know is that the locals of Lithuania may appear standoffish if they are not familiar with you yet. It is why many foreigners say that the people do not have a welcoming look.

Typically, you would see that these people present an official outlook, and you should go with the flow until they warm up to you. They usually dress formally, except in rare relaxation cases.

If you are someone who sees hugs as a friendly gesture, you should not do it with a local of this country until it is established that you both are friends. If not, it will be seen as disrespectful. However, handshakes are acceptable.

Once they have warmed up to you, the atmosphere will become more relaxed.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Below are some of the top places that anyone should visit when in Lithuania:

  • Hill of Crosses (Šiauliai): It is not surprising that this is one of the top places to visit in the country, and an area with numerous crosses will surely get the interest of many people. It now serves as a pilgrimage site, with other symbols that depict Christianity.
  • Gediminas Castle Tower (Vilnius): This structure has been in place for ages and dates as far back as 1409. Gediminas, Grand Duke of Lithuania, built the first wooden fortifications. The architectural structure is always appealing, and you would get a perfect view of the city from it.
  • Cathedral Square (Vilnius): If you want to go for events and celebrations while in Lithuania, you should look out for this event center when in the country as it is where a majority of activities happen. You will never have a dull moment if you visit it.
  • Kaunas Castle (Kaunas): It is common knowledge that a castle will always get attention, and this building is not any different. It has an appealing environment that will always put a smile on the face of anyone who visits it, and you can take a tour around the castle to appreciate the remarkable structure and learn more about its architectural features.
  • 9th Fort of the Kaunas Fortress (Kaunas): It comes in handy that there is a tour guide at this fortress, ensuring that you get a good experience of the place. Most of the exhibitions at this place cover from 1941-1945. It was once a prison and way-station for prisoners being transported to labor camps.
  • Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania (Vilnius): It is a palace that has been in existence since the 15th century, and it has evolved since that time. If you are looking for stories about the country in archaeological form, this is the best place to visit.
  • Lake Galvė (Trakai): The goal when visiting a new place is to have fun, and what better way than to see a lake? There are about 21 islands, and you can engage in different water activities. It is also a perfect way of connecting with the locals. You can also learn about the stories surrounding the lakes.
  • Druskininkai Aquapark (Druskininkai): We have not seen anyone who does not love hanging out at a waterpark, so you should add this place to the list of places you should visit when in the country. It has a lot of activities you can do, and you also get to meet new people. It is a place that assures fun to the fullest.
  • Treetop Walking Path (Anykščiai): If you can remember, many places would make you appreciate nature in Lithuania, and this is one of them. It is a perfect location for hiking, with a riverside trail. If you have never been on a tree canopy, you can get on one when at this place. It also serves as an observation center and has a 34-m observation tower.
  • Hill of Witches (Juodkrantė): People get curious about this place from the name, and it stands as one of the top places to visit in the country. You would hear plenty of Lithuania fairy tales at this place, and it has sculptures that represent the stories. One can say that it is an outdoor sculpture gallery with a forest to explore.
Hill of Crosses in Šiauliai


We know that people do different things when they visit a place as there are numerous reasons why a person would leave their home city for a new country. However, one common factor with all foreigners is the urge to explore, so they are always researching and asking questions about the best places to visit.

Although most Lithuania places center on nature, we can assure you that it offers a lot of places cutting across its different cities, and we doubt if you would be able to cover everywhere with one trip.

However, you should ensure not to stay cooped up in one place if you want to have adequate fun while there. It would help you make new connections and learn more about the country.

City Parks

You can start your exploration in Lithuania by visiting some of the city parks.

They are:

  • Bernardine Park (Vilnius): If you are looking for a little park that assures fun in Vilnius, this is one of the options you have. It has fountains, so it is not surprising to see couples having it as their spot for romantic acts. It is also a great place to watch the ducks, and you know that you would have overall fun while there. The flowers also have a way of putting a smile on faces.
  • Alytus City Park (Alytus): It is always peaceful and quiet at this park, so you know that you can enjoy the serenity. It is the perfect location to take walks and appreciate nature.

National Parks

You will also see national parks in some of the cities. They are:

  • Žemaitijos Nacionalinis Parkas (Plateliai): One factor that makes this place endearing to many people is that you can enjoy it irrespective of the season. There are always activities to do. It is common to see people enjoying calm and relaxing by the lake. There are also bike trails within the park that makes cycling a feasible activity. It is a clean park, and other natural features would appeal to anyone who visits it.
  • Dzūkija National Park (Dzūkija): This park is situated within the largest protected area in Lithuania. Its forests are appealing to explore, and you can engage in other activities like kayaking. The locals in the villages sometimes allow their nice sides to show when relating with foreigners, so that a tourist can have a full experience of the park.
Žemaitijos Nacionalinis Parkas


We have seen that foreigners also love to explore the different beaches in a country, so it adds to the list of places we would highlight in Lithuania.

Some of them are:

  • Beach of Nida (Neringa): It is a beautiful beach that people would not want to leave when they visit it. Watching the sunset and sunbathing are amongst the activities one can do while at the beach. It usually presents a fantastic view, and the water gives a calm feeling. You will always have fun at this beach irrespective of the time you visit it, and you can connect with some of the friendly people.
  • Pervalka Beach (Pervalka): It is not every time you see a beach with golden sand, but you can see it at the beach. It also has clear water and an overall clean environment, and you would not regret visiting it.
Beach of Nida


Everyone would agree that there are different landmarks in each country, and these are usually unique structures that serve as a guide when moving from one place to another.

Some of them in Lithuania are:

  • Three Crosses (Vilnius): As the name implies, it is a monument of three crosses and is hard to miss if you are within that vicinity. According to a legend, seven Franciscan friars were beheaded on top of this hill. Asides from being a landmark, it is also a tourist attraction as people love to explore the hill that leads to it.
  • Statue of Grand Duke Vytautas (Kaunas): It is symbolic that there would be a statue of this legend in the country, and he was in power between 1392-1430. This statue is a historical landmark in the country.
Three Crosses


Amongst the list of places that a person can explore in Lithuania are the museums. Some of them are:

  • Devils' Museum (Kaunas): It may seem weird, but this museum is dedicated to collecting and exhibiting sculptures of the devil worldwide. It is not a typical thing to see and usually piques the curiosity of foreigners. It was started by the artist Antanas Žmuidzinavičius, and a memorial museum was established in his house after his death. Some people say that it is a mysterious place, but others are usually excited to visit it.
  • Vytautas the Great War Museum (Kaunas): This museum has been in place since 1921 and is dedicated to collections that discuss the great war in the country. It gives a vivid and more exact outstanding, and you would be happy to visit it.
Outside the Vytautas War Museums


We receive different questions from people who desire to travel to Lithuania, and one of them usually concerns food as people are curious to know the meals that can be found in the country. After all, trying out the different local meals can also be considered as a form of exploration.

You should know that Lithuanians love their soup, and beetroot soup is one of country’s most famous meals. It is called Šaltibarščiai, or you can also call it pink soup as it gets its color from the beetroot. It is one meal that is not hard to get. You can also get Cepelinai while in Lithuania. It is a combination of potato dumplings stuffed with meat or cheese. It is usually dependent on your preference.

Many traditional local meal options that are tasty and appealing, and foreigners are eager to try them once they get to the country. However, it is one thing to desire these meals, and it is another to get them from the right places.

Thus, it is best to visit any of the traditional local restaurants as it is only a local that can get the preparation process correctly. There are many traditional restaurants in the different Lithuania cities, so you should ask the locals to give a guide on the best places to visit. Typically, the best option would usually be busiest.

Once you get any of them, you have the assurance of eating tasty meals during your stay in the country.

It is always best to be considerate of the preference of others, and we are glad that some restaurants in Lithuania key into this idea, and we can see it in terms of having vegan options. It can be frustrating when a vegetarian visits a place and cannot get a restaurant that attends to vegan needs.

Vegetarians tourists are assured that it would not be a hassle finding a vegan restaurant in Lithuania as you would see at least one of it, irrespective of the city you stay in. These options are often not limited to only vegans, so people with regular eating habits can also try it out.

If the fear of not finding a vegan restaurant has held you back from visiting Lithuania, it should not be an issue anymore. In some other cities, there is the idea of street foods, which are quick meals that can be gotten from kiosks. However, we cannot assure you that you would get street meals in Lithuania. We have highlighted some of the traditional local meals, but there are no food options that stand out as street food.

If you are a street food lover and planned to explore some options in Lithuania, we know that you would be a tad bit disappointed. However, it should not weigh you down as you can explore the regular food options.

It could be that the street food culture is not yet widespread in this country, and we do not know what will happen in years to come. However, we would be on the lookout.


If you are a lover of beverages, allows us to tell you that you will have a swell time in Lithuania as there are many drink options to explore. These are inclusive of alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and we know that you will find a preference.

The locals of the country are known to be beer lovers, so you will see beers in different varieties. If you would prefer a non-alcoholic variant, you can go for kisielius, a drink made from berries. There is also gira, a non-alcoholic drink option made from rye bread.

The country also offers spirits and other drink options, and some of them may have an infusion of herbs, linking it to the country. The unique taste is always the giveaway.


Understandably, people have reservations about water when traveling to a place and might use it as a deal-breaker to determine if the city is worth visiting or not. If you fall under such a category and wish to travel to Lithuania, we know that you are interested in learning the quality of the tap water the country has to offer.

Lithuania is one of the few countries that can boast of having portable tap water, so foreigners are assured that it is perfect for their health. You do not need to worry about getting any health issues or complications when drinking the tap water in this country.

There would be no need to make alternative preparations concerning drinking water since the tap water is potable.


There is always the urge and zeal to engage in many activities when in a new country. After all, it would not be a pleasant experience if you are always bored as it means that you are not getting enough out of the holiday season.

Instead of feeling bored when in Lithuania, why not engage in fishing or kayaking? If you did not know, these are some of the country’s bubbling activities, and the people ensure to carry foreigners along.

It may be that you do not know how to handle any of these activities, but you will get directions from a local if you politely ask questions. There are many water bodies to support these activities, and you will get an array of options while fishing.

If you are still in need of an activity to do while in Lithuania, you can embark on a yoga retreat. We often see people choosing this country as their preference for having a yoga retreat, so we know that it should not be written off the books.

Yoga is an activity that is slowly gaining worldwide acceptance, so it should not be surprising that people go on yoga retreats. It may be that such concepts are strange to you, but you should not hesitate to join any of them as that it is a way for you to keep busy, and you can also meet and mingle with new people.

Joining in on a yoga retreat has numerous benefits, and you should ensure to harness them.


When people say that they want to travel to a country, it is typical for us to ask them where they would be staying. We understand that accommodation is an essential aspect of traveling, and we would not advise anyone to flop with the plans as being stranded is never a nice feeling.

Once you have a place in mind that you wish to visit, the next thing should be researching the different available accommodation options to pick one that fits your budget and style.

Sometimes, you may go ahead and make a reservation, while other times, you would keep the name of a place in your head, pending when you get to the country. Any of both options should go according to your preference.

Green Hotels

One of the most famous accommodation options in Lithuania is a green hotel. It gets high patronage of people regularly, so we know that it is something you should consider.

By staying in a green hotel, you accept that you will be environment-friendly, as the hotel has many facilities to ensure that it is eco-friendly.

You will notice that some of their rules help to ensure that lodgers are adequately eco-friendly while in the hotel. The fact that it is environment-friendly does not make it any different from other places as it is still a hotel. However, deliberate actions are put in place to ensure that you have maximum satisfaction while in their hotel.

There are good options for green hotels across cities in Lithuania.

Hostels and Guest Houses

There is no reason for anyone to be stranded in Lithuania as there are numerous accommodation options, including staying in hostels and guest houses. As you would imagine, these are cheap and affordable accommodation options, so it comes in handy for those on a budget.

You would be sharing a room with people when staying in a hostel, but that does not mean you will not have a swell time. If you are traveling in a group, it comes in handy as you all get to stay together. However, if you are with strangers, it is also an opportunity to make friends.

The hostels and guest houses in the country are usually well-maintained, and you cannot deny the feeling of warmth that comes with staying at any of them.


Some people might say that staying at an apartment is a more expensive option, but we prefer saying that it is dependent on your accommodation budget. It may be a high price to some people, while others see it as affordable. Also, not all apartments have the same price, so you can see one that falls within your range if it is what you desire.

Often, people compare staying in an apartment to being at home as they believe that you would get adequate comfort, which makes the traveling experience better. It is always wise to choose an accommodation option that makes you happy, so know that apartments are part of Lithuania’s available options.

You will see apartments in different cities, so you are covered.


It could be that you have heard about Couchsurfing before, or it could be that this is the first time you hear about it. Whatever the case might be, you should know that it is one of the accommodation options you have, although it is not always available in all countries.

The idea here is that a local is nice enough to open their homes for foreigners to stay while in the country. Although Lithuania locals are not known for being the friendliest as it takes time for them to warm up to you, Couchsurfing occurs in the country, especially in its capital city.

If you are traveling there for the first time and considering this option, you should check the Couchsurfing website to know the willing locals.


If you can remember, Lithuania is described as a country that appreciates nature and vegetation. With such an analysis, you can be sure that campers would have an enjoyable time while in the country.

Sometimes, it could be that a foreigner wishes to explore the country further and takes time off to go camping during their stay. Or, it could be that a person decides to visit the country solely for camping purposes. Whatever category you may fall under, you are sure that Lithuania will make a great camping location as it helps you get closer to nature.

You will not be the first person to have a camping experience in this country, but you can have a unique experience depending on your activities.


Lithuania regions map.png
Literally Highlands, northeastern and eastern region.
Samogitia, literally Lowlands, north-western region.
Dzūkija (Dainava)
Southeastern region.
Sūduva (Suvalkija)
Southern and south-western region.
Lithuania Minor
Sea-coast region.


  • Vilnius - the capital of Lithuania. Cultural, educational, financial and political centre of the country. Known for its spectacular Old Town and its unique architecture.
  • Kaunas - second-largest city and temporary capital of the country
  • Klaipėda - third-largest city, famous for its summer festivals
  • Šiauliai - the fourth largest city in Lithuania, with a population over 100,000.
  • Panevėžys - the fifth-biggest city in Lithuania with population of 119,000.
  • Alytus - a city in southern Lithuania.
  • Jonava - 9th city by population in the whole country. Famous for national celebration of Joninės. It is the case because Joninės is a celebration of Johns and Jonava literally mean city of Johns.
  • Trakai - 28 km away from Vilnius, a Capital city. Most famous for it's castle and extremely beautiful nature. Former capital of the country.
  • Palanga - Is the most popular spot for Lithuanians or tourists to visit in summer. Cities population in summer grows from 10,000 to 600,000 in July.

Getting There and Moving Around

Have you ever wanted to go to a place but gave up on the idea because you do not know how to get there? It is an issue that many people encounter, but we believe that such is not supposed to happen as you can get information from research.

Typically, we would expect you to go the extra mile if you want to travel to that country. You can go the extra mile by looking for persons who have been to that country, asking them questions, or researching other platforms that will give you the desired answer. You are searching for the different means of transportation that can take you from your location to the desired country, and possibly the fare cost to be well-prepared.

Asides from knowing how to get to your desired country, you should also be aware of how you would move around once you get to the country. It could be moving from your point of entry to the hotel or how to go from your hotel to other places of interest.

Everyone would agree that foreigners are not known to stay cooped up or remain in one place when in a new country as there is always the urge to explore so that they would have good stories to give when they go back home.

If you do not know how to move around, it delays your exploration process and limits the number of places you will visit before leaving the country. Thus, learning how to move around is always important.

One way of moving around that comes in handy in many countries is walking, and Lithuania is not an exception. Since it is a country that promotes nature appreciation, it is common and normal to see people walking around and choose this as their preferred means of moving around.

Some people believe that walking allows them the opportunity to reflect and appreciate things better, so they do not fail to embrace this means of movement. It could also be that there are some sites and attractions that could be missed if you are not walking.

While walking around in Lithuania, you should always have a warm smile, but do not expect to get it back from the locals unless you have established a relationship with them.

Another way of moving around in Lithuania is by using a bicycle. The process of using this means of transportation is almost similar to walking around as you would also get your peace and serenity, giving you time to self-reflect if you desire.

Some people might be wondering how a bicycle would be gotten as it would be unthinkable to carry a bicycle from your home when visiting Lithuania. We want you to know that you can rent a bicycle from rental shops, and it is not at an exorbitant price.

There are bike routes in the country, so you should know that you would not be the only person cycling as it is an acceptable means of movement in the country. If you love to cycle, you should not waste time renting a bicycle.

Another means of moving around in Lithuania is with a scooter. We do not know if this is available in your home city, but you can see it in this country. It almost works the same way as riding a bicycle, but the government plans to enforce stricter rules to ensure everyone’s safety.

If you would prefer to use a scooter, you can rent one the same way you would rent a bicycle. However, we would advise that you also have your safety apparatus to ensure that you are well-protected.

Since you are new to the country, it would also be best to observe the driving behavior of the drivers so that you would know how to navigate them. It would be best if you do this before getting a scooter.


We would say that this country is accessible via air as there are some airports in its cities, with the busiest and most famous being the airport in Vilnius, its capital city. If you have the thoughts of using a plane to this country, it is possible.

Your location will also come to play when it comes to using a plane to reach Lithuania, as it is not every continent or country that you can get a direct flight. When you decide to use a plane, you should check if there is a direct flight from your country to your destination.

If there is a direct flight, you are in luck. If there is no direct flight, you can fly to another country and get a connecting flight.

Entrance to the Vilnius Airport


We would not say that it is always possible to use a bus in reaching Lithuania, especially if you are coming from another continent. Typically, it would be best to try the bus option if you are in a close country.

It is also right to check if there are buses that operate international routes, and we know that there are few, but it might be hard to find. Thus, using a bus is not always a suitable means to use and reach Lithuania.

Some people dread using a bus because of the time one would spend on the road, while others love the bus option because it allows them to appreciate nature along the way. It would help if you weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

However, using a bus is a feasible option when it concerns moving around in Lithuania. You will see many buses that can take you from one city to another, and it assures you that you would have an easy exploration process as you are not limited to sites and attractions in the town you are staying.

People say that there is no destination within Lithuania that a bus does not reach, so it is one of the best systems of moving around. Although a local would be in the best place to explain how the bus system and its payment works, we can say that you would typically have to get a ticket from the driver. If you are used to electronic ticketing, you should know that it is not common in all Lithuania cities.

A bus in Vilnius


Would you prefer to use a train to travel to a new country? We have discovered that this is a preference of some people, so it is a part of the options we would analyze.

Before deciding to use a train, you should ensure there is a train connection between your present location and your destination. It is always important that there is a railway in your destination city, else you cannot use a train.

Interestingly, Lithuania has a railway and train connection with some countries, so it comes in handy for some people. If you are in a country like Poland, you know that you can use a train to reach Lithuania. Before making a final decision, ensure that your present country is a part of those that have a train connection with Lithuania.

Not only do trains come in handy when it concerns reaching Lithuania, but they are also a means of moving around in the country. Similar to the bus system, you can use a train from one city to another.

However, everyone can agree that trains move slowly, so you should consider using this option if you are not in a rush. There are long-distance trains that operate within cities, and these trains are usually well-equipped to ensure that passengers are comfortable. Typically, you would see sleeping compartments.

You can use your time on a train to capture the environment’s scenery, catch up on a book or movie, or have a sober reflection. Whatever your choice might be, have it at the back of your mind that using a train is a feasible option.


The hitchhiking system occurs in some countries, and it may be that you have heard of it before, and you desire to try it in reaching Lithuania. One fear that comes with hitchhiking is when it is not a common practice in the country.

However, hitchhiking is popular amongst Lithuanian locals, so people are used to seeing others doing it. Thus, you can get a free ride in reaching the country, but it will only happen if you are in a close country.

Hitchhiking also happens within the country as you can get a free ride to another city. All you need to do is stay on the major road and try flagging down a vehicle. We are sure that a driver would agree and help you.


Another means of getting to Lithuania is by boat. Some people may already have this in mind since there are water bodies in the country. Again, the availability of getting a boat from your location to Lithuania is dependent on the proximity.

If you are in Denmark, Germany, or Sweden, you should not have any worries as you are sure of getting a boat.

The travel experience of using a boat is one that many people look forward to, and we can say that it is always pleasant. Thus, it is a viable option.

Sustainable Shopping

Foreigners do many things when in a new country, and one of the activities that cannot be ignored is shopping. It is almost unheard of that a foreigner would travel to a place and not purchase anything. If not for anything, they usually get souvenirs to take back home to remind them about the country continually.

Shopping is always an exciting activity to do, but it when better when you go about it the right way. Instead of just shopping, why not try sustainable shopping? It is a means of patronizing local vendors.

One of the ways you can engage in sustainable shopping is by visiting the food markets. If you have been eating the local meals, we know that you would want to have these tasty foods even when you leave the country. Thus, there is the urge to learn the cooking process to be preparing it even when you go.

However, you would need those unique and unusual local ingredients, and the best place to get them is from the food markets. By patronizing the vendors, you increase the bond.

You can also decide to visit and patronize second-hand stores if you are interested in sustainable shopping. You will find these stores in different cities, and you can also ask for directions if you are confused about how to locate any of them.

Understandably, the items from these shops are not brand new, as the name implies. However, you are getting things that are still in a proper state. What you can purchase from second-hand stores is not limited as you get an array of items, ranging from fashion to electronics, and much more.

One aspect of sustainable shopping that people tend to ignore is eco-fashion. It is a way of infusing sustainable and eco-friendly items into the production of fashion wears. There is now an increased number of fashion brands in the country that infuse eco-fashion. Still, their success depends on sales, which will not be possible if people do not engage in sustainable shopping.

Some people fear that eco-fashion clothing items are not as fashionable as regular clothing, but that is not correct. To prove its stylish statements, we see that eco-fashion wears are now used for walking the runway.


When it concerns recycling, we can say that Lithuania ranks high as they ensure that they always covert their waste into something useable. They have machines where people can deposit recyclable trash and sometimes make it fun by giving cash rewards.

With all these in place, it is not surprising that the locals are enthusiastic about recycling, and we see that the country is progressing. Some people say that countries that are not doing well in the recycling angle should take classes and tips from Lithuania as they have high commendations.


Since Lithuania’s recycling level is high, nothing less is expected when it comes to waste management. The country has shown that they are interested in cleanliness, and one can see it in how they effectively dispose of their trash.

Some trucks go around collecting trash, but the locals also ensure that they properly dispose of waste and avoid littering. You will confirm it when you visit the country, and you must ensure that you follow their footsteps and do not litter.

Lithuania ranks high when it concerns waste management.

Work and Study Abroad

There are always different discussions concerning working and studying, and it is dependent on your country. People always love to work while studying and choose countries that make this possible.

If you are concerned about this and wish to study in Lithuania, we can say that it would not be an issue as you can work while studying. However, there is a limitation as the country’s legislation only allows students to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week.

It is considered a fair deal, so you should go ahead with your study plans if you desire.

Exchange Student

If you are looking to do an exchange program in any Lithuania’s institution, we would say that you should go ahead with your plans as the country is suitable for international students.

You will realize that the standard of living in the country is affordable, so you would not have many expenses. Although the locals would not always have a friendly face, they will warm up to you if they think you are a nice person.

People who have been exchange students in Lithuania always say that they had nothing short of a pleasant experience.

Au Pair

Foreigners might say that it is not easy to get a job in a new country, which is understandable due to different constraints. However, the au pair system usually comes in handy.

With this system, you can search the country’s au pair site for locals who post jobs. These are usually not career or high-paying jobs, but it would keep you busy and possibly help pay for some bills while you are in the country.

You will get an array of opportunities from the au pair system.


Another way of getting a job in Lithuania is by being a volunteer, but you would have to cancel thoughts of getting monetary benefits.

By being a volunteer, you want to make an impact in a particular sector and help to improve the country. You will be exposing yourself to many opportunities, so people usually jump on the idea of being volunteers.

If you are interested in being a volunteer, all you need to do is check for the available volunteering options in the country and pick one that you can deliver.

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