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Eco-friendly travel guide to Madeira advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Madeira, Portugal.

Quinta Do Lorde. Madeira

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 1.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $100
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $120

Responsible Travel

Madeira is one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal, and it is a relaxing place to visit. People say that they are usually happy at Madeira as the environment is soothing and makes them forget about any worries.

Thus, it is not surprising to see people packing their travels bags to head to Madeira. There are many things to do on the island, so people are usually occupied. Most times, you can explore nature, climb to the mountain peak, or hang out at the beach.

As a responsible traveller, ensure that you have your sunshade and sunscreen, hiking shoes, and other elements that would make you comfortable while you explore the island. It is a small island, so ensure to engage in practices that would improve its current state.

Air Quality and Pollution

Although some elements on the island contribute to air pollution, we can say that the air quality in Madeira is good, so you should not have any worries.

The question about air quality and pollution is one that we get from foreigners intending to travel to different cities. They desire to know so that they can analyze if they would still go there or not. It also helps them makes plans and put necessary things in place to keep them safe.

Low air quality can lead to different health problems, mainly affecting those with asthma and other breathing related issues. Typically, those in an area with dense air pollutants and low air quality would wear a mask while moving around. You do not need to worry about a face mask in Madeira as the air quality is good.

Respect the Culture

The locals of Madeira are welcoming to foreigners, and you can see this in the fact that many of them speak English so that they can relate better with tourists.

It is easy to get along with these foreigners as long as you respect their customs and traditions. They are open-minded and do not mind learning things about your home city. One of the reasons why people say that Madeira is relaxing is because of the openness of its locals. You must be respectful to them always and do not try to look down on anyone. Even if you are coming from a city that is better than the island, you must respect the locals while on their island. If you do not do so, you will have a challenging time being comfortable.

Top 10 Places to Visit

People would want to visit exciting places when in a new location, and you can do it in Madeira since there are many available options.

Some of them are:

  • Pico do Arieiro: It is the third-highest peak in Madeira and one of the best locations to have a quiet time. It gives you different epic views you would love, and the fresh air makes it relaxing.
  • São Vicente Caves: You should know that these caves are volcanic caves as it was formed by lava tubes. We do not know if you have ever gotten the chance to explore one, but you should do so by visiting this place when in Madeira. The experience would always be worth it.
  • Levada do Caldeirão Verde: It is a place that brings joy to hikers, and there is a hiking trail that allows you to explore. Ensure that you put on your hiking shoes and visit this place in Madeira.
  • Savage Islands: It is one of those protected areas on the island, but you would get a lovely experience exploring it. It gives you a closer feel of nature and soothes the mind.
  • Rua de Santa Maria: The island of Madeira is famous for many things, including its artworks. If you want to feel happy while there, explore this street as it is filled with vibrant art.
  • 25 Fontes Falls: We do not know how you feel about waterfalls, but it brings an absolute calm that cannot be explained. When in Madeira, ensure to visit this group of waterfalls as it also helps you connect with nature since it has a forest area.
  • Casino da Madeira: It is not out of place that a place which promises fun would be among the list of top places in Madeira. It is one of the perfect nightlife destinations on the island as it also helps you connect with the locals.
  • Blandy's Wine Lodge: If you want to have a more relaxed time, you can do it by visiting this place. When you go on a tour here, you get a treat of wine tasting at the end. If this offer sounds exciting, you do not have any reason not to visit it.
  • Aquário da Madeira: Although this aquarium is not big, it should not reduce your expectations as the experience you will get will blow your mind. It houses different fishes, and we know you would have a happy time if you visit it.
  • Quinta da Boa Vista: If you wish to appreciate nature, you should take a walk around this orchid garden. We cannot generalize the feeling you would get, but we have not seen anyone who did not have a lovely experience while there. Some people use this place for picnics while others visit to have alone time. Whatever your reason may be, this place is justified to be one of the most famous places in Madeira.
Pico do Arieiro


We know that tourists usually have a better experience when they get the chance to move around the area and explore places of interest. If you notice, cities that do not have much tourist attractions get a lower inflow of foreigners.

It is not out of place that foreigners would want to explore a new place as the human mind is generally curious. However, you can get a tour guide to ensure that you get a full experience of all the exciting sites.

If you do not have a tour guide, the locals will also be of help as they can direct you to different places to visit. What matters is that you have fun, and your memories are filled with stories to share when you leave the place.

City Parks

Since there are city parks in Madeira, it qualifies amongst different places to explore.

Some of them are:

  • Leite Monteiro Park: If you are looking for a quiet place to explore, you should visit this park. It is small and beautiful, and the management ensures to always keep it clean. Some people visit it to meditate, while others do to appreciate its beauty. Whatever may be your reasons, it is a perfect place to explore.
  • Santa Catarina Park: It is an all-round entertaining park as there are many activities for you to do while there. The quietness of this place is one of its biggest perks, and it also gives a panoramic view of the bay of Funchal. You can relax by the lake, and there are cruise ships to go on rides.
Leite Monteiro Park

National Parks

The same way there are city parks in any place is the same way there are also national parks. If you are wondering the difference, allow us to break it down for you.

A city park is peculiar to only that region or area, while the government of that country owns a national park. Thus, they are all parks,

Exploring a national park should also be on your to-do list while in Madeira, and a national park on the island is:

  • Madeira Natural Park: It is a beautiful place that will put nothing but a smile on your face. It was created to safeguard the natural heritage of the archipelago and contains several endangered species including global rarities such as Zino's Petrel. There are also hiking trails here that make it suitable for hikers.
Madeira Natural Park


A beach is something peculiar to most islands, so you know that you would see many of them in Madeira, and there is no reason why you should not explore it.

Here are some of the available beach options:

  • Porto Santo beach: Its clear-blue water is always relaxing and would unknowingly put a smile on your face as you walk around. Since many people visit this place and appreciate its cleanliness, you are sure to meet interesting people and make significant connections while there. If you know how to surf, the water awaits you. As a plus, there are many bars and cafes at this beach.
  • Praia da Calheta: It is one of the few sandy beaches in Madeira, and people say that the sand is imported from North Africa. It is at a strategic position on the island, and you will always have a pleasant experience.
Porto Santo beach


One can say that a landmark is a popular location in an area that the majority of the locals know, and it can serve as a guide during your exploration.

Some landmarks in Madeira are:

  • Curral das Freiras: It is a remote village with a fantastic view. There are also hiking trails at this place and serves as a historical landmark.
  • Municipal Garden of Funchal: It is a popular park in Funchal, the capital of Madeira. Almost everyone knows this place, and it would be easy to backtrack here if you ever lose your way while exploring.
  • Jozef Pilsudski Monument: It is usually easy to identify a statue, so it is not out of place for this to be one of the landmarks in Madeira. It is a statue of Polish hero and gets much attention.
Jozef Pilsudski Monument


There is no better place to preserve something memorable than at a museum. As a foreigner in any place, your curiosity would have you visiting a museum as you want to know more about its heritage.

Exploring different museums can be fun, and some of them in Madeira are:

  • Museu de Fotografia da Madeira - Atelier Vicente's: If you want to know more about Madeira during the 19th and 20th century, this is the place to visit. It gives stories of people who either visited or lived on the island, and you will also get to see different relatable artworks. It is always worth the visit.
  • 3D FUN ART MUSEUM: If you are a fan of 3D artworks, this museum calls your name when you visit Madeira. It displays contemporary and modern arts and is suitable for people of all ages.


The issue of food always comes up when people visit a new place as the meals they get is different from what was available in their home city. However, this should not stop you from eating the foods as it allows you to experience the area differently and uniquely.

Since there are water bodies in Madeira, it is no surprise that most of their traditional local meals relate to fish. One of such meals is the Black Scabbard fish fillet with Banana. This fish has a unique flavour that can burst your taste buds, and when prepared into this delicacy, it leaves you always licking your fingers.

Wine and Garlic Pork is another local meal you can enjoy in Madeira. It is as the name implies because they cook pork in white wine, garlic, and other spices. This meal would always have you drooling, so you should try it when on the island.

Traditional Local Restaurants

It is always best to get food from the source when in a new place as they are the people that can get the preparation process right. Thus, a traditional local restaurant is your best option for getting local meals in any city.

If you want to enjoy the local delicacies in Madeira, here are some of the restaurants to visit:

  • Restaurante Santo António: The friendly of the staff and management of this place is endearing and attracts people regularly. We can also say that their food is of high standard and quality as it always gets praises from people. We know that you will enjoy eating at this restaurant.
  • Taberna Madeira: They have an array of Portuguese food on their menu that makes it difficult for people to choose as all of them are appetizing. This restaurant will always have you licking your fingers at the end of the day.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Understandably, people have different food preferences. This is why we have those who are vegetarians.

These people find it hard to visit a new place, especially if the area does not have specialized restaurants for their needs.

If you are a vegan travelling to Madeira, you do not need to bother about this as there are vegetarian restaurants. Some of them are:

  • Mundo Vegan: The atmosphere of this place is one of its selling points as people love to eat in a clean and relaxed environment. Their foods are also delicious and prepared with consciousness. The owner of this restaurant has a welcoming personality that makes everything perfect. Their menu has an array of choices, and the locals there can help you decide if you are confused.

Street Food

Some people may call street foods snacks. However, we prefer to describe it as meals that you can eat on the go. There are many street foods options in Madeira, and we know that you will enjoy them. If you are a lover of sandwich, you will enjoy eating Bifana, the Portuguese equivalent. Some people say that it is an exquisite cuisine since it is made with steaks. It is an enjoyable and irresistible meal.

If you like eating cakes, you should try Bolos de São Gonçalo when in Madeira. It may seem different from a typical cake, but the difference is not much, and it is enjoyable.

Espetada is a street food consisting of beef. It is marinated with salt and garlic, put on a steak and cooked over hot coals. It is something that helps to keep the mouth busy.


It is not out of place to see people desiring to try out different drinks when in a new place the same way they would crave to taste the local meals.

Some of these local drinks may be available in your home city, while others may not. The idea is to have a refreshing time with something new.

Nikita is a traditional drink in Madeira, consisting of passion fruit and ice-cream. It is a perfect blend that sits well with the taste buds, and people usually rush for this drink, especially when the weather is hot. Pé de Cabra is another drink that everyone who loves alcohol should drink when on the island. It has a mixture of chocolate to keep it sweet while drinking. There are also some alcoholic drinks when from sugarcane, and we know you will have a pleasant time tasting the different options.


It is impossible to talk about drinks without mentioning water as it is essential and vital to health. Also, a foreigner cannot be in a place without drinking water, so they are curious to know the state of the tap-water in their destination city.

When we get this question from tourists concerning Madeira, we always assure them that they should have no fear or worries as the tap-water on the island is consumable. You should know that this island has many water-bodies, and it is safe to drink from any of them.

Madeira is not like other places where you need to boil the water or buy bottled water before you can get drinkable water. Feel free to drink from any of the water sources when on the island.

Organic Cafés

We cannot afford not to consider different preferences when analyzing various factors as we know that no two tourists can be the same. Some people prefer to eat at organic cafes, and there are many available options if you are travelling to Madeira.

Some of them are:

  • Restaurante Olives: Since a professional chef owns this place, it assures you of getting different healthy and delicious varieties. There is almost no local food or wine you cannot get at this place. It is a suitable place for vegetarians as well, and their prices are affordable. However, their serving portions are not big.
  • Principal Bistro: If you want to get an experience of how royalty is treated, you should visit and dine at this place. It is at a strategic location on the island, so it is easily accessible. Its cleanliness is also top-notch, and the meals are superb.


Lovers of alcoholic beverages love to enjoy these drinks at a brewery, so we need to highlight the ones you can find on Madeira. The goal is to have an irreplaceable experience while there, and we know that you would enjoy it, especially as it would allow you to connect with the locals and other foreigners.

Some of these breweries are:

  • ECM - Beer Company Madeira: Some people say that this place produces the best beer you can get in Madeira. Their beer options are tasty, and it is easy to get lost in the vibrant feeling you would get. It is refreshing and relaxing to chill at this brewery, and we know that you would not forget the experience in a hurry. Ensure that you visit it when in Madeira.
  • Beerhouse: It is in the capital of the island, and they have an array of options that makes people happy. It is one of the top places you need to visit when in Madeira.


If you are on an island, you are sure that you can partake in different activities that would ensure you have a pleasant stay and Madeira is no different.

Most of its activities include the water bodies since there are many on the island. If you are interested in fishing or kayaking, it is something you can join the locals in doing.

People do these as recreational activities, and we can assure you that it is fun. Fishing and kayaking may be impossible to do in some places, but Madeira is one of the homes for it.

If you do not know how to do these activities, the locals are readily available to assist you as it is their way of making tourists feel comfortable. We know you would only have lovely tales to tell.

Yoga and Retreats

The people of Madeira love to be active, and they believe that one way of doing this is through yoga. To them, even if you do not have the strength to get involved in gym activities, doing simple stretch like yoga would help you get around.

If you are a yogi, we know that you will find solace and comfort among fellow yogis in Madeira. If you do not know how to do yoga, do not worry, as there are yoga instructors in the different yoga studios across the island.

The energy flows better when you do yoga in a group. Some people think that practicing yoga puts you in a happy mood, but we would not want to impose this idea on you. Instead, you should verify the claims for yourself.


The issue of where to stay when in a new place can be bugging and challenging, but it would not be an issue if plans are made appropriately.

Typically, there is a reason why you decided to visit somewhere. Sometimes, it could be that you have people there, and other times it could be that you do not know anyone. If you know someone at your destination city, things would be more comfortable as they can either help you arrange accommodation facilities or stay with them.

For those who do not have anyone there, you need research the different accommodations and choose one that meets your taste and budget. Understandably, not all tourists would make the same choice. However, there is something for everyone.

Green Hotels

One of the options people go for in Madeira is the green hotel. It especially appeals to those who wish to travel responsibly as a green hotel has facilities contributing to environmental development. It is best to describe such hotels as eco-friendly.

  • Castanheiro Boutique Hotel: Both the interior and exterior of this hotel are appealing to many, so it is one of the top choices on the island. People love lodging here because of the atmosphere, and it is also perfect for taking pictures. It is in a strategic position and offers both free Wi-Fi and breakfast to its customers.
  • Hotel the Cliff Bay: This hotel has many facilities that ensure the comfort of its customers always. The staff are always pleasant, and there are two pools for relaxation. It is also at an excellent on the island.

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you do not have a high budget for accommodation in Madeira, it would be best to lodge in a hostel or guest house.

Some of them are:

  • Hostel Santa Maria Funchal: The location of this hostel is one of its perks. It gives you proximity to the city center so that you can carry out different activities. If you lodge here, you are sure to get a complimentary breakfast. Although there is no TV in each room, there is a TV lounge where people can hang out and interact. You will have a lovely stay there.
  • FX Hostel & Guest House Carvalhal: The simplicity of this place is outstanding as it never fails to deliver excellent services. Their prices are affordable, and it is close to many important areas on the island.


Another accommodation option that comes to play in a new place is by lodging in an apartment. Luckily, there are available apartments in Madeira if this appeals to you.

Some of them are:

  • Apartments Madeira Old Town: It is a conducive accommodation option and suitable if you are alone or in a group. It is at a strategic location as you get to have a view of the city. It is sometimes noisy since it is close to the city center, but your mobility is eased. They ensure to keep it clean always.
  • Vista Garajau Apartment: This apartment is well structured for foreigners as their staff are readily available to attend to your needs. The comfort of tourists is one of their primary focuses, and they do not joke with it. You will have a pleasant stay if you lodge here.


If you would prefer not to spend money on accommodation while in Madeira, you should consider Couchsurfing, which entails living with a local. However, you should know that many factors come to play in Couchsurfing.

Locals open up their homes to foreigners because they wish to connect with them. Thus, you should always be in the mood for conversing. You cannot stay in their home without talking to them as it would be awkward.

These locals are ready to be your guides and ensure you have a comfortable stay in the city, but you should respect their choices and culture. You should also be free, open-minded, and ready to engage in different activities.

If all these sound like what you do not mind doing, Couchsurfing should be your preferred accommodation option.


Almost everyone can agree that Madeira is a place for adventure as there are many activities you can do on the island, including camping.

You get to hang out with different locals and foreigners by camping, creating a bond, networking, and having fun. Interestingly, you can also appreciate nature and do various activities, including hiking.

If you can remember, there are different places on this island with hiking trails, so camping allows you to explore them. When camping, you get to do activities that you might have never thought about doing, so it is something that we encourage foreigners to do when in Madeira.

If you have doubts about how to go about it, have no worries as there are camp guides to assist you, and the locals would always be helpful.

How to Get There

Traveling to Madeira might be easy, but knowing how to reach it is the challenge. We do not always expect one to know how to get to different cities or areas, so we do not think it is out of place to ask questions.

While asking questions, you want to know what transportation means can help you reach your destination from your current location. This enables you to plan what you would need on your journey and help you know how many days it would take you to reach there.

Planning and preparation are always essential, and asking questions on reaching your destination city helps you know these details. Always remember that a person who asks questions would not miss their way.


Flying to a place has always been one of the top decisions people make, and we would not be surprised if you decide to use air when going to Madeira. The airport on this island is at Funchal, and it is not far from the city center. Thus, you would settle down in no time once you arrive at the airport.

You can get a direct flight from many cities to Madeira, mostly from European areas. You can also get from places like Lisbon, London, and Amsterdam.

If you are in a place that does not have a direct flight to Madeira, it should not be a worry. It would help if you fly to another city that can directly go to the island and get a flight from there.

Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport, Medeira


Using a bus to Madeira is not feasible, and we know that this would come as a blow to those who love using the road while traveling. However, Madeira does not have connecting roads with the other Portuguese cities.

If you can somehow use a bus to Portugal, you would not connect Madeira as the road systems are not in place. If you planned to use the road, you should have a change of plan.

After all, flying is always faster as you can reach the island within hours. However, you may spend days on the way if there was a road system for you to use the bus, and we know that people get cranky when they stay on the road for long hours.

Local buses on the streets of Madeira


Another means that people use to reach places is by using a train. However, this would only work if a railway connects from your current city to your destination. Thus, that is one of the factors you need to consider before deciding on this means of transportation.

If your destination city is Madeira, you would sadly not be able to use a train down there as there is no railway, even with surrounding cities. It is similar to the bus system as no road connection links this island with other places.

Typically, you should use a flight to this island or find other means of transportation that does not entail using the road as they would not be feasible.


Have you ever heard of hitchhiking? It is common in some places where people stand on the road, hoping to get a free ride to their destination. Some foreigners use this as a means to reach their destination as it helps them to saves costs. Typically, you would not need to pay as the driver carries you for free.

However, this concept may not work in some cities, as it is dependent on many factors. In the case of Madeira, it is not feasible to hitchhike down there as people do not drive to the island. There are no road systems down there, so you do not have where to stand.

It would be improper to think that you can use hitchhiking to reach the island.


It may seem that one can only use air to reach Madeira as other means that include road transports are not feasible. However, there is another means of transportation that can take you to this island.

It will be wrong for us to talk about the different means of transportation and not mention water transportation, which is another way that gives you entrance to this island. After all, it is a place with water bodies, so it is expected and bound to occur.

The major port in Madeira is Funchal, the capital city. Typically, you would see cruise ships and ferries that come there. If you are in any surrounding Portuguese city and wish to reach Madeira, you can use any of them as you are sure of entering the island.

A ferry leaving the port of Fulchan, Medeira

Moving Around

The next step to properly analyze after getting a way of entering Madeira is the various means of transportation available within the city to aid movement. Typically, people need to move from one point to another, so there would be different solutions.

It is almost similar to choosing a means of reaching there as you need to pick your best suitable option. What works for tourist A might not be the same that appeals to tourist B due to individual differences.

If you like any means of transportation within the city, the next step is to ask a local for accurate details so that you can know how they operate. It is one thing to know how to move around, but you cannot use them if you do not understand how they work.


One means of moving around in Madeira is to walk. If your two legs are functional, it cannot fail you. We see some tourists who prefer this means as it helps them exercise and they say that they learn routes and directions better while walking around.

We do not know if this is your preference, but we can assure you that it is safe to move around in Madeira. Some people might argue that walking is boring, especially if you are alone. However, you can take along a camera or a phone to capture captivating images to hold memories as you move around the island.

You might also want to strike up a conversation with some of the people as their stories are captivating, and you will be happy that you did.


Some people love the idea of cycling and say that it gives them a refreshing feeling that helps them let go of worries. When we talk about moving around in a new city, some tourists say they plan to rent a bicycle when they get to their destination, so movement would not be a problem. It is a welcomed idea, but we also know that cycling cannot happen in every place as the road network plays a huge role.

In Madeira, there are many steep hills, so it is dangerous to cycle around. This does not mean that it does not happen, but need to be familiar with the roads before getting a bicycle. Also, the drivers on the island are not used to cyclists, which can be an issue.

Electronic Vehicles

We would almost want to say that it is not right to use an electronic vehicle in Madeira, but we would be going out of line because some people use scooters on the island. However, you should know that the roads in Madeira are tricky for foreigners, so you should spend time understanding it before using a scooter to move around. You should also not forget your safety gear while you a scooter.

Public Bus

Using a bus is the primary means of moving around in Madeira. Typically, you would see many people rushing to get on a bus as they do not want to miss their appointments.

There are different bus companies in Madeira to ensure that there are adequate buses for people. The local drivers are sometimes rough while driving, but they would get you to your destination safely.

Since everyone is rushing, there is usually traffic, which makes things slower.

Tram, Train and Subway

There is no railway system in Madeira, so you cannot use to move around the island. Some people feel that there would be lesser road traffic if there were trains in the city. We cannot verify this claim since there are no trains for the experiment. But, there are hopes for the establishment of a rail station.

Since you cannot use a train to move around in Madeira, you should pick from other existing means since moving around is inevitable.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is a means of buying environmentally friendly products, and it is a way of being a responsible tourist.

It is your duty to thoroughly crosscheck any item you are getting to ensure that it does not have any adverse effects on the environment. Interestingly, you can get these products from the local shops, so you should patronize their business as it is also a way of helping their economy.

Some people have the idea that sustainable shopping leads to buying things that are not durable. However, that is a false claim.

Food Markets

A food market is a place that brings happiness to many people as you can get any food items you desire. You can most times get these items cheaper than you would on a regular day or at another location, so people always want to visit and buy from a food market.

The farmers market is Madeira is the food market of the island, and it is a perfect shopping location for both foreigners and locals as you would always get anything you desire.

Flea Markets

Many people are familiar with a flea market, and we see many foreigners desiring to shop there.

Some of the options in Madeira are:

  • Lillie Ceramics: It is a pottery store in the city where you can get different designs. The prices are affordable, and it makes a great souvenir to take back to your home city.
  • Santo da Serra Market: You can get different food items and other options from this market. It is one of the excellent choices on the island.

Second Hand Stores

If you are a lover of shopping at second-hand stores, you have some options in Madeira.

They are:

  • Estimei: The friendliness of the sellers makes it easy for people to walk in and browse through what they want. You can either get clothes or books from this store, and they are of high quality.
  • Rei Dos Travões Lda.: Many people say getting auto parts is challenging, and we agree with the claim. However, you can get them in a perfect state from this store at an affordable price.


Did you know that you can use sustainable materials to make your fashion items ranging from clothes to bags, shades, shoes, and more? If you do not know, we are happy to tell you, and it is called eco-fashion.

At first glance, they may seem like regular clothes. However, proper checking would allow you that it is eco-fashion from sustainable materials.

There has been a spike in the increase of its popularity, and it is now used for fashion shows on the island.


The government of Madeira supports recycling, so you would see different colors of baskets at different positions on the island. They are labeled clearly to tell you how to dispose the wastes properly.

They also have smaller recycling baskets that can be made available to your home if you order for any of them. Thus, you should join the initiative by disposing your dirt appropriately when on the island.


Madeira poises to be clean always, and is highly environment conscious as they wish to ensure that their island is a safe green safe.

Thus, they have an organization in charge of ensuring that wastes are properly disposed. You will be cautioned if you throw things anyhow for the first time, and you might pay a fine if it is continuous.

Always ensure to have proper waste management systems.

Work and Study Abroad

It is exciting to note that students can work while studying in Portugal, and the schools in Madeira are not any different. This way, a student gets adequate experience and gets to make and save money.

Exchange Student

The idea of getting an exchange student entails that international students gets the opportunity to school on the island due to existing ties.

It usually comes in handy as the student gets to learn many things before going back.

Au Pair

The idea here is to be paired with a local host who gives you a job. Some of these jobs may not be luxurious, but it would put food on the table.


A volunteer chooses an aspect of the city and focuses on ensuring its developmental growth. Many people look up to volunteers, so you should always put in your best.

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