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Eco-friendly travel guide to London advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in London, England, United Kingdom.

View of the London Skyline from The Shard

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 1.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 5 / 5
  • Parks: 2 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: X5 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$25 - $900
  • Budget per day: US$70 - $1500

Responsible Travel

Sitting on the Thames River, London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. The city is one of the largest cities presently in the world. Not many people know, but Romans established this beautiful city about two millennia ago. London has played a dominant role in the past, and presently, it is still one of the world's dominating cities. Apart from the historical significance, there are other reasons why London is one of the world's largest cities. The first reason is that it is one of the largest financial hubs. Another reason is some world-class educational institutes like the London School of Economics, Imperial College London, etc. London has also hosted three modern Summer Olympic Games, which no other city globally has. There is much other global recognition that the city has received like:

  • Highest number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (2019)
  • 2012 Summer Olympics award
  • Part of the world’s three most influential global cities (2008)
  • Third most populous urban area in Europe (2011)
  • Second most populous Commuter belt in Europe (2016)
  • Hosted the first World Championships in Athletics (2017)
  • Host to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships

Apart from the much recognition, one thing that attracts most people to its charm is the presence of a multi-cultural society. You will find that Christianity is the most followed faith, but many people belong to Islam, Hindu, Jewish, and Buddhist religions. There are some ethnic groups also present. Because of so much world significance, London is one of the most sought-out places to visit in the world. You must also remember to keep in mind that your actions don't cause any harm the local environment. It would be best to travel respectfully and create positive effects on the local environment. There are many ways to do so, but those eco-friendly ways will only be useful if you use them right. You must also learn and follow the country's laws and the city to avoid any trouble. As a tourist, you must make yourself aware of both the country's international and national laws. Doing so will help you travel responsibly and sustainably to one of the most important global cities, London.

  • Choosing the right transport method: A major part of your travel experience is discovering every nook and cranny of the city. While you will have transport options like private cars and taxis at your disposal you need to know that not only do they contribute to more congestion and traffic pollution but also emit harmful gases into the environment. So, choose options like walking, cycling, electronic and public transportation in general. The public transport system in London is generally excellent and you are also able to walk easily around different areas,
  • Trying local food: A huge part of the local culture is the traditional food that is offered at the local traditional restaurants and by street food vendors. Instead of just sticking to international fast food franchises that contribute to so much waste being produced in the world, you should try the local options. Not only will it help the local economy but also will directly help the families whose sole source of earning are these small food businesses. London is home to a diverse group of people who come from different cultures and backgrounds so you will find places like little authentic Indian Restaurants or Japanese ones. Most of them are small businesses run by a passionate group of people so support them as much as you can.
  • Do not throw waste: As an eco-friendly traveler, you need to promote green as much as possible in the city to motivate not only fellow tourists but local people. When you visit any tourists attractions especially city parks, make sure you do not throw any food wrapper and do not just stop at that but if you see any trash, pick it up and throw it in the dustbin. It might look like a very small thing to do but has a huge impact on people watching especially the children present in the park since they learn and mimic the behaviour of other people around them.
  • Choose a green hotel: Plenty of accommodations are available in the city that provide you with a top-notch experience but instead of choosing them, you can pick green hotels for your stay. They use eco-friendly measures to reduce the pollution and waste of the city. This is one of the great ways to contribute towards to city to keep it safe and clean.
  • Shop local: In order to support local craftsmen and artisans always shop local. During your trip to the city, you will come across small shops and food stalls in almost every lane of the city. If you want to have an unforgettable experience in the city, then buy goods and foods from these shops. This will not only help you to save a lot of money but you will be supporting a lot of local people who are dependent on their small businesses to earn a livelihood.

Air Quality and Pollution

London's pollution levels are under control and at safe levels, but the atmosphere's air quality ranges from good to moderate. You will find that as one of the most traveled cities in the world, London has a well-developed transport system and all the other facilities that a person may require. The locals either use electronic vehicles or avoid traveling short distances with their cars. It is the reason why the pollution levels are at bay. You will find that apart from air pollution, the water pollution is comparatively low, making the tap water drinkable. The noise and light pollution is almost at the same level as air pollution. If you have any illness that the air, noise, or light pollution may negatively affect, you must take proper precautions. According to statistics, the locals consider that the main reason for pollution in the city is the untidiness and improper garbage disposal facilities. During your visit to London, you should try your best not to contribute to the increasing pollution rates and follow the social and legal norms. Also, using public transports, walking, bicycles, and electronic vehicles is a great way to travel eco-friendly without harming the local environment.

  • PM10 – 23
  • PM2.5 – 12
  • PM10 Pollution Level – Low to moderate
  • Pollution Index – 58.86
  • Pollution Exp Scale – 105.64
  • Air Pollution – 64.06
  • Air Quality – 35.94

Respect the Culture

If you think that London is all about the Queen, its tourist spots, or the food, then you are mistaken. Most people believe that London only celebrates Christian festivals like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc. But actually, London hosts some of the most diverse and worldly recognized events. These events represent different communities not just of different religion or faith, but the artistic community also. These festivals and social events will help you learn about London's open and diverse culture and from where the food gets its influences. The best way to attend these festivals would be by going with a group. It is because going in a group will help you in making your experience more enjoyable. Another great option is to befriend a local person or interact with the locals. You will get insights into the local culture, traditions, and various other details. Most of the events occur annually on specific dates, so you can plan your trip accordingly to attend them and create good memories. Here are some London festivals and social events that you should not miss out on during your trip to England.

  • British Summer Time – Hyde Park
  • The Citadel Festival – Victoria Park
  • London Yoruba Arts Festival – Hackney
  • South West Four – Clapham Common
  • New Year’s Day Parade – West End
  • The Great British Beer Festival – Olympia
  • Notting Hill Carnival – Notting Hill
  • Taste of London – Tobacco Dock
Citadel festival is a summer day festival that will give you an insight into the music scene of London

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guard: Buckingham Palace is London's most sought-out place by locals and tourists. The main attraction is not only the architecture but also the guard changing ceremony. It starts at 11:30 in the morning and draws the crowd towards it irrespective of the season. This free and colorful display of music and marching takes place at a palace named St. James's Palace. After this, the tourists can follow the band all along the Mall's way as the guard's march between the two sites. Buckingham Palace dates back to 1837, when it was built, has been the Royal Family residence in London after Queen Victoria's accession. If you're wondering whether the Queen is in the palace, you should look at the flagpole at the top of the building; if the royal flag is flying, you can assume that the Queen is at home. On special occasions of the state, the Royal Family members and Queen may even show up on the central balcony. When the Queen stays in Scotland at her summer palace, visitors are free to purchase tickets for tours through the Queen's Gallery, the State Rooms, and the Royal Mews.
  • The Tower of London and Tower Bridge: From the private zoo to the treasure vault, prison to palace, the fascinating Tower of London has endured many roles during the past centuries. It is Britain's most fascinating structures. London's tower offers fascination for tourists who are curious to know the country's rich and varied history. The history is vibrant because so much of it took place. The massive tower built-in 1078 shows a fascinating display of royal armor and armaments inside it. The armor and the armaments belonged to the 17th century. It was built by William the Conqueror. The other magnificent things include an exhibition called Crown Jewels. This exhibition exhibits the things which were found in the cave during the execution. Some of the exhibits are the royal mint, the gruesome exhibits, and the beefeaters. The tower bridge nearby is basically two towers standing 200 feet above the river adjacent to each other. The tower bridge is built on the River Thames and is one of London's fascinating landmarks and tourist attractions. For the uninterrupted tour, it is advised to purchase the ticket to the Tower of London in advance so that you won't have to wait in long queues. The advance ticket will help you avoid the crowd and save your time. The entry is minimal here so that every tourist can visit this important landmark. The ticket to the Tower of London includes the ticket to the beefeater tour and crown jewels tour. The summer season is the busiest.
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum: The Victoria and Albert Museum is popularly known as V&A in London. It belongs to the group of South Kensington museums. This group includes both the science museum and the museum of natural history. The museum is spread over an area of 13 acres. It has a total of 145 galleries. The galleries contain artifacts and arts, which are about 5000 years old. The exhibits shown here include silver and jewelry, glass and ceramics, photos and prints, and ironworks. The exhibits here are distributed here in four broad categories. The categories are; (1) Aisa, (2) Sculpture, ceramics, and metalwork, (3) Fashion, textile, and furniture, and (4) image and word. This categorization is basically done for the convenience of the visitors. It becomes next to impossible for a tourist to visit the whole museum in one visit. Therefore, it is advisable to plan and come regarding the area that a tourist would be visiting first, depending on its priority. Visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum is a must and also highly recommended. The visitors are free to choose from themed tours or introductory tours to any specific gallery. The introductory tours take place daily. One of the fascinating things here is the event called "Friday Late." This program is held on the last Friday of every month. This program is basically popular for its experiences in foods and drinks. Moreover, the exhibitions held on this day are opened till late at night. It is a must-visit thing if you are around.
  • The Two Tates: Tate Britain and Tate Modern: Initially, the states were collectively known as the Tate gallery. But now London consists of two Tate galleries named Tate Modern and Tate Britain. It consists of the most important art collections from all over the world. This gallery was inaugurated in 1897. It was opened primarily as a national collection of British art. As the gallery started growing, it started making acquisitions because it needed more space to display its growing collection. Later, when there was no place left for spreading, Tate Britain was established in the north of Thames in Millbank. Tate Britain consists of a collection of British Paintings which are historical as well as permanent. The other side is known as Tate modern, consists of art collections of the modern era. The power station which was across the river Thames was transformed into this beautiful modern art gallery. Both Tate Britain and Tate Modern are connected by ferry, which is high speed one. Tourists can also walk on the Millenium Bridge, a footbridge that connects the two museums situated on both sides of the same river bank. The view here is spectacular. Moreover, this is a paradise for art lovers who can spend their whole day here.
  • Westminster Abbey: Westminster Abbey is yet another location that has an indeed long association with royalty in British. The site at which Westminster abbey is situated has been associated and belonged to Christianity during the 7th century. Westminster Abbey is officially known by the name the Collegiate Church of St. Peter, located in Westminster. Collegiate Church of St. Peter was founded in the year 1065 by Edward the Confessor. He primarily founded it as his place of interment. After he was buried here in the year 1066 till the king named George II died, which becomes about 700 years, many great sovereigns were crowned here and buried here. It has recently turned out to be the best place to arrange marriages here and not just any weddings but royal weddings. This place is London's most popular and important tourist destination. This place can also be considered a masterpiece in gothic architecture. It has one of the highest naves of Gothic in the whole of England. This place attracts millions of people every year. Here you can see about 600 memorial in Nave, including Poet's Corner in the Transepts, Tomb of the Unknown Warrior, Dickens, Chaucer, and Shakespeare's memorials. It also consists of a lot of attractive gardens.
  • Churchill's War Rooms: This is where the prime minister of England, Winston Churchill, gave orders to the British military force throughout World War II. It is one of the most evocative and fascinating historic sites in the whole of London. It can also be considered as one of the perfectly preserved historic sites in London. Their Spartan, cramped condition and simplicity clearly defined England's desperate position when the grip of the people of Nazi tightened across the whole of Europe. Here you will be able to see tiny cubicles where the prime minister slept. You can also visit the radio station that was improvised to broadcast the speeches he said during the war. The experience which you will get here no modern museum can give you. The world map preserved here has its borders marked with simple knitting wool around the borders of Europe. For a better tourist experience, audio guides are available here, providing you with a self-guided tour of about 90 minutes or one and a half-hour. There is also a book shop and a café situated inside the premises. The other two attractions in London are also worth visiting. The Imperial War Museum operates them. It is situated within walking distance of the Southbank culture district. It has a fascinating collection of military weapons, aircraft, and military vehicles. Other important and well-preserved things dating back to WWII is a cruiser which was used during the D-Day. It can also be explored as a self-guided tour.
  • Natural History Museum: It was inaugurated in the year 1754. It is one of the most spectacular natural museums of history in London. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions of its kind on the whole planet. It has a huge Romanesque façade, which can be easily spotted. Once you see it will become irresistible to not watch it from inside. The visit inside the building is something no tourist would want to rush. It has a total collection of whooping 80 million artifacts. It consists of everything ranging from zoology to botany. Most of the artifacts here are centuries old. The museum also preserves specimens that Charles Darwin collected during his most famous journeys. The guided tours available here can range from 30 minutes to as long as 50 minutes. This is the first thing advised to do if you visit here. There are many organized events for fun. Some of them include late-night openings for kids and workshops for the elders, and many more. There are many shops located here on the premises where you shopping lovers can enjoy their time. Many restaurants and café are also situated on the premises for the convenience of the tourists who usually love to spend their whole day here.
  • Hyde Park: This Park covers a total area of 350 acres. Hyde Park, situated in London, has the largest open space. It has been one of the favorite places for people who love sightseeing since the year 1635. One of the most important things in this Park is the Serpentine, which is a human-made lake. It was built in the 18th century and is really popular for swimming and boating, in Hyde Park, which can also find Speaker's corner. A speaker's corner is a traditional forum or place for heckling and giving free and voluntary speeches. One of the main landmarks in Hyde Park is the Apsley House, which also served as a home to the Duke of Wellington, and also the first duke lived here. Here only the first duke achieved its victory at the very famous battle of Waterloo. Later, the palace was transformed into a museum. This museum consists of a magnificent collection of Wellington's paintings, including Velázquez's The Waterseller of Seville and many other gifts he received from various emperors and kings of Europe. One more fascinating place is Regent's Park in London, which is situated within walking distance. This London park is spread over an area of 410 acres. You will love to stroll here, experiencing the greenery. If you're traveling along with kids, make sure to visit the London Zoo, which is located within the Park's premises. This is the most popular and a must-do thing to do if you visit the city with your family.
  • The London Eye: It was traditionally built to mark London's celebrations in the year 2000, in the millennium. The London Eye is the world's largest observation wheel in the whole of Europe. Its glass capsules offer fascinating views of the city. As the tourist goes on a circular tour, he is risen to about 443 feet above the river Thames. The circular journey takes about 30 minutes. If you book your ticket in advance so that your time won't be wasted while standing in lines. Therefore, a pre-booking of tickets is advisable for an uninterrupted tour. One of the features offered to the tourists is London Eye: Skip the Line Ticket. This ticket is a bit more costly than the normal advanced booked ticket because it allows you to rent or reserve a whole capsule to enjoy the experience along with your friends and family. This ticket helps you to escape the line completely. If you don't get a chance to experience London's above view from the London Eye, don't get upset. There is another way to view London from above, and that is Emirate Air Line, a cable car system laid between the Royal Vicotria Dock and the Greenwich. It crosses River Thames, giving the visitors an amazing as well as a thrilling experience. The cable car takes 10 minutes and is as long as 1 kilometer. You can take a lot of selfies here while traveling above the Thames.
  • Greenwich and Docklands: For centuries this has been a hub of the naval power of Britain. Greenwich is popularly known as the home of the famous Cutty Sark. The cutty sark was the last tea clippers to sail between China and Britain during the 19th century. The ship is situated just adjacent to the center, named Discover Greenwich Visitor Centre. This center consists of exhibits that are more than 500 years old. The exhibits showcase the Palladian mansion, popularly known as Queen's House, and maritime history. The National Maritime Museum consists of an impressive collection, one of its kind across the world. This museum very well illustrates the Royal Navy's history. One of the fascinating things you could do in London is to keep each of your feet in each hemisphere. The meridian line is very accurately highlighted in the Royal Observatory of the meridian building. The Docklands situated across the river have now been changed into an international place of recreation and business. This place is also loaded with the smartest restaurants in London.
Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace is the ceremony where The Queen's Guard hands over responsibility for protecting Buckingham Palace and St. James's Palace to the New Guard. Dates - Daily in June - July, and from August - May on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays


London is the capital of England. With almost eight million inhabitants, this European metropolis is also the largest city on the continent. That is not surprising because the city is an economic superpower, the standard of living is excellent, and there is a lot to experience. With more than fifteen million tourists a year, it is one of the world's most visited cities. When so many people explore the city year after year, you can be sure that a city trip to London is really worthwhile. While there is a lot to explore you have to ensure that you do not litter and do not harmfully impact the environment in any way.

City Parks

  • Russell Square: Many of the green spaces you will find in London will be garden squares, which the public can use. Here you can go for a picnic, playgrounds are also there for children, and a cafe to enjoy. The parking space is good enough to spend quality time there in nature. You must-visit Russell Square when you visit the city.
  • Lincoln's Inn Fields: Lincoln's Inn Fields is the most extensive square park present in London. Many local people come here to enjoy their weekends, they spend their time looking at the beauty of nature by talking to each other, and some come there for picnics. The scenes of this beautiful square are spectacular, and you will be amazed after seeing the Park's glory. It often welcomes a large number of locals and tourists because of its lovely scenes.
  • St. James's Park, Londen (metro St James's Park): No less than three royal palaces - Westminster, St James's Palace, and Buckingham Palace - connect small but perfectly formed St James'. Spot pelicans on the lake or stop for a sandwich under a tree. You can also drag your colleagues out for an alfresco gathering on the lounge chairs between April and September when the sky is less than blue. Or you can head to Inn Park for a hearty bowl of soup or afternoon cream tea.
  • Kensington Park: Formally considered two unified parks, Kensington Park is one of eight Royal Parks of London owned by the UK royal family. Kensington Park, which has plenty of space to do many activities, is especially suited for cycling. Kensington Park is also the garden of Prince William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who live in Kensington Palace, described in London's 10 must-see palaces. We also recommend you to visit the Italian Gardens and discover the Italian architecture.
  • Regent's Park: Designed in 1811, this Park is best known for its magnificent rose gardens. Regent's Park also hosts outdoor sports such as football, rugby, cricket. Apart from that, there is an open-air theater and the London Zoo. In other words, Regent's Park will give you more than just enjoying the greenery and fresh air.
The beautiful Russel Square

National Parks

  • Richmond Park: Richmond Park, London's largest Royal Park, is visited by millions of Londoners and tourists every year. If you have enough time, you should definitely see this Park. If you have enough time because this Park is not located in the center of the city and your departure may take some time. However, considering that public transportation is very developed in London, your transportation will not be complicated. While you are here, you should see Isabelle Grove, spend time with your child in Kingston Gate or Petersham Gate playgrounds, and enjoy the view from the top of King Henry.
  • South Downs: This magnificent park is just right outside London and you can easily get there via a train or a car but prefer the train as a more eco friendly travel option. It offers the picture perfect views of the English countryside and you can spend an entire day here especially during the summer.
  • Greenwich Park: Spread over 183 acres of land, this is an iconic park that is also a sanctuary for animals like deers and foxes etc.
Cropped View across Greenwich Park taking in The Shard, the City of London, River Thames, National Maritime Museum, Queen's House, the Old Royal Naval College, and Canary Wharf. Greenwich Park, Greenwich, London


  • Whitstable, Kent: This coastal hotspot in Northern Kent is a beautiful seaside resort with long shingle beaches backed by seaside cottages and colorful beach towels. Take an airy walk along the coastline before exploring pastel-colored gift shops, cafes, and old-fashioned street crazies. Whitstable has been harvesting oysters since the Roman Times. So don't go without a couple of pullbacks to Wheelers, the town's oldest restaurant (grab a bottle of chilled white wine from the store across the street to take advantage of BYOB policy). Active types can rent bicycles and head to Crab & Winkle Way, a 7 km bike trail that connects Whitstable and the ancient city of Canterbury, where its world heritage cathedral is located.
  • West Wittering, West Sussex: Located in the area of "Outstanding Natural Beauty" on the south coast of England, West Wittering has a wide sandy beach overlooking Chichester Harbor. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, with a Blue Flag award for clean sands and safe swimming waters, and draws daily triggers all year round. Families flock here to picnic on grassy banks and stroll through shallow lagoons at low tides. The beach is trendy because of windsurfers as a rental hut for renting a car or taking lessons on the beach. The small cafe serves ice cream and teacups, depending on the weather (only open on weekends during the winter months). The handsome Georgian market town of Chichester is less than 16 km away.
  • Camber Sands, East Sussex: Supported by the rise of dunes, Camber Sands is a vast sandy beach where soft golden sand stretches for about 7 kilometers. Check the tides before you come to dive; you can walk half a mile to the water's edge. Dunes provide a natural habitat for various animals and plants, and a large proportion is considered Special Scientific Interest (SSI). The beach is about 6.4 km from Rye, an interesting medieval hill town with a 13th-century castle and cobblestone lanes lined with crooked houses.
The beautiful Camber Sands beach


  • Thames River Cruise: London's top 10 attractions start with the Thames River Cruise. The Thames River Cruise is an excellent way to see multiple London attractions at once. Along the way, you will pass the sights of the House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower of London, and Tower Bridge! There are four boarding points for the River Cruise, namely Westminster Pier, London Eye, Tower Bridge, and Greenwich. Another fun way to combine more of London's attractions is via the iconic London double-decker.
  • Home of the Immortals: National Gallery: Real artists have managed to be immortal with their works. The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, where many artists from Michelangelo to Botticelli, from Solari to Morisot, are exhibited and bring visitors together with the most important artworks. Let us immediately state that it is free, like every museum in England. The most important works of art created between the 13th and 20th centuries are asked from the National Gallery. So, the National Gallery is definitely one of the must-visit places in England.
  • Darkness of History: Tower of London: One of the must-see places in England is, of course, the Tower of London on the north bank of the Thames River. We would not be wrong to say that this building, built as a prison for palace criminals in 1078, has a dark side. This historical place of England was the scene of executions and tortures for a while. Apart from these, let's also say that it has a good side. The Tower of London has also been used as a zoo and an observatory. The White Tower, which is the oldest member of the structure, definitely deserves to be seen.
  • Big Ben and Houses of Parliament: These two sights of London are next to each other and can be combined well. Big Ben is 96 meters by high, contains one of the world's heaviest clocks, and is also a beautiful building. The adjoining Houses of Parliament is home to the British Parliament. The Parliament consists of the House of Commens (similar to the second chamber) and the House of Lords (similar to the first chamber).
The Palace of Westminster at night as seen from the opposite side of the River Thames. Victoria Tower and the House of Lords is on the left. The Clock Tower of Big Ben and the House of Commons is on the right


  • British Museum The British Museum is a museum that opened in 1759 and included outstanding collections of antiquity and ethnography brought from all over the world. Visiting this comprehensive museum is free. It is still part of the most visited tourist places in England with more than 6 million visitors every year. Artifacts covering a history of 7000 years are exhibited here. The first exhibition consisted of the "ancient coins and medals, books and natural relics" collection by the doctor and naturalist Sir Hans Sloane. It is home to the most important finds made by British explorers at home and abroad for centuries. There are various works about Egyptian civilization. The most important works of our history, including those brought from the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, are exhibited in 30 galleries in the museum.
The Great Court was developed in 2001inside the British Museum and surrounds the original Reading Room.
  • Tate Modern, Southbank: This museum, devoted to modern and contemporary art, is one place that deserves attention with its building and collection. An old electricity generation station was converted into a museum and started to host its visitors in 2000. It is now one of the 3 most visited museums in London. More than 40 million people have visited the museum so far. Many artists from 50 countries, including Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, are featured in the museum. Picasso, Henri Matisse, Marcel Duchamp, Roy Lichtenstein, John Constable, David Hockney, Salvador Dali, Piet Mondrian, Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol, Edward Munch, Mark Rothko, Claude Monet, Andre Derain, Jackson Pollock, Max Ernst, Martin Par are just a few of the artists whose works are exhibited in the museum.
  • Madame Tussaud's and Planetarium Museum: Madame Tussauds is a wax sculpture museum located in central London. Marie Tussaud, a wax sculptor, found this London museum. There are more than 300 wax sculptures in this fascinating museum. The sculptures are very realistic, and you cannot distinguish most of them from the original. This is the first and largest Madame Tussauds Museum, located in more than ten cities worldwide, and opened in Istanbul. You can see wax sculptures of many renowned people such as Albert Einstein and Shakespeare here.
Main Entrance of the British Museum


The present food culture of London has developed and changed over the past centuries. In the past, traditional England food was often considered bland or simple because the British loved eating mild flavorings. When the British started colonization over different continents and countries, especially Africa and [[India[[, they came across different spices and herbs. The people in England started using these spices and western food influences in their traditional dishes. Although the influences only developed the dishes, the traditional dishes were never lost or ignored. In the modern era, the traditional dishes are just as important as the modern-day dishes. The dominance of non-vegetarian dishes is quite high, so much that a few decades back, you would find it hard to get full vegetarian or vegan dishes. As the people recognized the need for vegan and vegetarian dishes, many dishes have started to gain popularity. You can visit the traditional restaurants or a modern restaurant to get a clear picture of London's food culture.

Fish and chips are a staple London meal

Traditional Local Restaurants

London's food culture consists of traditional dishes that are comfort foods. Since the past, Londoners always preferred eating simple and traditional dishes with mild flavorings only. Therefore, spices and herbs like red chili, turmeric, ginger, garlic, basil, etc., were not used until the British started to explore the different continents of the world. Even after exploring and becoming the most dominating empire of the colonization period, London's local people preferred their traditional food items. Some traditional dishes like Shepherd's Pie, Fish and Chips, Spotted Dick, Apple Crumble, Roly-poly, Black Pudding, etc., are some that are still cooked and served as they have always been. Many locals and tourists seek out these dishes that they are also available outside the United Kingdom. During your visit, you should try at least one of these dishes.

  • Rules
  • Simpson’s
  • The Dining Room at The Goring
  • Wiltons
  • Roast Restaurant
  • The Game Bird

Vegetarian and Vegan

In the past decades, the demand for pure vegetarian and vegan food items has been rising rapidly. This increase in demand is not just in America but also in Europe. You will find that the London restaurants now serve unique and modern-styled vegetarian and vegan dishes. These dishes are presented in such a way that they tempt even non-vegetarians. Most restaurants also provide delicious dishes, which often makes people choose healthier lifestyle choices. You will find numerous vegetarian and vegan restaurants and cafés in different parts of the city. These places are some of the best in the city and are a must-visit place during your visit.

  • Vanilla Black
  • Mildreds
  • Farmacy
  • The Gate
  • Manna

Street Food

So in London, there is a fusion of food that connects to the heart of the people. Here the fusion dishes could also be found, making it savory to feed the belly and mind. Here are some of the best food available, which has a deep, immense history kept under them. The street foods are the daily budget food items, which means that they are an affordable choice to feed the belly. A city like London served as the supreme deity as its colonial power was at its peak. It consisted of the richness of flavor from across the world. Here are some of the famous street food from the streets of London.

  • Fish and chips: This is the best street food which is famous in almost everywhere in Europe, including London. This dish is a chip and fish dish. This dish consists of battered, deep-fried fish and freshly made French fries and is served with sauces. This dish is a total mouthwatering dish as the batter species, and the crunch of the fries makes it the best on the plate.
  • Hot Cross Bun Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches : Ice sandwiches are dessert dishes served on London's street. These sandwiches are a total delight with the flavors, making it a rhythmic delicacy to try and to savor. The dessert consists of hot cross buns and different ice cream flavors. The flavors are changed regularly. If you visit London, you must-try these ice cream sandwiches.
  • Katsu Wrap: It is among the favorite street food served in London.

It is a wrap that consists of chicken as its main ingredients and which is wrapped in a tortilla with sauces filled inside. The bite makes it the perfect savory of taste. This wrap's price tag is about 5 pounds, which is exceptionally very less when considered the amazing taste.

  • Bacon and Maple Syrup Brownie: It is dessert available in London's street among the food to be eaten on the street and available in the restaurants. This dessert is prepared just like a baked cake, but the main ingredient is replaced with bacon, which gives it a savory addition. This desert basically consists of flour, a strip of fried bacon, mix-melted butter, brown sugar, white sugar, and vanilla extract. The main ingredient flour is mixed in a bowl with the ingredients and is baked at 350 degrees for about 25 to 35 minutes.
  • Ahi Poke Bowl: Ahi poke bowl is basically a marinated fish. Typically Ahi or Yellowfin Tuna is served with sticky rice and has power-packed pickles. There are some versions of Ahi poke where the marinated fish is replaced with vegetables. You can find both these versions in London's streets and enjoy their unique taste.


  • Pimms: These drinks are among the most popular drink in London during summer. Primm's is a drink made from flavored liquor herbs, spices, and caramelized orange. It tastes sweet and is very refreshing during a heating summer day. You will find it in many restaurants, cafes, and even by street hawkers. You must-try this summer drink if you are in England during summers.
  • English Cider: English cider is the best drink among the other cider beverages available all over the world. It is an excellent alternative for alcoholic drinks. Only some of the famous breweries brew English cider in London. You will find the process of making cider quite enlightening and knowledgeable. You can visit a local brewery to watch cider being made right in front of your eyes. There are wide varieties of cider flavors available in London.
  • Martinis: There are different types of martinis you will find in London. Like there is breakfast martinis and an espresso martini, which was invented in London. It is made with gin and vermouth and is garnished with olives or a lemon twist. It is the best mixed up drink which was created by H.L. Mencken and is an American invention. But it has its own variety in London and is loved by the locals.
  • English Sparkling Wine: They are prepared using the old rustic method, which gives them a flavor and aroma. They are prepared using mostly the same varieties of grapes such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir Précoce, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, etc., are used in making champagne. About 68% of the wine of the world is produced in England and Wales.
  • English Ale: It is also referred to as the substitute for beer. It is basically of two types. The first one is a dry roasted version that originated from England itself. The other version, which is sweeter, emerged from the southern portion of England. The color of roasted ale is brown, whereas the sweeter ale from south England is typically dark brown. Comparsioning both the ale, they resemble a nutty texture with a chocolaty flavor.
  • Gin and Tonic: Gin and tonic is a type of cocktail made with the main ingredients gin and tonic water. These two ingredients are poured into a glass with a high amount of ice cubes. The ratio of the two items varies and depends on how strong you want the drink to be. You can also opt for adding other suitable ingredients to make the beverage more flavorsome and exotic.
Gin and tonic with lime in a highball glass, with the ingredients behin


The tap water of London is not only safe for drinking but also it is marked as the best in the world. London Tap water meets all the water quality standards, which is why it is technically safe to drink. This will help those traveling on a budget, as the water bottle's charge is quite high, filling up the water bottle from the tap is an easy way to cut down the costs. Sometimes bottled water is also not that safe as tap water because of its testing measures. Therefore, you should prefer using reusable water bottles or drinking fountains to drink water. You should avoid buying mineral water bottles, which are of only one-time-use as they are made using low quality and cheap plastic, which is very harmful to your body and the environment. If you live in a rental apartment or a local's home in London, you should either prefer drinking the tap water or contacting the local mineral water supplier.

  • Water Pollution – 41.42
  • Water Quality – 58.58
  • Drinking water quality and accessibility – 67.43

Organic Cafés

Organic foods are the primary demands by the customer's concerns for their health. Many people believe that organic foods have a higher nutrient content and are thus healthier than conventionally produced foods. There is also little evidence of benefit or harm to human health from a diet high in organic foods. Many cafes in the city serve organic foods and drinks. You can visit these organic food places to try some unique dishes. You will find that these places are not only great for vegans and vegetarians, but it is also a great place for non-vegetarians to eat some fresh and high-quality animal meat. These cafes can adhere to all types of customer requirements and provide you with fresh and organic food.

  • Oliveira Organic Vegetarian Kitchen
  • Organic Livity
  • The Rosemary Organic Hungarian Restaurant
  • Zest Organic Food


Anyone who loves fine-flavored beers can enjoy a quality brewery in London. The best thing about being a beer drinker in London is its beer and brewing scene's vibrancy. London has a long and colorful history of beer, and you will get to see so many pubs and bars where you can completely enjoy a chilled mug of beer. These breweries generate a lot of revenue to maintain their production. You can opt for visiting a local brewery to learn about the traditional way of making English beer. There are various tours available for locals and tourists, where you can learn about the process, its historical importance, and other factors that make English beer so popular. You can find English beer in almost all restaurants, bars, and pubs, but the best place to get authentic ones is these breweries' outlets where they sell beers of the best quality.

  • The old Truman Brewery
  • Southwark Brewing Company
  • Beavertown Brewery
  • London Beer Lab
Outside the Old Truman Brewery


The city has so many options to do, like cruising in the Thames River, strolling on the Tower Bridge, and standing on the historic Prime Meridian. You can also watch a play in Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, and there are thousands of activities you can do. Exploring the city with its beautiful parks, museums, wonderful weather in London also attracts many tourists. Many monuments in some parks or near any landmark built to pay tribute to leaders also attract people's views. This is not the end of activities you can perform in London, but many more activities can be performed while visiting the city. If you are not much into history and culture, you can try the many sports activities available in different city areas. Most tourists love to participate in these sports as it gives them a sense of adrenaline, which helps them create memorable experiences. You can also go for bicycle tours, cooking classes, or even camping to create an enjoyable time in London.

Yoga and Retreats

The ultimate goal of yoga is to help you become a mindful, happier, and more loving person in real life. There are various yoga and retreat classes available in this city. The benefit of joining a yoga class is getting an experienced and professional teacher to guide you in performing various yoga postures. You will find that after some time, yoga can become an enjoyable activity for you. You can join alone or with a group of people, whichever you find more convenient for you. Some yoga institutes also take classes on the beach or parks, helping you get refreshing air while you exercise. Performing yoga has its benefits that are not just psychological but also physiological. It can help you make your body more flexible, balanced, fit, and active by regularly engaging in yoga exercises.

  • White Calm Retreats
  • The Tree
  • Gaia House
  • EcoYoga


There are many staying options available in this city, as London is a central hub for all tourists. It faces around 15 to 16 million visitors annually, which requires a lot of space to live in. Therefore, there are many options available in different categories and different prices. Even the hotel prices are different in this city because of the limited amount of facilities they provide. There are many resorts present for the ones who want to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of this city. These resorts have a private swimming pool and a large room. These rooms are differently designed for different seasons. Like the number of blankets is increased in the winter season, there is an umbrella or resort's raincoat to save their customers in the rainy season. They have taxis available who can pick you up from any location and will drop you here. Other than this, for those with a limited budget for staying in, different accommodation options will allow necessary facilities and some complimentary. There are green hotels that can help you to make your travel eco friendly. Else if you are alone, then there are apartment rooms shared by two or three members. Whichever accommodation option you will choose, you must keep in mind that you must not create pollution and have low carbon footprints.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are certified by the UK government for preserving nature while serving customers; there are many green hotels present in London. The lowest price for a room which can book for two-person in a green hotel is 20.19 pounds. These hotels are best if you want to stay without harming nature. The products they use are recycled from papers or plastic such as water glasses and plates. They use groundwater or have a large container to store rainwater. Also, the cosmetics that these uses are free from harsh chemicals and fit for any skin type. The bedsheet and blankets which they use are made up of cotton or silk. These hotels have their waste management team, which is efficient in cleaning these hotels and removing the products that can be recycled from the waste.

  • Golders Green Hotel
  • Green Rooms
  • The Brook Green Hotel
  • Nox Hotels
  • OYO Central Hotel Golders Green
  • King Solomon Hotel
  • Hotel Unique
  • Plaza Londen Hotel
  • No. 8 Seven Sisters

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are shared rooms which are available in huge numbers in this city. It is best if you are traveling alone as you will get good company here. Even the city's crime rates are meager, which states that we must not worry about security. However, there is no privacy in hostel rooms. These hostel rooms have their kitchen where you can cook food rather than bringing from outside. These rooms will support your pocket as these are budget-friendly and comes with the necessary facilities. Many cafes and restaurants are often present near the hostels where you can enjoy different types of food. Guesthouses are those houses that are available for rent. These are best when you are traveling here with an extensive group. These houses are furnished and are accompanied by a modular kitchen. These houses can make you independent, and there is a lot of privacy you and your group can get. These guesthouses are best for short term accommodation.

  • Imperial Guesthouse
  • Generator London
  • Smart Hyde Park Inn Hostel
  • Charlotte Guesthouse
  • Astor Hyde Park Hostel
  • Smart Russel Square Hostel
  • Central Hostel
  • The Phoenix Hostel
  • The Queens Hostel
  • So hostel


Apartments are flats available here for staying for a longer time. Therefore, you must stay in these apartments if you are staying here for a longer time. It is seen that the tourist who visits this city stays here for a longer time; therefore, apartments are best. Some of the flats are sea-facing views, and you must try to accommodate there because it will provide the best sunset and sunrise view along with fresh sea breeze. The apartments here are fully furnished clean and modular kitchen. In apartments, you can have your food which can be cooked by you. These dishes will be hygienic and fresh. Apartments also help a person in becoming independent. These apartments are best in providing privacy. These apartments are also best in providing security because the flats are covered with security cameras and guards. Every time any vehicle enters the premises, it is registered by guards along with its number plate.

  • London Serviced Apartments
  • The Armitage Apartment
  • Clarendon Apartment
  • City Apartment
  • Arlington House Apartment
  • Short Stay Apartment London
  • Aspen Apartment
  • Central London Apartment
  • London Lifestyle Apartment
  • 9 Heartford Street Apartment


Couchsurfing is very much possible in this city. There are a lot of hosts in this city who are ready to accept foreigners. You can make the host your friend, and in exchange, he can tell you a lot of things about the city. A lot of things involve history, beliefs, and tourist spots. However, he can also tell you various scams that happen with travelers. Couchsurfing does not include the exchange of money; however, you can help the host, or if you want to support them, you can buy grocery items. Some travelers complain that some of the hosts have canceled the meeting at the very end of time. Therefore, you must have a backup accommodation option ready for you. The crime rate of this city is meager, which allows successful Couchsurfing.


Camping is an adventurous activity. You can even camp on the beach because it is allowed to camp there. Camping on a beach is better than camping in any campground. It is because camping on a beach involves a sea breeze, which provides refreshment and relaxation to the body. Also, there are camping tours available in this city where you can meet many people and discover different things. A lot of private agencies organize these camping tours. Therefore, the charges vary. You can make friends on this tour which involves food, trekking, bonfire, camping, dance and a lot of fun. You can create a lot of memories by taking part in these tours.

  • Crystal palace Caravan and Motor home Club Site
  • Africa Venture Club
  • Moat Mount Outdoor Centre
  • Woodlands Gill well Park
  • Scout park (Scout and Campsite)
  • Barnet Borough Scout District

How to Get There

Reaching this city is quite simple and easy because of its popularity. There are five airports in this city that are well connected with the rest of the world. London has access to full 100 airlines. Other than airlines, there are trains connected with other cities of Europe, such as Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Paris, etc. However, if you live in an Asian country, the only way to reach here is by Airlines. Further, there are intercity buses and trains available which can be used to come here.


There are five airports in this city because this is the UK's busiest city, which faces many tourists. Heathrow airport, Gatwick and Stansted, are the three busiest airports and the most important airports in London. Reaching here is very easy and convenient. Along with these, there are different international flights which offer additional facilities and time to come here.

Inside the terminal 5 of the Heathrow Airport


There are no international bus facilities available in this city. However, various intercity buses can help you travel from one city to another. These buses are comfortable and convenient and have multiple facilities. There are electric sockets, canteen, bathroom, Wi-Fi, and leg space in several buses so that you can sleep comfortably.

London bus


There are international trains which run from London to cities of Europe like Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels and other such cities. These trains also have an online booking option, and you can even pay for them online, this will save a lot of paper. Other than this, there are several intercity trains which run across the UK. If you are living or present in different cities in the UK, you can reach here easily.

Three Great Western Railway Class 800s and a Heathrow Express Class 332 standing at London Paddington station


Hitchhiking is very much possible because many people living in the neighboring cities get here by driving their car. You have to be present on some busy roads such as national highways to get here. Other than this, this city's crime rate is meager; therefore, you do not have to worry about being robbed. The local people are beneficial and humble towards tourists.


There are no other ways to reach here. If you are in a state of emergency, you can come here by hiring a taxi. Hiring a cab will be very costly for you, and the driver might scam you by charging a lot of money. Also, using a taxi will create a lot of pollution.

Moving Around

There are a lot of options in this city which can be used to move around. These options involve walking, bicycling, public buses, metro, or trains. Different modes of transportation take extra time and other charges. The most economical and eco-friendly way to travel is by walking and bicycling.


Walking around in this city is considered to be safe and even at night. It is because the locals are busy in their own life. However, this is a vast city, and walking to cover this city is impossible and will take a lot of time. However, you can explore various things and observe the city in detail.


Some bicycles are available here on rent at a low cost. You can roam around the city by bike and also you can cycle at some parks where it is allowed. While cycling, you must be alerted from any cars as many cars are moving on the street, so there are chances of an accident. Other than this, it would be best if you have your mobile phone with you because some of the roads look similar, which might confuse you.

A bicycle rack shaped like a car

Electronic Vehicles

Electronic vehicles are present in a large quantity in this city; therefore, many EV charging stations exist. Other than personal cars, there are E- taxis available, which costs lesser than regular taxis. Electric vehicles are best in controlling pollution as it does not emit smoke and noise from its engine. Also, these EVs are of low maintenance.

Public Bus

Public buses are those buses that move around the city. You can track these buses through the online application, and even you can book your tickets. It will help you to organize your schedule. There are double-decker buses available in this city from which you can observe and enjoy this city's view.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are trams available in this city which were introduced in 2000. It runs in the south of London and runs on electricity. There are subway lines present in this city where metro stations are built to move around the city. Metros are one of the best ways to travel around the city if you are in a hurry or running short of time.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping involves shopping for those products whose production does not disturb nature by any means; therefore, these products are the best in saving wildlife. These products are beneficial for society as it involves less use of machinery and more of the handwork required; consequently, it creates a lot of employment. It uses a natural energy source, such as solar and wind energy, to convert it into electricity. This product does not involve high machinery usage; therefore, these products do not cost much. It is further divided into the food market, second-hand stores, flea market, and sustainable shopping products.

Food Markets

There is a lot of food market in this city. It is a vast city. Therefore, there are many of these markets. In London, the food market, also known as a grocery store. However, they have standard rates for every fruit and vegetable; you can observe a slight change in these products from one grocery to another. Most grocery stores sell fresh fruits and vegetables without further polishing if you stay in an apartment, guesthouse, or hostel to need these vegetables and fruits to prepare your dishes by yourself.

  • Borough Market
  • Southbank Central Food Market
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Maltby Street Market
  • The Real Food Market Kings Cross
  • Duke of York Square Food Market
  • Leather Lane Market
  • Venn Street Market
  • Crystal Palace Food Market
  • Street Food Markert
People at Borough Market

Flea Markets

A flea market is a market where vendors sell their products to the public collectively at a large ground. Flea market consumes a large bed. However, there are two types of flea market which includes part-time vendors and full-time vendors. Full-time vendors have this as their business, and they run their house from it. Part-time vendors are present in a flea market for a shorter time, and these vendors do this a part-time business. The products in this market can be easily bargained and are available at a low cost.

  • Flea London Vintage and Makers Market
  • Bermondsey Antique Market
  • Camdon Passage Islington
  • Alfies Antique Market
  • Hackney Flea Market
  • Northcote Road Antiques Market

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand stores are those which have second-hand products. These products are best in saving nature by different means. Second-hand products save a lot of land in the landfill. It also saves much raw material and natural resources that would otherwise be used to create new products. Second-hand products do not cost much. There is a lot of second-hand stores present in this city. These stores include second-hand furniture, clothes, vintage creations, and other such products. We must try to purchase second-hand stores for two reasons – it is economical, and it also helps save nature.

  • East End Thrift Store
  • Second Time Around
  • Triad Hammersmith
  • Emmaus Second Hand Furniture Shop
  • Vintique London


Eco-fashion stores involve those fashion products which are produced without harming nature. It is also known as sustainable fashion. These products are handmade and less use of machinery; therefore, these generate a lot of employment for low skill people. Also, these products are made from hands. Thus, these were not that much costlier. These products are made from natural fabrics such as silk, and to color them, and natural dyes are available. Overall, these products are made from nature without harming them, such as heavy machinery, which requires natural resources to run.

  • 69b Boutique Sustainable Style
  • The Keep Boutique
  • DEPLOY London Sustainable Luxury Womenswear Designer
  • The Keep Boutique
  • The ACEY Ethical Clothing
  • Gorillarmour - Trendy eco-friendly sportswear & fashion wear
  • Atelier Tammam Sustainable Couture Fashion
  • Sustainable Clothing Eco-Friendly Fashion Point To Point Clothing


Recycling means reusing products by giving them new size, shape and using them differently. There are a lot of recycling plants available in this city which are best in recycling. As London is a vast city; therefore, the government has divided recycling centers for a particular area. The recycling items of that area will reach the area's recycling center. Recycling is an excellent process to make the environment clean and pollution-free. Recycling eliminates a lot of waste, which ultimately saves a lot of land and saves pollution. Mostly the item which is recycled the most is paper which is converted into the newspaper. A lot of trees are required in making papers; therefore, recycling saves a lot of trees.

  • Islington Household Reuse and Recycling Centre
  • Recycle For London Collection Point
  • Acton Re-use and Recycling Centre
  • Regis Road Recycling Centre
  • Summers Lane Reuse and Recycling Centre
  • Lambeth Household Recycling Centre
  • Islington Household Reuse and Recycling Centre
  • Southwark Household Reuse and Recycling Centre


Waste are those products that are of no use and need to be treated well; otherwise, it will create pollution. There are landfills in this city where all the garbage of a particular area is dumped collectively. Later on, the waste management team decomposes it through incineration. The waste management system's main problem is that the landfill is not appropriately treated like the garbage is not sent for incineration regularly; therefore, it creates a lot of waste now piled up. Open dump makes a lot of pollution as the toxic air released from it pollutes air and soil. Also, the locals here do not have much time; therefore, they sometimes throw their garbage anywhere they want.

Work and Study Abroad

London’s education system is classified into; primary, secondary, further, and higher. All these categories involve a student from a different age group and passed from the previous class. Other than this, the education system is classified based on age – Key 1 stands for the age group between 5 to 7. Critical 2 stands for the age group between 7 to 11 years old. Essential 3 stands for the age group between 11 to 14 years old. The last group is Key 4, which stands between 14 to 16 years old. Generally, out of these four keys, key one and critical two belong to primary school, and after the age of 11, the student is sent to secondary school, which involves the final two resolutions. However, every class requires a final examination, but the main exam is taken at the age of 16, called GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education).

Exchange Student

It is a good program that encourages students to move to another city in a foreign country for a year and take their classes in a local university which is affiliated with their university at home. This gives students an opportunity to learn more about different cultures and have more exposure. To be a part of this exchange program in England, you must be 15 minimum and maximum 18 years of age. However, some of the programs allow 14 years of age or 19 years of age. However, there will be a further entrance examination to be a part of this program and later with a final interview. It also helps students get a fresh start in a new country with new people and new universities. There are many such universities in this city that have access to this program. You can even apply online by visiting the university's official website. The most common is the University of London Programme but the criteria for exchange programs might have changed due to the novel covid19 pandemic.

Au Pair

An Au Pair is a person who stays with the local and his family in exchange for money, and the person's work is to take care of their child or help them with other chores. Many families are looking for an Au pair in this city because most families have working parents. You can contact them either by asking locals or getting the local job-seeking agency.


Many organizations are ready to accept volunteers; you can quickly contact them through online details or directly visit their address. They have their work posted on social media to choose which NGO you want to take a membership. Other than this, there are different NGOs who have extra work. Some of the NGOs work to help the homeless, jobless, poor people. Some of the organizations support the old age people and help them by different means.

  • Prepare Now NGO
  • West & North West London Vietnamese Elderly Project
  • AFFORD - The African Foundation for Development
  • Help Above Poverty Foundation
  • Council for At-Risk Academics - Cara

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