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Eco-friendly travel guide to Nur-Sultan advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

Central Downtown Nur-Sultan

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 3.7 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $450
  • Budget per day: US$20 - $300

Responsible Travel

The capital city of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, is amongst one of the ideal locations for exploring and recreation. It is the second-largest city in the country and it managed to replace Almaty as the capital city of Kazakhstan since 1998. Nur Sultan holds a rich legacy of politics and infrastructural transformation and has been named formerly as Astana, Aqmola, and Tselinograd. Famous for blue and gold skyscrapers and a mix of British and old soviet architecture, the city holds an investment of billions of dollars to its grandeur. This place calls for a long trip accumulated of eco-friendly measures and plenty of information about the city's culture, history, and extravagant infrastructure. Being a responsible tourist needs some significant efforts that encourage eco-friendly tourism and supports environmental causes.

  • Ural Environmental Disaster in 2018 led to the mass death of fish and pollution of the river bodies was caused due to irresponsible usage of non-biodegradable material and much more. Therefore it is essential to follow a sustainable approach. Contribute to a healthy environment through the use of biodegradable products and recyclable material.
  • Try to avoid plastics or heavy material bags or luggage, which is challenging to dispose of. The increased amount of traffic on the roads has contributed to the wide-spread emissions of harmful fuels and air pollutants, which leads to multiple environmental problems like global warming, air pollution, and ozone depletion.
  • Traveling through public transport is one of the safest and most eco friendly ways of travelling. It reduces your carbon footprint and reduces the traffic on the streets as well. Being the capital city, Nur Sultan has a well-developed transport network with interconnected bus routes, railways, and well-developed roads. You can travel through local buses, trains, bicycles, metros, etc.

For example, Bus 10 connects the route from the airport and takes you through different locations. It is highly preferred by the locals and is available from 6:30 am to 11.30 pm. Your bus expenditure can easily range from KZT 90 to KZT 180 with heavy baggage and luggage. This saves you money and prevents individual pollution caused by large private vehicles' emissions if every tourist uses one.

  • If you want an eco-friendly stay and approach, you should prefer a sustainable place to promote the environment and hygiene in the surroundings. You should look for hotels that are LEED-certified. LEED-certified hotels usually take eco-friendly measures that are safe for both the environment and the public. These green hotels promote a better public image They tend to reduce energy and water usage and have a lower operating cost. It also means supporting the local economy and giving back to the place in a meaningful way.
  • Explore the local settings, go for the local street food, local shops, and much more'. You can become a responsible tourist by promoting the local businesses and encouraging your fellow tourists to do so as well

To increase your trip's quality and value, be more active, and gather all information before visiting a place. You have to use your resources to the fullest and consider the hygiene and environmental details of a location before paying a visit. Also, take some personal measures by avoiding spitting in public places, wearing masks if you have a cold or cough and not throwing litter in parks or on roads. Make a proper budget plan and pack all your necessities. Look for the ecofriendly places and the green areas. Keep yourself updated via the weather forecast and have a well-researched list of hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, and places to visit.

Air Quality and Pollution

Air Quality in Nur Sultan is at a moderate level. Since AQI level above 100 is harmful, the current index of Nur Sultan indicates that it can be harmful for sensitive groups. Usually the air is safe for inhaling, and performing outdoor activities do not pose any breathing problems or respiratory diseases. However, the air quality deteriorates in winter. Overall, It is a place to enjoy with your family and kids on vacation and promises a healthy environment.

The statistics can alter according to the current emission of harmful fumes and air pollutants' concentration in the air. Therefore, it is better to follow eco-friendly approaches to maintain air quality for both residents and tourists.

The use of bicycles, public transports, and exploration by walking can contribute to a healthy environment and considerably improve air quality. Although the city air is regarded safe, it is still preferable to avoid the city's too crowded areas and the locations near chimneys and heavy work industries. Instead, you should travel to peaceful and green places like parks, go to lakes and beaches, and explore the city's exotic life.

  • Pollution Index: 46.91
  • Pollution Exp Scale: 80.15

Respect the Culture

Named after the Kazakh president Nur Sultan Nazarbayev, the city has developed into an economically progressive and advanced one. Japanese Architect Kisho Kurukawa has designed the complete modern plan of Nur Sultan. It holds a rich legacy of Kazakhstan dealing with the country's history, its culture and tradition. The magnificent city of Nur Sultan is eye-catching and worth exploring. The city is home to some great artists and you will have a lot of fun exploring their art. Always be appreciative of it and learn to admire things from a culture that might be far different from yours.

  • Folk and Tradition with Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall: One of Nur Sultan's grandeur's classic examples is Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall. It is amongst the largest halls of its kind and is known for the world-class performances that link you with Kazakh music and tradition. There is a range of outstanding performances, like visiting opera troupes and traditional music. It is a turquoise blue building full of swirling lines and has about 3,500 seats in the hall. It was designed by Manfredi Nicoletti and holds an important place in the city.
  • Deep into traditions with Modern Art Gallery: It is located at the palace of peace and harmony. Designed by a British Architecture firm Foster and Partners, it has an open-style granite and glass pyramid design. The sight is worth seeing and holds an important position in the center of the city. Initially created to host the world traditional religions congress, it is home to multiple art galleries now. The gallery comprises of the works of KV Mullashev, Akanaev, and Begalin. You must visit this place and applaud the creation of modern painters and admire the building's incredible architectural design.
  • Maxim Gorky Russian Drama Theater: On your tour to Nur Sultan, you should never miss the largest and most popular drama theater in Central Asia. Every day it observes a performance from the jewels of literature and drama. You can enjoy the plays of William Shakespeare, Anton Chekhov, Tennessee Williams, etc. Remember to keep your phones on silent and far away from you, possibly enclosed in a purse.

Traveling to these renowned and established cultural wonders, you can dive deep into Kazakh culture and life. It would make your experience even more valuable, engaging, and informative. Learn about the traditions of the city and never miss the sightseeing. You must try to get involved in the city's rich legacy and traditions. Try to know more about the customs and rituals of the locals living in that area.

The beautiful Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall

Top 10 Places to Visit

The modern architecture of Nur Sultan gives extravagant vibes and emphasizes on the power and culture of Kazakhs. There are several places to visit in Nur Sultan: the expanding pyramid, golden egg tower, or a tent-like shopping mall. Make sure you do not litter in these places and avoid smoking, vomiting or spitting in these areas. This city manages to awe the visitors with its architectural designs. Places that you must visit are:

  • Bayterek Tower: It is the symbol of Kazakh's happiness, culture, and art. It is a unique representation of a tree of life with a golden egg of Samruk. Tree of life emphasizes on the importance of peace, prosperity, and new life, while the Samruk's golden egg is all about the Kazakhs happiness and joy. You can go up to the observation deck and enjoy the fantastic panoramic view of the whole city of Nur Sultan. Make wishes or enjoy the moment; it is all your choice. This architectural wonder is amongst the most visited and recommended places in Nur Sultan.
  • Khan Shatyr: The grand shopping mall of Nur Sultan is a must-visit on your trip to Nur Sultan. The most striking feature owing to the popularity of this mall is the unique essence of Dubai. The exotic beach created at the top floor is composed of the sand from the Maldives! Maldives Sand! Really. This is the largest tent shopping mall in the world, resembling the old Kazakh yurts.
  • Hazrat Sultan Mosque: Respecting other cultures, traditions, and beliefs is the true essence of tourism. Learn more about the religious sentiments and beliefs of the local people by paying a visit to the wonderful and beautiful Hazrat Sultan Mosque. Being the second-largest mosque in Central Asia adds more to its charm. Not only this, the mosque has unique gift shops where you can buy religious artifacts and books. You will have to take your shoes off before entering the mosque and women will also have to cover their head with a scarf.
  • Keremet Banya: Your trip to Nur Sultan is all in vain if you don't visit the ever wonderful sauna space in the capital. Keremet Banya is quite popular in locals for massages, swimming and relaxing. Indulge yourself in a soothing experience and loosen up your muscles with a nice massage and sauna. You can spend about 3-4 hours here by yourself in the water, eliminating stress and fatigue through an amazing set of massages, sauna and food (that's correct). To enjoy this authentic experience, you must take care of hygiene and personal measures. If you have sensitive skin then book a private pool.
  • Palace of Reconciliation and Peace: Initially designed to host the congress for World and Traditional Religions leaders, the palace has much more to it. With a built-in Opera house, the University of Civilization, and Museum, the palace of peace and reconciliation is amongst the top places to visit in Nur Sultan. The pyramid is a definite place to visit and values the Kazakh religion and culture. It stands as an ultimate symbol of Kazakh Pride and Tolerance.
  • Old Town of Nur Sultan: Tired of watching the Skyscrapers and large buildings? Don't worry, the old town of Nur Sultan offers the much-needed solitude required. Showcasing a moderate and humble lifestyle. If you are ever willing to applaud the artistic qualities and experience the local life, the Old town might be your best and the final option. You will get a chance to be more involved with locals and experience local life and interactions. Visit the local shops, local restaurants, and taste the amazing food at convenient rates with a peaceful ambiance. You must try to take a day out of your trip and spend the time in this part of the capital.
  • River Ishim Embankment: There is never less time for sightseeing and an expedition along the river. Traverse the peaceful path alone or with your family or partner and experience the river's cold breeze. River Ishim Embankment is a much-needed delight to your eyes. You can also spot many figurines and statues carved on the route. Take a photo with the Beatles Squad bronze statue and take in the aura of the Equestrian Statue of Kenesary. Do you know where the fun part is? The exclusive throne of Game of thrones. Yes, you can sit on the grandest throne of the TV series and book fantasies ever made. Click photographs and add a collection to your Game of Thrones fandom and goodies.
  • Duman: Duman is your one-stop location for complete entertainment and recreation. It features a grand oceanarium, aquarium, 3 D theatres, Domes, and souvenir shops. Experience the thrill and adventure of this beautiful place. The aquarium is filled with more than 100 sea fauna species and is known for the engaging shows of shark feeding. If you are not interested in sea life, go for a rescue expedition. Pass through dungeons, bear the challenge of world war two and rescue the mesmerizing beauty. You can go on a trip to the dinosaur age and much more.
  • Defenders of the Fatherland Square: The harsh realities of war are never forgotten or hidden. What was like living in those times, the monumental sabotage and the heroic deeds of the battling armies, are enclosed in this picturesque representation of WW2. The area is surrounded by a beautiful canal where you can go canoeing in the summer. . Try to see this place and enhance your overall experience of the grand tour to Nur Sultan.
  • Singing Fountain: Singing Fountain in Nur Sultan is the top tourist attraction in the city. The beautiful scenery is all about night show and night walks. You can watch around the beautiful lights, fountains and enjoy the liveliness of the place. Watch the life in its full swing with kids singing, some playing, couples roaming around, and the ones walking in solitude. Eat the icecreams and enjoy the music in its full beat. Do not miss the spectacular view at sunset and enjoy the show for the night.
Bayterek Tower at night


Nur Sultan is in the stage of continuous developments and innovations. Every year you visit the capital, you will find a new addition to the capital's extravagant infrastructure, in the art scene and tourism. You have tremendous opportunities to experience the thrill of staying in Nur Sultan. You can go to different museums established in the city and visit the local art galleries full of outstanding work and have a memorable experience. Dive deep into the ocean of Kazakh culture and lifestyle. Taste the exotic dishes of Kazakh, especially the favorite and trendsetting national dish Beshbarmak.

Roam the streets, explore the local artists, experience the capital's culture, and visit different places from the best sauna experiences to the fantastic entertainment complexes like Duman. Shopping gives the filling of fullness to your trip and expedition. Just get your cash and head towards Khan Shatyr on the subsequent days of your stay. When exploring and enjoying your stay in the city, ensure that you do not harm the environment. Do not use unrecyclable products, throw and dispose off the waste properly, and, most importantly, respect the locals' culture and spirits.

City Parks

  • Park of Lovers: Located directly opposite Khan Shatyr, lovers' park is an exciting place to visit during your visit to Khan Shatyr. One of the ideal sites for young couples to meet, walk, and enjoy. The park is also filled with art objects in the area, which are excellent. Even the view is pretty amazing; you can watch most of the futuristic buildings from the park. Park of lovers holds a significant location with proximity to other important places like Khan Shatyr, KazMunayGaz, AK Odra Presidential Palace, and many others.
  • Central Park: Central Park is a mostly empty park perfect for those searching for solitude and peace. Sit peacefully in the garden, watch the greenery and take in the beautiful skyline. Central Park is located near to the Duman Entertainment Complex, which is full of adventure and recreation. Go there to enjoy the wonderful oceanarium and the aquarium shows.
  • GashyKtar: The beautiful park surrounding by other neighboring parks is also a perfect visit if you are on your trip to Mur Sultan. The water fountains and the scenery in the park are just awe inspiring. It has a beautiful view, and you can walk around in the park calmly and enjoy yourselves. Apart from fountain and greenery, the park is known for the presence and representation of some amazing art sculptors and unique architecture in Nur Sultana. It is located near the lovers' park and has high-quality restaurants around the town square that offer delicious food.
  • Arai Park: Arai park is one of the most popular parks in the city. Families and students come here for a picnic, and the people stroll around every day. It has a beautiful façade design and has a kitchen and restaurant. You can receive their services and have unique foods, enjoy yourselves, and relax.

National Parks

  • Burabay National Park: Burabay National Park is a sight to behold. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of the park with tall pine trees along with a beautiful, attractive lake by its side. You can go hiking and cycle around the lake and enjoy the small patches of the beach. The best and memorable experience on your trip to Burabay includes watching the sunset along the banks of the lake. The whole view is breathtaking and keeps you spellbound.
  • Korghalzyn: It is among the largest national park in Kazakhstan. You can observe beautiful and exotic avian life. The birds get attracted to the wetlands, and you can watch pink flamingoes and pelicans in their full swing. Visiting this national park or reserve is even more comfortable since the government organizes weekend tours to these parks. You are heading into the world of pink flamingoes, saiga antelopes, wolves, cranes, and eagles.
The breathtaking Burabay National Park


  • Gorodskoy Playazh: It is a simple beach which can be considered satisfactory for a local population. The beach hosts many people from around but has some negative points like the absence of sunbeds, no proper place for eating, etc. Another problematic thing is polluted beach water. This makes it unfit for use or swimming and makes you lose interest in the beach. Therefore please don't throw waste or food items into the beach water; throw the plastic cans or polythenes and wrappers in a disposable bin to avoid spoilage.
  • Ishimi Joe Rand: This is the beach along the Ishim River and quite popular among locals due to low prices and excellent location. The place is known to have some exercising machines making it even cooler and ideal. Many people also rent a wedding there!
  • Sky Beach Club: Who says, for having pleasure at the beach, you need to go to the actual beach and spend time. All you need is a bulk load of sand with a bulk pack of water. Sky Beach Club in Khan Shatyr is amongst the most important attractions of the complex. With imported sand from the Maldives and a swimming pool, you can enjoy many bar games, have fantastic food, and drink cocktails. It is best when you are going with your family.
  • Zona Otdykha Azharly Zhagalau: The beach is located near Nur Sultan and is known for the calming atmosphere is clear water. It is entirely satisfactory to visit except for a lot of stones pressing against your foot. Otherwise, the prices are low, and you can easily enjoy yourself at a fantastic location.
Sky Beach Club


  • Kazakh Eli Monument: Kazakh Eli monument is situated next to the Palace of peace and reconciliation at the town square center. The statue is about 100 meters tall and is surrounded by beautiful fountains to add mystique elements and elegance to the place. The sculpture features the Republic of Korea's first president and is engraved in White Marble with a mythical bird named Samryk on the top.
  • Triumphal Arch Mangilik El: This is the welcoming sign for the tourists visiting the city and a good spot for the locals. The arch has a big sign or board saying I love Astana, which can be a great prop for photography. You can also observe the statues of Kazakh warriors on the Triumphal Arch. You can reach the triumphal arch through different routes and applaud the grand architecture.
  • Monument of Bogenbai Batyr: Bogenbai Batyr was an excellent Kazakh warrior of the 18th century. He also fought against the Dzungars and is recognized as the most potent and influential Kazakh warrior. The statue has free access; everyone can watch it for about 24 hours and is located at Bogerbai Avenue and Saryarka Avenue.
  • Monument of Saken Seyfullin: Sayken Seyfullin was a nationalistic writer and holds an important position in Kazakh history and culture. The memorial shows Saken seating near a wooden house. Parks and trees surround the monument. Sit on the benches and enjoy the location.
Kazakh Eli Monument


  • Atameken Map of Kazakhstan: As the name suggests, Atameken features the miniature model of Kazakhstan. You can look at the built and construction of the whole country at one point. This outdoor miniature museum park is an important tourist attraction and allows you to know more about the place and local attractions. You can look at the complete miniature model of almost all the locations and tourist spots in and around Nur Sultan. For your assistance, you are given speaking guides that guide you through the entire walk around this outdoor museum and look at this park.
  • National Museum of Kazakhstan: National Museum of Kazakhstan gives a detailed insight into Kazakhs culture and history. The museum exhibits Kazakh nomadic culture's characteristics and shows the history spanning from ancient to modern times.
  • Alzhir Malinovka: This museum exhibits the hardships and torture faced by the victims of Alzhir Camp. The camp was devised for the traitors' wives, tortured, deprived, and exploited. It speaks volumes about the pain and bearings of the victims of repression and torture against women.
  • Museum of the First president: The museum is an exhibition and collection of Nayarbev's life who contributed a lot to the city and completely renovated and developed the capital. You can look at the details of Nayarbev's childhood and much more.
  • Military Historical Museum of the Armed Forces: This museum is another example dealing with the Kazakh's heroic deeds and soldiers' lives. The separate exhibit deals entirely with world war two and Kazakh armed warriors.
National Museum of Kazakhstan


Your visit to Nur Sultan and Kazakhstan is never complete until you taste the local delicacies of the capital. It's always appealing to taste and experiment with new food and dishes. You can go to the local restaurants, visit the grand hotels or food stalls, and have the food you want.

The capital is full of coffee shops, restaurants, street food, and local shops. You can experiment with different dishes and get the best for your taste buds. Capital is known for both vegan and non-vegetarian foods but still has an amazing taste and quality for the non-vegetarian food owing to the majority of the Islamic population and the availability of high-quality mutton horse meat as Kazakh specials.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Arnau: Arnau offers the most delicious and traditional Kazakh food to its customers. From the delicious horsemeat to an amazing sheep stomach salad. Who can forget about the national dish, Beshbarmak? The restaurant has traditional vibes and ambiance. The authentic Kazak folk music plays in the restaurant.
  • Saksaul: Located in Dostyk street 5, Saksaul serves middle eastern, Asian, and local cuisines of Kazakh. Every dish from Lamb's shoulders to horse shashluk is delicious and mouth-watering. This restaurant has good gluten-free options and has high-quality fishes and supportive staff. If you want to eat traditional Kazakh food, this is the place you should look for.
  • Epoch: Epoch Restaurants gives classic old skool vibes. It is a themed restaurant in Nursultan. It is beautiful built-in remembrance of the old-time with old Russian cars parked outside. Be it Gosse, Rabbit, Horsemeat; every dish has a fantastic appeal and taste.
  • Farhi Ali Baba Restaurant: Frahi is located at the Ishim River Embankment. The restaurant is full of traditional appeal and setting. You can watch the staff wearing traditional costumes and taste the old recipe dishes of Kazakh culture. The terrace of the restaurant is full of fountains and private cabins, making it even more popular. It is the best diner to have delicious Chebruks.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Koktem Restaurant: Koktem Restaurant offers an extensive variety of vegan options apart from serving meat. The restaurant has a separate menu for vegan dishes and proper well-trained employees who understand the meaning of veganism. You can order cheesecakes, veg burgers, coffee, tea, and many other things. What's better than a veg burger with grilled tofu!
  • Pane and Vino: Looking for vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Nur Sultan? Pane and Vino are all set to rock Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. You can order gluten-free food, and there are several vegan options for you. Try the exotic pasta with mushrooms in it, indeed a delight to taste.
  • Vachnoye Nebo: Vachnoye Nebo has flawless interior design, and the view is just marvelous. You can choose from different Asian, Central Asian, and Uzbek options for food and dishes.
  • The Shoreditch Burger and Wok: One of the famous spots for the tourists is that this restaurant serves outstanding Indian and British Cuisine with many vegan options. The ambiance around is immensely pleasant, and the staff has a good knowledge of English.

Street Food

  • Samovar Restaurant: This is a Russian restaurant that is extremely popular among the locals. The food is exceptionally delicious and is available at reasonable prices. You can stop by this restaurant whenever you are visiting or passing through the first president's museum.
  • Izbushka: Izbushka is located near Khan Shatyr and is a good quality Russian fast food restaurant. You can order some fantastic dishes and Russian fast foods at affordable prices and enjoy the taste. Order your fast food recipe with fresh lemonades and try out the new foods.
  • Dastarkhan: Dastarkhan is an excellent combination of Kazakh, Russian, and Central Asian foods. It has perfect hygienic conditions and is a canteen-style restaurant. It is located on Dostyk street 12.
  • Kusellita Coffee: Located near the museum of Armed forces' history, Kusellita Coffe serves the tastiest and delicious breakfast to its customers. You can easily find the Kusellita Coffee on the Respublika Avenue Five.


Nur Sultan has no shortage of alcoholic beverages or other refreshing drinks. You can have some fantastic tea and coffee if you like. If you prefer wine or beer, Nur Sultan might have some of the best bars in the regions that offer fabulous drinks and beverages.

You can visit Ministerstvo Coffe Café if you want to taste the best coffee in Nur Sultan at a reasonable rate. Even the atmosphere around is delightful and greatly hosts its customers. Going to a different location and having a beer or wine on the travelers' to-do lists to enrich their taste and experience. Want a beer? Grab one at Pinta. Pinta has an extended chain network at about 15 locations in Kazakhstan and is known for its amazing beer and wine at affordable rates.

Here is the list of some fantastic bars in Nur Sultan:

  • One BarThe Hop: craft and beer
  • Provino Wine Bar and Store
  • Arba Wine
  • Wine Sport

You can go to many restaurants and bars to eat and drink. You should make sure you follow the basic ethics and hygiene measure while visiting these places. Also, drink responsibly and never vomit or puke around the location after consuming far more than capacity.


The average water quality in Kazakhstan is about 68%. Do proper research about the location and its sanitary conditions before visiting a place. Try to go to places where necessities like water, food, etc. are readily available and safe—but owing to the current statistics of water pollution and the possibility of the accumulation of contaminants in the water, you should drink purified water or boil the water before drinking. You could prefer the mineralized water bottles, which can be easily accessible and portable but remember to refill them or disposing of properly before purchasing a new one. If the water bottles are made up of recyclable plastic, it would be a far better option.

Organic Cafés

Cafes are the most popular dining options among locals and tourists. When going through a trip across the city, you can stop by a café and order some snacks and coffee to complement your appetite. A variety of cafes have cheesecakes, burgers, and fries in their menus apart from the Kazakh delicacies. You can visit these local cafes and have your breakfast or snacks here. Some of the popular cafes in Nur Sultan include:

  • Vegan and Vegetarian Café
  • Coffee Boom
  • Caspitol Café
  • Madol
  • Crepe Café
  • Eagilik Books and Coffee

Eagilik Books and coffee remains a popular option among the kids and youth since they like reading comics or books while having some delicious snacks.


Many different brewery companies and industries run a large-scale alcohol and beer production contributing to the nation's malt industry and feeding the interests of the common public.

  • Brauhaus
  • Shtolts
  • Kapital Grand
  • Astan Koldau

These companies aim at proper alcohol production for commercial purposes and preparing them for retailing.


Nur Sultan is home to many national parks, museums, and city landmarks. You can visit the grand mosques in Nur Sultana for religious enrichment, go on a walking expedition, and enjoy yourselves. From the artificial sky beach club to shopping complexes, there is a lot to see and explore. Here is the list of activities you can do during your stay in Nur Sultan.

  • Go for sightseeing across the Ishim river embankment and Burabay National Park and Lake.
  • You can go canoeing in summers and ice skating in winters around the Ishim River.
  • Hiking and Trekking in Burabay national parks and explore the birdlife and species, especially the pink flamingoes in Korghalyzn Park.
  • Keremet Banya is all set to give you the most memorable and pleasurable sauna experiences and bathe.
  • Going for a shopping expedition on your trip is never a bad idea. Visit the local shops and also enjoy the perks of Khan Shatyr.
  • Gather a lot of information and knowledge about Kazakh culture and history by visiting the different museums and exploring them.

Whenever you are going to these places for recreation or enrichment, you should always stay responsible and avoid private vehicles as they lead to air pollution and the fees are also very high.

Ishim River

Yoga and Retreats

The age-old tradition of Yoga has managed to bring our soul and body together. The best way to obtain inner peace and stay in harmony with yourself and others. Nur Sultan has many yogic centers and academies opened for improving the mental and physical health of the people living in Nur Sultan. Here is the list of yoga centers and schools that offer yoga teaching and practice to their members or students.

  • Prana Yoga Centre
  • Sundar Yoga
  • Fitness First
  • Yoga Life
  • Urban Buddha

For body retreat and relaxation, you can also go to various spa centers in Nur Sultan, famously Sabai, Health Club, and Spa Grand Mix, Lotus Thai Spa, Imbir, etc.


To get accommodation in Nur Sultan can vary from easy to complex according to your budget plan and preferences. You can stay in the hotels, inns, or gather around in a relative's house if you have so. Also, couch surfing is another method to find accommodation by living in someone else's place. The best way to get accommodation is to do prior research. Gather all your resources to enable you to select a preferable option for you within a limited budget and time frame.

Rixos President Hotel, Nursultan

Green Hotels

As the name suggests, green hotels are exclusively designed to minimize natural resources wastage and are known for their eco-friendly measures and techniques. The hotels with low operating costs and hospitable environments are perfect for your stay in Nur Sultan. Always go for the LEED-certified hotels as they indicate their quality and environmental approach. These hotels are the best place for a short-term holiday in Nur Sultan, from lower running costs to friendly environments and higher employee productivity.

  • Ibis Astana Hotel: With over 200 rooms, Ibis Astana Hotel is located near the main square and is within proximity of the Kazakh Eli Monument, Palace of Independence, and Palace of Peace and Reconciliation. The hotel has amiable staff and tries its best to incorporate eco-friendly materials.
  • Hilton Garden Inn Astana: One of the grandest hotels in Nur Sultan, Hilton Grand, is a non-smoking hotel with all the amenities of the gym, beds, pools, wifi, and meeting rooms.
  • Rixos President Astana Hotel: Rixos President Astana Hotel is the most popular stay in place for the tourists and other residents. The luxury hotel has well-equipped rooms with no smoking guidelines. You can get specialized menu plans, sauna experience, and salon facilities. The main motive of the hotel management is to make a more sustainable approach.
  • The Ritz Carlton Astana: It is located centrally at Talan Towers complex(16 Dostyk Street) and is amongst the top luxurious hotels in Nur Sultan. The rooms are fully equipped with blinds, King size beds, flat-screen TV’s, and much more. You can also visit the bar and lounge in the hotel and the large swimming pools.

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Hostel Nochleg: It is located at Saryashik 38 and provides impressive breakfast and dinner options. The rates are also quite affordable, with proper beds and curtains. You have easy access to the electric sockets. Hostel Nochleg is just a minute walk to the Bayterek Tower.
  • Hostelland Astana: Hostelland Astana is also a nice place to stay but is decentralized, making it far from the tourist attractions in the center of the capital. You can reach this hostel via bus and enjoy your stay.
  • Elite Hostel: located at Shokan Valikhanov street 9/2, this hostel holds a fantastic location in the capital. It is very near to the various recreation sites, parks, and tourist spots.

You can also check for some guest houses if available. Some of the best guest houses in Nur Sultan are Nursat Guest House, Union Plaza, Bereket, etc.


You can look for different kinds of accommodations like hostels, hotels, or apartments. Renting apartments is more budget-friendly than living in luxury hotels and doing a lot of expenditure.

  • Highvill Astana: Located in Block G, Highvill is an excellent place to stay for the foreigners. It offers good quality rooms and food at reasonable rates. It is preferable to take transport to the apartment.
  • Sunrise Apartments: They have located 3.2 Km from Bayterek Monument and have high-quality rooms and facilities. You are even provided free wifi! Even if you wish for an extended stay, microwave, oven, and fridge are readily available.

There are many other apartment buildings like Esil apartment, Abudhabi Block, Apartment Coplex European, etc.


A new method if accommodation involves staying at someone else's place while on your vacation. You may live in a local's house who is willing to let you stay for a while. Your expenditure of couch surfing depends upon the nature of the landlord. Suppose they ask for some rent or payment or are generous enough to let you live free. It saves your money and time in searching for the hotels and waiting for a proper confirmation. You must make sure you mutually agree with the house lord and respect their rules or guidelines to stay.


Camping is one of the adventurous and fun activities everyone likes to do. Nur Sultan offers many camping tours to various locations and the national parks in Kazakhstan. You might visit or join various camping organizations and agencies which will take you to the camping tours and tell you about the camping sites. The two crucial camping agencies and opportunities in Nur Sultan include Tourcenter and Skyway.

How to Get There

Getting to the city capital is very easy due to the well-developed transport network. After landing at the Astana International Airport, you should transport to the nearest location where you are supposed to stay or live. Possibly a hotel or a relative's house(if there) would be better. Bus 10 connects the route from the airport to the city center, making it very easy to travel. You can also rent a taxi to any place, but it would cost you double than the bus's rent. Preferring public transport is god to avoid any pollution and inconvenience.


You can travel to Nur Sultan via air. Inter city travel should be by road. This is because the road network is very well developed. You can take airfares to different locations outside Nur Sultan via domestic flights to other cities of Kazakhstan. You can easily traverse to Amalty, the largest city in Kazakhstan, in hours.

Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport, Nursultan


You can follow various buses routed from Moscow and other neighboring towns to Nur Sultan as it saves money and the environment. The buses are accessible even on the long route due to the well-developed road network of Kazakhstan.

A local bus on the streets of Nursultan


Nursultan has two railway stations, namely Nur Sultan 1 and Nur Sultan-Nurly Zhol. Many train services terminate and originate from this location. There are many trains from Sarayshik and the nearby towns. You can also go to Almaty's city via various routes from Nur Sultan to Saryashik and Finally Almaty. Some of the most famous trains routed to and from Nur Sultan include: Nur Sultan to Almaty Nur Sultan to Kostanay Nur Sultan to Atbasar Nur Sultan to Moscow

Nursultan Railway Station


Hitch Hiking is another adventure where you can travel in and across the city. You can make new friends and ask for free lifts. Sounds daring and questionable? Try it for once, and enjoy your experience at hitchhiking. Remember, you make a positive impression on the fellow riders and do not make any offensive statement or gesture as it may pose problems for you and others.


Leaving these basic transportation modes behind, you can go for boats in the lake, taxis, tram cars and bicycles. However, these vehicles will prove to be more costly as compared to public transport. Taxis, cars, and other private vehicles emit a lot of harmful gases and cause extra traffic on the road, making them a less favorable choice.

Moving Around

Once in the city, you are all set to explore its culture, infrastructure, and tourist attractions. Moving around the city is far more convenient and cost-effective than getting there. Everything is readily available; all you need to is properly plan and research the various locations you want to visit. You can either walk, book a private tour guide or taxi, or go via public buses and electric vehicles across Nur Sultan.


The best way to explore the city as it gives you time to look around and observe the surroundings. Walking is best if you are willing to look and shop from local businesses, shops, and restaurants. When visiting a crowded area or a narrow street, walking is the best way to enhance your tour experience, and you get more time to appreciate whatever you see.


Bicycles are very eco-friendly modes of transport and do not cause any traffic. By riding on a bicycle, you accomplish two tasks at one time. First, you get to move from one part of the city to the other; second, you somehow exercise. Especially if you are traveling alone, using a bicycle as a transport mode might be just the right option for you. Many hostels, apartments, and agencies rent bicycles for a particular period, sorting all your travel and recreation problems.

Electronic Vehicles

Electronic Cars and electronic bikes, and other three wheeling vehicles make up for eco-friendly transport, saving time, money, and energy.

These vehicles lower greenhouse gas emissions and positively impact the environment without compromising your comfort and style.

Public Bus

Public buses cost around KZT 180 with luggage, and you can quickly move around the city and its various tourist spots. Even the online tracking of buses is possible through an application named Astra Bus. It increases convenience and comfort, making your travel more comfortable. Bus Number 12 connects you to the various tourist spots around the city and loops around the different places. Travel by bus is cheaper, affordable, and more eco friendly.

Tram, Train and Subway

Although tram, train, and subway is an easy and cheap mode of transportation across the city, still Nur Sultan needs further development in its railway tracks and network to make them accessible for all.

Sustainable Shopping

It is important to shop sustainably and purchase the products that last longer and positively impact the environment. This includes following a proper shopping protocol, purchasing recyclable or biodegradable products, and encouraging others to do so. Some of the examples of sustainable shopping include:

  • Purchase of biodegradable or recyclable products and objects like recyclable plastic, organic things, and much more.
  • Avoid the use of polythene or plastic bags for shopping. Even paper bags lead to greater destruction of tree habitat. So you should prefer jute bags while shopping or purchase if you don't have one.

  • Try to buy handmade jewelry and artifacts that involve eco-friendly material and have no harmful effects on the environment.

  • Purchase the clothes made from recycled plastic.

Food Markets

Food Markets are a sustainable, cheap, and convenient option to purchase food and fruits. Many food markets deal with organic foods and offer low prices. Nur Sultan hosts several food markets in different areas, open and covered. Some of the examples of the excellent market in Nur Sultan include:

  • Besplatnaya Dostavka Produktov V Astana
  • Green Market
  • Eco TS Market

These markets sell many vegetables and fruits at different price ranges. You can select from several options and categories. Be it shopping for organic grocery or the same old grocery; you are always welcomed there.

Flea Markets

Do you want to purchase something from the exhibited stalls? Well, flea markets give you a unique shopping experience where the shopping products and goodies are kept in exhibits for sale. Flea Markets ensure the easy availability of cheap and useful items. Although Nur Sultan is known for big shopping malls, including the extravagant Khan Shatyr, you can still enjoy the traditional shopping experience by visiting the large flea market in Nur Sultan named Zalenyy Bazaar.

Second Hand Stores

Everyone is not rich enough to buy brand new items. Nur Sultan has many retail stores that specialize in the selling of second-hand goods. There is a wide range of second-hand goods from cars to bikes to machinery equipment. Some of the top second-hand stores at Nur Sultan include:

  • Vartech Astana Second Hand
  • S.Techno
  • Qarqyn
  • Kommisionika

These stores deal in various items like electronic(LCD, Refrigerator, Washing machines), Gadgets(Laptops and Computer) and clothes, books, and toys.


Eco-fashion is the best step towards an eco-friendly approach and sustainable fashion shopping. You can purchase clothes, dresses, footwear, home essentials, and other personal care substances which have a natural base and less impact on the environment. It includes recycled cotton and fabric, recyclable plastic, organic dyes, shampoos, etc. The best places to buy eco products at Nur Sultan are:

  • Astana Eco shop
  • Ecomix
  • Eco plaza
  • Turt Tulik

You should act as a responsible tourist and an individual responsible for the global environment. Try to purchase eco products that would increase tourism and local population towards this eco-friendly measure. It would allow you to preserve the natural environment by reducing the adversities of this industrial generation.


Owing to the nation's environmental threats, Nur Sultan aims to create a recycling plant using French technology and techniques. There are many companies in being around Nur Sultan functioning to reduce the nonbiodegradable waste and minimize the effect on the environment by recycling rubber, plastic, fabrics, and much more. Kazakhstan Rubber Recycling, Avtorazbor, and other companies are significantly contributing to the environment. Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to use and promote recyclable products and eco-fashion as an inhabitant of the earth.


Nur Sultan is facing a lot of problems for waste disposal and management. This is because of an increase in the number of illegal dumps ever year and the government's inability to control it. Even there is only one landfill or city dump in Nur Sultan, which makes waste disposal less efficient, slow, and concerns. Kaz Recycling Service works since 2012 to manage waste and recycle waste in the capital.

Work and Study Abroad

Kazakhstan has emerged as an essential destination for international students to complete their higher studies. Many students prefer enrolling for medical courses in the top universities in and around Nur Sultan. The central Asian location and the mix of various cultures attract a number of international students. Being a significantly cheap and impressively developing nation, it has become an ideal place for the study abroad programs. The universities hire private recruiters for admissions from foreign entities. Many foreigners can also travel to Kazakhstan under a valid work permit.

Exchange Student

Many international students enroll in the top colleges of the region through a number of exchange programs offered by many universities. Universities and colleges may also support funding and give financial assistance to the students if necessary. The best universities to look for an exchange and education abroad program include:

  • Astana Medical University
  • Nazarbayev University
  • LN Gumilyov Eurasian National University

Au Pair

AU Pair program allows international students and young people to learn more about Kazakh's culture, learn the traditional language, and know about the old beliefs and customs. AU Pair programs are also given and approved by the Kazakh government. You can also work as a nanny or social worker, etc.


Under this program, the university or school students can volunteer to perform many social activities and other projects. Every volunteering individual is provided with professional and personal training in volunteer schools. It involves the development and learning of various languages, the study of history, and communication skills.

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