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Eco-friendly travel guide to Maldives advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Maldives, Asia.

Maldives is simply majestic

  • Air quality: 4.5 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3.7 / 5
  • Train connections: 3.2 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3.8 / 5
  • National parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.7 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$130 - $180
  • Budget per day: US$110 - $120

Responsible Travel

What comes to your mind when you think of the Maldives, picturesque beaches, luxury resorts, beachfront villas, or swimming amidst sapphire water? Yes, Maldives is all about that, and it is one of those travel destinations, which will no doubt uplift your mood. If you want to be a responsible traveler without breaking banks, then you will have to find out some of the economical methods of traveling. One of the most popular South Asian remote countries consisting of almost 1200 islands and 30 coral atolls. Even though it is a remote country, yet thousands of people visit the Maldives every year to indulge in the eye-soothing and marvelous beauty of the place. Being surrounded by greenery and water the country supports responsible traveling and tourism so that the beauty of the country does not suffer any damage. If you visit the Maldives, you will get the opportunity to dive into the blue seas and explore the beauty of life underneath the oceans. From turtles, whale sharks, to manta rays, you will get the opportunity to almost every unique species.

Thus, to preserve the beauty of the Maldives, its pristine environment as well as the delicate ecosystem and the local communities, responsible traveling is compulsory. Every time you are visiting the Maldives, make sure that you are leaving a positive impact on its environment and respect the culture of the locals.

  • Travel in a more sustainable manner: This means adopting eco friendly habits like using metal straws and reusable cutlery, terminating the use of plastic be it shopping bags, cups, bottles etc. While this may come off as a very insignificant step but it makes a huge impact not only in reducing your carbon footprint but also helping the environment and specially the sea life. They are the ones that suffer the most from the use of plastic and it disrupts the entire eco system.
  • Keep the beaches clean: Picking up after yourself on the beach should go without saying, but just take a look around the sand the next time you're by the shore—obviously someone didn't get the memo. Stray bottles, cans, bags, and napkins can be ubiquitous along waterways, and even just one piece of litter can pose a problem. This garbage can be picked up by the wind, get stuck around the necks of birds and other animals, and carried back out to sea by the tides. Keep anyone in your party accountable for their messes, and if you encounter some trash that isn't yours, pick it up anyway and throw it away.
  • Try to ride bicycles more than rented cars: This will not only help in reducing noise and air pollution but it will also help keeping you fit and healthy. Rented cars and private vehicles only add to the problem of pollution but at the same time they also deprive you from truly experiencing the place and discovering the little nook and crannies.
  • Support the local economy: Shop local and eat local food. It will help the local people who usually have a very sustainable business model and organic things to sell and it will also help you in learning about the local culture.

First things first, it is the best idea if you never leave any traces. The government here has made it a rule to safeguard the pristine islands along with the fragile ecosystem. Hence, whenever you are planning for a vacation here, make sure that you are taking everything back everything you brought. It is best if you avoid throwing litter on the beaches and even avoid smoking. Besides, make sure that you are staying away from plastic bags.

Next comes responsible-wildlife watching and you must be aware of the fact that incredible marine life has made Maldives infamous throughout the world. Here you will be able to see green turtles, whale sharks, dolphins, and various other unique species. If you are interested in watching the marine species, then find out such resorts that come with various responsible wildlife watching programs. At the time of snorkeling or diving, make sure that you are keeping a distance from the animals. Alternatively, if you are interested in dolphin watching, make sure that the operator you hired follows speed as well as distance regulation or even harass the dolphins. Besides, if you have any queries regarding the wildlife watching activities, then make sure that you are consulting the travel specialists who will let you know everything about responsible-traveling.

Air Quality and Pollution

Air quality, as well as pollution levels, matter a great deal when it comes to traveling to any place. Maldives features greenery, and this is something that supports good air quality, and the pollution levels are quite low too. Besides, it is necessary to maintain low pollution levels to preserve the wildlife as well as the flora and fauna. The Maldives is one such country whose sovereign territory covers almost a hundred percent ocean. Besides, you will come across an unexpected number of cars, trucks as well as motorcycles. Even after all these things, the pollution levels in quite low and the air quality is no doubt good. This means that you will not face many issues regarding health, especially if you have breathing issues. During the rush hours, you will find swarms of motorcycles scrape by each other on the roads. This is the time, when you might issues with breathing otherwise, the evening and the early hours of the morning is the best time since you will not get any pollution issues. One of the biggest issues that the locals here face almost daily is the rising number of vehicles. However, the government is thankful for the fact that air pollution levels are under control. Apart from that wheeled vehicles, the ferry network even runs on diesel, which is yet another dangerous factor for the water as well as the underwater species. To get rid of all these issues, the government recently came up with the National Action Plan that focuses on reducing air pollution levels. The Action Plan, which is supported by the Climate As well as Clean Air Coalition offers a system that helps in cataloging the air quality and find out the best actions so that it becomes easy to lower the pollution levels. The World Health Organization has mentioned that various factors are responsible that increases the rate of pollution levels. Compared to the other cities of Maldives, Male is the one that experiences high levels of air pollution.

Respect the Culture

Set amidst the path of the old trading routes near the Indian Ocean, the culture, which initially the Maldives used to follow, was influenced by mixed cultures of Sri Lanka, Persia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and North Africa. Thus, you can understand that you will get a mixed culture if you visit the Maldives, and the blend of culture will no doubt mesmerize you. Even after having such a rich cultural infusion, Maldives has successfully maintained its cultural identity utilizing its language. Almost every island comes with a vibrant culture both of music as well as dance and along with that, you will also get innumerable traditional displays like ‘Bodu Beru’. Here you will see that around twenty people wearing traditional sarongs and tapping to the rhythmic drumbeats. Apart from that, various resorts even host cultural performances and it is no doubt one of the best ways to explore the dynamic part of the Maldivian culture. Coming to the craftsmanship the locals here are extremely talented when it comes to the artworks. You will find out the locals here enjoy mat weaving, calligraphy, coir rope making, traditional dressmaking, and many more. Also, you will find intricate artworks, incredible stone carvings on the Friday Mosque in Male. All these stunning work is undoubtedly outstanding souvenir options. However, it even comes with a cultural experience and you will get an insight into the creativity of the Maldivian artists. Coming to the tourism industry, it is quite rampant here. However, the locals here did not benefit much from tourism. Apart from that, many are there who bear the problems of waste disposal, poverty, unemployment, and various other problems. You might feel that the Maldives being a luxury holiday destination, but the reality is, the country is still the poorest developing countries. Tourists from around the world come here to stay in the private island resorts and are ignorant about the harsh reality of the locals. Coming to the other cultures, the Maldives is a Muslim country therefore, it is best if you try to dress conservatively, especially in Male as well as other local islands. Since the Muslims are respectful about their cultures and traditions, it is your responsibility to maintain the same too. It is better if you avoid wearing exposing clothes to the local beaches. However, if you are staying in the resort, then you can always wear whatever you want to the beaches.

Top 10 Places to Visit

The Maldives is one of the best countries where tourists from different parts of the world love to visit. The reason behind this thing is that it has some wonderful cities where you would get the best holiday places. If you want to know what those places are then just see the names with their cities, which are mentioned below.

  • Masjid Al-Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al-Arzam (Malé) - This is the finest mosque, which has at least hundreds of worshippers and is located in the capital city Malé. Here you can visit and wish for something which you have been dreaming of for a longer time. In other words, you can also call it something which is nowhere in any other cities.
  • Meedhoo (Addu) - It is an island where you can get a very friendly atmosphere and feel real peace. People come here to get relaxation and never feel like returning to their normal life. In the beginning, you may find it boring but later on, you will understand its true value.
  • Atoll Marine Center (Naifaru) - You can call it a marine center where you can see some of the best tortoises and turtles. It will be a charming experience, and you can get to see something, which you have never seen before. Instead of staying in confusion, just give it a try and you would enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Ranin Hanaa Fengan'du (Hulhumeedhoo) - This pond is beautiful and is the heart of Hulhumeedhoo city. Here you can go for fishing activities and get a very good amount of fun. Rather than having any second thoughts just come here and see how fabulous it is.
  • Whale Submarine (Ziyaaraiyfushi) - As the name suggests it is a submarine that has the shape of a whale. Here you can go underwater and have exposure to the fishes and some other sea creatures. You can also call it something which you might have never thought of earlier.
  • Guraidhoo (Maafushi) - If you love to go water surfing and scuba diving then this is the right place for you. This place is also referred to as something which was beyond the level of your imagination. The moment you come here then you will feel like getting absorbed and never want to go back.
  • Utheemu Ganduvaru (Nolhivaranfaru) - If you are in the city of Nolhivaranfaru then definitely visit this palace. It was build in the year 1558 and tells you about how the Portuguese invaded the country. Come here and get a very nice history about it and share it among your friends.
  • Masjid Al-Yoosuf (Eydhafushi) - Without any doubt, we would say that this mosque is beyond any words. After praying here from your true heart you can make a true desire for yourself. And it is guaranteed that one day it will come true. But if you miss this place then you will regret it and gather unnecessary frustrations among yourself.
  • Masjid Al Ihsan (Mahibadhoo) - The exact time to visit this mosque is the day time because during that time you would get a lot of people. They also adore this place and feel the presence of their god over here. Never miss it because this opportunity might not come again and again.
  • Vasho Veyo (Thinadhoo) - This is a historic monument that takes you back to the early 19th century. Here you will find some fossils and ruins of the early ages. People sometimes call it uninteresting but you have to come here and make your own decision.


So you have now known about the places, which are mentioned above. But what will you do if you have to explore the cities of Maldives? The country is home to some of the enthralling and awe-inspiring water sporting activities as well as stunning beach life. Thus, you can already guess why the demand for vacationing amidst the white sandy beaches is popular. Coming to the exploration, you will come across uncountable tourist spots and attractions that are worth visiting. The answer to this question is simple just visit some city parks and museums which can give you a different level of enjoyment.

City Parks

  • Ruh'gandu 1 (Malé) - This park is awesome and here you would get a lot of open spaces to play outdoor games. So bring your children over here and play a game of football and cricket with them. Here the ambiance is calm and can give you peace and relief.
  • Maradhoofeydhoo Park (Gan) - If you are in the mood of having a picnic with your family then this is the right place. Here you can spend quality time with them and experience something very extraordinary. Make a note of this place and mark it as a very important one in your travel diaries.
  • Valifannu Park (Maadhad) - It is a place for the children where they will get some amazing rides and games. Morning is the exact time to visit this place and they will have a very nice feeling after exploring it. As a result, without this place your holiday is incomplete and there is no point in doing it.

National Parks

  • Addu Nature Park (Addu) - This park has a nice scenic view and gives you the real meaning of nature. It will never disappoint you and always give you a different level of joy and happiness. After coming you would want to recommend it to your beloved persons.
  • Hulhumale' Central Park (Malé) - For all those people who want to go jogging, it is the perfect place for them. Make a fair attempt of coming here at least once and get to explore something new. Try not to miss it because this chance might not come in the next time.


  • Veligandu Island Beaches - An epitome of beauty, the infamous Veligandu Island Beaches is one of the most beautiful yet peaceful beaches that you will come across. If you have planned for a peaceful getaway. Then nothing can be better than spending some great time amidst turquoise blue water and white sands.
  • Baros Maldives - Yet another one of the tranquil beaches that you will come across in the Maldives. You can either simply sit here and enjoy sunbathing or go for taking dips in the crashing waves. Baros is one of the most favorite beaches due to the peaceful and positive vibes that you can get here. Make sure to visit here, especially during the night to enjoy the tranquil vibes.
  • White Sandy Beach (Fulhadhoo) - The water of this beach is clean and the waves are huge. Lounge into the water and you will have a lot and lots of fun. But if you think that it is nothing then no one can help you to find the best thing about your trip.
  • Villingili Public Beach (Malé) - This beach is not for bathing but here you can come for a walk. It is best suited during the evening as some food stalls are also there. Visit here and you would be eager to give some of your best reviews and ratings.
Baro Sund


You would not get any famous landmarks in the Maldives as it is a country surrounded by islands. But there is nothing to worry about because some of the museums can be the best landmarks. Visit those places and see how wonderful they are.


  • National Museum (Malé) - In this museum, you would get some beautiful artifacts and sculptures of the early ages. They will remind you about the history and take you back to those days. People say that it is a place about which you will get to notice in your history books.
  • Koshidhorage (Addu) - This place is the best and it promotes the cultural heritage of the Addu city. No one misses it because it signifies a lot of things and tells the purpose behind them. There is no such traveler who will tell you something negative about it.
  • Utheemu Gan'duvaru (Utheemu) - You will notice that this place is spread all over the internet and it also has special relevance. It is because it gives you a fair knowledge about the ruler who protected the Maldives from the outside invaders. Get an idea about it and you will never have any disappointment.


The food culture of the country is quite versatile since you will be able to get multiple food items as well as dishes. Hence, it can be said that apart from the magnificent archipelago of Maldives not just offers countless magical tropical islands covered with beaches featuring sky-touching palm trees and white sands but delicious cuisine too. The popular Maldivian cuisine is also known as the Dhivehi cuisine and it comes with some wonderful dishes having unique flavors and taste. From crunchy snacks to mouth-watering street foods, you will get everything. Coming to the basic food items, you will even get wood-fired chapatti bread that tastes delicious with spicy curries. The cuisine that you will get to taste in the country has a rich assemblage of various traditional flavors and the influence of these comes from neighboring countries like Sri Lanka and India. Initially, Maldivians depended highly on common ingredients such as fish, coconuts, millets, and other ingredients. However, with the increase in the influx of tourists from around the world, influence from other countries, Maldivian cuisine has witnessed a major shift, which is undoubtedly one of the best things that happened. Within a few years, Maldivian cuisine developed a stunning and distinctive blend. The flavors are unique and no doubt symbolize outstanding culinary identity. If you visit the country, you will find that the traditional Maldivian cuisine comes with three different ingredients along with their derivatives, coconut, starches that have grains as well as vegetables, and fish. The fish curries that the Maldivian cuisine features is undoubtedly one of the best things that you will ever taste in the country. Apart from that, it also features uncountable delectable dishes that are made with fresh fish, meat, and chicken. Along with these, many local fruits, as well as vegetables, are also included. Mas Huni is one of the most famous dishes that you must try in the country. Prepared with tuna, coconut, chili, onion, and served with chapatti bread, is undoubtedly one of the go-to breakfast dishes for the locals. Another popular dish that you must try in the Maldives is Garudhiya or Maldivian fish soup. It is a daily food for the locals and is served piping-hot with rice, lime, and chili. Packed with fresh raw tuna along with chopped chili and a little bit of lime, the dish tastes outstanding. Next comes the Kulhi Boakiba, commonly known, as the fish cakes are the favorite food for almost every Maldivian. For years, this dish has been topping the list of food for the locals here. The dish is mostly prepared on special occasions, especially at festivals and feasts. Fish cakes are made with smoked tuna, chopped chili flakes, rice, ginger, and grated coconut. Almost every posh restaurants as well as the pocket-friendly restaurants sell these outstanding Maldivian dishes. Make sure that you are trying out all the dishes once you are in the country. The biggest advantage is these are some of the common dishes and you will find them in almost every city of Maldives. Coming to the street foods, you will get multiple options and the dishes are outstandingly delicious too. Most congested, bike parked lanes and alleys of the cities are lined with some of the best-rated roadside eateries. The bustling markets lined throughout the cities are stuffed with innumerable food counters and stalls selling toothsome dishes. Some of the local delicacies that you will get include bajiya, sweet pastry balls stuffed with fish, onions, Kulhi borkibaa, and coconut. Masroshi is yet infamous street food that you must try when it comes to the local foods in the country. Apart from that, you will also get theluhi mas, fried fish garnished with chili and garlic. You will even get plenty of vegan options too when it comes to street foods. Deep-fried snacks made with rice, coconut lentils, and spices are some of the must-try dishes. Hence, if you are worried about whether you will get vegan dishes or not, then you will get unlimited dishes. If you are not really into non-beg dishes and believe in going green no matter where you go, then it is the best idea to opt for booking such resorts that offer vegan foods. From salads, vegetable soups to veggie delights, you will get everything in these resorts. All you have to do is name the dishes that you want to have for your dinner, lunch, and breakfast. Perhaps, Maldives is the only country that comes with resorts that offer vegan foods to those who are vegan and want to include healthy foods in their daily diet. Overall, it can be said that the Maldives not only boasts picture-perfect beaches but many outstanding dishes. Make sure to make a list of all the dishes that you want to try.


When it comes to the drinks, the tropical country offers many delicious local as well as exotic drinks. Since the Maldives is an Islamic country, you will not get alcoholic drinks throughout the country. However, most travel resorts here in the country offer multiple exotic alcoholic drinks. From wines to champagne, you will get everything. However, it is best if you try out the fresh fruit juices as well as the coconut drinks that are no doubt some of the delicious drinks. Since the Maldives is a tropical country, so the chances of getting fruit juices are no doubt the best. Maldivian Lady is one of the common drinks that the locals, as well as the tourists, enjoy having almost every day. A refreshing drink is perfect to start any evening. It is prepared with white rum, apricot brandy, pineapple juice served over crushed ice. You can understand how delicious it can be. Next comes the Biyadhoo Special is yet another special drink which you must try if you are planning to visit the Maldives. Twist on the normal vodka pineapple, this drink comes with crushed ice and a certain amount of melon liqueur that makes the drink quite delicious. The only thing is, you will not get this drink not everywhere. Bars and nightclubs are the places where you will get such drinks. Bartenders in the nightclubs offer this drink to almost every tourist. Apart from that, even if you want any extra toppings on the drinks, you will get it too. Raa is an extraordinary drink that the locals enjoy having on almost every occasion. It is a palm wine drink, is extracted from the trees, and is fermented until it reaches 4% alcohol. Sometimes, the drink is fermented further so that it develops a sour taste. Since it is one of the most-loved drinks and make sure that, you are trying out all of them. Tea is yet another one of the common drinks, which locals love having. Even though it might seem quite usual, but the tea you will here, tastes different from the normal ones. You will get them with meals in every cafeteria, bars, and restaurants. You will get a plethora of choices when it comes to tea, you can have either milk tea or black tea. Besides, you can also have Maldives Iced Tea. Most tea fanatics throughout the world come here to enjoy the taste as well as the aroma of the tea available here. If you are in the Maldives, make sure that you are starting your day with a freshly brewed cup of hot and aromatic tea. As already mentioned, Maldives is a tropical country, which means that you will get the opportunity to try out some of the delicious fruit juices. When mixed with exotic quality drinks, these turn out to be delicious cocktails. Golden Chronicle is one of the most popular cocktails that you must try. It is prepared by combining vodka, lime juice, and homemade citrus syrup. Thus, you will get a dose of sweet and sour flavor, which makes Golden Chronicle a perfect drink to enjoy while chilling near the beach. Next comes the organic cafeterias where you can enjoy some great quality coffee. As you might know, organic cafeterias are trending these days and the reason behind this is the rising concern for protecting the environment. Although you might not get enough organic cafeterias in the country, you must try out these places. Organic cafeterias are different from normal ones. Designed with eco-friendly and sustainable materials, organic cafeterias are no doubt one of the best places where you can hang out with your friends and family. Besides, the foods, especially the coffee, you will get some outstanding and unique dishes that are not only delicious but are pocket friendly too.


You can always opt for drinking tap water too. As already mentioned, Maldives does not have the issue of high pollution levels. Thus, making it safe for the locals as well as the tourists to consume tap water. The government has come up with various water treatment programs that have helped to keep the water clean. Hence, even if you feel thirsty and forget to carry your water bottle you can always drink from the tap water. However, if you are still unsure about the drinking water quality, you can buy packaged drinking water. You will come across many stalls as well as outlets that sell packaged drinking water. Besides, soft drinks are also one of the best options when it comes to quenching your thirst.


When it comes to exploring a tropical and one of the most popular holiday destination, Maldives always tops the list. Not just the scenic beauties, top attractions, Maldives offer some outstanding activity options too that you can try. If you have already made up your mind to spend some great time in the Maldives in the luxury bungalows overseeing the turquoise water, then you must also find out some of the infamous activities which both the tourists as well as the locals enjoy here. Apart from basking in the sun, cocktail-sipping, and watching the beautiful sun going down, you can take part in other interesting activities. From snorkeling to kayaking, you can do almost everything. Nestled far away from the city life hassles, the country nurtures a thriving culture along with some enthralling watersport activities. You Rest assured, the activities are interesting enough to please every traveler. Besides, if you are a sucker for hardcore adventure, then you can always try paragliding or simply go on surfing amidst the crashing waves. No matter what you are doing, you will always find something interesting to do here. The memories that you will take away from the country will remain priceless for you. Let us check out some of the activities that you must try in the Maldives.

  • Enjoy the spectacular view of the Glowing Beach (Raa Atoll) - Located in Mudhoo Island, it is one of the most popular and visited tourist destinations. If you are still not sure about the reason behind its popularity, the breathtaking fluorescent waves are one of the primary reasons behind the popularity of Glowing Beach. This natural phenomenon takes place due to the presence of marine microbes known as the phytoplankton in the water. The phytoplankton is bioluminescent and once the sun goes down, these microscopic planktons emit vibrant blue light, thus creating an ethereal effect. Due to this reason, after the sun goes down, you will notice that the waves look brighter. The best time to visit is from June to October since the sea remains warmer.
  • Explore the marine life by scuba diving (Maafushi) - If you are a sucker for watersports, then make sure to explore the marine life underneath. Scuba Diving is compulsory if you are planning for a vacation in the Maldives. Besides, travel enthusiasts consider the Maldives as a spectacular destination for scuba diving. Once you dive deep inside the water, the clear blue water will allow you to view some rare species such as white sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, and much more. However, if you are not a pro, then you can always opt for a few scuba diving sessions to learn.
  • Have fun with underwater snorkeling at the Hanifaru Bay - In case you are scared of deep water diving, then you can always go for snorkeling. Just like scuba diving, snorkeling is equally interesting and you will be able to see sea turtles, reef sharks, as well as fish flocks. Near some of the feeding stations, you will be able to spot sea turtles eating lunch and tropical fishes swimming with the tides. Even if you are not an expert in swimming, the professionals will help you so that you can enjoy the snorkeling session.
  • Go for Island Hopping Tour - Since the Maldives is a collection of thousands of small and big islands, you can always go for an island hopping tour and explore them. The diverse culture of Maldives is unique and you will be able to know about the diverse culture. Almost twenty ring-shaped atolls are there consisting of 1192 coral islands. The interesting fact about the islands is every island comes with outstanding scenic beauty, marine life as well as rituals. If you want to find out more about the islands, you can opt for boats, seaplanes, yachts, and ferry service to reach. Your journey will begin from the Male Island located in the Southern area of the North Male Atoll. The mesmerizing beauty and the eye-soothing view is something impossible to describe in words. If you love indulging in appreciating the beauty of nature, then the Maldives will no doubt make your dreams come true.
  • Enjoy the stunning beach parties in LUX South Ari Atoll - Trip to the Maldives is incomplete without joining some great time at the beach parties. They offer a pleasant and fun experience. Imagine dancing near the beach shore under the starlit sky. Either you can join the parties alone or you can even bring your friends to double the fun. Tapping to the tunes of some of the popular songs will no doubt help you to let go of stress. Most party animals love indulging in the beach parties of Maldives. Apart from the songs, you will also get the opportunity to taste some delicious food from the beach shacks.
  • Spend a few days in the Water Bungalows - Water bungalows are a common scenario throughout the country. Not to mention, the view from the water bungalows is undoubtedly unique and the view will surely mesmerize you. The picturesque surroundings and waking up to the enthralling view will no doubt uplift your mood for sure. The splendid view of the sunrise, while you are seeping coffee, watching the turquoise blue water and sea turtles, is something that will no doubt make you feel happy. Apart from that, you will be able to view the stunning sunset from the bungalow in which you are staying.
  • Visit the Uninhabited Islands - Going on boat trips is no doubt interesting and you will come across many uninhabited islands in the country. Most uninhabited islands have luxurious resorts where you can plan for a luxurious picnic. If you want, you can even explore the place. Overall, the island will no doubt give you the perfect escape from your daily routine. Your trip to the Maldives will remain incomplete if you do not visit the uninhabited islands. Besides, here you will get the opportunity to rejoice amidst the calm surroundings and have a good time with your friends and family.


Good accommodation is one of the biggest priorities when it comes to planning for holidays. Without comfortable and good accommodation, it is impossible to have a great time. Whether you are planning for a short trip to get away from daily stress or an enjoyable vacation with your friends, it is necessary to have a great accommodation option. You will get multiple accommodation options, where you will not only get some outstanding amenities option but also a comfortable stay too. From hotels, hostels, guesthouses to apartments, you will get everything here. However, as per your choices, you will always get everything you need. If you are planning for a romantic getaway, then make sure that you are booking beachfront resorts, where you can have a great time with your partner as well as your friends. Alternatively, you can opt for normal hotels if you are planning the trip with your friends. Also, if you have a budget crunch, then choosing hostels and guesthouses is the best option. As the Maldives faces a massive tourist influx every year, you will get uncountable options to choose from. Travel enthusiasts, as well as tourists from around the world, come here to indulge in the breathtaking beauty of the tropical Maldives. Besides, the blue turquoise water, the country also features some unique and popular tourist attraction places. Although the hotel rates are quite high throughout the country, it is worth it since you will get outstanding amenities to make your holiday comfortable and memorable. Hostels and guesthouses are equally comfortable and good option to stay in the Maldives. You might not get every facility like the hotels or the resorts, but you can meet fellow travelers who know everything about the country. With them, you will be able to know everything about the country, which is no doubt exciting. Similarly, if you are interested in knowing about the locals, their culture as well as the traditions they follow, then it is always the best idea to choose apartments. The Maldives is infamous for having extremely warm-hearted people who love welcoming guests and tourists from around the world. They are quite friendly and if you request them; you can get the chance to stay with them. However, the only thing that you have to keep in mind is their rules. Alternatively. If you want freedom, then it is best to book apartments online. Airbnb is one of the best places where you can find some of the best-rated apartments offering exclusive benefits. On top of that, if you have coupons, you will get additional discounts too. Booking apartments online will give you the advantage of clean and verified rooms and you do not have to worry much about any additional or hidden costs.

Green Hotels

Green hotels have turned out to be revolutionary steps and the demand for this is increasing every day since people these days are gradually becoming concerned about the environment. Apart from that, the tourist destinations are the place that faces the highest pollution and environmental threats. Therefore, it is compulsory to keep pollution levels under control. Green hotels are quite different from the normal ones in almost every possible way. From the amenities to the design and working of the hotel, these are unique and sustainable in every manner. Green hotels are different since it supplies electricity through solar panels and they have their greywater treatment plants. These are useful since it helps in saving water in every possible way. Another one of the most important factors, which the green hotels always take care of, is the energy consumption levels. They come with in-house renewable energy resources. Alternatively, the green hotels even purchase energy from other sources too when needed. Apart from that, the room occupancy helps in controlling the power consumption levels, which is no doubt necessary to save energy. For saving the heating cost, green hotels maintain standard room thermostat temperature. This process helps a great deal in saving thousands of kilowatts. Next, the waste management process is unique. You might be aware of the fact that tourist destinations are the ones that face the biggest issues with waste management and disposal. Poor waste disposal method affects the water as well as land. Due to this reason, green hotels use biodegradable bed linens as well as towels so that they can be thrown away after use. Green hotels have efficiently worked upon the reduction of waste by generating electricity from the wastes. Hotels every day face food waste, which is yet another biggest concern and due to this reason, green hotels in the Maldives tied up with the local organizations. These organizations help in providing to those communities who are deprived of healthy food and better living. The biggest advantage of staying in the green hotels is they are not as pricey as the normal hotels but the amenities are good. If you want to stay away from the hustle and the bustle of the cities, then green hotels are the best options since they are located away from the main cities.

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you are not ready to spend huge on hotels and resorts, then it is always the best idea to book hostels or guesthouses. Also, in case you are traveling in a group with your friends, then hostels can be the best option because staying in hotels can turn out to be pricey. When traveling to the Maldives, it is better not to spend huge on the hotels since you will get multiple adventure and water sporting activities that make the country famous. Besides, the hotels and luxury resorts will always add up extra costs on the hotel fare when including the special amenities. Due to this reason, most travel enthusiasts choose hostels and guesthouses over hotels. At times, many hotels do not offer fancy amenities; however, it should not matter much since the plethora of activities that you will get in the Maldives are undoubtedly exciting and interesting. Besides, you will meet many fellow travelers in the hostels and guesthouses, which is undoubtedly useful. Local travelers or travel enthusiasts know every small detail regarding the country. Next, comes the amenities, you will get many facilities, from free WiFi to a separate bathroom and free parking. Hostels in the Maldives are infamous for offering exclusive breakfast buffet options the plethora of choices that you will get from the menu is unbelievable. Besides, the hostels and guesthouses are located in the heart of the city, which makes them yet another one of the compulsive reasons to opt for the hostels or guesthouses. As already mentioned, the pollution levels in the country are quite low and apart from the green hotels, the hostels and guesthouses have contributed to following the sustainable steps of maintaining environment-friendly steps.


Local culture in the Maldives is undoubtedly unique and the blend of different traditions inspired by other countries makes it unique and special. Hence, if you want to more about the local cultures in the Maldives, then you can always opt for staying in the apartments. Besides, the locals here are quite friendly; thus, you can understand that they will let you stay with them. They will help you in finding out all the secrets and the history of the Maldivian culture, their local customs, the foods they eat, and their festivals. Hence, you can always stay with them; however, make sure that you are showing your valid certificates and identity proofs. Otherwise, they will not let you stay with them. If you are not comfortable staying with the locals, then it is always a good idea to opt for booking the apartments online. It is undoubtedly one of the best and hassle-free options in case you do not want to spend huge on the hotels. If you want to book apartments online, then you can take the help of Airbnb. From here, you can book verified and clean rooms, without paying any extra charges. Also, in case you are traveling with your friends, then nothing can be better than booking apartments. They work just like the normal hotels and you will get exclusive amenities too without paying any extra amounts for the amenities.


Exploring any new place with the travel communities is no doubt useful, especially if you are a travel enthusiast since it will help you to know more about any new place without any hassle. Couchsurfing is one of the most trending concepts these days and every modern country is gradually adapting to it due to the uncountable benefits it provides. Couchsurfing is quite different from normal traveling and if you want to get the best traveling experience, then nothing can be better than registering with the Couchsurfing communities. However, the only thing that you have to keep in mind is that your memories and experiences are completely dependent on the host as well as the surfer. Most travel enthusiasts who are new to this world always opt for the Couchsurfing communities. All you have to do is send requests to the traveling communities and once they accept your request, you can join them once you reach the Maldives. Before sending the request to such communities, make sure that you are finding out the reviews as well as the years of experience in this field. Overall, the Couchsurfing communities are one of the best options if you are traveling to the Maldives for the first time. These communities have knowledgeable people who are efficient enough in letting you know about every nooks and corner of the country. Also, you will not face issues with traveling alone since it is no doubt painful.


One of the best things for all adventure seekers is camping and if you are someone who loves indulging in various enthralling activities on vacation, then nothing can be better than going camping. Since the Maldives features picturesque lands and islands, it is one of the best ideas, to go on camping. If you are traveling with your friends, then make sure that you are arranging for camping. To know more about the camping facilities, it is better if you inquire about it while booking hotels. Besides, your travel and vacation memories must be enthralling. For this, nothing can be better than camping. After all, who does not love waking up to the beautiful scenery and turquoise blue water? Moreover, who knows, you can even get an opportunity to join the beach parties. If you want to spice things up, then make sure that you are including camping in your vacation list. You will come across multiple camping venues and islands in the country that is perfect to spend two to three days amidst nature. Make sure to find out that the hotel that you are booking provides camping facilities or not. Alternatively, you can look for camping spots throughout the cities of Maldives so that you can enjoy a great time camping with your friends and family.


The Maldives are formed of 26 atolls, or atholhu in Dhivehi — the source of the English word. These are not single islands, but giant ringlike coral formations hundreds of kilometres wide that have fragmented into countless islands.


  • Male — the capital and largest city
  • Seenu — second-largest city and short-lived home of the Suvadive secessionist movement

Getting There and Moving Around

If you have already made up your mind to visit the Maldives, then make sure that you are researching everything about reaching the destination. Visiting a new place can be quite confusing, especially if you know nothing about it. From the transportation modes available to the in-detail about different cities, you must know everything. It will help you to explore every corner of the country properly. The Maldives is filled with innumerable tourist attractions and spots, and if you research the place in-detail, then it will be easy for you to explore the cities. Coming to the modes of transportation available, from flights to buses, you will get everything that will make your holiday easy and fun. Make sure that you are carrying all the important documents while you are going on vacation.


The flight route is one of the best ways by which you can reach the Maldives. Male International Airport is the main airport. Flights from almost every country come here. Apart from that, flights from Dubai, Europe, and China come here. Besides, compared to other countries, the visa policy of Maldives is quite lenient since it offers thirty days free visa to everyone. However, you have to provide valid proof of sufficient funds as well as travel documents.

Male International Airport


The bus route is yet another one of the popular options when it comes to traveling to the Maldives. However, the only thing that you have to keep in mind is, a bus route is only a good option if you are traveling from one city to another. Buses are quite cheap compared to flights and this is something that makes it easy to travel by bus, interstate.


The rail route is not quite popular in the country since mostly the tourists from other countries come here through the air route. Besides, as the visa policy is lenient, people mostly opt for the flight route. When traveling from one city to another, locals, as well as tourists, opt for buses or cabs.


The trend of hitchhiking is quite popular throughout the world gradually those countries who are lagging with the concept of hitchhiking are gradually becoming accustomed to the trend. Make sure to find out all the popular hitchhiking sports throughout the country, so that you can ask someone to give you a lift. As already mentioned, the locals are quite friendly and if you ask for a lift, they will always pick you up. However, the only thing that you have to be careful about is regarding your luggage since you will be traveling alone.


Apart from the train route or the flights, you will come across other options too for exploring nooks and corners of the country. By now, you have understood that there are innumerable places where you can enjoy and have a great time with your friends or family. If you want to avoid buses or cabs, then walking is no doubt one of the best options. Alternatively, you can always opt for bicycles since it is one of the eco-friendly options for traveling. You will come across many stalls throughout the cities of the Maldives that offer bicycles on rent. However, if you want to go shopping or explore tourist attractions, then nothing can be better than opting for the e-cabs. To keep the pollution levels under control, the government authorities have come up with the idea of electronic vehicles. Besides, the locals in the city are quite concerned about preserving the natural habitat of the country.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is no doubt one of the best ideas when it comes to responsible-traveling. You might be aware of the fact that the Maldives is infamous for traditional clothing items, local food items, and souvenirs. You can take all these things to your home. The unique factor about these items is, with sustainable shopping you will get clothes and other items made out of organic fabric and other eco-friendly items. Thousands of shops, as well as outlets, are spread throughout the country that sells such sustainable shopping items. Instead of taking normal fancy items, you can take them to support responsible- traveling.


As already, mentioned, the pollution levels in the country are quite low and the only reason behind this is due to the importance of recycling. Maldivians are quite responsible for the environment and believe in recycling the used materials. They have found out different ways of utilizing recycled materials. Apart from that, various hotels have also started believing in the importance of recycling. As a responsible traveler, you must also support recycling.


Since the influx of tourists is quite high in the Maldives, quite naturally the waste generation is high too. However, with effective waste management programs, it has become easy to control the amount of waste generated. In most cases, the wastes are effectively used for recycling and reusing mostly as fuels, which in turn helps in lowering fuel costs.

Work and Study Abroad

Apart from being one of the most influential tourist destinations, Maldives features some of the top-notch educational institutions as well as reputed MNCs where thousands of eligible candidates come for job opportunities. Alternatively, many students from around the world come here to take admission in the colleges to continue with their further studies.

Exchange Student

From top-rated colleges to prestigious universities, you will get everything here. Hence, students who are looking forward to focusing on their further studies come here to take admission. Besides, the faculty here is quite professional and knowledgeable. They help every student who finds out every opportunity to learn new things. Apart from that, scholar students even get the benefit of scholarship.

Au Pair

Women these days believe in working to earn their living, especially the ones who are single parents. Due to this reason, the demand for the Aur Pair service has increased where services are offered to parents having small kids. Most women in the Maldives opt for the Au Pair service to look after their kids when they are out for work.


The Maldives proudly features rich marine life as well as other tourist attraction spots. Due to this reason, many non-profit organizations, as well as NGOs, are there who help in preserving the natural habitat of the marine species. Besides, they also help in lowering the pollution levels by encouraging various sustainable and eco-friendly programs.

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