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Eco-friendly travel guide to Omsk advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Omsk, Russia.

Omsk River Station on the Irtysh

  • Air quality: 2.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5/ 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$15 - $60
  • Budget per day: US$80- $150

Responsible Travel

Omsk is a city in Russia; it has a population of more than 1million. Located to the east of the Ural Mountains, it is the third-largest city in Russia. Omsk consists of a railway, transport mode places, and it has a river. The city has a lot of fascinating history, and it holds memories for older adults. A lot of history happened in that place, and it has mountains, churches, mosques, and a military academy. When traveling in that city, make sure that you promote eco-friendly tourism.

Ways to travel responsibly

  • Research the place you are going to: Make sure that you are going to a place you have researched about, and you also know what to expect in terms of the weather, culture, and the stats in that specific place. You have to understand how everything works in the place you are planning to visit.
  • Decide on the accommodation: That is the first thing you have to decide on. Research hotels according to your pocket (budget). You can't stay in an expensive place that you won't afford at the end of the day.
  • It is better always to carry a map to guide you about your whereabouts. It's pronounced to get lost in a place you don't know, so be careful. You also have to make sure that you know the criminal rate of the place you are going to.
  • Try interacting with people that will help you learn more about their culture and how things are done. Make memories with the people you meet and be kind.
  • Try out different restaurants and make sure that you order something you don't know. Ordering something you don't know is part of exploring and knowing about the food eaten in that country. Imagine eating something you always eat at home!! That can't happen because you are traveling to get to know different cultures. So it's still a good idea to try out different kinds of food.
  • Make an effort to blend in with what is worn in that country. If women always wear dresses, you can also wear dresses as a woman. This also goes for men; make sure you also wear what men wear.
  • It is always best to use public transportation. That is where you meet a lot of people who are willing to talk. Public transport gives you a chance to look out the window and see the houses and lovely places you pass.
  • When meeting up with people, don't expect them only to share their stories. Make sure you also tell them about where you come from and what is done in your culture. That will keep the people around you excited to sit around with you and listen to your stories.
  • Try avoiding packed things or takeaway. It's a good idea to eat on the spot. Most people who take takeaways end up throwing the plastics or packages on the street. Eating on the spot will promote being clean.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air pollution is very high. The pollution is ranking at about 87.50 out of 100. That is very high! You have to make sure you choose a place in the city with less air pollution. Avoid burning smelling products or plastics. Burning things can also contribute to air pollution. The air quality is not that bad. It is ranking at 12.50 out of a hundred, and you have to make you that you also contribute to keeping the air quality at that level as a tourist. If you stay in an environment with high air pollution, it's always best to keep the place you visit in good condition. Make sure you keep your place clean at all times.You will have to also invest in a lot of air purifiers. Make sure the dirty air outside doesn't make its way to your place. If you stay in an environment with low air pollution, it can be a good idea to open the windows in your home for fresh air. I mean, you cannot stay locked in breathing in the same air you breathe out.

Respect the Culture

Omsk is all about museums and theatre fun. The city is all about creativity and art. It's always good to respect the culture of the place you are going to. Respecting other people's culture shows that you also respect yours. Criticizing other people's cultures will make people angry at you. It will also leave bad names for the tourists. So make sure that you have fun and learn about different cultures with an open mind. If you are a terrible reactor, it's good to always read about the cultures and beliefs of a country you are visiting. It won't be shocking when people are talking about their way of doing things when you already have an idea of what happens. The best way to learn more about the culture before leaving is going to your Google, listening to podcasts, radios, books, and anyway you prefer using.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Marvel at Assumption Cathedral: It was built using a good designer, and it has a gold-tinted design. It was designed by an Italian and constructed between 1475 and1479. It is a church, and it has been beautiful for years. The place always got reviews from tourists that it looks new. Visiting the Assumption Cathedral requires you to purchase a ticket for entry. The church has an outstanding architecture. It has very colorful and the most admirable landmarks in Omsk.
  • Monument to the Plumber Stepanych: The monument is located on Lyubinsky Avenue. The monument brings peace and love to the place because people who visit there have to hug each other. It is believed that if they hug each other, they won't have any problems in their houses when it comes to plumbing. You will find a plumber with a crossed hand gazing. Tourists love it because they always stopped by to look at Stephan.
  • Statue Lyuba: Next to the statue is an iron bench where most people take pictures. The statue was constructed in 1994, and it was named after the young wife of General Governor of Omsk. She contracted tuberculosis and died after 17 years. When Lyuba was sick, she used to go out and sit on a bench and enjoy the burning sun. The habit was the inspiration for this statue.
  • The 30 Anniversary of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League Park: People visit that place because they always host the city's main Christmas tree. It is always celebrated on the 25 of December. People still go there to meet new people or to see the Christmas tree. It's an excellent and right place to meet new happy people.
  • Sovetskiy Park of Culture and Leisure: The park is for recreational activities. It is a place for children to play around. It also has hiking alleys and other recreational facilities available for visitors.
  • Nature Park Ptichya Gavan: As the name of the place suggests, this is a place of nature. It has gardens, ponds, and big trees. The park is suitable for someone who loves nature and someone who wants to be one with nature. It also has a good background for those who want to take pictures. It has a beautiful sight of the garden and a lovely pond.
  • Omsk District Museum of Arts and Culture: Omsk District Museum is an exciting place for those who are interested in history. It is beautiful and even more appealing at night because of the lights. The museum has colorful lights at night. It could be a fun way of getting to know the history of the country and city.
  • Military Resurrection Cathedral: This is a brick temple in Omsk and the first stone building in Omsk. This is a place of Christianity. It's a church that was built in the honor and memory of Jesus Christ. It's a dedication to Christ's resurrection. It's a praying place for Christians, those in the Christianity religion.
  • Akvario: This is a water park. It's made for those who love swimming. It's a place where children and parents have fun. The site has different water activities. It is a huge place for adventure and fun for water lovers. It has a spa and night lights. It's a good place for family and friends. Individuals can also have fun and meet new people.
  • Omsk fortress, historical and cultural: This place has remains of an 18th century fortress, with modern buildings hosting a range of cultural programs. This is a place for bikers and nature fanatics. It is a huge place with buildings around. An excellent place to see and admire; a place to take pictures in. it can also be suitable for those who love sketching flowers because there is a beautiful floral garden.
Omsk Fortress


OMSK is one of the rich cultural cities of Siberia. It is known to hold a rich legacy and cultural importance among the locals and the aura of city is worth exploring. OMSK is home to large number of libraries, museums, drama theatres, theatre institutes, etc.

City Parks

  • Skver Druzhby Narodov: This is a place of entertainment. There is a place for children to perform. This is a place to run around in with children. It's also a good place for picnics and family gatherings.
  • Green Island park of Culture and Recreation: This is a big park with restaurants nearby. It has hotels around, and it is for people who stay in the hotels. Anyone can go to the park, but mostly people from the hotel go there since the park is nearby.

National Parks

  • Sochi National Park: This is a huge park; it consists of 50 rivers, mountains, streams, and caves. This is a very popular park in Russia. It's a prominent place that I don't think you can walk around it all and know each corner in one day.
  • National Park Beringia: This Park was founded in 2013. This park has a history of presidents. It was also used by ancient people to migrate from Asia to America.
  • National Park Kislovodskiy: This is the oldest protected nature areas in Russia. There are exciting places, architectural and Natural Attractions in the park. It has sandstones, a mirror pond, and the Narzan Gallery. The park begins with a building which is the oldest building in the city.
Sochi National Park


  • Pervomaiskiy Beach: This is a beach that gets lots of visitors. It has a lot of visitors and hotels. It has a history of art and museums.
  • Central beach: This is a beach with a lot of people. It is always posted on social media by people sharing the fun they had.
  • Irtysh beach: The Irtysh is 2640 miles long. It is a well known beach in Russia. It is a beautiful river beach in Russia.


  • Monument to the Plumber Stepanych: This was created by sculptors S.N. Noryshev and I. A Vakhitov. It was built in 1998 on the celebration of the city anniversary. The statue is about a plumber emerging from a sewer manhole with a wrench in hand. It has made the city rejoice and attracted tourists.
  • Fire Observation Tower: This is a beautiful Old Russian architecture because the bricks are still intact and fresh. The tower was used as a watch tower for fires in the city until later in 1940.
  • Arena Omsk: An Austrian company designed the Arena. The Arena always hosts events, and it always has visitors. The infamous Roman Abramovich owned Arrena initially. He decided to donate it to Avangard Omsk in 2002.
  • Love Statue: The monument is located on the South embankment of the Om River. The sculpture shows two people sitting together, drinking whatever they are drinking. They are sitting opposite each other, having a conversation.
  • Tara Gates: The Tara gate is one of the four main gates of Omsk fortress. The entrance is of cream color with white borders. The gate was originally built in 1772.
  • Statue of Dostoevsky: This moment was revealed in 1997 as a part of Russia's 850th anniversary celebrations. The statue is outside Russia's state library. The statue is of one of Russia's famous authors Fyodor Dostoevsky. It shows the author sitting and relaxing in his deeps thoughts. His left hand is on the bench, and the other right hand is on his lap. A lot of writers looked up to him.
Arena Omsk


  • Museum Complex of Military Glory: This museum offers exhibits on military history, artifacts, and equipment, plus displayed tanks. The museum has a history of military force. They have old valuable equipment.
  • Omskii gosudarstvennyi istoriko kraevedcheskii Museum: This museum has a history of animals and fossils. It exhibits the military history and dress and kid's programs. It is good for kids and those interested in the history of animal fossil fuels. It contains specimens of old animals found in the sedimentary rocks and some found during research. It also helps children interested in art to gain knowledge through programs.
  • Omsk Museum of Education: This is a museum for the sculptor. This is for people interested in sculptor workshops. They also offer teachings about how to make a sculptor yourself. They offer courses, and they make sure everyone leaves with confidence and understanding of how to make a sculpture.
  • Kondrativ Belov Museum: This museum is a well known classic in this field of landscape painting. This museum contains the history of Omsk and paintings of school and everything you can imagine. It has one of the popular books on its book shelves.


Russians are known for cooking baked food. Most food is prepared in a baking way. The national dish from Russia is Pelmeni. A pelmeni is a pastry dumpling that is usually filled with mince meat, and it is also wrapped in thin pasta like dough. This dish can be eaten without sauce or soup, but some prefer to top it with sour cream or butter.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Omsk has a lot of restaurants because of the visitors that come to visit. Omsk has a lot of visitors because of its attractions, museums, rivers, parks, and creativity. So the restaurants opened in Omsk are a lot. The three well known restaurants in Omsk are:

  • Senkevich
  • Kochegarka
  • Lugovskaya Slobada
The main dishes you should try in Russia are;
  • Blini: These are pancakes made with yeast and dough. This dish includes a mixture of meat and diced vegetables.
  • Borscht: This is soup, and it is Ukrainian in origin. It is loved more in Russia, and it is considered to be one of the delicious meals in Russia.
  • Pirozhki: These are soft, stuffed delicious buns. They are often made with cheese and few herbs, which is considered for extra flavor.

Vegetarian and Vegan

The most well known restaurant is Omsk is Govinda. The restaurant is known for serving the best quality vegetarian and vegan food in Omsk. Omsk is famous for serving food baked or fully cooked, but there are still vegetarians there like any city.

The three best vegan and vegetarian restaurants are;

  • Pitstsot
  • Place of Dough
  • Mesto Pro Testo

Street Food

Every city or country has street food or well-known food that is eaten in the streets. The well known famous street for the people of Omsk is a Shawarma. People like it because of how it is made and the contents of the meal. The other six best loved foods in Omsk are;

  • Boiled Corn
  • Baked Potato
  • Blini
  • Doughnuts
  • Chicken Kiev
  • Veraniki


The most consumed drink in Russia is Vodka. Russians find the drink the best when going out to have fun or on family occasions. Wine is also considered the best Russian drinks. Russians enjoy and consuming alcohol can also be an excellent way to enjoy outings with family and friends. The six best Russian drinks are;

  • Kvas
  • Chernigivske beer
  • Kortytsa Vodka
  • Black Tea
  • Ryazhenka
  • Somogon
  • Borjomi Water

According to research done through surveys and the order percentages in restaurants, apple juice is considered the best drink in Omsk. The best nine drinks in Omsk are;

  • Kompot
  • Mors
  • Sbiten
  • Medovukha
  • Vzvar
  • Tea
  • Kissel
  • Kefir
  • Ryazhenka


Tap water in Russia is safe to drink. It has good water quality and mineral content. The water is regularly tested throughout the country, and the tests always prove that the water is in a clean condition. All the water is purified via several filters. Some people in Omsk tend to boil the water before drinking.

Organic Cafés

There is a chain of small cafes in Omsk. Since there are a lot of visitors, there are a lot of cafes in Omsk city. In cafes, they use natural ingredients with no additives. The best six cafes in Omsk are;

  • Gorod-Sad
  • LavkaLavka
  • Latuk
  • Village kitchen
  • Receptor
  • Voronezh


Nightlife and drink culture in OMSK is not tht grand still the locals enjoy the decent, light hearted atmosphere in the city. Russian Vodka remains one of the favorite drinks among the locals and tourists alike. Few breweries in OMSK are:

  • SUN InBev
  • Baltika
  • Goldenburg


Omsk is a place for visitors, so there are a lot of things one can do in a day. Activities keep you from getting bored, and they make you learn more about the culture. They make you interact with people and get to know others better.

Activities to do are;

  • Going to museums
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Concert halls
  • Theatres
  • Picnic
  • Eat out
  • Go for movies
  • Try doing traditional activities
  • Try different dishes

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is a world known activity that keeps you sane. It helps mostly with the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga reduces stress levels and improves a healthy body. There are a lot of yoga teachers in Omsk. You can practice yoga in lakes, near fountains and near mountains. You can also join classes in Omsk like;

  • Yoga Hall
  • Ishvara
  • Arena Omsk
  • Omskaya Akademiya Mvd Rossli


Getting accommodation is the first thing to do when traveling. Traveling is fun, but how can you travel and not have a place to sleep in. OMSK offers decent amount of hotels, hostels, apartments and houses for the stay of tourists and other non-residents of the city at affordable prices.

Green Hotels

Staying at the hotels offer large numbe rof amenities and benefits like pool, spa, free parking, access to sports, etc. Green hotels also offer organic food, and they are delicious because they are cost-effective. These are the following Green Hotels ideal for stay in OMSK.

  • Ibis Sibir OmiskNika
  • Family Hotel Brick Walls

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are suitable for those who cannot afford to stay in hotels. Hostels are also suitable for those who are planning on staying in a place for a long time. Hostels don't provide you with room service or laundry washing. You have to do it all yourself. The hostels in Omsk are;

  • Hostel Red Apple
  • Ok
  • Hostel on Kemerovskaya
  • Transsib-Otel

Guesthouses are good because they provide you with internet access (WIFI). They are a little bit more expensive than those listed first. You will have to pay for some guesthouses every day, which will be a little bit more expensive. Some guesthouses only provide you will breakfast, but you will have to eat out during the day. These are one of the best guest houses;

  • Kvartira klassika Na Prospekte Kul'tury
  • Hotel Mirazh
  • Guest House A-suite
  • Zhukov Inn
  • Polet Hotel


Apartments are the best for those who want to stay in a place for a long time. Apartments are better because you pay only once a month. Apartments require you to bring your furniture while in some you pay for furniture. These are the best apartments in Omsk;

  • Central Apartments
  • Siberia Apartments
  • Omtuski
  • Uyut
  • Apartments Transsibirskaya


Couch surfing is for those who don't want to spend money at all. Couch surfing is all about spending nights in other people's homes. In most people's homes, you sleep on the couch, while some families might manage to provide you with a separate room. Couchsurfing is best for those who are more interactive and willing to adjust and respect.


Omsk is the best place for camping. Omsk is good because it has parks, forests, beaches, and isolated lands. Omsk has a lot of places to camp in. You can enjoy the bonfire and trekking with your friends and other fellow tourists. The best camping places in Omsk are;

  • Camping Saint
  • Auto Camping
  • Parking Places
  • NordCamping Petrozavodsk
  • Camping Frigate
  • Valterra

How to Get There

Omsk has a useful and varied transport mode. You get around by buses, tram, trolley buses, and other private transport modes in Omsk. Many transport modes are available to reach Omsk.


It takes a long time to travel using other transport modes. Using the transport mode is the best for fast traveling. Air transport is considered a very luxurious way of traveling. The air mode is the safest, and it has a low percentage of accidents. Omsk Tsentralny Airport is the primary and busy airport in the city. The airport hosts about a million passengers every year and receives the flights from Moscow, Astana, Novosibirsk, Saint Petersburg, Simferopol, etc.

Omsk Tsentralny Airport


Traveling by bus is suitable for those traveling within the continents. It's good to see the place you are traveling to and to see the roads and streets. The buses link you with Russia on one side and Siberia on the other. The major road routes for buses to Omsk are Tymen to Omsk, Omsk to Cherlak till Kazakhstan border, and Chelyabinsk to Kurgaon and Novibirsk.

Bus in Omsk


If you are traveling within the cities and provinces in Russia, taking a train is the most cost effective way to travel around to Omsk. In trains, you get to interact with people and talk about your cultural differences. Traveling by train also gives you a lot of time to spend with other people since the train takes a long time to get to any destination. Trans Siberian Railway is a major railway network in Omsk. It connects with Moscow via 40-hour route trains and Russian Far-east.


Hitchhiking is traveling by getting lifts from other people. There is a specific sign you show representing hiking. Hitchhiking serves as an index of the hospitality of people around Omsk. It all depends upon your first impression and the attitude of the person driving a vehicle. On your way, you could make good friends, learn more about the culture, and enjoy the company. Although it can be considered an affordable and reliable option for traveling, there are still general concerns regarding your safety and comfort.


Other modes of transport involve the use of boats, electronic vehicles, taxis, trams, etc. Taxis can be a good option since it is a more comfortable and private mode of transportation. Other than that, traveling by taxi can prove to be pocket draining. Water transport serves as an adventurous and expensive mode of travel.

Moving Around

Omsk is a city that is based on creative arts. It has a lot of ways to be traveled around. The city is big and so does the variety of transport modes. Being a popular place among tourists, Omsk has a very well-developed transportation system.


Walking is regarded as the best way to look around the place. It can be good because when you see something interesting, you can go closer and observe. You get a chance to take pictures and touch the material. You can also get some time to use the maps and see the streets and attractions. Walking is also a way of gyming and talking to people while doing that.


Traveling by bicycle is best for those who are engaged in sports or gyming. It's the right way of traveling and going sightseeing. This is a way to promote eco-friendly traveling and fitness. It is also a cheap way to go around. Bicycles are also a fast way of traveling and with the advantage of stopping when you see anything appealing.

Electronic Vehicles

These are used for people who want to travel around the city. They are used for those who want to know different places in a city or Province. They are also good ways of traveling because there is a tour guide telling you about the place.

Public Bus

Buses usually go around from city to city. Buses limit your ways of getting closer to whatever attraction you want to see. Buses also open opportunities to see more than a town. It opens opportunities for you to know a lot of places in one day. The buses in Omsk operate from 6:00 Am to 11:00 Pm. The buses ferry you across the city and take you to several tourist spots. Usually a ticket for the bus costs around RUB22 and so on. The main buses in the town are N50, N60, N69.

Tram, Train and Subway

About 3.01 percent of transportation in Omsk accounts for Trams and subways. Trains are quite a popular mode of transportation among locals and tourists. This is mainly due to the cheap and affordable ticket rates.

Sustainable Shopping

It is the idea to support local business. Make sure you always buy anything in local businesses to increase the business chances of being well known. Make sure you always purchase strong quality clothes. When you spend, you make sure that you spend all your money on strong quality clothes and long lasting materials. The top rated shops in Omsk are;

  • Kofevarka
  • DNS
  • Avon

Food Markets

There are a lot of shops in Omsk, and they mostly sell their cultural food. Some sell food they eat, well-known food. Omsk does also have organic foods people can buy. If you are going to stay in Omsk for a long time, you can't eat out every day. That will be a way of wasting money. There are a lot of food markets where you can buy the food you want cheaply. The top rated food markets in Omsk are;

  • Kivi Market
  • Belorusskiye Produkty
  • Mini Market

Flea Markets

Shopping at the flea market is the cheapest and most fun thing to do. In flea markets, you meet people because most people use flea markets as a way of saving money when shopping. You get to interact with the vendors and local business owners. In malls, you buy whatever you see, whether expensive or not, and you don't get to negotiate prices with the owner. Flea markets can be a real deal when you want to meet new people. The top rated flea markets in Omsk are;

  • Udelnaya Flea Market
  • Nevsky Klady
  • Yunona
  • Senny Rynok

Second Hand Stores

Second hand stores are for middle-income people. They are for those who cannot afford expensive and luxurious products. It's a very ideal way to shop for cheap clothing. You can buy a lot of goods from second hand shops like Gadgets, Electronics, Clothing, and everything. The best second hand stores in Omsk are;

  • Second hand shop
  • Good Second hand
  • Lavsan
  • Garderop
  • Mega Khend
  • Commission Shop


Eco-fashion is the use of using recyclable fabrics. There are many Eco shops in Omsk. Recycled products can be used in many different ways, like bags, shoes, dresses, and anything you can imagine. It is also one of the best ways to promote eco-friendly traveling. It is also a way of motivating people to buy things that are not dangerous to the environment

  • Crop
  • Violeta by Mango
  • Reserved
  • Bestseller
  • Sinsay


Recycling in Omsk is used a lot because there are a lot of recycling centers there. Recycling is good for the environment because it promotes a clean environment. Omsk has some private and government recycling companies working for the waste management and plastic reduction via recycling. Recycling centers in Omsk are;

  • Lomservis Omsk
  • Lyuvo
  • Erion
  • Tri T


Waste management in Omsk is used but not regularly, but they do have waste centers. Omsk does produce a lot of waste per year just like any city, but the city makes sure it is recycled or dealt with.

  • Omsk Industry
  • RVO

Work and Study Abroad

Omsk promotes working and studying, and it has programs for those in Russia to study outside Russia and those who want to go to Russia. Studying in Omsk is the best because you get to experience a different culture and how things are done in other places. Working and studying is good because you get to study and get paid. You have to be able to do two things at once if you want to do something like this. It is an excellent opportunity for students who wish to get paid while studying. Omsk gives you creativity and a cultural feel when you study there. Universities in Omsk are;

  • Omsk State University
  • Omskaya Akademiya
  • Omsk State Medical Academy
  • Omsk State Technical University

Exchange Student

Omsk is a large known city in Russia, so it gets a lot of students from everywhere. Students are curious to see that city because it has a lot of activities and cultural differences. Omsk does have exchange student programs, and it has a vast number of exchange students. The programs in Omsk are;

  • Omsk State University
  • IFMSA Exchange Portal
  • UTA

Au Pair

Au pair is the best because you don't have to pay for accommodation, food and travel expenses. Instead of spending, you get paid to take care of students. It has the advantage of learning the language in Omsk and also getting to know how the households in Omsk function. You can apply to programs in Omsk, and they will accept you. It is an excellent way to travel around and to get paid on top of that. You get the knowledge of the culture differences ], food, and the practice of living. You get to experience everything for free and get paid. You don't just get paid to sit around, but it is more of a nanny job. You get to take care of children and stay with the family that hired you to do that job.


Volunteering is one of the other ways to get to travel. You don't go to that country for vacation, but you go to work as a volunteer. A volunteer is someone who doesn't get paid to work. You work because you want to gain experience and for some people volunteering is a way of donating. Volunteering has disadvantages because you don't get paid, and you will have to be someone who is financially strong to be a volunteer because you will have to have money for accommodation and food. Some programs do provide you with accommodation and travel fees, but you will have to see yourself for food. It's also good because you get to give a hand to those companies who need you and when doing that you learn about the country you are visiting.

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