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Eco-friendly travel guide to Saint Lucia advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Saint Lucia, Caribbean, North America.

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3 / 5
  • Train connections: 2 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 2 / 5
  • National parks: 3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 2 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 2 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $30
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $130

Responsible Travel

It is an island country present on the eastern side of the Caribbean Sea and is a sovereign island country in the West Indies. The last name of this island was Loyola. This country's total area is 617 square kilometers, with a total population of 181889, which was calculated in 2010. The capital of this country is Castries. The first group of Europeans who settled on this island were the French. This country had British rule, and England took control of this Island country between 1663 to 1667. After this, at the time of British power, it had undergone wars with France 14 times. It resulted in frequent changes in the rule of this country. The official language of this country is English, and the vernacular language is Saint Lucian Creole. The majority of the people living here are Christian, with a total of 90.4% being Christian. Other than this, 10.9% are mixed people, and 2.2% are Indian. This country got independence in 1967 as an associated state, and later in 1979, this country gained independence from the United Kingdom. The currency which is widely accepted here is the East Caribbean dollar. Education in this country is free for the age group between 5 to 15. You can get a wide variety of cuisines. These cuisines include European, West African, and Indian dishes lot, out of which European includes British and French. This country's primary sport is cricket, and this country has its cricket team known as Windward Islands Cricket Team. Daren Sammy, a famous West Indian cricket player, belongs to this country and is the first Saint Lucian to be a part of an international cricket team. There is a race called Atlantic Rally for Cruiser for those interested in water sports and sailing. This race begins from Canary Island and ends up at Saint Lucia. Tourism is essential for this country because there is competition in bananas; therefore, tourism generates a lot of revenue. The primary tourist months are January, February, March, and April. In these seasons, many tourists visit this island because of its beaches and sceneries. This country does not have any military force; however, a particular unit called the Special Service Unit is under Royal Saint Lucia Police; also, coastal guards operate under this force. This SSU is named in a state of crisis or emergency. This country signed the UN treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality of Saint Lucia is moderately unsafe for the people who live here and who visit this island. But the government and residents are taking some important steps to increase the quality of air. The government here is taking part in the online survey that will be used to capture specific air quality actions in preparation for the 'Actions on Air Quality' report. People are doing some necessary steps on their own level to reduce the pollution.

Respect the Culture

Carib culture still has a strong influence on the island's people, even though it is mixed with African cultures. English, French, and Dutch elements also blend with the others on the island, making Saint Lucia culture unique to those who visit. The visitors who visit Saint Lucia can experience this culture and learn about the various eras of the island's history. Explore ancient archaeological sites from Arawak times or walk along the Old Town of Vieux Fort to feel what it would be like living in Saint Lucia during the 17th and 18th centuries. The history of the island lives on through Saint Lucia's diverse culture.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Pigeon Island: Pigeon Island is full of historical landmarks and relics. Although now it is no longer quite an island since a dam connects it with the mainland. The first European settler of Pigeon in the 1550s was the French pirate Jambet de Bois "Wooden Leg ou." He is considered the island's discoverer - the story is told to guests in the local museum. The island's glorious past is reminiscent of the military barracks of the 18th century, a well-preserved fortress and fort, from the top of which a panoramic view of the ocean bay opens. It hosts the annual Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival. But most tourists come here for the fantastic beaches.
  • Bird Sanctuary millet: Saint Lucia is a fantastic birdwatching destination. More than 30 of their species can be found in the forest of the reserve. Five of the island's six endemic species live here, including the elusive St. Lucia parrot. A 3 km walk along the tourist route reveals a variety of landscapes. There are feeding stations on the hiking trails that attract birds.
  • Botanical Garden: The garden at Soufriere is full of flowering shrubs. Fruit trees and native Saint Lucia plants also grow here. The park is considered part of the Soufriere estate and was formerly owned by the Deveaux family, who grew limes, copra, and cocoa in the 18th century. There are walking alleys, a restaurant in an old mill house, mineral baths, and a waterfall on the territory.
  • Gros-Python and Petit-Python: The two volcanoes are the most famous attraction in Saint Lucia. The indigenous people of the island named these mountains after their gods. Gros-Piton is 738 m higher than its brother, but it is easier to climb it. Petit Python is almost inaccessible due to the sheer walls. The four-hour climb up the mountain along winding forest trails is difficult in the heat, but the ocean and island view from above is a worthy reward for the active traveler.
  • Bay of Marigot: Long beach with many picturesque coves and lagoons, white sand, coconut trees, and an abundance of tropical greenery. Films are most often shot in this bay. Some places around Marigot are accessible and crowded, while other bays are hidden from most and can only be reached by boat. Fantastic secluded lagoons are loved by newlyweds and couples in love for their romantic atmosphere.
  • Vieux Fort: The southernmost city of Saint Lucia, the second largest port and one of the island's largest commercial centers, Vieux Fort, is located in the same name's picturesque bay, which lies at the Cap Mule base Peninsula, which is far south. It is home to the country's second international airport, Evanorra, and is home to the largest fishing fleet in Saint Lucia. The city itself is a picturesque cluster of old wooden buildings and newer structures that lie on a flat coastal plain propped up on the north by mountain slopes.
  • Basilica of the Immaculate Conception: Derek Walcott Square overlooks Castries' main church, the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Its stone façade is quite simple, and inside there are faded but beautiful frescoes on the ceiling. The walls are decorated with brightly colored panels. Most St. Louis residents actively attend church on Sundays.
  • Soufriere: The former colonial capital of Saint Lucia is named after an active volcano nearby. The charming French Caribbean gingerbread houses and market square will delight architecture lovers. But the highlight of Soufriere is its proximity to the main natural attractions and beautiful botanical gardens. Founded in 1746, Soufriere is the oldest city on the island and its capital under French rule. Lying in a beautiful deep-water bay near the spurs of the extinct Petit Piton volcano, the town is so beautiful that it constantly serves as a place for filming various directions (Superman II, Water, and White Creek were filmed here). The brightly colored buildings contrast very picturesquely with the surrounding green slopes of ancient volcanoes and hills. Like other fishing villages on the west coast, Soufriere is built up with old houses with tiled roofs and obligatory balconies with wrought iron bars. It is quite possible to get around the city on foot in an hour and a half, and the abundance of narrow streets, literally sandwiched between the walls of houses.
  • Choiseul: South of Soufriere, the coastal highway runs through a hilly landscape, descending sharply towards the coast near the town of Choiseul. It is a quiet place halfway between Soufriere and Vieux Fort, by nature itself adapted for a relaxing holiday by the sea. A little south of the town lies in La Fargue with the Arts and Crafts Development Center, the best place on the south coast to buy local arts and crafts. One can find the Citreon Fort among the picturesque landscapes in the hills above the town with its only surviving weapon and numerous petroglyphs dating from about the 5th-13th centuries.
  • Castries: The capital of Saint Lucia and its main economic center, Castries, lies on the island's northwestern coast, on Port Castries Bay and the Vigi Peninsula. Almost a third of the island's total population lives here, almost 80% of the country's foreign trade passes through, and the largest enterprises and organizations are located. Each year, it is a quiet but modern town receiving 5 times more tourists than living in it, and its deep-water harbor is visited by several hundred cruise ships a year. The city center is also located around the harbor - its historical and commercial core. Founded by the French in the 18th century, the city was devastated by fires three times - in 1785, 1812, and 1948, so most historic buildings were unfortunately lost.
Pigeon Island National Park, main rock in northwest


The best place to start exploring Saint Lucia is in the capital city of Castries. Castries is a quiet, modern port city, welcoming guests, with its own history, Victorian architecture, and famous duty-free shops. Soufriere is the oldest town in Saint Lucia, located in a picturesque bay and next to the extinct Petit Python volcano. The city attracts tourists with its magnificent landscapes, interesting architecture, and the city market, where you can buy unique products made at local artisans' hands. The city of Dennery is essential to the prosperity of Saint Lucia. Here the curious wanderer can get a closer look at one of the oldest traditions – fishing in a canoe made of a single tree trunk. The town of Micoud plays an important historical role on the island and is also famous for religious carnivals: La Rose, held in August, and La Marguerite, held in October. The best option is to fly on the Minsk-Kastri route with two connections (for example, in Warsaw and New York) by JetBlue Airways and LOT Polish Airlines. The journey time will be about 15 hours (excluding connections), the cost of a round – trip ticket-from 2000 US dollars per person.

City Parks

  • Provost Park(Saint Lucia): It is the most authentic park in Saint Lucia. It has been designated as the site for the National Heros Park. Many people visit the authenticity of this park. You can also some quality time here away from the busyness of the city. Try to visit this park during your trip to Saint Lucia.
  • Bideau Park(Saint Lucai): The city park is few meters away from the Castries port. You can visit this park any time of the day, the best place to chill with your friends also. The park is in the center of the city; only the Vendors Arcade extends to the bank. It is also bordered by the streets Jeremie Street to the north and Laborie Street, and Peynier Street to the west and the east of the park. Amazing park for picnic also with family members.
  • Rudy John Beach Park(Saint Lucia): The park is the historic part of the city, which attracts hundreds of people every day. Every day people come here to see the beautiful natural scenery here. You can also visit this park to make yourself calm and peaceful. Many people here come for walking, jogging, and children also come here to play.

National Parks

  • Hiking Tet Paul(Saint Lucia): A winding rainforest in the python management area of ​​St. Lucia, a World Heritage Site, the Tet Paul Tropical Trail offers some of the most spectacular views in southern St. Lucia. On a clear day, tourists can see all the way to Martinique and Saint Vincent. The hike takes about 45 minutes and is rated easy to moderate. You can learn about medicinal plants and trees on gentle trails, taste exotic tropical fruits, and discover cassava production's traditional Indian art. The highlight is the "stairway to heaven," steps leading up to a panoramic 360-degree panoramic view of the surrounding countryside.
  • Hike the Enbas South Falls: Edmund-Rhine-Forest Nature Reserve

Accessible in Edmund, above Soufriere, the Enbas Sout Falls trail lies on the lush slopes of Mount Gimi, Saint Lucia's highest mountain. A landscaped trail winds through dense rainforest to a waterfall that has broken through volcanic rocks. The trail takes about two hours and 30 minutes and requires suitable hiking shoes. Get ready to work with the calves by climbing and descending many steep steps. Along the road, you may find birds such as the Saint Lucia parrot, Saint Lucia, Semper's turtle, and Saint Lucia Ren, and the park also features exotic plants such as blue mahogany and Honduran redwood. Most visitors turn to the trail on a four-wheeled safari along a rough and rocky road, giving one of the best Python vistas.

  • Diamond Botanical Gardens, Waterfalls, and Mineral Baths The Almaz Falls section of the Soufriere Hotel offers three popular attractions:

· Well-designed gardens · A beautiful waterfall covered with mineral deposits The garden has coconuts, cocoa, mahogany, and red cedar trees with tropical flowers and shrubs from all over the world. In the gardens are cedar trees with tropical flowers and shrubs from all over the world. The gardens host educational exhibitions of local fruits and vegetables such as christophines, hay, and dashing. For a small fee, you can also use the soothing outdoor pools or private baths. Another attraction of this historic estate is the old mill and waterwheel, where guests can enjoy Caribbean buffets.

Diamond Botanical Gardens


  • Reduit Beach: Reduit Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on Pigeon Island. The total length of the beach is about one kilometer. The beach has beautiful white sand; from the north side of the beach, there is a panoramic view of the island, and from the south side, you can see green coastal hills. The beach is very spacious, with great Rodney Bay views, calm waters, and good snorkeling conditions. On the beach, coast are pink coral reefs, from which you can go diving without any problems. Vacationers can enjoy various water activities, relax on the beach, admire beautiful views, sunbathe, and swim in the bay.
  • Anse Shastane beach(Saint Lucia): Anse Shastane beach is a lovely Caribbean beach located at the same name on Saint Lucia, near Soufriere. The beach is interesting because it consists of dark volcanic sand, which contrasts sharply with the clear blue sea waters and green nearby hills. Anse Shastane Beach has a restaurant, bar, scuba diving equipment rental. Although the beach belongs to a private hotel, it is open for public use. From Soufriere, it will take to reach 5-10 minutes by car or in 30 minutes on foot along the highway along the northern coast.
  • Vigi Beach (Saint Lucia): Vigi Beach is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the island nation of Saint Lucia. Vigi Beach is famous for its unique white sands, picturesque panorama, and proximity to the state's capital - the city of Castries. Vigi Beach's uniqueness also lies in its natural location near the bay, thanks to which there is always surprisingly calm and calm water without waves.
Reduit Beach


  • Vieux Fort: Vieux Fort is the second-largest city in the country and the southernmost city of Saint Lucia, the second largest port and largest commercial center. Vieux Fort is situated in a picturesque bay on the Cap Mule Peninsula. An interesting attraction of the city is the streets of the old quarters, which wind and merge throughout the small city, a noisy market that is open on weekends, and an equally noisy port, with a seaside promenade located next to it, where, one after another, small shops are crowded, bars, restaurants. Tourists here are also attracted by the tiny islet of Maria Island, where the rarest reptiles of the planet live - "Kuve" snakes, "zandolite" lizards, and the Natural center Museum is located here.
  • Mikud town: Miku is a city in Saint Lucia and is the administrative center of the same name's parish. Located in the southwestern part of the island and washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Climate: tropical trade wind and the average annual temperature is +24 degrees. You can taste seafood and fish dishes with various side dishes in restaurants and enjoy desserts made from exotic fruits in restaurants. You can stay in hotels or small bungalows. Any tourist who wishes can participate in local carnivals: in August - La Rose carnival, and in October La Marguerite carnival.
  • Maria Island Game Reserve: The Maria Island Nature Reserve, located east of Vieux Fort, is the only habitat for the Kuwe cow snake, one of the snakes' rarest species. In addition to this, there is one more rare reptile in reserve - the Earthen Lizard "Zandolite," also known as the lizard of Mary. The reserve is dominated by a large variety of snakes and many beautiful birds, including seagulls.
  • Springs of La Soufriere Sulfur Springs(Saint Lucia): La Soufriere Sulfur Springs Springs are sulfur springs located in Saint Lucia's state, in the vicinity of the ancient Piton volcano, which spews mineralized water and superheated steam, thereby forming the famous springs. You can even take mineral baths here. A few hundred meters downstream from the springs, the water temperature reaches about 45 degrees Celsius, but it's cool enough for tourists to give themselves free rein to take mud baths. These mud baths are well suited for medical purposes, so the springs are so popular with tourists. The baths are endowed with volcanic minerals and healing properties, which are believed to have healing properties for the skin.
Vieux Fort


  • La Maison Creole Museum: La Maison Creole is the most authentic museum of Saint Lucia. It is an artifact museum that shows various musical instruments, toys, handicrafts, and other artifacts. You will feel amazed after visiting such an amazing place. A music lover can visit this place to gain more knowledge about the instruments.
  • Derek Walcott square Museum: Derek Walcott Square (formerly Columbus Square) is a square and park in St. Lucia's Pots' center. This class range includes Bourbon Street, Brazil, Labor, and May. The Unclean Concept Cathedral and the Central Castle Library are also located in Chowk. Derek Walcott Square is named in honor of Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott.
  • Maria Islands Museum: The Maria Islands were declared a protected area in 1982 by the Government of Saint Lucia to recognize their unique role as a sanctuary for wildlife and their animals and wildlife. There are more than eighty (80) animal species in the Mariana Islands. The island is home to five species of reptiles, such as the world's rarest snake - the Kuvesa racer (Saint Lucia racer), Saint Lucia rattlesnake (Zandu), rattlesnakes (pygmies), and rock geckos, as well as several species. of cacti and pure tropical plants of the thin group.


Recent visitors recommend the Pink Plantation House in Castries for brunch, giving it high marks for service, food, and views. Many visitors love the casual Roots Bar, where you can enjoy barbecue, beers, and views on the beach in Marigot Bay. Try to eat some local and traditional cuisines also.


Here foods and drinks are very famous, and you can try various drinks here. The drinks which are very famous here are - fruit juices, herbal decoction "Mate," tea, coffee From alcohol - local rum and beer. You can try out beers, and local rum in restaurants and your family members as many people love to drink with their family. Many local restaurants serve here traditional rum, which you should try at least once. You will love the environment that restaurants, pubs, and bars provide you with.


Tap water in this country is considered to be safe and fit for drinking. However, it might raster differently because the drinking water is chlorinated; therefore, if you have anybody's reaction, whether external or internal, you should prefer to drink bottled water. Bottled water is inexpensive and is readily available in shopping malls and supermarkets. However, bottled water is safe to drink, but the plastic is non-biodegradable and can cause a lot of damage to nature in the form of waste; therefore, it is a request that you should not use plastic bottles too much. Instead of using a plastic bottle too much, you can get a large container in your apartment or any place you are staying in and can fill in a smaller water bottle and can use it. Other than this, the pollution of water is also low. These are because of strict rules and regulations maintained by the people of this country and even the tourists. Most of the credit goes to water purification plants and the people behind them. Talking about the sources of water, this country experiences around 2,300 mm of rainfall annually. Other than this, the renewable resource of water is estimated to be approximately 300 million m³ per year, which means ample water supply. As there is ample water supply, it does not mean that you can wastewater and conserve and save water. As it is a volcanic-originated island, there are many rivers, streams, springs, and wetlands. The most important dam in this country is the Roseau dam, which has 2.6 million m³. However, there is no critical lake in this country. This dam serves the northern part of the island, and Grace WSS and Beausejour WSS help the south side of this island. A significant amount of the water supplied in this country is sent to agricultural areas for irrigation. The growth in population and the increase in tourism have increased the water demand. Different regions have different directions because of the different sizes of the population present on this island. However, some portion of the water is still polluted, which should not be there. The main reason behind it is the tourist because those who visit beaches dump their waste in the water bodies. Therefore it is a request that you should not pollute the water.


There are a lot of activities to perform in this country. The first activity involves exploring; there are a lot of things to explore in this island country. There are City parks where you can roam around, discovering various monuments placed inside those parks, and explore these parks for the morning walk, evening walk, yoga, or else you can also play some sports activity along with your group there. Next to this are National parks or zoos for nature lovers and those who want to see this country's wildlife. Other than this, you can even explore many other things, including discovering organic cafes or cafes that have your favorite cuisines. Coming to water sports, the most famous water sport present here is yachting and water surfing. To support these sports, there are many guides which are present here. Other than this, there are rental stalls that offer surfboard and other such gears on rent. Activities can help you to gain different experiences as well as will help you to get rid of boredom. There are mountains where you can trek or hike in the mountains. It is also a good exercise. Many other activities are present in this country, but tourists' activities mentioned above are preferred. Again, you can try paragliding or parachuting in which you will also get a guide with you, which will be for your safety. You can create a lot of memories through these activities.


This island country's area is more than 600 kilometers square, enabling different accommodation categories. Tourism is an essential factor in generating a lot of revenue here; therefore, these different accommodation categories have a wide variety. There are private villas present in this country for the ones who love to live a luxurious lifestyle. These private will ask are best if you're traveling in a group because Each Person will have its private room along with a large hall or living room. These villas are very much spacious because they get their room with one bedroom and a bathroom attached. Even if you do not plan to move around the country, you can relax and chill out to start these villas with their swimming pool. Next to these in terms of luxury, there are hotels. Hotels are classified into stars, which form from 1 and ends at 5, among these five-star hotels are the highest. The stars depend on various facilities and comfort which these hotels provide to their customers. As there is a difference in facilities, therefore, there is our difference in these hotels' prices. There are certain benefits of staying in a hotel, including getting your bedroom and bathroom. Many of the hotels have Wi-Fi facilities. Other than this, green hotels are better than these hotels because they focus on the environment. You will also get room service who will be responsible for cleaning your room. Hotels are best if you walnut to stay here for a short duration and a maximum of 15 days.

Green Hotels

There are many benefits of staying in a green hotel as green hotels are better than ordinary hotels because they are best known for their environmental conservation techniques. These benefits include water conservation. Due to the increasing number of hotels, there is an increase in the demand for water, which also needs to be supplied to them, increasing wastewater. Green hotels conserve water through their wastewater management and treatment plants, large reservoirs, and rainwater harvesting techniques. Next is energy conservation. As we all know, these hotels with a lot of room consume a lot of electricity and other energies other than the appliances, especially air conditioners installed in ordinary hotel Denise, are greenhouse gases. These greenhouses have their natural sources of life, such as using solar energy to create electricity. They also have occupancy controls installed in each of their rooms, which automatically switch off the appliances when they're not in use. The next benefit is waste management. Many hotels that face many customers also meet a lot of trash, and this trash is kept untreated for a long time can create a lot of pollution. Therefore, every hotel must have waste management policies. Not only these hotels but every accommodation option must have specific Waste management policies. Green hotels reduce the amount of trash and agree with this and recycle, which also helps them create new energy out of garbage. Many green hotels have often donated their food waste to two local animals or hygienic, then to the poor kids or other people.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are accommodation options where you get a generally shared room by two or more people. This type of accommodation is budget-friendly so that it can help you save a lot of money that you can utilize in another part of the journey. There are different vital features of sating in the hostel, including helping you connect with people staying in the hostel. It will help you to boosts your social skills. Other than this is a budget-friendly option of accommodation. You will get a kitchen, which will also in a shared type where you can cook your food by bringing the essential items. The hostels have 24 hours reception to do it anytime if you want to inquire or complain about it. Other than this, these hostels are generally present in a popular location. Maximum tourists who visit this country and chooses hostel as an accommodation option are youngsters so there are high chances that you will find people of your age. Next are the guesthouses which are present in this country. Guesthouses are an accommodation option in which you will get an entire house on rent, which will give you a homely feeling. There is no worry about food in these guesthouses because they provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Apartments are flats that are available on rent. These flats come in different categories, such as two bedrooms, one hall and one kitchen or three bedrooms, one hall, and one kitchen. Apartments are best for those who want to stay for a longer time in this country and need some privacy because these apartments are best in providing confidentiality and long-term stay affordable. You do not have to pay for the maintenance of these flats as well as you also do not have to pay if something breaks, the landlord will bear all these charges, and you only have to pay for the rent. Besides this, you will also get a modular kitchen in these apartments to save additionally on food. It will be beneficial for health because you know yourself very well, like your allergies with some food. You can meet many people in these apartments while morning walk, an evening walk, or any other way.


Couch surfing is a free type of accommodation that can help you to support your budget allowed during this trip. There are many benefits of couch surfing. Couchsurfing can help you to get a piece of detailed knowledge about the place. The locals can help you with various advice to save your money and the scams that happen to the tourist, such as taxi drivers charging higher. You can even get a kitchen in couch surfing where you can cook your meal as well. As for your local friend and can help him to taste different cuisines in your country. You must note by couch surfing that you must be alerted all the time about your belongings as you might not know how your friend or how to get there and move around established. There are airports in this country that have connections with many of the European countries. Other than this, as this is an island, therefore that it will be evident that you can also reach here through waterways. Between these two options, the flight is more convenient and easy. Other than these waterways takes too long to help you reach your destination. Other than this, there are a lot of options to move around in this country.


Camping involves sleeping in a tent under a Night Sky or open ground. Other than this you can even camp on beaches, near lakes or even on Hills. There are many benefits of camping. Camping helps us have fresh air as we spend a lot of time near the trees, and trees are natural air purifiers and producers of oxygen. Therefore, we get a lot of fresh air in campgrounds. Camping helps a person in socializing as other people are also present on campgrounds. Campground improves anyone's mood as he breathes new air show, which is rich in oxygen. It is scientifically proved that camping helps to improve mood. As you become happy and relaxed, therefore there are fewer signs of stress in you. Stress is very harmful to health, and camping helps in reducing stress a lot. Camping is an acceptable form of exercise which involves trekking, hiking, or other activities like searching for food and many other activities. There are beaches present in this country where camping is allowed. Camping on these beaches will provide a good night's sleep.


Map of Saint Lucia


  • Castries - capital
  • Vieux Fort
  • Soufriere - old capital
  • Gros Islet - Rodney Bay
  • Marigot Bay

Getting There and Moving Around


There are two airports present in this country. Flights are the most convenient option to travel to any country. It provides an excellent experience for you. However, the price of the flights might cost higher, but they are worth it. This country's main airport is Hewanorra International Airport, present at the southern end of this island.

Hewanorra International Airport


There are minibusses present in this country that form the main public transport of this country. These mini buses can be used to travel from one city to another. These buses cost 2.5 to 8 East Caribbean Dollars. They have their own identity, which includes that these minibusses' number plate is in green color. These buses are best to travel, but sometimes, as these buses have a fixed route, buses can cause the delay.


Trains are a convenient way to travel from e country to another. These trains are convenient and save a lot of time. The price of these trains is not much and is easily affordable. These are the best ways to travel from one city to another. There are no traces of trains to be present in this country.


Hitchhiking is a process of asking for a free lift from the traveler going to the same destination. It can be used to travel from one city to another or to move around. IT is a very time-consuming process, and sometimes you might have to walk a lot if there is no traveler present. More to this, some highways are present, and from there, you can successfully hitchhike. Hitchhiking is not a reliable option.


There is only ozone another way to reach here, which are the waterways. Waterways are not much convenient and are limited to some of the countries. However, there are minimizes and private taxis if you want to reach any destination urgently to move around. Otherwise, there is walking and cycling also. You can purchase a second-hand cycle from a nearby second-hand store.

Sustainable Shopping

There are different categories of sustainable shopping, including second-hand clothes, organic food markets, eco fashion stores, and flea markets. Sustainable shopping is beneficial not only for your health but also for the environment as it involves methods of production which do not harm nature by any means. Organic stores have organic fruits and vegetables that are very beneficial for health as they are grown without pesticides and fertilizers. Second-hand stores are those stress which has second-hand products. These products always cost lesser than the original product.


Recycling means reusing different items by giving them different sizes and shapes. There are other items which can be recycled, such as tin. It is recycled by recasting it into empty containers. Recycling saves a lot of natural resources, such as iron ore, which is obtained through mining. It eliminates mining, which damages the land a lot. Other than this, it also saves a lot of waste before being sent to landfills.


Waste products include those products which can't be used. However, organic waste is used to make fertilizers. Waste is of three kinds solid waste, liquid waste, and gaseous waste. Solid waste is the regular waste, which includes politeness, wrappers, etc. The liquid waste consists of that waste, including chemical water, wastewater, drainage water, and other fluid types. Gaseous waste includes smoke that comes out of the industries.

Work and Study Abroad

This country's education pattern is divided into four parts- primary, secondary, Vocational and Tertiary. Education in this country is compulsory for children between the ages of 5 and 15. The duration of primary school is six years. Later, the child has to clear the entrance exam to enter secondary education. This examination is three years, and later, the student had to give leaving a review. Vocational education involves vocational training.

Exchange Student

This program allows the student to see the world by visiting another country. A student can even experience styles of education in a different country follows. These are best for students who are adaptable and are ready to adapt to the changes. It also provides carrier opportunities in a foreign country. A student can make a fresh start in a new country with new friends.

Au Pair

An Au pair is a person who stays with the local family and has a work of taking care of their child. This work is beneficial for you financially because you do not have to pay for the accommodation. As the official language of this country is English, it will also help you improve your English. It will help you to make new friends in a place which is unknown to you. It will provide a different and unique experience for you.


Volunteering is any work that you do out of your hobby. It helps you to meet new people. It helps in encountering different issues faced by different people regularly. Like the hones you are helping, being a part of an organization might be a victim or any other difficult situation. It will help you to remain busy and do what you want to do. It helps you by boosting your self-esteem.

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