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Eco-friendly travel guide to England advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in England, United Kingdom.

Early morning view of London

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Bus connections: 4.0 / 5
  • Train connections: 4.3 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3.5 / 5
  • National parks: 4.0 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 5 / 5
  • Safety: 4.0 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $250
  • Budget per day: US$70 - $300

Responsible Travel

England is one of the major parts of the European continent. England is a huge part of the United Kingdom that includes different key countries like Scotland, Wales, and lastly Northern Ireland. London is the capital of England, and it is quite right to assume that everyone in the world has heard of London.

England is one of the major tourist spots in the world. A large number of tourists come to this part of the world, and they are always advised to follow some rules and regulations to keep the region in proper condition. Traveling responsibly is a duty of tourists in the world. There are different ways one can travel responsibly. Let us see some of the few ways.

  • Help locals: When visiting an abroad country, it is vital to keep in mind that you are a guest, so behave like one. Respect that people and places may view the planet very differently from you. This is common as people can have different views on things depending on their upbringing and lifestyle. But simply because something is different doesn't mean that it is bad in any sense. So much of the sweetness of travel is found in discovering the rich tapestry of faith, language, and customs that structure our world, and respecting each of those for his or her individuality is vital. One should always treat the local people there as they want them to be treated as a guest, and take on tips like how to dress properly to respect the culture and so on.
  • Hassle with the locals respectfully: Bargaining during a lively local market is all a part of the fun when traveling, and it is also a common thing to see when you travel to any part of the planet. In general, celebrate with it and haggle hard but fairly. Therefore, what might sound just a game and, therefore, the difference of an honest, so this bargaining could mean them a payment for a good day's work or a nasty day at work for the vendor you’re bargaining with? One should always support the livelihoods of traders by keeping in mind that the goal is to pay the fairest price for everybody, not the most cost-effective. One must make certain to read abreast of the local etiquette before arriving to make sure you don’t cause offense by trying to bargain where it isn’t a thing.
  • Eat at local restaurants: Eating at a local restaurant is one of the best things to do when you travel abroad. Not only is that the food delicious, but it also supports the local economy via the utilization of local ingredients and produces, workers, restaurant owners, and food culture. So once you visit a destination, make some effort to go to a restaurant run by locals and try the food there. It might help you bring more appreciation towards their culture. By doing so, you're also helping the locals there feed their family and making them happy as well.

Air Quality and Pollution

Air contamination and pollution are some of the major reasons for several health issues that show in people of England. There is acceptable proof it fundamentally affects, in addition to other things, like the occurrence and seriousness of the cardiovascular infection and lung wellbeing. It has both short and long haul wellbeing impacts and especially affects kids as they develop.

Advances in designing and innovation mean fundamentally diminishing air contamination to which individuals are uncovered is presently actually conceivable. For some toxins, extensive advancement has been made now, with supported drops in sulfur dioxide, particulate matter (PM), and nitrogen oxides made over the previous a long time in England. This general decrease anyway covers nearby critical variety, with levels of PMs and NOx's specifically still high in numerous spaces of high populace thickness, particularly close to streets.

In England, as of now, the quality of air is still in proper shape. In almost 90 percent of the region, the air pollution scenario is at its low when compared to other regions of the world. It is estimated that people in England won't face any other serious health issues regarding air pollution if current measures are taken.

Respect the Culture

England has a solid sports legacy, and during the nineteenth century, arranged numerous games that are currently played throughout the planet. Sports beginning in England incorporate affiliation football, cricket, rugby association, rugby group, tennis, boxing, badminton, squash, rounders, hockey, snooker, billiards, darts, table tennis, bowls, netball, pure breed horseracing, greyhound dashing, and fox chasing. It has helped the advancement of golf, cruising, and Formula One. Football is the most well-known of these games. The England public football crew, whose home scene is Wembley Stadium, played Scotland in the principal ever worldwide football match in 1872. Referred to as the "home of football" by FIFA, England facilitated the 1966 FIFA World Cup and won the competition by overcoming West Germany 4–2 in the last, with Geoff Hurst scoring a cap trick. With a British TV crowd pinnacle of 32.30 million watchers, the last is the most stared at the TV occasion ever in the UK.

The BBC, established in 1922, is the UK's freely subsidized radio, TV and Internet broadcasting organization and is the most seasoned and biggest telecaster in the world. It works various TV and radio broadcasts in the UK and abroad, and the TV license finances its homegrown administrations. The BBC World Service is a worldwide telecaster possessed and worked by the BBC. It is the world's biggest of any kind. It communicates radio news, discourse, and conversations in more than 40 languages.

London overwhelms the media area in England: public papers and TV and radio are to a great extent based there, despite the fact that Manchester is additionally a critical public media focus. The UK distributing area, including books, registries and information bases, diaries, magazines, and business media, papers, and news organizations, has a consolidated turnover of around £20 billion and utilizes around 167,000 people. National papers created in England incorporate The Times, The Guardian, and the Financial Times.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Lake District: The Lake District is the UK's most up-to-date UNESCO secured site… and which is all well and good, it's excellent. As you can most likely tell from the name, the Lake District is loaded up with peaceful lakes, excellent mountain ranges, and an entire store of little towns to explore. Best of all, every lake has a somewhat extraordinary character that is absolutely one of a kind. Conceivably the most acclaimed is Windermere Lake, however in the event that you need to stay away from the groups, fly over to Ullswater Lake. While here, head out onto the Ullswater liner, take a shot at paddleboarding, and climb to the highest point of Harter Fell for the absolute best perspectives across the Lake District.
  • Bath: Bath is probably the best place to visit in England. Bath truly sneaks up all of a sudden with regards to things to see, investigate and experience. It is one of the number one urban areas in the UK that tourists visit in Bath. Besides basically being probably the prettiest city in the south of England – all that nectar-shaded Bath stone absolutely helps – there's simply such a huge amount to do there. As far as one might be concerned, the feature is Thermae Bath Spa, which is the lone neighborhood spa to utilize the regular warm spring water that initially set this town up for life. Also, obviously, you can't miss the Roman Baths to gain proficiency with the historical backdrop of my #1 spa town. People absolutely love all the Jane Austen associations in Bath, as well. Just as the Jane Austen Center, which is extraordinary fun, fans ought to likewise go on an outing to the Bath Assembly Rooms. These dazzling Georgian dance halls were the setting for scenes from two of her books (Persuasion and Northanger Abbey).
  • Cotswold : With moving green slopes and charmingly lethargic towns, the Cotswolds are regularly thought to address English curiosity at its best. Tourists who have visited this place have said that it is just as stunning and brilliant as the photographs recommend. There's such a lot of the Cotswolds have to bring to the table, regardless of whether it's town bouncing, old-fashioned shopping, or nursing 16 ounces or ten in some super comfortable bars. In case you're searching for the most quintessentially English spot to visit – The Cotswolds is it. Stone cabins, streaming streams, winding streets, and pretty towns make The Cotswolds a postcard ideal for a Great British departure. With a driving season of only 2 hours from London, it's not very far for an end-of-the-week break, in addition to you can visit Bath on the off chance that you need to make the most out of your excursion. Cruising all over The Cotswolds and respecting the view is involvement with itself, in spite of the fact that in case you're visiting in the top mid-year hope to be joined by sightseers in a portion of the greater towns. For food, it is enthusiastically suggested to go to a bar close by called The Old Fleece, which serves a gastropub-style menu and a splendid Sunday broil.
  • Cornwall: Dare toward the westernmost place of the country, and you'll be addressing whether you're as yet in England. The turquoise blue waters of this interesting promontory make Cornwall a simple doppelganger for heavenly spots like Southern France or Italy. In Cornwall, you'll discover a touch of everything, from white sand seashores and tough precipices to curious fishing towns and notable vestiges. In case you're feeling gutsy, why not take a stab at surfing or, as a more secure bet, get into the absolute freshest fish the UK has to bring to the table.
  • The Jurassic Coast: This 95 mile stretch along with Southern England (from East Devon to Dorset) is viewed as perhaps the most beautiful spot in England. With many lovely towns and towns to investigate, Jurassic Coast guests are ruined senseless for decision. Extraordinary stone developments and clear blue waters can be discovered up and down this dazzling coastline, yet in case you're really crunched for time, don't miss the famous Durdle Door in Dorset, a characteristic limestone curve that is simply asking to be captured.
  • Corfe Castle: Corfe Castle is probably the most established settlement one can see in all of England. Individuals have lived here for more than 8,000 years. It's an all-out legacy, and it'll feel like you've ventured back 1,000 years to an Olde English world. It truly feels like that. Once here, go for a walk through the palace of Corfe, meander every one of the little stores, and get a yummy Sunday cook at Mortons House Restaurant.
  • Norfolk: Norfolk's undulating open country and languid, stone-constructed towns are ideal for delicate cycling, strolling, or visiting via vehicle. Dignified homes, demolished palaces, archaic holy places, and half-wooded fleece towns with captivating galleries make for agreeable outings. Albeit East Anglia gets fewer downpours than numerous other occasion objections in the UK, northerly and easterly breezes over the North Sea can keep temperatures low. Yet, even on chilly, splendid days in winter, the seashore vehicle parks can be occupied with canine walkers and climbers.
  • Suffolk: The seashores bordering the bent Norfolk and Suffolk coastline are the central attraction for guests to the area. Indeed, even on the busiest summer's day, there is consistently space for games, kite flying, or a peaceful family excursion in the rises. It's likewise a wild scene of thick pine backwoods, open heathland, and extraordinary regions of the salt bog. Birdlife is amazingly rich, and waterfront wild blossoms incorporate yellow-horned poppies and purple-blooming ocean pea. At the same time, the one-of-a-kind wetlands of the Broads are home to in excess of 400 uncommon species, including butterflies, dragonflies, moths, and snails.
  • Devon: Rugged bays and cream teas, surf breaks and walks, picnics, and pints in bar gardens – occasions in Devon are healthy, straightforward, and beautiful. A visit here blends two of life's loveliest delights: acceptable food and nature. A great many people are attracted to the wonderful seashores on the south and north drifts; however inland Devon has its allure, as well: Dartmoor and Exmoor are immense rock plateaux offering isolation and large skies, while the gentler, Friesian-filled fields of mid-Devon shroud groups of covered towns, wandering streams and thickly lush separates.
  • Cambridge: Cambridge is an absolutely wonderful city that is roosted on the edges of the River Cam. In addition, it's made significantly more celebrated by its college. Being said so, it is probably the best city to visit in England as a tourist as well due to its rich history and culture. Once there, get a boat for a punt on the waterway, which is epic. Additionally, roam around a portion of the stunning spots to see, like Kings College Chapel. Goodness, and if hunger calls, gorge on a delightful informal breakfast at Fitzbillies, as well.
Corfe Castle


England is one of the biggest regions not only in Europe but also in the world. This region has seen a lot of tourists over the years. To keep these tourists amused – the people of this region have created a lot of beautiful looking places for these people to enjoy. Let us look into some of these places.

City Parks

  • Hyde Park: Hyde Park is one of London's Royal Parks, and not exclusively does the recreation center hold numerous bits of staggering dedications and a sculpture of Queen Victoria herself; however, it rides the line between Green Park and Kensington Gardens. Close-by destinations incorporate Wellington Arch, a commemoration for the Duke of Wellington made by draftsman Decimus Burton. This is a fabulous Marble curve and a bronze figure of Nike, the Goddess of Victory. The Speakers Corner has public speakers from numerous foundations and ways of thinking.
  • Holyrood Park: Holyrood Park is an astonishing piece of antiquated Scottish open country. It's found a brief separation from Old Edinburgh Town, and its scene and different strolling trails are its principal wellspring of fascination. An hour's climb will take you to Arthur's Seat, where the most astounding perspective can be seen. The park likewise has numerous precipices and volcanic stone developments, and Holyrood Palace is arranged on the edge of the recreation center.
  • Green Park: Close to Hyde Park, Green Park drives straightforwardly to Buckingham Palace and is another of London's Royal Parks. Curiously, the recreation center is said to have been marshland prior to turning into a recreation center, going about as a graveyard for outcasts before in 1652. The space of the recreation center was given to Charles II to become private chasing justification for him and his aristocrats. Caroline of Brunswick had a walkway incorporated into the recreation center before John Nash finished what is presently the Green Park we know in the mid-nineteenth century.
Hyde park during Autumn

National Parks

England is a region in the United Kingdom that is filled with forests and wildlife. Some of these large patches of forests have been recognized as national parks, and each of these national parks is kept in pristine conditions. As of now, there are only ten national parks that are present in the region in England. Here is the list of all the national parks of England.

  • Dartmoor National Park
  • New Forest National Park
  • South Downs National Park
  • Exmoor National Park
  • Broads National Park
  • Peak District National Park
  • Yorkshire Dales National Park
  • North York Moors National Park
  • Lake District National Park
  • Northumberland National Park
Dartmoor National Park


  • Holkham Beach: Holkham Beach in Norfolk, England, is an all-encompassing beachfront fixed with desolate surges, tall grasses, and back-dropped by grand sand rises. It is important for the Holkham National Nature Reserve, which secures around 3,706 hectares (9,158 sections of land) of British land. It's a 4.8km (3 miles) stroll from the vehicle left, which dissuades numerous individuals from visiting, implying that the groups are regularly wonderfully slim. The cloudy seashore turns out to be totally lowered at the elevated tide, leaving shallow streams and little tidal ponds when the water subsides. Holkham gave the heartfelt district to the 1998 film Shakespeare in Love.
  • Murlough: The exquisite Murlough Beach is important for the Murlough Nature Reserve in Northern Ireland. It is a 5km (3 miles) stretch of smooth white sand at the foot of the shadowy pinnacles of the Mourne mountain range. The absence of vehicle access past a specific point implies that it is frequently calmly peaceful. The seashore backs onto a grand assortment of 6,000-year-old ridges, a considerable lot of which are covered in wild grasses and superb blossoms, making it a site of incredible biological importance and which a few types of butterfly call home. Wild ponies, fowl, and waders can likewise be discovered meandering the sand slopes, while the subtle and excellent dim seal is as often as possible seen in the water.
  • Durdle Door: Found on the Jurassic Coast, close to Lulworth in Dorset, this shingle and sand seashore is sponsored by emotional limestone precipices. Highlighting a famous limestone curve and completely clear waters, the perspective on the seashore from on the precipices is really extraordinary. A lovely spot to chill in the late spring months or unwind and appreciate an outing while taking in the stupendous landscape.
Holkham Beach


  • Buckingham Palace
  • Stonehenge
  • Tower Bridge
  • Blackpool Tower
  • St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Tower of London
  • Hampton Court Palace
  • Big Ben
  • Lincoln Cathedral
  • York Minster
  • Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

These are some of the most famous landmarks you can find in all of England.

Buckingham Palace


  • The British Museum
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Science Museum Blog
  • National Museums Scotland
  • Museum of Witchcraft and Magic
  • National Media Museum
  • Liverpool Museums
  • Tyne & Wear Museums

These are some of the most famous museums one can find in all of England.

The British Museum


People of England may not be known around the world for their food, but without a doubt, the food that people in England eat is all savory and mouth-watering. The Yorkshire pudding, fish and chips, and the English pancake are some of the most famous food that people all over the world know about. Different countries all over Europe are known to make their own local cuisines using these dishes as their inspiration. These foods in England are the base and the original food that other dishes all over the world come from.


Drinking and alcohol-based beverages are an important part of the culture in England. People in England love to drink. These English ciders, English sparkling wine, and other local drinks are world-famous. The martini, which is synonymous with the James Bond movies, is from England. Other classic drinks like English Ale and the Gin and Tonic are also some of the classics that you can find in all of England.


All open water supplies are consistently tried in England and also all over the United Kingdom. The water which is distributed and accessible to each shopper on-demand shows that tap water is protected to drink, and there is no compelling reason to introduce extra treatment inside the home as a wellbeing security measure.


Being a tourist in England can be very exciting. There is a lot of fun, exciting activities that these tourists can partake in. Not only tourists, but it is also quite common to see people from all walks of life also enjoying themselves with these activities. Here is the list of some of the fun activities that you can do in England.

  • River swimming
  • Kite buggying
  • Coasteering
  • Rock climbing
  • Trail running
  • Hiking
  • Via Ferrata


Being one of the major regions in all of Europe, it is quite common to see a large number of hotels and guest houses to accommodate the large number of tourists that come there. This section is to shine light upon these aspects of England.

Green Hotels

The people of England are extremely conscious about protecting the environment. This has led to the creation of a large number of green hotels. These hotels are doing their very best to reduce the waste generated and properly manage the waste generated.

Here are some of the green hotels in England.

  • Heckfield Place
  • Old Land
  • The GreenHouse
  • The Scarlet
  • Saorsa 1875
  • The Zetter
  • The Pig at Combe
  • Number One Bruton
  • The Victoria Inn
  • Bankside Hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Wombat’s City Hostel: Wombat is a reliable lodging means that it is an extraordinary spot to blend with individual backpackers. It is one of the most mainstream hostels in London for quite some time. Each new traveler is always inaugurated with a welcome drink there, and once you book your stay there, you will be invited to enjoy the stunning nightlife there. Wombat's' extraordinary area is additionally within strolling distance from major portions of London like Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.
  • Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage: Set in a great, memorable location, Palmers Lodge is surely not your normal hostel to stay in. People love it due to the silence and calm place they get after a rough night of partying and enjoying pubs. Those searching for a quintessentially English culture will see the value in its unique Victorian design and uncovered brickwork.
  • Hostel One Camden: Hostel One is one of the best places to enjoy the nightlife and grab hold of a beer while having a place to stay in London. The staff here will assist you with encountering London's nightlife scene, as they lead diverse liquor fuelled excursions all week long. Simply ensure you exploit their everyday glad hours first, just as your free supper – they'd prefer you save that food spending plan for celebrating.


England has a fairly dense population when it comes to people living in the region. There are a lot of apartments and lofts present to accommodate this high level of population. Every year several new plans are made to accommodate more and more people by starting projects to make new houses and buildings for people to stay in.

For tourists, residents even add options of staying with them and paying rent for the time they stay in. This is extremely helpful for tourists as this provides a cheaper alternative than hotels and hostel.


Many tourists who travel to England have the option of going on to couchsurfing.com and look for places to spend the night in. This is one of the finest means to find a place to stay when traveling to a different country.


  • Lee Valley Almost Wild Campsite
  • Beech Estate Campsite
  • The Secret Campsite
  • Hale Farm Campsite
  • Frome Meadow Campsite
  • Cuckoo Farm Campsite
  • Swattesfield Campsite
  • Chichester Camping and Caravanning Club Site
  • Lepe Beach Campsite
  • Whitlingham Broad Campsite - Camping and Glamping
  • Donnington Wild Camping
  • Ocean Pitch Campsite
  • Ten Acres Vineyard Campsite
  • Kingsmead Centre
  • Irongorge Camping
  • Cotswolds Caravan and Camping
  • Catgill Farm - Camping and Luxury Glamping
  • Pegs and Pitches Camping
  • Hooks House Farm
  • Broadhembury Caravan & Camping Park

These are all the campsites that are present in England.


England can be divided most generally into three sections, with deep historical and linguistic roots for each of them.

Southern England

Southern England is roughly the area south of the River Thames and the Bristol Channel.


The English Midlands is roughly the part of England east of Wales (excluding Cheshire which is in the North West and across to the North Sea.

Northern England

Northern England is anywhere north of Staffordshire in the west and roughly north of the Humber river, in the east, up to the Scottish border.


  • London - largest metropolitan area in Western Europe, and a global capital of finance, fashion and culture.
  • Birmingham - the UK's second largest city (by population) in the industrial heartland.
  • Bristol - vibrant music and art scene, lovely historic buildings, an attractive waterfront and a laid back, friendly, amiable, mellow atmosphere in the West Country's largest city.
  • Brighton - regency seaside resort and university town with quirky shopping, good eating, rich culture and vibrant gay nightlife.
  • Liverpool - booming cosmopolitan city, famous for its landmarks, sport, music and nightlife.
  • Manchester - third most visited city in the UK, a cultural, sporting, entertainment, shopping and media hub.
  • Nottingham - "Queen of the Midlands", home of Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest and Nottingham Castle.
  • Newcastle upon Tyne - a thriving northern city with world-famous nightlife.
  • York - ancient capital of Yorkshire, with Roman, Viking and Medieval remains.

Getting There and Moving Around

Being one of the busiest regions in all of the UK, the people there need different means of traveling. Therefore, the region is filled with a large number of options when it comes to getting in and around the city.


  • Heathrow airport
  • Bristol airport
  • Southampton airport
  • London Gatwick
  • London Stansted
  • Plymouth airport

These are only some of the busiest airports that are present in England. One can take any of these airports to enter the region as well as take flights from these airports to go to any other part of the region.

Heathrow airport


Transports like buses are various, continuous, and commonly seen in the majority of the bigger towns and urban communities in England and are an ideal method of getting around. Areas that are rural were hiring a car for traveling are troublesome; there, it is frequent to see an ideal alternative are buses.

By far, most transport stops are "request stops," implying that you should put your arm out as the transport ways to deal with a signal that you need it to stop. In like manner, once on the transport, you should ring the ringer ahead of the stop you need to get off. Most transport administrations, particularly in metropolitan regions, are completely open for people with disabilities, with either low floors or the utilization of a slope working with access for wheelchair clients. On-board there is space for pushchairs and wheelchairs as well.

A bus in England


Traveling by train is the fastest and the best way to move around the region. The tube is the most commonly used medium of travel used by people to go to the office from home. These trains operate throughout, and region and are the best way to enter the city from nearby countries and regions as well as travel around the city.


Hitchhiking ride is the advanced method of traveling these days. In a situation where you are going from another piece of the city, Hitchhiking can be a choice. It is extremely well known among explorers. It will cost you nothing though this statement is completely depending upon the circumstances. It is a piece tedious as no one can tell when you will get your next ride until you arrive at it. It is useful for the explorer in setting aside cash.


Another common way of entering the city is via boat. Boats travel from all the other parts of Europe and are also a common means of entering the region of England. Other means include traveling by car and taking the roads that link to different parts of the region.

Sustainable Shopping

England is a diverse region. There are both rural and urban areas in the region. Irrespective of that, the region is filled with shops that sell essential homegrown food products for all the people to enjoy. The region also is the home of a large number of flea markets and second-hand stores.


The people of England are a firm believer in recycling. People here follow the recycling of items very intensively and do not let much go to waste. Studies have shown that the high quality of the environment present in the region is largely dependent on the recycling nature of the region.


The waste management of England is one of the finest in all of Europe. Here, the government has created several landfills and use other methods to deal with the waste that is generated within the cities and towns. The urban areas tend to produce more waste than the rural ones, but in any area with a high level of waste management – the region stays fairly clean and hygienic.

Work and Study Abroad

People all over the world are well aware of the high quality of education that is provided in England. People all over the world knew the famous universities like Cambridge and Oxford that still to this day have created a standard for top-quality education.

When coming to the jobs that people get, England is at its finest. England and its officials have created jobs for all its residents. A large number of jobs are always in the making to hire new people and help them feed their families. People from abroad are also invited to work in England and improve their lifestyle.

Exchange Student

  • Oxford University
  • Kingston University
  • University of Manchester

These are some of the most famous universities in England that take in exchange students.

Au Pair

Getting to work as an Au Pair abroad will make you feel comfortable with all the hustle around you. In England, you can look for houses that need an Au Pair on the web and stay with them. It is truly simple to secure positions as an Au Pair, as it is acknowledged overall at this point.


There are several non-profitable organizations that are present in England. These organizations are known for their volunteering work and their service to society. Here is the list of some of the best organizations that do volunteering work in all of England.

  • Amnesty International UK
  • The United Nations Association – UK
  • The Aegis Trust
  • Save the Children UK
  • Anti-Slavery International
  • Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontiers)
  • Equal Rights Trust
  • Oxfam
  • Human Rights Watch
  • CARE International UK
  • ActionAid UK
  • WaterAid UK
  • Overseas Development Institute
  • Article 19
  • Child Rights Information Network
  • The Refugee Council
  • Free Tibet
  • Freedom from Torture
  • Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX)
  • The Traveller Movement
  • Survival International

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