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Eco-friendly travel guide to Sevastopol advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Sevastopol, Russia.

View of Sevastopol

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $250
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $400

Responsible Travel

Sevastopol is a major port which is situated on the Black Sea and is a key location in its region. The city is the largest in Crimea and the special maritime and naval qualities that it possesses does make it a strategic location for waterways and transport, also for being a key naval base all throughout its history. Though the city is not very well known across the globe, it is reputed in and around the region for the notorious battle between Ukraine and Russia to claim it. The city has been annexed by the Russians in the year 2014 and inspite of that the country of Ukraine does stake claim to it and has granted it special status. This dispute has led to the city being part of both Russian and Ukrainian maps. While this dispute is yet not sorted out completely, one can certainly believe that its culture leans towards Russia more than Ukraine as over 70 per cent of the total local population is Russian. The city has a population of over 350,000 people and considering much of this, one can surely believe that the small city does have a considerable strain on its local resources as it is a military and a naval base alongside being a transport hub and a tourist destination for people in the region. Thus, all tourists must bear in mind that they have an integral responsibility and role to play in ensuring that they do as little harm as possible to their surroundings. Given in this section of the article are a few tips and tricks that shall help you do just the same, effortlessly of course.

As a responsible tourist, if you wish to be truly eco-friendly, the greatest step that you can take is to utilise public transportation as much as could be expected from a normal tourist. The public authority of the region has made a few strides over the course of the years to ensure transportation is as productive as could be expected under the geopolitical circumstances. A lot of this incorporates steps being taken to guarantee energy productivity too. So you do have a couple of eco-friendly methods of transportation to traipse in and out of town. The compromise here is that these methods of transportation may not be too regular and inconvenient in different ways, however, a little penance on your part will guarantee that you are by and large every piece the mindful voyager that you intend to be.

Regardless, every voyager should understand that the greatest contributor of contamination on his/her outing to any city in the globe is his/her convenient courses of action. In the event that a voyager is happy to be mindful they may simply wind up lessening their carbon impression by the greater part if that they select to stay in an eco-friendly lodging. There are a few of these in Sevastopol. However, they may not be bountiful but you can definitely rest soundly realising that you're not impacting the city's resources and air quality or even its assets in a negative way only to indulge in your extravagant demands and wants.

Ultimately, it is recommended that as a traveller, you attempt to appreciate the local Crimean cooking at local cafés and restaurants. Try not to visit global fast-food chains and establishments that have set up shops and takeaways across the city. The most genuine taste will be found at these local cafés and you will likewise be assuming an essential job in supporting the organisations. Also, in the event that you plan on preparing supper on your excursion to the city, head to the local food markets to get new produce and raw fixings, generally basic food items such as meat, flavours, and fish. These are more maintainable purchases here as opposed to extravagant stores where extra packing, cooling, additional retail space all wind up hurting the climate inactively and neither do you get the freshest of produce.

Notwithstanding these means, it is constantly suggested that as an eco-friendly voyager, you should consistently attempt to shop local and avoid mega stores. The greater part of the more modest stores will offer you genuine craftsmanship and all the more so they will undoubtedly not be profit-hungry nor do they produce by affecting the local assets to an extreme.

Air Quality and Pollution

Sevastopol experiences a humid subtropical climate which ensures that the city experiences slightly hot summers and cool winters. The normal yearly temperature is 15–16 degree centigrades (59–61 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day and around 9-degree centigrades (48 degrees Fahrenheit) at night. During the winter months of January and February, the normal temperature is 5–6 degree centigrades (41–43 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day and around 1-degree centigrades (34 degrees Fahrenheit) at night. During the summer months of July and August, the normal temperature is around 26-degree centigrades (79 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day and around 19-degree centigrades (66 degrees Fahrenheit) at night. Thus, as a tourist, it is extremely vital that you pack your clothing according to the season that you plan to visit the city in.

The air quality of Sevastopol is known to be quite ideal for a city of its size with considerable developmental activities taking place. The city is a major transportation hub and you see ships of all kinds docking here. Also, it is a major military and naval base where constantly new technologies are being developed and tested. In addition to the 350,000 population there are thousands of tourists that visit the city and they do contribute to the pollution collectively, yet the city manages to have a healthy AQI (below 50 on any given day) and it is suitable for all kinds of people, even the ones that have breathing ailments and need medication. As a tourist, you won’t need any excess gear to protect yourself from the pollution, in fact, most travellers shall find the air crisp and clean on most days.

Respect the Culture

As an explorer, on the off chance that you wish to guarantee that you are sufficiently likeable to the local individuals to qualify as a "responsible and good vacationer", you will have to remember a couple of tips to boost your positive effect in as meagre time as could reasonably be expected. In this part of the article, we will talk about a couple of focuses relating to the equivalent so continue to peruse to find out additional.

Family occupies a massive part in any Crimean's life and they have conceivably grown up with their grandparents and their more distant family around. In the event that you actually meet families, guarantee that you are at your politest best. Try not to upset or disgruntle them in any conceivable manner and ensure that you show the senior-most individuals regard and the lesser most individuals an additional piece of adoration.

The locals in Crimea are not extremely particular about time and they regularly run a couple of moments late, this is definitely not a serious deal yet you are unquestionably prescribed to remain on time regardless of what as a deferral on a vacationer's end may not go down well, particularly in the event that you are meeting someone of a higher societal position or a woman.

At the point when you are meeting a local woman ensure that you are at your gallant best. The local women appreciate it when a man keeps the door open for her, gets her jacket, and present her with roses and a respectable commendation. The littlest of signals say a lot about your character and may seal your destiny as a "great vacationer" according to any woman around.

In the event that you are welcome to someone's home, guarantee that you don't go in empty-handed, convey along a couple of endowments, and maybe a cake and a bottle of wine for the supper table.

Ultimately, you are firmly prescribed to make scholarly discussions which enthral the interest of the individuals yet abstain from offering strong expressions and voicing questionable political feelings. Adhere to the essential discussions about science, innovation, and mainstream society including motion pictures, writing, craftsmanship, and music. You could likewise discuss variety in cultures and local traditions and conventions yet you are encouraged to keep any productive analysis about religion and country to yourself in the event that you are not kidding about not disturbing anyone and not touching off warmed contentions and discussions. Since these themes will absolutely mark you as an "uncouth vacationer" at least.

Keeping the above in mind, ensure that you never talk about the ongoing Crimean dispute between Ukraine and Russia as the locals have strong views about the same and you may end up in the cross-fire. Many locals believe that their country of origin is right and there can be serious fistfights if discussions get out of hand, especially in recreational places and gatherings.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Swallow’s Nest: Directly on the edge of a rough precipice over the sea, Swallow's Nest stands as one of the district's most famous sights and most conspicuous images. Initially constructed in 1912 by an affluent German, the "château" flaunts luxurious Neo-Gothic engineering. Visit the home and take a look over the railing at the 40 m (130 ft) drop that plummets straightforwardly into the Black Sea. Meander the grounds to exploit the all-encompassing perspective (the interior of the structure is restricted for visitors). Remember that the climb from the parking area to the site is a long one, so wear comfy shoes.
  • Grafskaya Wharf: Stroll down the steps of the white stone Grafskaya Wharf to arrive at the ocean, and get some answers concerning verifiable occasions that happened at the site. Dorian sections make a mainstream photography spot, and a large number of individuals relax on the steps consistently. Dating back to 1783, when it was only a wooden quay, the landmark has changed in appearance through time, in the long run turning into a Roman sanctuary like design. Renowned Italian sculptor Ferdinando Pellichio added marble lions, and the city chamber introduced commemoration plaques portraying notable occasions that occurred here. Of particular note is the way that the site filled in as a correspondence channel between the town's protectors during the Crimean War.
  • Cape Fiolent: Stroll along the untainted ways, including precipices and unequalled perspectives on the ocean. Extending for around 6 kilometres, the zone offers immaculate seashores with rocks and sand, where you can escape from the city and throw a spotlight on the region's land arrangements. Have a cookout while viewing the ocean meet the sky from a 200 metre (650 feet) cliff. You can likewise stroll over dried magma streams. While there, visit the St. George Monastery, one of the most established religious communities of the area.
  • Monument to the Flooded Ships: Recognizing the 50th anniversary of the First Defense of Sevastopol rises the monument almost 16.7 metres or 54.7 feet out of the ocean. As a part of the commemoration complex that was made in 1905, this enormous Corinthian section with a hawk on the top helps guests to remember the penance made in a fight against the Allied naval force. Mindful that the foe had a lot more grounded armed force, the Russian military gathering made a boundary utilising every one of its boats, and the whole guard power joined at land. This kept the amazing foe from approaching. In the event that you swim to the milestone, you'll likewise see a plaque on its stone base, highlighting a guide of the destinations where the boats sank.
  • Lenin Embankment: Fixed with a variety of shops, bistros, and bars, Lenin Embankment fills in as one of Yalta's essential passerby avenues. Join the hordes of locals with a walk around the waterfront, taking in the grand perspectives on the encompassing mountains and ocean, or get a beverage or dinner at one of the numerous restaurants en route as you unwind under the shade of palm trees. Try not to miss the dock worked out into the sea and embellished with sail, bow, and harsh to give it the presence of a monster-sized ship.
  • Bakhchisaray Historical Cultural and Archeological Museum-Reserve: A jewel of Ottoman engineering that speaks to the conventional Crimean Tatar way of life of the sixteenth century. Dating back to the 1500s, this complex contains mosques, a burial ground, and previous castles spread across 4 hectares (10 sections of land) of arranged nurseries. Comparable Islamic constructions can be found in a couple of spots inside Europe, remembering the Alhambra for Spain. Notice the compound decorations fashioned by specialists from Turkey, Italy, and Iran, and set aside some effort to explore the inside's wellsprings and bronze goods. Search for the fountain of tears that Qirim Giray Khan worked for his better half. You'll likewise experience one of the biggest mosques in Crimea here, worked in 1532.
  • Balaklava: It is one of the most well-known hotels in Crimea, which is situated in the South of Sevastopol in the 15 km from the downtown area. The image and the primary fascination is Balaklava Bay, one of the most delightful on earth. When you are here you need to have an ocean ride on a boat or yacht. You can likewise ascend the mountain Kastron and visit the remnants of the Genoese post. Just as climb the mountain Asketi and appreciate tremendous perspectives on the Black Sea and rough coast with post South Balaklava. Here you can likewise continue strolling outing to the "Path of Healt", offering extraordinary perspectives on the seashores, appreciate terrific ocean sees, bounty clean ocean air and the smell of knoll grass and conifer-juniper timberlands.
  • Cave City Mangup Kale: Tourists visit this spot for the sole reason - to appreciate the remnants of glorious royal residences and old Christian houses of worship, and walk around the narrow endure roads of the city. In the relatively recent past, Crimean priests stepped up and reestablish the antiquated Christian religious community and the cloister church at Mangup Kale level. A couple of years after the fact, the driven venture was set in motion. Today there is a working religious community of the Annunciation, where just a single individual, the abbot Iakinth, dwells.
  • Gorge Maryam-Dere: Astonishing visits along the chasm are directed for travellers and tourists. The length of the milestone is around 2 km. Other than the cloister, visitors of these beautiful spots will have the option to see the great mountain landscape, take a gander at the once occupied gives in and see the remaining parts of the stone workmanship. At present, the Assumption Monastery experiences another huge scope reproduction. The revamped fabricating looks unimaginably noteworthy. There are heaps of guests in the religious community. Everything explorers can encounter its remarkable relics and unique notable atmosphere.
  • Sevastopol Dolphinarium: The Sevastopol Dolphinarium in Art Bay is situated in the heart of the city. For a very long time of work the domain got ideal for exhibitions, yet in addition for the investigation of marine life, their development and care of creatures. It is a must-visit if you are intrigued by marine life and want to see the magnificence of the creatures on display here.
Lenin Embankment


Sevastopol is a laid-back waterfront city with great maritime history and an attractive climate for vacationers. The city is prominently spotless and home to splendid Neo-old style structures, just as Black seashores along the Crimean landmass that can be appreciated all through the warm summers. Guests come to take a plunge in the water or go for a grand ship ride on the cove. Despite the fact that Sevastopol is generally well known as an oceanside resort destination, the city's archaeological vestiges, military locales, and exhibition halls make it mainstream among history buffs all year. The city's mellow winter atmosphere is cordial in any event, during the slow time of year. Given in the sections below are a few places that you must visit while touring the city.

City Parks

The city of Sevastopol does have a lot of green spaces and many of these are constituted by the green city parks that are an absolute delight to explore via a stroll. If you are in town and wish to take a walk with a loved one, these parks are the places that you must visit. If you are looking for peace and tranquillity, again, the following listed parks are your destination:

  • National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos
  • Skver Na Zakharova

National Parks

While there are no such specific national parks in Sevastopol, you can always explore the famed Nikita Botanical Gardens. It is home to a wild exhibit of plants from the area and around the globe, Nikita Botanical Gardens gives a chance to meander and explore in a calm outside setting. Walk around the nurseries' in excess of 50,000 types of vegetation, including blossoms, natural trees, and outlandish plants from Central Asia divvied up into 12 unique zones. Stroll through lavish forests, past murmuring wellsprings and gazebos, and around lakes packed with lily cushions and oceanic reeds. Try to visit the prickly plant nursery, which brags 600 species the delicious plant.

Nikita Botanical Gardens


Sevastopol is a city with a glorious past which experienced two destroying battles yet it stood the test of time. Today, visitors of Sevastopol can improve themselves socially, yet additionally unwind on excellent, perfect and prepared beaches. A few of the best ones are listed below:

  • Aquamarine: It is a spotless beach with crisp white sand, strolling ways and a wooden ground surface. A few bars and cafés, a water park, a spa, an open-air theatre work close to it. It is adored for pollution-free waters which are renowned to be clear, top-notch administration, and a lot of room for get-away.
  • Omega: There is a ton of pebbly beaches in regions of Sevastopol, consequently, Omega beach is impossible to miss interest for these spots. Tourists like unwind here, however, locals too, which can be an acknowledgement of the nature of the beach.
  • Lyubimovka: The beach in the town of Lyubimovka is loved as it has a proper sand cover rather than the majority of the beaches of the South Coast, where stones win. Moreover, this town has an entirely ideal location and people from neighbouring cities can easily visit ad this includes the people of Sevastapol.
  • Uchkuevka: Locals consider this beach the best in the region of Sevastopol. Also, who, if not individuals who know everywhere on the ground, ought to trust in issues of picking a place to get-away? The truth of the matter is that the vast majority of the Sevastopol beaches are fairly harsh segments of concrete, diving straightforwardly into the ocean.


  • Vorontsov Palace and Park: When it was the home of a rich Russian ruler, Vorontsov Palace and Park complex remaining parts one of Crimea's most famous tourist spots and highlights a blend of compositional impacts. Visit the castle, situated at the foot of a mountain range close to the ocean, and you'll quickly see the gigantic variety in plan all through. Walk around the structure and take in the exteriors, which highlight development suggestive of Indian royal residences, archaic mansions, and English nation homes. Visit the inside and explore its 150 rooms packed with lavish wooden furnishings, works of art, sweeping book assortments, and brightening decorations. Subsequently, walk the grounds and see the nurseries encompassing the structure.
  • Bronebashennaya beregovaya batareya №35: Dating back to 1913, highlights the remains of one of the most present day and biggest strongholds in the district from World War II. Today it shows weapons, officers' loads, and memorabilia. This post was exceptionally modern for now is the right time, furnished with 400-500 men and two firearms, which fired 471 kg (1,038 lb) shells up to 42 km (26 mi). Visit the remembrance complex at the site to see the clinic rooms where injured officers were dealt with, dull damp rooms, and war burrows, all canvassed in broken solid pieces and disfigured metal. You'll see shows of photos, just as establishments that portray the atmosphere of this spot.
Vorontsov Palace and Park


  • The State Museum-Preserve Tauric Chersonese: A fine illustration of a Greek settlement in the Black Sea area, The State Museum-Preserve Tauric Chersonese possesses a put on the World Heritage List. Explore this old site, established 2,500 years back, and its abundance of remnants and uncovered structures that incorporate an amphitheatre, sustained dividers, and private homes. Visit the on-location gallery to see instances of family things and different artefacts in plain view, which help to record the social, monetary, and political history of the Greek province. Join a guided visit, offered in a few emphasess with various subjects, to get familiar with somewhat more about a particular theme identified with the site including art, the uncovering cycle, or the middle age chapels that were later worked around the region.
  • Panorama Museum: The museum honours one of Imperial Russia's most noteworthy and most praised military triumphs, in which Russian protectors beat back French and British armed forces more than twofold their number. See an energetic presentation of Russian military history by visiting the exhibition hall uncommonly worked to house the gigantic canvas, estimating 14 m (50 ft) tall and 115 m (377 ft) long. Look carefully to detect the numerous subtleties remembered for the display of the attack, which kept going from 1854 to 1855. The canvas highlights many individual officers, sensibly painted guns and military hardware, and the geology of the actual harbour. Become familiar with the fight and the artwork through a guided visit through the display, offered in English.


You will regularly see vegetables on the table, including cabbages, potatoes, marrows, beets, tomatoes and eggplants. They are utilized for cooking complex dishes and servings of mixed greens, yet regularly they are filled in as an enhancement to the meat dishes. Discussing meat, the inclination is towards pork, so go enjoy some of the most authentic fare available locally.

Traditional Local Restaurants

The restaurants of Sevastopol are a great choice for tourists to explore authentic local cuisine, hence, given people are a few renowned ones that you can consider visiting:

  • Legenda
  • Barkas
  • The Ugol Burger & Steaks
  • Barin
  • Shalash

Vegetarian and Vegan

The people of Sevastopol are known to be meat-lovers and thus finding a vegan restaurant is a close to impossible task, yet a tourist can certainly try Mindal which is probably the sole vegan fare in town. Beyond this, many of the restaurants do have vegetarian options, so fret not, as an eco-friendly traveller you won’t go hungry by any means.

Street Food

The street food in Sevastopol is simply lip-smacking and one can enjoy some delectable hotdogs, burgers, grills, sandwiches, and salads. Given below are a few pocket-friendly restaurants that you could pick up street food items at:

  • Hotel-Restaurant Glechik
  • Restoran Borshch'ok
  • Restoran "Barkas"


Drinks in Sevastopol aren’t too different from what one experiences in any major Russian or Ukrainian city. Right from the famed Russian vodka to the strong Ukrainian cocktails, you can enjoy them all here, just go out to the nearest bar or club to have a great time.


The water quality in Sevastopol is not known to be too great and with the availability of conflicting data and reviews, it is suggested that those who fall ill easily must stick to bottled drinking water.

Organic Cafés

Being a relatively small city with plenty of meat lovers the organic cafe scene hasn’t quite caught on here and as a tourist you may certainly have to hunt for sustainable dining options.


The locals of Sevastopol do enjoy their beers and they do love grabbing afresh pint during the hot summers. Given below are some of the most popular breweries in town that you can visit to enjoy some craft/lager:

  • White City Brewery
  • Sevastopol'skiy Pivo-Bezalkogol'nyy Zavod
  • Gusar Brewery
  • Krong's Pub


Those interested in activities around Sevastopol can head to Ai Petri. Ai Petri highlights the unequalled perspectives on the southeastern coast, including some amazing bistros, eateries, and activities to indulge in. Settled among lively scenes 1,200 m (3,940 ft) over the ocean level, the site can be reached via vehicle, by walking, or through streetcar from Alupka. Head to the perception stage to snap photographs of the inlet and afterwards explore the common marvels of the site, incorporating a cavern with a story canvassed in ice. You can likewise have a customary Tatar supper, joined by wine, at one of the eateries here. Activities incorporate horseback riding, paragliding, and skiing, contingent upon the season. Winds can be savage, so dress in like manner.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is now a globally accepted form of exercise, meditation, and even a form of expression for self well-being. Thus, Sevastopol isn’t too far behind either and as a tourist, if you wish to align your chakras, head to the yoga studios listed below:

  • FitCurves
  • Akhtiar
  • Yuliana
  • Serdtse Yogi


The tourism industry is mainly blessed by the Russians and the Ukrainians who travel from nearby cities to enjoy a weekend in Sevastopol. Hence, there is no shortage of accommodation of any sort here, depending upon your budget and needs you shall find a suitable place to stay.

Green Hotels

Sevastopol is quite a green destination but it is also a small destination and the hospitality industry is not yet sufficiently developed to have fully certified green hotels. However, many of the local hotels do adopt sustainable practices and these are:

  • Omega Club
  • Apartments Hersones
  • Aquamarine Resort & Spa
  • Admiral Hotel
  • Eco Hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

Some of the most economical trips deserve good hostels to make them absolutely memorable. Hence, given below are a couple of options you can consider:

  • Hostel Morskoy
  • Hostel SkyCity
  • Hostel Pobeda
  • Dolphin Hostel


Leasing apartments is consistently somewhat of an undertaking for tourists and voyagers since some foundation is required and one has to investigate broadly for good areas, unwavering quality, cost, and security. Nonetheless, it serves to be a superb choice for most tourists who are going in gatherings or are searching for security without the unbending nature and significant expenses of hotel chains. Try websites that popular for a safe and reliable booking experience.


Couch Surfing is consistently a fascinating choice for tourists who wish to meet new individuals and explore urban communities. It is an incredible method to get direct knowledge into the culture and customs. As a tourist, it is also a cost-effective way of exploring cities. In Sevastopol, you certainly can try your luck, but make sure you find a good host.


Camping in Sevastopol is a great option for tourists who are looking to explore the outdoors, the city is extremely lively and does offer plenty of venues to pitch a tent, right from rocky beaches, to cliffs, and even small forests. Depending upon your choice ask the locals for a suitable campsite.

How to Get There

The city of Sevastopol and the Crimean district are part of the regional question, subsequently one ought to think about how to securely enter the area. Associations from the locale exist to both terrain Ukraine and Russia, and the two nations believe the district to be part of their region.


The Simferopol International Airport is the main airport around considering the Sevastopol International Airport doesn't have regular flights for the past 3 years. However, Simferopol International Airport is 100 kilometres away from the city centre so plan your travel accordingly.

The Simferopol International Airport


Bus Transport to and from all major and numerous minor urban areas of Crimea are accessible from the city bus stop. Transports to close terrain Russian urban communities travel by bridge or ship. There are transports to Ukrainian line, yet the boundary should be crossed by foot and an alternate transport can be taken on the opposite side.


Since 2018 there is no land railway service beyond Crimea due to the ban by Ukrainian government.


Hitchhiking your way to Sevastopol shall be a decent idea, however, one must consider all the risks and the complications that may arise during the journey as the region isn’t known to be too safe.


Beyond the above-listed modes of transport, one can drive down to Sevastopol via the numerous highways that connect to the city.

Moving Around

Moving around Sevastopol isn’t too difficult as the city isn’t too big and there are different types of transportation available.


Walking around the city is a great option for tourists, especially if they want to explore at their own pace, perhaps even click a few pictures and interact with the locals.


Riding a bicycle around town is a good option for many tourists, however, it isn’t very practical as you do not have dedicated cycling paths all over the city and the hilly terrain in some parts makes it impossible to ride a bicycle.

Electronic Vehicles

There aren’t many electric vehicles available in Sevastopol, hence, you are recommended to avoid taking a chance and stick to the basic modes of transport.

Public Bus

The availability of buses and minibuses in town does make it easy to explore the city and you can board one according to your destination.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are no local trains to explore the city but you can certainly make use of the trolleybus available in town.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping plays a huge role in the journey of every responsible traveller, if you wish to be one, make sure you are vocal for local and avoid purchasing from megastores.

Food Markets

Sevastopol does have quite a few local food markets that must be on every tourists’ radar if he/she wishes to pick the freshest and most organic produce to cook a meal.

Flea Markets

Sevastopol is home to a few flea markets, these have a few hidden gems that you can discover but these often a mobile and you need to discover their most recent location by asking the local people.

Second Hand Stores

Sevastopol does house a few second-hand stores and most of them deal in used electronics and clothing, so go shopping if you need either of these.


Eco-fashion is a big deal across the globe and if you wish to make a few purchases from brands practising the same you won’t find them too easily here but you can always look to indigenous clothing as they are manufactured in an eco-friendly way.


Recycling in Sevastopol is quite average, much of this is attributed to the disputed status of Crimea and the lack of initiatives by either government.


Waste Collection and disposal in Sevastopol is done by agencies that are handed out contracts by the local government. As a tourist, you won’t have to work too hard to dispose of your waste if you are living in a hotel.

Work and Study Abroad

Working and studying in Sevastopol isn’t exactly a smooth experience and not many prefer coming here, except for those living in the region of Crimea.

Exchange Student

There are quite a few universities here in Sevastopol and one of them deals with nuclear energy too so you may find a few exchange students in town.

Au Pair

Being an Au Pair in Sevastopol is possible but hunting for the perfect opportunity is a task that you shall have to work immensely hard to find as not many families are open to it.


Volunteering in Sevastopol is a good way of giving back to the society, all you have to do is look for like-minded individuals working for a cause you believe in and contact them, surely enough they shall accept your help with wide arms.

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