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Eco-friendly travel guide to Sihanoukville advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

View of the outskirts of Sihanoukville

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.9 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.9 / 5
  • Parks: 3.9 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3,9 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.7 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$1800 - $1900
  • Budget per day: US$1200 - $1300

Responsible Travel

Eco-friendly travel guide to Sihanoukville advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally-owned hotels, organic restaurants, and other businesses. Also known as Kampong Som, Sihanoukville is a coastal city in Cambodia and the capital of Sihanoukville Province, at the tip of an elevated peninsula in the country’s southwest on the Gulf of Thailand. The city has one navigable river, the mangrove-lined Ou Trojak Jet running from Otres Pagoda to the sea at Otres. The coastal town is famous for having some of the best beaches in Cambodia, making it the gateway destination of choice for the city dwellers of Phnom Pehn. The beaches are many in number and the nightlife is vibrant. These elements combine to make the city a popular place for people visiting the country. The city is flanked by an almost uninterrupted string of beaches along its entire coastline and coastal marshlands bordering the Ream National Park in the east. Sihanoukville was established as an international marine gateway and as a result, the local economy is largely defined by its deepwater port and the nearby oil terminal. Other sizable economic sectors of the city are fisheries, aquaculture, and frozen shrimp processing, the garment industry, food production, and processing, the constantly growing tourism industry with a noticeably developed service branch, and the associated real estate market. As a result of its economic diversity, the region's natural environment, and recreational potential, an increasing number of seasonal and permanent foreign residents make Sihanoukville one of the most culturally varied and dynamic population centers in Cambodia.

  • Choose green hotels over other accommodation options and if you cannot find a green hotel of your choice then opt for an apartment or hostel. This is because most of the five star hotels and resorts create tonnes of waste every day including 79,000 tonnes of food waste (9% total food waste from the sector) and they do not adhere to sustainable business practices. If you choose to stay in an apartment you can work on your carbon footprint and decide on things like using no plastic, minimum waste etc. This will not only help with reducing your carbon footprint but massively help help with improving the environment.
  • Eat Local food and buy the food from street food stalls or small restaurants. This is because most of the big restaurant chains or fast food conglomerates are guilty of producing so much waste and directly contributing the problem of pollution and climate change due to their harmful business models. Not only do the small business owners need the help of tourists to run their business and provide for their family but they also have ethical practices for example most of them do not use plastic.
  • Use local transportation or electronic vehicles to keep the city pollution-free and save a lot of money at the same time.
  • Shop local. In order to support local craftsmen and artisans always shop local. During your trip to the city, you will come across small shops and food stalls in almost every lane of the city. If you want to have an unforgettable experience in the city, then buy goods and handicrafts from these shops. This will not only help you to save a lot of money but you will be supporting a lot of local people who are dependent on their small businesses to earn a livelihood

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality is generally acceptable for most individuals. However, sensitive groups may experience minor to moderate symptoms from long-term exposure. Atmospheric particulate matter is microscopic solid or liquid matter suspended in the air. They are a mixture of materials that can include smoke, soot, dust, salt, acids, and metals. Particulate matter also forms when gases emitted from motor vehicles and industry undergo chemical reactions in the atmosphere. Hence, the government has taken certain actions ever since these problems started to grow.

Sihanoukville lies in the Tropical monsoon climate zone. The city has two seasons, a wet season and a dry season. At the end of January, Sihanoukville begins to warm and continues to get hotter through July. After February, cool mango showers occasionally blow in from the north. December through June is said by some local outfitters to be the best scuba weather with clearer and cooler waters than the rest of the year.

Respect the Culture

The majority of municipal inhabitants are of East Asian descent, who profoundly characterize and influence local customs, morals, commerce, cuisine, and tradition based on pan-East Asian beliefs and ideas. Cambodian culture is of distinct ancient Khmer origin, accompanied by century-old moderate Chinese and Vietnamese cultural influences. The prolonged presence of foreign and in particular Westerners in Cambodia and Sihanoukville town contributes to a noticeable varied, modern, multi-cultural manifestation, which is increasingly influenced by modern media.

The citizens of Sihanoukville city celebrate all religious, traditional, and secular festivities such as Cambodian New Year (April), Chinese New Year (between January and February), Water Festival (November), Pchum Ben (honor to the ancestors in October), and Kathen Ceremony (offerings to the monks), 8 January (Day of Cambodian - Vietnamese Friendship) among others.

As a tropical seaside resort, Sihanoukville’s nightlife is heavily influenced and characterized by the city’s large number of beaches. All along the central tourist area between the Golden Lion Plaza and the Ochheuteal or Serendipity Beaches are international and Western-styled night bars, live music venues, and all-night beach discos. Most young Cambodians generally prefer to frequent classic-style nightclubs with air-conditioning, lavish interiors and which are dedicated to more traditional ways of service procedures and cultural expression.

Top 10 Places to Visit

As known that Sihanoukville is one of the best cities for tourist attractions. It holds several sites of attractions and people love to visit the place. It is because there you will get some beautiful spots that have the most attractive views for your holiday trip. Read further to know about some of the interesting spots that are worth visiting, during your tour to the city.

  • Wat Krom – This is a Buddhist temple located on a small hill on Santipheap Street, which is about 3 km from the provincial town of Sihanoukville. Wat Krom temple is one of the most popular tourists’ attraction in Cambodia because it does not only have unique and beautiful architecture but also has a charming view over Sihanoukville and the sea. The temple was built to dedicate to the local deity, Yeah Mao.
  • Saint Michael’s Church – This is the only Roman Catholic Church in the city of Sihanoukville, Cambodia. It was built in the 1960s and is one of the rare churches in Cambodia that survived the systematic destruction of churches and pagodas during the Khmer Rouge regime. The church is situated on top of the hill with a view on the bay of Sihanoukville close to the Upper Pagoda. The church of Saint Michael was built in the New Khmer Architecture style by French missionary Ahadoberry with advice from Khmer architect Vann Molyvann. The church was considered very original by others missionaries at the time, which makes innovative use of reinforced concrete typical of the New Khmer architecture.
  • Kbal Chhay Waterfall – This waterfall approximately 7 km from the city of Sihanoukville in southwest Cambodia and then a further 9 km along a red dust track. It was a source for providing clean water to Sihanoukville, but the arrangement ended when it became a hiding place for the Khmer Rouge. Today the Royal Government of Cambodia has regained control of the site and once again uses it as a clean water source for the nearby city.
  • Ochheuteal Beach – This is a long narrow strip of white sand beach and the most developed tourist beach in Sihanoukville. The northern section has now become known as Serendipity Beach, a beach popular with Western tourists noted for small guesthouses right on the beach. There are around 30 beach huts serving good value meals and a wide selection of drinks, a golf course development at the south end, and a cluster of mid-range hotels and restaurants in the middle. The beach is lined with grass umbrellas, rentable beach chairs, and little drink huts from one end to the other.
  • Koh Russei – Also known as the Bamboo Island, this is one of a group of small islands in the Gulf of Thailand, located about 4.5 km off the coast of Sihanoukville city in southern Cambodia. For many years, Koh Russey served exclusively as a small outpost of the Cambodian Navy. However, increasing development and rising tourist numbers in Sihanoukville brought tourism to the island.
  • Preah Monivong Bokor National Park – This Park in Cambodia features an old French hill station at 1,080 m which can be visited as a day trip from Kampot or Sihanoukville. Its landscapes are hilly with interesting boulders here and there. Besides, during your day tour to this park, you can consider enjoying the typical tour that involves several historic and scenic stops. These sites include the Black Palace, which is King Sihanouk's holiday residence; Lok Yeay Mao Statue, which is a 29-meter-tall statue of a Cambodian Buddhist heroine; a complex of colonial-era temples; Old Catholic Church, which is a small church built in the early 1920s, now ruins. In addition, you can enjoy the view of the cliff above it is a good place for a meal or to watch the sunset; and the Bokor Hill Station.
  • Koh Rong – This is an Island off the coast of Sihanoukville. With 23 white sand beaches to choose from Koh Rong, it has plenty to see and do. For the adventurous, there is plenty of trekking to be done through the relatively untouched jungle. Diving and snorkeling are excellent both off the beach and at sites nearby. But above all, the best attraction is the phosphorescent water which sparkles when disturbed like twinkling stars. You can reach the island by a ferry ride from Sihanoukville.
  • Sokha Beach – This beach is located just west of Serendipity Beach and is privately owned by Sokha Beach Hotel, the first five-star luxury beach hotel in Cambodia. It provides luxurious facilities and has a wide white sandy beach, but hotel security may prevent visitors who are not guests from going onto the beach.
  • Koh Rong Samloem Island – This Island is slightly smaller than Koh Rong and situated on its south. Beautiful beaches are on the east coast, where a large heart-shaped bay with some shellfish cultivation is located. There is diverse marine life around Koh Rong Samloem, which makes it a great spot for scuba diving or snorkeling.
  • Koh Dek Koul – This is a small private island 7 kilometers from Victory Beach. The luxurious Russian-owned Mirax Resort is located on this island, which is a great option for travelers to Sihanoukville who wouldn’t mind splurging a little.
Wat Krom


Above are the mentioned top ten tourist attractions, which you can opt to pay a visit while traveling to Sihanoukville. In addition, there are some other places in the city like parks and museums that you can consider checking out during your tour in the city. Here is a list of such places that you can explore.

City Parks

  • Buddy Land Water Park – This is the first and unique water park in Sihanoukville. It has a 12-meter high water slide and a large pool with different-sized water balls. You can enjoy their tornado potato with either onion flavor r BBQ flavor. You can also consider trying their rainbow sherbet. They also serve Angkor beer for a good price. Besides, they have a small souvenir such as hats, pieces of jewelry, bags, and scarves.

National Parks

  • Ream National Park – Officially named as Preah Sihanouk Ream National Park, this national park of Cambodia is located at a distance from Sihanoukville city in the Prey Nob district of the Sihanoukville Province in south-eastern Cambodia. The national park’s biological value is defined by its combination of rivers, forests, mangroves, estuaries, beaches, coral reefs, wildlife, and marine life. Wildlife found in the national park includes rhesus monkeys, turtles, pelicans, dugongs, dolphins, Sarus crane, and mouse-deer. Vegetation habitats of the park include lowland evergreen forest, melaleuca forests, and mangrove forest.
Ream National Park


  • Otres Beach – This beach is an amazing 4 km long stretch of clean, white sands. It is a small headland at the south end of Ochheuteal is Otres Beach, which is far less developed but is well-known for its long stretch of land, making it a great spot for sunbathing and exploring. Otres Beach is the quietest beach in Sihanoukville, so you can consider retreating here if you want to relax and get away from the hustle of the city.
Otres Beach


  • Golden Lions Roundabout – The lion statue roundabout located downtown is a representative of Sihanoukville that means the city of lions or King of animals. It is a popular place, especially at night time people like coming around here with family or friends for a photo. Every province in Cambodia has its own symbol Statue. The different statue has a different meaning. All in all, the statue in Sihanoukville resembles the city of being a powerful province.
Golden Lions Roundabout


  • Otres Art Studio – This place is designed to provoke imagination and creativity. It accumulates stores and displays inspiration from and for anyone passing through. The setting is very relaxed, stay as long as you like, and create at your own pace.


Fresh seafood, especially crab, prawns, and ocean fish is common. In the Khmer diet, rice and freshwater fish play big roles because of the abundance of both. Amok is a national dish, made from fish, coconut milk, and curry paste. All the ingredients are mixed together and put in banana leaf cups with coconut cream on top, then steamed. Another common form is amok chouk, in this snails with curry are steamed in their shells. It is best served with a plate of hot, steamed rice. Samlor Machu Trey is a soup that is popular in many households in Cambodia as it is not only easy to make but also has a delicious taste. Its ingredients include fish, garlic, celery, pineapple, and many more along with the seasoning of sugar, fish sauce, and salt. Many people also add some fresh green herbs and hot chili pepper on top before serving.

Char kroeung sach ko is a popular Cambodian stir-fried dish that you can find almost throughout the country. After putting the beef in heated oil with garlic, stir fry until the beef becomes tender. Then add vegetables such as red peppers and onion as well as the kroeung mixture. Kuy teav is a noodle soup made from pork or beef stock and rice vermicelli and toppings including bean sprouts and green onions. A variety of meat choices can be added, such as pork, chicken, fish balls, and beef as well as seafood. Twa ko is a Cambodian sausage made from beef or pork and various spices. Just like any good homemade sausage. Twa ko can be enjoyed on its own in barbecued, grilled, or pan-fried style or served with steamed rice and fresh vegetables.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Secret Garden Otres – Situated at the end of Otres Beach, this is a resort made up of classy and comfortable beach bungalows, a bar, and a restaurant offering superior fare. The atmosphere of the restaurant is casual and you will get all-day meals. The menu includes both Western and Asian dishes, all of which are made from quality ingredients including produce grown in their own garden. The Secret Garden offers fine dining at its best and a gorgeous view of the beach to accompany it. The price is affordable and the dishes served here are super delicious.
  • Ryoma – This restaurant is situated in Golden Lion Traffic Circle Krong Preah and specializes in Japanese cuisine. With sweet little lanterns lining the decking and rustic wooden furniture, Ryoma has a pleasant laid back atmosphere. The food is cheap so it is possible to order a few small dishes and sample a range of the delicious Japanese food that they offer. There are two Ryoma restaurants in Sihanoukville so no excuse to miss out, find them at the famous Golden Lion roundabout and Serendipity Road.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Dao of Life – Located in Krong Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia, this is an eco-vegetarian restaurant. Their delicious vegetarian dishes are made with fresh locally sourced ingredients and expertly prepared. The ambiance is decent and the food quality is remarkable. With a chilled-out vibe, this arty hang-out is a perfect venue to enjoy the flavorful meals with the mesmerizing watch to the live band in the evening. You can also opt to attend one of their creative art workshops held on the rooftop.
  • Holy Cow – Located in a traditional Khmer building, this restaurant has a lovely Cambodian charm. Although it provides a menu comprising mainly Western dishes, this place offers excellent vegetarian dishes, freshly baked bread, and lots more. The food served here is tasty and well prepared. With homely touches and artistic decor, this place is known for its great variety of eateries that available at reasonable prices.

Street Food

The beaches of the city nit only offer amazing view and enjoying activities, but also serves great street foods that are loved by both the locals and tourists. Bongkong Parg or lobster Horley is a kind of shrimp/lobster fried and quite hard to open. You need to start by ripping off the top and then eat the flesh as well as the fried piece of tail. The dish is really unique and is very much a mixture of lobster and squid. This was the best seafood you can try in Sihanoukville. Grilled pork on skewers is served everywhere across the city. Usually, there are two kinds of skewers, one served with pickle salad with piles of veggies together with rice, and another loaded with herbs and condiments.

Lok Lak is stir-fried meat is typically topped with a salad of sweet tomato, crispy lettuce, raw cucumber, and fresh onion, all served seasoned with lime juice and black pepper. Travelers can opt for the traditional way of eating, wrapped up in a lettuce leaf in the way of classic Cambodian culture. The hard-boiled bun stuffed with eggs and pork encapsulates the traditional taste of Cambodia without adding any twist to the ingredients or unnecessary condiments. Besides pork, chicken, and beef, sometimes visitors can see a whole frog on the skewers of barbecue carts in the capital, which is actually a renowned street food in Cambodia. The taste of frogs is said to be juicy and tender, similar to that of chicken.


The two domestic Cambodian beers, Anchor and Angkor are widely available across the regions of the country. It is very much in demand among the locals, besides the tourist also opt to try these alcoholic Cambodian drinks. These beer have their own unusual taste, which is liked by the majority. In addition, Beer Lao and Tiger are some popular beers that are highly preferred by travelers and foreigners.

Many of the cheaper beers such as Crown or Leo, are also available and are only drunk by the locals. Further, the country also offers palm wine and rice wine that are available in villages of the country. Golden Muscle wine is a very savory drink to enjoy when visiting Cambodia. This is a kind of wine made from deer antlers and some precious herbs. This wine is easy to drink for those who cannot drink alcohol.

Cambodia Soft drinks and Ice coffee are some popular drinks for the Cambodian people. Iced coffee is ubiquitous in Cambodia. It is made in Vietnamese style, freshly brewed, and mixed with sweetened condensed milk. You can order more ice or a lot of ice depending on your taste. Iced tea made with lemon and sugar is also refreshing and is widely available across the country. You will also find the craze for fresh coconuts that are easily available in Cambodia. Besides, tea, coconut milk, etc. are also widespread drinks in the country.


The tap water of Sihanoukville is not safe for drinking. This is because the city lacks infrastructure. There is a lot of chlorine in water, which makes the water quality undrinkable as it gives the water a bad taste and smell. Therefore, you are suggested to drink bottled water that is available across the city at a reasonable price. Besides, you can consider boiling the tap water before drinking, but as a tourist, you are suggested to avoid the risk of drinking tap water.

Organic Cafés

  • Starfish Bakery and Café – Located in Kampong Saom, Sihanoukville, this café began as a non-profit organization that focuses on supporting the Cambodian people. It is considered a breakfast paradise with the offering of a sterling cup of coffee, freshly baked goods, and fruit platters. This café is one of the most visited cafes in the city as they ensure that all of their projects are socially and sustainably viable. In addition, they offer aid with water, sanitation, and healthcare. You will get a great variety of cuisines including European, Healthy, and Cambodian. The prices are quite pocket-friendly too.
  • Del Mar Pastry & Coffee – Situated in Ekareach Street, this place is known for offering delicious coffee in the town. They offer a good menu option for breakfast and brunch, which mainly includes European cuisines. The staffs of this café are polite and the atmosphere is decent. You can spend your quality time here with a relaxed and chilled mode on. Besides coffee, they also serve great options for healthy drinks, desserts, and quick bites.


  • Angkor Brewery – This is the largest brewery in Cambodia, situated in Sihanoukville. The brewery produced lager beer, marketed under the brand names Angkor Beer and Bayon Beer. The Angkor Beer is the most widely consumed beer in the country and acknowledged as Cambodia’s national beer. Besides, it also produces Klang Beer, Bayon Beer, Angkor Extra Stout, and Black Panther Premium Stout.
  • Five Men Fresh Beer – This is a microbrewery; essentially a beer hall with exquisite and tasty Cambodian food available to order. The meals are complemented by the fresh beer brewed in the factory and are served straight out of the barrel without being fermented a second time. This is a very authentic place to enjoy dining. In addition, this is an entertaining and wonderful place to enjoy the eateries.


Apart from scouting the popular tourist attractions, the city provides various outdoor activities. The waters in and around Sihanoukville offer an array of fresh water and sea fish. Along the Ou Trojak Jet River at Otres, barramundi and mangrove jacks are to be found. The sea around the bay offers marlin, barracuda, tuna, and mahi-mahi. The boat is built for fishing. Guides have experience of many years of fishing on the Cambodian coast. You can consider going snorkeling. Most of the islands in Sihanoukville provide the facility of the best snorkeling in the islands with visibility, corals, and fish. Besides, there are many islands off the Cambodian coast that have lots of coral and fish. Hence, you can consider diving in the waters and get a great experience of scuba diving.

Yoga and Retreats

There are few yoga centers that offer yoga sessions to calm the mind and regain energy. Hence, you can join these yoga retreats to get yourself feel composed from the hustle and bustle of the city. Further, you can consider going for meditation too.


Suitable accommodation is an essential need for any foreigner who is touring this place. The state offers you a wide range of luxury green hotels and apartments in addition to affordable hostels and guesthouses. From cheaper hotels to high-class luxury places, there are plenty of places to stay in the city.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are incredibly comfortable and have so many facilities for visitors. They have all the necessary facilities for every visitor. Many green hotels also provide the options of in-house restaurants that offer traditional cuisine of the country. You can easily compare and book these hotels online.

Hostels and Guest Houses

The guesthouses and hostels start from a very lower price range compared to hotels that help you to get more budget flexibility. You can even share the hostel room with other travelers or people to get them at a lower price. There are plenty of facilities that you will be able to get from the hostels and guesthouses if you choose to stay in the expensive ones.


There are many people who travel to another city for a job or other purpose and stay in the city for a longer duration. Therefore, renting an apartment is the best option for you to stay in the city for a long time. It will help you save a lot of money. All of the apartments offer basic facilities to the customers. In addition, the apartments help you to get surrounded by the local people of the city.


It is the best option to get accommodation for the one who doesn’t want to spend much on lodging. Travelers like to find Couchsurfing in different cities, which helps them stay in the city for a long time and save a lot of money. The comfort you will feel during Couchsurfing might not be compared to what you can get from your house, but you should remember that it is only for some time, and it is better than being stranded. It will also be very beneficial for you as it will grant you the chance to interact with the locals and know a brief account of the living of the locals.


There are some camping grounds in and around the city. These campsites are something that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. These campsites are filled with all sorts of natural beauty, flora and fauna, lakes and landscapes, and others. These campsites and trails offer spots for trekking too. Further, the camping grounds provide basic amenities along with serving a comfortable and cozy stay.

How to Get There

Airways is the most suitable and fastest way to get in the city as compared to others. If you are traveling from nearby locations, then you can prefer buses and trains that widely cover various regions in and around the city. The facility of boat and hitchhiking is also available to get in the city.


Sihanouk International Airport, located to the east of the town, on the edge of Ream National Park is the main airport of the city. Cambodian Angkor Air serves it. There are direct flights from Saigon in Vietnam and several [[Cambodia[[n airports. Air Asia flies here from KL and Bangkok. There are also numerous flights from cities in China, serving the growing Chinese ex-pat community. The only way to get from/to the airport seems to be by taxi.

Sihanouk International Airport


Frequent buses arrive in Sihanoukville from Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Ho Chi Minh City, and Bangkok. Phnom Penh Sorya Transport, GST Express, and Mekong Express operate hourly bus services from Phnom Penh. Rith Mony, Bun Thou, and Virak Buntham Express operate daily air-conditioned minibus service leaving to and from the border with Thailand at Koh Kong or Hat Lek. Virak Bunthasm Express offers a bus service from Ha Tien in Vietnam to Sihanoukville via the new Xa Xia or Prek Chak border post.


Sihanoukville railway station is the main railway station in the city. Passenger services between Sihanoukville and the capital Phnom Penh via Takeo and Kampot run at least four times per week. The service takes approximately 7 hours from Phnom Penh and 1½ hour from Kampot. Tickets are cheap and there are usually some air-conditioned carriages on the train.


As the roadways of the city are well connected, the facility of hitchhiking is available across Sihanoukville. This means of traveling will help you to acquire some of the best experiences as there are plenty of views to admire along the way. You can easily reach the nearby locations free of cost or sometimes, at a minimal cost. You will get a chance to interact with the locals and even learn a few aspects of the local culture here in the country.


Koh Rong Island and Koh Rong Sanloem Island have daily ferry service. Access to smaller islands is generally provided by local holiday resorts. Additionally, small long-tail boats and medium-size cruising boats can be individually hired for sightseeing, fishing, diving, and drinking trips at Otres marina, guest-houses, travel agencies, and diving operators. Marina Oceania is the first marina in Cambodia operational and fully equipped for yachts and boats. It is at the local port’s pier, near Koh Preab Island.

Moving Around

The city provides you several options to visit the interior of the city. Being a tourist, you should always opt to go with the transportation options that will help you to spend less money and get the chance to explore more. Hence, you can opt for transport services like bicycles, cars, etc.


It is one of the best ways of traveling when you want to explore the nearby market areas without missing anything. In addition, walking down the lanes and streets will also help you to understand the culture of the city. Further, you will get the chance to meet the locals as you come across the localities while shopping through the paths of the market.


Renting a scooter would be a great choice to get around but police might stop you on your way and force you to pay.

Electronic Vehicles

There are no electric car services in the city. But, the city is planning to introduce electric cars in the coming years along with establishing charging stations in various regions for the proper functioning of these cars.

Public Bus

There is no service of public buses in the city. But there are dozens of ubiquitous tuk-tuks around the new bus station and the accommodation areas.

Tram, Train and Subway

The train service is connected with different routes and lines and is used to get in the city. There is no facility for trams and subways.

Sustainable Shopping

While exploring the regions of Sihanoukville, you will be able to visit some of the popular markets that offer antique and vintage items. The facility of sustainable shopping is highly offered by the city. Further, you are recommended to purchase items from the small shops. Doing this will support the local economy positively, as most of them are dependent on tourism.

Food Markets

The food market of the city remains crowded with the locals as well the tourists. These markets sell a wide range of seasonal produce including an excellent variety of fruits and vegetables. There are fish and meat markets in the city, where you will get various kinds of meats and fishes.

Flea Markets

Located in the center of town, Phsar Leu MArket is a large plaza filled with nearly 100 vendors selling a variety of goods. Here you will find various stalls that are selling children’s clothing, stalls with bathing suits, stalls for gold watches and jewelry, and stalls with lots of food items.

Second Hand Stores

The city holds few thrift stores that are located in different regions of the city. These stores offer second-hand items at a pocket-friendly price. In addition, these second-hand stores often provide fundraising facilities for charity purposes or to help the needy locals.


The clothes that are manufactured with the usage of natural dyes and raw materials extracted from the organic plants are known as eco-fashionable clothes. Eco-fashion does not harm the environment and is part of the sustainable shopping items.


The informal sector largely focuses on the collection of recyclable waste. Plastic bags are collected through both formal and informal sectors and are also form the major chunk of litter in Cambodia. Further, these recyclable products are turned into new items that are usable. Also, recycling helps to reduce the toxins that harm the environment.


In Sihanoukville, more or less 600 tonnes of wastes are collected per day. The government effectively works to collect the wastes from the different regions of the city and then send them for treatment. This helps in the waste management program. The collection of this waste has assisted to keep the city clean and free from impurities.

Work and Study Abroad

Many students from different countries visit to complete their education. They receive plenty of benefits for higher study with a low-cost lifestyle that helps them to study without spending a lot of money. Apart from this, there are many migrants as well who are working and earning their living pretty well. Jobs like au pair and volunteering are available in the country that helps workers from different countries to earn a lot.

Exchange Student

An exchange student program is highly served by the colleges and universities of the city. With the help of this program, students of other countries can visit foreign countries and pursue courses in popular universities with the lowest price. The home university of your country needs to nominate you for the program, and they need to have a partnership with the universities of other countries that you are looking to study in. Further, they also aid to provide beneficial methods for foreign students to boost their skills.

Au Pair

Au pair provides the facility of job in the city. This includes working for the host family as a caretaker of their child, doing household works, taking care of elderly people, etc. This provides a good source of income for outsiders. Further, you will get the facility of food and shelter too. With the help of this facility, you can stay in any city for as long as you want.


Volunteering is highly conducted across the city. This facility aids you to connect with others. Besides, the opportunity to be a part of the noble cause makes you feel good. There is some volunteering work like teaching, taking care of animals, etc. that brings fun to your life. Further, being a helping hand for the betterment of the city and country can be beneficial to advance your career. In addition, volunteering helps you to increase your social skills and make new friends.

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