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Eco-friendly travel guide to Sint Eustatius advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Sint Eustatius, Caribbean, North America.

Sint Eustatius Island

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3 / 5
  • Train connections: 3 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 2 / 5
  • National parks: 3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $40
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $120

Responsible Travel

This island belongs to the Netherlands. The total area of this island is only 21 km2, with a total population of 3138 peoples. The capital of this island is Oranjestad which is the largest city on this island. This island's official language is Dutch, but English is the most spoken language on this island. The currency which is widely used here is United States Dollars. This island became the municipality of the Netherlands in 2010. This island is present in north-west of Saint kits, and southeast of this island is connected to Saba. Surrounded by water bodies, the island faces a tropical climate, and storms and hurricanes are common over here.

Air Quality and Pollution

This island's air quality is good enough for travelling. It is because the consumption of vehicles in this island is very less. Vehicles are one of the prime reasons of air pollution as it emits smoke which creates a lot of air pollution. Deforestation is also another reason for pollution as trees act as a natural air purifier; therefore, less plantation of trees or cutting down trees adds up to the declining rate of pollution. This island has a lot of vegetation which helps in purifying and cleaning the air of this island. This island's population is significantly less, which leads to less consumption or almost zero consumption of vehicles. Another reason for air pollution includes industries and construction. There are very few and limited industries present on this island. These industries are also well maintained; therefore, there is no chance of pollutants released from these industries. Water pollution in this city is at a moderate scale, and in the past few years, there has been a hike in the rate of water pollution levels. It is because of the unawareness of people about the harmful effects of dumping waste in water bodies. The locals usually dump their waste in a water body which degrades the quality of water. It degrades the quality of water and affects the marine life present in that water body. There are other harmful pollutants which are also present in the water of this city. It not only pollutes tap water but also affects the availability of drinking water.

Respect the Culture

This island was first claimed under the rule of Dutch in the year 1636. Most of this island's culture is inspired by the Netherlands' culture because this island has been a part of the Netherlands for a very long time. There are a lot of evidence that prove the connection between Netherland and this island. That evidence includes the similarity between the Netherland's food and this island, different holidays celebrated on this island, and the traditions that the people of this island follow are too similar to those followed by the people of Netherland. There are certain links of this island with America, as the currency widely accepted here is United States Dollars, and a lot of people also speaks English on this island. America also plays an important role in building the culture of this island. Therefore, this island has mixed culture. We must always respect the culture of the place we are visiting. A culture is denoted by a group of people who follow the same ideologies or have the same beliefs and faith. Cultural festivals such as art festivals are enjoyed by everyone living on this island and are celebrated with great joy.

Top 10 Places to Visit

These places include some historical sites that can help you gain a lot of knowledge about this island's past, including the wars, various leaders of the war, the weapons used during the war, and many other things. The places which are listed below must be visited while you are here during your trip.

  • Mount Mazinga: It is a volcano that has an elevation of around 601 meters above sea level. It is the second-largest Mountain present in the entire Netherlands. This mountain is estimated to be found between 22,000 and 32,000 years ago. This mountain had a last eruption around 1600 years ago. There are tropical trees and plants which are also present on this island. Some orchids are also present, and there are 17 different kinds of orchids present here. Talking about the fauna, animal species such as snakes, anoles, iguanas, butterflies, birds, goats, chickens, crabs, etc. can be easily seen here.
  • Fort Oranjestad: It is a monument that is present in Oranjestad. It is one of the 16 defenses present on this island; this was made to prevent pirates and enemies from entering this island. Until 1846 this area was used as an army infantry and artillery and alter when it was vacant; it was reconstructed as an administrative center where Lieutenant Governor's office was established.
  • Fort de Wind: It is a palace that is covered with two cannons and was established in 1756. It was established to keep an eye on shipping routes from this island to St. Kitts, but it was abandoned in 1815. It is at present a tourist place and has a sea-facing view so that people can enjoy the wonderful view of the sea. Between January till April, you can even witness whales in the ocean.
  • Miriam Schmidt Botanical Gardens: It is a national park which is located near the Quill on the southern slopes. This garden was established in 1998 and was named after a woman who had an ambition of protecting the diversity of this island. You can get immense pleasure while walking in this garden as the freshness of winds, and the environment is so soothing. The total area of this garden is around 5.3 hectares.
  • The Lower town: It is one of the two parts of Oranjestad, which is the capital of this island. You can visit this part of the city to get a spectacular view of the ocean from a height. The other part of this place is a commercial center, and the majority of people reside there.
  • Oranjestad: It is the only city present on this island, and also, it is the capital of this island. This town was first constructed in 1893, and the foundation base of this city is made of concrete. There is a square pyramidal skeletal tower with a balcony in this city with a height of 20 meters.
  • Smoke Alley Beach: It is a famous beach located on this island near Gallows bay. While trying any water sport, you must take extra precautions as there will be no lifeguard available to help you, so you have to take care of yourself. The sand of this beach has a different texture and the sand here is black, which gives this beach a unique look.
  • Corre bay: It is a bay that is connected with a water body. There are a lot of people who visit this bay to enjoy the sunset. You can even spend some time with your friends and family here. You can even enjoy the fresh sea breeze which comes directly from the sea. You must pay proper attention to safety as there is no railing or any other safety present in this place.
  • Zeelandia Bay:This bay is present near the airport and at a distance of around 3 kilometers from the airport. One of the most exciting and unique things about this bay is that swimming is not allowed because of currents and undertow's heavy flow. However, you can still walk on the sandy beach.
  • St. Eustatius Museum: This museum was founded in 1946 to promote and prevent historical evidence of this island's culture. This museum requires entry fees, without which you won’t be able to enter this museum. This museum can help you to learn a lot of things about the history of this island. It is a well-established museum present on this island.


You can explore many places on this island, though this island's area is small. Still, many of the things are present on this island that can be explored. There are national parks in this place to help you provide knowledge about the various species of plants and animals present here. With the help of National Park, you can explore nature in depth. There are museums present where you can learn about various things that happened in history, things like wars, weapons, and strategies used in the wars and the countries that ruled and controlled this island. Art museums can also help you get knowledge about the various artists and their work in different arts such as common literature, music, dance etc. Some beaches are also present as this is an island covered by water bodies on every side; therefore, many features are present in this island connected to oceans.

City Parks

City parks are parks that are present in a particular city of the country. Many locals roam in city parks or come to enjoy or play any sport to use these city parks for morning or evening walks. You can even play or enjoy yourself with your friends or family. There are no city parks present in this area because the area of this place is less; therefore, there is no need for city parks, and already there is only one city present on this island. Also, the population present on this island is very less; therefore, the park's proper use is not possible. If you want to visit City Park for a morning or an evening walk you can visit these jungles that can provide you immense freshness and relaxation.

National Parks

National parks are those parks the Terra established to maintain and pencil nature and wildlife; therefore, many people visit national parks. There are a total of three national parks on this island. These national bugs can help you learn and a lot of knowledge about this island's flora and fauna. There is a special foundation that is mainly established to maintain these parks. There is a marine National Park Among the three national parks present on this island. In this Marina Park, you can see many marine animals such as different aquatic plants and different species of fishes, turtles, and many other things. There are also snorkeling tours available in these marine parks so that you can dive deep in water to learn about the natural habitats and life that exist in the water. There are camping tours organized in this national park, or you can hire a guide so that you can learn about the plants, trees, and animals living here in detail. Camping in these national parks that too between nature will help your mind and body to relax.

  • Quill National Park
  • St. Eustatius National Marine Park88'


There are beaches present on this island as it is an island and surrounded by the ocean, which means many beaches are present here. Beaches are one of the best places if you want to relax. You can even try various water sports on these beaches, such as water surfing. Water surfing is a great and fun activity that can be enjoyed on this island. It is one of the most preferred activities because many surfing gear rental shops are available on these beaches. Some of the famous beaches are listed below. It is a volcanic island; therefore, some beaches are made up of volcanic soil, which gives it a unique texture and color. Beaches are known for relaxation and various activities. If you do not want to try water sports, you can simply lie down and enjoy sunbathing, helping you get various essential vitamins. Too much sunbathing can cause sunburn, which can be painful. You can even try beach volleyball. Walking on these beaches is better than walking on tracks as it helps in a better workout because your legs penetrate through the sand.

  • Lynch Beach
  • Oranje Beach


Landmarks are the most popular places among the locals and foreigners and are used to locate any place if you are unable to find the exact address. Other than this, landmarks are of different types, including those landmarks that can help you learn something about history and other things. It can be a famous person's statue to pay some tribute to them; it can be a local market that can be famous for the products sold in this market. Another landmark can be a historical monument that shows the history of that city or anything. There are not many landmarks present on this island because the area of this island is very small. However, you can still visit various historical places, beaches, national parks, and many other places present on this island. You do not need any of the vehicles to visit any part of this island; you can even walk to reach your destination.

  • Old Church Cemetery
  • Jewish Cemetery
  • Anglican Cemetery
  • Fort Oranjestad


Museums are places where a lot of things can be learned. Museums can help you to gain a lot of knowledge through the actual evidence of that time. The main museum on this island has all the information about the island, including its establishment, ancient people, wars, history, rulers, and other information. You will not get bored if you love to learn new things. These museums are established to help you learn about this island and the features of this island. You can even experience the richness of culture and architecture from these museums as there is evidence of culture and architecture on this island.

  • Lynch Plantation Museum
  • Battery Core Core


There are different types of cafes, restaurants, and hotels present on this island that serves different cuisines. You can visit any of the cafes to enjoy various dishes that will stop some of the cafes near the beaches so the locals or tourists can enjoy the beautiful view of sunset or sunrise while having their food. The majority of the food comes from major countries of Europe, and some fast food is also available such as noodles, burgers and other such types of food. There are even small stalls which you can find near the beaches selling ready-to-eat food. If possible, you must purchase from these small stalls to provide little support to the family. You can enjoy traditional or local food on this island by visiting local restaurants. These restaurants serve dishes that are the most popular among the locals of this island.

  • The Boardwalk Cafe
  • Ocean View Terrace
  • Harbor club
  • Statia
  • Para Mira
  • Cool Corner
  • Juicy Licious/Mobile Delicious
  • Franky's Bar & Restaurant


There are a lot of different types of beverages that are present on this island. You can enjoy various beverages. You can even have coffee which is mainly imported from the countries of Europe. You can even drink tea on this island as it is available here. Some of the types of beers are also present on this island which can be enjoyed here. Beer is an alcoholic beverage that has nutrients in it. There are beer bars or clubs near beaches where you can visit and enjoy different types of beers. You can only consume alcoholic beverages only if you are above the age limit requires.


In general, the tap water of Sint Eustatius is not fit for drinking; you'll get sick. For safe drinking, try drinking from bottled water. Reports show that in few cities, water accessibility, treatment, and sanitation vary widely from location to location, therefore as a tourist, you must look for a specific town for safe drinking information. The water supply all over Sint Eustatius comes from various sources, including runoff and rainfall collection. The supply of water throughout the country is under development; hence, avoid using tap waters. Instead, you can boil tap water and store it in steel water bottles for later consumption. Bottled water is available in any general store in the city; hence, it won't be hard to find bottled water on your journey.


Being a small Dutch island in the Caribbean, Sint Eustatius is a small and quiet island; the only thing you can't expect here is expecting nightlife, shopping, etc. Despite this, tourists find this island charming and peaceful than most islands in the country. The island has the charm surrounding you with beautiful sights of the scenic landscapes and beautiful beaches. You can do plenty of Sint Eustatius activities, including swimming, hiking, diving, snorkeling, walking along the coastlines, visiting historical places, or many others.

  • The mere possibility of swimming is at the north end of Oranjestad Bay.
  • There is a fantastic sandy beach on the Atlantic Coast, where you can enjoy a good walk along-side the beautiful sight of the sea.
  • You can visit various historical places, like the main attraction being the central district of the capital where you can see multiple attractive restored buildings of historical and cultural interest, including a museum, headquarters of STENAPA, and many others
  • You can hike while traveling to The Quill, which is the island’s dormant volcano
  • Wander around Fort Oranje's cliffs (built-in 1636) – one of the island's main tourist attractions
  • Apart from these, you can see numerous attraction points such as botanical gardens, diving, or snorkeling to experience underwater life


Accommodation while on Sint Eustatius trips is varied, ranging from environment-friendly hotels, hostels, and guesthouses to luxury villas and apartments; such accommodations are as pleasant as the respective place's staff. Choosing these accommodations is a matter of taste and preference based on the type of holiday that Sint Eustatius' visitors' mostly search. This island provides you with all kinds of lifestyle and accommodations you want, whether private or shared. Both types allow you to feel free and safe; from luxury hotels to guest houses, inns, and eco-friendly cabins, you can get whatever you like. To list accommodation in Sint Eustatius, here are some pretty fantastic accommodation possibilities by the island

Green Hotels

Over the years, the concepts of green hotels have evolved in many ways. You can easily find such accommodations in this part of the country. These hotels focus mainly on improving the environmental impact, especially around waste diversion and carbon emissions. Such hotels use alternative energy sources such as solar power that help save energy and reduce its environmental impact. Some of the best green hotels Sint Eustatius has are:

  • The Old Gin House
  • Orange Bay Hotel
  • Papaya Inn
  • Golden Era Hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

Here in Sint Eustatius, hostels and guesthouses are available in a wide range. These places are best for those travelers or tourists who generally travel alone and do not prefer staying in one place for a long time. Guesthouses, however, offer shared rooms that allow people to open up to strangers. Apart from these, you can roam or perform activities freely of your own will. Such people who travel alone or in a group of one or two usually search for a budget-friendly accommodation option; therefore, here are some accommodations you might get interested in:

  • Statia Lodge
  • KO -Rooms B/B
  • Country Inn Guesthouse


Apartments are available on rent; these can be flats, or a bungalow, or someone's property. Apartments are the best kind of accommodation as it provides complete privacy so that you can enjoy your trip with your family or close ones. With no disturbances or hindrance, outsiders or tourists/travelers can perform all kinds of activities they like. Here are some excellent accommodations in superb locations for renting an apartment in Sint Eustatius:

  • Palm Spring Inn
  • Namaste Bed n Breakfast
  • MareVista 2-slaapkamer apartement
  • Apartment Ocean
  • Apartment Atlantic, Knippenga Estate
  • Apartment Whale


Couchsurfing, however, provides you several amenities, but it comes with few disadvantages also. On the bright side, Couchsurfing is free, as tourists or travelers can stay at the resident's place for free, but in exchange, they have to help the residential people in whatever way possible. There are around 17 hosts in Sint Eustatius; they provide tourists with everything they need help with. Whether it be the guidance for the island's tour or bonding with the island's local people, Sint Eustatius citizens are humble and kind. Residential people help outsiders learn about the city, culture, traditions, customs, cultural events and festivals, and many other things. Although Couchsurfing is not a success in many other cities of the country, you must be careful with the choice of hosts you are going with as a tourist.


Camping is an outdoor activity in the lap of nature, with fresh air and among the wildlife's company. You can set up tents or live in a motor-home or a caravan while camping. Few campsites in Sint Eustatius involve hiking/trekking, river-rafting and kayaking, fishing, and many others, giving one the ultimate outdoor experience. Besides this, camping offers lots of benefits, including spending time with your loved ones, exercising, various other sports activities, bonfires, sightseeing, and many other things. Also, tents and other essential items required for camping costs way too much than necessary, and finding the perfect spot for camping is hard to find here in Sint Eustatius. Thus, there are fewer campgrounds/campsites; however, places near coastlines and beaches are also available for camping.


Map of Sint Eustatius


There are no big cities in Sint Eustatius.

Getting There and Moving Around

As Sint Eustatius is very close to Saint Kitts and Saba islands, there are no regular connections between these islands, so you have to take a ferryboat from Nevis island to reach Sint Eustatius. It is the primary way to enter Sint Eustatius. There are many other means also; some of them are via airways or through driving. To explore this small Caribbean island, you could walk or ride a rental bike to move around anywhere you want to go. Also, you must know that it is an island that usually gets hot in the middle of the day, therefore walking all around the island could make it less pleasant for most people.


Airways are the best mode of transportation, but it has quite disadvantages also. You might not find airport facilities in desired holiday destinations which costs you quite expensive for rides to reach your chosen holiday destination. The only airport that operates regularly in Sint Eustatius is the F.D Roosevelt Airport (EUXIATA); the regional airline Winair provides you airway services into Sint Eustatius from Saint Martin.


Sint Eustatius has no bus services, yet other means of transportation are available, such as taxis, rental vehicles, or last but not the least option, is to explore by foot. However, busses provide you lots of benefits like sightseeing and exploring the town from close. You can find bus stations in the nearby cities where you can reach here by renting a car or via ferries.


There are no railways in Sint Eustatius; however, there are many train stations in the nearby localities that connect nearly all major towns and cities. Train journeys offer tourists a wide range of scenic views of the area, although the Sint Eustatius government does not provide rail service, yet you can travel to the nearest station from where you can reach here by car/ferries.


Hitchhiking is a riskier option of all the possibilities to move around the island, not to mention that it is never entirely safe to travel in and around Sint Eustatius. As a tourist, you should know the risk you are taking while asking for lifts; however, hitching on Sint Eustatius is generally safer than many other tourist destinations in the region.


In Sint Eustatius, you can find a handful of independently run taxis. You can book in advance for taxis from the airport tourist information desk or elsewhere ask a local restaurant or hotel to call for you. Taxi rates on the island are much cheaper than most neighboring islands; thus, you can rely on taxis for easy and safe rides in and around the island. Another option for moving around on the island is through rental cars or motorbikes. These could be expensive for tourists as the host charge them according to their preferences. You can expect to pay around US$40 to US$55 per day for a car or 4-wheel-drive. Ensure that the vehicle you are hiring is in good condition.

Sustainable Shopping

Sint Eustatius might not be a perfect destination for sustainable shopping, as most items and products are imported. For souvenirs and eco-friendly products, you can visit Oranjestad Upper Town. Ask locals for places where you can find such things. Not much option is available for sustainable shopping in Sint Eustatius. Still, there are few places like Historical Foundation Gift Shop and Paper Corner. You are most likely to find locally made gifts, including paintings, jewelry, prints, souvenirs, clothing items, and many more.


Recycling plants and waste management systems are very active in Sint Eustatius because coastal zones such as this island face many threats, including marine litter and solid waste growth. Sint Eustatius's government plays a significant role in managing the waste on the island; moreover, the government takes full responsibility to spread awareness about its cleanliness. Separate dustbins are provided to the residential apartments; apart from such facilities, there are rules adhered to by the government concerning reducing littering habits.


As Sint Eustatius is a small tourist island, on the contrary, the population and economy are increasing. Consequently, the increase in waste production and wastewater is rising, according to recent government reports. Although there are strict rules and regulations concerning waste products in many locations, waste materials are dumped at open landfills close to coastal ravines. Therefore, to be more sustainable, the Sint Eustatius government practices agricultural/horticulture methods to generate and recover essential nutrients from domestic waste or water.

Work and Study Abroad

The young generation looks up to the best institution to groom their future and career in the best way possible. Caribbean islands undoubtedly give you sparkling beaches, cultural scenes, laid-back lifestyles, and concerning abroad studies, Sint Eustatius is a good destination for education. From anthropology and language studies to environmental, political, and medicine majors, you can apply for any course of your choice.

Exchange Student

Exchange Student programs are available in most universities of Sint Eustatius. For applying to such programs, students must have an exchange student visa and consent from their respective schools or universities. The universities in Sint Eustatius announce exchange student programs annually; hence, students must regularly check for updates from the desired university's website they choose. Students worldwide can enjoy Sint Eustatius' high-quality teaching standards and gain internationally recognized qualifications.

Au Pair

Au Pairs include taking care of children for a particular period. Those people who seek jobs in au pairing have to be responsible for helping them with their homework and other necessary activities like maintaining the house's cleanliness and discipline. Au pairs play a significant role in the child's overall development; here in Sint Eustatius, you can find various hosts in need of au pairs. You can find such jobs via several websites available online. It is the best and cheapest way to live in any foreign country; not only for a living but also for learning a foreign language and can help you become independent and confident.


Volunteering is any work or participating in activities that one does out of their hobby and likings. It helps boost one's self-confidence; nonetheless, it allows you to engage in activities concerning the social cause, maintain peace, and spread awareness among the country's citizens. Volunteering builds an individual's overall personality, whether from a foreign country or a domestic country.

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