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Eco-friendly travel guide to South Sudan advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in South Sudan, Africa.

South Sudan

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3 / 5
  • Train connections: 3 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 2 / 5
  • National parks: 3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $40
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $80

Responsible Travel

This country's is officially known as the Republic of South Sudan, present on the eastern side of central Africa. This country is surrounded by Ethiopia, which lies on its East, Sudan, which lies on its North, and on the West, lies the Central African Republic, and Uganda lies on the South. The capital of this country is Juba which is also the largest city of South Sudan. It's total area is 619745 square kilometers, and the entire population estimated in 2019 was 12778250. The currency here is called the South Sudanese pound. This country was formed in 2011 after it gained independence from the Republic of Sudan. The country's official language is English and Arabic, and the top three most spoken languages are Juba, Arabic, and English. The majority of the people present in this country follow Christianity because Roman Catholics are on the significant side and Protestants are on the minor side. This country's literacy rate is low, and thus the employment rate is also low; therefore, the crime rate is very high here. Therefore it is advised that you must be careful all the time while you are in this country.

Air Quality and Pollution

With more than 12 million people living here, South Sudan is a country located in north-eastern Africa with a moderate air quality and pollution level, according to World Health Organization. The annual mean concentration of the pollutants is 2.5pm and in this region it is 12.1 micrograms per cubic meter with an Air Quality Index (AQI) of 51 US AQI. Burning of waste products, heavy use of small gasoline-powered generators, and forest fires are the main contributors to poor air quality in South Sudan. Records also show that the capital city, Juba, also has consistently high levels of air pollution. Try not to travel without necessary protective gear like face masks, sanitizer etc. As a responsible tourist, follow the guidelines adhered by the local government to prevent yourself from getting into any trouble and you should always take precautions before-hand to prevent any serious conditions.

Respect the Culture

Around 60 percent of the country's population here is Christianity, the rest follows Roman Catholic, Islam, and few others. After the civil war, South Sudan's culture is heavily influenced by its neighbors, including Ethiopia, Uganda, and Kenya. Due to this, locals interacted with the nationals and learned their culture and languages. One of the most important forms of cultural expression among South Sudan people is an oral tradition that is used as a mode for the creative expression of folklore and myths and the recounting of history and traditions. It has a rich, long cultural history, leaving foreigners wondering about every little bit of information about the country. The Sudanese population is very culturally diverse, containing highly differentiated livelihoods, lifestyles, and ancestral backgrounds and belongings.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Wau: is a multicultural gem of South Sudan. It is the third-largest town in the nation that offers you a wide range of activities. Starting from colonial age era to the ramshackle huts, you will be left astounded while touring the city. The marketplaces here are constructed from the African bush's raw materials.
  • Kidepo Game Reserve: Located in the southernmost depths of South Sudan, Kidepo Game Reserve is one of the amazing country's attraction points for people who like to go for safari rides. You can see the greenery that extends to more than 1,200 square kilometers across the savannah grasslands and gallery woods of the region, giving you a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding.
  • Juba: Since 1922, Juba straddles at the bends of the White Nile River in the deep southern region of the country. The entire town was a blessing of the Greek merchants who wanted to establish regular caravan routes between East Africa and Britain's colonial bases.
  • Kodok (Fashoda): People worldwide come here to see the remains of the architecture of the Shilluk kings, and it can also be considered as the fashion capital of this place. It is a city of meditation and peace; according to locals, the site is preserved as a quiet place for the spirit of God, where the sounds and speeches of God (Jouk) can be heard.
  • Nimule National Park: Nimule National Park has a lot of crocodiles, swinging baboons etc with verdant forests and some of the most biodiverse riparian habitats in the nation. You can ride in safaris to see various rare wild animals moving freely back and forth and straddling near the White Nile River. You can see the beautiful Fola Falls, huge elephant herds, and turbulent rivers within this national park making it an ideal spot for animal lovers.
  • Bor: It has its immersive tribal character making it one of the best places to see a traditional Sudanese wrestling match – the Muay Thai of Africa. It is the capital city of Jonglei State in South Sudan and an agricultural center for the surrounding areas supporting grain production (mainly sesame and millet). You can see the work of traditional handicrafts comprising leather and wood-work.
  • Mount Kinyeti: Mount Kinyeti is the highest peak in South Sudan located in the Imatong Mountains in Ikwoto of Imatong State, which are sometimes called the Lomariti or Lolobai mountains. Covered with forest and montane grassland, low ericaceous shrubs, low subshrub, and herbs in rock crevices, Mount Kinyeti has high populations of colobus and blue monkey, bush-pig, and a local sub-species of bushbuck. You might also spot elephants, buffalos, duikers, hyenas, and leopards in this region, along with a wide variety of birdlife.
  • Ez Zeraf Game Reserve: Ez Zeraf Game Reserve hosts some jaw-dropping landscapes in its vast 1.6 million acres of land, where you can spot group of zebras and mud-caked elephants. It is a protected area in northern South Sudan located within the Sudd Ransar site; the reserve has seasonally flooded grassland and woodland landscapes. These landscapes are worth watching and tourist here often come to see these beautiful sceneries.
  • Shambe Nature Reserve: This reserve is the southern extension of the Ez Zeraf Reserve and is home to an essential part of the White Nile River ecosystem with curious oxbow lakes and pop-up flood plains. On the northern side of this protected area, you can spot lions and hippos, wild foxes, and swinging primates of different kinds. You will be amazed to see the variety of wild animals present over here.
  • Gogrial: Being an eponymous state of Gogrial State, Gogrial is the birthplace of the legendary NBA player and activist Manute Bol. The town has dozens of tourist spots, including the Jur River, Gogrial Airport, the city of Kuajok, and many more. Since it is a small town in South Sudan, tourism here is quite lesser than the other places.
Mount Kinyeti


Being the world’s youngest independent nation, South Sudan has a rich biodiversity, including lush savannas, rainforests, and swamplands home to many wildlife species. The country has the world's second-largest animal migration and therefore is a good place for ecotourism. However, lack of infrastructure and ongoing civil war posses challenges for the tourism industry in South Sudan. Here are few places you might not want to miss in South Sudan:

City Parks

City Parks help clean the air and improve public health as cities become more densely populated with time. Local governments address city parks as powerful tools for urban communities and local economies, making their country worth living. No matter wherever you go, city parks tend to protect the people from environmental impacts. South Sudan has city parks in abundance; some of them are:

  • Federico’s Park
  • Egg Park
  • Centenary Park Kampala
  • Sheraton Gardens
  • City Square Kampala
Centenary Park Kampala

National Parks

The wildlife population in this country is regarded as the second largest globally, with an essential migratory route crossing through these national parks, making South Sudan very popular for its natural wildlife settings. There are dozens of national parks in South Sudan; some of them are:

  • Boma National Park
  • Southern National Park
  • Bandingilo National Park
  • Radom National Park
  • Lantoto National Park
  • Shambe National Park


South Sudan does not have any beaches; however, most Sudan's rivers are less than 500 miles in length. There are some most famous lakes to visit here, including Kangen River, Abara River, Kuru River, and many more. In few places, you might get the opportunity to indulge in water sport activities. Most foreigners come to South Sudan to explore the various national parks. Sadly, tourists/travelers will be disappointed that it does not have any beach locations. Apart from beaches, beautiful rivers and lakes might take your mind off as it offers you a peaceful environment with lovely scenic views.


South Sudan is a nation emerging from decades-long warfare leading to interesting natural and cultural landmarks. Landmarks, including unique biotopes, waterfalls, caves, and many others, are the main attraction for tourists to visit this part of the globe. Although visiting national parks are the primary source of tourism, historical sites, cultural settings, and important landmarks play a vital role in Sudan's tourism. Here are some places you must visit while in South Sudan:

  • Nimule Rapids
  • Jebel Kujur
  • John Garang Memorial
  • Juba bridge
  • Main Mosque
Juba bridge


Below is a list of few museums you must shortlist while traveling in Southern Sudan. Since South Sudan is a warzone country, few museums here aim to honor those victims of conflict and armed violence in South Sudan. You will mostly find exhibits and displays concerning the Civil War, but one or two museums display the country's history and cultural beliefs. Here is a list of some museums you can find in South Sudan:

  • South Sudan National Museum
  • Remembering the Ones We Lost Museum
  • Hugh Jackman Museum
  • Studio One Art Gallery


Dining out in Southern Sudan can be an exciting experience for food-lovers from all over the globe. Adventurous visitors or someone who expects something new can choose to dine out at one of the many local canteens in Juba and elsewhere. Many restaurants here offer international dining menus ranging from Chinese and Indian restaurants to pizzerias and Kenyan-styled barbeque eateries. Here are few places you must visit in South Sudan to experience both local and international delicacies:

  • Home and Away
  • Notos Lounge Bar & Grill
  • Mama Zahra
  • Logali House
  • Nubian Cafeteria

The South Sudanese cuisine is traditionally simple as the variety in food comes from the various trade relations and invasions that Sudan went through. The critical element to learn about the country you tend to visit must start with their culinary delights. Here are some delicious local delicacies you must try while exploring the country.

  • Kisra – sorghum pancake (National Dish)
  • Kuindiong (sweetened semolina)
  • Mandazi – fried pastry
  • Wala-Wala – millet porridge
  • Kajaik – fish stew
  • Tamia – falafel
  • Goat meat soup


Alcohol is illegal in Sudan, but some places still provide alcoholic drinks. The most common alcoholic beverage is araki (made from dates roughly akin to rocket fuel) and Merissa (a beer brewed from sorghum). Bireli is a non-alcoholic beer available in large towns of Southern Sudan. There are other regional drinks in the country too that will fulfill your desire to experience local beverages; some of them are:

  • Coffee
  • Black tea (shai sada)
  • Hot milk with nutmeg
  • Fruit Juices
  • Karkade (Hibiscus Tea) – herbal tea made from crimson or deep magenta-colored calyces of the Hibiscus sabdariffa flower.
  • Beer, primarily White Bull Lager


This country's tap water is not fit for drinking; therefore, you must not consume it directly from the tap. There is a separate ministry responsible for building various water resources, water resources, and irrigation. The main work of this ministry is to improve the quality of water as well as the sources. The company which is responsible for supplying water and its sanitation is South Sudan urban water Corporation. However, 50% of the total population of this country does not have an improved water source. Improved water source is a term given to the source of water protected from external contamination, but still, internal contamination can affect it. Some examples of it are covered well, standpipe, hand pump, etc. De ministry of water resources and irrigation is weak in protecting the water of this country. Also, in terms of funds, many nongovernmental organizations help them, and other government sectors raise funds. The rainy season in this country lies between July and October, but if you go towards the extreme South of this country, you will experience that this part has its rainy season, which lies between March to May. The most important and the major river of this country is the White Nile. There are some cities which are located on this river. Even the pipes through which water supply to the residential and industrial area are not well maintained, which has led to the rise of rust and other harmful contaminants disturbing the quality of water. The water of this country is highly polluted. This country faces scarcity of water in some of its cities which are away from the main river. The main reason why the water of this country is so scarce. The main reason is the growing rate of pollution.


There is a stadium in this country where a lot of wrestling matches are held. You can visit this stadium to watch various wrestling matches. Convert this is a popular sport in this country. Therefore, many people visit to watch a wrestling match. If you love to explore things related to history, then you can visit Wau. This country has a lot of things which is directly connected with the history of this country. There are still few buildings present in this country that were established during the colonial era. Different types of tribes are living in this city. If you love to explore nature, there is a National Park where you can visit to explore nature and learn about different species of plants and animals present in this country. The authorities of National Park also offer a safari tour so that you can observe and understand nature, including various plants and animals, in detail. You can even hike to a mountain and view the city from a distant height to get the best possible view. Hiking can be a great exercise also as you have to walk to the top of the mountain. As most of the people living in this country follow Christianity, many churches and cathedrals are present. Some of them are built-in ancient times, giving you an idea of the ancient architecture and the style of architecture famous in this country. Other than this, other things are also present, such as the river White Nile, where you can spend some time watching calm water and enjoying the sea breeze. You can even take a boat tour as many fishers catch fishes in this river. There are museums and local markets present in this country that can help you learn about this country.


This country covers a vast area with many different types of accommodations—data results present in this country that offers different types of rooms at different prices. There is a standard room provided by this resort where you can get breakfast for free full of striving; the per night charges of this standard room is $110 to $115.00, where two adults or one adult and one child can accommodate time. There is a superior double room which costs around 130 to 135 dollars. The last is a suit offered by this resort for 195 to $200. Other facilities include a pool, restaurant where you can get dishes of your choice. There is another famous resort called as Royal park resort. The rooms which they offer include deluxe room, luxury room, park suite, and Royal suite. This result offers various facilities, free Wi-Fi, a television, a bar, and a restaurant, or in case of any emergency, you can even call a doctor. There is a five-star hotel in this country Where you can get rooms for $185 will stop. There is a public pool in this hotel. This hotel is present in this country's capital, offering a restaurant service, free Wi-Fi, a fitness center, and some beaches near the pool. There is a double room and a twin room, but each room has a private bathroom, a balcony, and a refrigerator. The difference between a double room and a twin room is that you will get a large double bed in the double room, but you will get two separate beds for $210 per night in a twin room.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are better than ordinary hotels as they are built to conserve nature and create less wastage of different types of resources such as electricity and water. There are different types of green hotels present, especially in Juba, which is the capital of this country. There is a James hotel in this country which offers standard rooms for 130 U.S. dollars. There are air-conditioned rooms through air conditioners that do not consume much electricity and are eco-friendly. There are a fitness center, a bar, and a restaurant. You can visit the fitness center to remain fit during your trip to this country. There is a restaurant where you can get the dishes you can select from the menu, and every hotel has a private bathroom; and The rooms are well maintained with separate cupboards to store luggage, and you will find a receptionist every time. The rooms have flat televisions with various channels. Other hotels also present in this country offering lesser price with additional facilities. The complementary services include beach chairs. Hotels charges below 100 U.S. dollars. More to this, there are other hotels which do not offer many facilities. So you should choose wisely and look for things that you are comfortable with when you stay in a hotel.

Hostels and Guest Houses

There are guest houses present in this country, and out of these guest houses, there is a famous guest house that is a barkot guesthouse where you will find excellent room service with humble and friendly staff. They also provide Wi-Fi facilities. You can even book this guest house online so that you may not enter into trouble, especially during the peak season when the tourism of this country is high, and many of the accommodations that turn out to be complete will stop. Another advantage of booking online is that you will get a vehicle Ready at the airport, which will take you directly to this guest house. The rooms have good lighting with a flat television along with the furniture. There is another guest house which is very famous in this country which is called friendship guesthouse. This guest house includes three concrete bungalows, and each room of the bungalow has a double bed attached with a western toilet with a terrace. It also has a beautiful terrace and you can also see amazing views from there.


There are very few apartments present in this country because most of the tourists who visit this country choose to stay in hotel rooms that are available in a broader range than apartments. It has led to fewer establishments of different apartments in this country. However, there is an apartment called Hudson Furnished and Serviced apartments. It is an apartment which is present near an International Airport so that you can reach this apartment without much trouble. There is also a stadium near this apartment where you can visit to watch football matches and other matches. Each apartment is furnished and has a semi-modular kitchen with furniture such as a sofa set and cushion chairs. This apartment experiences significantly less cut-off electricity's as the premises have a generator as a backup source of electricity. However, once you are living in this country can make your meals, and the apartment authorities will provide the cooking gas without any extra cost. The security of this apartment is excellent, and they also offer car rental services. There are few other apartments which are also present which offer similar facilities. You will get complete privacy in these apartments which is an added benefit for choosing to stay in an apartment over any other place.


Couch surfing is a Method through which you can stay at a locals house in a foreign country without paying anything for the accommodation. There are around 7000 to 8000 hosts present in Sudan who are ready to welcome you. However, it would help if you did not couch surfing in this country cause the crime rates of this country are very high; therefore, many hosts are present with criminal intention. Therefore count surfing and staying with such type of host can let you in some serious trouble. Finding a genuine host can be very difficult. Another disadvantage of Couch surfing is that you might not get proper sleep while you are constantly travelling through this method. Many hotels offer affordable rooms where you can accommodate yourself safely and comfortably which can be a better option than Couch surfing.


Camping can be a short-term accommodation along with an adventure activity. There are different places available for camping in this country, including various national parks, jungles, and mountains. Camping on the hill is a good option, but at the same time, there are specific points which must be kept in mind. The first point you must keep in mind is a shortage of food and beverages on high altitudes; therefore, you must back enough food and drinks. Camping on Hills includes long walks R trick towards the hilltop. Consequently, you must be careful that you may not get hurt as there are no hospitals or emergency clinics on the hilltop there, for a first aid kit is almost. However, it would help if you did not camp in bad weather because the storms can create a lot of trouble. Also, the crime rates of this country are very high.


South Sudan regions map.png
Bahr el Ghazal
Greater Upper Nile


Getting There and Moving Around

As this is a landlocked country, therefore, the only way to reach her is through flights. There are two international airports present in this country that handle all the international passengers that reach this country. There are no international bus or train facilities through which you can get here from another country. Moving around in this country is unsafe, especially at night, as the violent crime happens to tourists. Flights are one of the most convenient ways to travel from another country. It totally depends on you as how you want to travel to your destination but you should always look for the easiest and hassle free-ways which will save your time and energy while you are on your holidays in a new place.


More than 20 airports present in this country, and out of these two airports handle international flights. The main International Airport is currently in this country's capital, and the name of this airport is Juba International Airport. The elevation of this airport is 1511 feet, and it is operated by the Civil Aviation Authority of South Sudan. There’s only one Ben way in this airport which has a length of 3100 meters. Other than International Airlines, this airport also handles cargo airplanes and chartered commercial flights. It is a public as well as a military airport. There are taxis which are present near the airport which can help you to reach your destination. Another International Airport is Melaka airport.

The Juba Airport


There are no international buses present in this country that can help you reach this country's cities from another country. Buses are a good option if you want to Move around our city. The seats of these buses are comfortable, but you must always avoid night buses. There is a high risk of robbery or other crimes in night buses. The tickets' price is easily affordable, and you can even meet many people who are traveling on these buses. It can be a great travelling option for a person on a budget while you are on a trip.

A bus in South Sudan


There are trains with the president in this country covering a total length of 248 kilometers. During the Sudanese second civil war, this railway mine was heavily damaged and destroyed. With the help of the united nations' funds, the government rehabilitated this railway line in 2008. This train connects northern Sudan with this country. However, trains are a good option if you want to cover a significant distance, like if you're going to travel from one city to another.


With hitchhiking, you can save a lot of money as you do not have to spend anything on transportation. It will also help you to make new friends, especially the locals of that country. The local people can help you in getting detailed knowledge about the country. You should avoid hitchhiking in this country because this country's crime rate is very high. Many tourists have complained that they have been victims of severe crimes, including robbery or physical assault. So it will be better to avoid any such circumstances while you are on a foreign land.


There are no other ways to reach the nest country other than flights; however, you can still get her through railways if you are present in countries neighboring this country. It would help if you did not move around the country at night because it is very unsafe. Walking or bicycling in the morning can be a good option for moving around as it will help you save a lot of money and the environment. You can even hire a taxi to move around, but some taxi scams that happen, such as increased fare and communicating with some taxi drivers, can be difficult.

Sustainable Shopping

There are sustainable shops of different categories present in this country. There are local grocery stores where you can purchase fruits and vegetables freshly brought from the farms. There are few shops where you can find hand-stitched clothes instead of clothes stitched through Machinery. You must always purchase from these shops as it will create a little support from your side. Other than this, other sustainable shopping stores of the friend category, such as second-hand stores, are also present. These stores can offer you second-hand products at a lower price.


Recycling is a method of reusing products by giving it different shapes, size and use. Recycling in this country is done, but at a lower scale, a significantly more minor recycling center is available in this country. Many of the people of this country do not even know the concept of recycling. More, recycling also helps in the reduction of waste and pollution. There are few organizations that collect garbage that can be recycled and sends them to the recycling centers. These organizations are the only concerned authorities about the growing pollution due to lack of waste management practices but it should be the responsibility of the government and the citizens of their country to keep their surroundings clean for a better environment.


This country's waste management policies are not good enough; therefore, there is a lot of waste present in this country. More to this, waste can create a lot of pollution as in this country there are landfills which are left untreated. Officially this country does not have any waste disposal center present. Even the people of this country do not feel a sense of responsibility. This has led to severe medical conditions to a lot of local people due to lack of waste management facilities.

Work and Study Abroad

The education of this country is not good enough. The education system of this country follows the 8+4+4 pattern. The education of this country is divided into primary, secondary, and post-secondary education. The child enters primary education when he reaches six years and leaves when he attains 13 years of age. Later, the child enters secondary education, which is a four-year program. The last is secondary education, in which the student reaches post-secondary education, which is also a four-year program.

Exchange Student

There are hardly a few universities in this country that have access to this program. This program can help you to enhance and develop your personality as you will meet new people. There is a U.S. embassy that allows students from the U.S. to study in this college's universities. Embassy of different countries helps the student of that country to learn in the University of this Country. It can help you to expand your knowledge with varying styles of teaching. However, studying in a foreign country can force you to change your lifestyle.

Au Pair

An au pair is a person who stays in a foreign country with the local family for free. While being an Au pair, you would have to take care of the child, but this work is scarcely available in this country. With the help of this work, you can stay in any country. The majority of the family have males as working and females as housewives who take care of them. This country's crime rate is very high; therefore, it is not safe to stay with a stranger.


Many active volunteering organizations are constantly working for the development of this country by different means. Some organizations are awarding the locals about the various diseases caused by drinking polluted water. Other organization helps the government by cleaning the waste and dumping it in its proper place. There are organizations which constantly working on reducing other pollution such as air and noise pollution.

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