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Eco-friendly travel guide to Tignes advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Tignes, France.

Tignes lake view

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.8 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.8 / 5
  • Parks: 4.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.8 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.8 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$ 136 - $140
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $80 per person

Responsible Travel

Tignes is a beautiful commune in France located in the Tarentaise Valley which is best known to be the highest ski point in the whole of Europe and is most visited by tourists across the globe in the ski season. It is located in the South Eastern region of France which is the Rhone-Alpes region. It is also well connected to Lyon, Geneva, and Chambery through a well-established Transportation system. It has links with other skiing areas in Europe making it an absolute delight for nature-loving and adventure-loving tourists like you. Being well connected to the other key areas make it one of the largest ski areas in France.

It has been a venue for international and national ski tournaments as well as the Olympics for a long time. It has challenging terrain for skiing which attracts many professional skiers to the place and also many beginners who want to advance themselves in the sport. It has a variable elevation of 1,440 to 3,747 m which makes an average of 1810 m high altitude, making it accessible as well as alive to experience. It covers a vast stretch of 81.63 square kilometers. It is broadly a collection of five different villages, namely, Tignes le Lac, Tignes Val Claret, Tignes Les Boisses, Le Lavachet, and Tignes-Les-Brévières. Tignes Val Claret, Tignes le Lac, and Le Lavachet are close to each other within 2100 m but the other two, which are Tignes Les Boisses and Tignes-Les-Brévières are farther down the slope and around the dam. Tignes Val Claret, Tignes le Lac, Le Lavachet, and Tignes Les Boisses are above the dam and thus are well-connected through shuttle bus service which is free of cost yet really efficient; while Tignes Les Brévières is accessible to the other partner villages through the free and efficient gondola service that runs whole day till evening. Though at a bit of distance, all these five villages make Tignes what it is today.

  • As a responsible eco-friendly traveler, you must put an effort into decreasing the environmental burden by cycling and walking as much as you can through your trip and use public transport most of the time for conveyance.
  • Throwing the trash into the dustbin and properly using a sanitation facility is the best you can do to keep the streets clean. Though you will easily find luxury hotels and shopping malls to satisfy your comfort, this won't provide you with insight into the lives of the people.
  • As a responsible traveler, you can turn to local shopping areas and markets for shopping and apartment green hotels and guest houses for your stay in Tignes.

Air Quality and Pollution

It is to be remembered that Tignes is a beautiful mountain region that is famous for its skiing range and natural beauty. It is dry in summer and cold in winters which makes the weather much more diverse for its visitors all year round. It has beautiful valleys and scenic beauty spanning over a large area. The high altitude and cold winds are making it even more important for the management to take conscious steps about improving and maintaining the air quality. Air pollution is by far one of the most serious threats to overall living conditions and is rapidly gaining importance in the era of increasing awareness and consciousness.

The overall air quality of Tignes is fairly moderate and the Air Quality Index remains around 30. This makes it safe to have fun outside and bring kids in the open air without worrying about any irritation or harmful effect. It is generally safe for normal individuals but may show some harmful effects to the sensitive population on a long term exposure in the air. The primary air pollutant is PM2.5 which means that the fine particulate matter less than the diameter of 2.5 micrometers is what has contributed to being the most significant source of pollution. The concentration of PM2.5 stays around 13 micrograms per cubic meter which is fairly bearable and is far lower than the internationally prescribed limit of 20 micrograms per cubic meter as per the W.H.O. guidelines. As it is at a higher altitude and the climate is far colder, the replenishment of air quality is slower than other regions making it even more sensitive to air pollution.

With the increasing concern about environmental pollution and the realization of the significance of the same, the French government is taking many steps to curb the air pollution problem and improving air quality. The government has been taking essential steps in boosting public transport and eco-friendly traveling methods for improving and maintaining the air quality and contributing its bit to preventing the overall Global air deterioration. The primary source of air pollution in thickness is from the vehicles and burning of fossil fuels that take place in the area.

Respect the Culture

Most people attach French culture to Paris, lights, and glamour. But Tignes is a wonderful place that treasures within its five villages, an intense insight into the culture, tradition, and lifestyle of the people living in the region. French culture has previously been influenced by Celtic and Gallo-Roman cultures which make it even more diverse today. Though French is the official and dominant language in the region, one can also witness German dialects. Arabic is also one of the languages followed in France.

National reputation and comment reputation is taken very seriously by the country which takes great Pride in the administration and culture. Negative comments about the country are therefore not tolerated in France. French people give great importance to sophistication, creativity, learning, and respect which makes it even more attractive to study the culture and lifestyle of the people. Food and drinks are given Emphasis and importance as a mark of the socio-economic status of a person. French cuisine is made with heavy sauces and complicated recipes giving great importance to boeuf bourguignon, garlic, onion, and mushroom. The main and predominant religion in France is catholicism with 64% of people following Roman Catholic culture. Other religions followed in France are Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism.

Fashion and Elegance is yet another important part of the French culture which is known for its high-end fashion houses. Typical outfits of the region include professionalism, fashion, and sophistication at the same time. People generally prefer nice dresses along with scarves, berets, long coats, and suits instead of casual outfits.

Art is an important part of the culture. French people appreciate artists a lot more than many other regions in the world.

Traditional Christian holidays of Christmas and Easter are heartily celebrated in France.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Tignes is a place famous for being the highest skiing point in Europe. It has been a center of attraction for adventure lovers from all over the world. It has also hosted many national and international skiing tournaments which make it a famous attraction for tourists. Below are the top 10 places you have to visit in Tignes for a fulfilling and unforgettable travel experience.

  • Ultimate Snowsports Tignes - It is an amazing ski Training School that has gained a lot of Fame since its setup. It has British instructors who are highly qualified and professional. This snowsports venture pays great importance to enjoyment along with the learning for you to feel the improvements that you gather while you are schooling yourself through skiing. It is available for both adults and kids with advanced coaching clinics and freestyle skiing included in the training.
  • Tignes Ski Resort - Tignes Ski Resort is one of the best skiing resorts in the world which is famous for its amazing size, accommodation options, beautiful snow, elevation, and nightlife. It is a wonderful experience for skiers and snowboarders and an attraction for nature lovers. It holds within itself an incredible aesthetic beauty along with a combination of modern lifts and adventurous terrain. The world-class terrain with over 2000 m of alleviation makes it even more attractive for people who enjoy the snow. Accommodations and food are easily available though expensive but luxurious. It is generally overcrowded during the skiing season and is a lively place for the season. The accommodation rentals are booked through local partners and you get a good discount on booking through some of them.
  • Evolution 2 Ski School Group Lessons, Tignes - It is yet another amazing Ski Lessons School for passionate learners and sports lovers. It has well qualified and experienced instructors who specialize in pain emphasize the progress of the sport along with making it fun for the skiers. It is open as well as applicable for people of all age groups and the instructors specialize in off-piste courses. Snowboarding and skiers classes are offered to people over all age groups and all levels of expertise through patient and professional instructors who pay emphasis on brushing up your technique along with making it fun.
  • Le Lagon Swimming Pool - If you have your ski passes, your entrance to the Le Lagon Swimming Pool is free of cost. The kids are going to love this warm heated swimming pool which is open even after a few days of skiing. It has clean and well-maintained changing rooms and a comfortable pool area that you can enjoy for its clean and refreshing water and relaxing temperature.
  • L'espace Killy - Espace Killy Ski Area is a renowned and extensive skiing area stretching over a vast land area of 300 kilometers of Downhill skiing including 90 ski lifts and 150 individual pistes. You can easily access the place coming from Lyon, Geneva, or Chambery. If you have a lot of time in your hands you can thoroughly enjoy the beauty of the place. Even if you plan a weekend getaway, this place won't let you down. It is a complete collection of luxury bars, restaurants, and hotels along with the ski areas and comfortable accommodation options in and around Tignes.
  • Lac De Tignes - It is a picturesque Glassy Lake famous for its beautiful landscapes and cold reflecting water. The lake has an average depth of 148 feet and contains two phishing reserves along with parking facilities and numerous restaurants and bars for a perfect vacation. It is also equipped with hot baths and is a place where you can see a lot of snails, frogs, and newts. It is excessively visited by many tourists in the winter season for the beautiful snow that it Treasures within itself. You are a Scuba diver you will surely enjoy ice diving in the unimaginably cold waters of Lac de Tignes. You can also enjoy cycling, skating, boarding, paragliding, Rock climbing, horseback riding, and white water rafting around the place.
  • Glacier De La Grande Motte - It is a place to be visited for sure which is famous for the Grande Motte Glacier that accumulates ice up to an altitude of 3656 m. 20 kilometers of slope and 750 meters of vertical drop is covered by beautiful glossy white snow making it even more inviting and beautiful. The beautiful snow Park and a trail for mountain bikers to enjoy themselves. You can walk yourself to various viewpoints via tracking paths or cable cars. It also has a luxurious Mountain Resort for you to enjoy.
  • Freedom Snowboarding - Freedom snowboarding is a snowboarding school based in the French resorts of Tignes and Val d'Isère. It is a British owned School that has passionate and professional instructors who are experts in teaching students of all ages, the intricacies of snowboarding and skiing at the highest possible level. Every skill you are taught is extremely personalized and brought to you in an individual learning style. It gives group lessons, freestyle coaching, private coaching, Splitboard guiding, and various other courses for a Wholesome learning experience.
  • Fresh Snowboarding - It is an absolute delight for exceptional quality Snowboard instruction and learning skiing and snowboarding from one of the most experienced and fully qualified female coaches, Renelle Mortimer. The specialty of the place is that it has the only trained and qualified female instructor in the whole of Europe approved to Examine Snowboard Instructors. It organizes various group pieces of training, freestyle training, private training, workshops, and Technical Holistic training for all levels of sportsmen and sportswomen.
  • Bike Park Tignes - It is a place to enjoy a fun-filled and fulfilling Mountain biking experience. The sports track is spread over a large stretch of the area where respecting the arrangement is a mandatory thing to do. The Mountain biking track is open for bikers and cyclists which leads to Lake Tignes. It also has ski lifts that lead to Grande Motte Glacier which is yet another beautiful scenery to behold. The place is also well connected through a free shuttle bus service to the beautiful villages of the resort Park.
The magnificent Lac de Tignes


Tignes gives you many reasons to visit and is undoubtedly one of the most fantastic resorts in Europe. It has many places and attractions for you to explore. There are numerous opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, and excursions along with fascinating landmarks and amazing museums for you to enjoy. It has a 300 kilometers long Escape Killy to be explored along with a beautiful Rock formation at 2800 m called Eye of the needle. It is covered with beautiful white snow all season long which is the best thing you can ever witness at a place like this.

City Parks

Tignes is a wholesome collection of natural beauty. Not only does it have many landmarks and beautiful attractions it also has amazing City Parks to fill you up with excitement and calmness at the same time with the warmth of nature in the cold environment. Let's look at the list of all the beautiful City Parks that this resort region showcases within itself.

  • Rebel Alliance Snowboarding
  • L'Espace Killy
  • Tignes Ski Resort
  • Ski Focus
  • Lac de Tignes
  • Bike park Tignes
  • Snowtubing Tignes
  • Skione
  • Lac du Chevril
  • BunJRide
  • Pala'Fou
Lac de Tignes

National Parks

Tignes is adorned with numerous amazing national parks that have got all the scenic beauty that this cold reason has to present. Given below is a list of all the national parks that you will encounter in Tignes.

  • Vanoise National Park
  • Écrins National Park
  • Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso
  • Parc Naturel Régional du Massif des Bauges
  • Ecrins National Park
  • Gran Paradiso National Park
  • Queyras Regional Natural Park
  • Vercors Regional Natural Park
  • Hochspitze
  • Maison du Parc National des Écrins
  • Monte Bianco
Vanoise National Park


Tignes is a beautiful ski Resort covered with snow and winter season and is loved by squares and sportsmen and sportswomen from all over the world. It doesn't have beaches in its proximity but has some places which are adjacent to a water body and give you the delight that a beach is supposed to present before you. Some of these places are listed below.

  • Plage du plan d'eau des Hurtières
  • Beach Sports Playground
  • Plage des Marquisats
  • Spiaggia de Traves
  • Plage Municipale


When you start looking for the beautiful landmarks in Tignes, you can never fall short of amazement and fulfillment in the Resort land that welcomes you with open arms to enjoy its beauty. There are many landmarks to fill you with admiration and give you marvelous memories to be cherished for a lifetime. Let's have a look at some of the many delightful landmarks that the place has.

  • Tignes Ski Resort - It is the main and most important landmark in the region. It is a major tourist attraction and is visited by people from all over the world for its beauty and tranquility that is to be cherished as a memory.
  • Lac de Tignes - It is a large crystal clear and beautiful lake that is well known for its picturesque Crystal water and two beautiful fishing Reserves. Tourists come to this place to enjoy the beauty and wildlife that this Lake Treasure is within itself along the vast stretch of water and adjoining greenery.
  • Snowtubing Tignes - It is an amazing and fun-filled amusement center in Tignes, which is loved by kids as well as families who visit the place. One thing to keep in mind is that the minimum age of entry into the amusement park is 3 years. The snow sled and slide is the most amazing sensation of the amusement park.
  • Maison de Tignes - It is The Tourist information center in Tignes which gives you all the information about the different places to visit and the different programs that are being held in the region.
  • UCPA Tignes- It is a skiing hostel and resorts with all-inclusive facilities and well-earned fame because of its proximity to one of the ski lifts.
  • Eglise Saint Pierre Aux Liens - It is a beautiful church in Tignes that is well known in the region.
  • Eglise Saint Jacques - It is a beautiful and peaceful church that covers itself in snow during the ski season and is loved by tourists who visit Tignes.

Apart from these amazing places, numerous Skiing schools have the best trainers in the whole of Europe because of the popularity that Tignes has, being one of the best skiing hotspots.

Maison de Tignes, France


The various amazing museums in Tignes Treasures within itself the amazing essence and rich culture of the place. It offers you a cultural, artistic, historical, and scientific side of the people living in Tignes to explore. Museums of the place preserve cultural and historical artifacts that have fascinating stories attached to them. Given below is a list of beautiful museums that are waiting for you with open arms to enjoy and enlighten yourself with the rich history and culture of Tignes.

  • Musée d'Archéologie de Val Cenis Sollieres Sardieres
  • Escape Glacialis
  • Tour de Bozel
  • Musée de-Val d'Isère
  • House Vanoise
  • Musee des mineraux et de la faune
  • GlacioMuseo del Serru
  • Musee Escape St Eloi
  • Galerie Hydraulica
Tour de Bozel


France is no less than a food Paradise for people who are passionate about trying different kinds of cuisine. French people consider their dinners as an important mark of their socio-economic status. French cooking style makes the use of heavy sauces along with intense seasonings of Garlic, onion, and mushrooms.Their mains include a special dish called boeuf bourguignon which is a special type of beef braised in red wine and contains a small amount of pork fat.

Fondue Savoyarde is one of the most important traditional dishes of France. It originally came from Switzerland but has now gained popularity in France over time. It is consumed with drink and shared as a part of community welfare. It is also a part of religious celebrations and is a mark of delight for the French.

Tartiflette is an amazing potato cheese dish that is loved in the Alps region of France. It is made with potatoes, Reblochon cheese, onions, wine, pork, and cream. This stage has gained immense popularity since the 1980s. It is also popular outside French borders in Italy and Switzerland and is usually served hot with white French wine and cream salad.

Diot is a traditional French sausage available in several other varieties including pork fat seasoned with pepper, nutmeg, and salt. The flavors include boiled, grilled, and braised sausages which are equally tasty and loved by people when served with lentils or boiled potatoes.

Moutarde de Dijon is a traditional creamy French mustard that is yellow and prepared from Brown or black mustard seeds seasoned with spices and salt. It was earlier prepared exclusively in France but has now spread to various other adjoining regions as a mark of French tradition. It is used as a unique combination along with many non-vegetarian dishes like beef chicken and Salman fish. It is also used as a dressing for salads, hamburgers, and hot dogs.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Let's have a look at the list of some of the traditional local restaurants in Tignes that serve the best local cuisine.

  • Mendikoa
  • La Ferme des Trois Capucines
  • La Sachette
  • Coeur des Neiges
  • Restaurant L'Armailly
  • Le Bouchon Montagnard
  • Le Kiosk
  • La Petite Lulu

Vegetarian and Vegan

If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, Tignes won't let you down. It has got an amazing collection of vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants made in the non-vegetarian culture of France. Let's look at some of the vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in the region.

  • Tignes Cuisine
  • Tummy
  • Niurou steakhouse
  • La Cantine
  • La Pizz’ de Tignes
  • L’Arti Mountain Restaurant
  • Lo Soli
  • La Pignatta
  • A La Creperie Bretonne
  • Le Trifollet

Street Food

Ap’tignes is a famous street food restaurant in Tignes that serves delicious French street food along with a combination of other cultures. It is a complete delight for people who love a mix of different kinds of food.


Food and drinks are a symbol of high socioeconomic status in France. When it comes to beverages French people love their wines. White vermouth or Vermouth blanc is an exotic French wine that is sweet and pale with a seasoning of warm spices and vanilla for a profound taste. The typical flavors include Herbs and flowers. It is consumed with cocktails and has been served cold since its creation in the 19th century.

Crémant de Savoie is yet another tasty white French wine that is prepared from grapes grown locally by fermentation. It is seasoned with Chasselas, Aligoté, and Chardonnay and is available in more than one modification according to the flavor. It is also prepared from white flowers and other citrus fruits making it even more enjoyable with cheese, seafood, and dessert.


Tignes has an excellent water treatment arrangement which makes it fine to consume tap water directly without filtering. Though the water tastes a bit metallic due to its high mineral content, it is completely fine for consumption. People are often seen switching to bottled water because of the change of taste which is also a good option if you are not able to adjust to it.

Organic Cafés

Let’s look at a list of one of the best organic cafes that you can find in the resort.

  • Le Coffee
  • Daffy’s Cafe
  • Cafe Flo
  • La Griottine


This long list of breweries present in the region conveys enough about the love for alcoholic beverages among the French people.

  • Micro Brasserie de Chamonix
  • La Cabane
  • Birrificio B63
  • Stato Liquido
  • Birrificio La Piazza
  • Les Terrasses
  • Bar L'incontro
  • Birrificio Torino
  • Bir & Flut
  • Wiener Haus


Tignes is a complete delight for the lovers of adventure and skiing. It thus offers many opportunities for outdoor activities and Recreation to its tourists making it even more attractive than the other ski sites. It not only lets you enjoy skiing and snowboarding on the ice but also has a provision for biking and trekking for a complete fun-filled package. You can enjoy activities like Basketball, archery, beach activities, boat trips, bungee jumping, canoeing, kayaking, footballing, flying, Glacier walking, and fishing in Tignes.

Some other activities include Mountaineering, Mountain biking, pedaling, paintballing, scooter riding, indoor climbing, squashing, swimming, and watersports.

Yoga and Retreats

With the increasing health concerns and awareness about yoga and exercises, you will find a lot of options for yoga and retreat in Tignes. Let's look at some of the yoga and Retreat centers that you will find in the region.

  • Tignespace
  • Le Lagon Tignes
  • Go Sport Montagne Ski One Tignes


For a place like Tignes which is visited by many tourists from across the world for its beauty, there is no shortage of accommodation in the region. you will readily find comfortable places to stay along with all the facilities that you require.

Green Hotels

Given below is a list of some of the Green hotels that are well known in Tignes.

  • Club Med Tignes Val Claret
  • Residence Vacanceole Le Borsat IV
  • Curling Hotel & Bar
  • Chalet Eterlou
  • Hotel Le Gentiana

Hostels and Guest Houses

Given below is a list of some of the hotels and guest houses in the region.

  • Namaste hostel
  • Maniago.Vajont.Valcellina
  • Affittacamere Rubino
  • Sut Ski
  • Chalet Colinn


Here are some of the apartments that you can choose to stay in if you wish to visit the region.

  • Residence Santa Terra
  • Marmotte
  • Les Hauts du Val Claret-A2
  • Prariond 5
  • The White Cocoon
  • Apt Le Grand Tichot
  • Pleinsoleil47
  • Grands studios vue sur lac


You can find amazing opportunities for Couchsurfing and choose to stay with people of your interest and taste. You can always reach out to different hosts from your community and meet up with the locals and travelers. Couchsurfing is a great way to socialize and know more about different people.


Here are some camping sites that you can always take to while planning your visit to Tignes.

  • Camping Val D'Ambin
  • Camping Huttopia Bourg St Maurice
  • Camping Huttopia Bozel En Vanoise
  • Camping De Tignes Les Brevieres

How to Get There

Tignes is a place well-visited by adventure-loving people across the globe. It is a beautiful skiing spot which makes it easily accessible for travelers and Ud skiers from around the world. There are many options to get to Tignes. There are various options to travel to the area including air, train, bus, and car.


Cheap flights are easily available and are well connected to the adjacent areas like Lyon, Chambery, Geneva, Grenoble, and Saint Etienne. Flying is the best option to reach the place and you will get many options when you book your flight. Chambery airport is the nearest airport to Tignes and it serves for flights from different airways. After checking out from your flight you can easily get a coach or a minibus to your resort from the airport.

Chambery Airport


There are numerous bus services from airport 2 thickness and around which you can easily hire an affordable price and maximum convenience and luxury. It takes almost 4 hours from Geneva and 3 hours from Lyon to reach Tignes by bus. All the bus service is bound to the time table making the conveyance even more convenient. It is advisable to book your seats on the bus online to avoid any last-minute troublesomeness.

Bus in the city centre


You can also travel by train to get to Tignes. Tignes is a major International train station and is famous for providing its tourists a great travel experience along with most nearby countries with the least changes. You will not find any problem reaching the train station from your resort and vice-a-versa because of the well-connected Transportation system and easy taxi hire.


People around the five villages are really friendly and easily get along with all the tourists and skiers that visit the place. However, hitchhiking is not a common thing in Tignes. As the place is visited by tourists regularly, locals there do not encourage hitchhiking because of the potential threat of scams or pickpocketing.


You can hire a car and drive from the United Kingdom to your resort. You can also drive your car to your resort with all the comfort and privacy of your vehicle. You can also hire ferries at a cheap rate for different ports in the UK.

Moving Around

For a place like Tignes, you will never fall short of options to move around. It is a well-visited tourist place and the management there is always conscious and serious about giving their visitors the best transportation facilities so that they can move around in the resort without any problem. You can spend amazing weeks and months in the resort without even realizing any difficulty. A lot of facilities are available for you to move around like free bus services and left to move up and down the terrain.


Walking around is by far the best thing you can do to save the environment as well as contribute your bit to keeping the air clean. It not only helps you stay healthy but also gives you a closer insight into the culture and lifestyle of the people. Not only this but walking gives you the enjoyment of trekking and mountain climbing which cannot be missed.


Bicycling is also a good option but is a bit difficult in the icy and uneven terrain of Tignes. A place called bike park in Tignes allows you to get the full enjoyment of Mountain biking with a vast track and comfortable facilities available for all the peddlers. Cycling not only allows you to keep your health good but also lets you appreciate the beauty of cold winds even more.

Electronic Vehicles

There are ski lifts in the resort which are easily available and accessible. The lifts open up at 9 a.m. and close between 4 to 5 p.m. giving ample time for enjoyment in the resort.

Public Bus

There is a free public bus service across the resort which runs from early morning to late Nights 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The bus service includes all the five villages and runs at a frequency of every 15 minutes so that you don't have to look for private vehicles while planning to move somewhere inside the resort.

Tram, Train and Subway

Tignes has a fairly good Railway and tram system along with electronic ski lifts. These conveyance options ensure comfort and convenience at the same time along with easy travel.

Sustainable Shopping

Tignes is a complete shopping delight. It has immediate access to the quality and diversity of different products that you can ever Desire to get for yourself. Sustainable shopping has gained a lot of popularity across the world and Tignes is no exception. you can get everything from branded products to local artifacts in the markets of the place.

People living here love to buy products on sale Unlike the culture of the United Kingdom where a sale is once in a blue moon happening. You can easily get a 40 to 70 % discount on big brands in the brand sales that happen in the reason which is also one of the reasons why people like shopping in Tignes.

Food Markets

Here are some local food markets that you can take to in Tignes.

  • Sherpa Val Claret Centre
  • Sherpa Le Lac
  • Grange
  • Fromagerie Du Lac

Flea Markets

Tignes also has some amazing flea markets for you to enjoy.

  • Marché au Puce
  • Dafne's Used Market
  • Proloco Verrès
  • Firmato Usato

Second Hand Stores

The place has Second-hand stores and some of them are listed below.

  • Intersport SKI PLUS Tignes Val Claret
  • The North Face
  • Intersport Chalet Club Tignes Val Claret
  • Blackcats Tignes Ski N Snowboard Shop


People have started to take Eco-fashion more seriously and have shown interest in buying eco-friendly outfits. There are not many Eco-fashion stores in thickness but with increasing interest and awareness the place is short to have some in near future.


You will find several Central points across France to get rid of recyclable waste. you can easily find giant beans that collect your waste bottles for recycling.


As a responsible Traveller and an eco-friendly member of society, you must be aware of the harm that humans can leave to the environment. You should not leave litter on the slopes because it takes a toll on the tourism industry as well as the environment in general. you must generate the least possible waste and adopt green policies so that the waste produced is sustainably managed with environment-friendly practices.

Work and Study Abroad

As Tignes is a Ski Resort it offers no opportunity for education in terms of academics but is a center of highly trained and professional squares and snowboarders.

Exchange Student

The International Ski Academy in thickness allows students and aspirants from different parts of the world who are passionate about learning skiing and snowboarding from Profession

Au Pair

It is a place where you can celebrate your holiday and enjoy yourself. You will find lesser opportunities for finding an Au Pair for yourself because people come to the resort for a vacation and not a stay in general.


If you are passionate about doing good for Tignes, you can always contribute your bit in helping the local people by buying from local Markets and keeping the environment clean.

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