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Eco-friendly travel guide to Urfa advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Urfa, Turkey.

Panoramic view of Urfa

  • Air quality: 2 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 2 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Safety: 2.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$18 - $80
  • Budget per day: US$28 - $100

Responsible Travel

Urfa or Şanlıurfa is a Turkish city that serves as the capital of the Şanlıurfa Province. The city is known for its multiethnicity as its population consists of Turkish, Kurdish, and Arab communities. The city has a lot of cultural and historical significance, attracting loads of history lovers. Urfa is home to the world’s oldest temple known to mankind, the Göbekli Tepe that dates back to the 10th millennium BCE. You can find traces of the Neolithic and Byzantine in the city. It is also believed to be Abraham's hometown, leading to the nickname 'City of Prophets.' Urfa constitutes a total area of 3,668.76 square kilometers, with an elevation of 477 meters. The population at present consists of many religious communities, including Islamic, Christians, and Jews. Therefore, it is certain that visit this city can be a challenge for foreign tourists. It is because foreigners usually don't know about the place's traditions and culture and often create displeasure for the local people by their actions. Thus, it would be best to ascertain that you learn about the local customs and traditions and the rules and tourist guidelines. Learning these things may seem pointless, but they will help you respect the city's people and make your travel responsible. It would be best if you also tried to reduce your waste and keep your carbon footprint minimal.

Air Quality and Pollution

The city of Urfa is quite polluted and unhealthy for sensitive people. The government here is taking many precautions to control air pollution to some extent, such as motivating people to reduce the use of private vehicles, limiting the use of wood-burning appliances, opt for healthy and ecofriendly household products and materials, and many more such steps for public to breathe pollution-free air. Local people are also taking some steps on their own accord to avoid some serious health effects from pollution. As a precaution, you can keep your medication with you if you are too sensitive; otherwise, it is not polluted.

Respect the Culture

Urfa people believe that every guest who visits their city comes from God, and they treat them and welcome them in that manner only. Urfa is a place that will amaze you with its rich culture and historical heritage. Many people here speak Turkish, and some often speak Kurdish as well. Local people of Urfa will help you explore the city, find the best place to visit and attend local festivals and functions with them.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Balıklıgol (Halil-ur Rahman Lake): Urfa is a city of faith tourism. There are many important points, but the most famous among them is Balıklıgol, which has become the symbol of Urfa. When Abraham started his struggle against idolatry, he was captured by the king of his time, Nemrut, and made a giant fire in the area where the current lake is, and thrown into it from a hill above with a catapult. At that moment, the fire turned into water, and wood turned into fish, when Allah orders the fire to "O fire, be cool, and peace be upon Abraham." When you come here today, you can tour the lake and also feed the fish.
  • Aynzeliha Lake: This is Aynzeliha Lake that is present next to Balıklıgol. The name of the places is after Zeliha, Nemrut's adopted daughter. She was in love with Abraham and also believed in him. Therefore, after Abraham threw himself into the fire, she also went after him. This event resulted in the formation of the lake. It is a must-visit place in Urfa that will make you feel like you are in a storybook.
  • Eyyup Prophet's Office and Mosque: Urfa is known as the "City of Prophets." This is a very polemical issue as Diyarbakır is mentioned in the same way. Here is the ordeal cave where Eyyup stayed during his illness, the water well that was said to be treated during his illness, and the patience stone on which the prophet Eyyüp rests. According to what is said in the Qur'an, Hz. Prophet Eyyup falls ill with leprosy and goes into seclusion in a cave in the center of Urfa with his wife and worships Allah by suffering. Finally, in the face of this example of patience, healing water is sent by Allah to the Prophet. Hz. Eyyup Office is one of the most popular destinations for faith tourism in the center of Urfa today.
  • Rizvaniye Mosque: It is the only minaret mosque at the end of Balıklıgol. The mosque is present in the same place where it was built in the Byzantine Period. There was a church called Thomas, but this mosque was built in 1716 in the Ottoman Period. It is a nice structure that elegantly surrounds Balıklıgol. You must-visit this mosque to learn more about its historical significance.
  • Halil-Ür Rahman Mosque (Flooring Mosque): It is another mosque near Balıklıgol. In fact, it is near a madrasa, a cemetery, and Hz. It is conceived as an ashtray that includes the place where Abraham fell when he was thrown into the fire. Like the Rizvaniye Mosque, this place was originally a Virgin Mary church from the Byzantine period, and it was turned into a mosque by the Eyyubiler in 1211.
  • Mevlid-i Halil Complex: According to rumors, King Nemrut (the evil king in the story of Balıklıgol) has yet to become Hz. Abraham had a dream before he was born. When he tells this dream to the astrologers around him, the astrologers tell him that a child born in the same year will end his reign. Thereupon, Nemrut orders his soldiers to kill all the boys born that year. But Abraham's mother secretly gives birth in a cave and hides him in this cave for 7 years. This cave is present in the center of Sanliurfa, Hz. The cave is where İbrahim was born and where the heart of faith tourism in Urfa beats. The most important reason for this is Hz. There is also a wire of Muhammad's beard. Also, the people consider the water coming out of this cave as the healing water after Zamzam.
  • Urfa Castle: It is located on Dambak Hill, the hill where Abraham was fired. It is estimated that it was built in 2000. The castle is one of the city castles, but the two stone pillars on the castle attract more attention than the castle itself because these two columns are Hz. They are believed to be the pillars used to throw Abraham into the fire with the catapult technique. The entrance fee to the castle is 5 TL. Müzekart is valid. It is closed on Mondays.
  • Historical Urfa Bazaars: Gurmukh Han is one of the authentic inns in the courtyard with teahouses where you can drink something like mırra, tincture, tea, and coffee. Urfa Bedesten is similar to a covered bazaar where there are two rows of shops on the right and left. It is where local clothes and accessories are sold. In Halicilar Bazaar, you can find local products such as carpets, rugs, and felt. Bakırcılar Bazaar was a coppersmiths and goldsmiths cluster, which are the most spectacular bazaars in the center of Urfa.
  • Urfa Archeology and Mosaic Museum: Urfa Museum is as worth seeing as Gobeklitepe. Here you can see a model of Gobeklitepe. You can also see stone artifacts from the Assyrian, Babylonian, and Hittite ages, tools from ancient times, and ethnographic remains. You should definitely stop by this museum in Urfa.
  • Gobeklitepe: Maybe you have listened to, and the world has been talking about Gobeklitepe for the last 5-10 years because its discovery zeroed everything known about human history. It is the place where the people first settled down, and then their belief systems developed. However, the 11,500-year-old sanctuary in Gobekli Tepe showed that people started to believe when they were nomads. It also contains much information to shed light on the transition of people from nomadism to settled life. You should definitely stop by while in Urfa and read the Gobeklitepe guide before you go.


Şanlıurfa, known as the "city of prophets," fascinates its visitors with its legends and cultural structure. There are many places to see in Şanlıurfa from Göbeklitepe to Balıklıgöl. Şanlıurfa or Urfa is a must-visit place for people that want to learn about Turkey's history, culture, civilization, and more.

City Parks

  • Karaköprü municipal park life
  • Turgut Ozal Park
  • Abdullah Gül Park
  • Ottoman Promenade Area
Turgut Ozal Park

National Parks

  • Gölpinar Nature Park
  • Friday Volunteer
  • Tek Tek Mountains National Park
  • Rabia Square
Gölpinar Nature Park


There are no beaches in Urfa because there is no water body nearby. If you want to visit a beach during your stay in Urfa, you can take a bus or a train ride to Turkey's coastal areas. These coastal areas have many beaches and resorts where you can enjoy sunbathing and other beach activities. Therefore, if you want to visit a beach, you have to go outside the city.


  • Mevlid-i Halil Mosque
  • Harran Housesbeaches
  • Shuayb City
  • Halfeti (Hidden Paradise)
Mevlid-i Halil Mosque


  • Liberation Museum
  • Culinary Museum
  • İbrahim Tatlıses Music Museum
  • Museum of the History of the Prophets


The food is special and delicious everywhere in Urfa, and you can enjoy various dishes with taste variants. Kababs are one of the dishes you should definitely try in Urfa, and you will love them after trying different kinds of kababs. You will almost every type of cuisine in every restaurant here. Many traditional restaurants are also there to try traditional Turkish dishes, and they are worth spending money on.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Cevahir Han Restoran
  • Culcuoglu Baklava and Restaurant
  • Sehrazat Konagi

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Vegan Village
  • Vegan and Raw
  • Oz Baba
  • Jakobs

Street Food

  • Simit
  • Balik-Ekmek
  • Lahmacun
  • Midye Dolme


  • Turkish Coffee: The traditional method of making Turkish coffee makes it a famous drink in Turkey. It has a unique taste with fluffy foam and slight bitterness of coffee beans. Turkish tradition says that drinking coffee after a good meal is a must, and it is different from other coffees as in this ground, a fortune-teller reads beans at the bottom of the cup. People here believe that Turkish coffee is a symbol of friendship.
  • Salaam Suyu: It is the traditional drink of Turkey, which consists of pickled turnip juice or just turnips. The ingredients in this, like turnips, are mixed with water and salt to create a simple pickle. The redness in the juice comes because of the use of black carrots. Many local people and travelers enjoy this traditional drink.
  • Raki: Raki is the most famous colorless alcoholic drink in Turkey. The alcoholic beverage here is served with water and usually with ice. Processed anise and grapes are used to make this milky looking drink. You will get to see many people enjoying this drink after work at sunset with friends and family, listening to music, and chatting.
  • Boza: Turkish Boza is a fermented drink made with cracked wheat and yeast. It tastes somewhat tangy and sweet that attracts many people. The drink also helps lower blood pressure and high in potassium, and a warm drink is generally served with roasted chickpeas. Known for its magnificent health properties, taste, and easy availability makes it famous among local people.


Tap water in Urfa is safe for drinking; many people here use tap water for all-purpose. Here tap water meets all the water quality standards, so it is technically safe to drink. Drinking tap water is a huge help for travelers on a budget tour, as packed water is a little costly. If you are resident in Urfa, you should prefer tap water over packed drinking water. You should also avoid using mineral water because the bottles are made up of low quality, which is harmful to your health.

Organic Cafés

Nowadays, public belief is that organic food is safer, nutritious, and healthy, contributing to large production and serving of organic foods in cafes and restaurants. Many people demand organic foods because of products' health-giving properties, and many organic food industries have also fueled the demand for organic foods. There is no evidence of organic foods' taste; some organic fruit is drier than conventionally grown fruit. Many cafes and restaurants in Urfa serve organic foods and drinks. Some of the best restaurants which serve organic foods are.

  • Antik Cafe
  • Nobel Cafe
  • Mavera pasta cafe


Beer is so popular in Turkey, many people here brew their own beer at home. If you love to have beer and wine with your delicious meals, you can ask for one in pubs and restaurants. Here you will see so many pubs and bars that sell beer at a very reasonable cost; breweries also generate revenues. Some of the very famous beer brands here are Carlsberg, Bomonti, Dark, and so many. Restaurants, where you can get breweries at a reasonable cost and also brands are mentioned below.

  • Lady Pub
  • Osmanli Ocakbasi
  • Tas Saray
  • Altin Kupa


There are so many places to explore in Urfa, including many historic places that tell so much about the city. Mount Nemrut and Upper Mesopotamia have the world's oldest civilizations, which tell about the history and mysteries. Many monuments also attract people's views and so many other places to visit and have thousands of activities. If you don't like history and culture that much, you can try other activities like exploring parks, national parks, and many sports activities. Doing many activities help you in exploring and gaining knowledge about the city.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is an art of healthy living, which brings harmony between mind and soul. Just 20 minutes of yoga can help you to improve the functioning of your brain. There are many forms of yoga you can perform to calm your mind and for losing weight also. It is a great activity to perform if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease. You can join any yoga classes and gym in Urfa, as there are so many. Some of the best yoga classes and gyms are mentioned below.

  • B-Fit Urfa Esentepe Women's Sports and Wellness Center
  • Cetin Akcan Spor Salonu
  • Urfa Fark Bayan Spor Salonu
  • Max Power Gym


This city is a multiethnic city present In Turkey. The total area of this city is more than 3000 km². The city faces many tourists throughout the year, and even the town's size is very vast, which allows a lot of accommodation options for the tourists and the relatives of the locals present here are built. Along with this, for some people who want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, private villas and resorts are readily available for accommodation here. These villas and resorts offer premium facilities such as a private pool, a Jacuzzi, a large Hall, and a large and spacious room. Often, their customers select the meals served here, and each customer gets what they wish to eat. Other accommodation options are also available, which does not cost much and costs differently. However, 3, 4, and 5-star hotels are also available at a different price per night. Therefore, these hotel charges per night are best when you are here for a limited time. Apart from these hotels' private villas and resorts, there are other accommodation options such as green hotels guest houses, hostels, apartments. Even couch surfing and camping are available as there are extensive camping grounds and beaches in this city, allowing camping. All these different accommodation costs differently and is best in different situations.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are certified by the government for preserving nature and adopting eco-friendly measures while serving their customers. The statement does not mean that they only focus on keeping nature; they are also excellent in providing comfort to two of their customers without disturbing wildlife. The decoration items include recycled glass pieces, plastic bottles, and other such recycled products. These hotels do not have air conditioners because air conditioners are one of the leading causes of Global warming. The electricity they use is generated by their solar panels and windmills, a natural energy source.

  • Palmyra Boutique Hotel
  • Nevali Hotel
  • Hilton Gardon Inn Sanliurfa
  • Grand Urfa Hotel
  • Manici Hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are the type of accommodation which does not cost too much and offers the necessary facilities. These are a good option when you do not want to spend too much on housing, and you are okay with few facilities. These hostel rooms offer electricity, water, a separate kitchen for each room, and one complimentary meal. These hostels which are present here generally offer shared space with one other person. So it doesn't matter even if you are traveling alone you can make good friends here. You can learn about their country, from other travelers, and tell many things about your country to them. Else to this, some guesthouses are available in this city. These houses have a modular kitchen, spacious and well-maintained rooms, and furnished cabins with clean and hygienic bathrooms. These are best if you are traveling to this city with a large group.

  • Gulizar Knuk Evi
  • Aslan Guest House
  • Sehrazat Konagi
  • Sanliurfa Otel AslaniSanliurfa Lisesi Erkek Yurdu
  • Ozel Hamiyet Erkek Yurdu


Apartments are flats that are available for rent. There are two types of apartments which are present here: short term and long term. The difference is related to time. Short term apartments are those apartments which are present in this city and are available on rent for a shorter time. Long term apartments are available on rent for a longer time. There are two main reasons for renting or staying in an apartment. These are best in providing privacy as there will be no one to disturb you. The second is that these are best when you want to stay for a longer time. These two reasons are why there are two types of apartments. The apartments which are present here offers a fully furnished room with a modular kitchen. There is a kitchen in this apartment where you can cook for yourself and have your favorite dishes that might not be present. The words you will cooks will be beneficial for your health as they will be hygiene and also these dishes will help you save a lot of money you would have to spend in restaurants or cafes. These apartments are best when you travel with your friends, family or partner.

  • Agzahter Apartmani
  • Kizildemir Apartmani
  • Cihangir Apartmani
  • Mimar Sinan Apartman
  • Canbeyli Apartmani


There are around 2000 registered hosts who are present in this city. Couchsurfing is very budget-friendly. In Couchsurfing, the foreigner stays at a local's house without any charge and fees. However, if you want to support the locals, you can buy their household products such as milk, vegetables, or fruits. Other than this, you can also help them by helping them with their household work. Some limited hosts are available here for Couchsurfing. However, the crime rate of this city is not high; therefore, Couchsurfing is possible here. It does not mean you can trust the host quickly. It would be best if you took care of your belongings. Couchsurfing is not a permanent accommodation option because you have to change the accommodation at some point in time. You cannot rely on the host for sleeping because some of the hosts have small houses, so the only thing you can get to sleep may be the mattress. You must always have a backup accommodation option because sometimes the host might cancel the meeting at the very end of time, and situations will leave you with no other accommodation option.


Camping is a very adventurous activity which involves sleeping in a tent between nature. There are beaches and camping grounds which are available for camping. Beaches are the best place to camp because the fresh and cool sea breeze helps better sleep, and the sand on the beach is suitable to relax. However, camping is A temporary accommodation option because you will start feeling bored at a point in time; therefore, it is best for a maximum of three to five days. There are camping tours in this city for those traveling alone, where many locals attend these tours. As many locals take part in these tours, you can make them friends, and they'll help you explore this city in detail.

  • Cendere Kamping
  • School Shadow

How to Get There

There is an airport in this city which connects Urfa with other significant towns of a country. Other than this, there are no such ways to travel directly to this city. However, there are different indirect ways to travel to this city. If you reached Turkey, you could take a bus to get to this city. Other than this, there are cab services available. From Istanbul, the bus route takes around 8 hours to complete its journey.


There is an international airport present in this city which is connected with major cities. It is a massive airport with a café and a shopping mall. Shopping mall consists of some local and handmade products which are available for sale. Other than this, there is, there are taxis, vans, and minibusses available for you to reach your place wherever you want to accommodate. There is a café present in this airport for those who want to eat something. Also, there is a waiting area in this airport to sit and wait for your flight.


There is no international bus facility which this city provides. There are buses which can help you travel from the neighboring towns. These buses are accompanied with spacious seats, wifi, canteen, and a washroom. The seats are comfortable. These buses can be booked from anywhere in the neighboring cities.


There are intercity trains which can be used. You can use these trains to get there. There are no international trains which connect this city from outside Turkey. These trains can be booked online, which can save your time as well as nature. Else to this, these trains are comfortable and provide space to sleep.


Hitchhiking is very much possible in this city. You must be present on a highway or some busy roads to get a car. Once you get a car, it is not tough to convince any local to help you or provide you with a free lift. The locals here are amicable and helpful. This type of traveling option is entirely free, but it can take time, depending on the traffic.


Another moving option includes a cab or a van. These two can cost you a considerable amount, and even you will be new to this city, so you might not know the standard rates. Also using the taxi or private van is not advised by us because it creates a lot of pollution. There are e-taxis, but these are present inside the city and cannot travel intercity. There is only one way to reach here directly and no other ways. These two were indirect ways.

Moving Around

Moving around in this city is safer because there is not much crime present here. The best way to move around in this city is by walking and bicycling. These are economical, which means they will save a lot of money during your visit. These are also eco-friendly ways to travel in this city as it does not create pollution by any means. Other than these, there are minibusses and vans present inside the city.


Walking in this city is safer because the crime rates are low. There are city parks where you can visit as a morning or evening walk. Else, walking can help you to explore various cafes, vendors, restaurants, and other things in detail. It is a large city so you cannot walk and visit the entire city completely. However, the town has tourist spots which experience a lot of tourists, near each other.


There are bicycle rental shops available in this city. If you stay for a longer time, you can purchase a second-hand bicycle, which will cost less than those rental shops. There are other bicycling gears which are also available on rent, such as helmet and other accessories. Bicycling helps you to remain fit. It is an eco-friendly mode of transportation, and it will help you save a lot of money.

Electronic Vehicles

Electric vehicles are those vehicles that run on electricity. These vehicles are best in controlling pollution. These vehicles do not emit smoke and consume electricity, which is generated from solar panels. There are electric taxis which are present in this city. These taxis cost lesser than usual taxis.

Public Bus

There are minibusses which are smaller in size, which runs as a means of local transport. This bus does not cost much. These buses are available most of the time. However, there might be a rush during peak hours as many of the locals prefer it. These buses cover most of the tourist destinations. It would be best if you had the exact change with you, and the fare is calculated on the distance you are traveling.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are trains present in this city. You can use these trains to move around the city. These trains are comfortable. Trains are best when you are running short of time, as it helps you save a lot of time. There is an inquiry counter at every station where you can get the train timings and the cities they are visiting. You can also get this information on the internet.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping includes those products that are very much beneficial for health, nature, and society. These might consist of cosmetic products made out of plants such as aloe vera and other such plants. These cosmetics like soap, conditioner, shampoo, and other natural ingredients do not harm the skin and prove beneficial for health. Using cosmetics with a high amount of chemicals can damage the skin or even cause skin cancer. Other than this, other shops such as second-hand stores also provide sustainable products because second-hand products are useful in eliminating waste and pollution.

Food Markets

There are two types of food markets which are available in this city. The first one involves grocery stores that serve organic food to the public to purchase. Organic fruits and vegetables cost slightly higher than normal because Organic ingredients are grown without fertilizers and pesticides, which boosts the growth of fruits and vegetables and badly affects the digestive system. These fruits and vegetables are grown naturally; therefore, they take more time than standard products to reach the market. Next involves those stalls which serve ready to eat food. They are also known as a food market. This food market involves stalls that offer fast food made in front of your eyes to give you quality and hygiene satisfaction.

  • Badilli Market
  • Park Market
  • Emniyet Market
  • Korkmaz Market
  • Garip Market

Flea Markets

A flea market is a market, which is present on a large ground where all the vegetable and fruit vendors sell their products collectively. There are not many flea markets current in this city because there are grocery stores in every area. These markets do not happen regularly but at a specific interval like on a particular day. Apart from it, flea markets offer vegetables and fruits at low cost, which can be bargained. These are very much useful if you are staying in an apartment, hostel, or a guest house where you have the option to cook your food.

  • Cingen Pazari
  • Pazar Alani
  • Atakent Semt Pazari
  • Kritter Market
  • Sali Semt Sebze Pazari Karakopru

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand stores are those stores where second-hand products are sold. There are different stores for different items such as furniture, vehicles, Mobile phones, and other such products. Second-hand products best in saving nature as it helps eliminate a lot of waste, which eventually stops pollution. These products cost lesser than original or standard products. A second-hand product is those products which have been used by another person and later he wants to sell it. It creates a bit of income for the seller who has used this product also. You must check the second-hand product before buying because sometimes it happens that the product you buy turns out to be faulty, and the seller refuses to refund your amount or take effect back.

  • Istikbal Gurkan Grup
  • Acem Silahcilik
  • Rengin Mobilya
  • Praktikeller
  • Beko Magazine


Eco-fashion products include those products whose production does not harm nature. The fabrics which this product consumes does not involve human-made fabrics such as polyester, nylon, and other such materials. The production of these clothes consists of the use of cotton, silk, and wool. The dyes used to color these clothes are made from natural ingredients such as violet and indigo. Also, these clothes' production involves handwork and less machine work, which would use non-renewable sources. Dresses require a vast amount of artisans, which generates employment.

  • Mavi
  • Pinpinik Giyim Magazine
  • Chicco – Sanliurfa
  • Hummel


This city is spread over a large area. Therefore, there are different recycling centers for other town regions. Recycling helps reduce waste as much as possible, and even it helps reduce pollution, which is continually Increasing in this city. However, there is a new movement called zero waste management in this city, which states that people should not create waste, and it has specific policies to prevent waste. Recycling is a part of this movement because it also helps in avoiding waste. There is recycled paper the most. This recycling of paper saves many trees from cutting down.


There is a lot of waste present in this city, but the base management team is efficient in cleaning the city. Those wastes are regularly treated, which is causing a reduction in it. The Government of this city follows zero waste management and its policies to prevent the trash for treatment. This policy involves motivating the locals and tourists to recycling their products. The government of this city has strict laws on creating pollution or throwing garbage anywhere; if you are seen doing this, you will be penalized with a certain fine. Therefore, you must not generate pollution or throw the waste anywhere; dustbins are installed in every street that can be used to dump the trash.

Work and Study Abroad

The education pattern of this city in Turkey is divided into three categories. These include Pre-primary, primary, and secondary. Pre-primary provides education for 36 to 72 months. After three primaries, this child is further sent to primary education, which Admits children of age six years. Primary education lasts for eight years, so when the child turns 16, they are also sent for secondary education. Secondary education comprises three years, so it admits students of age 14 years, and this program ends when the child turns 17. Primary education is compulsory for all citizens. There are many look opportunities present in this city which depends on your educational qualifications and skills. There is a local job agency where most of the companies send their requirements for employees. You can contact these agencies as they will help you in finding the job.

Exchange Student

There is a University in these cities which have this program. In this program student of a particular university is sent to other countries to finish their degree. This program helps a lot of students to become independent and boosts self-confidence. In this program, a student can have a fresh start in a new country with new colleagues and a new university. The university is very much famous in this city and the entire turkey.

Au Pair

An au pair stays with a local family without any charge, and in exchange, it helps them by taking care of their child. It is different from Couch surfing because couch surfing does not involve any work. In au pair, you have an individual work of taking care of the child. This type of work is available in this city because some families have both parents working. It is very responsible work; therefore, you must be humble towards the parents and the child.


There are a lot of organizations present in this city that is always looking for people to join. Different organizations have different work. Volunteering involves working out of your well, hobby, or interest. You cannot charge for volunteering. These organizations are active on social media from where you can contact them.

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