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Eco-friendly travel guide to Hanoi advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Hanoi, Vietnam.

  • Air quality: 3/ 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.7 / 5
  • Safety: 3.7 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $100
  • Budget per day: US$150 - $200

Responsible Travel

Being one of the ancient cities and capitals, Hanoi is one of the most popular cities of Vietnam situated on the Red River banks. This French colonial city is popular among travel enthusiasts due to some delectable cuisine, extravagant nightlife, handicrafts, and much more. Here you will find a unique multi-cultural community where French, Russian, as well as Chinese influences are found in massive amounts. Apart from that, if you travel to the exclusive countryside, you will find lush parks, traditional villages, steep mountains, and so much more.

To begin your journey in more of an eco-friendly manner, do not forget to take the electric scooters. Even though the gasoline motorbikes run here, but if you want to be a responsible traveler in Hanoi, opting for eco-friendly scooters is the best option. These eco-friendly scooters are not only sustainable but also smart since it contains GPS and Bluetooth. Eco-friendly scooters are quite cheap and if you have a driving license, you can rent them for a few days. If you want to enjoy a responsible trip to Hanoi, then you should support local business and local markets, consume local foods, etc.

Air Quality and Pollution

The climatic conditions in Hanoi have faced extreme criticism and the city has been facing issues with the pollution levels for a very long time. High levels of smoke from gasoline vehicles along with emissions from the industries are making pollution control quite tough. Most of the time, especially in the mornings, you will find haze or smog which eventually makes things tough for the locals. The temperatures mostly remain high throughout, and high humidity might make you feel uncomfortable during your holidays. As of now, Hanoi is known as one of the highly polluted cities in the world.

Even though the air quality has improved over a few years, still Vietnam’s Hanoi is considered the worst city in the world due to the poor air quality as well as the pollution rate. The climatic condition during summer always remains in poor condition. Hanoi is infamous among the tourists for pathetic air quality as well as pollution levels. Due to this reason, tourists choose to visit Hanoi mostly during winter. The government authorities have come up with the decision of using electric-driven scooters and four-wheelers.

Respect the Culture

The mix of traditional and modern culture makes Hanoi the perfect city to visit. The beautiful alleys, ancient temples, breathtaking Mediterranean villas present just adjacent to the historical forts will no doubt give you an insight into the ancient history. Once you visit the city, you will no doubt fall in love with the unique traditions as well as the culture of the city. Impeccable architecture, glamorous café, and beautiful parks will no doubt make your holidays memorable.

Make sure to visit Hanoi during winters as the subtropical climate prevails during this season. Overall, you can have a perfect experience, as the attractions of the city will let you experience the essence of true Vietnamese culture. Since Buddhism is the religion mostly followed by the locals, you will notice that they always maintain etiquette. Not to mention, Hanoi also has outstanding authentic traditional handicraft villages that highlight the oldest culinary culture. Com Lang Vong is the oldest culinary dish. Savouring this dish will no doubt take you to the rich past of Hanoi.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Imperial Citadel of Thang Long- This famous attraction gives an insight into Vietnam’s rich history and due to this reason; UNESCO has made it a World Heritage Site.
  • Water Puppet Theatre - It is yet another popular attraction in Hanoi, which attracts tourists due to the unique art form of water puppetry.
  • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleumm- Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is no doubt a mark to remember, especially in Vietnam’s rich history. Your vacation to Hanoi will remain incomplete if you do not visit here.
  • The Perfume Pagoda - A beautiful yet dramatic temple which was first built in the fifteenth century. Perfume Pagoda is located in the south of Hanoi, and the journey to this temple is no doubt a beautiful experience altogether.
  • Dong Xuan Market- It is the biggest attraction in Hanoi with a massive four-story Soviet building. Its complexes will offer you exclusive fashion apparel and souvenirs.
  • Hanoi Old Quarter- If you want to explore the marvelous colonial architecture, this place is a must-visit place in Hanoi. From fruit sellers to souvenirs, the narrow shops here sell almost everything.
  • Ba VI National Park - Explore the nature bounty here with the unimaginable beauty of the natural reserve. It is situated forty-eight kilometers from Hanoi downtown.
  • Hanoi Opera House - Hanoi Opera House is arguably the elegant architecture ever built in Hanoi. Built-in the core of the French Quarter, this was built keeping in mind the famous Paris Opera House model.
  • Temple of Literature - It is a charming temple situated in the middle of the Hanoi city. The temple was previously built to teach Chinese sage and about Confucius.
  • Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son - Also popular by the name Turtle Lake, it is one of the most popular features of Hanoi and is a famous hanging out spot for both the tourists as well as locals.
The view of the Perfume river on the way to Perfume Pagoda


By now, you must have understood that Hanoi city is immensely popular throughout the globe due to its natural beauty as well as the rich cultural heritage. It is one of the most popular as well as the biggest cities in Vietnam. The city is the home to the Buddhist culture along with a unique blend of modish vibes. You will no doubt be awestruck by the overpowering turmoil which Hanoi went through as it kept on changing the outlook of the city over the period. Hanoi is filled with some marvelous and breathtaking tourist attractions, once you visit here, you will find the city to be quite amazing and beautiful in every way.

Coming to the locals, they are quite friendly here and will let you feel homely, which is quite important when you are going to another city or country. Even though the city has mixed modern-traditional vibes, yet you will find that the nightlife is quite enthralling and humming. The chronicled attractions in the city are worth visiting, and when it comes to the Vietnamese delicacies, they are no doubt lip-smacking.

City Parks

  • Thong Nhat Park - Although this park is small compared to other botanical parks, still it is one of the most popular ones for the locals. People come here for cycling, yoga, and cycling, but this place is popular among the tourists as well. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, this park is no doubt one of the best choices. Few historical places like Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum as well as Hoan Kiem Lake are near to the park. Just sitting here and relaxing will no doubt let you enjoy the tranquillity of Thong Nhat Park.
  • Indira Gandhi Park - It is yet another most popular city park, which is located on the eastern side of the Hoan Kiem Lake. Back in the French colonial era, this park was quite popular for holding various political events as well as concerts. During 1984, the park was renamed in the honor of Indira Gandhi as she gave her immense support to Vietnam. The park is the perfect place to take a quick break from the hectic schedule of your daily life.
Thong Nhat Park

National Parks

  • Nui Chua National Park - Set on the eastern edge of the famous Annamite Mountains, Nui Chua National Park overlooks the well-preserved coastline of the East Sea. The breathtaking view of the park along with the spell-bounding beauty of the East Sea will no doubt make you fall in love with the place. Inside the park confines, you will be able to see bears, exotic birds, and bats. The shoreline of the East Sea is the home as well as the nesting ground for a wide number of endangered turtles. It is among one of the popular national parks where you will find the real beauty of nature.
  • Cat Tien National Park- It is one of those national parks, which is situated close to the Ho Chi Minh City and is undoubtedly one of the gems in the country. The lowland forest of the national park is quite significant since it is the home to various animals such as wild boar, gibbons, and deer. If you visit Cat Tien, then you will clearly understand that the nature trails are quite extensive as well as properly preserved.
Sea Turtle Nesting Beach, Nui Chua National Park


  • Do Son Beach - Considered as one of the most beautiful beaches, Do Son Beach is quite popular in Hanoi, and you should include it in your bucket list for Vietnam. The picturesque beauty, white sand, along with watery breeze will no doubt let you relax and enjoy the sun. Apart from that, the beach is the home to exquisite beach shacks, restaurants overseeing the beautiful beach view. The relaxing weather along with the natural beauty of the beach will make your visit to Hanoi memorable.
  • Tuan Chau Beach - In case you are looking forward to spending some tranquillity and peace away from the main city, then Tuan Chau Beach is no doubt one of the best places. Endless luxurious hotels, exclusive resorts, along with the beauty of the beach will surely amaze you. Here you will get the opportunity to explore various recreational activities such as water sports and other fun options. You would be surprised to know that the Tuan Chau Beach is considered as one of the seven natural wonders. Besides, if you appreciate nature’s beauty, you will no doubt enjoy the place for sure.
Do Son Beach


  • Hoan Kiem Lake - It is one of the most popular landmarks, which is located in Hanoi city. It is a small lake located in the middle of the city. The shores of this popular lake join the Old Quarter, and you will be able to stroll around but the locals use this place for practicing Tai Chi. The overall view of the place is breathtaking and this landmark is undoubtedly breathtaking. If you are lucky, then you will be able to spot a hundred year’s old turtle that stays inside the lake. Locals consider it as a spiritual guardian that steeped in mystery.
  • Temple of Literature - Situated near the mausoleum as well as the Fine Arts Museum, you must not skip on visiting this famous landmark in Hanoi city. Locals call it Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam. It is one of the oldest landmarks in the city that was decided to turn it into a university. Once you visit the Temple of Literature, you will find that the courtyard of the temple has been crammed with beautiful stone tablets that are mounted on tortoises.
The glorious Hoan Kiem Lake


  • Hoa Lo Prison Museum - This museum is mainly a reminiscence of the Hanoi Hilton by the US soldiers who were prisoned during the Vietnam War. The chronicles present here will give you an insight of the prisoners and the problems that they had to face during the war. Along with that, you will also get to know about the Vietnamese martyrs who suffered torture in the hands of French colonialists. You will find a wide number of French guillotine such as chilly cells having rust iron stocks as well as the flight suit of the famous John McCain. If you are visiting Hanoi, then do not miss visiting this museum, otherwise, your vacation will remain incomplete.
  • Vietnamese Women’s Museum - This unique museum packs a whole lot of unique things starting from ethnic minorities, beautiful and vivid colored costumed, etc. Once you visit the museum, you will get to know in detail about the role of women during the Vietnam War. Women played different roles starting from street vendors, maternity subjects, and others. Here you will also find a game room for kids.
  • Vietnam Fine Arts Museum - It is one of the most significant institutions in terms of culture as well as learning. Vietnam Fine Arts Museum features some well-arranged gallery houses along with a stunning collection of art. Once you visit here, you will find beautiful art treasures from every ear such as national life, prehistory, antiquity, etc.
Outside the Hoa Lo Prison Museum


You would be surprised to know that Vietnamese cuisine is although quite popular in the country, yet every city and village comes with its own specialty, and this is something that makes all the places unique. Hanoi is similarly no exception. Once you visit the city, the famous Hanoi foods and dishes will impress you. Most popular Vietnamese dishes have been originated from Hanoi and among them; Pho is a famous Vietnamese noodle soup popular. It is considered as one of the iconic dishes that you can try. Northern Vietnamese cuisine reflects a blend of Chinese influence. Since the cooler climate prevails in the North; therefore, you will get plenty of freshwater seafood such as prawns, clams, shrimp, etc. You will find them extremely delicious.

Apart from that, the street food culture in Hanoi is quite popular as well. The streets of Hanoi remains lined with a unique collection of delicious and lip-smacking dishes. Hence, if you are planning to visit Hanoi, then do not forget to check out the street food culture. Compared to restaurants, street foods are much more popular here.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Xoi Yen- This is by far one of the most popular local restaurants that you can find in Hanoi. The reason behind the popularity of this restaurant is that it delivers the traditional sweet sticky rice garnished with meats, shaved bean curd, and other delicious toppings. It is something that makes Xoi Yen one of the traditional local restaurants in Hanoi. If you visit this restaurant during the evening, then you might find it difficult to find a space and therefore it is best if you pack and take the food with you.
  • Cha Ca Thang Long - This restaurant is situated in the Old Quarter and is among the best places where you can enjoy Cha Ca. If you are not aware, then Cha Ca is one of the popular Hanoi delicacies. It contains white fish fillet, which is seasoned with turmeric, garlic, and ginger. Cha Ca is served sizzling hot and along with that, you will get rice noodles topped with peanuts, spring onions, red chili sauce, and parsley. If you take interest in tasting local dishes, then do not forget to try this dish.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Homefood Vegan - If you are a fan of vegan food, then Homefood Vegan will welcome you with some perfect vegan dishes. Every day the restaurant comes up with an outstanding menu, which even the meat lovers cherish. One of the biggest striking factors is the restaurant sources its necessary vegetables from renowned farmers. Apart from that, the restaurant also has a small store where you can a wide range of organic products as well as ingredients using which you can make delicious and healthy vegan dishes.
  • Minh Chay - Yet another famous vegan restaurant. Minh Chay offers not only delicious vegan dishes but also the exclusive location in the Old Quarter makes it even more popular amongst the locals as well as the tourists. Here you will get to taste some of the delicious vegan dishes and apart from the vegetarians, the non-vegan ones also visit here to savor the delicacies. If you are not sure about what to order, then you can ask the waiter to suggest something delicious so that you can opt for a takeaway.

Street Food

Hanoi is famous for the street food options it has to offer. Your trip to Hanoi will be incomplete without trying the local street food delicacies. Some of the famous ones include:

  • Bun Cha (grilled pork with noodles)
  • goi cuon (spring rolls)
  • Banh Tom (Shrimp cakes)
  • Kem Xoi (Stick rice ice cream)
  • Banh Xeo (Savoury Pancakes)
Delicious Bun Cha being served in Hanoi


As already mentioned, the climatic changes in Vietnam are quite often due to the extreme level of pollution, and due to this reason, the temperature rises to the extreme at times. Along with that, you might face heavy sweat due to the humidity level which will no doubt make you feel thirsty at times. Due to this reason, the demand for different types of drinks is quite high here. You can either take the local drinks or even consider consuming tap water, which is no doubt safe. Some of the most famous ones are:

  • Egg Coffee
  • Egg Beer
  • Iced Tea
  • Sweet Soup

The local drinks available in Hanoi are delicious and you will never feel the urge to take liquor instead of those drinks. Apart from the chilled drinks and irrespective of the high humidity, people even enjoy hot tea and coffee. If you want liquor, then you will have to locate a few liquor stores, and only if you are an adult, you can buy them with a valid identity proof.


Tap water is safe to consume in Hanoi but there has been a case of contaminated tap water in 2019. Since tourism in the city is quite high, so it is the responsibility of the government authorities to keep tap water for consumption not only for the tourists but also for the locals. You will get cold and purified water from the taps, which makes it safe to drink.

However, if you want to keep things safe, then it is best if you purchase packaged bottle drinking water. They are quite cheap and easily available. Since the tap water, contamination once became a serious problem, so most households in Hanoi use water purifiers. This is not only a safe option but also it is a one-time investment as well.

Organic Cafés

  • Kate’s Café - It is one of the most popular organic cafés that has been recently opened in the Hanoi city for the locals as well as the tourists. If you want to explore the concept of organic café, then do not forget to visit this place. The beautiful ambiance with lots of greenery throughout the cafeteria gives it a perfect definition of the organic cafeteria. Apart from the design, here you will get to enjoy some unforgettable delicacies. Started from freshly brewed coffee to snacks, you will get everything here. Both vegans as well as non-vegan foods are available here.
  • Om Nom Nom Vegan Café - Another famous organic cafeteria in Hanoi city, which is popular for some outstanding vegan delicacies. Once you enter the cafeteria, you will be mesmerized by the place. The vegan dishes along with a wide variety of coffee will no doubt lift your taste buds. Although it is a vegan café, yet many non-vegans visit here to enjoy the vegan delectable famous here. If you are visiting Hanoi for the first time, then do not forget to visit Om Nom Nom café.


  • Pasteur Street Brewing Company - If you enjoy the unique taste of chilled craft beer Pasteur Street Brewing Company in Hanoi is no doubt one of the best options. Along with a stunning ambiance as well as the delicious and tasty food , everything is to die for. Not to mention, the beer variety that you will get here is outstanding. Starting from different flavors to combos, once you visit this place, you will fall in love with Pasteur Street Brewing Company. Service, music, and all the other things are quite fun. Apart from the prices here are quite affordable here.
  • Turtle Lake Brewing Company - Although many people are not aware of this brewery, yet it is one of the most popular places where both locals and tourists visit. They have a taproom as well as a beer garden along with an exclusive selection of craft beers you can find throughout Vietnam. Do not forget to savor the delicious dishes that you will get here apart from the wide selection of beer. The ambiance is impressive along with the customer service.
  • Hanoi Brewing Company Limited - It is yet another paradise where you can taste craft beer that too at a reasonable price. Apart from that, the appetizers as well as the main courses are quite delicious. If you want to make your evenings memorable and relaxing, then do not forget to visit Hanoi Brewing Company. The customer service is also quite friendly and the food quality is good as well.
  • Hanoi Cider House-Brewery and Grill - If you want to taste some exquisite ciders, Hanoi Cider House is no doubt one of the best places. With incredibly tasty dishes as well as friendly staff, you will no doubt enjoy here if you visit the place with your friends. The stunning ambiance along with light music will lift your mood.
  • Homie Brewhouse - Another most-hyped place for enjoying good quality craft beer. Apart from just beers, you can also enjoy some delicious food here as well. If you are visiting Hanoi, then do not forget to visit Homie Brewhouse.


  • Visit the beautiful Vietnam Museum of Ethnology - This museum is one of the best attractions you can visit. It completely focuses on the various ethnic groups that you will find in Vietnam. Back in 1997, this museum came into being and after that, many changes have been made so that it looks better inside out. Apart from that, efforts were given so that the tourists can get enough information about the ethnic groups. Architect Ha Duc Linh who designed the museum was a member of Vietnam’s ethnic group. Spending some good time inside the museum and collecting information on the ethnic groups of Vietnam.
  • West Lake - Taking a break from exploring the museums and palaces, make sure to visit the West Lake. This utterly enthralling beautiful place is perfect to spend a good time. It is situated in the middle of Hanoi and is the biggest lake in the city. If you want to take part in some of the exciting recreational activities, then you can do it too since there are plenty of hotels, villas, and gardens around the place.
  • Visit the Bach Ma Temple - Situated in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, this marvelous Bach Ma Temple is one of the traditional and oldest temples in the oldest city. The temple was built at the time of Emperor Ly Thai To in honor his white horse that took him to this site. This is a must-visit place in Hanoi and you should include it in your travel list.
Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Yoga and Retreats

  • Zenith Yoga Kim Ma - If you want to explore one of the best places for yoga and retreats, then Zenith Yoga Kim Ma is undoubtedly one of the best places you can visit. It is one of the first and the best yoga places where you will be able to practice different asanas, anatomy, etc. High professional experts will guide you so that you can practice all the asanas properly. The ambiance as well as the environment here is quite relaxing and every day, you will be able to get almost two hours of retreat sessions, which will relax you from stress.
  • Moon Yoga Studio - You can register yourself for about one to two weeks so that you can practice some excellent selection of yoga. Apart from that, you will also get plenty of retreat sessions, which will relieve you off from any stress and anxiety. The experts here are quite friendly and they will offer you the best services so that you can get maximum benefits and your body can heal. The classes take place every day for two hours and the ambiance here along with relaxing music makes everything extremely peaceful.
  • Om Hanoi Yoga and Café - Yoga sessions are always relaxing and the only reason is that it helps in releasing stress and anxiety and if you are interested in it, then you can no doubt opt for it. Apart from that, retreat sessions are also offered here that are no doubt enjoyable. The yoga classes that you will get in Hanoi are professional and you will get the best possible service.
  • Vedic Healing Center - It is yet another popular name in the yoga and retreats, which is located in Hanoi. Here you will get different types of yoga as well as retreat options and opting for them will no doubt give you the best relaxing service. The staffs here are quite helpful and they will no doubt give you the best experience.


In terms of accommodation, you will get a wide range of options. Starting from cheap hostels to five-star resorts, you will get everything here. Hanoi being one of the most popular cities in Vietnam, you will come across many five-star hotels as well as resorts. Apart from that, other prominent regions of Vietnam also has some of the posh hotels where you can no doubt enjoy a comfortable stay. The rates vary starting from the affordable ones to the costly ones; however, you will get a hotel that matches your budget. The hotels you will get in Hanoi are quite comfortable and you will get options to choose from.

Green Hotels

  • Topas Eco Lodge - If you want green hotels to stay in Hanoi, then Topas Eco Lodge is no doubt one of the best places. It is truly beautiful in every way since it is located amidst a stunning setting, on top of the hill, which is enveloped by hills on all sides. One of the biggest advantages of staying here is every day you will be able to wake up to breathtaking views of huge peaks filled with tribes. As it is a green hotel, the hotel authorities give importance to the environment and therefore use limited electricity and all the food and other edible leftovers are used to feed livestock. Besides, they even recycle and reuse bottles and cans.
  • Mu Cang Chai Ecolodge - Mu Cang Chai is popular for amazing rice terraces as well as enthralling trekking routes. Now imagine staying around such a place where you can enjoy such beautiful things but also nature’s beauty. Mu Cang Chai Ecolodge was set up back in 2017, so you can understand that it is not that old and you can expect to get all the latest facilities.

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Hanoi Moon Cactus - Along with free WiFi and other exciting amenities, Hanoi Moon Cactus is no doubt one of the best guesthouses you can choose to stay in when you are visiting Hanoi for the first time. Compared to a five-star hotel, these are quite affordable and you can no doubt enjoy a comfortable stay. Here you will get a terrace where you can relax and enjoy peaceful mornings and peaceful evenings. The staff is quite friendly and helpful.
  • Gru & Lucy Guesthouse - Situated just a few kilometers away from the West Lake and Dong Xuan Market, this famous Gru & Lucy Guesthouse is undoubtedly one of the best places to stay in Hanoi. One of the biggest advantages that you can get here is the cont8nental breakfast as well as the ala-carte breakfast option. You will get free WiFi, airport shuttle, free parking, and other amenities.
  • Hanoi House Hostel & Travel - This is one of the most popular hostels where you can choose to stay in when traveling to Hanoi. It is located near Old Quarter, Hanoi. This hostel is located in a convenient location and is almost fifteen minutes away from the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.
  • Eco Hotel - Eco Hotel is far away located in the Hanoi Old Quarter, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. From here, you can go for sightseeing at a walking distance. You will get all the basic amenities along with green panoramic views from the windows that will make your mornings better.
  • Moon Garden - This popular green hotel is a few hours away from the Hanoi city and is situated amidst a beautiful village, Ky Son. It is no doubt a soothing retreat and is a boutique hotel where you will get to see a large number of cultural experiences. If you stay here, you will see that the local Vietnamese families involving in daily activities such as riding oxcarts through rice fields, making traditional Vietnamese dishes, and lots more. Apart from that, you will be able to indulge in fun activities while staying here like taking traditional herbal baths, go on hiking, etc.


If you want to stay with your partner or your friends, then it is always a good idea to rent apartments. But, you might face difficulties when choosing apartments if you are very picky. Although locals here do not show much objection when it comes to giving the rooms to foreigners, some are there who are against it. However, you can take help of Airbnb. Here you will get verified apartments and clear rooms to stay.


Couchsurfing is although not famous in Hanoi, but does not mean that you will not get enough options to explore the Couchsurfing option here. If you do not want to pay money for staying in hostels, guesthouses, or hotels, the Couchsurfing is undoubtedly one of the best options. It is a travel community, which is developed by the hosts and surfers. While the hosts enlist spaces for any particular date, and the surfers send request so that the host accepts the request to stay.

If your request is accepted, then you will get the opportunity to stay with some of the local Vietnamese families. Locals here are quite friendly and if you show your valid identity proof, they will give you a place to stay. You will get delicious food along with comfortable bedding to stay for a few days. With Couchsurfing, the traveling experience will no doubt change forever.


You can even go on camping in Hanoi amidst nature and the greenery. Nothing can be better than going camping and spending some time in the lap of nature in Hanoi. As aforementioned, Hanoi is filled with greenery and peace, and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will enjoy a whole new world of peace.

Hanoi is home for all those who love indulging in nature and top of that, if you are a real adventure seeker, then camping will no doubt give you never-ending joy. The magnificent view of the surroundings will seem priceless when compared to the comfort of the five-star hotels. Listed below are some of the best camping places in Hanoi.

  • Dong Mo Tourism Area
  • Ham Lon
  • Cuc Phurong National Park
  • Dong Cao
  • Ba Vi National Park
Cuc Phurong National Park

How to Get There

Plenty of options are there for traveling to Hanoi. However, you will not get enough eco-friendly options for traveling to Hanoi. One of the easiest ways of traveling to Hanoi city is through the air. But, if you want you can also opt for railway mode if you want to enjoy the scenic beauty on the way and want to save bucks. Roadways are also the best options; however, it is best to opt for the buses only if you are traveling within the country since they are cost-effective.

No, as such eco-friendly options are there, and therefore, you might face difficulties when searching for eco-friendly traveling options. To know more about the different ways of traveling to Hanoi, keep reading below, as you will get detailed information.


If you are traveling from a faraway country, then opting for the air route to reach Hanoi is the best choice. The reason behind this is that Hanoi has proper connections with few cities as well as neighboring countries. The nearest airport to Hanoi is Noi Bai International Airport and almost all the adjacent countries and cities.

If you do not get regular flights, then the alternate day you will surely get flights for Hanoi. In case you are traveling from India, then you will have to travel from Delhi to Bangkok. From there, you will have to catch a flight that travels to Hanoi. Eco-friendly airplanes are not available and therefore it might disappoint you.

Inside Noi Bai International Airport Terminal


You will not get enough bus services From India that travels to Hanoi. Even if you opt for so, you might have to opt for a break journey. This will not only be hectic but also costly. However, if you stay nearby Vietnam, then you can go for traveling by bus since traveling from adjacent countries or even in Vietnam. You will come across many private companies that offer exclusive bus services, which are quite comfortable.

A Hanoi bus on the loop route 09


Train services are yet another one of the best options to choose from if you are planning to save money on your journey. You will get trains from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. Due to this reason, most travelers opt for the air route just to save time. You will not get direct rail service from India apart from the flight services.

Hanoi Railway Station


Hitchhiking is legal in Hanoi only if you follow all the safety tips like wearing a helmet. Since you will get motorbikes almost in every corner of the city, so you do not have to worry about hitchhiking. However, the only problem is the presence of cars since it does not let people with scooties to stop everywhere. Drivers will get ready to pick you up without helmet, but it is better if you maintain safety.

Apart from that, hitchhiking is possible even with the four-wheelers only if you choose the right spot and the locals will no doubt pick you up. However, it is better to be careful at all times. Even though the rate of crime is not high, still things can be difficult to figure out being a tourist.


Reaching Hanoi through other modes of transportation is only possible if you stay either in Vietnam or in any adjacent country. Only then, you will be able to opt for sharing or even the e-rickshaws. However, it is best if you opt for conventional transportation modes such as buses or flights.

Moving Around

You will never get tired to explore this beautiful yet thousand years old city, which is quite famous in Vietnam. If you want to explore the inside out of the city, then it is best to opt for foot walking. In this way, you will be able to enjoy the charm of the place. Once you visit Hanoi, you will find that every corner of the city speaks something unique yet interesting about the complicated history. While exploring and moving around, you will be able to know what difficulties the city faced during the dynastic reign and post-colonial phase.

Overall, you are going to have a great time when exploring Hanoi. You can opt for the scooters or rickshaws if you want to explore the city properly. Being one of the most popular cities in Hanoi, you will no doubt find out many historic buildings, cultural establishments, as well as a wide number of shopping destinations. All these things will give you the ultimate pleasure and joy of traveling to Hanoi.


As already mentioned, Hanoi is quite a huge city, and walking throughout the city might become quite tiresome for you unless if you are visiting any nearby location. If you want to explore any nearby market or tourist attraction place, where the crowd is quite heavy, walking will only help. If you are concerned about making the surroundings polluted, then it is better to opt for walking since it will help you a great deal to keep the surroundings clean and pollution-free.


You can ride bicycles through the roads and alleys of Hanoi; however, it is better if you avoid riding bicycles on the main roads to avoid any major accident or heavy traffic. Bicycles here are considered as one of the most important transportation options here, especially if you want to travel to nearby places and avoid the confusing roads. Apart from that, a bicycle is one of the eco-friendly options so you can no doubt consider it.

Electronic Vehicles

Since the locals still drive gasoline vehicles, so you will not get many options when it comes to electronic vehicles. However, if you search, then you will no doubt get options for renting electronic vehicles. Gradually, the city is becoming more energy-efficient and environmentally concerned.

Public Bus

Public buses are available in Hanoi just like any other city and these are quite exceptional. Public buses are easily accessible, cheap, and you can travel comfortably anywhere since these buses connect almost every corner of the city, which makes it the best option to travel around the city.

Tram, Train and Subway

As of now, there are no trams or train routes available in Hanoi city. However, it was decided to open a new metro route by the next year. However, the pandemic situation has made things uncertain. The construction is already in progress and once the pandemic situation is over, decisions will be taken regarding the opening of the metro facilities.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping has become a thing in Hanoi city due to the rising amount of pollution in the city. Starting from incredible silk pieces to tailoring, once you shop from Hanoi, you will get the taste of sustainable shopping. All you need to do is show the fabric you need and the shopkeepers will show you something bespoke that you will absolutely love. Many shops are present in Hanoi where you will get unique plant-dyed silk separates, non-toxic manicure, and non-toxic manicure and other things.

Besides, you will also get organic cotton fashion stores, pastel print shirts, tassel earrings, and other eco-friendly items. Once you visit the sustainable shops, the available exclusive items will mesmerize you. Do not forget to explore the exclusive sustainable shops and markets that are available otherwise, you will miss the things that have made Hanoi one of the popular cities throughout the globe.

Food Markets

Coming to the food market, you will be able to explore a wide range of food outlets and spots where you can try a wide range of Vietnamese ingredients for making dishes, fresh vegetables, and much more. The exemplary food markets are outstandingly popular and do not forget to include this in your Hanoi travel list. These markets have an exclusive collection of food items, which are stocked in a good condition and you will get things from here at a much reasonable rate. Some of the popular food markets in Hanoi are listed below that you should not forget to check out.

  • Hanoi Food Market
  • Hanoi Night Market
  • Che Thai Nguyen
  • Dong Xuan Market

Flea Markets

Almost every city comes with a few flea markets where you will get almost everything that you look for, starting from fashion items, footwear, household items, etc. What you can do is indulge yourself in the narrow blocks of the city, maze streets where you will get plenty of options when it comes to flea markets. Once you visit these markets, you will be surprised to see the variety of items available here. Besides, the price of the items here is quite cheap here. You will even get exclusive souvenirs as well. Few famous flea markets in Hanoi city are

  • Hom Market
  • Night Market
  • Long Bien Market
  • Hang Da Market
  • Nha Xanh Market

Second Hand Stores

If you are not aware of the fact, then Hanoi features some outstanding thrift stores where you will get unique things that will serve your purpose well. Starting from clothes, furniture to decoration items, you will get almost everything. Besides, the prices are quite low compared to the brand new items. Once you visit Hanoi, you will understand that the Vietnamese love to indulge in shopping, but when it comes to maintaining nostalgia, you will get that in plenty in the cities of Vietnam, and Hanoi is one among them.

If you want to view nostalgia, make sure, you are visiting the thrift stores. The fancy thrift stores sell almost everything starting from high-quality fiber to trendy jewelry pieces you will get everything. Here are some of the popular second-hand stores in Hanoi.

  • Lon Xon Clothing
  • Chan Con Cong-Vintage store
  • The Mint
  • House of Vintage-Jewellery Ha Noi


People in Hanoi are into eco-fashion and they believe in a zero-waste lifestyle. Many companies are coming up with the idea of sustainable fashion so that both the locals as well as the tourists can enjoy the concept of green experience. The concept of eco-fashion is quite different from the normal one. Once you explore the sustainable fashion concept in Hanoi, you will fall in love with it.

Apart from that, as the pollution levels are high in the city, so the government officials give importance to eco-fashion a great deal. You will find that eco-friendly fashion is no doubt unique and quite mind-blowing. Most eco-fashion clothes are handmade since the fibers are biodegradable so that it does not pollute the environment. Some of the eco-friendly outlets that you can find in Hanoi are listed below.

  • Papa’s Dreamer
  • Go Eco Hanoi
  • V’s Home
  • Bluebirds’ Nest
  • Ekoko Handmade
  • Chie Handmade


Most of the locals here take the concept of recycling items seriously since Hanoi has been topping the pollution list for a very long time. Every year a large amount of plastic waste is generated along with other toxic wastes. If you go through some of the latest reports, you will find a huge amount of wastes materials that are made of glass, aluminum, and other harmful metals.

Many conglomerates as well as popular faces from the city are involved with recycling. Apart from that various startup companies have come up that are associated with recycling . Even the government has passed a law regarding waste management and recycling. Due to this reason, many companies as well as industries have come up who are selling products in eco-friendly packages so that those can be recycled once it is exhausted. All these products have buyback rates that encourage the customers for recycling products. Overall, the city is gradually learning to become eco-friendly through different procedures and initiations.


As already mentioned that the city of Hanoi has a huge population; therefore, the waste disposal amount is quite high as well and due to this reason, the city has adopted intelligent waste disposal management. The government has come up with different methods for waste disposing and the locals have accepted those steps wide open-arms. Various cleanliness schemes have been introduced and the locals follow here diligently. Almost every household these days follows all the cleanliness regulations.

Work and Study Abroad

Vietnam has always been popular for featuring some of the top-rated international as well as national conglomerates. If you want cheap living costs, then Vietnam is no doubt one of the best countries. Hanoi is one of the most popular cities where you can find cheap stays along with some of the underrated universities and colleges in Asia, where you can study. The friendly locals as well as the incredible culture will no doubt make things easy for you especially when it comes to living. Many scholar students from around the world come down to Vietnam for taking admission in some of the renowned schools and colleges.

Apart from that, the employment opportunities here are quite high since you will come across many renowned MNCs here and if you have proper eligibility criteria, then the companies here will no doubt accept you. Therefore, collectively, staying here and planning your future especially in terms of education as well as job opportunities, you will not face many issues. You will get the opportunity to work with foreigners, and your chances to gather knowledge about things will surely become high.

Exchange Student

By now, you must have already read that Hanoi features some of the prestigious institutions where thousands of students from locals as well as around the globe enroll themselves to take the exclusive courses. Apart from that, special scholarship programs are also available for foreign students, and this is the reason, thousands of candidates from around the world come to Hanoi for taking admission. Some of the popular colleges and universities in Hanoi are.

  • Hanoi Medical University- This is one of the most popular and the oldest universities in Vietnam, which is located in Hanoi and was founded in 1902 at the time of French colonization. Students take admission to the college for pursuing their higher education in medical science.
  • Hanoi University of Science and Technology- Hanoi University of Science and Technology is one of the top-ranking universities. It is Vietnam’s first ever-multidisciplinary technical university. Students looking for industrial engineering training can take admission here.
  • National Economics University- National Economics University is one of the non-profit higher education institution, which is situated in Hanoi. Many scholar students from around the world as well as locals come here to take admission here many high professional authorities teach here. This had made National Economics University one of the famous universities.

Au Pair

Although Au Pair is not that famous in Hanoi; however, many households opt for such services since the homemaker has to stay out of the house due to work. You will find many Au Pair agencies in Hanoi that offer this service to those families that have small kids. Many ex-pats are there who will get ready to host such families. If you search properly, then you will no doubt get such opportunities.


You will find that the concept of volunteering is rampant in Hanoi since the city holds a lot of power. Hani is one of the most significant cities in Vietnam that holds immense power in terms of history, culture, and rich traditions. Many NGOs as well as welfare organizations have come up in Hanoi that tries its best to balance and preserve the massive cultural diversity. The city provides a lot of flexibility to people and therefore you can easily volunteer for almost everything. However, it is best if you choose any organization, which is legit and deals with such a field in which you have experience.

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