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Eco-friendly travel guide to Isfahan advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Isfahan, Iran.

The beautiful Naqsh e Jahan in Isfahan

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot:5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.4 / 5
  • Parks: 4/ 5
  • Outdoor activities:4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$18 - $250
  • Budget per day: US$10 - $50

Responsible Travel

The city of Isfahan is situated in the territory of Iran, being the capital of the said region and being considered a vast city; Isfahan is the third biggest city in the country after Mashhad and Tehran. It is situated 406 km away from the city of Tehran. It is sitting in a geologically significant area at the convergence between the different north-south and east-west passages in Iran. It has been the capital city of Iran twice previously and still holds quite a bit of its past magnificence today. It has one of the biggest city squares on the planet situated inside its borders, selected as a UNESCO world heritage site.

  • Although Isfahan doesn't come under the most polluted cities, its air quality is estimated to be moderately dirty. This level may increase if people stop behaving as responsible citizens. You as a traveler should be equally invested in maintaining air quality. You can lessen the activities that cause air pollution, for example, you can take public transport to roam around the city instead of booking private vehicles. If available, try using electric vehicles every time you travel. This way, you can impede the level of pollution that you could be causing as a traveler.

  • It would be best if you only buy eco-friendly commodities from the local shops; however, local markets usually sell plastic-made articles to lure foreign customers. Try not to purchase such stuff as they cause land pollution. Global data says that the biggest reason for land pollution is the increase in the use of plastic junk by thousands of travelers as well as locals.

Air Quality and Pollution

As to levels of contamination, Isfahan came in with a PM2.5 reading of 26.4 μg/m³ throughout 2019, as its yearly normal. This reading put Isfahan into the 'moderate' contamination section (though between the middle to the high end of it), as the moderate rating requires a PM2.5 number of between 12.1 to 35.4 μg/m³ to be named such. While not fierce and not even close as raised as some different urban neighborhoods of adjoining nations like Afghanistan or Pakistan, it absolutely shows that the city has some pollution issues, with a couple of months going up an indent into the following collective rating, indicating that the air quality in Isfahan could detrimentally affect a large number of its inhabitants. The reading of 26.4 μg/m³ in 2019 put Isfahan in 561st spot out of all urban areas around the world and in the eighth spot out of all urban neighborhoods in Iran, coming in as more polluted than Tehran.

Respect the Culture

If we talk of culture and the respect people have for their own civilizations, beliefs, and traditions, then Isfahan has been a center of excellence and pride for the Islamic followers. In the year 2006, the Organization of the Islamic Conference named the place the cultural capital for Islam. It hosts a number of sites that are recognized by UNESCO, and people from throughout the world visit these spots to worship and witness the rich culture of Isfahan. The famous Shah Square located at the place was amazon, the first place that was recognized by the World heritage organization. You can expect to see a bright blend of different cultures out there in the city as it is entirely Islamic-based and presents one of the most valuable sites of Islam. There Are more than a hundred cultural spots at the place, and one can enjoy the beauty of Isfahan with its rich Islamic culture. The area is very different from all the others in the world. People are welcoming when you talk strictly with respect to culture. If you are someone who has a hard time adjusting to a different cultural background, then this place can be a challenging trip.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Choosing the top 10 places to visit in the city is very hard. The place is filled up with so many beautiful and historical monuments and locations that the count is not going to stop even after 100. Isfahan is a place of rich culture and beauty, but it also has seen many recent advancements, and you will find some fantastic things that represent how amazingly the site has adapted to modernization. The best ten places that you must visit while you go on a trip to Isfahan are-

  • Naqsh-e Jahan Square - The one place that you must keep on your list for visiting while you are on a trip to Isfahan will be Naqsh-e Jahan Square. It is also known as the Imam Square and Shah Square. The construction of the place is believed to be as old as that of 1598. You will be amazed to see mosques that are age-old and were constructed more than 400 years ago at the place. The place is located just at the center of Isfahan, and hence it is the most crucial landmark out there.
  • Si O Se Pol Bridge- If you have heard a lot about Iran's Safavid architecture and wanted to have a look at their work, then this is a masterpiece that can't be compared to any of the other bridges or structures made by the method. It is one of the largest bridges standing on the river e Zayanderud. For your information, Zayanderud is the largest river flowing in the Iranian Plateau and has a lot of importance in Islam.
  • Chehel Sotoon Palace- If you are visiting Isfahan, then be prepared to see a lot of palaces throughout the city. This one was made by Shah Abbas II. It is one of the most artistic works seen in the town. The reason for it being so is the fact that it was built for the use of recreation, fun, and other such artistic activities. It is said that Shah Abbas 2 and his successors used to invite dignitaries and ambassadors from all over the world to the spot to see their talents and artistic views. The palace has several halls, and everywhere you go in the court, one can find a smooth and brilliant creative display even with the architecture.
  • Jame'a Mosque of Isfahan- Visiting the cultural capital of Islam and leaving out the oldest standing mosque in Islam will not be a great thing to do on your trip to the city f Isfahan. It is a huge mosque and probably the principal mosque of the city. It is also called the Atiq Mosque. The mosque has witnessed a lot of changes from the original one made in the 770s. It has been a part of regular construction and deconstruction, and as a result, you can see the mosque in many aspects.
  • Abbasi Great Mosque- To be precise, the Shah Mosque, or so-called the Abbasi Great Mosque, was one of the best creations seen in the reign of Shah Abbas 1. It was built under the Safavid dynasty, so it provides us with a hell of a lot of information about everything over the place. The mosque was given the name of the best architectural masterpiece of Persian art. It really looks very royal and holy and is a big attraction to tourists throughout the year. The construction of the royal mosque started in the year 1611, and the creators chose a dome of the most excellent material for the construction.
  • Vank church- Don't be surprised as you read correctly. We are talking of a church at Isfahan. It is not that normal to see a church at the place, but these people know to respect other religions too, and as a result, this is one of the oldest churches in thethe Persian region. A Bank means a "monastery." One of the biggest attractions of this church is the inner decoration. There are even natural diamonds on the walls that make it more amazing than you are thinking.
  • Grand Bazaar Of Isfahan- Not Just monuments at the place are age-old, but also the markets played an essential part in making up the historical backup. The Grand Bazaar Of Isfahan or also called the Qeysarie bazaar, was built up in the year 1620 and was one of the main places for trade and other such activities in the Safavid era. You will find the market set up in the same style as it was years ago.
  • Nathan Park- One of the things that are relatively bad about Isfahan is the fact that it lacks trees and greenery. Most of the forests that were out there in the city have already been demolished and used for creating buildings and more. But if you want to hear the birds chirping on trees with a lot of greenery, then pick up your backpack and move to the western part of the city, where you can find Nazhvan Park.
  • Isfahan Aquarium- If you thought that Isfahan is still living in the 1500s, then here's something that will prove you wrong. The place likes to preserve its historic beauty, but it does not anywhere lack in development. To be honest, the aquarium is not that big. If you live in America, then you might have seen a lot bigger ones, but it is a place for children and also for you to relax. Take a break from running throughout the city and enjoy some of the exotic fishes in the aquarium. If you want a spot for your kids in the city, then this aquarium can be among the best choices you can make.
  • Qeysarie Gate- Isfahan is a royal place. Everything out there is extraordinary and different from others. The market we talked about in the article is not a usual place on the roads. There is a huge Entrance designed for the market. It's said that there was a very systematic way of dealing in the market, and things were very complicated during those times. The gate is also decorated with lots of art, and people like to see the previous entrance of the market. It was built in the 17th century and initially had three different layers. However, the third and the topmost layer is destroyed, and you can see the other two presently.
The beautiful Naqsh-e Jahan Square


If you are talking of exploring the beautiful city of Isfahan, then be prepared to be surprised to witness things that you might have never imagined. If you are there at the place just to see how beautifully Islam as a culture developed and made such a significant impact on the world, then Naqsh-e Jahan Square is one spot for your visit. There is, however, a lot more to explore in the city. The city has beautifully preserved hundreds of old monuments and places that are amazing to have a look upon. There are parks, aquariums and other such modern places where you can have fun.

Talking Of blending up with people, the city's not as friendly as you expect from a crowd in New York or so. However, hospitality is excellent, but if you tried to blend in with the ordinary public without any reason, then they might find you attractive. The best way to explore the living style and the traditions of the city is to go through the culture and religion. Show the people out there your respect for their beliefs, and there will be enormous changes in the way the locals receive you.

City Parks

  • Park Abbasi - A well-known city park and a famous city attraction are Park Abbasi. It is one of the oldest parks built way back and is still standing. The park hosts a number of small shrubs and trees, and it is all over an excellent place to hang out. You can find places to relax and eat near the park, so all over a good location for a family picnic.
  • Flower Garden- As the name suggests flower garden is a beautiful garden to hang out on if you are looking for a place full of beautiful flowers. The area is very strictly maintained, and you will see different flowers growing in the garden. The garden is not like usual flower gardens as you can

easily see that all the flowers grown there are shaped in patterns to give the garden an overall fantastic look. The flowers spread their aroma in the air, and it is an excellent place to be away from the city traffic.

  • Sofeh Mountain- This one is not exactly a typical park or garden, but it is full of natural beauty and greenery. The best thing about the place is the fact that it is located just in the middle of the city. This means you don't have to plan a trek and visit the site. All you need is 2 hours, and you can enjoy the city of Isfahan from the top of a mountain. It is a point known for sunset and sunrise, so you can plan and visit the place for fun.
  • Nathan Forest Park- We have mentioned the place before in the article, but this natural wonder of Isfahan is worth mentioning again in the list of best city parks. You will be amazed to see the greenery and forest range you get at the

place. The place is lovely with a river flowing right in the middle of the park. It is worth visiting.

National Parks

  • Moshtagh Park- This one is a newly created park for many recreational activities. The park has one of the densest greenery you can see in Isfahan. The park is also called the coastal park as it is at the shore of Zayandeh Rud. The park extends wide and starts from the Khaju bridge. It has many small playgrounds and particular exercise areas for people to enjoy. If you are looking for a spot for a family picnic, you cannot find a better place. The crowd at the place is welcoming, so it is a good place with respect to tourist visits.
  • Bagh-e Ghadir Park- The park is huge, and it is more than 50 hectares in area. The park is one of the greatest with respect to the cultural, historical aspects. It is a great part of the modern recreational activities, and the place has a very beautiful garden. The park has a swimming pool, tennis court, bowling place and lots of such things. One can have a great day spending his time at the park.

Ghomishloo National Park- The Ghomishloo National Park is of great importance when we talk of national parks in Isfahan. The park has a number of creatures living there, and it is a natural habitat for all of these animals. Also, the park is very big and stretches to an area of more than 113,000 hectares. This wide stretch also covers many monuments and structures that are of great importance to soothe people. These monuments are believed to be of the easy dynasty era, and many visitors visit the National park in search and explore the fabulous stories associated with the monuments. The park has dense forest coverage, so we will advise you to take your backpack with all the necessary things on the trek.


We have listed some of the best beaches you can get near the city of Isfahan. Iran is a very hot place and hanging out near water bodies is a great way to turn down the heat. Iran doesn't have a lot of water bodies, but the Caspian Sea and other such bodies give gorgeous beaches to the place. Some of the best of these are-

  • Caspian coastline- It is a happy place to be. You can see people fishing and playing by the water. Mostly the place is very famous among the tourists as they are the ones who find the immense hot environment of Isfahan intolerable. This makes the coastline a great place for interaction. Also, the sunrise and sunset scene at the coastline is very beautiful. Hence you will also find people gathering at the place to see the view. Overall it is a good place to be if you want to escape the summer heat.


Talking of landmarks, Isfahan is probably the best place to find hundreds of beautiful landmarks that have deep historical significance. The place is full of a number of landmarks that represent the cultural beauty of Islam and more. People love to visit these landmarks, and if you are looking for catching companionship, then these landmarks can be a good option to visit.

  • Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque - There are lots of mosques you can visit in Isfahan, but no one stands near this one. It is a wonder to see the beauty of this mosque. The mosque was so precious that you can find its name in a number of books written by historians and architects. The great architect Louis Kahn from America has written about the mosque and said that he went to a number of places and mosques, but no one was as beautiful and loaded with gold and diamond as this mosque. If you want to see the finest works of the Iranian dynasties, then this mosque is worth a visit.
  • Khaju Bridge- Another famous bridge mostly famous for its view. The Khaju Bridge is very attractive with its structure, and that makes it an important landmark. You will find many singers singing near the bridge. If you are with your loved ones and want a romantic location to spend some time, then the Khaju Bridge is the best one you can visit.
  • Ali Qapu Palace- Want to experience how the kings would have felt back then in the Safavid period? If yes, then this is the place to visit. The important landmark has great historical significance. It is located in front of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, which is said to be the residence of Shah Abbas Safavid. He used the place to invite dignitaries and other supreme nobles.
  • Royal Mosque (Masjid-i-Shah)- The name says enough about the landmark. You might have visited another mosque in Isfahan, but no one is anywhere near the Royal Mosque (Masjid-i-Shah) when we talk of Islamic representation at its best. It is said that more than 18,000,000 sun-dried bricks were used to construct the mosque. When you enter the mosque, you will see some of the best Islamic world engraved to welcome you in.
  • House Village- Now this is a landmark that you must visit if you want to feel the olden times out there in Isfahan. The House Village is one of the few places in Iran that still has kept itself away from the busy and polluted life of the city. The people in the village play traditional sports and represent their culture to the fullest. If you visit the village, we promise that you will feel as if you are at home. The people are very welcoming, and they want to explain and show all about their beautiful culture. You can eat Isfanaian food out there in the village in the purest form.
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque


In such a historical place you expect a lot of museums and Isfahan doesn't let you down. You can see more than 30 museums at the place. Even there are many monuments that have museums inside their boundary. The beautiful city knows the value of its history and has tried to preserve it in the best possible way. You can get to see some strange museums in Isfahan, and some of them are listed below-

  • Isfahan Music Museum- Iran has always been a great spot for music and dance. Even now, there is no comparison to the special Iranian music. This museum here is one of the rarest museums on earth that preserves the history and way back the tradition of Iranian music. The place has preserved a number of items related to music, such as ancient instrument and way of creating unique music. In recent times the museum has gained attraction and now is a big tourist spot.
  • Isfahan Seashell Museum- Another great and, to be precise, a strange place. The museums, the name suggests, preserve seashells. The museum has a number of seashells and displays them in a very attractive manner. If you are a nature lover or if you love to explore the underwater life of oceans, then this museum is a must-visit for you. The main attraction of the museum is a tortoise made up of seashells. It is marvelous to see such a collection of seashells. It is unique and, on the same side, very adventurous. We bet you have never seen such a museum so don't miss the chance to see one of the rarest collections of seashells in a special museum about them.
  • Museum of Islamic Heritage- As it sounds, the museum is all about Islamic heritage. The thing here that makes it a little out of the list is the fact that it is not a very popular choice for tourists. If you are an admirer of the rich Islamic heritage ten the place might be interesting for you. It has got everything that you need to know about the heritage. Another specialty of the place is that you will be able to see the Persian touch over the Islamic culture. Inside, you also have a patio Café where you get delicious Persian refreshments.


Coming to the land of Iran and missing out on the food will be a shame. The place is completely a different world when we talk of food and beverages. Food like their famous "Beryouni," which is basically like a hamburger with sheep meat and other spices mixed with onions and veggies, have dominated the world. There are many other famous foods like the Kaleh Josh that is worth enjoying. Now, most of these foods require a lot of preparations in the making, so it becomes even a tougher job to make these delicious food items.

Talking of beverages, who in the world has not heard about the Irani Tea and the special way it is made. Tea is one of the most amazing beverages you can have while you are in Isfahan. Not only Irani Tea, but there are lots of other delicious beverages that you can find in Isfahan. Dishes such as the Tas kabab are just incomparable, and a food lover will enjoy eating these anytime.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Traditions are never ignored in the city of Isfahan. People just love to show their amazing culture to the tourists, and this is valid with food also. You can find a number of local traditional restaurants serving specialties of Iran in the city. Going to these restaurants and exploring the local food is amazing. Some of the Best Local Restaurants in Isfahan are-

  • Traditional Banquet Hall - The place is located just the north of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. The place is as it sounds, and you will get served with the best traditional dishes out here. It is very good with serving hot and fresh tahchin, which is a famous traditional dish. The location is on the second floor, making it a great place to hang out.
  • Azadegan Teahouse - The place serves a number of amazing teas that are among the specialties of Iran. You can sit and sip lots of honey-dipped tea with exotic flavors. If you are not a fan of tea, then there is always an option of shakes, coffee, and juices available at the Azadegan Teahouse.
  • Nayeb Restaurant- Now here is a restaurant that is famous among the locals, but if you do have a friend in Isfahan, you might never land, thereby following the travel guides. The place is very amazing with traditional food and drinks. The menu is exciting, and you will have to order on the ground floor. The food will be served on the topmost floor. The morgh is one of the best dishes available on the spot. It is basically tender and soft chicken all soaked up in rice.
  • Bahar Narenj Cafe- The cafe got recognition recently as it went trending on Instagram. The interiors of the cafe are designed very specially in which there are special glass paintings all over the place representing the rich and historical beauty of Islam.

Vegetarian and Vegan

People do think that there is very limited scope today for vegetarians and vegans in the City of Isfahan. On the contrary, there are a lot of dishes and edible items available throughout the City for especially vegans. It is one of the most modern cities seen in Israel. Here are some of the best restaurants for vegetarians in the City. There are lots of options for vegetarians in Israel. Here are some of the top picks.

  • Roozegar- The restaurant is most probably the best place for vegetarians in the city of Isfahan. You can get a cup of hot or an exciting beverage out there in the café. The breakfast out there is very great, and you can enjoy the special onion and cucumber dishes out in the restaurant. It is located just near the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. The Place is good for enjoying your morning breakfast.
  • Messo Qali Cafe- If you are a vegetarian and you are looking for a place to have beverages and the special Iranian tea at a site where you don't get the smell of nonveg, then this small cafe can be the best idea you might go for. It basically was an old marketplace, and now the creators have converteit into a small coffee shop or, to be precise, a cafe with a brilliant atmosphere. Tourists found it very attractive because the atmosphere inside the cafe is very welcoming.

Street Food

People in the city are not fond of street food, but it is very wrong to say that there is nothing for the street food lovers out there in Isfahan. You can find a number of small ventures and Street food stalls in the city, but yet they are not any closer to the American culture. The place is about royal traditions and cultures, and basically, street food is not a very famous thing out there in Iran.

As we know, the city is very much open to changes. People out here like to keep their rituals and traditions going, but on the other hand, they accept changes. Street food culture is also one of the changes that are seen these days. There is a whole market developing Street foods in the City of Isfahan. Here are some of the most famous street food outlets in the area.

  • Cheese Lab- Cheese Lab is one of the newest food chains opening in Isfahan. The place sells some of the tastiest cheeseburgers and has a list of American shakes and drinks. You can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the surrounding. Basically, it is a street food outlet with a crazy menu so that you can expect a lot out there. As it sounds, the Cheese lab is focused on dishes that involve cheese.
  • Mr.Snack- Mr.Snack can provide you a cup of hot coffee with some snacks while you shop. It is also a very small outlet serving street food and instant snacks. People who visited there found the surroundings to be fun.


You will find good water and beverages to drink out there in the city of Isfahan. There are lots of people who worry about the water quality in Iran, but this was a thing to be worried about decades ago. Isfahan can serve you the best of drinks.


To keep the facts clear, there were some recent reports of E.coli in the tap water, so it's better you drink water from a purifier to be on the safer side. But the government takes care of such problems, and there is a very rare possibility that you find the Tapp water unfit for drinking. Still, using packed water bottles and purified water must be your first choice. However, the price of purified water is a little more than what you might expect.

Organic Cafés

There are literally tons of these cafes in Isfahan. You can find Organic Cafés on every street in the city. These cafes are great for serving hot beverages and special shakes that can only be found in Iran. Some of the topmost Organic Cafés of the place are-

  • Dopiaza Cafe- The Dopaza Cafe is not very big, but it is very famous among tourists due to the brilliant selection of beverages it provides. You can also have lunch out there in this cafe. The presentation is really very adorable.
  • Azadegan Cafe- Once you enter the cafe, it is like getting lost in the world of ancient Persia. There are beautiful wall hangings and amazing sculptures all over the place. Even they present you with special drinks in the old and traditional ways of Iran.


There are tons of local businesses that are working as Breweries in the city of Isfahan. The locals are very fond of beer and other homemade drinks. To make you aware beforehand, all these local drinks are among the purest ones of the traditional alcohols of Iran. These breweries produce so much strong alcohol that even a bottle is enough to take you down.

Breweries like the Isfahan Breweries are among the top names, but most of the businesses work for the local people rather than transporting the alcohol, so it's very difficult to find a name. One of the most famous drinks is a fruit beer, and you must give a shot of the drink in Isfahan.


If we talk of activities, there are many recreational and special ones that you can do in the fabulous city of Isfahan. These activities can involve sports like bowling, tennis and more. There are small recreational parks built throughout the city for children to play and have fun. You can find gaming and technology-related recreational activities out there in the city. Some of the best activities are-

  • Climb Up The Isfahan Fire Temple
  • Sample The Traditional Food
  • Learn The Intriguing History

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga, to be honest, is not a very popular activity in the city. Isfahan is very much dominated by Islamic presence, so you find Yoga to be limited to people. However, these people are not against the practice, and many of them are realizing the importance of yoga. Soon there are chances that we can find a number of retreats for Yoga in Isfahan.


Isfahan is great with accommodation. You can get some of the most luxurious ways to stay and enjoy your trip out there in Isfahan. You can stay in very costly accommodations, but if you are eyeing a low-budget accommodation, then don't worry, as Isfahan has all you need.

Green Hotels

Green Hotels are among the newest projects in Isfahan. Iran has a very hot climate, and there is a lot of sand out there in the outskirts of the city that makes everything warm. Regardless, there are lots of forests and trees growing, and the greenery has made the Green Hotels idea a reality.

Hostels and Guest Houses

There are many Hotels and Guesthouses in Isfahan where you can have a wonderful stay. The city has many rich people and investors that have created wonderful hotels in the city. You can find luxurious places to stay in Isfahan, and some of the best guest houses and hotels are-

  • Ghasr Moshi Hotel
  • Viana Hotel
  • Hasht Behesht Apart. Hotel
  • Setareh Hotel


You can get apartments for accommodation in the city. There are many people who are ready to rent their apartments at cheap rates to visitors. Moreover, the people are very friendly, and there is a very rare possibility that you find it hard to get an apartment out there.


Not a very popular trend in Isfahan. However, if you have a good profile and friends that can provide you recommendations, there are slight chances that you might find a couch to surf. Still, the concept is not very popular in Iran. People don't usually like to share their private space.


As mentioned earlier, there are literally spots that are specially made up for the purpose of camping. You can visit these spots and enjoy the natural beauty out there. Many of the camps are free, and others are paid. You also get facilities like toilets and electricity at campsites. The place is great for exploration; hence camping is not a bad idea.

How to Get There

There are plenty of ways of getting to Isfahan. All of them are mentioned below:


We are talking of the ways to get to Isfahan, the best way will be by air. The city has got a huge airport that has connectivity to all the major international cities. You can easily find a ticket for an International flight to Isfahan in the US.

Outside the Isfahan Airport


You want a Bus exploration to reach the city of Isfahan, then you might have to reach sites that have direct bus connectivity to the place. One of the most famous routes is from Tehran to Isfahan. The place is approximately 400 kilometers from Tehran. You might require 480,000 IRR for VIP bus service.


Isfahan also has a train station, and it is connected to many other nearby cities. You can also board a train from Tehran. The distance one needs to cover by train is 508.3 kilometers, and the train can cover it up in next to five hours. However, there are other ways to travel by train to the place, but this is the most famous one.


People in Iran are very generous. If you don't have other options to travel to the city, just stand near the road with a hitchhiking sign, and you will be entertained by people. However, you need to be down to earth to get the attention. People really don't appreciate the attitude while provisioning such help.


There can be other ways when we talk of international travel. You can take a ship and visit Iran on a further board a bus or train to Isfahan. There are taxis and bikes also available for rent, so they also provide a good option.

Moving Around

Moving around in Isfahan is pretty easy. You can use multiple transport methods to move around the city.


It's always a great opportunity to move around and walk in the city. However the air is not that good near roads, by walking, you can get the most exposure to things out there. There are very high chances that you land up eating local food or enjoy drinking Iranian tea while walking in the city.


Go Green is the next motto of Iran, and hence bicycles are very common in Isfahan. It is basically an addition to cycling and one you will enjoy the city on your cycle to the most, and at the same time, your health also gets improved due to the activity.

Electronic Vehicles

There is the availability of Electric Vehicles like the tram in the city. Also, there are other new modern electric vehicles that might cost you a little more than expected but still are worth using.

Public Bus

The public Bus scenery is very different in Isfahan. The buses are very comfortable, and you will find public buses connecting every little place in the city. These buses are an easy way to travel with less money.

Tram, Train and Subway

Trams, Trains, and subways are also seen in full action in the city. Modern projects like the magnetic and bullet train are very fast and can help you in exploring the place. The best thing about this way of traveling in Isfahan is the fact that they all are not too costly.

Sustainable Shopping

The place is full of ancient artifacts and other such works. There is a lot you might get in the handmade section. Carpets are among the finest art displays of Isfahan, and you must look at those while shopping. There Are many malls and shopping complexes that make shopping funnier at the place than ever.

Food Markets

A big part of the food market is the restaurants and hotels we dealt with before. There ar not too much scope for street food exploration, but you can get cheap and high-quality food and beverages in the special food markets. They also give you the opportunity to discover the exotic foods found only in Isfahan.

Flea Markets

We guess Iran was the place where Flea markets came to life. You can find many such markets in which there are small and cute stalls selling Persian goods in exchange for money.

Second Hand Stores

Not so many of these stores are seen here, but you can find some of them near the flea markets.


People of the city are really very tired of the pollution they have produced; hence steps like Eco-fashion are among the newest and most famous ideas prevailing there. People try getting the best of their fashion with eco-friendly things.


Recycle and use is most probably the only way to solve the problem of pollution. People like to recycle and use recycled goods in the city.


The city produces a lot of waste, but you must see the disposal system out there. Moreover, the people are also very responsible, and they like to take steps to minimize waste generation and pollution.

Work and Study Abroad

Again a great option for youngsters and students is to work and study abroad in Isfahan. The main problem in many countries with this concept is the fact that people do accept foreigners easily. But luckily, here in the city, there is no such scenario. People respect foreigners, and they provide a healthy workspace for foreigners.

Exchange Student

The University of Medical Science in Isfahan is one of the best Med schools in the world. Becoming an Exchange student in the city can be hard, but once you are in, it is all sweet and smooth.

Au Pair

It is basically an American concept that is widely spreading in Isfahan too. All you need is to check up on the listing and contact the person.


Volunteering is not that easy in Isfahan. People can do such work, but it needs close contacts and merits to be a part.

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