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Eco-friendly travel guide to Izmir advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Izmir, Turkey.

View of Izmir

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 2.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$16 - $265
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $350

Responsible Travel

Izmir or Smyrna is a Turkish metropolitan city in the western areas of Anatolia. The city ranks third as the most populated Turkish town after Istanbul; the capital, and Ankara; another significant metropolitan. Izmir is a vast city that has a human settlement history dating over 8,500 years. The city is also a crucial mercantile Mediterranean city that once hosted the Mediterranean Games in 1971.

While traveling to such a significant European city, you must follow all the necessary measures to ensure you are traveling responsibly. Here are some tips and advice that will help you along your Izmir trip;

  • Be Mindful: Izmir doesn't face significant pollution issues as the levels are at moderate levels at present. But this doesn't mean that you can just ignore the environment. You have to be mindful of your carbon footprint and of any of your actions that can potentially harms the environment.
  • Choose the right transport method: As a large metropolitan, the transportation system is very vast and efficient. You will find yourself preferring the rental car services and other personal motor vehicles, but try to avoid them at all costs. The reason for avoiding them is quite simple; they are the top contributors to air and noise pollution. You can opt for electronic vehicles or public transports instead. They are also very efficient and are environment friendly through and through.
  • Carry metal straws and your own water bottle: This might seem insignificant but plastic straws and all the plastic bottles fill the landmines and contribute to millions of tonnes of waste every year. If every tourists plays their part by just taking these small steps then the level of pollution can be significantly reduced.
  • Support small businesses: The giant conglomerates and MNC's have been the major contributors to the problem of pollution and climate change due to their unsustainable business models. Small business and local artisans have more ethical business practices and a more sustainable business model. More often than not they do not get the recognition they deserve so always try to support these local businesses especially the artisans.

Air Quality and Pollution

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that Izmir's air quality and pollution level is moderately polluted, and long-term exposures can increase the risks of health issues.

  • Pollution Level – Moderate – PM10
  • Pollution Index – 59.64

Izmir has a flawed control system for monitoring air quality and pollution in the city. Plastic pollution is significantly higher, resulting in low air quality and an increase in Izmir's pollution levels.

Respect the Culture

Being an important city of Turkey Izmir adopts the Turkish culture from the various cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean and Central Asian regions. While exploring Izmir, you will find that people in Izmir take the social customs and traditions seriously. As the people are very welcoming to outsiders, you might find it easy to communicate with them and respect Turkish culture to maintain peace among Izmir.

Izmir hosts several cultural and traditional events such as Izmir International Fair, the annual International Izmir Festival, Izmir European Jazz Festival, and many more. Make sure to follow and inhabit the culture Izmir inherits to enjoy every bit of the city with ease and understanding.

Crowd of people waiting for Mor ve Ötesi concert during the 88th İzmir International Fair

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Saint Polycarp Church: It is a Catholic Church. As it is evident from the name, the Patron of this Church is Polycarp. The building of the Church was damaged in 1688, and during that period, fire also broke out there. It was repaired between 1690 to 1691. The church monastery caught fire and 1763, at last, the Church was restored in 1775. A great fire of Syyrena again destroyed the Church. After that, it was built in 1929. It was built using stone and bricks. Currently, it is a Basilica that is rectangular, and it has three naves. The Church is located in the direction of the east-west. It also has a bell tower, which is the shape of an octagon and the Church's southwest order.
  • Hisar Mosque:It is also known as Hisaronu Mosque. It is also one of the oldest historical sites in Turkey. Its construction started in 1592 and ended in 1598. Moreover, its interior has the most classic sample of the artwork of Ottoman Islamic in Izmir full stop as per the history this Mosque was destroyed four times. If we see the design and construction, it has a fountain used for washing as an Islamic ritual. Moreover, it has seven domes on its side in the courtyard. It has one central dome and three large, as well as three small domes.
  • Konak Square: It is one of the busiest squares located in the southern end of the Konal district situated in Izmir in Turkey. Because Konak is one of Izmir's prominent places, Konak square is one of the Konak district's busiest parts. It is located in the extreme southern part of Ataturk Avenue. The meaning of Konak in Turkish is mansions. Hence, this place is named after Vali Konagi, which means the governor's estate. Some of the buildings that acquire most of this square area are Yali Mosque, City Hall, and governorate. Other prominent facilities include major markets, Central Bus Station, Museum of Modern Art, Music Academy, and many more.
  • Izmir Wildlife Park:For the visitors' convenience, this place opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 4 p.m. Moreover this place opens every day. Cute lemurs, which are an endangered animal species worldwide, were adopted here, and not just that, they also started breeding here. Izmir Wildlife Park also offers training programs for visitors of all ages. A unique training program is held for children here. Training programs are also held here for handicapped or physically challenged people. Izmir Wildlife Park has over 2,600 wild animals with over 138 species, including Coatis, peacocks, red deer, wild goats, parrots, pumas, lions, Asian elephants, tiger, and many others.
  • Kemaralti Market: Also known as Kemeralti Carsisi, it is a historic market located in Izmir, Turkey. The market is still one of the most lively places in Izmir. There are several Mosques situated in Kemer Alti. They are Basdurak Mosque, Kemaralti Mosque, Hisar Mosque, Kestanepazari Mosque, and Salepciogly Mosque.
  • Alsancak: It is also known as the historic center of Izmir. If we go a bit in history, we know that this area was called La Puente during the Ottoman Era. It was also one of the city's parts where the upper-middle class lived. Alsancak is concentrated with a lot of bars, cafes, restaurants, and other places of entertainment. The Alsancak railway station is the oldest railway station situated in Turkey. Its construction began in 1856 and was completed in 1858. It is truly one of the historical centers.
  • Basilica of St. John: It is a large building of Ephesus. It was constructed in the 6th century by Justinian I. Moreover, it is built over the burial place of the well-known John the Apostle. It is 3.5 km from Ephesus and is made below the Fortress. The Church's construction began around 548 and was completed in 565. It was trendy in the starting, but later after the 9th century, it lost its significance. The Church was mostly made of bricks and stones. It is one of the best and the oldest Church in Turkey.
  • Kordomboyu: It is a bead size of a street located in the city of Izmir. Its history goes back to the 1850s. It covers the coastline between Cumhuriyet Square and İzmir Port. In 1997, during Burhan Özfatura's presidency, the sea was filled with 150 meters to construct a six-lane highway. Filling work in Kordon, which was declared a protected area in 1999, was stopped by a court decision. During the reign of Ahmet Piriştina, who was elected mayor in the same year, the coastal barrier was organized as a green area and opened to the public on 15 June 2000. Gündoğdu Square and Alsancak Ferry Pier were also built in the filled area. The nostalgic tram was put into service in Kordon in September 2020.
  • Tarihi Asansor: It is an elevator tower that houses two elevators operating between Mithatpaşa Street; one is 58 m higher than the other. Built-in 1907 by the Jewish businessman "Nesim Levi (Bayraklıoğlu)," the elevator was built to provide fast and easy transportation between two districts, one of which is reached by 155 steps from the other. Today, it is used by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality as an entertainment, cultural and recreational space. It's a vital tourist stop in the city. Since Izmir's Karataş region was used as a quarry throughout history, the coastline (today's Mithatpaşa Street) and the Halil Rıfat Paşa district above were separated by cliffs. Between the two sections, the stairs that the Turks called the "Karataş Stairs."
  • Saat Kulesi: Izmir Clock Tower, Ottoman Sultan II in Izmir. It is a historical clock tower built-in 1901 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Abdulhamid's ascension to the throne. It sits between the Izmir Government House, Kemeraltı Bazaar entrance, Konak Yali Mosque, and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality building in Konak Square. It's accepted as the most aesthetic and elegant among the Ottoman clock towers. The building's clock, designed by architect Raymond Charles Péré from Izmir, is the German Emperor II. There are records of being gifted by Wilhelm.
Kemaralti Market


Izmir lies on Turkey's western edge, offering visitors many options to experience the beautiful city with a vibrant culture. There is just so much to see and so much to explore. Housing lots of important landmarks, parks, museums, markets, theatres and whatnot Izmir is a perfect tourist destination if you're in Turkey.

City Parks

  • Cumhuriyet Meydani
  • Buyuk Park
  • Kulturpark
  • Yedi Goller, Buca – Seven Lakes
  • Turkuvaz Park
  • Hurriyet Parki – Liberty Park
  • Yesil Vadi Parki – Green Valley Park
Bird eye view of the Buyuk Park and Lake

National Parks

  • Izmir Wildlife Park
  • Ornekkoy National Park
  • Efeoglu Nature Park
Izmir Wildlife Par


  • IIica Plaji
  • Altinkum Beach
  • Delikli Koy
  • Madeo Beach
  • The Beach of Momo
  • Diamond Beach
  • Kocakari Plaji
The mesmerising Altinkum Beach


  • Izmir Clock Tower
  • Mount Kadifekale
  • Mount Spil
  • Kara Lake
  • Yassica Ada Island
View from the Mount Kadifekale


  • Ataturk Museum
  • Agora Open Air Museum
  • Izmir Art and Sculpture Museum
  • Izmir Archeology Museum
  • Inciralti Sea Museum
  • Izmir Railroad Museum
Outside Ataturk Museum


If you are in Izmir, you must try the local cuisine served by plenty of restaurants in town. Whether it be for breakfasts, lunches, brunches, or dinners, every bit of the dishes served here has its very flavorful aroma of Izmir's local and traditional cuisine. Turkish cuisine, if tried, can become your favorite cuisine of all times. You'll forget any other international cuisine if you are in Turkey and better if you are in Izmir. Izmir not only provides you best of traditional dishes, but it serves you the best of other countries' local delicacies as well. You'll feel at home here; it's a guarantee Izmir promises you. Here are some restaurants you might find easy to locate for enjoying perfect Turkish as well as international cuisines:

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Akinin Yeri: Present right in the heart of Izmir, Akinin Yeri restaurant is not the type of restaurant you might want to miss. Along with the best Turkish cuisine, you get an immense panoramic view of the coastal seas, making your meals a memorable one. It is open from 12:30 p.m. to 12 a.m. every day of the year. Must-try dishes of Akinin Yeri restaurant includes mezze, crayfish, Horsdeuvres, and many more.
  • Deniz Restaurant: Deniz Restaurant is a top-notch restaurant in the city of Izmir. It is a must-go restaurant for experiencing the best of Turkish cuisine along with some popular international cuisines. You can also see the beauty of the Aegean Sea from this restaurant. You can visit any day between 9 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Must-try dishes include Kuver, Kalamer Tava, Mevsim Salata, Beyaz Peynir, Barbun – Cipuraveya Levrek, and lots more.
  • Café La Cigale: If you want to experience something different, Café La Cigale offers you a variety of cuisines. Not only the food is perfectly cooked and served here, but the entire décor of Café La Cigale is eye-pleasing. It sits on the garden site of the French Cultural Institute, providing you the best of Turkish-French cuisine. Must-try dishes include Italian risotto, Nicoise salad, pasta, Chinese-inspired noodle dish, and many more.
  • Mavra Restaurant: Stop by this fantastic restaurant if you are in Izmir to experience some delightful delicacies of Turkish culture. Traditional mezze is the best one to go after. Every dish has the utmost authenticity and love that adds a pure and natural flavor to each dish served by Mavra Restaurant in Izmir.
  • Reyhan Pastanesi: Famous for pastries, cakes, and sweet-tooth delicacies, Reyhan Restaurant is a must-go restaurant if you are in town. It is a perfect dining place for every tourist to experience the local taste of Turkey. From profiteroles and tarts to desserts, Reyhan’s is a top-notch restaurant in the whole of Izmir to make a memorable holiday trip.
  • Tavaci Recap Usta: To enjoy the best seafood in the city, feel free to stop by the Tavaci Recap Usta restaurant. The restaurant serves you the best seafood dishes and offers the opportunity to try Turkish and International cuisine's hearty dishes. Must-try dishes include Succulent lamb prepared in different styles. The staff is very friendly with every customer, whether it be foreign or local. It is open from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. every day.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Bitkisel Mutfak: Best-known for its vegetable dumplings, muffins, cakes, and soy chunks, Bitkisel Muftak restaurant is one of the city's best vegan restaurants. People come to Bitkisel Mutfak to start their day with good-quality plant-based dishes along with light beverages. It's the best in the city, so make sure to stop by and enjoy the delicious vegetarian food on your way around Yeni Mah in Izmir.
  • Casa Mara Alacati: Casa Mara Alacati is a multi-cuisine restaurant in the whole of Izmir. You can find the restaurant in Alacati Mahallesi, which opens from 7:30 in the evening till 11 p.m. It is an eco-conscious vegan restaurant that offers vegan dishes and dairy milk coffees, tea, and fruit bowls with locally sourced ingredients. Besides Turkish cuisine, the restaurant will provide you with other international cuisines giving you plenty of options on the menu.
  • Cute Gastro Pub: Cute Gastro Pub not only serves you the best of vegan-based dishes, but it also benefits you with homemade wines and beers to chill your evening. It is one of the cafes that serve alcohol along with vegan food, so if you're an alcohol lover and vegan, Cute Gastro Pub is a perfect choice to stop by. The restaurant has a unique décor to lure international customers and enjoy the best of vegan dishes in town.
  • JustBe: JustBe restaurant is present in Izmir's heart that provides you with the best Western European vegan food. Here, you will find varieties of vegan dishes for breakfasts and brunches such as falafel, toasts, waffles, burger, and desserts, and lots more. The restaurant is open throughout the week but only at particular time slots, so make sure to be on time if you want to have delicious meals made with natural ingredients.
  • Yaya Raw - Alsancak: Found in Kultur Mahallesi, Yaya Raw Restaurant provides you with vegan foods and serves you with the best homemade fruit juices and root beers. From raw vegan food to cold-pressed juices, every dish served here is made with natural ingredients coming straight from farms.
  • Guna Mutfak: It is a beautiful café and restaurant with modern décor and colorful potted flowers all over the place. If you are in Izmir, Guna Mutfak is a perfect destination to stop by to experience healthy cuisines that feature seasonal vegetable dishes. You will not regret trying its delicious vegetarian delicacies as it serves you customized dishes according to your tastes and preferences. You can come here any day between 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. except Sundays.

Street Food

  • Boyoz: Boyoz is a pastry served with baked eggs and brewed tea – can be found at any street all over Izmir. People usually have boyoz as their morning treat, or if you are traveling to other places, you can get this light snack on your way to your destination. It is one of the delicious street food you'll come across in Izmir.
  • Turkish Coffee: According to every visitor visiting Izmir, Turkish Coffee is a perfect way to start your day or tour to have a brighter day. Turkish Coffee is somewhat so famous in Turkey that people have no choice but to have it in everyday mornings.
  • Kumpir: The best of its kind and a particular delicious delight, Kumpir is a traditional baked potato or jacket potatoes fused with butter and cheese whipped with rich-toppings. It is one of the highly recommended street foods in Izmir to make your day a good one.
  • Mussels & Beer: The perfect combination to start your day is with having Mussels & Beer. It is available at any corner of the city. Stuffed mussels are although one of its kind, but when taken with a chilled cold beer, you will forget that you can have any other beverage apart from this.
  • Menemen: It is a traditional Turkish breakfast item served with scrambled eggs in sautéed vegetables along with bread. Just dip it, spread it, and spoon it up to have a delightful treat on your trip to Izmir. Menemen is a popular street food of Izmir, making it a must-have choice while exploring this part of the country.
Kumpir which is a special kind of Turkish baked potato is widely available at all the street food stalls in the city


Izmir is a popular city for alcoholic beverages and is highly famous for its drinking facilities and brands it provides. You will find it unique that in such a city like Izmir, you will get an opportunity to drink the best homemade wines and other breweries from local farms in Turkey and Izmir. Some of the well-known beer brands are:

  • Ataturk’s Forest Farm Ale
  • Bomonti
  • Carlsberg
  • Dark Brown
  • Foster’s Large
  • Tuborg Gold

Apart from these beverages, you can also enjoy other classic drinks like whiskeys, wines, soda, fruit juices, root beers, and whatnot.


Tap water is drinkable in Izmir. You need not have to worry about the water coming from local taps at your hotels or other accommodations, so feel free to use it for any purposes, including drinking. You might find that tourists advise drinking from bottled water in other parts of Turkey, but here, you are free of such bounds in Izmir. The water purification system here works at its best, providing cleaner and purified water to your local taps for your safety and hygiene.

Organic Cafés

The combination of traditional Coffee with Turkish delights and aromatic tea is a heavenly peace in starting your mornings in Izmir city of Turkey. You need not have to worry about it as it is available everywhere in the city. Here are a few places you might consider for breakfasts and brunches:

  • The House Café Alsancak
  • Two Cups Coffee Bar & Roastery
  • Baristocrat 3rd Wave Café & Roastery
  • Brothers Coffee Roastery
  • 97 Coffee & Brew Bar


Izmir is a city where you will see that beer is a popular alcoholic beverage in the country. You may find several breweries options with good-quality alcohol content. Visitors and locals can enjoy such drinks in the following places of Izmir:

  • Café Del Mundo
  • Sardunya' Brasserie Bamonti
  • Drucken Duck
  • Republic Izmir
  • La Puerta
  • Public House Drink & Vibes


Activities are what you decide to do in the city you are visiting. However, some of the best exercises are written, which includes gaining knowledge about ancient culture. Visiting museums and archeological places increases your general ability and helps in connecting with locals efficiently. Other adventurous activities, including cable car ride from which the entire view of a mountain is visible with chilly winds. There are many great activities available to perform and are filled with adventure, fun, and joy.

  • Visit historical architecture
  • Go shopping from local traditional market
  • Visit Stone Sculpture
  • Visit Museums
  • Enjoy a cable car ride

Yoga and Retreats

If you perform yoga, you know its health benefits, including peace of mind and muscles' flexibility. It is a very ancient practice which is going on and is very useful in this modern age. There are many yoga studios available which you can join. They will provide you the best techniques and best environment.

  • Alsancak Yoga
  • Bostanlı Yaşam Merkezi
  • İncitanesi Çocuk & Hamile Yogası
  • Bir Nefes Yoga
  • Mama Club
  • Karma Yoga
  • Mavi Yoga - Urla Yoga Merkezi


There are many options for accommodation available in this city. You can choose to follow the facilities you need. There are many green hotels certified and regulated by the government. Green hotels offer hotel facilities focusing on protecting nature, including various measures like recycling, dustbins, and many more. Suppose you are a solo traveler and are searching for low prices accommodations. In that case, hostels and guesthouses will be perfect because they are comparatively lower in rent with necessary facilities, including water and electricity. If you have planned a more extended trip, then apartments will be best for you.

Green Hotels

  • Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Izmir
  • Mysun Residence Apart Hotel4
  • In Vivo Hotel
  • Zeybek Hotel Izmir
  • Emen's Hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Shanti home Hostel
  • Hilton Garden Inn Izmir Bayrakli
  • Lotus Garden Hostel
  • Sea Hostel
  • My Happy Home Hostel
  • Monk Island Guesthouse
  • Steel Portable Guest House
  • Milimetrik
  • Studio Pilot
  • Denzi otel


  • Deren Plaza
  • Çınar Apartman
  • Sevenyuva Apartment
  • Konakli Apartments Izmir
  • The Port Residence
  • Eser's Apartment
  • Güzelgümüş Apt.
  • Torumpaşa Apartmanı
  • Ilkent Sitesi Zafer APT


Couchsurfing is possible in this city. However, the crime rates are low, which makes it a safer city in terms of Couchsurfing. The residents here are very humble towards tourists and will help you. You must have good communication skills to convince locals to let you stay in their house.


  • Hypo Camp
  • Mona Glamping Caravan Suites
  • Karagöl Forest Camp
  • Sleep Festival Area
  • Tora-san Camping
  • Campsite Agacli
  • Acar Camping
  • Kamp Ateşi
  • Toprak Camping
  • Nazarköy Dere Camping

How to Get There

There is only one direct way to reach here: airways; all others are indirect ways. To come here through indirect methods, you have to be present in Turkey.


The international Airport of this is called Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. This Airport not only serves Izmir but most of the surrounding provinces in Turkey. The name of the support is kept after Ex Turkish Prime Minister Adnan Menderes. This Airport was opened in 1987, and the elevation of this Airport is 412 feet. This Airport has two runways. During 2017 airport served around 12.8 million passengers. You can have a direct flight if you are from the neighboring countries or cities.

Inside the Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport


Various intercity buses are available for a lower price to reach this city. The buses are well furnished with charging socket to charge your mobile or any other appliances. You will get a bus station from the city you want and when you reach this city, tell the conductor to stop, and the bus will stop for you.

A bus used for intercity travel in Izmir


The intercity railway station of this city is known as Basmanr Railway Station. This railway station was started in 1866. It has a total of 4 platforms from which one is a side platform, 3 Island platform. It has nine tracks, of which two are underground. There is no complimentary service given to the consumer, including car parking for bike parking. Another railway company present in Izmir is the Ottawa Railway Company. During the rule of the English people, this railway station was used to transfer minerals and fruits.

Izmir Blue Train


Hitchhiking is not possible in this city because the crime rates are very high, and most tourists prefer avoiding asking for help from strangers.


The other means of transport are a ferry ride and a taxi ride. This city is already having a moderate level of air pollution; therefore, it is advised that you should not use a taxi as engine cars create noise and air pollution by releasing various chemicals in the form of smoke. The fare of taxis is comparatively low, but the amount of pollution it releases is high. The ferry ride is best and eco-friendly, but the only problem is that it takes a lot of time to reach this destination. If you are okay with the duration, then you must try this. The cool breeze from the sea will give you immense pleasure along with freshness.

Moving Around

Moving around in this city is considered very safe. You get various options for moving around, like walking, bicycle, taxi, train, and many more.


Izmir is a vast city to walk around. You cannot visit every tourist spot on foot; therefore, you should not keep that intention; otherwise, you will be very disappointed. However, you can take it as a morning or evening walk, which will give you refreshment and activeness. Walking also helps us to remain fit. While walking, you must take a cell phone with you so that you may not get lost. There are many walking tours available which will be accompanied by a guide.


There are bicycles available on rent based on duration like one day, 15 days, 30 days, and many more. If you want to cycle regularly, you can purchase a membership card for the number of days you stay. It would be best if you took essential things like a helmet, water bottle and many more. It will help in keeping yourself hydrated all the time as the scorching heat of the sun might dehydrate your body. While cycling, you must stay alert of the bikes and cars on the roads to not get into an accident.

Electronic Vehicles

There are electric vehicles available, even in a taxi, which is entirely eco-friendly and will help you reduce your carbon footprint. Electric cars are far better than petrol or diesel cars as they do not create any sound and are pollution-free.

Public Bus

There are substantial, large buses available to pick you up from different stops and drop you anywhere in the city. It connects almost every part of the Izmir. You can get a bus from a bus stand nearest to you. The payment is according to the distance; you can pay in cash or purchase a travel card to enable certain benefits.

Local Bus in Izmir

Tram, Train and Subway

The tram line was first opened in 1890. At present, Izmir has the second largest tram network in the entire Turkey. It came in 1809 when the first tram ran. The tram network of this city is established very much.

A tram in Izmir

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping means shopping for those products which have a positive effect on nature and health. If we think from the nature point of view, anything that is made using eco-friendly measures like recycling or saving renewable energy comes under sustainable items. In terms of clothing, sustainable clothes are made up of natural fabrics, including linen, silk, and many others. Their production is human-made and less machine work, reducing the renewable resources required to produce artificial material. Due to less workforce and machines involved, these clothes are sold at a lower price. Other examples of sustainable shopping are second-hand stores, which save considerable land needed for the garbage.

Food Markets

  • Izmir Fuar Market
  • Lozan Market
  • Izmir Şarküteri
  • Tariş Kooperatif Ürünleri Satış noktası
  • Yeni Ümit Market
  • Arı Market

Flea Markets

  • Eskici Bit Pazarı
  • Yenişehir Bit Pazarı İzmir
  • Bit Pazarı
  • Eşrefpaşa Pazarı
Bit Pazarı is one of the most famous flea markets in Izmir

Second Hand Stores

  • Izmir spotçu35
  • Yasin Spot
  • Izmirde spotçu, Izmirde Ikinci el
  • Okan Spot
  • Izmirde Antika Alanlar
  • Pınarali Ticaret
  • Aydinli Spot
  • Izmir Spot Dünyası


  • Weekend Max Mara
  • Levi's® Store Izmir Agora
  • Calzedonia
  • Columbia
  • Stradivarius
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Sisley
  • ZARA


Recycling is a process that involves reusing old goods in a new form. It saves a lot of energy, which might be required in dumping them. The land area needed to leave the waste also gets protected as it is sent to recycling. The resources or the items which are necessary to make products also get reduced. Recycling is done collectively in this city by the locals and the government.


Waste is of no use; therefore, there is a need to dump them for proper disposal. There are waste management policies that state the procedure and rules for dumping waste properly for efficient dumping. Waste management policies include removal, treatment, cleanliness, and other functions. There are garbage collectors that collect garbage from different colonies within the city. Other than this, there are dustbins installed all over the city on many streets.

Work and Study Abroad

There are many work opportunities available in this city at different posts, including artisans, labor, worker, manager. Your job ultimately depends upon your presentation. Studying here involves gaining knowledge about various topics in this city, and the quality of education is also excellent.

Exchange Student

The exchange student program is a program where excellent students are sent to foreign countries in the partner colleges to complete the remaining studies. In this city, it is a program that is helped by the Dokuz Eylul University and sends the students to its neighboring countries.

Au Pair

AU pair is a foreigner who helps the local families by taking care of their children, and in exchange, he asks to stay in their house for the time being. People in Izmir are always looking for an Au Pair to go to their work properly. You can contact them and set a deal with them.


Volunteering refers to when you willingly participate in an activity that aims at solving specific social, economic, political, and even international issues. While visiting Izmir, volunteering is a great option to give back to the Turkish community and show them your gratitude and respect for welcoming you to their city.

  • Darussafaka Society
  • Sokak Çorbacıları
  • Türkiye Eğitim Gönüllüleri Egekent Öğrenim Birimi
  • AKUT İzmir

You can participate in the various activities and events of these organizations and become a responsible tourist. These activities will also help you learn about the problems the local Turkish people in Izmir face and lend them a hand to overcome them efficiently.

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