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Eco-friendly travel guide to Lahore advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Lahore, Pakistan.

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $120
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $110

Responsible Travel

The second-largest city and the cultural capital of Pakistan, Lahore is one of the most amazing places to visit. Known as the City of Gardens due to the number of gardens and parks in the city, it is one with a long back history of the Mughals. A part of the Punjab province, the city, is one perfect example of natural beauty.

With the vast fields of wheat and other crops stretched at the extended end, to create the stereotypical Punjabi landscapes, there are plenty of massive Mughal relics. With the eye-catching architecture and beautiful parks, and outdoor spaces, the city offers every traveler with a unique experience and welcomes all with open arms.

An old Punjabi saying goes like this: ‘Anyone who hasn’t seen Lahore simply hasn’t lived.’

With their warm gestures and the great environment, the city welcomes tourists with so many colors and delight.

There are many things you can do as an eco friendly traveller:

  • Focus on keeping your surroundings clean and reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Reduce the use of plastic bottles instead try to carry a reusable bottle on your trip.
  • Eat at a local restaurant and appreciate the fantastic blend of the spices and not to forget, the lip-smacking ‘lassi’ at the end.
  • Shop from local artisans, craftsmen, and designers when you plan to buy any cloth, jewelry, or any piece of art. Refrain from bargaining, as the handicraft demands practice, and accuracy to turn a piece into art.

Air Quality and Pollution

Lahore turns to be a city full of surprises and amusing places. With so many gardens and parks built to keep the air of the city clean and fresh, the recent increase in the number of vehicles and the industry have led to a high amount of pollution.

The major contributors to the rising levels of pollution include vehicle and industrial emissions, smoke from brick kilns, the burning of crop residue and general waste, and dust from construction sites. The situation worsened in the winters creating a smog of dust and dirt in the city.

Although the government is taking measures to control the pollution levels, still a lot more needs to be done. The current statistics from the World Health Organization for air pollution in Lahore are:

  • PM10 - 198
  • PM2.5 - 68
  • PM10 Pollution Level - Extremely High
  • Pollution Index: 78.86
  • Pollution Exp Scale: 141.73

With a pollution level of 77.02, the city has an Air Quality Index of 22.98, which is relatively low.

As a traveler, visiting this city, it is essential to show some kindness and awareness towards nature and ensure to reduce the littering of the city. Also, one should be aware of the pollution causing agents and should attempt to adopt eco-friendly ways while in the city. Reduce the carbon trails, and make your stay memorable, should be the aim while exploring the city.

Respect the Culture

Lahore's culture is unique. A perfect blend of South Asian, Middle Eastern, Central Asian, and Western influences can be seen in the lifestyle, festivals, literature, music, language, politics, cuisine, and socio-economic conditions of the locals.

With friendly people and exotic communities, the culture of Lahore is vibrant and unforgettable. Pakistani culture is a mixed culture, with the majority of people being Muslims by birth and faith. However, there is a significant influence of Hindu and British culture on present Pakistani society.

Right from religion to sports, the culture of Lahore is unique and different in its peculiar way. With several languages spoken, the most common ones are Punjabi, Sindhi, Pushto, and Baluchi. The food that is consumed and social etiquette conforms strictly with Islamic principles.

By understanding the daily life of the locals and experiencing the culture present in the local society, the time spent in Lahore will be a memorable one. Seeking the guidance of the locals and understanding the art and religion, are excellent ways to respect the exotic culture of the city.

It is the most suitable way by which you can respect people's way of living, and can easily understand the city's significance and its culture, and can ensure an unforgettable stay during your visit.

Top 10 Places to Visit

With the rich architecture and history, Lahore offers a lot of overwhelming destinations to explore and visit. The narrative of the past blended with the unique and friendly hospitality of the locals, list of unforgettable and fun places to explore and see in Lahore are listed down for you:

  • Walled City of Lahore: The World Heritage Site by UNESCO, for almost 4000 years is a popular tourist destination with 13 gates used to lead into the walls of old Lahore. With only one entrance, Roshni Gate or Gate of Lights, that stood between the Badshahi Mosque and the Fort and was used by royalty to enter the city. The beautiful architecture is impressive to explore.
  • Badshahi Mosque: The emperor’s mosque built-in 1673 By Aurangzeb, the Mughal emperor is one well-known tourist destination. The epitome of beauty and the grandeur of the Mughal era, the architecture is built with red stones. The fantastic carving on the inner walls, the heightened pillars, and the beautiful tile work is no less than a perfect example of classic craftsmanship.
  • Lahore Fort: Again, a place listed in the UNESCO World heritage sites. With so many rooms, minarets, towers, rooftops, constructions, archways, courtyards, and gardens that are relatively well-preserved, the majestic fort is an excellent example of architectural wisdom and grandiosity. Undoubtedly, the most beautiful places to explore, this fort is enormous, so pack plenty of water and wear comfy footwear to examine every inch of the fort.
  • Lahore Museum: If you are an admirer of history, then this place is perfect for you to visit. With the grand 13 halls that contain an incredible amount of artifacts and art from all of the civilizations, history lives here. With the extravagant and architecturally beautiful entrance, and the fantastic galleries divided and arranged into Pre & Proto Historic, Hindu Buddhist and Jaina, Islamic, and a gold collection, the museum is beautiful.
  • Minar-e-Pakistan: The 70-meter tall minar that was used to call Manto Park, stands in the middle of the park garden. Known as the modern ‘Eiffel Tower’, is located on the opposite side of the Badshahi Mosque. With the dancing fountains and stairs to climb up, the minar offers a panoramic view of the city to enjoy.
  • Tomb Of Anarkali: The story of the undying love of Anarkali and Prince Salim is well known in the world. Built by the Mughal Emperor Jehangir, for Anarkali, the tomb is octagonal and is one of the most magnificent architectural examples.
  • Sheesh Mahal: A pure example of the classy work of art, Sheesh Mahal is built of stones and glasses. As the name suggests, the magical Mahal is made in a way that the candles when placed at either corner of the bedroom of Mahal, it will fill the room with the reflection that looks like sparkling stars.
  • Shalimar Gardens: The historic landmark of Lahore, the artwork and the layout of the garden; this is amazing. With the locals selling water and light snacks in the park, spending a snacky evening here while enjoying the greenery is perfect.

  • Jahangir tomb: The son and wife of Jahangir built the tomb is located inside a building made with red Sikri stone and white marble, a perfect example of Lahori architecture. The design is intricate outside, but it is filled with frescos and tile mosaics inside. Explore the place to get mesmerized with the art.
Badshahi Mosque or the 'Emperor's Mosque', was built in 1673 by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. It is one of the city's best known landmark, & a major tourist attraction representing the beauty & grandeur of the Mughal era


Lahore, the city of Pakistan, is one perfect example of cultural advancement and natural beauty. While the country is still portrayed in a defamed manner, Lahore is a warming place that will entirely change the way you think about the site. From the exotic gardens to the fantastic architectural beauties of the Mughal period, Lahore is one such place that will amaze you.

Visiting the place will offer you a first-hand experience of the culture and lifestyle of the people. As stated by the locals, ‘Zinda Dilan-e-Lahore’ or ‘the people whose hearts are alive’, Lahore is a city where people spontaneously burst into dance and song in inclement weather.

The best places to explore from the parks to beaches, and museums to landmarks, are listed down for you to have the best experience.

City Parks

The city parks that add beauty to the city of Lahore and offer peace and calmness are::

  • Jilani Park: A beautiful park located in the city famous for its floral exhibitions and artificial waterfall, is named after Ghulam Jilani Khan.
  • Model Town Park: A family park and a golf course, with a walkway and jogging track, is made up of pure mud and clay, is perfect for morning and evening walk.
  • Hazuri Bagh: Located in between Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque, the garden is one offering the perfect picturesque location.
  • Gulshan Iqbal Park: Located in the Allama Iqbal town, this is the largest park in the city offering various recreational activities and space.
  • Bagh e Jinnah: A historical park which was formerly known as Lawrence Gardens, is a large green space contains a botanical garden, Masjid Dar-ul-Islam, and Quaid-e-Azam Library situated in a Victorian building.
A peaceful evening at Bagh e Jinnah in Lahore. Bagh means Garden in the local language

National Parks

The national parks to visit in Lahore are:

  • Jallo Park, Botanical Park: One of the three main wildlife parks, is one of the parks built to preserve the wildlife and spread over an area of 461 acres.
  • Shalimar Bagh: Portrayed out as a Persian paradise garden, the park is one of the most famous tourist destinations. The most exclusive part is that the park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Changa Manga: Widely known as "one of the oldest hand-planted forests in the world", this is a wildlife preserve with a wide variety of flora and fauna.
  • Woodland Wildlife Park: The famous Lahore Zoo Safari, is a home for Indian peafowl, Bengal tiger, common pheasant, emu, lion, mute swan, nilgai, ostrich, and silver pheasant among a few others, developed near a lake.

Apart from these if you still are looking for some more parks, then explore the PHA Flower Bed or Butterfly Park/Garden BOR Johar Town.


While the city of Lahore is geographically located in such a manner that there are no beaches, still if you wish to enjoy the waterside, then The Lahore Canal is an unmatched option to go. The miles-long waterway built by the Mughals is a part of the city's cultural heritage. The canal is illuminated and decorated during the local and national festivals.


The landmarks which make Lahore unique in all ways are:

  • Masjid Wazir Khan: With the Qashani tile work of the Wazir Khan Mosque, the floral motifs and the colorful glazed mosaic of the Masjid is just beautiful.
  • Mini Golf Club: A perfect place to take a break from the hectic life, this place is impressive to rejuvenate your soul and enjoy a game.
  • Hiran Minar, Sheikhupura: The 100-foot high tower was built by Emperor Jahangir in 1606 for a beloved antelope, stands majestically, and is surrounded by a water tank.
  • Samadhi of Maharaja Ranjit Singh: Located just outside the Lahore Fort, is built like a shrine with the ashes of the maharaja lying in a lotus-shaped urn inside a small brick pavilion.
  • Royal Baths: The Persian-style bathhouse right next to Delhi Gate, Shahi Hamam, is a perfect place to relax.
  • Wagah Border: Often known as the ‘Berlin Wall Of Asia’, the place will allow you to feel the intensity and the patriotism that floats in the air. The retreat ceremony of ‘lowering of the flags’ will offer much fanfare and an incredible display of strength and patriotism of the military on both parts: the Indian Border Security Force and the Pakistan Rangers.


There is no way better than a museum to know the history of the city. Some of the most amazing Museums in Lahore are:

  • Lahore Museum: The oldest and the largest museum of Pakistan with nearly 60,000 artifacts displayed in 14 different galleries, containing coins, postage stamps, Islamic relics, ancient manuscripts, paintings, and a history of the Pakistan movement.
  • National Museum of Science & Technology (NMST): The only museum in Pakistan for the science lover which exhibits on various scientific topics, including light and optical illusions, sound, mathematics, engines and machines, electricity and magnetism, behavioral physiology, gems and stones, modes of transport, biology, natural history, history of computers, electronics and communication, satellites and rockets, medicines, molecular biology, and energy.
  • National History Museum (NHM): A relatively new museum with Virtual reality, holograms, interactive screens, and 3D cinemas offering an immense creative experience to all the visitors.
  • Faqir Khana Museum: One of the largest collections of artifacts in South Asia, this place has a collection of 13000 artworks to amuse you.
  • Shakir Ali Museum: The family home of the artist Shakir Ali, turned to the museum after his death, contains paintings, drawings and artwork, some made by the artist and others made for him by his devoted students.
  • Army Museum: With the shiny weapons, Historical statues of wars being fought in the past and portraits of important figures line the walls, and armories of all sorts decorated, this is one of its kind of museum.
  • Chughtai Museum: Honoured after the painter Abdur Rehman Chughtai offers a peep into the creative collection of the distributive paintings of Chughtai.
Lahore Museum


Exploring a city is incomplete without tasting the delicacies of the place. Likewise, Lahore is a place offering a fantastic combination of spices, and with the traditional preparation, the delicacies offered here are mouth-watering.

A perfect metropolitan city of Pakistan, the cuisine of Lahore is vibrant and delicious. In contrast, the influence of Central Asian, North Indian, and Middle Eastern cuisine in Pakistani food is ubiquitous.

So, if you are looking to have your meal in Lahore and tickle your taste bud, then the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian dishes offered at the restaurants and on the streets will amaze you. With the perfect preparation and presentation, the food in Lahore is aromatic.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Cooco's Den: With the authentic taste of Lahore’s cuisine, the restaurant offers the perfect blend of spices and a friendly ambiance to the visitors.
  • The Lakhanvi: The fantastic traditional and Mughlai cuisine offered at this restaurant is one best to provide a warm and welcoming environment.
  • Haveli Restaurant: The top floored restaurant with a panoramic view of the city, this is one of the unique restaurants to visit.
  • Desi Traditional Family Restaurant: With the rooftop environment and the delicious food, the hotel offers authentic cuisine in the pocket-friendly range.
  • Qabail Restaurant: Offering authentic Pashtun dishes, including khadi kabab and traditional Pashtun BBQ dishes, this restaurant is impressive.
  • Bundu Khan: Well known for its outstanding cuisine and exceptional customer service, this is a chain restaurant offering services at various locations in Lahore.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Cosa Nostra: The perfect place to end the cravings for Italian and vegan cuisine in the extravagant environment
  • Spice Bazaar: A fusion restaurant offering Asian cuisines that have typical Indian and Punjabi origins, as well as barbecue items.
  • Andaaz restaurant: With the vegan, vegetarian, or healthy food options offered, which are tastiest and located in the Historical Heritage area of Lahore, this restaurant is impressive.
  • The Poet Boutique Restaurant: The high-end restaurant with a budget-friendly menu offering a variety of Vegetarian Friendly and Vegan Options to enjoy.

Street Food

  • Dahi Bhalley: The spongy dumpling dipped in the sweet and sour curd and topped with tamarind sauce and spice and chaat masala, this is the perfect dish to tickle your taste buds.
  • Laddu Pethiyan: The tasty and crunchy, fried batter gram lentil balls, are a real Lahori delight, topped with carrots and radish and served with the plum sauce.
  • Nihari: The thick curry with perfectly trimmed beef or lamb pieces, with the unique spices, lime, and garlic, this is best served with naan.
  • Taka Tak: The combination of boneless organ meats including the brain, liver, heart, and kidneys, with added assorted spice and mint chutney, is a pure Lahori delicacy.
  • Butt Chicken Karahi: The yummiest traditional dish made with a blend of spices, pieces of tender boneless chicken, and garnished with some juicy and tangy lime.
  • Shawarma: The cone-like shape on a vertical rotisserie filled with lamb, mutton, chicken, turkey, or beef and served with freshly chopped onions, lime, and a wonderfully blended spicy green chutney, is an ordeal street dish of Lahore.
  • Rabri: A sweet dish made of the condensed-milk, generously garnished with sugar and nuts for an added flavor and served with kulfi or falooda is the yummiest sweet dish to try.
Nihari cooked with bones filled with marrow


With the mouth-watering delicacies and the historical monuments, the city of Lahore is rich in culture. The city is also rich in some of the most exotic traditional drinks and alcohol. The streets offering the drinks to taste will help to quench your thirst and keep you hydrated.

Undoubtedly, the magical city Lahore has a lot of drinks to offer. Lahore is famous for traditional Lassi, decades-old tea stalls, and now the lemon soda and slushes as well. Additionally, the city also provides stalls of juices, mainly sugarcane, which is perfect to kill the heat of summers.

Also, with the local shops and stalls serving the water at reasonable prices and the water stalls offering services to travelers, the problem of drinking water will not be faced while you travel and explore the city.


Water is an unmatched drink that satisfies the thirst. The scorching heat of the sun can only be beaten when the cold and chilled water goes down the throat.

The government manages the water supply in the city. But it is not at all advisable to drink the tap water as the water quality is as low as 24.33 and the drinking water quality is nearly 42.15 as per Numbeo.

Hence, if you are in Lahore, it is advisable to take the bottled water or mineral water to drink instead of the tap water.

Organic Cafés

Lahore is a city offering various varieties of cuisines ranging from local and Mediterranean food to Punjabi, Chinese, Indonesian, and Thai cuisines probably have more vegetables. The organic cafes offer delicacies prepared from the material grown organically and ensure superior health and quality.

Some of the best Organic cafes to explore and tickle your taste bud with the organically made dishes and maybe a drink, the best places in the city are:

  • Arcadian Café
  • Xiwang The Restaurant
  • Pizza Milano
  • Khiz organic kitchen
  • Coffee Tea & Company
  • Chaayé Khana
  • Peeru's Cafe
  • Butlers Chocolate Café


A city with the history of Mughals and with the culture backing to the British rule is one that has the finest and oldest breweries. With some of the most exotic and excellent alcohols being sold in the city, the breweries are budget-friendly.

If you are looking for something authentic and rich in taste and amazingly brewed drink, then the best places to visit in Lahore are:

  • Barrels Brewpub - The Micro Brewery
  • AkzoNobel
  • Murree Brewery


Lahore is the metropolis city offering a wide range of places to visit and delicacies to taste. With some of the most amazing amusement parks and trekking options, the adventure time that can be spent in the city is uncanny and unmatched. The rush of adrenaline in the blood will make you go crazy while you enjoy your time to the fullest in the city.

So, once you are done with exploring the aesthetics of the city, and tasting its delicacies, you can indeed visit the amusement parks for the adrenaline rush activities like the ones listed down for you:

  • Joyland
  • Baoli amusement park
  • Fun Dunya Theme Park
  • Super Space

So, if you are looking forward to visiting one such park for a fun day, they prefer to join some group or the locals to enjoy it to the fullest. A fun day with the group will make you relaxed and calm and will allow you to feel lighthearted.

Yoga and Retreats

The year-old practice of the Indus Valley civilization focusing on the overall development and relaxation of the mind and soul by rejuvenating and uplifting the mood, Yoga is just astounding. Renowned across the globe to offer peace and calmness to everyone practicing Yoga, the day would be unique and relaxing.

Some of the yoga centers that you can visit to feel the power of Yoga and meditation in Lahore are:

  • Indus Yoga Health Club For Ladies Lahore
  • Yoga Xone
  • Kurves Yoga & Fitness
  • Healing Yoga with Farah
  • Rumi Yoga & Wellness
  • Tranceform Yoga by Rukhsana Mehmood
  • HKK Crossfit & Yoga Studio
  • Route2 Pilates Studio

Let your mind be relaxed and calm while you practice and experience the power of Yoga. Add the practice with the Ayurvedic spa and rejuvenate your soul. With the help of such a fantastic time, the tiredness of the trip would vanish, making you feel lively and ready to explore more.


Staying at the hotel that offers you all the necessary amenities with the most budget-friendly prices is an impeccable part of any trip. With the welcoming staff, comfortable rooms, and the accessibility to reach the significant spots in the city, selecting a hotel is a bit of a cumbersome task.

To fulfill the need of the hotel, the city of Lahore is jeweled with accommodation options, from uber-luxury to historical colonial. With every place offering the best in class service and a price to fit your pocket, these hotels provide an uncanny match.

With so many options to choose from, offering the necessary amenities, the stay options in Lahore which are sure going to be bliss, and will provide you with a stay full of lush memories are listed down for you.

Green Hotels

The eco-friendly concept of stay is comparatively a new one that is adopted by the city of Lahore. The concept focuses on the idea of stay facilities that blend the necessary amenities and comfort while ensuring no harm to the environment. The hotel offers such a stay focus on reducing the carbon traces and providing a lush green stay facility.

By adopting eco-friendly ways of stay, and offering the facilities of recycling, these hotels aim to reduce the carbon footprints which are being a symbol of environmentally responsible, that the majority of the tourists are looking for.

Apart from being eco-friendly, the hotels also ensure to offer the best in class stay facility at the most affordable prices. The unique feature of the majority of such hotels is that they provide lush green garden areas to soothe your soul and focus on the concept of reusing and recycling as well.

Some of the excellent and most fascinating green hotels to book your stay in Lahore are:

  • Luxus Grand Hotel
  • The Nishat Hotel, Johar Town
  • Pearl Continental Hotel
  • Park Lane Hotel
  • Faletti’s Hotel
  • Hotel Green Fort
  • Ramada by Wyndham Lahore Gulberg
  • Royal Swiss Lahore

Hostels and Guest Houses

An option usually preferred by solo travelers and backpackers is the hotels and guest houses. Offering all the necessary facilities of the stay, these options let the traveler save some bucks and also provides them with an opportunity to blend with other travelers. Sharing a bunk with other solo travelers can be a fun experience and can help you make new friends on your trip.

While these places are way cheaper than the hotels, they do maintain a good quality of stay facilities. So, if you are looking to stay in a hostel or guest house and make some new friends on your trip, then the best places to book are:

  • Step Inn Guest House Lahore
  • Youth Hostel Lahore
  • Lahore Guest House


If you are in Lahore for some work and looking forward to staying for a longer duration, then hotels and guest houses are not the ideal choices. Instead of booking a serviced apartment with all the facilities like a kitchen, wash area, parking, Wi-Fi, and security is a perfect choice.

The serviced apartments will be budget-friendly and will allow you flexibility as well. With the choice to cook a meal of your own, the apartments are the best when you are looking forward to a more extended stay.

  • Adara canal Suites
  • Heritage Luxury suites
  • Alnoor Luxury Apartments
  • Khyber Hotels & Apartments


Couchsurfing, in general, is moderately another idea. Even though the equivalent isn't free and is generally identified with having the place to rest around evening time and some other fundamental necessities that are dependent on the shared comprehension of the host and the visitor, however, the best part is if you go for Couchsurfing you will be granted the brilliant occasion to know the customs and culture of local people.

Before you continue arranging, make a point to think about your host to make the stay sheltered and cheerful. Make a point to be at your best and attempt to stir up with their way of life to turn your visit into an essential function.


Gazing at the stars in the sky and sleeping in the lap of nature is what all look for. A day stolen from the busy life of the city, the campaign is an option to rejuvenate your soul and lighten up your mood. With the campfire buri=ning and the cozy cottage to stay in, the drive can offer real peace of mind.

Some of the fascinating camping spots in Lahore are:

  • Jani Pura Choti Park
  • Saleem Park
  • Camping at Derawar Fort

How to Get There

Traveling is a cumbersome and tiresome process. With so many modes available to reach Lahore, it is essential to first know and compare the budget and time required by each method to reach the city. While Lahore is connected with the other places by air, train, and road as well, there are some restrictions too.

So, it is quite crucial to know about the connectivity and understand the underlying conditions to ensure that the travel time you pursue is of surreal fun and enjoyment.


Allama Iqbal International Airport is the international airport in the city of Lahore which offers quite a good connectivity of both the national and international flights. Located 15 km away from the center of the city, the airport also offers taxis and buses outside to help you reach your destined stay.

Allama Iqbal International Airport


While road transport is rich in the city, the Sarhad-e-Hind bus service is one of the finest services that connect Delhi and Lahore. Run jointly by the Delhi Transport Corporation and the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation; the bus crosses the border to reach Lahore.


Another example of the relationship between India and Pakistan in the Samjhauta Express that connects Delhi and Lahore via the mode of rails. Although the same is temporarily canceled, still this is one of the most acceptable methods connecting Lahore.


With friendly locals, the opportunity to get hitchhiked is perfect. The locals may offer you a lift to your destination, but make sure that you are well aware of the path and also make the hiker available without being paid. Also, since you are new to the city, be cautious and do not fall prey to the goons.

With a petite wave of the hand, you can ask the passerby to offer you a lift. Be cautious of your surroundings and try to interact positively to make the trip fun.


Apart from the options mentioned, the other ways to reach Lahore include the booking of a private taxi or cab. Although this will demand a permit and a strict check across the borders, still if you are looking to travel on your own, then this option suits them best.

Moving Around

Eco-friendly tourism depends on the idea of exploring and traveling a town in a way that the carbon footprints are reduced. The purpose of undertaking such measures is to make sure the classy splendor of the city is restored while you are in the town and help you revel in the trip to the fullest.


Lahore is a walkable city with pavement and small streets. While the lanes are always crowded, exploring the city on foot while meeting and interacting with the locals will be a fun experience.


Bicycles are available on the lease that allows you to make use of them. Riding bikes in the city is one of the best alternatives for the shortest distance. The option is more reliable and low-priced. It will also reduce the chances of polluting the environment to a nil ratio.

Electronic Vehicles

Though this is a brand new idea a beginning has been made, and we will see a few cars powered by electricity coming in use nowadays. This is a pretty suitable concept for people. But the general public still discovers petrol and diesel motors and vehicles more dependable, as a city extreme a lack of electric cars charging framework. You may locate the E-rickshaws running in the town, but the rest is yet to come.

Public Bus

This option is the quickest and easiest option to select. With the extensive network of buses connecting the city from end to end, riding a public bus will be fast and affordable. While the buses are loaded with the crowd always, still the option is the best based on connectivity.

Tram, Train and Subway

The concept is offered by the Orange Line which provides an automated rapid transit system in Lahore that is yet to open and start its services for the locals.

Sustainable Shopping

A souvenir is one that we all search to buy as a memory of the city visited. So while you explore the city of Lahore, it is advisable to find and buy some local pieces of art for your family and friends. With the local market offering a wide range of products, shopping in Lahore is real fun. From the colorful kurtas to shiny jewelry, and an exotic range of artifacts, one can buy a range of products to match the need.

Some of the best local markets that will offer you authentic and genuine products and will surprise you are listed down for you.

Food Markets

Staying inside the condo will demand you to cook dinner and put together your meal. So if you are searching for shopping for substances and groceries, prefer touring the nearby marketplace in preference to going for the high priced supermarkets. By visiting such places, you will get organic, fresh, and high-quality products. The exceptional neighborhood meals markets are:

  • Khalis Food Market
  • Haryali Store
  • Kareem Market, Lahore
  • Galib Market Gulberg

Flea Markets

Selling the local artwork and craft, and showing an extensive style of articles proper from clothes to jewelry, the flea marketplace or the neighborhood marketplace of Lahore is first-rate. The stalls offering antiques and numerous beautiful items, purchasing from the locals will be a comfortable and unforgettable experience. The good flea markets supplying the maximum particular and low-cost products in Lahore are:

  • Itwar Bazar Wapda Town
  • Moon Market
  • Model Bazar Sabzazar
  • Azam Cloth Market

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand stores primarily sell books, hardware, electronics, furniture, and so forth. People get these items within the half price, which is extra cheap for them. So there are some correct stores if you wish to go. Thrift shopping at such stores is a good idea when you need to buy articles for use at a lower price.


Eco fashion means sustainable wear that you can keep using for generations to come. Lahore prides itself over its fashion scene. There are many brands creating heritage wear that you can wear again and again and the material is also sourced through sustainable means. With the use of natural fibers and plant-primarily based dyes, eco-style is a concept with a purpose to amaze you.


The 3 R’s of better living includes reduce, resume, and recycle, which are well adapted by the people and government of Lahore. The city focuses on measures to recycle and reuse the waste to return to the mother the maximum.

According to recent research conducted, it is shown that 21.2% of all recyclable waste in Lahore is recycled, and it generates an amount of Rs. 271 million (US$4.5 million) per year through the informal sector.

Companies like Green Earth Recycling in Lahore, which is among a handful of companies in Pakistan that specialize in recycling and manufacturing of waste is working to raise awareness about recycling in Lahore.

You can take your own metal straws to restaurants, use a recyclable water bottle among other things.


The waste management system in the city is not too advanced but not too poor as well. Most of the areas you will see in Lahore will be clean and have a proper waste management system, however areas like the older parts of the city have a poor waste management system. The government is constantly working towards creating more sustainable ways of waste management and encouraging people to produce less waste as well. A major development that took place is the ban of all plastic bags in the city so you will have to take your own paper bags or get paper bags provided by the store.

Work and Study Abroad

As a foreigner you might not be able to find the same opportunities of working or studying in Lahore as you would find in other metropolitan cities and the reason is that the job market is very saturated and the studying experience is not the same like in first world countries but you might find the tuition fee cheaper. Another reason is that Pakistan is a muslim country so you will find many restrictions on the kind of lifestyle you can lead in Lahore and there will be many conservative norms that you will have to follow especially women (dress code etc). However, on a brighter side, many young people in Lahore are starting their own tech startups and a lot of them are looking for ambitious people with a visionary mind. It is all about connecting with the right people and finding the right opportunity.

Exchange Student

Being a city quite well developed and established, the number of universities is also high. If you plan on transferring to Lahore as an exchange student and spending a year in the city, you will have to check from your host university if they are affiliated with any of the universities in Lahore. Overall, Lahore is not a popular choice for foreign students because it is a conservative place and drinking or partying is prohibited. The smog in winter season is also a major issue so you might reconsider your decision. However the most popular universities in Lahore that might accommodate you as an exchange student are:

  • Lahore University of Management Sciences
  • Government College Lahore
  • University College Lahore
  • King Edward Medical University
  • Lahore Medical and Dental College
Inside the Lahore University of Management Sciences

Au Pair

Lahore is a growing and modern city. The concept of an Au Pair is mostly common with the rich and modern people of Lahore who usually have Au pairs from the Philippines in their homes. It might not be the most common concept but you can definitely try your luck and find a host family to work for especially if you are from the Philippines you will find a host family fairly easily.


Volunteering in Lahore is an opportunity to make your stay worthwhile and leave a positive impact on the people. The chance to put your skills and knowledge to use to help the locals by way of volunteering is a noble act. Some of the organizations where you can volunteer are:

  • Arain Welfare Trust
  • Samro Ngo
  • SOS Children's Villages Pakistan

In 2019, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also visited SOS Village on their tour to Pakistan and spent time with the children. You can bring them stuff as well like story books etc.

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