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Eco-friendly travel guide to Manama advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Manama, Bahrain.

Skyline of Manama

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.5 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Safety: 4.7 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$250 - $400
  • Budget per day: US$200 - $300

Responsible Travel

Manama is the capital of Bahrain. If you are craving simple and soothing then you should definitely visit Manama as it is synonymous to a world of sophistication. This is something that perfectly defines Manama. Yes, it lacks the glitz and glam like Dubai and Doha, but this is where its charm lies. From its divine cuisine to exquisite art and culture, Manama makes a perfect traveling destination. The charm of the city is completely different from the other cities in the Middle East. Within a very short period, Manama turned itself by taking quick strides from a thriving economy to the biggest oil reserves. Once you visit here, you would come across plenty of posh hotels, shopping malls, as well as glamourous nightlife venues.

From the charming souqs to the best-rated hotels, Manama has to offer plenty of things. Being a responsible traveler, you can opt for the eco-friendly scooters and bikes since it is quite sustainable. Also, these scooters come with Bluetooth and GPS, which means you can easily travel to different places if you have a valid driving license.

It is extremely important to make responsible travel choices when going to any place.

Air Quality and Pollution

Although air quality is not permeable, you can still enjoy usual outdoor activities. However, if you are allergic to dust and smoke, then you might face issues. Similarly, if you have breathing troubles, then you can face issues with breathing. Most of the smokes you would face smoke due to the emissions from the vehicles and industries. Morning is often filled with smog; hence, it might get difficult for you to breathe. Therefore, it is best if you use a facemask to stay away from pollution. Extreme heat and sun might make you feel uncomfortable. Due to this reason, it is always a good idea to wear full-sleeved clothes.

The government took many initiations and is still taking initiations to improve air quality. Due to the rising rate of air pollution, the weather sometimes shows extreme weather conditions. Summers are especially intolerable due to extreme heat. As a result, tourists mostly tend to visit the city during the winter to void extreme heat. The government is taking the initiation to begin electric vehicles to lower down the carbon emission.

Respect the Culture

Manama is already emerging as the fastest growing Persian Gulf’s most significant art as well as a cultural hub. Medieval forts with sky-touching towers look extremely stunning and this is something unique that you would find in the city. The kingdom of Manama is ruled by various religions; however, you would find that local people mostly follow Islam religion here. You would find a vast majority of Bahrainis here. From the hospitality of the local people here, you will understand that Islamic and Arabic culture is rampant here.

When it comes to outfits, locals here strictly maintain the traditional culture here. Due to this reason, local people here tend to conservatively dress here. Traditional dress code is although not mandatory here, but as Islamic people respect their culture, they do not wear modern outfits. You will find that men here wear ‘Thob’ and women here wear ‘Abaya’. On the other hand, you would find traces of Islamic architecture throughout the city. Some amazing architectural pieces are found in the city. Islamic architecture gets the opportunity of expressing through mosques and other places of worship.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Manama is an exceptional city where tourists from different parts of the world love to visit. The reason behind this thing is that it has some lovely places where you can go for a nice tour. Mentioned below are a few of those places, which you can try out to make your trip more enjoyable.

  • Al Fateh Grand Mosque - It is one of the largest mosques in the city where you would love to visit. Here you would get more than thousands of worshippers who pray to god with their true heart. Just try it out and see how easily you can fulfill all your wishes.
  • Bahrain World Trade Center - It is a huge tower, which almost touches the heights of the sky. You can visit here for sightseeing and get precious experience. But make sure that you come here during the evening because the lightning of this place becomes a point of attraction.
  • Bahrain Fort - This fort was built in the 16th century and is still famous even today. There is a brief history of this thing, and you will only know it after visiting. Go for it and get a fair knowledge about the archeological activities in those days.
  • Arad Fort - Without having any doubt, we can say that this palace is fascinating. Here you will get the old and historic canons that were used in those days of the war. In the beginning, you may find it boring, but later on, you will have a steady realization.
  • Dolphin Resort - If you want to see the shows of dolphins, then this is the right place for you. Explore them, and you will get to see something, which you have never seen before.
  • Khamis - Another mosque, which was established during the era of the famous Umayyad. His ancient works are still immortal in this place, and everyone wants to discover it.
  • Sacred Heart Church - It is said that if you visit here and wish anything from your true heart, then it is fulfilled. There is no such person who misses this place because all total it can give you a better level of happiness.
  • Shri Krishna Temple - If you are a real devotee of Lord Krishna, then this place is a must-visit for you. Come here to pray for your lord and wash away all your pain and depression.
  • Al-Qudaibiya Palace -You will see that this place is widespread all over the internet and it also has a better significance. It is because here you will see some famous historic artifacts and get to rediscover them thoroughly.
  • Beit Sheikh - This is the oldest castle, or you can also refer to it as a house of Khalifa. Visit here and know about some of the ruler's finest works.
Bahrain Fort


Now, if you want to explore the city of Manama deeply, then these ten places are not enough. There are a few city parks and museums, which can give you more and more fun. Makes sure that you are exploring every corner of the city if you want to know about the rich culture and heritage of the city.

City Parks

  • Salmania garden - This Park is awesome because here you can bring your family and have a nice picnic with them. Make a fair attempt of visiting here and see how well your leisure time is spent.
  • Avenues park - You can have a tour of this park if you love to go for a long walk. In other words, you can say that this park is meant for those people who love walking and jogging activities.

National Parks

  • Hoora Park - This is an amusement park where you can bring your kids, and they will love it. The rides here are interesting, and the kids will enjoy every moment spent on them.
  • Muharraq’s Artificial Waterfall - One of the most beautiful parks where you can enjoy some amazing view and enjoy some enthralling view of nature. If you are visiting Manama, do not forget to check out this park and enjoy the artificial waterfall.


  • Bahrain Bay Beach - The best time to visit this beach is at night because the sea looks lighter. You should never miss it because the ambiance can give you peace and a different level of relaxation.
  • Karbabad Beach - Yet another one of the most popular beaches that you will visit in Manama. Here you can enjoy some great time with your loved ones, unwind yourself, and get away from stress.
Karbabad Beac


  • Bab Al-Bahrain - People call it the heart of the city as it is situated in the center. It displays some of the famous handicrafts and souvenirs of the 19th century. After seeing them, you would feel like sharing your stories of this place with your loved ones.
  • Al Fateh Grand Mosque - It is considered one of the biggest mosques in the world and can accommodate almost 7000 worshippers at a time. Besides being a popular tourist attraction, it is also a popular landmark.
Bab Al-Bahrain


  • National Museum- There is no doubt that this museum is beautiful and tells you about the importance of the Bahrain civilization. Whoever misses it always regrets it and curses themselves throughout life.
  • Post Museum- In this museum, you will get a wide range of post office stamp collections and know about them briefly. Have its exposure because you might not get it in any other place in the world.


If you enjoy devouring some tasty cuisines, then it is best if you once try Middle Eastern cuisine and Arab cuisine. Defined as various regional cuisines from the Arab as well as the Middle Eastern countries, the cuisines would offer you age-old delicious food time traveling for centuries. The aromatic herbs to imported herbs, the dishes that you would taste would no doubt excite your taste buds and satiate your soul to the fullest. From breakfast to dinner, you will find multiple dishes to try in Manama. Endless restaurants and cafes would make you go gaga over the choices when it comes to food. From fluffy appams, Spanish omelets, to full English breakfast, you would get every variety here.

Although you will come across many restaurants, if you want to enjoy a relaxing breakfast, then it is best to opt for the cafeterias. You will be able to enjoy a delicious breakfast and enjoy the view of the city. Do not forget the savor of the authentic Parisian pastry in Manama. The biggest advantage of enjoying vacay in Manama is you can get thousands of cuisines here. If you never get tired of oriental dishes, then do not forget to try the oriental dishes here. From Kung Pao to chicken tikka, you would get everything here.

Traditional Local Restaurants

There are plenty of traditional and local restaurants in Manama from where you can enjoy some of the authentic dishes. Let us check out a few of them that you should not miss when visiting Manama.

  • Swagat- Located in a warren of alleyways near the Khrishna Temple is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Manama. You would get a taste of downtown Mumbai. With retro vibes created due to the playing of 196 songs, you would get the perfect ambiance of your home country even though staying far away. The restaurant is famous for offering delicious vegetarian dishes for less than the price of coffee. With a laid back and cozy ambiance, Swagat is undoubtedly one of the must-visit restaurants.
  • Haji’s Traditional Café- Although it is a cafeteria, yet you can find some amazing dishes to savor even for dinner and lunch. Once you visit here, you will find the old world charm and touch of the Bahrain culture. The black and white photos on the wall will give you an insight into the history of Bahrain. The food you will get here is no doubt tasty and mouthwatering.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Although mostly you would find non-vegetarian restaurants in Manama; however, there are many vegetarian restaurants, especially if you are a vegan. Here are some of the vegan restaurants that you can try out if you are visiting Manama for the first time. Here are some of the vegan restaurants that you should visit.

  • Anais Café - It is an all-vegan restaurant where you will find plant-based food. The biggest advantage is here you will get cuisines like American, Buffer, European, Fusion, and much more. Apart from that, you would also get other different types of foods like raw cakes, coffee, and others.
  • Annapurna Vegetarian restaurant- Yet another vegan restaurant that you can try if you are a strict vegetarian. However, if you are someone who searches for Indian food no matter where you go, then you should certainly try this restaurant. Here you will get all sorts of Indian food.
  • Raw Candy - A truly vegan restaurant where you will get almost all sorts of plant-based food. From plant-based chocolate to smoothie bowls, veggie bowls, and wraps, here you will get everything.

Street Food

The concept of street food is not very prevalent in Manama, unlike other cities or countries. If you feel like grabbing a quick snack, then it is best if you visit any nearby cafeteria or restaurant. You will come across innumerable cafeterias and restaurants in Manama.


The climatic changes affected many things in Manama. Due to the extreme pollution level, land, water, and air are polluted. Also, you must be aware of the fact that Middle East countries always face high temperatures and heat. Hence, it is obvious that you would feel the urge to drink water every time you walk out. Due to this reason, the demand for drinks is quite high in the city is quite high. You can even opt for local drinks or opt for consuming tap water. Tap water is safe here. If you are concerned about the quality of water, then it is best to buy packaged drinking water. You will not find many liquor stores throughout the city.

Most of the local drinks available in the city are delicious. Hence, you will not find the urge to drink liquor. Although the temperature here always stays high, still locals here indulge in drinking tea and coffee. The reason behind this is that here you will get imported tea and coffee having authentic taste and aroma. If you want to enjoy some sleazy cocktails, then it is best if you visit the restaurant cum bars.


Tap water is no doubt one of the best options to drink while exploring Manama and the surrounding cities. Initially, tap water had issues due to heavy pollution; however, the government took the initiative to clean it and make it safe to consume. You would also come across many soft drink outlets from where you can get buy drinks. Tourism is quite high in the city and due to this reason; the government took the initiation to clean the water.

You will always get cold water for drinking from the taps. But, it is always a good idea to be on the safe side and consume packaged drinking water. Packaged water is cheap and is easily available. Besides, as water pollution was once a problem in the city; hence, most households use water purifiers since not only, it is a safe option but also a one tie investment.

Organic Cafés

The trend of organic cafeterias has become quite popular these days due to the plethora of food available as well as the ambiance that would set your mood for everything good. Let us check some of the best organic cafeterias in Manama that you should visit.

  • Organic café - It has to be one of the best choices if you are looking for everything organic. It is a one-stop destination, where you will find plenty of pf healthy foods as well as beverages to indulge. From frozen to baked goods, you will get every variety here. Talking about the ambiance of the place, you will be mesmerized by the minimalistic yet laid-back ambiance of the place.
  • Baker and Spice - Yet another best place where you can enjoy delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, if you are a vegan, then you will get plenty of options as well, both in foods as well as beverages. Apart from that, the stunning atmosphere they have is something that will relax you. The staffs here are quite friendly and the quality of food is great too.


Apart from some of the best restaurants, you would also get the chance to enjoy some crafted beers here. Although you would not find many breweries in the main city of Manama; however, there is only a handful of them. Let us check some of the breweries that are present in Manama.

  • Fiddlers Green - It is not a proper brewery but it more like a bar. If you are someone, who has a fetish for tasting some amazing crafted beer, then this can be the best place for you. Although the city is more has traditional vibes, yet you will find a handful of bars and pubs here. You can check-in here to enjoy some of the sleazy drinks apart from crafted beer.
  • The Warbler - Warbler is not a brewery but a restaurant, which means, you can enjoy both delicious foods and get to enjoy some amazing crafted beer here. If you are visiting Manama for the first time, then make sure that your travel list has ‘The Warbler’ if you want to indulge in the taste of crafted beer.


Coming to the activities, you can do plenty of things if you are visiting Manama for the first time. Here are some of the activities that you should not forget to take part in, while you are in the city.

  • Explore the traditional markets - Popularly known as Manama Souk, Bab Al Bahrain, or the ’Gateway to Bahrain’. It is one of the biggest and renowned entrances to one of the oldest and best multi-ethnic market space. Here you will come across a variety of things starting from popular Arabian sweet shops, Nepalese cafeterias, to South Indian restaurants. If you want to take back some memories, then buy some exotic souvenirs.
  • Admire the marvelous Islamic architecture - Al Fateh Grand Mosque is one of the best and unique Islamic architecture that highlights the culture of the city. Situated on the famous King Faisal highway, it is one of the biggest mosques and can accommodate almost seven thousand worshippers. Make sure that you are wearing traditional outfits while visiting the mosque. People here consider it as a mark of respect.
  • Enjoy a spiced tea with local fishermen - Bahrain is infamous for the availability of innumerable seafood delectable. Make sure that you are visiting the popular Central Market in Manama and explore the fish market section. Every morning if you visit the market, the fishermen will offer you spiced milk tea and a good bargain as well.

Yoga and Retreats

  • Art of Living - It is one of the most popular yoga retreats that you would come across in Manama. Art of Living is just the right place if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. From relaxing meditation to mind soothing retreats, you will get everything here. Once you visit Manama, do not forget to explore this place and spend a relaxing day here.
  • Namaste - Although it is in Bahrain, yet you can certainly visit the yoga studio. It is one of the best and internationally recognized yoga school. For years, it has offered a relaxing place for people to unwind, heal, and improve their minds as well as body. The teachers who assist here no doubt experts. They have a holistic approach towards everyone and they will assist you as per your health condition.
  • Flow - If you want to indulge in something extremely soothing, do not forget to visit the Flow yoga studio. Once you visit the studio, you will find that the ambiance and the atmosphere of the studio is quite soothing. The professionals will help you in getting the right yoga and retreat sessions that will help you to relax.


You will get innumerable options when it comes to finding accommodations in Manama. No matter what your budget is, you will get comfortable accommodation options. From hostels to posh five-star hotels, everything is available here. Although it is one of the traditional cities in Bahrain, yet you will find some amazing modern hotels and guesthouses here. If you want to stay in a bit interior side, then you will get options too.

If you are unsure about the cheap accommodation options, then you are probably mistaking since the affordable options are decent as well. No matter where you go, you will find comfortable accommodations as per your budget. However, you have to keep in mind that the rates would vary as per the location of the hotel and the time of visit. If you are visiting Manama during the peak season, then the prices might be high and vice-versa.

Green Hotels

You would come across many green hotels in Manama. If you want to stay in some eco-friendly hotels away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then these hotels can be the best option for you. Here are some of the green hotels that you should check out.

  • The Diplomat Radisson BLU Hotel - It is one of the best-rated green hotels that you would find in the city. From free WiFi to delicious food, you would be experiencing comfortable stays in Radisson Blu. Make sure that you are booking the hotel beforehand. The rooms are quite clean, and the staffs are amicable. The spa resorts that you would find here are relaxing, and you would no doubt feel relaxed.
  • Sheraton Bahrain Hotel - Yet another one of the most popular green hotels where you would get some of the best services. The quality of the rooms is very good here. If you want to unwind yourself, then this could be the best place for you. Apart from that, you would get some outstanding amenities here that would make stay quite comfortable.

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you want to stay on a budget, then you would come across many hostels and guesthouses in Manama. Hostels and guesthouses are equally comfortable and here you will get all the amenities that five-star hotels offer. Let us check out some of the best hostels and guesthouses in Manama.

  • Nuzul Guest Houses - Nuzul Guest House is one of the affordable guesthouses that you would find in Manama. From free WiFi to good food, you would get almost everything here. These are affordable enough than the five-star hotels and you can no doubt enjoy a comfortable stay. You would get a terrace so that you can relax and enjoy some peaceful mornings.
  • White Lion House - Located few kilometers away from the main city, this is one of the best-rated guesthouses, you would find in Manama. Here you would get some delicious continental, Indian, as well as an ala-carte breakfast option. From free parking to other exciting amenities, you would get if you stay in White Lion House. If you do not want to invest a lot in staying, then you can no doubt choose this place to stay.


Apartments are the best options if you are planning to visit Manama with your friends or family members. You can rent the apartment you want and stay for as long as you want. However, you should keep in mind that you might face difficulties while choosing apartments since you might not get the exciting amenities. Renting apartments would only give you basic amenities. Although locals here do not show objections when it comes to offering rooms to foreigners, some are still there who do not like giving out their rooms.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to book your rooms through Airbnb. Here you will always get the best-rated and verified apartments that too at the best price. You have to book the rooms beforehand so that you can avail of the type of rooms you want. However, before booking the rooms, make sure that you are checking the hidden cost and additional taxes.


The concept of Couchsurfing is quite popular in the city. If you are not aware of the fact that what Couchsurfing is, then it is mainly a community having travelers from around the globe. If you want to explore Manama just like a local, then Couchsurfing is the best option. All you have to do is reach out to the hosts in Manama for discovering some of the unique places for staying.

Couchsurfing is safe in Manama and if you are visiting Manama for a solo trip and stay away from the expensive hotels, then you can always choose the Couchsurfing option. If you search online, many travel communities are there made by the surfers and hosts. Most hotels enlist the spaces so that you can enjoy a hassle-free stay. After all, staying away from the house for days can be quite tiring; however, with Couchsurfing, you can enjoy your holidays peacefully.


While traveling to a new place, almost everyone plans for camping. Camping has become a trend these days since it is not only fun but also one of the best ways to unwind and relax. If you are a sucker for nature, then camping is undoubtedly one of the best options for you. It is not only adventurous but also far away from the cost of the five-star hotels. Although Manama does not have, what it calls real camping. You have to move towards Bahrain for enjoying the real essence of camping.

You will find endless camping places in Bahrain. The scene of camping sites in Bahrain is quite different. You will get comfortable options for staying like a comfortable bed, toilet, as well as clean washrooms. Make sure that you are planning for a vacation in Manama between December to February. The reason behind this is because you will be to enjoy the nights. If you are an adventure lover, then you would no doubt find enthralling locations for camping in Manama.

How to Get There

Endless ways are there for reaching Manama from any part of the world. As it is one of the capital cities of Bahrain, Manama is quite developed. Yes, you might face issues with getting eco-friendly traveling options, but that does not mean that you cannot have fun. Considering the different ways of reaching Manama, the easiest way of reaching Manama is the flight route. It is one of the hassle-free ways. You can opt for the roadway to reach Manama, but it would only become easy only if you stay near the city or in the surrounding area. There is no such railway route to reach Manama. Let us check out the different ways of reaching Manama.


If you are planning to visit Manama, then one of the best ways is to consider the flight route. You can find some amazing flight deals to get the tickets at a much cheap rate. Make sure that you are booking the tickets beforehand. The nearest airport is Bahrain International Airport, which is situated in Muharraq. It is an island located on the northern tip of Bahrain. Some of the busiest routes from Bahrain Airport include flights from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait, and Doha. You will get flights to Bahrain from almost all the big cities like New York, Bangkok, Mumbai, Cairo, Melbourne, and many more. Another most popular airport near Manama is King Fahd International Airport. It is located almost 53 kilometers away from the main city and is one of the largest airports in the world. Here you will get both domestic as well as international flights.

Bahrain International Airport


The roadway is yet another best route for traveling to Manama. However, you have to keep in mind that if you are staying near to the main city, only then you will find it easy to travel by road. Saudi-Bahraini Transport Company or SABTCO runs almost eight public buses from Dammam via Khobar in Saudi Arabia. The bus runs across King Fahd Causeway to the bus terminal in Central Manama. If you want to avoid the public buses, then you can take the SABTCO’s Bahrain Limo Taxis. The cabs can no doubt take you from the Saudi side for almost BD30. Mostly the toll charges remain included with the taxi and limo prices. If you want, you can also opt for renting cars, only you have an International Driving Permit. If you want to explore Manama, then you can opt for the public taxis. However, it is better if you stay cautious about the fact that the taxis are metered.

A bus in Manama


There are no such train routes in the city; therefore, you have to opt for either the public buses or taxis to reach any places in the city.


Hitchhiking is not very popular in Manama and although if you are visiting this popular city for the first time, then you will have to be careful about the people you are asking for hitchhiking. Not everyone would get ready for giving a ride. Therefore, it is better if you do not expect to get any hitchhiking option while in Manama.


You can travel to other adjacent places in and around Manama through various transport options available. You will come across many local buses as well as e-cars in the city and these are quite a convenient option when it comes to moving around the city. Local buses are one of the best options since they are comparatively cheap than the rent taxis.

Moving Around

Manama is considered one of the oldest cities in Bahrain and if you want to explore the traditions, then it is best if you choose to walk around the city. This would help you to explore every corner of Manama. Apart from that, foot walking would also make sure that you are taking your time in exploring all the small details of the city. As already mentioned, Manama has its own charm and this has something, which makes the city one of the most visited cities by the tourists. Every year thousands of tourists from around the globe come here to indulge in the rich Islamic culture and tradition. Compared to the other cities of Bahrain, Manama still maintains the touch of tradition and culture.


Manama is a huge city and if you decide to walk through the city, at times it might become tiresome for you, especially during the daytime. The reason behind this is that the temperature during the daytime remains quite high. Hence, it is always the best idea to choose the evening time to explore the city evening. Alternatively, if you want to explore the city during the daytime, then make sure that you are choosing the public transport option to avoid the heat. Besides, many places are there in the city that experiences huge crowd and walking in those areas can be tough. Therefore, it is best to opt for commutations instead of walking.


Bicycles are available in plenty; however, it is not a good idea to explore the city riding a bicycle. The reason behind this is that you have to face huge traffic.

Electronic Vehicles

The demand for electronic vehicles is quite high in Bahrain. Although you might not see many people driving e-cars here. As the pollution-level is increasing every day, so the government is coming up with new initiatives every time to boycott petrol-driven cars and buses. Gradually, the city is learning to become more energy-efficient so that the flora and fauna of the city do not vanish soon

Public Bus

Like every other big city, Manama also has many public buses serving in the area. You will get many options if you want to explore the city. While most of the public buses, others are electrically driven buses. The reason behind taking the step of driving electric driven buses is to reduce the pollution rate in the city. Besides, if you want to go on exploring the city, then make sure that you are opting for the public buses, instead of four-wheelers to avoid huge costs.

Tram, Train and Subway

The metro services are still now not present in the city and not even throughout Bahrain. However, the government has passed tender on the first phase of Bahrain and the work for the metro would begin by the next year. As of now, it has been decided that the preliminary design of the metro would be similar to that of the Dubai metro.

Sustainable Shopping

The concept of sustainable shopping is not yet prevalent since only a few stores are there who sell handmade products. There are many markets in the city where you will only get machine-made products from clothes; cutlery items to decoration items are mostly machine-made. Only limited items from the food section are handmade, and if you love to devour the taste of homemade foods such as organic vegetables, jams, then the organic stores would no doubt fulfill your dreams. If you like, the aroma and taste of Arabian spices, then you will get them in plenty in Manama. These are fortunately handmade items and are better than the machine-made manufactured goods. Apart from the food items, you might not get anything else when it comes to handmade goods.

Food Markets

There are many food markets in Manama and if you want to buy something for yourself while going back, then make sure that you are exploring the food markets in Manama. You will get a variety of food items that are a part of the Middle East and Arabian cuisine. Here are some of the markets that you should certainly check out if you are visiting Manama.

  • Acmariya market - It is more of a grocery than a proper food market. The only striking thing that you would get here is some unique food items that you can use for making some delicious Middle Eastern dishes as well as Arabian dishes.
  • Seven days fish - This is one of the most popular fish markets in Manama. Once you visit here, you will find out some of the rare species of fish. From here, many five star restaurants get fish supply. Do not forget to explore this popular market if you are visiting Manama for the first time.
  • Future City Market - Yet another one of the most popular food markets in Manama that you should visit. It is more of the grocery store than a food market and you will find some of the classic food items that you can take home to make delicious dishes.

Flea Markets

A handful of flea markets are there in Manama where you will get some amazing clothing, accessories as well as footwear items at a very reasonable rate. People who look for daily items mostly shop from the flea markets since the price of the items are comparatively cheap. If you want to take some amazing souvenir options, then it is best if you explore the flea markets. You can explore various other flea markets in the surrounding cities if you want to get some more variety. Some of the popular flea markets that you would get in Manama are Second-Hand Market, Jidhafs Market, Aziziyah Flea Market, Traditional ladies market, etc.

Second Hand Stores

Apart from the flea market, you will also come across a few second-hand stores as well. These stores are quite popular among the locals since they sell second-hand items at a much cheaper rate than the original price. Some of the popular thrift stores that you would find in and around Manama are BSPCS Thrift Shop, Arabian Gulf Action, USA Brands, Icon Unique Fashion Store, etc.


Although the trend of eco-fashion is trending these days, you would not find eco-fashion options in the city. Mostly the stores you will find here sell machine-made clothes that are not only fancy but also are quite comfortable to wear. If you want to invest in something that is not overpriced, then it is better to invest in local brands. You will not have to worry about the quality of the local branded clothes since they are equally good in quality just like the normal brands.


As already mentioned, the pollution rate is quite high in the city and as the influx of tourists every year remains high, the pollution level never comes down. Due to this reason, the government took the initiative to recycle old items. Also, many companies in and around the city have started making eco-friendly items so that it becomes easy to recycle.


Even though the population in Manama is not too high or low, but the city does generate heavy waste every year. Keeping it aside, the amount of air, as well as water pollution, is also quite high as well. The government came up with various rules and regulations to stop the pollution. Waste management has become a common step towards the city to keep it clean and free from any kind of hazardous wastes. As thousands of tourists from around the world visit the city; hence, it is important to keep the city clean at all times. With intelligent pollution management propositions by the government, it has become easy to bring pollution under control.

Work and Study Abroad

Coming to the studies as well as the employment opportunities, there are various options in the city. Manama is filled with some of the prestigious institutions in which students from different parts of the country enroll themselves. If you are someone who wants to continue their further studies with some better option, then make sure that you are checking out the numerous colleges and universities here. You can stay here and continue with your progress in your studies.

Coming to employment opportunities, you will get many options too. The city is home to some of the prestigious MNCs. If you are looking forward to settling down here and join any reputed company after finishing with your higher studies, you can do that as well. Based on your eligibility criteria, you would np doubt get good jobs here. If you want, you can switch companies after gathering minimum years of experience. Overall, it can be said that be it further studies or employment, you will always get the opportunity to give wings to your dreams. It is important to understand that gathering experience in every field is of grave importance as it helps in increasing your knowledge as well as your skillset. Along with that, it would also help in getting you a better job as well.

Exchange Student

The biggest advantage of settling down in Manama is the opportunity to study in some of the prestigious institutions. Students from around the world come here every year to continue with their further studies. If you are a scholar student then you will get better opportunities since you can get a scholarship that will help you to continue with your studies in any field you like. No matter which subjects you are good at, the colleges and the universities will always allow you to highlight your excellence in terms of performance as well as the promptness in the class. The faculty of almost every institution is quite impressive and knowledgeable since they can help you to achieve the best possible outcome by giving you all the support and motivation. Some of the renowned institutions that you will get in and around Manama are

  • Delmon University for Science and Technology
  • Arabian Gulf University
  • Ahlia University
  • University of Bahrain

Au Pair

Middle East women always find opportunities to make their own identity; hence, most of the time they stay have to stay out for work. Hence, the trend of Au Pair is quite high in Manama. Women who have small kids at their homes opt for the Au Pair services to look after their kids and take care of them. If you visit Manama, you will find many organizations are there who provide such services. Many agencies are there in Manama who offer the Au Pair service as well. Besides, many ex-pats who come from other countries also get ready to offer such kind of services too. They not only get ready to take care of the kids but also do other household work as well. You can certainly try out for such work since you will be paid for that too.


Already mentioned Manama is a city that has rich culture and history embedded deep inside its heart. Hence, the city holds massive power as well as charisma. If you explore the city, you will notice that the city truly supports the concept of volunteering not just for preserving the history but the culture and heritage as well. Many reputed organizations as well as NGOs support the city in every way to preserve the culture and tradition of the city. Once you visit the city, you will notice the amount of diversity, which the city upholds proudly. The immense beauty and diversity will mesmerize you.

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