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Eco-friendly travel guide to Mecca advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.1 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 2.4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.2 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.1/ 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.6 / 5
  • Safety: 4.3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$13 - $200
  • Budget per day: US$25 - $345

Responsible Travel

Are you a tourist who wants to visit Mecca but as a responsible traveller? If, as a matter of fact, as a travel buff, there are certain duties that you have, despite other good commitments.

• The Al Mashaaer Al Mugaddassah metro line is a metro line in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Claiming to have the highest limit of any metro on the planet, it works 7 days a week and is used as a selective transport train for travelers between heavenly destinations in Mecca, Mount Arafat, Muzdalifah, and Mina to lessen the clogging caused by a large number transport and vehicles during the Hajj. It is modest, accessible, and environmentally friendly.

• Mecca has a public transport organization and exclusive minibusses. Instead of owning a private vehicle, use a means of public transport or minibus that runs along with courses that run to the Grand Mosque. Public transport is economical, widely used and goes anywhere in the city, but commuting and waiting times can be significant.

• The territory around Al Masjid Al Haram is deeply traversable for individuals with normal level versatility. For most travelers and residents, walking to and from the Grand Mosque is the most viable choice. It reserves money in the same way that it ends up being valuable to nature since no contamination is being delivered.

• As of November 2010, the high-speed train can move 130,000 travelers between the blessed destinations, which will help decrease the number of vehicles on the streets and make hajj travel more environmentally friendly and less expensive.

• The city is home to some Dhabas and food outlets that are also modest, as it tends to be your motivation to add to the nearby business stores. These locations are packed 24 × 7 and are celebrated for their modest and tasty cooking styles.

• Try to visit the neighborhood hut developments in Mecca to buy reasonable but extraordinary quality items. There are many shopping centers with nearby and international brands in Mecca! You need to buy the fragrance oils known as Attars from many notable aromatic brands in Arabia. Other than that, you can discover nearby stores anywhere in the city where you can buy prayer rugs, Islamic caps, Abaya, Thawbs, and more!

• After supporting against the dry climate in Mecca, try to visit places and green spaces that function as a desert garden that buzzes with life and sparkling green and blue shining under the cruel sun. Besides, you have the option to climb the mountains of Mecca and therefore generally have a chance to gather natural strength.

Air Quality and Pollution

One of the main factors that play an exceptionally crucial role in choosing whether you need to live or visit it as a traveler is the quality of the air, as well as the contamination of the city. Every year in Saudi Arabia, current circumstances increase during Hajj, the Holy Pilgrimage of Islam that attracts a large number of explorers to Mecca. An underlying investigation of air quality in Mecca and covering celestial destinations during Hajj 2012 (October 24-27) revealed emphatically high levels of ignition marker carbon monoxide (CO, up to 57 ppmv) and unpredictable natural mixtures (VOCs) ) along the course Claro, particularly in the passages of Mecca - which are a concern for human well-being. Therefore, when organizing an excursion, think about the state of well-being, age, purpose, duration of the tour, and season to alleviate the impacts of air contamination.

When a dusty desert city, Mecca, in what is now Saudi Arabia, is now the true Mecca for Muslims. In addition to being the prominent travel location for Muslims worldwide, it is the social capital of the Islamic world and a genuine mix of Muslims in general. The busiest month for the travel industry in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in January, was second to November and December. Accommodation and flight costs are generally high during these months, but you can save money if you buy well in advance. Travelers are unlikely to visit Mecca in August. Anyone willing to visit you on these occasions will probably find it the most economical month.

Respect the Culture

Mecca's way of life was influenced by the large number of explorers who appear every year and, therefore, boasts a rich social legacy. Because of the huge number of travelers who come to the city every year, Mecca has by far obtained the most varied city in the Muslim world.

Mecca is densely populated. Throughout the year, the pioneers arrive in the city to stage the 'Umrah ceremonies and during the most recent long periods of the 11th Islamic month. Explorers come from new identities and foundations, essentially from South and Southeast Asia, Europe, and Africa. A significant number of these travelers remained and became occupants of the city. The official language of Saudi Arabia is Arabic. The primary territorial language of the province of Mecca spoken by the Saudis is Arabic Hejazi, with a minority of speakers of Arabic Najdi in the eastern parts of the locality. The huge networks of exiles also communicate in their dialects, the most diverse of which are part of the Indian, Filipino / Tagalog, Bengali, and Urdu dialects.

Sunni Islam from the Hanbali school of Islamic status is the predominant religion in general in the country, with more modest amounts of Hanafis, Shafi's, and Malikis. A minority of Shiite Muslims live within the region, with much more modest numbers of Hindus, Christians, and other restricted meetings, the vast majority of whom are ostracized from India and the Philippines, who mostly live in Jeddah. Some several occasions and celebrations rejuvenate Mecca. A part of the significant celebrations incorporated is Ramadan, Eid ul-Fitr, Hajj, Eid ul-Adha, and the Islamic New Year.

There are countless types of food from around the world accessible in Mecca, from Arab food from the Middle East to food from Southeast Asia. There are also low-cost American food chains, such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and Dunkin Donuts. No type of pork, ham, or any piece of pork is served in Saudi Arabia as a taboo under Islamic law.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Enjoy your deep Mecca tour with side trips and journeys. Remember the means of the Messenger of Allah or investigate the objections that broaden your understanding of Islam. With a meeting or alone, regardless of whether you have an extra hour or a whole day in the Kingdom, find everything to find in Mecca and its many exceptional locations.

• JANNAT AL MU'ALLA - Not far from the Grand Mosque is the second most well-known cemetery in the Islamic world. Jannat Al Mu'alla is the place where a significant number of the Prophet's precursors (PECE) are covered, mainly his mother (Aminah), grandfather (Abdul Muttalib), and first wife (Khadijah). This old-fashioned place of detention was considered even before Mohamed (PECE) was conceived, and remains so today. A long white partition surrounds the site. As there could not be, at this point, any distinctive evidence markers, the vast majority offer their appreciation to the entire area. The cemetery is open all year and there are no confirmation costs.

• JABAL AL NOUR - Called "Pile of Light" or "Slope of Illumination", Jabal Al Nour is popular for his cave Hira, where the Prophet Muhammad (PECE) obtained the first of his numerous revelations. This rugged pinnacle is obvious from a few miles away. Its importance in Islamic history, alongside taking perspectives of Mecca and the Holy Mosque from its highest point, make Jabal Al Nour an important place for explorers. Make sure to bring a lot of water and, if you go up when it's dark, an electric lamp.

• THE MUSEUM OF ARCHITECTURE - At the northwest end of Mecca, you will discover a historic center dedicated to the treasures of two of Islam's most sacred mosques. Find out how Al Masjid Al Haram (Holy Mosque) in Mecca and Al-Masjid A Nabawi (Prophet's Mosque) in Medina were changed over the long run. See curiosities that incorporate a flight of Kaaba teak stairs, carved in 1825, and the entrance to an Ottoman platform, a relic of the Prophet's Mosque that dates from 1590.

• TAIF - Nestled high in the Al Sarawat Mountains, east of Mecca, Taif (additionally composed as Ta'if) is a verdant city overflowing with green grass, rich trees, and blooming flowers. Fresh spring rains and dry, mild summers help make Taif a prime target for both unknown guests and Saudis - including the illustrious family. This hotel city has some welcoming attractions. Visit the rose fields of Taif, which produce stunning water and rose oil. Parks and nature reserves are ideal for hiking, picnicking, and seeing wildlife.

• JABAL THAWR - Jabal Thawr is one of the mountains that surround the valley where Mecca is located. It was inside a cave here that the Prophet (PECE) and his friend Abu Bakr (RA) covered for three days of the Quraish clan. To protect the two men, Allah (SWT) made a creepy and creepy web in the passage of the cave, preventing his opponents from seeing the interior and discovering them. Since then, Thawr Cave has come to represent trust and expectation.

• GREAT MECA MECHANISM - MASJID AL-HARAM-Have you ever heard the expression 'city that will not rest'? This is the place. The place that will never rest. Certainly, supplication is more prominent than rest. The Grand Mosque - Masjid Al-Haram is undoubtedly the most sacred and consecrated place on the planet, as several Muslims around the globe come here to undertake journeys like Hajj and Umrah, as a show of love and obedience to Allah (God). Ka'aba herself is a MIRACLE! Going there to look at the dark stone with your own special eyes is a different inclination - the best inclination. • MECCA MALL - It is an incredible shopping center today, in the area of masjid al-haram, with numerous sources for shopping and parties. It is an incredible mall with several accessible brands. The best thing is an impressive children's area for young people to play and enjoy while their parents do the shopping and have lunch at many marked food restaurants accessible in the food court as opposed to the leisure area.

• TORRE DO RELÓGIO MUSEUM - The exhibition hall surrounds the four main floors of the check tower in Mecca. One of the floors is dedicated to the sun and the moon; another for time estimation and the third for the monster clock itself, while the fourth is a gallery where visitors can enjoy a comprehensive view of the Grand Mosque. The historic center intended to take visitors on a visit to the universe, which will reveal to them how individuals measured time in the past. They used the sun, the moon, and the world for reason.

• IBRAHIM STATION - Located near the north side of Holy Kaaba, this is a stone that was used by the Prophet Ibrahim during the construction of Holy Kaaba. The stone transmits the engravings of his feet and is housed in a glass nook. This place has strictly tremendous importance as a pioneer must offer supplication (salaat) behind it after finishing Tawaaf. During busy times, it is difficult to have the opportunity to get close to the rock.

• TOWERS ABRAJ AL-BAIT - It is the most notable structure before Masjidil Haram, with several accommodations surrounding the pinnacle, and a shopping center where you can buy trinkets after making Umrah or Hajj, the view from the top is beautiful and there is a gallery that you can visit. You need to prepare a little rial in the chance that you need to go up, charge your camera to get the delicious Kabah.


Mecca is a holy city in Islam and is illegal for non-Muslims. It is probably also the most luxurious social area in the world to visit for its remarkable history and nearby practices, as well as its stunning geology.

The quiet tranquility, the scene of parties, shopping, and countless audacious opportunities in the city are many of the reasons why people visit Mecca. Here are some acclaimed places.

City Parks

• AL-RUDAF PARK - This is the best park in Taif. It opened several years ago and I am sure it will improve over time. There are a ton of coffees to look at and countless more modest sources of hot drinks. snacks and so on You can spend 3-4 hours here, as it is a lovely place for family moments and picnics. They also have a nice water fountain that takes a look at dusk. I would suggest a visit in case you haven’t gone yet.

• AL-ANOUD PARK - A recreation center is a pleasant place for families, but also couples. It is perfect and has plenty of space to sit. The individuals are decent and it is a protected place. Close to the grocery store and very stopping place when you arrive not too late. They have numerous swings that will keep children busy and some pleasant green areas for relaxing or picnicking.

• AL FAISALIAH GARDEN - Many areas of hidden places, however, bring a cover and prepare to be admired if you are not around, despite discovering many accommodations from other family gatherings. You must show up earlier than expected to get a decent spot, especially at the end of the week and on special occasions.

National Parks

• AL KHARRARAH NATIONAL PARK - If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of Riyadh, Al Kharrarah National Park, situated on the edge of the city, should be first on your list. A mix of irregular stone developments and clean sand ridges, the recreation center is the absolute opposite of cutting-edge urban life: wandering and standing still. The desert valley is also home to one of the most dynamite regular gems in Saudi Arabia: the lovely Lake Kharrarah also called the 'Well of Liquid Light'. The moment the climate warms up and the water dissipates, the valley maintains its magnificence and appeal, transforming itself into a rich green field that attracts a variety of birds and natural life. The lakeside is the ideal place to stroll, grill, or watch the sunset over the water, protected by acacia trees.

• This park is magnificent to see Arab culture as they fully appreciate it, old-fashioned Arab and has attractive game structures. 61 types of birds were seen here. The recreational center will be located in the northeastern region of the city of Taif. The recreational center is recognized by the tall trees. Inside the recreational center, there are countless wonderful green spaces that you can explore to invest a little energy in a family outing in the middle of pleasant nature. Your kids can invest a little energy in the jungle gyms at the recreation center and recently added soccer fields


• SILVER SAND BEACH - Silver Sands is perhaps the best coastline around. In any case, it is a private sea coast, so not everyone can reach the sea coast. The sand is white and smooth, the coastline is exceptionally perfect. Children love this place very much and you would certainly return every time you are in Jeddah. You have the opportunity to swim in a bathing suit and play with the kids at the edge of the sea it is so brilliant. A small, small-scale excursion at the end of the week. The changing rooms are immaculate and you will be very intrigued by the showers.


• SAFA MARWA - Safa Marwa are the two terrified mountains near Bait Ullah in Haram Sharif of Mecca. walking and running between these two foci is the significant mainstay of the Umrah and Hajj ceremonies. These mountains analyze the historical scenery of Ismail A.S. also, his mother. The place is very ventilated and abundant to drink zam. Also, if someone needs wheelchair management, instead of paying them a hefty amount, they can get a free wheelchair from outside. Reauthorization of a recorded episode ever; the king is to be commended for the astonishing consideration of travelers.

• BLACK STONE - Pedra Negra, al-Ḥajaru al-Aswad, "Pedra Negra") is a stone inserted in the eastern corner of the Kaaba, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is loved by Muslims as an Islamic relic that, as indicated by Muslim custom, dates back to the hour of Adam and Eve. The Black Stone was initially a solitary piece of rock. It is surrounded by a silvery border that is fixed by silver nails on the external partition of the Kaaba. Clean gently by the hands of explorers. Islamic custom claims that it has fallen from paradise. Muslim travelers surround Kaaba as part of the tawaf custom during the hajj and many try to pause and kiss the Black Stone, imitating the kiss that Islamic practice records that they received from Muhammad. [SAW] Muslims don't love the Black Stone. It is a part of umrah and, even more significantly, it has incredible importance in the entire existence of human development and the world.

• MONTE ARAFAT - Mount Arafat, also known by its Arabic name Jabal Arafat, and by its other Arabic name, Jabal ar-Rahmah, is a granodiorite slope about 20 km southeast of Mecca, in the province of Mecca in Arabia Saudi. The mountain is about 70 m high. Muslim travelers are guaranteed a visit to Mount Arafat, known as the "Mount of Mercy" in Mecca, before starting Hajj authority ceremonies. Usually, they take pictures and buy souvenirs, due to the strict and verifiable meaning of the website. It is a significant site in Islam because, during Hajj, the explorers spend the night there on the 10th of Dhu al-Hijjah. The impossibility of being available on the Arafat plain on a necessary day cancels the trip.


• AL TAYEBAT INTERNATIONAL CITY - This is an amazing exhibition hall - it is a maze of several rooms that cover Saudi history, design, internal improvements, Islamic crafts from Saudi Arabia and other Islamic nations, and so on. out and perfect and just astonishing concerning the volume of a substance. The staff is exquisite and exceptionally comfortable. The exterior of the historic center is intriguing in itself. You will be impressed by the 4 remarkable stories of curiosity against the historical backdrop of the way of life and the area. The amount of priceless books and ceramics that go back many years is surprising and a great record of the various areas of the KSA. It may take a few hours with the chance that you will have them look through the many venues.

• SHARIF MUSEUM - A jewel in the historic center. Try not to anticipate that muffled exhibits and information should be examined, but considering all things, this is a variety of everything from living in an Arab house packed in a progression of rooms that are embellished like nearby houses. It is splendid and you should be on the lookout for the chance to lose a small pearl. A splendid part of the historic center is the beneficial experience of the Arab road.

• DARAT SAFEYA BIZAGR-The owner is deeply taught, there is always an instructive meeting for expressions, this place has beautiful works of art that portray Saudi societies. I strongly suggest visiting this place. This display is witchcraft - and the artisan and owner are similar to witchcraft - the fine arts clarify well the historical background of individuals in Saudi Arabia - the fashion shows are just adorable - well worth a visit.


Looking for a quiet place to relax and enjoy a banquet with your loved ones? Mecca is not only known for its sacred sites. Besides, it is celebrated for heavenly food. It doesn't matter if you want to find rarities in the neighborhood like mandi (meat and rice 'dewy') or eat the most appreciated homemade dishes, the city's gastronomic scene will certainly please all preferences. During your visit, enjoy the opportunity to experience a universe of flavors.

Traditional Local Restaurants

• AL MAJLIS - At Raffles Mecca Palace, enjoy sophisticated food with real dishes from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, and Greece. For stunning views of the Kaaba, make the most of your supper on the patio. The conventional Arab lounge area located on the 31st floor serves espresso, tea, drinks, and traditional cakes, an ideal place for loved ones' social occasions, paper, reading, WiFi association and this is just the beginning.

• AL RUWAD - Savor personalized management at a foundation that accommodates more than 2,000 coffee shops. This traditional Arabic restaurant at Swissôtel Mecca is one of the largest restaurants in the world. Al Ruwad brings together the absolute best in the conventional Arab neighborhood, ensuring that the comfort of each snack bar is served. This is no small feat: Al Ruwad is probably the largest restaurant on the planet, with a limit of more than 2,000 individuals. Al Ruwad is, without a doubt, the restaurant that can guarantee a legitimate place as an essential guardian for a large number of devotees, coming to heed the call of their Lord.

Vegetarian and Vegan

• GINGER SHEET - This restaurant is located at the Hilton, on the lower level of the corridor. Quiet cafe with friendly and attentive help. Large menu, difficult to navigate. The food is incredible and pleasantly introduced. Generally speaking, you will have an amazing involvement at a reasonable cost. A great incentive for your money.

• The Oasis restaurant is located at the Jabal Omar Hyatt Regency Mecca, floor M. The service, staff, and food are extraordinary and of superior quality. The morning meal is incredible. Breakfast at the Jabal Omar hotel is a class above the rest and the Hyatt Regency's The Oasis is truly remarkable, if not the best in Mecca that I have tried so far. The number of dishes on offer may not be varied, but they are excellent. The virus cuts incorporate smoked salmon and hamburger cuts on top of the typical bologna. The cafe is also not closed with smoked salmon. Once reduced to the last pair of pieces, another dish came. Oasis additionally offers the determination of quality foods like frozen yogurts in different flavors with genuine natural products. At hot dinners, there was steamed fish on which my significant other was becoming melodious. The juices incorporate Jallab! Extraordinary for breakfast buffets. To keep children involved, there is a small covered jungle gym for young people.

Street Food

There could be no better method of capturing this type of city than by using its food on the roads. A part of the popular road food sources is found at:

• EMAD BAKERY - Highly suggestive, this bakery has new food, friendly staff, and the nature of the food and administration is extraordinary. Emad Bakeries is an innovative company in the preparation business. Known for its driving image, inventive items, news, and quality. In the event you are hungry for portions of bread, this shop is for you!

• RUA AL MASJID AL HARAM - Buy tasty shawarma and falafel wraps or a package of freshly toasted samosas for a simple SR2 at these 24-hour minimum food stalls that sell the best modest foods anywhere near Al Masjid Al Haram. From kababs to parathas, everything is just heavenly.


The best cafes around the Kabaa are inside the high-end hotels. Away from the center, few cafe options are found, with the likes of trendy Abak Kahva a rare exception.


Zamzam Sacred water from the Zamzam source in Masjid al-Haram accepted to be supernaturally honored is appreciated among the pioneers of Mecca. Zamzam Water improves the energy levels in our cells. Zamzam Water does not contain germs or microbes. Although the benefits of Hajj and Umrah are endless on a strict and individual level, your visit to Zamzam is likely to end up being one of the characteristics of your experience.

Organic Cafés

• CAFFE CONCERTO - If you are at the Mall of Arabia in Jeddah, stop by Café Concerto and make the most of your English breakfast. Coffee is acceptable, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The style is wonderful. You will track the surface of the beige and dark marble floor, a finished wooden bar protecting a partition wrapped in a shiny glass of every shape and size. A fit and sidewalk team will show you a table in the corner, the huge windows acting like glass partitions, making it an incredible place to people watch. Gemstone crystal fixtures will drip pearls that benefit from intelligent light from the high roof, the overall impact incredibly spectacular and practically high.

• CREPE CAFÉ - Excellent place to invest energy with your family or companions and appreciate the weekend and make the most of your espresso and crepe. Treat yourself to one of our delicious freshly made crepes, delegated with a variety of delicious ingredients, from a new organic product to a bar of luscious chocolate.


Since it is an Islamic city, there are no breweries in Mecca.


If you are taking a trip to Mecca for Hajj or Umrah, you will need to visit a part of the city's most significant attractions and extraordinary activities in Mecca. There are also several other fascinating places to investigate and things to see, so be sure to plan another day or two to investigate the rest of the city. From climbing, visiting the galleries, spending quiet moments on the seafront to enjoying the exercises at the recreational center, you will never feel exhausted!

Yoga and Retreats

The art of rehearsing yoga helps to control a person's brain and body. Likewise, it helps to expand adaptability, muscle strength, and body tone. After a busy and furious schedule, individuals should find out how to restore themselves, and doing yoga is probably the best strategy for adapting to stretching. Yoga educators usually teach in some areas and have, where possible, plans for progress. One of the famous yoga instructors in Mecca is AMANY ISMAIL.


There are many suitable places to live in Mecca anyway, at present. It incorporates the best accommodations, extravagant inns, resorts, or cottages. The places of stay are modest, pleasant as well as protected.

Green Hotels



Hostels and Guest Houses

Some groups regularly consider the genuine contrast between accommodation and visitor homes. To give an unmistakable idea, an inn is a small, private house that is rented regularly, and the other inns in Mecca consist of about 4 to 10 rooms. The hostels are seen as larger when compared to the guest houses. Celebrities with better accommodation are listed below.







The normal cost of each night for a condo in Mecca this weekend is $ 55, depending on your commitments. .For explorers who value their own space at the end of the day, a loft or level is the ideal home away from home. Equipped rooms and kitchen offices give meetings and families the adaptability to enjoy personal time independently or plan the next day's exercises during a regular dinner. Often accessible for short and long trips. A part of the famous lofts in Mecca are:





Couchsurfing is a travel community with millions of members worldwide and is the best way to experience Mecca like a local. Reach out to over hosts in Mecca to discover unique places to stay and locals to stay with. Use Couchsurfing to find accommodation in Mecca, meet up with locals and travelers, and more.


In case you ever want to watch the stars under a night sky or jump over moving schools, at that point an excursion to the desert scenes on the edges of Mecca should be on your movement list. The mixture of extraordinary outcrops of hills and the tremendous isolation of the sands attracts travelers, all being equal, quick to test this generally reminiscent and immortal piece of Arabia.

How to Get There

Non-Muslims are carefully prevented from entering Mecca. Unless you are public in Saudi Arabia or neighboring countries of the GCC, everyone needs a visa to enter Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia's discretionary missions issue extraordinary visas to those traveling to Mecca, whether Hajj or Umrah. Hajj visas are assigned in a sharing structure, according to the number of Muslims in a country. There are a few different ways to get there:


Lord Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah is the gateway to Mecca. All local carriers serve the air terminal consistently. A similar air terminal can be used when you come to Umrah. The Hajj Terminal at King Abdulaziz International Airport is used distinctly during the Hajj season and is generally served by contract flights organized by commercial territorial carriers, even though there are also some reserved administrations.

Another alternative is the Ta'if Regional Airport in Taif, which can also be used to reach Mecca; in any case, some aircraft work here, especially those from neighboring Gulf nations.


SAPTCO directs administrations to Mecca across the country, although the majority of travelers who come to the Umrah or Hajj appear in Jeddah's secretly sanctioned vehicles or vehicles. There are two terminals: the main terminal on the outer limits of the city is available to everyone, but the city center terminal in Haram al-Sharif, used mainly for transport to Jeddah, is restricted to Muslims, so to speak


Haramain's new high-speed rail route links Mecca with Medina through King Abdulaziz International Airport, King Abdullah Economic City, and Jeddah, eight times a day. The administration is expected to expand to 12 daily departures in 2019. Jeddah travel time is less than 30 minutes, while the entire Medina tour will take just two hours. The Mecca train station is located along the third ring road, close to Rusaiyfah.


Saudi warmth is brilliant (in case you are not from India, Pakistan, Sudan, or any other group of defenseless nations that you consider slave labor today). Saudis have a warm heart and are quick to eliminate mistakes about their general public. You will regularly receive bread, food, tea, soft drinks ... especially on limited occasions. A desert excursion or a Saudi wedding is a precious social occasion. You can have a truck or vehicle handy when you need it.


There is a phenomenal multi-lane road from Jeddah called Highway # 40. The distance is about 100 km and the tour takes 60 minutes. During Hajj’s journey season, he gets stuck in transportation laden with travelers. At some other time, traffic is very light for the size of the street. Neighborhood transport, taxis, and miniature transport are widely accessible in Mecca and are reasonably priced. The 18 km Al Mashaaer Al Mugaddassah metro opened in November 2010.

Moving Around

During Hajj's journey season, the streets and places are packed with people. You can see the transports loaded with guests. At some other time, traffic is incredibly light for the size of the street.


The area around Al Masjid Al Haram is exceptionally accessible for people with normal level portability. For most travelers and residents, walking to and from the Grand Mosque is the most pragmatic choice. During Hajj, Ramadan, and Friday's petitions, the area near the doors is regularly blocked or closed to vehicle traffic.


People can use the bicycle to get around the city, as it is useful for moving quickly and efficiently. Not everyone can manage the cost of a motorcycle or vehicle, so people travel by bicycle. Cycling is also a decent exercise and, besides, it renews the brain. You can ride a bicycle, but in some territories, it tends to be difficult to ride a bicycle, as the city has rough terrain with crashes.

Electronic Vehicles

The General Presidency for the Grand Mosque and the Mosque of the Prophet ventures introduced new electric vehicles designed to encourage the transport of the elderly and their circumnavigation through the sacred site. The vehicles were distributed to serve older guests to encourage strict customs. Vehicles can carry up to six people and will be accessible for use 24 hours a day. The vehicles are observing the main details and principles. They come very close to the formative tasks of the heavenly place, which plans to coordinate the latest innovation in all fields to serve explorers.

Public Bus

Mecca has an organization of public transport and exclusive minibusses. They work along with courses that go to and from the Grand Mosque. Public transport is cheap, generally used and goes anywhere in the city, but travel and waiting times can be impressive. Charges for minibusses are also reasonable, but courses are restricted to the territories around Al-Haram, such as Aziziyah and Tasneem.

Tram, Train and Subway

At the moment, the only metro situation in Mecca is the Mashaer Railway. Called the Hajj Metro, it works only during the Hajj season, with nine stations and kilometers of trails that interface with the travel locations of Arafat, Mina, and Muzdalifah.

Sustainable Shopping

The roads of Mecca are full of small shops and markets that sell a wide variety of things, from food and clothing to entanglement entanglements and duplicates of the Qur'an. These slowdowns can be extremely fascinating from a social point of view and modest if you are acceptable to negotiate.

Food Markets

A food market is a pedestrianized area for restaurants and bistros. Likewise, you can visit the food market in Mecca to taste the most delicious dishes in the region that are available here. In a perfect world, this should be done after the visit to Mecca is over, so that regardless of whether the tasty and tasty food causes an upset stomach, which would be great, you can, in any case, be assured that your petitions were forwarded.

Flea Markets

GABEL STREET SOUQ-The clamorous Balad shopping center incorporates this specific market that sells hardware, aromas, flavors, dates, nectar, and products for the family. Remember to get at least one gift bottle with a nice fragrance oil like Warda Malaki (Rosa) and beautiful Hejazi territorial robes, Indonesian clothes, nearby you can discover African wax material.

Second Hand Stores

Mecca is a metropolitan city, so there are several second markets here that sell all sorts of recycled things, including clothing, clothes, books, electronics, especially household items and vehicles.



• Used car spare parts souk from Mecca


The Saudi Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs is preparing for the Hajj season, considering cleanliness and public administrations properly, while caring for millions of pioneers from around the planet. The service is using the latest advances in this field, providing compact sewage compartments that accommodate the environment and that work with energy-oriented to the sun in all places frequented by pioneers, especially in populated areas where energy is not accessible.


Green hajj flourishes in Mecca, with the reuse of plastic and the isolation of waste. The holy city begins activity to diminish the natural impression of hajj, one of the largest annual social events in the world.


Mamiya camp in Mina, near the celestial city, is covered by shaded-coded barrels - dark for natural waste and blue for pots and plastics for reuse. The activity needs to reduce the environmental impression of hajj, one of the biggest annual social occasions in the world. More than 42,000 tonnes of waste are delivered during the trip to the holiest places in Islam, according to Mohammed al-Saati, head of sterilization in the Mecca district. Organized waste collected at travel destinations will be offered to organizations that deal with reuse.

Work and Study Abroad

Saudi Arabia's way of life welcomes you to an enchanting and enlightening experience of research abroad. There you can discover summer, semester, and year projects. You can, in the same way, discover incredible freedoms to replace or invest abroad in Saudi Arabia. Regardless of your determination, you can enjoy an experience of daily enhancement of existence. You can get school credit, improve your curriculum, increase your attention around the world, and participate in a social opportunity that shouldn't be overlooked.

Exchange Student

As home to Mecca and Medina and an Arab-speaking country, Saudi Arabia is an incredible choice for novice students who need to take courses in Islam or Arabic studies. Mecca is extraordinary for understudies who love history and need to find a mix of ancient and current practices.

Au Pair

A housekeeper who lives as a maid is a partner of an unknown nation who works for a receiving family and lives as part of it. Regularly, au sets take on part of the family's obligations concerning child care, as well as some household chores, and receive financial aid for individual use. Numerous freedoms are available for Au pair in Mecca


Contributing implies an individual who deliberately tries or communicates the ability to embrace assistance. Vacancies are currently accessible to specialists, volunteers, medical caregivers, specialists, and specialists in medical services in Mecca to assist the Hajjis (explorers) for Hajj and Umrah. There are many chips at the crusades in Mecca.

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