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Eco-friendly travel guide to Newcastle upon Tyne advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom.

View of Newcastle upon Tyne

  • Air quality: 4.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.5 / 5
  • Parks: 4.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.8 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.8 / 5
  • Safety: 4.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$113 - US$150
  • Budget per day: US$144 - $200

Responsible Travel

Newcastle upon Tyne is a lively city that joins hitting engineering with captivating exhibition halls, sports energy and humming nightlife. Newcastle sits on the north banks of the River Tyne, where its inhabitants, nicknamed Geordies, are notable for their gregarious soul.

Investigate Newcastle's particular neighbourhoods serenely by walking. A decent spot to begin is Grainger Town, the memorable downtown area fixed with agile old-style engineering. Significant attractions incorporate Gray's Monument, the Central Arcade and Grainger Market, all situated here. Walk around rich Gray Street to discover bars, cafés, shops and the Theatre Royal. Newcastle is an energetic and assorted city, known for its nightlife, craftsmanship, music and sports. Smaller, alluring and well disposed, it is one of England's centre urban areas and is a focal point of culture, design and business. Newcastle is a beginning stage for voyages through the Northumberland coast and Hadrian's Wall. The town is additionally home to the Geordie culture, with a rich legacy of people music and dance and its own lingo.

Locals of Newcastle Upon Tyne talk with a Geordie complement. A delicately spoken and moderate complement. It is straightforward, anyway Geordie resembles a little small-scale language and there are various words for things that go amiss from standard English. The following are a couple of words or expressions that could assist you with understanding Geordie somewhat better.

Air Quality and Pollution

Having clean air to inhale ensures our prosperity and keeps individuals solid. Poisons noticeable all around come basically from human exercises like industry, consuming fuel, street traffic and building warming. Some additionally come from common sources like the ocean, wind-blown residue and decaying natural matter. Air contamination affects everybody living and working in the city. Be that as it may, it is the weakest individuals like kids, more seasoned individuals and those with heart and respiratory conditions who will encounter the impacts most. Individuals living close to occupied streets are presented to more significant levels of street traffic contamination.

Parameters recorded for Air quality are as follows.

PM2.5 - 14 µg/m³ PM10 - 14.5 µg/m³ Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) - 39.5 µg/m³.

Respect the Culture

Newcastle has changed itself into a main social objective, prestigious for being the business and social centre point of the North East.

Culture has assumed a vital part in assisting our city with developing, in worth and notoriety, close by contributing towards the progressing accomplishments of our financial turn of events, general wellbeing, personal satisfaction and incorporation desire.

The city has top notch theatres, historical centres, energetic expressions and amusement scenes and the best background for elite Festivals, Events and Markets.

The city keeps on working intimately with key accomplices across the city to encourage interest in inventive movement by the individuals who might somehow have no admittance to it, through its Arts Development and Arts Connect programs.

With an enormous and energetic social area accepting numerous fine arts and associations, in both the financed and business areas, Newcastle upon Tyne city accepts that every one of its inhabitants are significant.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Newcastle-upon-Tyne is, in both a financially advanced city just as strong as with social sense, the capital of the upper east of England. This mechanical city remains on the River Tyne, with its middle having numerous important Victorian structures and roads, just as three huge retail outlets. It's additionally famous for its many fascinating galleries and diversion offices, including the esteemed Theatre Royal and City Hall, a mainstream setting for rock and pop shows. The following are a portion of the spots you can't miss on the off chance that you are visiting the City.

  • Gateshead & the Millennium Bridge
  • Jesmond Dene
  • aing Art Gallery
  • Intu Eldon Square
  • Grainger Town and Grey's Monument
  • The Old City Chares
  • Newcastle Cathedral
  • Newcastle Castle
  • Historic Quayside
  • The Tyne Bridges
Gateshead & the Millennium Bridge


Newcastle is one of those urban areas that merits visiting once. A significant part of the downtown area dates from the 1830s and has delightfully safeguarded roads and structures - particularly the assortment of roads around the Gray Monument.

Newcastle has a flourishing expressions scene, where innovative pursuits are energized and creative energy is commended. It is a spot with a long history of human settlement extending back a long time. With a glad legacy, Newcastle is varied and one of a kind. Newcastle's parks have a broad selection of offices and administrations so you can appreciate a large group of sporting exercises. They incorporate jungle gyms, grill, and cookout territories also off-rope regions for your do.

With bunches of forthcoming occasions, school occasion projects, strolling and cycling tracks and other extraordinary activities in Newcastle, your get-away may become an important one with the best exploration.

City Parks

A visit to the recreation center or a park will assist you with getting air, renew and restore you. Natural air is important for our body to work appropriately. Whatever the idea of your work, you'll need to spend at any rate a couple of moments out in the open each day, and visiting the recreation center or a park is the most ideal approach to accomplish that.

Here are some parks you cannot miss when you are at Newcastle upon Tyne.

  • Paddy’s Freeman Park
  • Tyne Riverside Country Park
  • Weetslade Country Park
  • Nuns Moor Park
  • Ouseburn Park
  • Exhibition Park
  • Richardson Dees Park
  • Leazes Park
Paddy’s Freeman Park

National Parks

National park, a region put aside by a public government for the protection of the indigenous habitat. A public park might be saved for reasons for public diversion and pleasure or in view of its recorded or logical interest.

The primary capacity of public parks is the assurance of uncommon biological systems and the protection of biodiversity. Nature should be permitted to grow unreservedly and human impact should vanish. National parks likewise have training and data work.

  • Roker park
  • Hauxley Nature Reserve
  • High Force Waterfall
  • Chillingham Wild Cattle Park
  • Aysgarth Falls
Hauxley Nature Reserve


The blend of daylight and the loosening up climate of the sea shore can straightforwardly influence our dispositions. Daylight itself has been appeared to make us more joyful, while the association with nature likewise positively affects those experiencing misery and uneasiness.

Significant degrees of minerals like magnesium, iodine and potassium are found in ocean water, all of which assist battle with offing contamination, help the body in recuperating and detoxifying and give restorative impacts. The medical advantages of sea air additionally detoxify the body by filling your lungs with adversely charged particles that support your invulnerable framework. Swimming in ocean water additionally unclogs pores in the skin and takes into consideration the ejection of poisons from the body. Another advantage of ocean water incorporates upgraded dissemination. Ocean water re-establishes fundamental minerals that have been drained by terrible eating routine, stress and natural poisons.

While at Newcastle upon Tyne do visit the beaches as stated below.

  • King Edwards Bay
  • Marsden Beach
  • Roker (Whitburn South) Beach
  • Cullercoats Beach
  • Seaburn Beach
  • Whitley Bay
Marsden Beach


Milestones fill in as markers for the two travellers and local people. They are frequently settled dependent on changelessness, striking quality and importance; and as a rule serve to feature the two spots of authentic and navigational importance locally. Tourist spots, by their unadulterated presence, structure conditions. They structure psychological anchors, markers, or reference focuses for direction, wayfinding and correspondence. They show up in our representations, in depictions of meeting focuses or courses, and as the wonderful objects of a climate in vacationer leaflets

Below are some landmarks which you cannot miss

  • Blackfriars
  • Tyne Bridge
  • Blue Carpet
  • Black Gate
  • Bessie Surtees House
  • Hadrian's Wall
  • Tynemouth Castle And Priory
  • New Castle
  • Grey's Monument
  • Angel Of The North
  • Gateshead Millennium Bridge


Museums are important social assets and can add to social the travel industry as attractions, on the grounds that are themselves legacy resources. Hence their contribution to the improvement in the field of social the travel industry is unquestionably substantial. Likewise, museums and locales add to the more extensive work impact of social legacy. While at Newcastle Upon Tyne, do visit the accompanying museums.

  • Locomotion
  • Hexham Abbey
  • Hexham Old Goal
  • Woodhorn Museums
  • Oriental museums
  • Durham Museum and Heritage Centre
  • National Glass Centre
  • South Shields and Art Gallery


The present traveller is better educated, more refined, very much voyaged and searching for new food encounters. Food offers a passage into different societies, through taste, through food planning and the entire eating climate. Food and drink give enduring recollections that characterize an occasion or travel insight. Newcastle Upon Tyne offers a large variety of food as per every budget and choice. The food culture of the city being rich, the city has a lot more to offer to the tourists.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Traditional foods are supplement rich and have a long history of supporting wellbeing and health. Likewise, traditional fixings and natural ingredients really can support the wellbeing, restorative, and nutraceutical estimations of traditional foods, which has been all around recorded in numerous nations. If you wish to find out the reason behind the wellbeing of people at Newcastle Upon Tyne, refer to the below local restaurants.

  • The Broad Chare
  • Redhouse
  • Blackfriars
  • Quay Ingredient

Vegetarian and Vegan

The city definitely doesn’t upset the vegetarians and vegans. Here are some restaurants.


  • Snackwallah
  • Pizza Punks
  • Simla Restaurant
  • Saray Jesmond Turkish Grill House
  • Monsieur Crepe Café
  • Thali Tray
  • Umai Mi
  • Topolino Restaurant
  • Mantra Thai Dining
  • La Famiglia
  • Super Natural
  • Dosa Kitchen


  • The Ship Inn
  • Quilliam Brothers
  • Grumpy Panda
  • The Bohemian
  • dAt bAr
  • The Sky Apple Café

Street Food

Street foods additionally guarantee food security for low pay metropolitan populace and job for a critical extent of the populace in many non-industrial nations. Street foods are portrayed as wide scope of prepared to-eat foods and drinks or arranged at home and burned-through on the streets without additional planning. Street food in the city is pretty lively.

  • STACK Newcastle.
  • Hawker Market
  • Quayside Market
  • Tynemouth Market
  • Dabbawal Restaurants in Newcastle and Jesmond


Not only food but drinks also speak a lot about the culture of the city. These are some of the most popular drinks of the city. Try out the top 10 drinks of the city alsong with your family and friends whilst you are on the go.

  • IPA
  • Ale
  • Gin & tonic
  • Champagne
  • Martini
  • Whisky
  • Mojito
  • Tequila
  • Aperol Spritz
  • Lager


The Tap water in the city is clean and is safe to drink. However, one can carry packaged drinking water considering effects of change.

Organic Cafés

A healthy food course makes the trip happier. Below are some organic cafes striving their best to serve organic foods at their best.

  • Bear & Natural Kitchen
  • The Naked Deli Heaton
  • Little Green Social - Vegan restaurant
  • Almonds & Raisins Health Foods
  • Super Natural Cafe


What is a vacation without partying and having a gala time? The city brings you some of the best breweries that would add in to the glory of your trip.

  • Anarchy Brew C
  • Box Social Brewing
  • Anarchy Brew Co.
  • Wylam Brewery


Regardless of how your day has been planned or not, below are some of the places and the activities you can do in the city. There is an incredible blend of history, craftsmanship, culture, sports, music and associating to be done in Newcastle so pack your comfiest city shoes.

  • Get High : This roof is roofless so if the regular British climate pours head down the stairs for unrecorded music and a recreation center in a bar vibe.
  • Ouseburn : Probably the best activity in Newcastle is to meander around the fashionable person Ouseburn (Oose-consume) region down towards the water and along the Quayside, halting for a couple of beverages at the bars en route.
  • The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle :The Factory Kitchen serves new food and decent perspectives on the city.
  • Victoria Tunnel : The Tunnel situated in Ouseburn Valley used to permit the entry of carts shipping coal from the 1840s-60s at that point utilized again during WWII as an air strike. the visit takes you underground and clarifies what remains above including Hadrian's Wall!
  • BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art : Staff exhortation is to begin from floor five for the best perspectives on the city and afterward to work your way down the displays.
  • Sage Gateshead : The Sage Gateshead, BALTIC's nearby neighbour, has the state of Glasgow's SECC however style of the Scottish Parliament wearing an awesome tinfoil coat.

Yoga and Retreats

If you are one of those who aims at complete relaxation during vacations, yoga and retreat centres at the city shall cater you at their best.


  • Happy Yoga Newcastle
  • Yoga X Life Newcastle
  • Canny Yoga
  • Kaleidoscope Yoga
  • Purejiva
  • Shanti Bee - Holistic Well Being Centre and Yoga Studio
  • Pure Yoga Newcastle


  • Compassion Kadampa Buddhist Centre
  • InnerSpace Meditation Centre Newcastle
  • City Retreat Beauty Salon & Day Spa
  • The Retreat
  • Sereniti Salt Retreat
  • Newcastle Buddhist Centre


In case you're visiting Newcastle-upon-Tyne interestingly, the best spot to remain is in the downtown area particularly close to Quayside, with its well-known shops, eateries, and noteworthy structures. From here, attractions, for example, the Castle Keep, Tyne Bridge, and St. Nicholas Cathedral are inside strolling distance. Here are some exceptionally appraised inns in this focal area:

  • Lavish Hotels: Within strolling distance of all the top downtown area sights, Hotel Indigo Newcastle flaunts brilliant, current stylistic theme and is known for its warm neighbourliness. Steps from Central Station, the new Crowne Plaza Newcastle - Stephenson Quarter is an extraordinary base for avid supporters and tourists. The inn is inside strolling distance of St. James' Park (home of the Newcastle United Football Club) just as city cafés and diversion. A short jump from Quayside, the pet-accommodating Hotel du Vin and Bistro Newcastle, arranged in a re-established Edwardian structure, is famous for its fabulous perspectives and enormous, upscale rooms and suites.
  • Wish to spend in balance? : Close to Quayside, Staybridge Suites Newcastle is incredible worth - particularly for long visits; its roomy suites have completely prepared kitchens and large windows. In the core of the city, close to Central Station, just as astonishing cafés and amusement scenes, Motel One Newcastle has up-to-date stylistic layout and comfortable rooms. Huge, present day condos with full kitchens; a focal area; and an extraordinary in and out breakfast are the top highlights of Roomzzz Newcastle City, set in a Georgian apartment and just a five-minute stroll from Central Station.
  • Have a fixed budget?: A short jump from Newcastle's Central Station and the Metro, Tune Hotel - Newcastle has a contemporary vibe, with agreeable staff and little, tidy up rooms. Quayside is inside simple strolling distance. Directly on Quayside, The Waterside Hotel marks all the cases for a modest and helpful base with tidy up rooms. On the off chance that you wouldn't fret remaining a short taxi ride from the downtown area, the Dene Hotel offers spotless, comfortable rooms and condos in an extraordinary area, with a lot of cafés and diversion scenes close by.

Green Hotels

An eco-hotel, or a green hotel, is an earth practical hotel or convenience that has caused significant ecological upgrades to its construction to limit its effect on the indigenous habitat. The city has some incredible green hotels that makes your stay worth it!

  • Jurys Inn Newcastle
  • Jurys Inn Newcastle Quayside
  • Best Western New Kent Hotel
  • The Roker Hotel, BW Premier Collection
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Newcastle International Airport
  • PREMIER SUITES Newcastle
  • Grand Hotel Gosforth Park Newcastle

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you love to spend your day outside and are not too keen about the hotel, here are some budget hotels for you. These hotels and hostels are economic and help you stick to your budget.


  • Budget Hostel
  • Heroes Hostel-Hotel
  • Grainger House Hotel
  • Albatross hostel
  • Metro Inns Castle
  • Fenham Hostel Express


  • Sleeperz Hotel Newcastle
  • Holiday Inn Newcastle- Jesmond
  • Cairn Hotel Newcastle Jesmond
  • Holiday Inn Express Newcastle City Centre
  • Hotel Indigo Newcastle
  • Kensington House Aparthotel


The city also has many apartments which are clean and hygienic. With the right verification and details, the stay is made safe and easier.

  • StayBridge Suites Newcastle
  • The Country Aparthotel
  • The Vermont hotel
  • Romzzz Newcastle City
  • Premier Suites Newcastle
  • Dream Apartments Quayside
  • 91 Aparthotel Jesmond Road
  • Kensington House Aparthotel


Couchsurfing is mostly fixed through the web by with a huge number of individuals around the globe, and is the most ideal approach to encounter Newcastle upon Tyne like a nearby. Contact over hosts in Newcastle upon Tyne to find exceptional spots to remain, and local people to remain with. Couchsurfing is very protected and well co-ordinated by local people of the city.


For all the nature lovers camping at Newcastle Upon Tyne can be definitely done at the blow places. Camping in the city is safe and the locals being friendly make the experience worth it.

  • Belmont Bayview Caravan Park
  • Tomago Village Van Park
  • Belmont Lakeside Holiday Park
  • NRMA Stockton Beach Holiday Park
  • Teralba Lakeside Caravan Park
  • Pacific Gardens Village
  • Swansea Lakeside Holiday Park
  • Paradise Palms Carey Bay

How to Get There

Via Air: Newcastle International Airport, which offers booked trips all through the UK, Europe, The Middle East and South America is found 9.7 km north-west of the city. The Tyne and Wear Metro to Monument station (20 min), Stagecoach transports and taxicabs (30 min) will take you to the city.

Via Train: Served by 3 train frameworks: East Coast prepares regularly interface Newcastle with London, Edinburgh and standard objections between (counting York, Doncaster and Peterborough). Cross-country Trains run at regular intervals from Newcastle to Birmingham by means of Leeds/Doncaster, Sheffield and the East Midlands. Trans Pennine Express runs direct administrations from Newcastle to York, Leeds, Huddersfield, Manchester and Manchester Airport.

By Bus: Newcastle Coach Station is situated at the southern finish of St James' Boulevard, a short stroll from the focal point of town. Public Express is the fundamental intercity administrator, offering ordinary administrations to a few UK towns and urban areas. Most National Express tickets remember free travel for the Metro framework yet check this prior to loading up the Metro.

Via Car: The city lies at the joining of the A1 (the primary East Coast course from London to Edinburgh) and the A69 (a significant east-west course to Carlisle and the M6). The A1 sidesteps the downtown area toward the west and the A19 toward the east by means of the Tyne Tunnel. The A167 runs straightforwardly into the middle by means of the Tyne Bridge from both North and South.


Flights might be considered to arrive at Newcastle Upon Tyne. There are 34 flights each week flying from London to Newcastle. Three carriers as of now fly this course: British Airways from London Heathrow, and Flybe and Loganair from London Stansted.

An image of the Newcastle Airport arrivals area from outside


Bus Transports from London to Newcastle, Journey Details An excursion generally requires around 7 hours; be that as it may, the quickest transport is the National Express 9:00 a.m. administration with an excursion season of 6 hours and 30 minutes.


The normal excursion time among London and Newcastle is 3 hours 33 minutes. On a normal work day, there are 35 trains going from London to Newcastle. The excursion time might be longer on ends of the week and occasions.


Hitchhiking can be a decent method to improve your discussion abilities. Frequently drivers get explorers to have some discussion on a generally long and desolate excursion. Make a point to convey sufficient food and drink in case you're going for a long excursion. Corner stores are normally somewhat costly for renewing these provisions.

  • Hitchhiking has the beneath benefits
  • Meet New People
  • Modest Travel

On the off chance that you intend to bum a ride, one thing you shouldn't anticipate is getting to your objective on schedule. There is a likelihood that you could get a ride in the initial couple of moments of your work. In any case, there is likewise the opportunity that you could go through hours remaining there and watching many vehicles cruise you by. A driver that does at last stop to give you a ride may just be going a short distance, which could add to your disappointment. Drifters ought to have tolerance on the grounds that the chance of standing by extensive stretches with next to zero forward advancement is surely an inconvenience of hitchhiking.


Reaching by a boat may be an experience for you. You may opt for a short waterway. North Shields, 7 miles east of the downtown area, has an every day ship to Amsterdam (Holland). Ypu may further connect to Newcastle from there.

Moving Around

By Metro: Reasonably modest method of getting around the city and furthermore to distant rural areas and towns including Whitley Bay, Tynemouth, North and South Shields, Sunderland and Newcastle International Airport.

By Bus: Quaylink administrations run at regular intervals between the downtown area and the Newcastle/Gateshead quayside. There are 2 transport stations in the city: Haymarket (administrations toward the north of the city) and Northumberland. Eldon Square Bus Station fundamentally serves Gateshead, County Durham and Teeside.

Via Car: Alamo Rent A Car, Avis, National are vehicle rental organizations likewise found at Newcastle Airport.

By Taxi: Plenty in number and economical.


For people who wish to explore the city by foot and have that slow and fulfilling experience, the city overwhelms visitors with various walkways.

  • Bathers Way Walk
  • Anzac Memorial Walk
  • The Shoreline Walk
  • Newcastle Architecture Walk
  • Convict and Industry Walk
  • Heritage Walk
  • Artist's City Walk
  • Fernleigh Track


Newcastle welcomes tourists who wish to explore the city pedalling. With a provision of safety gears and a local guide, your expedition on a bicycle gets better. You shall get to learn about the following places.

  • Newcastle's popular 7 bridges inside a large portion of a mile of waterway, crossing the stream Tyne and spreading over 150 years. No other city offers such a centralization of extensions to respect.
  • The (New) stronghold keep and dark entryway and segments of the old town divider.
  • The biggest lumber structure in Europe and conceivably the world!
  • Newcastle's bright children and girls, Earl Gray who accomplished more than create my number one tea!!. George and Robert Stephenson pioneers of the railroads. Joseph Swan innovator of the electric light. Bessie Surtees who absconded from a window to wed a coal vendors child who proceeded to become Lord Chancellor.
  • Additionally numerous other idiosyncratic and fascinating aspects of the home of the Geordie.

Electronic Vehicles

The city cares about its air quality and is a supporter for electronic vehicles. If you are planning to pick up an electric vehicle, you will be helps out with charging stations at various points for your convenience. Newcastle City Council are presenting leaving charges for the utilization of EV parking spots in open vehicle leaves in the city. These charges will be the standard leaving tax for the vehicle leave or on-road leaving area you are left at. Signage on tax loads up in vehicle leaves or on the ticket machine for on-road regions will give data to the pertinent leaving charge.

Public Bus

The public bus transport organizations which work in and around Newcastle are Arriva, Go North East and Stagecoach. Together, these administrations give an organization of transport courses all through the area, interlinking with other public vehicle administrations including Metro, rail and ship administrations all through the North East

To go on our transports in the North Coast locale you need a substantial transport ticket. Tickets can be paid for utilizing contactless instalments or money.

Many transports are presently fitted with contactless instalment offices so you can pay for movement via card; it is as yet prudent to be arranged and convey change to pay for transport tickets.

Tram, Train and Subway

The city consists of a good network of trams and metros that makes your exploration easier. Newcastle Light Rail runs from Newcastle Interchange in Wickham to Newcastle Beach in the east finish of Newcastle. With six advantageous stops, Newcastle Light Rail is the better approach to investigate Newcastle's downtown area. The turn-up-and-go help works from 5am to 1am, seven days every week.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable products don't hurt the climate. Doesn't straightforwardly hurt the climate. The creation, circulation, as well as utilization of the item utilizes as little energy as could be expected, and limits and capably discards squander. Below are some shops that offer you with sustainable shopping.

  • 109 in Heaton
  • Something Good
  • Nil Living in Grainger Market
  • The Honey Tree
  • Little Green Social

Food Markets

You will find some reliable food markets at Newcastle. Food markets are getting famous as new spaces for diversion, and this examination expects to find the inspirations driving the sightseers that visit these markets. Gastronomic experience and curiosity; indulgence what's more, relaxation; and the relationship of the involvement in work. Fragmenting and breaking down the profile of the traveller may assist financial specialists with creating systems for the travel industry the board of an objective and more exact showcasing and marking procedures that target explicit clients with a specialty message. The examination could help create items that line up with vacationers' thought processes to increment fulfilment and dependability.

Some of the famous food markets at Newcastle are as below

  • Quayside Sunday Market
  • Quayside Sunday Market - Street Food Trucks
  • Grainger Market
  • Magazinul romanesc dali Newcastle
  • HWKR Food Market
  • Co-op Food
  • European mini market

Flea Markets

The city hosts colourful and vibrant flea markets for the locals and the tourists. With a lot to offer, this makes easy for you to shop. Buying some gifts under your budget may seem easier here. Some of the flea markets are

  • Tynemouth Market
  • Bay Traders Flea Market
  • Tesco Extra
  • The Yesterday Society Vintage Boutique
  • Huscrofts Decorative Salvage
  • ALDI
  • Sainsbury's

Second Hand Stores

Thrifting is one of those exercises that is become novelized nowadays and considered "hip" and "stylish" by the established press, however individuals have been shopping second-hand however long the design business has been fully operational. It's Good for the Environment in More Than One Way. It Saves Money and it's More Sustainable over the long haul.

Following are some of the best second-hand stores in the city for clothes.

  • Retro
  • Time Antiques
  • Buy the Bag
  • Red Cross
  • Flip
  • Sense


Eco Fashion is much supported at Newcastle. There are many stops which help you be a part of eco-fashion. EcoFashion conists of clothes and accessories made up of waste materials. This helps in waste management.

  • Uncaptive - Ethical Clothing
  • Sustainable Seamstress
  • Lexi Fashion
  • French Connection
  • Whistles
  • Uncaptive - Ethical Clothing


Recycling is much supported in the city. Keeping in mind the waste management, recycling is something the city looks into on priority. Items like Advertising materials , Aluminium foil, Batteries to bicycles, everything is recycled for better usage and maintaining good environmental conditions. Below are some of the most active recycling centres.

  • Brunswick Household Waste & Recycling Centre
  • Byker waste recycling centre
  • S I T A
  • T.S.W Recycling Services (Scrap Metal, Waste & Rubbish Removals)
  • North east site clearances
  • Recycling Monkey
  • IK-Eco Limited t/a Aim to Recycle


The city is active with waste managements. Waste being a global issue, the city takes care of its waste generated in various forms and from various sources. Below are some waste management spots which would help you understand more during your visit.

  • Bells Waste Disposal Ltd
  • Newcastle City Council - Waste Department
  • MMM Waste Management
  • Cheaper Waste
  • W.J Waste Removal Services
  • Newcastle City Castle - Environmental Services

Work and Study Abroad

As a worldwide understudy you may have limitations on the quantities of hours you can work and the kind of work that you can do while you study. Visit the Student Progress site for data about working while at the same time considering. It is your obligation to check for any limitations prior to going after positions. The Careers Service isn't approved to offer any guidance on work allows and visas. You can converse with the Visa Team in Student Progress who are eager to assist. You can likewise understand data and guidance from the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) about working in the UK during your investigations. National Insurance number is caused an impulse to find a new line of work at Newcastle. The work culture in the city is accommodative and supportive. With great infrastructures and essential facilities made available, Newcastle makes it possible for foreigners to get into a job.

Study College understudies may have the chance to go through a year contemplating or working abroad. Drenching yourself in another culture will assist you with learning yourself and assist you with building up your own abilities. It will likewise assist you with creating and extend your comprehension of the scholarly subject which you are contemplating.

Concentrating abroad offers you the chance to work and live with individuals from across the world while building your worldwide organizations and upgrading your worldwide viewpoint. Contact the Student Experience group for more data about Studying Abroad.

Summer Schools Global Summer School programs abroad are a chance for you to do a short physical or virtual examination arrangement ordinarily enduring from two to about a month. Summer Schools give a chance to you to meet different understudies and make a global organization of companions. Members come from everywhere the world and have diverse social and scholastic foundations.

Exchange Student

Newcastle itself is quite possibly the most liveable urban areas on the planet. Its flourishing harbour is the monetary centre point of Newcastle and the Hunter Valley district. Notwithstanding a staggering coastline and surf sea shores, Newcastle has superb bistros and eateries, bars and bars, store shopping and a different expressions scene.

The University of Newcastle consistently has understudies from abroad for semester or transient investigation encounters and supports worldwide understudies to concentrate abroad as a component of their schooling through various trade organizations we have with colleges around the planet.

The University of Newcastle's Homestay program, set up since 1998, offers a protected, moderate and family-arranged convenience that empowers you to live and cooperate with neighbourhood families.

The homestay choice furnishes global understudies with the chance to live in a home climate while learning at the University. Homestay families give cordial environmental factors where understudies can rehearse their language abilities and structure new fellowships.

Your homestay has family is deliberately screened and glad to invite you into their home.

Au Pair

Au pairs normally live with the family they work for and are probably not going to be classed as a labourer or a representative. They are not qualified for the National Minimum Wage or paid occasions. They're treated as an individual from the family they live with and get 'pocket cash' all things considered. Au pairs follow the family plan, so they may show up on Saturday or Sunday and nights. Au pairs get an entire week-end off each month, from Friday night to Monday morning. Any hours that an au pair has obligation regarding the kids, regardless of whether she is dozing, are viewed as work hours. Au pairs are much available in the city making your long stay easier.


There's no uncertainty that Newcastle is a well-known city for non-benefits. With more than 5,000 enrolled good cause to browse, you'll make certain to discover something that lines up with your advantage and individual inspirations. However, you'll must be fast on the off chance that you need to get a situation in the non-benefit area as interest in 'do steady employments' is on the ascent. In the event that you need to keep awake to-date with the most recent chance, you can set up a task alert for a noble cause occupation in Newcastle. In case you're keen on chipping in, there are a lot of freedoms to engage in social gatherings, work with young people and even assistance keep this wonderful city clean. Volunteer Center Newcastle is an extraordinary asset for locate the correct chance, with a lot of constant postings and tributes from other people who have worked with neighbourhood volunteer associations previously. Some of the volunteering centres are as below.

  • Shelter Action For Children
  • Alzheimer’s Society
  • The Prince’s Trust
  • Northern Institute for Cancer Research

If you wish to do some charity below are the following trustworthy places

  • Action Foundation
  • The Greggs Foundation
  • Mental Health Concern

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