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Eco-friendly travel guide to Nottingham advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom.

From top left: Robin Hood, Council House, NET Tram, Castle Rock Brewery, Trent Bridge, the Castle Gate House, Wollaton Hall, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem and Nottingham Forest's City Ground

  • Air quality: 2 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 2 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3 / 5
  • Parks: 2 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 2 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $50
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $200

Responsible Travel

This city is present in England and is around 128 miles from London. The area of this city is 74 Km2 and a total population of 321,500 people. The majority of the people living here follow Christianity. The elevation of this city is 151 feet. There are around three major universities present in this city and face about 62,000 students every year. This city has a marine climate which means that the summers of this city are not too hot; instead, they are warm mild summers, and the winters are cool, but winters are not cold.

Air Quality and Pollution

Clean air is one of the most basic requirements for us to live and work and is essential for our good health, well-being, and natural environment. Nottinghamshire residents and visitors are trying their best to have clean air to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. They are planning strategies that aim to reduce the two key pollutants known to impact human health – nitrogen dioxide and delicate particulate matter.

Respect the Culture

Nottinghamshire is the best destination for a cultural break. During your visit, you can catch a film at Broadway Cinema or see a show at Nottingham Playhouse or Theatre Royal, which both have a varied programme of musicals, drama, comedy and more which tells more about the culture of Nottingham. You will get to see so many art galleries that will catch your attention. Nottingham is a city filled with great art, fantastic writers and unique films.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Old Market Square (Nottingham): Nottingham's old town has several important tourist attractions. Here you will find the Old Market Square, the most significant public square in England, and the Nottingham Visitor Center, an essential first stop before exploring the city. On the east side of the court is the Neoclassical Council House, topped by an imposing dome and the impressive Guildhall. While strolling through the historic city centre, be sure to head to the Nottingham Theater to view the wonderful Sky Mirror, designed by sculptor Anish Kapoor; this 19-foot-wide stainless steel plate points upward provides a unique view of the sky above.
  • Lace market (Nottingham): It is protected as one of the city's most significant heritage areas. These former warehouses and exhibition halls now have numerous shops, restaurants, and lace. Be sure to visit the popular Galleries of the Museum of Justice in the city's former court and prison. From 1780 onwards, the museum's major attractions include the courtrooms and jail dating from the 14th century and exciting exhibits related to crime and punishment.
  • Nottingham Castle (Lenton Road, Nottingham): Nottingham Castle provides excellent views of the city and is distinguished by its bronze statues of Robin Hood and his cheerful people, born by Nottingham sculptor James Woodford. The original castle, destroyed in 1651 by parliamentary forces, was replaced by an Italian-style palace owned by the Duke of Newcastle, which is now home to two excellent museums: the Sherwood Regimental Forestry Museum, with its impressive collection of medals and regimental uniforms, and the Museum and Art Gallery Nottingham CastleThe latter's treasures include beautiful 6th-century Anglo-Saxon brooches, medieval pottery and alabaster carvings, 17th-18th century pottery, and an ethnographic gallery. The collection of images in the long gallery includes works by Charles le Brun, Richard Wilson, William Dyes, Marcus Stone, and Ben Nicholson. Also worth a visit, the Nottingham Brewery Life Museum, just yards away, is a collection of 17th-century cottages depicting the history of the people of Nottingham.
  • City Caves (Broadmarsh, Nottingham): It is an excellent place in the city of caves, and its name is from Roger Mortimer, lover of Queen Isabella, wife of Edward. In total, over 450 caves lie beneath Nottingham, the largest known grouping of caves in the country, and have been used for centuries for storage and defence. Accessible from Broadmarsh Shopping Center, exciting cave tours are available.
  • Green Mill and Science Center (Sneinton, Nottingham): It is the birthplace of mathematician-physicist George Green (1793-1841); Mill Greenery was built in 1807 to be rebuilt in the 1980s after a devastating fire in 1947. Today, the windmill's fantastic internal workings can be seen on four floors, each providing an insight into the flour-making process. The science centre itself is youth-oriented and includes a detection area with impressive interactive displays.
  • Great Central Railway ( Ruddington, Nottinghamshire): Crossing about 10 miles from the track between Ruddington Fields Station to East Lick and Loughborough, the Great Central Railroad makes an excellent excursion when visiting Nottingham. Highlights of this heritage railway include a range of fully restored steam and diesel engines of trains and rolling stock, as well as fully functioning workshops, vintage buses, cafes, and shops. Model train lovers will want to check out the large miniature railroad layout of the attraction. Simultaneously, those travelling with children should plan and catch interesting events like Santa's special trains and Christmas.
  • Robin Hood Way and Sherwood Forest (Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire): Stretching from Nottingham Castle to Sherwood Forest, the 104-mile Robin Hood road passes many attractions associated with the legendary Robin Hood. The trail also passes through Clemmer Country Park and past Rufford Abbey and Robin Hood Hills, Thieves Wood, and Fountain Dale. Of course, the highlight is the time spent in the famous Sherwood Forest, the most crucial attraction associated with Robin Hood. Today, this renowned forest encompasses over 1,000 acres surrounding Edwinstowe Village, including 450 acres of Sherwood Forest Park. It attracts visitors each year through events such as the week-long Robin Hood Festival, with its reenactments of the Middle Ages and characters, including knights and ships. Jesters. Other significant draws include the Sherwood Forest Arts Center and Craft; 1000-year-old Big Oak; and Thynghowe, a medieval meeting place where people came to settle disputes.
  • Papplewick pump station (Ravenshead, Nottingham): Renowned as one of the finest examples of Victorian industrial design in the UK, the Papplewick Pump Station is an excellent example of 19th-century craftsmanship. The Wealthy Motor House is home to the original two-hole engines built by James Watt in 1884. Here, visitors find a combination of Victorian technique and artistic design, including beautiful stained glass windows, elaborate columns, and polished mahogany and brass. Another feat of engineering can be seen at Bestwood Park, home to the Winding Motor House, the last remaining remnant of a large mine that once dominated the landscape.
  • Newsted Abbey (Ravenshead, Nottinghamshire): It was initially an Augustinian abbey, founded in 1170 by Henry II. Many original structures can still be seen, including the church's western front, the refectory, the head, and monasteries. Byron's rooms have been preserved as they were during his lifetime, with many of his memories. Be sure to explore the beautiful garden with its many old and rare trees and the Japanese, formal and tropical parks, and the lakes and streams in the abbey grounds.
  • Arboretum (Nottingham): Next to the University of Nottingham Trent campus is the Arboretum, the city's oldest park, which opened in 1852. Prominent Victorian botanist Samuel Curtis oversaw the Arboretum design, and some of the 800 trees growing here date back to the year the park was established. The Arboretum has a II degree status, while the Bandstand and the Aviary Circular also listed monuments. In summer, you can breeze around the flower beds and stop for a moment by the ornamental lake.
Nottingham Market Square


Nottingham, which incorporates roughly three hundred thousand, is among the historical and touristic centres of a European nation. We tend to share the sights of Nottingham with you so that you'll guide your journeys to the town. Exploring the place will help you learn about the traditional and local food and drink of that particular place.

City Parks

  • Highfields Park: Highfields Park remains hospitable to the general public throughout cardiopathy; however, note the social distance. The water for boats is open in a social space. However, it would be best to go to it outside peak hours (the silence is from 10:30 to 18). journey golf is currently open with social distance. Visit their web site for a lot of data before visiting.
  • Wollaton Hall, Gardens and cervid Park: It is a beautiful open area for all to relish. Countless wild cervid roaming around that is gorgeous to envision—a pleasant lake with a spread of life and a relaxed cafe and bathrooms. The Wollaton Hall could be a depository and was used for cinematography attendant a moment past, although it's closed at the instant. The right place for all ages to enjoy and spend some quality time with your family members.
The lush green Highfields Park

National Parks

National parks are available near Nottingham, not particularly in Nottingham, and for that, you have to take some vehicle. National parks are an excellent place to enjoy, and they will help you gain knowledge about the different kinds of flora and fauna. And national parks in Nottingham has so many animals and varieties of plants that attract so many tourists. The parks' scenes are so attractive that you should visit them once you plan a trip to Nottingham.


In Nottingham, you will get no beaches, and if you want to enjoy your vacation on the beach, you can travel to nearby places. You can hire a two-wheeler, four-wheeler and take a bus or taxi to travel to nearby areas. Beaches near Nottingham are lovely to spend your vacation, and you must visit if you visit Nottingham. Beautiful and fantastic place for a family trip and solo trip. Also, you will thoroughly enjoy your vacation in Nottingham.


  • Wollaton hall: It was built between 1580 and 1588, created on a tiny low hill in Nottingham. Designed by necessary architects of the amount, Sir Francis Willoughby and parliamentarian Smythson, the building is that the most vital image of Nottingham. Wollaton Hall's garden hosts rock concerts, festivals and sporting events.
  • Holy Trinity Church: One of Nottingham's early British architectural monuments, the Holy Trinity Church, was built in 1842. Designed by Henry Isaac Stevens, the church is about 38 meters long and 18 meters wide. It is one of the most important spiritual symbols of the city. It is also among the public places where foreigners coming to the town are most interested in.
The beautiful Wollaton hall


  • National Ice Center: The National Ice depository, based on the recent Nottingham Ice construction in 1939, could be a world-famous venue. It's set within the east of the town, terribly about to the historical Lace Market space. It consists of two giant tracks. the primary track Olympic medalist Jayne Torvill opened in 2000 and the Olimpic building in 2001. the podium with ten thousand capability is also the realm wherever the Nottingham Panthers hockey game team plays their competitions.
  • National Justice depository: The National depository of Justice is an associate degree set on the High Pavement among the Lace Marketspace of Nottingham, England. The storage is housed in an assistant degree recent court in Victoria, a jail and a station house and is such a historic place wherever a private is in remission, tried, guilty and dead. Nice place to visit if you plan a trip to Nottingham. Such a lovely and fantastic place to chill and relax.
Pettit National Ice Center


Whether you are looking for decadent desserts, trendy delis or a world-class dining experience, this city has it all. You will get to eat so many traditional and local foods also. It would help if you visited conventional local restaurants to try out outstanding cuisines.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Persian Empire Restaurant
  • Le Mistral Sherwood
  • Restaurant Sat Bains
  • The Maharaja's Retreat
  • Revolution Hockley

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • The Cumin Restaurant
  • Basilia
  • Masala Junction
  • Calcutta Club
  • Hungry Pumpkin

Street Food

  • Mowgli Street Food
  • Wholesome Juicery
  • Wolf Italian Street Food
  • Time Out Cafe
  • Caseys Snack Bar


The real gem of the Midlands, here is a city of clubbing, dancing and expert mixology. You will get to see the best bars in Nottingham, so you can see the coolest, most secret and notorious places to drink. There are so many excellent bars and pubs in Nottingham competing for the sweet student cash that they will even give away free drinks to entice you in.


The tap water of this city is very safe, and you can drink it directly from the tap. It has various advanced water filtering plants that can purify water very well as it is a well-established city. Other than this, the water pollution is also low, which means that people in this city are very responsible and educated. The water supplying pipes are checked so that rust or other harmful chemicals may not get into there. You do not have to purchase bottled water. You only have to buy a single water bottle and use it by refilling it.

Organic Cafés

Organic café involves dishes that are made out of organic fruits and vegetables. Organic fruits and vegetables are different from regular fruits and vegetables because they are grown naturally without any pesticide or harmful chemicals. These toxic chemicals, if not washed out properly, can cause a lot of damage to health. These organic fruits and vegetables directly come from the farm; therefore, they are fresh. There are organic cafes present in this country that cost more than everyday dishes, but many people prefer to promote their health over money.


Breweries are the place where beer is made and sold to the public and globally. Beers are alcoholic drinks that have nutrients in them. Other than this, beers provide refreshment to the body. There are a few breweries present in his city. More to this, there are a lot of microbreweries which are also present in this city.


Activities are tasks that everyone loves to do. It involves their wishes or hobbies. These different types of activities provide various types of experience. There are many activities, such as exploring a lot about the city, such as traffic, cafes, and organic cafese5c. Other than this, many other activities are also present in this city which involves trekking or hiking to hilly regions. Visiting the beach and try various water sports and activities.

Yoga and Retreats


Nottingham is a well-established city in England with a total area of approximately 74 km². It is also a well-established city; therefore, many tourists visit this city every year. To take care of these tourists, many businesses men felt the opportunity to establish different accommodation types with many other facilities at certain charges. You can experience a premium feel of English resorts and villas in this city, giving extreme comfort and facilities. Many of the resorts and villas can provide you with a sense of English culture and architecture style. These villas come with different facilities such as a private cook who can cook you delicious meals of your choice. Other than this, they can also provide you private swimming pool, maids, and servants to clean your rooms and the entire villas. There are villas of different sizes according to your needs. You can choose one. These villas are not affordable for everyone; therefore, some hotels also accommodate these villas. There are four stars hotels present in the city centre, such as Hart's Hotel and Kitchen. These hotel rooms have spacious room to stay in, clean and hygienic bathrooms cleaned regularly. Other than this, there are other accommodation options also available, which suits different situations and budget.

Green Hotels

They promoted various schemes and policies such as they do not have to pay land tax and other such features, which eventually increased green hotels' growth. As a result, there are many green hotels which are present in this country. There are different reasons for promoting green hotels, such as it does not harm nature, even if it negatively impacts the environment. Some of the features of green hotels involve electricity which the hotel itself generates. Other some facilities involve waste management which consists of recycling as a prime method of eliminating waste. Other than this, some of the other features include dishes made for organic fruits and vegetables. These dishes are very much beneficial for health. These hotels are best in providing comfortability to their customers. However, the rent or charges of hotel rooms might cost higher because of the maintenance of farms and solar panels, but they are worth it, and a lot of tourists prefers green hotels.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are an excellent option to stay of you do not want to spend much on the accommodation. These sure specially build for backpacker group. A backpacker is a traveller who generally travels solo and does not stay in a city for a longer time. As they have to rush to other cities; therefore, they do not carry much of their luggage, and their entire luggage fits within one bag. Other than this, this hostel comes with necessary facilities such as electricity, water, kitchen, bed and a complimentary breakfast. The rooms usually have a shared bathroom; therefore, you might have to adjust there. These are shared rooms; therefore, you cannot expect privacy from them as there will also be a roommate in that room. Other than this there are guesthouses which are present in this city. Guesthouses involve regular facilities with an entire house on rent. A larger audience usually enjoys this type of accommodation. You can get your room where you will get your privacy. Other than this, hostel and guesthouses have a kitchen where you can cook your food.


Apartments are generally two-bedroom flats, one hall and one kitchen or three-bedrooms, one hall, and one kitchen. You can choose which type of apartment you want to accommodate according to your group, friends, or family's budget and size. Flats are best in providing privacy because there will be no one to disturb you. These apartments are covered with CCTV cameras and guards, which ensure that these apartments are highly secured. There are other features such as these apartments are best if you are staying longer. You always get a kitchen in these apartments that are either furnished or semi-furnished and can use this kitchen for cooking food. You can bring the essential items from the nearby grocery store. Other than this, every apartment has a balcony where you can sit and relax and can spend some time with your friends, family.


There is a host present in this city which is ready to couch surf. Couch surfing is an accommodation method in which the person stays with the local prepared to accept the tourist. You can save a lot of money with this method as you do not have to pay the host. Instead of paying, you can help them in their daily household work. You can make the host your friend, and he can tell you a lot of things about the city such as tourist places, the best cafes and some money-saving tips. He can also tell you about the minor scams which happen with the tourists.


There are campgrounds where you can camp for free. Camping is an open type of accommodation but the essential items such as a tent and other things which costs higher. Camping is a temporary accommodation option because you will get bored after a week or two, especially when travelling alone. Purchasing essential items just for one or two weeks will be expensive. Not many people try camping because of the other affordable options available. There are camping tours organized in this city that involve sleeping in a tent with many people, so even if you are travelling alone, you can make many friends. While camping, you must be aware of the weather because you can’t camp in bad weather, leading to storms and rain. You must have another backup option available while camping.

How to Get There

There is an airport in this city through which you can directly land here. If you’re living in the nearby towns of Nottingham, then there are different options through which you can travel from your city to this city. These methods include buses that do not take much time and help you reach this city if you are present in the same country. Other than this, some trains can help you reach this city without much trouble. Different types of travel option charges differently, but you can either have a direct flight to this city or fly to the nearby towns and travel indirectly if you live in another country.


There is only one airport in this city known as Nottingham City airport. This airport is responsible for handling all the flights which reach here. There are two runways with a length of 1050 metres and 821 metres in this airport through which the flight lands and takes off. The elevation of this airport is 138 metres.


The most common transport mode is buses because of the comfortability and convenience they provide to their customers. Some of the buses have the facilities that you can book them online, and the ticket will be sent to your email or in the app. Other than this, you can even track the verses through an online application. There are no international bus facilities in this country, but you can still travel from one city to this city. For all these buses' tickets, you can even pay the fare online through a credit or debit card.

Bus in Nottingham


Trains are the most convenient way to travel either internationally or from one city to another because it offers various races and beautiful views throughout the journey. The charges of trains do not cost much. There is no international trains facility in this country which means that you cannot travel from one city to another. There is no international trains facility in this country, which means you cannot travel from one Country to This city. There are intercity trains that can help you travel to this city from other towns.

A Nottingham City Transport bus in Carrington Street, Nottingham, passing the railway station


Hitchhiking is a method of travelling in which a person attracts a vehicle for a free lift. Hitchhiking can help you to support your pocket because you do not have to pay for travelling. This hitchhiking in this city is very safe because the crime rates are meagre to hitchhike easily without any fear. However, hitchhiking can cause some delay; therefore, you must not use hitchhiking while going for meaningful work or if you want to reach any place in a short time. You must have another option of travelling ready with you while hitchhiking.


There is no other way to reach here directly other than flights. There are a lot of indirect methods to come here from the neighbouring countries. There are chances that you may not get direct flights to this country because the airport is private. So you can use the flights to reach the neighbouring cities, and from there you can take trains or buses to reach this city. Other than this, there are taxis which can also help you to reach this city. Different travel options take additional time to reach the town and charges differently as trains travel faster than buses; therefore, it charges more than buses.

Moving Around

This city's total area is around 74 km² so moving around in this city is very easy and convenient. You can even walk and move around the city as it will help you to remain fit. Cycling is also a good option as you can get a cycle on rent. Many other options are also available, such as local buses, which can help you move around in the city charging affordable rates. There are trams which are also present in this city.


Walking is a healthy habit as it helps a person to remain fit and controls blood pressure. There are many city parks in this city where you can go for a morning or an evening walk. With the help of walking, you can also save a lot of money during your trip. You can even move around by walking because most tourist places are present nearby to the city centre. Walking can help you meet with many people if you walk in a garden, park or streets there will be many people who will treat you humbly.


There are various cycle rental shops in this city where you can take a rent cycle and move around. There are cycle tracks present in multiple parks where you can cycle, but be aware that there are other people, so you should always carefully use the cycle. The streets of this city are quite confusing; therefore, you must always have a mobile phone to go in the direction while cycling. If you stay in this city for a longer time, you can purchase a second-hand cycle that will not cost much. Cycling will not only help you to remain fit but also it will help you in reducing your carbon footprints during your trip.

Electronic Vehicles

There are electric vehicles present in this country as it is a developed and established country. You can even hire a driver with an electric car who can help you move around the city. Other than this, electric taxis are also present in this city which you can use to reach any destination in the town. More this, these taxis do not cost much and always costs lesser than regular taxis. These taxis are best in conserving nature as they do not consume fossil fuel to run themselves.

Public Bus

Public buses can help a person move around the city with many stoppages throughout the city. These buses can help you to travel in the city and connects all the tourist spots. More to these buses are very much affordable. You can even hire a minibus if you are travelling in a large group. With the help of these buses, you can meet a lot of people. It would help if you had an exact change of the fare because getting the difference back might also be difficult for the conductor.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are trains which can help you travel from one city to another. There are trams which can help you to move around the city. These trams are electrified and run on electricity. There are metros also present in this city and move around or travel from one city to another. These trams and metros do not charge much and are easily affordable, and does not take much time.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping means those products which do not hurt nature. The production of sustainable products does not involve resources that harm nature, such as fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources. These involve the food market, which sells organic fruits and vegetables untouched from chemicals and pesticides. These pesticides are harmful not only for the plants but also for humans. There are second-hand stores that are also present in this city which sells second-hand products .

Food Markets

  • Sneinton Market
  • Nottingham Fishmonger Seafood Centre
  • Victoria Market
  • Top Market
Sneinton Market

Flea Markets

1. Flea Market

Second Hand Stores

  • British Heart Foundation Furniture & Electrical
  • White Rose 2 - Nottingham Charity Shop
  • Swopnsave
  • Sue Ryder Vintage and Retro


  • White Rose 4 - Nottingham Charity Shop
  • White Stuff Nottingham
  • TDARE Fashion
  • Shop Zero
  • Wild Clothing Ltd


Recycling is beneficial for the environment as it eliminates a lot of waste before it is sent to landfills. Metal ores that occur naturally and are extracted through mining recycling save the land from extracting these iron ores. The paper is made from trees, and recycling paper reduces trees' cutting down to make new paper. Recycling also helps in controlling pollution because, ultimately, it reduces waste which creates pollution. There are recycling centres present in this city.


Waste are those products that are used earlier and are of no use further. This waste creates a lot of pollution, especially soil pollution, because all the toxic waste gets mixed with the soil and water, the land is of no use because it gets polluted. Waste is eliminated through recycling, and the rest are sent to landfill. From that landfill, some part of the trash that is non-biodegradable is sent to incinerators. Incinerators are those place where waste is decomposed with the help of thermal energy.

Work and Study Abroad

Nottingham is a beautiful and well-developed city in England; therefore, there are many job opportunities. You can get jobs according to your educational qualifications, so you might get a managerial position if you are well qualified. However, other jobs such as waiter, tourist guide etc. are also available in this country, helping you earn a small amount of money. Different countries have different education types; therefore, this city's teaching follows England's education pattern. England's education pattern is divided into four major parts: primary, secondary, further and higher education. Everyone must attend primary and secondary education, starting from 6 years and ends when the child turns 16 years.

Exchange Student

It is beneficial for students who want to explore another city and want to study there. Many of the universities which have access to this program offer free education in foreign. These universities take the entrance exam so that only deserving and eligible students can be a part of this program. Some demerits of the exchange student program are like students having to adapt to new lifestyles because their lifestyle might not match a foreign country's people.

Au Pair

An Au pair is a person who stays with the local and his family and takes care of their child. This type of work is widely available in this country. The reason behind it is that it is an advanced city, and it has both the mother and the father working, so they do not have anyone to look for their child. Other than this, it is the best way to stay in a foreign country without paying for accommodation. Taking care of a child is very responsible; therefore, you must be careful about the child’s actions.


Volunteering is performing some tasks which you are doing. You cannot charge for volunteering because the task you are doing is out of your hobby or intrinsic feeling. Volunteering can help you to cure depression as it helps in remaining distracted from stress. Volunteering helps a person understand and experience teamwork, as there are teams that perform social work. Other than this, other benefits, such as volunteering, help boost self-confidence and help a person connect with.

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