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Eco-friendly travel guide to Tromsø advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Tromsø, Norway.

Downtown Tromsø

  • Air quality: 3.8 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.6 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4.1 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.6 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.2 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$17 - $500
  • Budget per day: US$15 - $250

Responsible Travel

Is it safe to say that you are a tourist who still needs to visit Tromsø as a reliable explorer? In case, in fact, as a travel lover, there are explicit duties that you have, despite other good commitments. When visiting the country, you must distinguish and control your exercises appropriately so as not to cause damage to the neighborhood networks or the weather.

  • Try to choose public vehicles and electronic vehicles, such as accessible transport, subway trains, cable cars, bicycles, and so on. These vehicles cause less damage to the climate and are economical.
  • Instead of choosing extravagant 5-star accommodations and pensions, opt for those that follow ecological estimates, such as inexhaustible assets, solar energy, recyclable items, and so on. So, you can keep your carbon footprint insignificant during your move.
  • Besides, individuals prefer to buy and use neighborhood organizations and expert administrations rather than global brands. If you need a legitimate openness to the culture, customs, specialties, and close individuals, neighborhood organizations will help you to satisfy whatever is necessary.
  • After supporting city life, try to visit parks and green spaces that function as a desert spring that buzzes with energy and sparkles splendid green and blue in the strong sun. Visiting the parks makes you feel revived.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air is dirty. More prominent than, as far as possible, established for one year by WHO. The long-distance opening represents a risk to well-being. So, before going to a specific location, remember the illnesses of children, more established individuals, and individuals who are now experiencing respiratory problems. Tromsø has a lot to offer explorers every season. If you are interested in seeing the northern lights, you must divide the 15th of September and the 14th of April. In case you come to Tromsø to find life in the midday sun, it would be proposed that you come in June and early mid-July; the genuine date of dawn and dusk changes from year to year. Taking everything into account, these dates are the point at which you will have the best chance to watch the sun at midnight, as opposed to it from behind a mountain.

Respect the Culture

More than 100 ethnic groups are addressed in the population. Among the most unmistakable minorities are the Sami, Russians, and Finns, both the close Kvens (relatives of 19th-century Finnish workers) and late settlers from Finland. Although the Catholic population in the neighborhood is only 350, Pope John Paul II visited this small church and remained a visitor to the clergyman in 1989. As the largest city in northern Norway, Tromsø is a social place for his district. He acquired some global consideration when, on June 11, 2005, he facilitated one of six 46,664 programs aimed at including HIV / AIDS-related work worldwide. Both the Tromsø International Film Festival and the Nordlysfestivalen (literally the Aurora Borealis Festival), an old-style performance, are orchestrated in January. Decent fishmongers deserve the extra crown, and especially in the coldest time of the year, when the cod reaches the coast, there is a ton of good food. It all includes some significant drops, however. In any case, note that modest food is moderately expensive in Tromsø (as in Norway in general), although whole food is generally acceptable in value. As such, some additional money builds up the experience monstrously.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Situated within the Arctic Circle, Tromsø is the most densely populated territory in northern Norway. Tromsø has numerous attractions that cannot be found anywhere else. Here are the top 10 places in Tromsø that you should visit.

  • Tromsø Botaniske Hage - Opened in 1994, the Tromsø Botaniske Hage (Tromsø Botanical Garden) is prepared to dazzle you. The nursery is operated by the Museum of the University of Tromsø and is the most northerly botanical nursery in the world. The plant species found in this nursery start primarily in the arctic and snow-covered areas. This nursery is open in the late spring months and, from late May to early July, you have a remarkable perspective on the strange midnight sun, when the sun is constantly above the horizon. The rugged landscape of Tromsø can also be found in this nursery.
  • Aurora Camp And Dog Sleep - The Arctic excursion can never be completed without observing the northern lights. Aurora Camp is suggested along with energizing dog sleds. In winter, when there is no sunlight, it is the ideal time to survey the northern lights. This camp remembers the convenience of a huge conventional Sami tent (an individual native to the Arctic), with a fire inside to keep him warm. You can stay as long as necessary until you finally see the northern lights. In the Tromsdalen Valley is the Arctic Cathedralal (Tromsøysund Kirke). Portrayed by brilliant white and three-sided engineering, this Cathedral has been adulated as the Cathedral of the Arctic Sea and is contrasted with Opera House in Sydney. The Cathedral is currently a milestone of Tromsø and is even noticeable from an airplane. In 2005 the Cathedral went through a redesign when an organ was introduced. For individuals inspired by Nordic engineering and religion's set of experiences in Norway, this is a spot for your agenda.
  • Polaris - It is situated in the downtown area of Tromsø, and its design takes after imploding glacial masses. Inside this advanced-looking gallery are an Arctic aquarium, an information-based presentation, and an all-encompassing film. Through shows and interfacing with Arctic creatures, for example, seals and cold-water fish, the historical center exhibits what human has meant for the Arctic's wild and how we can all the more likely ensure our living climate.
  • Spaceship Aurora - It is the instructive and guest focus of the Andøya Space Center, which is the base of Norway's space research. You can encounter moving around a spaceship in the test system and studying the Aurora Borealis, which is firmly connected to sun-oriented action. You will be welcome to partake in logical trials to allow you to see how a spaceship functions.
  • Fjellheisen - It is the streetcar's name, and it takes you up to Mount Storsteinen, which is 421 meters on the rise. This four-minute ride takes you to a review point where you can have a wonderful all-encompassing perspective on the noon sun. You can likewise see the cold mountain ranges and the entire of Tromsø from the survey point, which will unquestionably make your outing significantly more vital.
  • The Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden -Its exceptional assortments are an absolute necessity for those keen on Northern Norway's extraordinary verdure. Regardless of the day off, the blooming season begins right off the bat in May, remunerating guests with presentations of purple saxifrage and yellow pad plants, pasqueflowers, and different blossoming bulbs. The nursery is partitioned into 25 assortments.
  • Polar Museum - Tomsø's area over 321 kilometers inside the Arctic Circle makes it an ideal headquarters for polar endeavors. In this way, it was named the "Doorway to the Arctic" in the late nineteenth century. The Polar Museum is probably the best spot to visit to find out about the territory's long history, from its disclosure and first settlements to the whaling business, which once thrived here, and its inevitable change into a focal Arctic examination base.
  • Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum -The Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum is a free workmanship historical center near both the harbor and the primary Tourist Information Office in Tromsø. The perpetual assortments remember more than 2,000 works for different media from the 1800s through the present and highlighted craftsmen incorporate Edvard Munch, Harriet Backer, and Anna-Eva Bergman.
  • The Science Center Of Northern Norway - It is home to Norway's biggest planetarium and offers guests an exciting very close gander at Tromsø's marvelous Aurora Borealis its enormous advanced screen. Also, the middle offers guests an opportunity to investigate local marvels and widespread inquiries on more than 80 intelligent establishments covering cold-related subjects like energy, environment, and climate, just as assets and the climate.
Tromsø Botaniske Hage


The port of Tromsø, the largest city in northern Norway, lies between Narvik and Hammerfest, on a small island 349 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. Established in the 13th century, Tromsø remains an important fishing port and a well-known area for viewing and studying Norway's popular northern lights, or Aurora Borealis.

City Parks

  • Folkeparken - It is a huge sublime green park in the heart of Roskilde with small lakes, huge green trees, and an amphitheater. The recreation center is used for a wide range of upcoming occasions, such as fun races, theater, and so on. Every Thursday, in late spring, there is fun for the youngest in the countryside. The path is very verified and easy to climb. It looks like you go out into the wild when you leave the parking lot - there are acceptable "gapahuks" resting places along with the camp. Suggestion to see the Norwegian nature.
  • The Tromsø Botanical Arctic-Alpine Garden - its exceptional variety is an unquestionable requirement for those who are inspired by the extraordinary vegetation of northern Norway. Despite the day off, the flowering season starts from the beginning of May, compensating guests with showcases of purple saxifrage and yellow plants, pasqueflowers and different flower bulbs. The nursery is divided into 25 assortments, each displaying animal varieties or animal districts with an alternative cold climate, including plants from the Himalayas, the Arctic and other outrageous environments and conventional Norwegian plants. Among its most valuable examples are the Tibia blue poppy goliath and a wide variety of strong and cold rhododendrons, and another much-appreciated nursery highlights the district's usual restorative plants.

National Parks

There are no major national parks in TROMSØ.


  • Telegrafbukta Beach - Ideal place for a barbecue or barbeque, this pristine sea coast offers its guests a peaceful climate and a beautiful sandy coast. The view from this point to Kvaloya Island is simply amazing, and in addition, as it is positioned close to the air terminal, you can watch the planes starting and going there as they fly directly overhead. In addition, to keep in mind, you can also watch the Hurtigruten travel transport on its approach to the port of Tromso every day at around 2:15 pm.
  • Kvaløya - Kvaløya, or "Island of the Whale", is a huge island west of the island of Tromsø. Scaffolding is the interface between the two islands and a significant number of the coordinated exercises in Tromsø take place in Kvaløya. There are many activities throughout the year, from climbing and snowshoeing to relaxing on the white sandy beaches and pursuing the Northern Lights. The mountainous landscape of Kvaløya offers a wonderful landscape with wide perspectives on the surrounding islands, the coast, and the Lyngen Alps


The northern area of Tromsø and the normal harbor ensure that the city remains significant as a base for the Arctic campaigns and the various Norwegian fishing vessels. It is also a popular starting point for ships and boats traveling to and from important ports like Bergen and, in the summer, trips by the sea are accessible to objections like Spitsbergen. Plan your tourist developments in the city in the same way.

  • The Arctic Cathedral - It is the most popular holiday destination in Tromso, Norway. Despite being known as the house of God, it is an infirmary church. It is in Tromsdalen and has, possibly, the most remarkable points of the city. It consists of 11 solid aluminum-covered plates on each side of the roof and has been contrasted several times with the Sydney Opera House in Australia because of its pyramid shape. In the same way, it can be said that it occurs after a piece of ice. Visiting this Cathedral is undoubtedly one of the must-see attractions in Tromsø. Furthermore, you have no reason, as the congregation can be seen from different parts of the city.
  • Tromso Catedral - It is a landmark that you must visit. It is made by Christian Heinrich Grosch and was created in 1861 in a neo-Gothic style. Oddly, the floor of the Cathedral is made of wood, a component that gives it to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Tromsø. This Cathedral is a vital focal point in Tromso and visiting it is extremely simple, as it is at the focal point of the city, at Storgata Street.
  • The Tromso Public Library And City Archives - It is another place to visit in Tromso. It is the northernmost public library on the planet and is 320 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. The structure was planned by planner Gunnar Bøgeberg Haugen, and its development was completed in 2005. It is located in the city center, just 50 meters from Storgata. The most striking highlights of the structure are its roof with four inclined curves and its coated varnish that explores common light.
Tromso Catedral


  • The Polar Museum - It is perhaps the best place to get to know and learn about the long history of the territory, from its dissemination and first settlements to the whaling business, which once prospered here, and its inevitable transformation into a focal exploratory base in the Arctic. The displays incorporate verifiable data on the most punctual and pioneering developments such as Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen, as well as programs that present the findings of the process with the extensive examination. The gallery's most up-to-date display, Polar Night, shows the captivating world of Arctic wildlife during unlimited winter nights.
  • Perspective Museum - This one-of-a-kind exhibition hall of photography does more than showing a half-million pictures, which investigate present-day and chronicled Tromsø. It is orchestrated in a narrative style introduction; the photos delineate life in Tromsø and investigate an assortment of interesting social and cultural points, which empower conversation and suffering interest. Assortments incorporate nearby and worldwide picture takers' work and arranged relics and files from the Tromsø Folk Museum and the Tromsø Town Museum, which add to its encouragement as a social examination place.


The food in Tromsø feels as new as the city's various open-air exercises. In Tromsø, world-well-known as a center for courageous Arctic travelers, legitimate suppers dependent on the best nearby produce has consistently been significant. Also, because everything from fish to vegetables fills slower in the environment of the Arctic than in different pieces of the world, everything tastes incredible. The Tromsøya island is a depository of top-notch new fixings and has imaginative and talented culinary specialists to take advantage of it.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Emmas Drommekjokken - (Emma's Dream Kitchen) can be discovered fanned out more than two levels (the first floor being a touch more easygoing), directly in the core of Tromso's a la harbor-side locale mode. There, the eponymous head gourmet expert, Emma, is committed to serving straightforward, basic, and familiar food, all mixed with a propensity of artfulness and style that is anticipated from a fancy eatery. The stylistic layout is stylish and snappy yet never exaggerated, which impeccably reflects the occasional menu, which includes a mixture of nearby Norwegian fish, a blend of Mediterranean dishes, and the eatery's self-announced forte fish au gratin.
  • Compagniet - Situated underneath a beautiful wood façade amid Tromso's beguiling midtown region, Compagnie is an eatery that is dedicated to the methods of reasoning of stylish top-notch food and innovative Haute cooking. Furthermore, visitors can expect a marginally more daring and common line-up of choices than in a portion of the other connoisseur eateries on this rundown. It expands its span across Europe, consolidating Hungarian goulash with neighborhood Tromso cod cuts, meat from Burgundy, and creme brûlée straight out of Paris.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Egon Restaurant- Itis a Norwegian eatery idea that opened its first café on Nordstrand in Oslo in 1984. Egon is an enlisted brand name and claimed by Norrin AS in Trondheim. The idea incorporates that visitors request and pay for the food and beverages themselves at the bar and educate the servers on the table's number where they are sitting. The food is served at the tables. The menu incorporates breakfast and lunch dishes, principle courses, pizza assortments, light dishes, servings of mixed greens, sandwiches, burgers, and treats. Dishes from around Europe have roused the menu list.
  • Bardus Bistro - Arctic kitchen in the core of Bardus Bistro is a northern Norwegian impression of the customary bistro idea; a little loosened up café is serving basic home-style dinners with a dependent menu on the fixings and culinary history of the north. It has a decent veggie lover and gluten alternative for individuals.

Street Food

There could be no more excellent approach to catch the kind of a city than through its road food. Road food found in Tromsø are:

  • Kaffebonna - Corner bistro ignoring a bustling zone. They are made for brilliant people watching. Exceptional stools are set up along the window front to boost Seating, however, it can get somewhat hard to move during active occasions. Non-fat latte is flavorful with a beguiling heart shape in the froth. Yummy cake. Cost sensible for the area. A few electrical plugs all through the bistro for charging gadgets. Administration clearing deserted dishes are quick.


Tromsø is known all through Norway for its strong nightlife, and there's consistently space for one more barfly. Consistently, individuals stay nearby in bistros, and at the ends of the week, it's in every case full on each dance floor. Individuals in Tromsø have an enthusiastic relationship with their brew. Bistros stay open from noon to 3 am and ordinarily serve great worth food and espresso specials before they transform into swarmed bars around evening time.


Tap water is considered protected and rationale for drinking across Norway. Filtered water from Norwegian sources is gaining prevalence over pop items. Filtered water is primarily offered to individuals "in a hurry", less as a substitute for tap water at home. Tap water is consistently protected for drinking in Norway; fill a reusable container to stay hydrated and avoid plastic contamination.

Organic Cafés

  • Risø Food And Coffee Shop - Excellent distinctive espresso made by the barista. A genuine and proprietary diamond, Arne Riso-Nilsen, is a nice guy and an extraordinary espresso job too! An amazing nearby bistro run by a stunning barista. They have an incredible espresso and a delicious breakfast and lunch alternative. Risø sells the best cinnamon rolls on the market. Enthusiastically recommend that everyone visit.
  • Smørtorget - is a place with crafts, flat, retro, and express. Here you can find artisans and creators working or searching for treasures in the recycled store. The bistro offers artisanal and healthy dishes. Try their tasty cakes or porridges finished with natural nuts and new fruits.


  • Rorbua Pub - Founded in 1974, Rorbua Pub is still in force 40 years after the fact. Internal enrichment must be recognizable to Norwegians. The bar is home to one of the most famous network shows in the country, Du skal høre mye (You’ve heard a lot). The welcoming of the staff will provide a wide variety of beers and wines from the neighborhood, and it seems to be the ideal place to have a relaxed drink with a pizza. With some affordable alternatives, the pizzas served here have been carefully planned to suit every wish.
  • Ølhallen - Mack's brewpub Ølhallen is the most experienced bar in Tromsø. "The Hall", as it was brought in its younger years, was a haven position. Around that time, there were many fishermen, farmers, and residents. Today, Ølhallen is perhaps the most notorious place in Tromsø and is serving Norwegian quality beer on 72 different taps. It is where residents of all ages meet and taste the best beers prepared by Mack - the most northerly bottler in the world.


At the coldest time of the year, individuals come to Tromso to observe the amazing Northern Lights that swell in the sky on dark winter nights. Surrounded by fjords and untouched mountains on either side, Tromso is an incredible place to find a portion of nature's miracles, such as the glorious Northern Lights! The middle of the year is around the midday sun and the long splendid nights, climbing, fishing and just enjoying the lovely nature that Tromsø has to bring to the table.

Yoga and Retreats

The specialty of rehearsing yoga helps to control a person's brain, body. Besides, it helps to expand adaptability, muscle strength, and body tone. After a busy and furious schedule, people should figure out how to recover, and doing yoga is probably the best strategy for adapting to the pressure. Here are the most acclaimed yoga focuses in Tromsø:

  • Yogashala
  • Tromsø Meditasjon And Yoga
  • Stamina Tromsø


Choosing the best places and accommodations to stay in Tromsø is vital to getting a load out of this city, especially if you are interested in seeing the northern lights, the midday sun, or one of the other mind-boggling attractions of the so-called "Cold capital, "Tromso. There are many green lodgings, very modest visitors' houses.

Green Hotels

  • Thon Hotel Arendal
  • Hurdalsjøen Hotel
  • Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda

Hostels and Guest Houses

Some groups regularly consider the genuine contrast between hostels and guest houses. A guest house is a small private house that is delivered every day to give an unmistakable idea. Pensions are usually as friendly as Tromsø accommodation and, if you go with a friend, it is usually cheaper or close to a similar cost to get a private room.

  • Radisson Blu Hotel
  • Quality Hotel Saga
  • Tromsø Bed And Books
  • Bed And Waffles


For the travelers who appreciate a space of their own at the end of the day, an apartment or flat is the perfect home away from home. Furnished rooms and kitchen facilities give groups and families the flexibility to enjoy downtime separately or plan the next day's activities over a shared meal. Often available for short and long-term. Some of the famous apartments in Tromsø are:

  • Tromsø City Apartments
  • Tromsø Luxury Apartments


Couchsurfing is a local area for movement with a large number of individuals worldwide and is the most ideal approach to finding Tromsø as a neighborhood. Contact over has in Tromsø to find special places to stay and local people to stay. Use Couchsurfing to discover convenience in Tromsø, meet with locals and explorers, and the sky is the limit from there.


For some, the best convenience is the one you find under a bright sky. Outdoors, through climbing trails and other encounters in nature, it offers proximity to the nature of Norway. A part of the well-known camps in Tromsø are:

  • Tromso Camping
  • Troms Hiking Association

How to Get There

Despite the location, it is fairly easy to reach Tromsø. Most people get to Tromsø by plane, but one can also go by bus or boat. Driving up is also an option, but take the 1700 km distance from Oslo into consideration.


All global and domestic flights land at the small and current Langnes Airport (IATA: TOS). There are about ten daily flights to Oslo, through SAS and Norwegian's minimum effort. Frugal travelers should have the lowest summer passes at the top of the priority list, usually accessible in July / August. Besides, there are many modest tickets accessible on the Aurora Borealis long from January / February. The celebrations, in any case, complete the plans quickly. Friday and Sunday, the planes are fully booked all year round. Global explorers should remember that some spending aircraft have the somewhat inaccessible TRF, Torp Airport, in Sandefjord as "Oslo Airport".

Tromsø Airport


There is a daily shuttle to Alta, departing at 4:00 pm and arriving at 10:30 pm. If you plan to travel by transport to Nordkapp, you will have to spend the night in Alta. There are three daily transfers to Narvik, the first at 06:20 (not at the end of the week), related to the Narvik-Kiruna-Luleå train. The next one, at 10:30, is, is compared to a shuttle ahead of Narvik-Fauske, from where you can take the night train to Trondheim. Likewise, it compares to a train to Sweden.

Bus in Tromsø


There is no train to Tromsø. Take a shuttle from the train station in Fauske, Narvik, or Rovaniemi. The Swedish rail network has a branch to Narvik, about 4 hours by transport south of Tromsø. There are 2-4 transfers per day to Narvik, depending on the day of the week. Besides, preparations are going from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, in late spring, there are transport associations as far as possible.

Train in Tromsø


Taking a trip is not simple, although it is still entirely conceivable and the chances of tracking a long trip are very acceptable. In Tromsø, it is even conceivable to take a ride instead of taking a public vehicle, using a 2 km signal (not as fast as transport, anyway better than walking).


The streets to Tromsø are in acceptable condition, however, it is a long journey from southern Scandinavia. When in Tromsø, renting a vehicle is a choice. In June, July, and August, the costs are high and the reservation is an indisputable requirement. The rest of the year is moderately modest (about NOK 1000) for a small vehicle throughout the end of the week. Reserve your spot during available hours before 4 pm on Friday. The E6 goes straight from Trelleborg, in southern Sweden, through Oslo, Trondheim, and Narvik to Nordkjosbotn, from where you take off along the E8 Tromsø.

Moving Around

In general, most things in Tromsø's minimized focus are within a short distance. However, there is also a decent organization of transport. In the summer, you can rent bicycles, and in the winter, you can rent cross-country skis, both allowing you to tour the developed regions of Tromsø.


Tromsø is surrounded by rugged mountains, pristine wilderness, and a perfect coastline. There is a wide variety of climbing trails suitable for everyone, from young families to adrenaline junkies. The small island of Tromsøya is usually metropolitan, so walk alongside the locals and run to nearby Kvaløya Island for its high Spiers, ocean views, and sandy beaches.


The Trom valley and the Kvaløysletta offer a decent organization of bike trails outside the street traffic. They differ from unobstructed cycle paths, expansive rock paths/walking paths adjusted for urban bikes to the limited and inclined path where you can challenge yourself on a scenic cycle in Tromsø.

Electronic Vehicles

There are no major electric vehicles in Tromsø.

Public Bus

Transport is abundant and truly reliable. From now on, you pay NOK 49 for a 1.5-hour ticket. Note that several courses have the city center in their course. Subsequently, it is essential to take a course correction. Urban transport runs within the city of Tromsø from early morning until late at night, every day. Besides, there is an evening transport administration on Friday and Saturday nights in the city center to choose parts of Tromsø.

Tram, Train and Subway

There is no train, although there is a bar called Jernbanen (the train station), 3.48 meters above sea level. The task-organized in 1872 was never manufactured.

Sustainable Shopping

Shopping in Tromsø, you will discover everything from luxury goods and products close to gift shops or sophisticated design. On Tromsø's central avenue, you will discover some shops among comfortable restaurants and bistros.

Food Markets

A food market is a pedestrian zone for restaurants and bistros. Likewise, you can visit the Tromsø food market to sample the tastiest neighborhood dishes available here. The most well-known food markets are:

  • Farmers Market offers privately created items, sold by farmers in the district of Troms who produce them. Quality, flavor, and origin are guaranteed in the enormous determination of new accessible items. Despite the heavenly sources of food, Farmers Market also offers conventional handmade items. Excellent new hand-made items are sold by the individuals who manufacture them. Meet the breeders up close and in person at Farmers Market to get the whole story behind how their food is created.

Flea Markets

A flea market is a type of street market that provides space for vendors to sell previously-owned merchandise. This type of market is often seasonal. The most famous flea markets in Tromsø are:



Second Hand Stores

A flea market is a type of street market that provides space for vendors to sell previously-owned merchandise. This type of market is often seasonal. The most famous flea markets in Tromsø are:

  • Bryggerekka Flea Market
  • Fyllinga


Sustainable Eco-fashion is a movement and process of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. The most famous brands which make eco-fashion clothes and accessories in Tromsø are:

  • Rein Love Clothing
  • Monki


The reuse interaction in Tromsø, Norway, is best in class. The nation may have the most productive reuse plans in the world and an incomprehensible structure that the local population has learned since adolescence. The Norwegian structure is basic. Public authorities impose an ecological duty on all plastic packaging manufacturers. The more they reuse, the more the expense is reduced. If in total, they reuse more than 95% - which they have done every year since 2011 - they do not need to cover expenses.


It can be ideal if you have separate containers for various types of garbage at home, and each must have its specific bag, so it is simpler for the garbage to be organized shortly afterward. Besides, storage rings are mounted in the garbage bins in the city center so that the empty jugs are not placed in the standard remaining garbage, but for reuse. The Tromsø region also participates in the clean-up movements in the surrounding climate and on the big clean-up day on 5 May.

Work and Study Abroad

Numerous global students maintain low-maintenance jobs when they focus on Norway. It is a decent method to learn and rehearse your Norwegian and improve your financial plan. In any case, you should know that there are limitations on the amount of work you can do in addition to being a full-time student.

For the most part, a student residence grant does not cover the option of working in Norway. However, in the event of being granted an examination license, you are automatically authorized to work with low maintenance.

Exchange Student

The Arctic Student Welfare Organization provides students with a broad scope of moderate administrations concerning accommodation, food and drinks, sports, and well-being. Students from around the world in exchange programs are focused on student convenience in Tromsø. Besides, students approach nearby cafeterias with student accommodation costs and an untouched play area nearby that offers various exercises for use. Residents outside the EU must apply for a student visa before entering Norway for study purposes. Students must move a store as a cash check for one semester (~ CAD 9,000 or NOK 58 185) to the store account at the Arctic Student Welfare Organization to apply for a research grant before the first of June.

Au Pair

An au pair is an assistant from an unknown nation who works for a receiving family and lives as part of it. Au pairs typically assume a part of the family's duty concerning child care and some household chores and receive a reward related to money for individual use. Numerous freedoms are available for Au pair in Tromsø.


Volunteering involves an individual who intentionally tries or communicates the ability to launch help. Vacancies are currently accessible to specialists, volunteers, medical caregivers, specialists, and specialists in medical services in Tromsø.

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