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Eco-friendly travel guide to Turku advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Turku, Finland.

A view from the city of Turku, Finland

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $250
  • Budget per day: US$80 - $350

Responsible Travel

Turku, a city in Finland, is located on its south-western coastline, spread across the delta of the Aura river. When you are travelling anywhere you need to make sure that you are acting as a responsible tourist. This means making eco friendly choices and keeping the environment in mind. There are a couple of things you can do to travel responsibly:

  • Walking - The Kauppatori is famous for its strategic location. The central square is at a walkable distance from the famous Turku Castle. Have you decided to cut down on carbon emissions? Then consider walking to wherever feasible. Download a map on your smartphone from the Citynomadi app. Walking tours such as culture walks and Stepping it up can be fun.
  • Cycling - You can cycle to accessible tourist destinations. Visit the Turku tourist office. Get your copy of the cycling route of the city and its destinations. You can rent from or return a bike to a Foli station through the Bike sharing system. Bike theft is a common occurrence so be careful enough to use a lock.
  • Public Transport - The bus route network spans nearly every corner of Turku. Most of the bus routes lead to the central square at Kauppatori. The square acts as a main stop and bus-boarding or switching destination. You can get your tickets from the travel office, bus stations or Föli service offices. You can also get one via the Föli app. Besides, it lets you keep track of the live destination and helps you navigate.

Air Quality and Pollution

The Air quality in Turku is as high as 89.47. According to WHO, the air pollution level in the city is low. The figures for land and water pollution, noise and light pollution are low. The score for garbage disposal and access to clean drinking water is high. Turku is actively switching from fossils to sustainable energy. Recent reports have recorded a significant drop in the greenhouse-gas-emissions. The Air Quality Index shows a rating of 17 which means healthy and fresh air.

Turku aspires to be a Climate-positive area. Hence, it has taken several steps in this regard. Boat Ferries are an integral part of Finnish tradition. You can avail of these services from across the Aura River. The Föri has been ferrying people across this river for years. Turku made a revolutionary decision by switching from the diesel-driven Föri to the electric one. The carbon emissions from the vessel have depreciated significantly. It has given way to cleaner air. Turku is curating similar policies by using science and technology.

It is also planning to expand its rail network to cut the use of private vehicles. Turku is a leading pacesetter against the climate crisis and aims to be carbon neutral by the onset of 2029.

Respect the Culture

During your tour to Turku, be accepting and respectful towards the Finnish culture. Try to appreciate everything around you and soak in the cultural diversity of the place. Experience the authentic colors of ancient Turku by shopping at the Turku Market Hall and Central Square. Enjoy the local dishes from vendors in Kauppatori to get the traditional taste of Turku.

Take walking tours and ferries across the city. Indulge in local customs. Mingle in and show respect to the culture of these locals if you want to enjoy your trip to the maximum. Other things that you can do:

  • Learn a few sentences in Finnish: This will show the locals that you actually took out time to learn about their culture, language and nation.
  • Do not be offensive towards their lifestyle: Finnish people are not overly formal but they are also not too casual. Make sure you maintain proper social etiquette. They also believe in gender equality so make sure that you do not make any derogatory remarks.
  • Try the local food: Food is a huge part of any culture so it is extremely important to try the local food and even if you don't like it, make sure not to be rude about it.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Turku is a city of splendor and beauty. But scrounging every place in an unknown land can be difficult. You can miss seeing some of the greatest hits in the city. Here is a list of destinations that should be on your priority while you visit Turku.

  • Turku Castle - The ancient Turku Castle is one of the most famous tourist hubs. It dates back to the 13th century. The dungeons and magnificent banquet halls of Turku Castle tell tales of the Medieval age Turku. It holds several exhibitions all year-round.
  • Turku Cathedral - Turku Cathedral, the central shrine of the Lutheran Archdiocese of the city, stands on the magnificent banks of the Aura River. It is a church with great historical reverence and is a must-visit for anyone planning to explore the city.
  • Utö - Venture deep into the archipelago and discover the authentic beauty of islands in Utö. The captivating backdrop and the alluring lighthouse will make you want to revisit this place.
  • Aura Riverbank - The bank of the Aura river attracts thousands of tourists every year. In the vicinity of this beautiful riverbank lie a plethora of tourist spots in Turku. Canoe rentals, biking trips, walking tours, and mini-exhibitions are available for the visitors.
  • Turku Art Museum - Turku Art Museum of Finland provides an insight into the art and culture of the city. It showcases masterpieces of all times. So, if you love scavenging old stuff, this is a must-visit.
  • Ruissalo - Six kilometers from Kauppatori is the beautiful Ruissalo island. Beaches, oak forests, rocks, and open fields sure call for a stay. Its camping area Saaronniemi offers sandy beaches, comfortable saunas, cozy cabins, hot showers, mini-golf, badminton courts, playgrounds, cafes, and cozy barbeque spots. It is perfect for a quick getaway from the city.
  • Luostarinmäki - Huge crowd flocks to see the handicrafts collection of the Luostarinmäki handicrafts museum. Handicrafts are the best way to explore the art-style of any place. Do not miss seeing it.
  • Aboa Vetus and Ars Nova -This area comprises two sub museums: Aboa Vetus and Ars Nova. Former exhibits the ancient remains of old buildings and tells tales about the history of Turku. The latter showcases extraordinary creations of modern art.
  • Kuralan Kylämäki - Do you miss the fresh air of the countryside? Then stop being nostalgic and visit the Village of Living History. It is the home to authentic south-western Finnish farms from the 1950s. You can also explore prehistoric weaponry and handicraft making.
  • Vepsä Island - The Turku archipelago cruise leads to this enticing island with craggy terrains, warm beaches, and glistening water. The island also hides in several geocaches, which you can explore. Sauna baths, barbecue, miniature golf, water sports, boats and canoes, snacks and ice creams in a kiosk-There is so much to keep you engaged for a day or two.
Turku Castle


Turku is a city of magnificence. From numerous urban parks, museums, and beaches to chief landmarks, there is a lot on your plate while sightseeing in Turku. Here are things that you should explore while you are here.

City Parks

  • Kupittaa Park - Kupittaa Park of Turku is the oldest and largest city park in Finland. People come here for ice skating, skateboarding, cycling, sports like baseball, and its outdoor pool.
  • Puolala Park - Puolalanmäki is also famous as the hill park. It has been popular among children since its establishment. It has three spacious playgrounds and a beautiful backdrop.
  • Barkerinpuisto Park - Barkerinpuisto park is an urban park that overlooks the west coast of the Aurajoki river. It is in proximity to the city center. The scenic landscape of the Aurajoki adds to its charm.It got its name after the Barker factories, which stood on this site before the park. Often flea markets, open events, commercial promotions, and concerts are also set up in this park.
  • Brahenpuisto – Brahe Park - There are a plethora of public parks in Turku. And one of the most established parks in Turku is Brahenpiesto, situated close to Turku Cathedral. Brahenpuisto went through major renovations in 1886-1888 and got its trademark landmark, the sculpture of Per Brahe, in 1888.
  • Lönnrotinpuisto Park - Lönnrotinpuisto is at a pleasant location in the Turku City Centre between Aninkaistenkatu, Eerikinkatu, and the Aura River. It was previously popular as Heinätori. It has a surface area of 4,300 m².
  • Samppalinna Park - Samppalinnan Park of Turku is a famous recreational park with many visitors. The park area contains a mountain monastery school, a restaurant, a mountain monastery school, a windmill, and an outdoor swimming pool. The park has a wide variety of plants and attracts a large number of visitors.
  • Watchtower Park - Vartiovuorenpuisto is also known as the watchtower park of Turku. It is of great cultural importance and is famous for its scenic beauty.
  • Runsala Folk Park - Runsala Folk Park is a swimming beach and the right pick for those seeking fun-filled day trips.
  • Folkparken - You can find this park near the heart of the city. It is also a popular spot for hosting events with an audience capacity of 20000 to 35000. The park has a portion overlooking the sea and is loved by the visitors for the same reason. You can also reach this place via water bus in the summers.
  • Porthaninpuisto – Porthan Park - Porthan City park is close to the Kauppatori square and has a vast cultural significance. It is a preferred spot for mass cultural events.
  • Flowpark - You would not like to miss the largest eco-adventure park in Finland. With a tub full of adventure trails and fun tasks, this is the perfect place to unleash your pent-up energy! Plus, Flowpark is in the vicinity of the central square. Just hop into bus number 9 or 99 to reach this spot.
  • JukuPark Waterpark - If you are looking forward to spending a fun-filled day with your family, this is the place for you. JukuPark is just three kilometres from Turku centre! Saunas, shower rooms, kiosks, cafes, grills, swimming pools, and water slides call for a visit.
Brahenpuisto park is the perfect place to spend a day with your friends or family

National Parks

  • Turku National Urban Park: It is one of the main recreation areas in the city. The River Aura backdrop at the centre of the park adds to its aesthetics. It extends from Kylämäki Village to Ruissalo island. The park reflects the historical, cultural, administrative, commercial, and industrial importance of the city.


When it comes to scenic beaches and sunbathes, Turku is definitely on the list. Here is a quick dip into some of the best beaches in the city.

  • Ispoinen beach - Ispoinen beach is a short ride from the Turku Centre. The place also has lifeguards during the summers. So, you can enjoy swimming with your kids without any worries.
  • Ekvalla beach - Ekvalla beach of the Satava island is a comfortable place for families and the physically impaired. The swimming area has a wheelchair ramp and special walkaways to ease the process for the disabled. During the summer breaks, lifeguards are also available.
  • Brinkhall beach - Brinkhall beach is famous for its freshwater origin on the Kakskerta island. You can count on this place to spend a gala family time.
  • Maaria Beach - It is another freshwater beach in the city. If you are in Turku, you should not miss it.
  • Saaronniemi Beach - It is one of its kind beaches in Turku where you can go swimming with your pet dog. It is in Saarontie.
Saaronniemi Beach


  • Kauppatori Market Square - The majority of the tourist attractions are around Kauppatori. It is a one-stop-shop for all the major tourist activities. All buses pass via this central square. Another specialty of this market is the tram carriage turned ice cream booth.
  • Turku Market Hall - Turku Market Hall is the second oldest of its kind in Finland. It is a hit among people since the year of its opening,1896.
  • Harmonia - It is the picture-perfect spot near the ferry station. The exquisite fountain with sparkling Aura water is quite a sight.
  • Turku Castle - The age-old magnificent castle near the Aura harbors is of cultural and historical importance.
  • Logomo - Logomo, previously a VR machine shop, is a popular venue for cultural events in Turku. It is also a strategic spot for businesses and artists. It is in the vicinity of the railway station.
  • St Michael's Church - It is yet another alluring example of the neo-gothic style-architecture.
  • Orthodox Church - It is the principal church of the orthodox parish of Turku.
  • Turku synagogue - This synagogue was built in 1912 and is the second of its kind in Finland.
  • Martin's Church - The church depicts significant architectural functionalism. The famous Al Secco painting on the altar wall adds to its grandeur.
Turku Market Hall


  • Aboa Vetus - Aboa Vetus tells the glorious history of the city. Aboa Vetus enlightens the visitors about the medieval Turku through archaeological artifacts and exhibitions.
  • Biological Museum - The Biological museum has a plethora of mammals and birds on exhibition. It is over a hundred years old with most of the Dioramas dating a century back.
  • Botanical Garden - The Botanical Garden of the Turku University is a hub for research and exhibitions. It is a perfect place to dive into the world of flora with thousands of species and subspecies put onto the display.
  • Ett Hem - The museum spotlights the lifestyle of the upper class in Turku. The artifacts are carved and detailed according to the neo-renaissance principles. The museum gives a glimpse of the ancient culture of the city.
  • Healthcare Museum - TheTurku Health Care Museum gives you insight into the history of ancient medical science- the types of equipment, treatments, and methodologies.
  • Forum Marinum - The Forum Marinum Maritime Centre consists of a national maritime museum and the Finnish Navy Museum.
  • Scout Museum - It exhibits the uniforms, flags, and literature associated with the Scout movement. Get ready to plunge back in time.
Aboa Vetus


The Finnish cuisine in Turku has Swedish, Danish, and German influence. Farming and fishing as traditional occupations have shaped the food culture of the city, over time. Among Fish, Herring is popular. You get to see its multifaceted use in most of the local recipes. Herring, perch, whitefish, and pike are often salted and preserved for tough seasons. If you enjoy munching on sausages, then, Turun Mestaripalvi Oy is just the spot for you. The raisin sausage, the Archipelago sweet malt bread, pulla (cinnamon roll), or Piispanmunkki (Bishops Doughnut) are some regional specialities and are readily available in the Turku Market Hall. You can grab quick meals for € 5 as low as €10 any time. Fine dining restaurants would cost you €30–60 for fine-grilled steak and quality wine. Restaurants close after 23:00 in general. Pizzerias and other fast food places might be open even after midnight. Lunch is the most affordable meal of the day in Turku. Most of the office-goers eat out during breaks. So, most of the places offer afternoon discounts. Several student cafes and lunch restaurants serve piping hot food at affordable prices. Such restaurants serve only at noon and are commonplace near big workplaces in the city. You can see outlets of Hesberger on every nook and corner of Turku. It is because Hesburger has its roots in Turku. The company still has its headquarters here and is considered the best fast food retail outlet by Finns.

Traditional Local Restaurants

The Turku Food Walk Card is the best way to explore the traditional taste of Turku. Get yourself one on your tasting tour in Turku. You get to choose and dine in any five of the restaurants enlisted in the card. Also, here is a list of a few local restaurants you should not miss.

  • Kaskis - Treat yourself to authentic Finnish food with the freshest local produce. Located at Kaskenkatu, Kaskis is famous for its seven-course menu with fresh seasonal ingredients. Hernekeitto is a part of the traditional Finnish cuisine. Prepared using peas and pork, this comfort food is a great speciality of this restaurant. Another great hit of the place is the colorful fish circle that is a combination of fish ceviche with carrots, cloudberries, and roe. A multi-course serving would cost you € 50 to € 70.
  • Smör - Smör serves Scandinavian dishes with a modern maritime twist. Get acquainted with the Nordic flavors. You can have smoked ox-cheek, a tasty fish-dish, and trout tartar. An average three-course meal could cost you € 30 to € 40.
  • Pinella - Experience the taste of Turku in the oldest restaurant in the city. With the spectacular backdrop and great food, Pinella makes for a perfect dining experience. This place is famous for serving quick dishes like horseradish pizza, summer salad with fresh wild herbs, veg burger with broccoli stir fry, cauliflower dish topped with chestnut puree and black rice with cod and lots of greens. There is also a bar from where you can order a beer and the like.
  • Old Market Hall - Do you want to experience the authentic local taste of Turku? Then a visit to the Old Market Hall is a must. It has a hoard of traditional restaurants and cafes you can jump in. One of the famous dine-in places in the Market Hall, S Wallin’s fish restaurant dates back to 1887. People prefer ordering salmon hamburgers, hot fish stew with creamy broth and dark bread, grilled whitefish, and fresh prawn salads.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Kravis-Ravintola - This Vegetarian restaurant is famous for its lunch meals prepared using organic ingredients straight from the local farms. The food is fresh, hot, affordable, and above all- Vegan! This place has a different lunch menu for every weekday. It serves tomato-goat cheese soup, orange pumpkin stew, spinach parsnip soup, celery soup, lentil soup with roasted greens, paprika chickpeas, fennel, and herb potatoes.
  • Kuori - It is a popular dine-in place with affordable food. It gets hugely crowded during lunchtime, so make sure to arrive early for the booking. The exquisite menu includes Artichoke, black cabbage, red and yellow roots, oyster casserole with peanuts, Japanese rice topped with coconut foam, Korean tofu, and onion stew.
  • Tikitak - It is a local kebab-pizzeria with a vegan section. Most of the dishes have a vegan version and alternative. You can hop in here occasionally with your meat-eating friends. You can order seitan with sticky rice and chicken döner with french fries, potato wedges, and waffle fries. Other restaurant hits are chicken döner roll, chicken salad with feta, seitan roll with cheese, pizzas with vegan cheese, kebab rolls, hamburgers, and cola.
  • VG Wok - It is a superb vegan restaurant under budget. It is particularly famous for its traditionally cooked Asian food. The appetizers include spring rolls, rice paper rolls, filled baguettes, different types of wok, soups, and curries. Fresh greens, pickled veggies, salads, soy, and tofu used in dishes make for a healthy alternative to meat.

Street Food

The Old Market square and the Old Market hall are a hub for many local stalls. A lot of local food outlets selling the greatest hits in the city are available. One of the hit-dish from the Turku Market hall is the raisin sausage, a local speciality.

For different varieties of sausages, walk inside Turun Mestaripalvi Oy. Other regional side dishes include the Archipelago sweet malt bread, pulla (cinnamon roll), and Piispanmunkki ("Bishops Doughnut"). If you are a sandwich lover, you can go to Saigon Sandwich Bakery or drop in Naughty BRGR for a hamburger.


Having coffee in Turku is as essential as breathing. You'll find people here drinking coffee multiple times a day. Coffee is an integral part of the Finnish lifestyle. They cannot imagine a day without it. So, you may find yourself gulping down a whopping amount if you drop in a barista in the city.

Apart from the freshly roasted and finely grounded coffee, you can order cocktails and some good wine to gulp down with your food. Most of the restaurants and bars close before midnight. But you can party your heart out in night-clubs and discos which only close after 4:00 AM. If you are just 18, you should only order mild alcoholic beverages. Ardent drinks are accessible only to people older in age(20-22).


Turku has a low water pollution index. The tap water here is perhaps the cleanest in the world and safe to drink. However, avoid drinking from old and leaking pipes. Such taps may serve contaminated water. You should avoid taking risks at any cost. Drinking water from taps is safe otherwise.

Organic Cafés

Why resist the rich aroma from the cafes in the city? Why cut down your regular caffeine diet when scavenging the city all day can be tiresome? All the more, you get to order delicious cakes and other sides alongside your coffee.

  • Cafe Eino - Drop-in for a coffee and quick munching, as early as 6 AM. Slip into this cafe for a soothing warm sip amidst bus switching and shopping at Kauppatori.
  • Cafe Fontana - You can find this street cafe in the city center. You get vegan and gluten-free alternatives. Loud during lunch but quiet otherwise, this cafe serves value-for-price food.
  • Cafe Qwensel - You can jump into this café after finishing your tour inside the pharmacy museum. Enjoy your comfort food in the lap of history. Takeaways are also available.
  • Cafe Art - Hot Latte by this riverside café is an ultimate bliss you can not miss. This cozy cafe is a pleasant walk from the Aura River. It serves coffee straight from Turun Kahvipaahtimo's roastery. Turun Kahvipaahtimo began its journey from its family venture Cafe Art has been selling premium roasted coffee ever since.


A vocal aspect of any place's culture is its food and drinks. And even more vital is the culinary and brewery skills behind. Visit the local breweries and see their functioning. Taste some of the seasonal launches while learning how to brew. Have a look at the breweries you should not miss.

  • Panimoravintola Koulu - It is the largest Finnish brewery in the country. You can stop by this place to enjoy your drink.
  • Kakola Brewing Company - This prison turned brewery in Kakola is a hit in the city. On a quick tour into the brewery, taste some of their specialities.

There are some other breweries you can check out.

  • Tanker Brewery
  • Linden Brewing
  • Kimito Brewing
  • Tampere Brewing & Distilling Company
  • Teerenpeli
  • Rocking Bear Brewers
  • Hangaround & Nobody Brewing


There is a lot to do in Turku. Camping, hiking, boating, canoeing- there is a lot you can do here. Here are a few things that you should have on your bucket list!

  • Archipelago Cruise - It should be the first and foremost thing on your bucket list. The archipelago tour spanning Naantali, Vepsä island, and a bunch of other lush green islands with sand beaches, saunas, cafes, and glistening water is the best way to spend your summers. An archipelago cruise offers you an enticing island tour with lunch buffets.
  • Ferry rides - You can enjoy the Fori ferry at the bridge terminals to navigate the Aura river. And that too free of cost!
  • Hiking and Camping in Ruissalo - Ruissalo is an exotic island where you can spend an entire day hiking and camping. Mundane nights under the oak tree, bonfire, and barbecue would be the perfect way to culminate your day after rigorous hiking.
  • Ice-Swimming & Sauna - The Uittamo beach offers a communal sauna. All the more, you get to experience ice-swimming.
  • Swimming at Ekvalla Beach - It is a quiet beach far from the crowd of people. Not so many people know about it. So you can enjoy your swimming in solitude.
  • Float and Drink - Boats anchored on the Aura River are an attraction in summer. The majority of them now serve the purpose of bars. You can enjoy your beer with a cool breeze and relax yourself cruising on the water.
You can visit any of the Boat bars at Aura River and have a wonderful time

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul. In case you plan to stay, you would not want to break your routine. Here is a list of few credible yoga studios to catch up with your yoga classes.

  • Oasis Pilates & Yoga in Kerttulinkatu
  • Karma Studio in Eerikinkatu
  • Pure Move Oy in Eerikinkatu
  • Astangajooga Turku in Jokikatu
  • Joogakerttul in Kerttulinkatu
  • Shakta Joogakoulu Turku in Sofiankatu
  • Onnensiru in Suovantie
  • Yoga Nordic in Kristiinankatu


There are plenty of hotels in Turku for a comfortable stay. If you are looking for a hotel with a spa, you could consider Caribia Spa Hotel, Scandic Hotel Plaza, and Sokos Hotel Hamburger Börs. For a luxurious stay near the sea, consider staying in Ruissalo Spa or Naantali Spa. If you need an accommodation not far from the center of the city, you can opt for the Centro Hotel.

If you have the average budget, you can hop into the Omena Hotel. Several university hostels provide accommodation in summer breaks at very cheap rates. Alternatively, people low on budget can also stay in ship hostels.

Green Hotels

If you are looking for eco-friendly travel, then opt for a stay in green hotels. Such hotels are eco-friendly and energy-efficient. They are designed in a way to reduce harmful impacts on the environment by providing sustainable accommodation. Here are some of the eco-friendly hotels that you can check out.

  • Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel - If you want an eco-friendly and comfortable stay in the center of Turku, this would be the right pick. Also, this hotel is at a proximal distance from the Aura river, giving you a picturesque backdrop.
  • Original Sokos Hotel Wiklund - It is another green hotel in a strategic location. It is in the vicinity of the city station and airport.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Guesthouses and are the best options in case you want low-budget accommodation. Factors like location, facilities, and charges are the chief deciding factors while picking a place to stay. These are some options that you can consider.

  • Inn 22 - This comfy guest house is at walking distance from Kupittaa Train Station and Turku Airport. You will not have to hustle to catch your train or flight back home.
  • Tapulitalo Guesthouse - It is at a convenient distance from shopping complexes, dine-in places, and bars. Popular attractions in the vicinity include Abo Vetus & Ars Nova Museum and Gothic cathedral.
  • Guesthouse Kupittaa - At Guesthouse Kupittaa, fully-furnished rooms are available for an affordable price. At a walkable distance from Turku Cathedral, this place offers a good variety of breakfasts too.
  • Tuorlan Majatalo - Tuorlan Majatalo is at a convenient distance from Moomin World Adventure Park. It is a hostel that provides accommodation at an affordable rate.


Alternatively, you can also look for apartments for a cozy stay. On average, An apartment in the city would cost you $90 to $ 150 per night. Choosing a comfortable apartment near important landmarks is advisable.

  • Uniikki talo kirjastosilta - This beautiful apartment comes fully furnished with all the amenities. It is near Veritas Stadion and Paavo Nurmi Stadium.
  • Turun Blanka - This apartment is near the Kinopalatsi Movie Theater Complex apartment and the Turku Cathedral. This apartment comes with a snug balcony and is a hit among the couples.
  • SleepWell Apartments AllinkatuTurku - It is at a convenient distance from Turku Cathedral, Kinopalatsi Movie Theater Complex, and Hansa Emporium Shopping Centre. Turku Airport is 9 km from the apartment.


You can even opt for Couchsurfing. There are plenty of locals who share their homes with travelers from around the world for a price. Also, there might be many locals who would not let you in for a stay due to safety concerns. So, be prepared to convince them otherwise.


If you are in Turku, you should not miss camping in its lush green forests and rugged terrains. There are a lot of campgrounds available in the city with hot showers, saunas, beaches, mini markets, sports kits, and grills. Grab a look at some of the campsites in and around the city.

  • Ruissalo Camping
  • Heinänokka
  • Solliden Camping
  • SF-Caravan Kuusisto Kaarina
  • Naantali Camping
  • Camping Mussalo

How to Get There

It is well connected domestically but sparsely connected internationally. Perhaps the most scenic way to get to Turku is by taking a passenger ferry across the Baltic Sea, from Stockholm in Sweden. It is connected via Air as well and trains too.


Turku Airport, located just 8 km from the city, is the main airport in the city You can take a domestic flight to Turku from Helsinki and Mariehamn. International flights to the city from Stockholm, Alicante, Gdansk, and Riga are also available. Fly off to your dream destination places according to your convenience. Some of the flight connections in Turku include Momomdo, airBaltic, Finnair, SAS, and Wizz Air.

Turku Airport, Finland


Many bus companies operate in Turku. If you want to reach Turku via bus, you can consider two options. Book your e-tickets in advance via Matkahuolto or Onnibus. Purchasing tickets online is generally cheaper than getting it directly from the drivers.

As for moving around the city, there are many different bus lines across the city and there is a pretty robust public transportation system in place. Exploring Turku by bus is a relatively cheap and comfortable option.

Local buses on the streets of Turku


VR allows you to book direct day trains or overnight car carriers to Turku. Cities with railway connections to Turku include Helsinki, Rovaniemi, Tampere, Pieksämäki, and Kuopio. Train travel in Turku is expensive. However, you can cut on the expense if you get your tickets in advance via VR.

Railway Station Turku


Another way to reach Turku from cities like Helsinki and Stockholm is via Hitchhiking. Have you ever taken rides from strangers to reach a specific destination? It is what hitchhiking means. You stand at a strategic location with a sign and try to get a ride.

  • From Helsinki - You can safely hitchhike at the Niemenmäki bus stop from Helsinki to Turku.
  • From Stockholm - You can try hitchhiking out to Turku at the Viking Line and Tallink Silja ferry terminals.


  • By boat - Turku has many boat connections, Silja Line and Viking Line that you can avail of. All the more, it can be a lot of fun.
  • By car - Turku has well-established road connections to Helsinki, Tampere, and Pori. You can use those connections to get here via car.
A ferry docked at a riverside in Turku

Moving Around

Moving around in a new location can be mind-boggling. It would be no longer, though. Here is a compilation of various modes to get around in the city like a pro.


Most of the city sights are near the central square. Walking can be a comfortable means for sightseeing in Turku. Join the walking tours in the city. A little walking won't harm you.


Get the cycling route from the Turku tourist office. Bike-sharing and rentals are also available. Cycle your way around the archipelago trail and feel the fresh air gushing on your face.

Electronic Vehicles

You can also get around the city in electric vehicles like an electric car or taxi, e-buses, and electric ferries. Turku is the first city in Finland that has an electric public transport system, eFöli.

Public Bus

Use the Föli app to get tickets for the bus you want to board. The bus connections are very well-laid down in Turku that ease moving around in the city. You can easily board or switch buses at Kauppatori.

Tram, Train and Subway

Mobilizing railway connections for moving around in Turku is under consideration. Electric trams existed in the city for local traveling. But, they were closed down. Presently there is no local rail connection for moving around in Turku.

Sustainable Shopping

The Turku Market Hall and Kauppatori Market square are the one-stop-shop for traditional marketing in Turku. Other shopping outlets in Turku are Kauppakortteli Hansa and Skanssi. Turku has flea markets that sell second-hand goods. The vintage shops at the flea markets are best for buying souvenirs without running short on cash. Most of the locals prefer shopping for some of the other stuff from flea markets. You can find a lot of such places in the city.

Follow the approach of Sustainable shopping. Everything you buy leaves an impact on the health of our environment and society. Only shop what you need. Do not encourage products that have a degrading effect on nature by paying for them. Every small step counts. Indulge in responsible shopping.

Food Markets

There are a lot of food markets in the city that allow people to fetch freshest food items within minutes. You can get fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, dairy, bread, and a lot more.

  • Turun Kauppahalli - Turun Kauppahalli is the best place to get the freshest food and seasonal produce. It is one of the oldest food markets and remains the first favourite of the locals. In addition to shopping for your daily kitchen essentials, you can also explore the local restaurants.
  • The Turku Market Hall - The Turku Market Hall has traditional food counters, which sells meat, fish, bread, milk, cheese, and other culinary ingredients. You can also explore local stalls selling city specialities and old restaurants and cafes.

Other popular local food markets are listed below.

  • Pernonna
  • Jiahe Asia Market
  • K-market
  • Asian Taste Market
  • Asian Minimarket
  • Nurmi Dao Oriental Food
  • K-Market Herkkulinna
  • Katri kauppa
  • Sale Kupittaanpuisto
  • K-Market Kerttuli
  • K-Market Tampereentie
  • K-Market Vartiovuori
  • K-Market Ruokatori
  • Sale Humalistonkatu
  • Lidl Pitkämäki
  • S-market Wiklund Herkku
  • Nurmi Dao Oriental Food

Flea Markets

A flea market is a venue having many independent vendors selling different items like resell items or counterfeit consumer goods. A flea market is the best option for tourists looking for ancient souvenirs. All the more, it is also extensively scrounged by the locals. Here are some of the Flea Markets that you must visit if you are in Turku.

  • The Old Great Square
  • Kirpputori
  • Kirppis Tukikohta
  • Turku Market Square
  • Puutori
  • Mimmin Kirppis
  • Vadelmatarha Turku
  • Lähetyskirpputori
  • Lilla Åbo
  • Kirppis-Center Länsikeskus

Second Hand Stores

A second-hand store includes antique stores and consignment stores. You drop your things in the store that sells them to people while charging a small commission. Thrifting at such stores allows you to do economical and eco-friendly shopping. Often stores recycle or renovate most of the products before selling them.

Also, if you are seeking vintage items, then you should check out one such store. UFF sells recycled clothes, used books, room decors, carpets, pillows, and various other items. The majority of their products for sale are donations from people. You can also give away things you no more need as long as they are in good condition. Other commendable second-hand stores include Kirppiskeskus Hassinen and Kaarinan Ykköstien Kirpputori.


Finland is a country where sustainable shopping has existed for ages in the form of thrift stores, antique shops, and flea markets. Ecological fashion derives its roots from this culture and thrives on the creative use of materials that can be reused and recycled. Fashion brands in Turku have adopted a sustainable business model. Here is a glance at some of such fashion eco-labels in Turku.

  • Cuitu - This fashion brand of Turku works in collaboration with companies like Spinnova that develop sustainable materials. Its innovative textiles follow a zero-waste policy and feature minimalistic yet trendy designs to allure customers worldwide.
  • Roots Cultural Movement

Roots Cultural Movement company is known for its streetwear collection manufactured from cotton and hemp. In addition to selling its clothing label, it also sells textile and accessories from many eco-fashion brands of Finnish origin.

  • Saana Ja Olli

It is another brand that designs and sells sustainable and fashionable hemp textiles. Each garment is designed uniquely by the owners of the brand who themselves are designers.


Ekotori is a recycling store and a vital step towards sustainable shopping. Instead of dumping everything after a single use, it recycles such products. You can easily find Ekotori in the centre of the city. On top of this, many eco-fashion brands create innovative textiles and accessories by recycling donated items.


The city of Turku has a strict waste management policy. The wastewater undergoes extensive treatment before being discharged into the sea. Many waste processing industries like Biovakka produce renewable energy from recycled wastes. One such firm, Biovakka, produces biogas that gets utilized in electricity production. At Topinoja waste treatment center, the waste yields methane.

The processed solid waste goes to construction sites. The center aims to use methane as fuel in vehicles and extracted nitrogen gas as fertilizers. Only 2% of Turku's solid waste reaches the landfill. Rest all is upcycled and processed in waste incineration plants.

Work and Study Abroad

There are plenty of options available for studying and working abroad in Turku. A lot of international students are enrolled in various courses in Turku. Easy work options as Au pair or volunteering is also available.

Exchange Student

The University of Turku is an internationally known university with 1500 seats for international students. Established as the first Finnish-language university in 1920, it offers over 300 courses. The education is focused on the latest developments in science and technology and seeks to develop a quest and innovative approach in students.

Au Pair

If you are an unmarried adult traveler aged between 18 to 30 years and are planning to stay in Turku for a fixed tenure, you can work as an au pair for a local family. As an au pair, you will be supposed to look after children, drive them to school, or help with light household chores.


You can also engage yourselves in volunteer work in Turku. In return, you get to mingle with people and participate in something that interests you. It is an excellent way to gain work experience to boost your chances of getting entry to a working life. You also get to work on your language skills. You make contacts that you could utilize in your work life.

Just make sure to ask for a testimonial of service for the volunteer work. Many organizations in Turku could provide you with a plethora of things to engage yourself. In Turku, volunteers prevent the refugees from social exclusion by giving them company, promote culture, literature, and peace, organize literature, music, and sports clubs, help keep the environment clean, and care for the stray animals. You can check out these volunteer organizations in Turku.

  • Finnish Red Cross
  • Turun Elokolo
  • Runsala gård

Additionally, you can scavenge these websites for more volunteer work- Vapaaehtoistyö.fi, Toimeksi and Hiiop100.fi

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