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Eco-friendly travel guide to Wuhan advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Wuhan, China.

Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$60- $400
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $200

Responsible Travel

Traveling Responsibly is very important because it encourages people to Respect other people's homes. The idea of traveling responsibly is to help other countries have a good environment. There are a lot of ways you can save the environment, which will be listed. It is important to help the country as a tourist so that you leave a good name for the other tourists visiting the same place you are about to visit. The ways to travel responsibly are:

  • Avoid Flying: Using other modes of transportation is good for the environment. Taking other transports is great because it decreases the chances of the environment being harmed. Planes are advised to be taken If Travelling a distance that needs a plane. Otherwise, when Traveling a short distance, you should be trying other modes of transport like buses, trains and more. Using cars can save, but it also has its own advantages and disadvantages. Cars do also affect the environment but not compared to planes. Planes can be used, but it is recommended not to use them a lot of times.
  • Avoid Stops: When traveling with a car or bus or any transport that travels on the road, it is important not to do the stops. When you think you will need road food and beverages, carry them from your place or buy them before you leave. When you avoid stops, it will benefit the environment because you get to travel less kilometers and spend less fuel. Avoiding stops will also cut the distance short, and you will quickly arrive wherever you want to go. Avoiding stops may also make the trip boring, but it is good to help citizens save their environment.
  • Avoid Eating A Lot of Meat: That is a hard one. L means avoiding food like meat on holiday is so not fun! But if you want to save the environment and do Eco traveling, it might be an advantage. Well, you can lose weight. That's if you have been wanting to lose weight, but you couldn't get the time. Imagine going back home to your family with a nice slim body after a long vacation. Well, this is not about losing weight but saving the environment.
  • Use Recyclable products: Everyone knows that using recyclable products is very important. When you use Recyclable materials, you protect the environment from waste. The more you use non-recyclable materials, then you reduce the need for using raw materials. Plus, when using non-recyclable materials, you reduce the waste that is thrown to the ground. You reduce pollution, and that will make you someone who is willing to save the environment. But the food that is stored in materials that can be recycled, and make sure you throw your dirt in the bin. Buy recyclable products, and that can protect the environment.
  • Avoid Takeaways: Avoiding takeaways is a great way to save money and help the environment. The reason why it is recommended to avoid takeaways is that most people dump the doggy bags on the ground instead of using the bin. If you are someone who prefers eating out, we would advise you to eat in a restaurant and not request a takeaway. Avoiding takeaways will help keep the environmenpollutio and reduce air pollution. If you need takeaways and don't have to maybe eat-in restaurant, we strongly advise you to throw away your container in the bin after eating your takeaway.

Air Quality and Pollution

Getting to know about a country's air quality and pollution is considered to be the most important thing to do before you to a foreign country. The reason why it is considered important is because if the air is polluted and it has a low quality, it can affect your health. The air quality in Wuhan, China, seems to be improving. It was investigated that in the past few years, Wuhan had bad air quality and pollution. It is now essential to take it into your hands to help Wuhan improve their air quality. Pollution was also something that was high in Wuhan but has improved. Henceforth helping Wuhan improve on their air quality and pollution is important as a tourist. Being an eco traveler or tourist is one of the ways we can Wuhan improve their quality. Pollution in Wuhan is not that bad for people who are sick or suffering from illnesses. When traveling to Wuhan, make sure you look for an accommodation close to the attraction or city. Eco traveling will help Wuhan in great ways, and it can also make you gain recognition as a tourist in Wuhan.

Respect the Culture

Respect is something that is important even if you are not traveling to Wuhan. Respecting other people's culture is important because it shows that you were raised by good people even though you don't practice the same culture. Respect can also increase the chances of you getting friends. Respecting a culture will make other people respect your culture and what you have to say. Wuhan is a very cultural place, and their culture is very respected. The culture of Wuhan is unique, and it also stands out in China. Make sure you respect the culture so that people can respect you.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Yellow Crane Tower: The yellow crane tower is one of the oldest towers in China. The yellow crane tower is the most visited tower in China. This place carries the history of China. It was built and rebuilt for a lot of time so that people lost count. The yellow crane tower is a highly recommended tourist attraction in China. Most tourists that visit the tower complement the views and the tower. If you are a person that is not afraid of heights, we recommend you to visit the place.
  • Visit the Han Show: Visiting the han show is also a fun activity to do because you get to interact with people that show has been there for years and visiting the place will also bring a lot of advantages, and it has an attraction in Wuhan. When you visit that place, you know that you will have fun because it is a live performance. Therefore being in a live performance will open opportunities for you to meet the actors and actresses. This will bring you closer to people, which enables you to get good friends.
  • Visit Han Street: Well, yes, visit the street because there is a lot that happens on that street. That street is the most known place in Wuhan, and it is not only known but also visited by a huge number of people on a daily basis. If you get there at the right time, you may find people performing. The place has a chain of restaurants and stores. The place is also one of the cultural places in China. Visiting that place will help you observe how the Chinese people are, and maybe you may get other people who will tell you more about the place and language.
  • Visit the East Lake: That lake is one of the beautiful Lakes in Wuhan. A lot of people visit it because of its beautiful views and activities. This lake also has various restaurants, boats and it offers a whole lot more activities you can do for fun. The place is beautiful and a comfort zone to meet people who are free-spirited, live, and happy. There are many advantages that come with visiting this place and more fun than you can have from just being in this place.
  • Visit the Art Exhibitions: This is a nice place or activity for people who love art. Art is worth buying or celebrating. In art exhibitions, there is a lot of fun you can do. There is a lot of fun there, and you will have fun with people who love what you love. So you can take your time and go check out the art. That will also make you learn more about the history of China. The exhibitions tell more about the history and the culture of a country. It is worth visiting the place, so you know what happened and see the beauty of art.
  • Jianghan Street: This is also one of the best streets in Wuhan. In this tree, you can eat and try out different Chinese food. The food there is very delicious and considered to be one of China's places for cultural food. Visiting the place will expose you to what is eaten in China and the people. It is a place to have fun and chill with people in restaurants. You can also do your own shopping and have memories of the fun you had in china. There are a lot of things you can do on that street so visiting it will be worth it.
  • Grab a coffee at Tan Hua Lin: Grabbing a coffee is not something new. Coffee is something that you are probably used to. But then coffee from a different place may be different. The tourists who have visited China always compliment how your coffee is made there. The coffee is also delicious and unique. In that place, you can chill and have fun with other people. You get the opportunity to chill with people and do more than just drink coffee. Visit the place and taste the loved coffee
  • Dining delights at TianDi: Well, this is a lovely place for eating out with friends and family. People who love to eat a lot can enjoy having different kinds of foods. In this place, you get Chinese, Italian, French, or Korean. You get what you feel like eating, or you also get to taste different kinds of dishes. You can eat whatever you feel like eating. You get to go to the bar and drink. In the bar, you can also chill with people and have drinks. But be careful and do not make the mistake of drinking and driving.
  • Have a snack in Hubu Alley: That place serves the best snacks you can ever find. This place is best just to get nice snacks and just have fun. You get to taste what snacks in China are made. In that place, there are more than three thousand people who visit the place. So you will have to join a queue when you go to the place. The way the place is full, I doubt you will miss the opportunity to get a friend. Well, if you already have friends, then that is double the fun. You will eat as much as you can!
  • Cycle around Wuhan: Well, cycling is also part of gyming. You get to tour around the city and have fun. By cycling, you lose a little bit of fat. So by cycling, you explore a huge part of the city. By walking, you see a few places, maybe two or three, but you see more places with cycling. There are a lot of places you can see in China and have fun while cycling. When you cycle, you will explore and take pictures. This is an entertaining activity you can do and have fun with.
Wuhan East Lake


Wuhan is a charming city that is located in China. This city is the mother city of China. It is the Capital city of China. It is divided into two rivers that are named the Yangtze and Han river. A place is a good place because it has Lakes and Rivers. Wuhan is also a nice place for students because it has nice universities known in China. Visiting that place will be a huge advantage because it is a city where the Educational centers and transportation hubs are found in that city. Wuhan is known to be a very cultural and prosperous city, and it is now known also to be an excellent part of China.

Exploring is one of the reasons why you travel. To explore is to get to know other people's cultures, religions, and food. When you explore, you get to see new places and enjoy being with people. When you explore, you get to know the place, which also increases the chances of interacting with people. Exploring is also important, so you get to know the history and the fancy spots. So normally exploring is part of traveling and that also makes you a tourist. So you should explore and have fun, meet people and eat as much as you can.

City Parks

  • Jiuzhaigou: This place is one of the most attractive city parks in China. This is a place for people who want to be one with nature. Jiuzhaigou is a great place for picnics, and it has great hiking spots. Many family members from China prefer visiting that place because it is a nice place for children and people who are coming. So you can also go there and observe the children playing around, that is a very beautiful sight to see. Or you can also go around there and wind off from anything. Seeing nature is fun, and it's the best way to cool down.
  • Mount Huangshan: This place is also a place that is part of nature. This park is one of the known parks in China. This place is surrounded by culture. It is believed to be one of the most cultural parks in China. This park is also one of the biggest parks in china that contain a lot of activities that you can do with friends and family. This place is made up of granite peaks, hot springs, pine forests, and a sea of clouds that sits just below the peaks through much of the year.

National Parks

  • Longmen Grottoes: This is considered to be a very beautiful place and loved place in China. This is a cultural heritage and phenomenal place. This place is a very beautiful and special place to the country hence it is called a National park. There are 2,300 caves and 110,000 statues in all, with the smallest being just an inch high. The place has the largest statue of the Buddha, a huge 57 feet. This means Buddhists are free to visit the place. This place has a lot of attractions, and you can have fun.
  • Mount Song: This is a historical place. It will be a fun place to be in for tourists to get to know more about Wuhan. This mountain has a very good history with China. The Zhongyue Temple has been one of the main Tao centers in China since the 3rd century BC. So it is one of the oldest places you can ever visit and have fun in. You will get to know more about the history of china and what happened in that specific place. You’ll find the famous Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of Zen Buddhism and Shaolin Kung Fu, over one thousand five hundred years ago.
Mount Song


  • Yalong Bay — "The Oriental Hawaii": The beach is beautiful. It has the soft sands and the clear blue skies. The weather there is very nice, nice and cool. The place is a fun and good place to have children over. You can do a lot at that place with your family and friends. It is a perfect place to escape the winter cold with an average temperature of 23°C if you stay in a cold country. That is a good place to escape and have fun or if you are running away from the cold weather.
  • Wuzhizhou Island — The first Commercial Diving Location in China: This is the prettiest and most attractive. The beach is considered to be a plant beach because of its beautiful features. A huge number of people visit it because it's big and fancy. If you are someone who is into diving, then you might as well arrive as early as possible as you can because there is a long line that can last you a lifetime. So this place is a good place to visit especially early because it gets very, very full.
Yalong Bay


  • Wudang Mountain: This place is the most visited in China. Thousands visit this place for different reasons. Some people visit this place for religious reasons, and some to tour and see the place. The Wudang mountain is a huge place that consists of more than a hundred kilometers. This mountain has a lot of hiking spots, and a lot of activities are done there. You can visit this place with family and friends, but frankly, the place is full. You can go there to meet new people and interact. The main tourist resorts include three ponds, nine springs, nine wells, nine platforms, ten pools, ten stones, eleven caves, thirty-six cliffs, and seventy-two peaks, all of them compose incomparable Chinese traditional mount-water drawings. Most famous Taoist holy site in China as well as in the world. The Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountains has been on the World Heritage List since 1994 as a unique land to spread Chinese Taoist culture. So visiting the place will be fun and you will enjoy being in that place. Visit the place and see how they worship. You can also learn a lot.
Wudang Mountain


  • Wuhan Museum: This museum consists of more than one thousand pieces. It is a place that is visited by a lot of people from Wuhan. There is a lot that you can do in that museum because of a lot of pieces. There are a lot of people that usually visit the museum. You can get to know the history of China and get to know about the religion. So this place is huge, and it has a lot of population. So it is a good place for friends and family. So now the fun is something that will be there.


China is known for divine food. The food they usually 8eat in China is noodles. They are also known for the different types of meat they eat. They eat meat that is unique and from their culture. You can have fun eating a lot of food in China. There are a lot of places you can try out that specialize in food. Chinese food is different, and trying it out can be fun. So you can try out a lot of places and try different dishes. There are a lot of restaurants in China; some are traditional restaurants and vegan. You will find everything you would like.

  • Wuhan Regan Noodle Restaurant
  • Xinjiang Muslim Restaurant

Traditional Local Restaurants

China is known for its traditional food, so of course, there are many traditional restaurants you can try out. The food that is eaten in a lot of restaurants that you can try out and have fun in. A lot of tourists usually visit these restaurants. We recommend you to try out these restaurants below. These are usually recommended by tourists.

  • Wuhan Traditional Hongyou Hot-dry Noodles
  • Traditional Sichuan Restaurant
  • Traditional Hunan Cuisine Restaurant

Vegetarian and Vegan

Well, vegan food is also not scarce in China. You can find vegan food in china. I think that every restaurant has a section on the menu for people who are vegetarians. But just in case you are looking for that restaurant that only serves vegan food, then a list will be compiled. Vegan food is also popular in China, so those who are vegan won't have a hard time there im Wuhan. You can also get vegan food in any restaurant you want to eat in.

  • BaoTong Si Su CaiGuan
  • AiJia YuanRong CanYin (Gui North Road)
  • Wei GenYi Chu Restaurant

Street Food

There are a lot of people that eat street food in China. Mostly in China, they eat street food, so it is easy to get street food from this place. So you will be free to get whatever food you like within a short period of time. The street food is complimented a lot by residents and tourists. So you will have a lot of options, and you will taste many dishes as you can. The street food is said to be very cheap and delicious.

  • Lingke Street Food
  • Yingwu Street Food Town
  • Featured Food Street


The drinking Culture is quite exquisite in China. People like to consume different kinds of alcohol fro different days or occasions. You could try their Sorghum wine or other popular drinks and enjoy yourself. The nightlife in China is magnificent and offers outstanding recreation and fun opportunities.


The question that is asked by most people before they travel is if the water is clean or purified. We have done our research, and unfortunately, we found out that the water in china is not clean. Normally the water is not clean in Big cities because of the population. The best thing you can ever do is ask people who stay there about the water because they stay there and they know. So do your research more about the water so that you know if you are drinking clean water.

Organic Cafés

Because of the population in Wuhan and the number of people visiting, it is obvious that there is a huge number of people going to cafes. There is a lot of cafes in Wuhan, and China is known for its coffee. Everyone, meaning the tourists and the residents in China, would like to try out the cafes. I mean, who wouldn't like to try their divine coffees out? So it will be fun for you to try out the cafes that will be listed for you Because they are highly recommended.

  • Starbucks (WuHan Han Jie Wanda)
  • Lobby Lounge - InterContinental Wuhan
  • Hao Coffee HongBei


Wuhan has a good track of drinking culture and processing. Many people in China emphasize greatly on the drinking etiquette and quality of beer or wine. People like to drink different kinds of wine or alcohol-based on various factors and fields. For instance, Baijiu is a classic drink of china which is quite popular among the businessmen. Whereas, Red wine combines luxury and class for Chinese people. Tsingtao and Harbin Beer are quite popular beer brands in China. Some of the popular breweries in Wuhan include:

  • Devils Brewery
  • CR Snow Wuhan
  • Budweiser Wuhan International Brewing Co.


There are many fun activities to do in Wuhan. You can go riding, camping or sight-seeing in areas in and around Wuhan. Other than that, East Lake in Wuhan is a wonderful place for walking and a relaxing place to enjoy with their family members. You can also go sun-bathing around Wuhan Beaches or enjoy a memorable camping experience near the national parks and other camping sites. It is also an amazing place to go hiking and trekking with your friends on some famous mountains or hills near this area.

Yoga and Retreats

Chinese people greatly value peace of mind along with work. Yoga helps in the physical as well as mental healing of the body. It allows you to have a greater spiritual connection and well being. Many tourists and locals are highly interested in enrolling themselves in yoga classes to improve their mental and physical health. You can also take part in some of the retreat vacations offered by several agencies for recreation and wellness.

  • Wuhan Jingxin Yoga Health Club
  • The Westin Wuhan Wuchang
  • Swami Daya Mata


If you are going for a vacation, it is recommended you make prior decisions for an accommodation space. Before visiting the place, you should have enough information about the better accommodation places and the total budget expenditure. Wuhan has an amazing set of hotels, apartments, or hostel buildings which can provide you better and desirable accommodation to stay. Just make sure you have an advanced booking for a one day stay at any hotel or location on the day of your arrival. This will give you enough time to practically look at the various locations and choose accommodation for yourself. The best place to look for any accommodation is the central part of the city. You could also opt for staying at an accommodation near the airport for your arrival day, especially if you have had a long travel flight.

Green Hotels

Choosing wise accommodation is an important part of your responsible travel journey. You must make a wise decision while choosing your accommodation. Wuhan is known to have many green hotels that offer great environmental as well as tourism benefits. These hotels have an excellent eco-friendly approach and provide environmental benefits. They stress the need to use eco-energy sources, offer organic food and have a sustainable approach. Even the hotel staff is well trained and institutionalized in the sustainable use of energy resources and eco-friendly approach.

  • Green League Hotel
  • Wanda Realm Huangshi
  • New World Wuhan Hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels and guest houses are the ideal accommodation mode if you are visiting the city with your friends. These are cheap, safe and better mod of accommodation in terms of expenditure. For a long time stay, getting yourselves a hostel room is very wise. Other than that, many hostels offer mess-services to their customers, and you can also opt for some rental machinery or mechanical objects. Some hostels are known to rent bicycles and other vehicles during their stay. This saves them a lot of money.

You could also befriend some of the locals who might rent their guesthouses to you for a stay. Well, you could enjoy the amazing place without any interference and at a reasonable price. The following are some of the top-notch hostels and guesthouses in Wuhan.

  • International Youth Hostel
  • Wuhan Manzhatang Hostel
  • Star Moon Capsule Hostel
  • The Best Eastern Hostel
  • iHomestay


Your extended vacation can be even more amazing if you book an apartment for your stay. In case you have come for some business work in the city or are with your wife or kids, apartments might be the best pick for you. They guarantee your peace and privacy than any other mode of accommodation. Some apartments offer great furniture and kitchen equipment like a gas stove, refrigerator, toaster, etc. This way you could enjoy the pleasure of living in this city without any pressure or problem. Here are some of the important apartment buildings you can choose to stay in:

  • Zhongyuan Light Luxury Apartment
  • Wuhan Greenland Center
  • Wuhan 1Limi Apartment


Couchsurfing is a more sustainable and active way of getting accommodation. You could crash at a local's home for a few days if he or she is willing to offer you a stay at their place. Couchsurfing gives you a chance to interact more freely with the locals. You can get to know the locals more closely. It gives you a chance to get actively involved in the local culture and tradition. Give your time to know more about them and have a fantastic trip. In the course of staying at someone else's house, you should refrain from doing anything that could hurt their sentiments or bring them discomfort. You should also try to be more adjusting and compromising if you plan on Couchsurfing.


Adventure and Thrill can increase the level of excitement and fun in your vacation. Camping is the best way to bring freshness and adventure to your trip. You can also enjoy hiking and sightseeing with your friends or other tourist groups, and You can also stroll around the camping site and have quality time there. If you plan on going camping during your vacation, it is better to consult or contact various camping agencies and organizations. They can tell you more about the good camping sites, precautions, and much more.

How to Get There

Wuhan is a wonderful city to explore and enjoy. It has a very well-developed transportation system with proper road and train connection.Taking proper public transport is a more desirable mode of transportation. This can save you more money and can offer you a chance to meet more locals and interact with them actively. The city is the most economically forward and central hub of china, is well connected with neighboring cities and countries via various link roads, flight routes, and train tracks.


Wuhan Tianhe International Airport is amongst the busiest and most popular airports in Central China in Wuhan City. The airport is known to host larger passenger traffic every year and offers excellent services to the passengers. Air Transportation is an excellent mode of travel and offers a faster and comfortable mode of travel. Wuhan Tianhe International Airport hosts several popular airlines like Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, and others. Some of the important international destinations are San Francisco, New York City, Rome, Tokyo, Istanbul, Singapore, Bali, Osaka, etc. It hosts passengers from about fifty-three countries.

Wuhan Tianhe International Airport


Wuhan's transportation system is highly diversified and very well developed. It is amongst the largest transportation hub in Central China, and several roads are connecting it to various other countries and cities. The highways radiate in almost every direction allowing buses to ferry passengers across the country. The buses are available both for long as well as short routes. You can travel from Shanghai to Wuhan in just 18 hours without spending too much money. Other than that, Beijing Zhujiang Expressway connects some major cities to Wuhan. This expressway is the best way to connect Wuhan to Beijing and is considered amongst the busiest road networks in China.


The Huabei Province is very well connected to various cities in and around Huabei Province. The major cities have rail services interconnecting some of the top cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou with Wuhan. Some of the trains from Guangzhou offer high-speed train services that take just four hours to reach a distant destination. There are about three railway stations in Wuhan, namely Wuhan Railway Station, Hankou Railway Station, and Wuchang Railway Station.


Hitchhiking is an amazing way to travel to Wuhan. You can make great friends while traveling and have an adventurous journey for yourself. You could take a lift from the strangers and get to know about the people you never knew before. You can make wonderful friends with people you have just met on your way and have a fun journey together. Make sure you wear proper attire, and your attitude does not make the other person uncomfortable. You should try to be more adjusting and conscious while taking a lift from others.


Apart from air, bus, or rail transport, you can choose several other modes of transportation when traveling to Wuhan. You could either book a taxi for yourself or get to the city via waterways or any other transportation modes. You can hire a cab or taxi for you since it offers a more comfortable and safer mode of travel. You can also use a coach that could ferry you in and across Shanghai, Changsha, Nanchang, Wuhan, etc.

Moving Around

Wuhan is a wonderful city to explore. There is a number of tourist places you could visit here, see several important landmarks and have a great time. You could also enjoy going shopping, sightseeing, and stroll around the city. The transportation network is very well developed in Wuhan and highly interconnected to various other important metropolitan locations and around the places in the city.


The best way to explore the city is by strolling through it. When you are walking around the city, you can easily stop by any place and observe things intently. Other than that, walking around the city is a more eco-friendly method of travel. This way you could save more money and spend extra time at various places and things. Especially when you are visiting a narrow street or a crowded place, walking might be the best option for you.


You can always rent a bicycle when moving around the city. Bicycling is a more environmentally friendly method to move around the city. It is also a nicer way to travel alone without any worries about fuel or anything. You can always use a bicycle to ferry across the city's central parts or go riding along the riverside or beaches.

Electronic Vehicles

There are several ways to travel around the city without draining enough money or time. These electronic vehicles offer a faster service and are known to have very reasonable rates. You can also share your ride with other locals and tourists that can cut your travel expenses to about half. They also reduce the emission of fuels to a greater extent.

Public Bus

Using public transport is the best way to travel since it costs less and is a more eco-friendly mode of transportation. Usually, the buses in Wuhan cost just 2 RMB to ride around the city. You can also go to tourist lane 402, which would ferry tourists to East Lake and Yellow Crane Tower, etc. You can get to the famous tourist spots in Wuhan and also accompany the fellow tourists along with you.

Tram, Train and Subway

Wuhan also has a fairly working tram and subway system. These modes of transport are highly convenient and popular among the locals. Currently, there is only one tram system functional in Wuhan. It is named Auto-City T1 line started around July 28, 2017; the tram runs from Chelun Square to Deshenggang with about twenty-two stations on the way. Apart from that, the Wuhan Composite Tram System is amongst the first carbon fibre tram system operational in Wuhan since 2019.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable Shopping is the best way to enjoy responsible travel and promote eco-friendly methods of tourism. This is one of the ways that offer a sustainable approach for shopping. You can buy some amazing items that are either recyclable or biodegradable to reduce the harmful impact on the environment. Encouraging sustainable shopping is a better way to travel responsibly.

Food Markets

Food markets are very popular in Wuhan. Locals, as well as tourists, like to buy their favorite foods and groceries in bulk or whatever quantity they want. Some food markets offer organic foods and fruits to the customers at very affordable routes. Also, they offer superior quality food products. There are many open food markets in Wuhan that are always crowded with locals due to the great variety offered and the considerable rates. Here are some of the important food markets in China you must visit:

  • Wuhan South China Seafood Wholesale Market
  • Huanan Seafood Market
  • Wuhan Hezuo Road Shengxian Food Market

Flea Markets

Street Markets in Wuhan offers vendors excellent opportunities to sell second-hand merchandise or other goodies. You can buy from various objects in the market like antiques, collectibles, used goods, and vintage clothing materials. Flea Markets in Wuhan offers everything at affordable prices and is the best choice for the middle-class people as well as the tourists.

  • Hanzheng Street Market
  • Wuhan Jinkai Flea Market Limited Company
  • Jiajia Flea Market

Second Hand Stores

Buying second hand goods is an excellent way to save money. Different locals and middle income families highly prefer to visit these second hand stores and markets to satisfy there budget. They can buy old furniture, get second-hand vehicles and other machinery. This may not only save them enough money but also provide them with faster processing and less paperwork. Some of top second hand stores are mentioned below:

  • Xiaochen Second-hand Electrical Appliances
  • Liudu Bridge Second-hand goods market
  • Chezhiyou Second hand Vehicle Store


Eco-fashion is a great way to foster change in fashion products and upgrade to a more sustainable approach. It encourages the need for buying and using eco-friendly products. You can buy recyclable fabric for the clothes or go through a wide selection of organic products and items. You can purchase organic dyes, organic food, etc. Some of the eco shops in Wuhan are:

  • Wuhan Green Leisure Food
  • Hovokings Eco Home Improvement Center


It is better to reduce the burden of eradicating waste in Wuhan. Recycling is an ideal way to get rid of excess waste generated by the locals and tourists. Some of the recyclable products involve glass bottles, recyclable plastics, and other materials. You should also prefer using materials that can be recycled and avoid the use of plastics or other materials.

  • Wuhan Anhua Environmental Cleaning Co.Ltd.
  • Jingmen Waste Cleaning and Transportation


Waste generation is ways a serious problem for any country or city. The disposal and processing of waste have become a serious issue of concern. Also, being a tourist, you should avoid using non-biodegradable products. Even the use of disposable and use and throw items since further pollute the environment and degrade it. Many waste management companies work harder to recycle these waste products, and there are many dumping locations to dispose off the large bulks of municipality waste.

Work and Study Abroad

Working and Studying abroad offers excellent opportunities for international students as well as other immigrants. Wuhan is a wonderful place with a lot of things to explore. Wuhan amongst the quite popular cities with a wonderful transportation network. There are many opportunities to study and work in Wuhan. The education costs are quite considerable and offer an outstanding work environment. The locals are very friendly and supportive to the outsiders.

Exchange Student

Wuhan offers excellent education standards along with high-quality staff and experience. You can find some amazing study abroad programs, get yourself an enticing scholarship, or enroll in an exchange program provided by one of the universities in Wuhan. Many international students turn to Wuhan to get a wonderful education environment at reasonable rates. Here is the list of top universities in Wuhan offering exchange programs:

  • Wuhan University of Technology
  • Central China Normal University
  • Hubei University

Au Pair

Au pairing is the best method of cultural exchange. This gives you a chance to get to know about the variety of cultures and languages. You can stay and explore a foreign city in return for the services you provide. One could offer to extend their services as a cook, a teacher, nanny, or a housekeeper. In return for your services, you can get a chance to know deeply about other cultures along with getting a monetary allowance for your stay.


Social work or science researches are the two most common reasons for offering a volunteering services. When you volunteer for any work, you do it without any expectation of money or return. Volunteering can provide you an amazing hands-on experience in your life where you could opt for social service.

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