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Eco-friendly travel guide to Yerevan advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Yerevan, Armenia.

Bird Eye view of the city

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5/ 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3 / 5
  • Parks: 3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5/ 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$150 - $210
  • Budget per day: US$250 - $300

Responsible Travel

Yerevan is the largest, and the capital city of Armenia, since 1918. It is among the oldest continuously inhabited cities, located at the Hrazdan river. Yerevan is the cultural, administrative, and industrial center of the country. It is situated around the Ararat plains, and serves as the seat of the Araratian Pontifical Diocese; the largest dioceses of the Armenian Apostolic Church and one of the oldest dioceses in the world.

Be a responsible tourist by supporting organic restaurants, locally-owned or else, and other businesses. Protect the environment by making the contentious choices, explore the attracting sites sustainably. Being a tourist, learn to respect the local culture and people, and make a trip that is full of appreciation and gratefulness to the city. The city has fascinating old monuments

Some of the best ways to have a memorable and enjoying time while traveling around a city are :

  • When possible, prefer public transport systems. It reduces your carbon footprint and is an eco friendly way to go around. Not to mention it is a cheaper way to travel as well.
  • Use designated areas to throw trash and maintain a clean environment wherever you visit. Do not litter. This is the most disrespectful thing one can do as a tourist. You have to respect the sanctity of the place, leave it in a better condition rather than a deteriorated one.
  • Learn and respect the local culture. Listen to what they have to say. Learn a few phrases in the local language just to show your respect. Do not looked down upon them or their ways and make sure you are not demeaning in any way.
  • Prefer walking and cycling, which helps you in exploring more. It is also great for your health and an excellent way of discovering the true essence of the city. You can not see the places on a car or a bus that you could see on a bicycle or by walking.
  • Using metal straws is an excellent way of being a responsible and eco friendly tourist. Around 8.3 billion plastic straws are polluting beaches all over the world so even if it might seem like a small and insignificant thing, it will help you reduce so much of that extra weight.

Air Quality and Pollution

No doubt air pollution is one of the biggest problems that the whole world is facing. The city's air pollution is evident in its congested streets were passenger vehicles, cars, motorcycle jostle for space, full belching clouds of black smoke. The Construction boom and practices like the burning of garbage only add to the levels of outdoor air pollutants. The air pollution rate keeps alternating, which shows the absence of a robust monitoring system.

The air pollution not only increases the respiratory diseases and cardiovascular conditions, but it also increases the risks of premature death rates globally. The presence of air pollutants inside the houses, classrooms, and offices has been increasing. The polluting gases include carbon monoxide that comes from various sources, such as burning fuels used in lighting and for cooking purposes. It has become a significant environmental risk factor for health, as residents breathe the toxic air. However, the general air pollution level and the Air quality of Yerevan ranks at a moderate level. It is a cause of concern how Global warming and our lifestyle choices are affecting nearly every country and every city in the world so the air will be polluted to a certain level everywhere. You will not need to wear a mask when travelling around Yerevan however, if you belong to sensitive groups then it might be a good idea to do so.

Respect the Culture

Armenian culture is a rich mixture of colors, flavors, outside influences, and things that are unique in Armenia. From architecture to applied arts, performing arts to literature, the culture in Armenia reflects history, aspirations, lifestyle, and unique beauty.

Armenia became the first and foremost country with Christian beliefs; it has its unique alphabets that have helped them to promote their literature and identity. The addition of influencing marks, made Armenia grow, and develop by bringing new ideas and techniques to create something unique.

Due to such influences, Armenian culture has many elements in common with the nearby cultures. Tourists learning about the paintings, theatres, music, art, khachkars, and architecture makes a memorable part of the trip.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Armenia is a paradise for tourists, exploring breathtaking mountain views, beautiful scenery and remarkable landscapes. Let's explore the most beautiful and amazing places to visit in Armenia, that are rich in culture, among the oldest in history, and are popular tourist destinations. It is recommended to visit Yerevan in June to August and from December to February due to extreme weather conditions.

  • Lake Sevan: If you are one of those who are fond of natural beauty, then lake Sevan is an experience you don't want to miss. Sevan is blessed with peaceful beauty invigorated by the Lake Sevan that titillates the minds of visitors. Lake Sevan is popularly known as the pearl of Armenian beauty. One can enjoy delicious food while having a picnic close to the lake. Please make you do not litter in order to preserve the beauty of the lake.
  • The Classic Temple in Garni: A lot of tourists enjoy travelling through villages, and if you are one of them, then Garni is the best Village to explore. Garni is located in the Kotayk province in Armenia, it's a famous tourist destination featuring the classic temples and other beautiful monuments, including the ruined Khumarazham church, Mashtots Hayrapet church, the Havuts Tar monastic complex, and much more. So it is not only the classic temple that is worth seeing but the entire village.
  • Mystery place Karahunj: Karahunj is another village you will come across while seeking the most visited tourist places in Armenia. The tourists who flock to this place will love the puzzling mystery stones that are almost 200 in number. Each stone has a hole with a diameter of 5 cm; it's a mystery for many scientists in terms of origin and use.
  • Shikahogh state Reserve: For animal lovers with a keen interest in natural beauty, the Shikahogh state Reserve is a must-visit destination. It is one of the least explored places in Armenia, covered with lush green mountains, dense forests containing 1,100 species of plants, yet unexplored. The forest houses different species of animals such as bears, wild goats, leopards, and many more attracts tourists.
  • Jermuk : The mild climate, beautiful natural views, and healing mineral water make Jermuk as one of the most inspirational places for tourism, to explore and popularise among themselves as a famous spa city in Armenia. Beholding an exquisite view of Jermuk waterfall gives an exhilarating experience that engrosses into the melody of Nature, it is the second-largest waterfall in Armenia.
  • Peaceful and Harmonious Dilijan National Park: A one-stop tourist destination is the Dilijan National Park, which is another delightful place for visitors to explore natural monuments, medicinal mineral water springs, and much more. The feature of cultural locations such as Goshavank Monastery, Haghartsin Monastery, Jukhtak Vank, etc.
  • Beautiful Mount Ararat: The nature lovers and those seeking to behold the dazzling beauty of Nature are always welcomed. The highest peak in Armenia, let's you enjoy rock arts like human alike paintings, animal paintings that date back to approximately 100 years. Those who love to climb the mountains can choose the southernmost peak while others who love chasing challenges can pick northern highlands. The snow-covered mountain magnifies the beauty of Mount Ararat with an unforgettable experience.
  • Marmot Qar Waterfall: Marmot Qar Waterfall is one of the less discovered tourist places in Armenia. Situated in Nagorno-Karabakh in the eastern part of the country, It beholds the structured umbrella waterfall, letting visitors get a completely rejuvenating experience. It is the most visited natural sight of Armenia.
The breathtaking Lake Sevan


Tatev is an exciting place to enjoy and explore during course of your trip. The Monastery lets you explore stunning medieval structures and is easily accessible to the tourists from Yerevan. To access the Monastery, you can take cable cars, which are known to be the longest in the world. Beautiful surroundings complemented with mountainous landscapes lure visitors.

St Gregory church of the Tatev monastery during sunset

City Parks

Parks are lovely places where we can go and relax when we want to be alone. Yerevan has some beautiful gardens where you can visit to relax, rest and reconnect with Nature. Some of the Parks are :

  • Victory Park: Victory park is a big park, situated at Azatutyan avenue, and it is dedicated to the victory of the USSR in the Second Great Patriotic War. There stands a beautiful piece of artwork called "Mother of Armenia", represented by a woman with a sword in hand and a shield at her feet, as a symbol of how women protect the country.
  • Tumanyan Park: Tumanyan Park is a beautiful and clean park located at Halabyan Street in the gorge of Hrazdan River. The Park occupies a large territory and is a perfect place for both locals and tourists. The Park was named after the famous poet of Armenia, Hovhannes Tumanyan.
  • English Park: It is a cozy park which has many seats, statues, and a large fountain in the center, located on Italy Street. The remarkable monument of the Park is "pepo", Gabriel Sundukyan's popular fiction character.
  • Saryan Park: Saryan park that is a famous and favorite place of art lovers, which is named after Martiros Saryan -a prominent Armenian painter. The statue of him is situated in the middle of the Park, where a visitor can sit and enjoy the art.
The statute of Martiros Saryan -a prominent Armenian painter in Victory park

National Parks

Taking a hike through Armenian National Parks allows you to seek into Nature, discover the hidden parts, and feel immersed in that joy. Armenia has four National parks.

  • Dilijan National Park: The Dilijan National Park is among the four National parks that occupy an area of 240 square km. It is situated in the northeastern Tavush province. The mountainous terrain is home to many species. It is also home to migratory animals and bird species. This National Park is famous for its scenic forests, biodiversity, and mineral water springs.
  • Lake Arpi National Park: The Lake Arpi Park is situated in the north Western Shirak province of Armenia; The mountains surround it. The Park was established in 2009. The Park spans over 250 square km and has an elevation of about 2000 meters above sea level.
  • Sevan National Park: The Sevan National Park was founded in 1978, to protect the lake Sevan and the surrounding regions. The Park hosts several species of mammals such as hare, marten, rodents, jackals, and Wolf, and it is also rich in avifauna. It records 267 species of birds of which 39 species are included in the Red Book of Armenia. The Marik river is spawning habitat for endemic species like Gokcha barbel, Sevan trout, and the Sevan koghak.
  • Arevik National Park: The Arevik National Park is situated in Armenia's southern Syunik province, occupying an area of 344 square km. The Park is a house for a significant population of the endangered "iris grossheimii plant. A huge Inhabitat of 150 different butterflies species, including several rare and threatened species. The Park is also a home for more than 180 species of birds including several species included in the Red Book of Armenia; some of these species are griffon vultures, peregrine falcons, golden eagle, lammergeyer, and the Egyptian vultures.
Sevan National Park


  • Turquoise Beach: A Turquoise beach is a beach located in the north of Armenia. One can reach the beach by using any means such as a car. The warmest months near Turquoise beach are July, August, and September. The lowest rainfall is during April, May, and June. Thus, it recommended visiting by going through the details of the weather.
  • WishUP Shore: The WishUP shore is another beautiful beach located in Armenia. The beach is fairly long. The beach is one of the main tourist places, with its calm water and under the clear blue sky, gives a more peaceful view. The tourists can spend a good time here relaxing.


  • The Great Cascade: The Great Cascade is one of the most beautiful monuments. There is no similar structure anywhere in the post -Soviet territory. It cannot be defined in any specific category because it neither falls in the monument list nor in the building genre.
  • Republic Square: The Republic Square is the central square of the city created under the guidance of architect A.Tamanyan in 1926. It has been called Lenin Square till 1991. The RepublicSquare is well-known for its monumental and National architecture.
  • Opera and Ballet Theatre: One of the fascinating landmarks of Yerevan is The Opera and Ballet Theatre. It is located in the heart of the capital and was designed by the architect Alexander Tamanian, who is well known for his creative work in connecting two auditoriums in a semicircular form.
Christmas celebrations at the Republic square in Yerevan


  • The National Gallery of Armenia: This Picture Gallery of the country is a big part of the museum complex on Republic Square. It is one of the well-known and the largest museums in the territory, and has the world's most extensive collection of Armenian fine arts.
  • Museum of History of the City of Yerevan: It is one of the prominent museums in Yerevan. The museum is the oldest museum of Armenia created in 1931. It has a collection of about 80 thousand exhibits, that represent the collection from various periods of Yerevan.
  • Museum of Genocide of Armenian: Near the Mausoleum, there is the museum of the Genocide of the Armenian. It was opened in 1955, as it marked the 8th anniversary of the Genocide of Armenians.
  • Erebuni Museum: The Erebuni Museum is also one of the oldest museums in Yerevan. It opened in 1968, in the honor of the city of Erebuni's 2,750 anniversary. It is also a very fascinating and remarkable museum of Armenia.
The National Gallery of Armenia


Armenian cuisine is full of amazing and mouth watering food. Dishes like khash, a garlicky trotter Stew, and lavash, the nation's omnipresent flatbread have graced the Armenian table for centuries. You will have a great time trying the different type of food, textures and flavours, the key is always to keep an open mind. If you are open to expanding you palette then you're all set.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Anoush Restaurant: The Anoush offers authentic local cuisine created with only the finest and fresh ingredients. It has a diverse menu that offers soups, meats, vegetarian options, Barbeque, hot and cold appetizers, and desserts. It is a cozy interior with a wooden scent that creates a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Lavash Restaurant: The Lavash Restaurant specializes in lavash breakfast wrap, which is wrapped in traditional Armenian flatbread, that looks like a tortilla. It has a combination of regional and local menu, which changes periodically.
  • Dolmama Restaurant: For a unique experience and authentic taste of Armenia, one can try a meal at Dolmama Restaurant, which specializes in reviving traditional Armenian meals and finishing with a special touch. Here, the core meal is dolma, ground meat wrapped in fresh grape leaves. However, to make their dolma unique, Dolmama exchanges the minced beef for the slice of sirloin cooked with chilli and rosemary.
Delicious food being served at Lavash Restaurant

Vegetarian and Vegan

The Jengyalov hats is the Vegan Armenian dish and originated from Artsakh and Syunik. It is a dish where a flatbread is stuffed with dozens of green herbs. One can easily find the Jengyalov hats dish in a restaurant with a veggie option.

  • Goroo Club and Garden: Gouroo is a restaurant that offers the best food experiences for the customers. Gouroo offers organic, natural, and local foodstuffs; they select the most sustainable and best Ingredients. Vegetarian options - They offer the kale, beetroot, goat cheese, etc., the best vegetarian food.
  • Garun: Garun is another option for vegetarians; it has everything from salads, small bites, and desserts.

Vegetarian option- Garun has several healthy salad options from eating in-house to take away. Vegan option - It has prominent options for small bites and salads.

Street Food

  • Tumanyan Shaurma: The center of the capital is the right place offering delicious fast food. One of the famous streets in Tumanyan Street, where you can find fast-food for any taste. The location is claimed and very popular for street food.
  • Mr. Gyros: Another popular place is the Mr. Gyros restaurant: A Greek fast-food chain. The main dish of the restaurant is the Gyros, which served with fresh vegetables, French fries, and sauce. The restaurant is not only famous among locals but also the tourists enjoy the food.

Street food includes kebabs, hummus, tabbouleh, Khash, Manti and Gata.

Serving of Khash which is made by boilings parts of a sheep or a cow


In Yerevan, you would find several cafes, breweries, coffee shops and bars where you can select your choice of drinks.


Tarmenian Tap water is of the highest quality, as the water comes from the highest mountains. Tap water in Armenia is both tasty and safe, no need to buy bottled water. You can even find many fountains for drinking water in the streets of Armenia

Organic Cafés

"Eat and Fit café", is one of the best cafés in Armenia. It is a beautiful cozy place that attracts many people; it has delicious and tasty food.


The first Brewery in the modern history of Armenia was opened in 1892 in the capital city of Yerevan. Armenia has the Major Brewery companies that are among the oldest breweries.


There are several fun-filled and exciting activities that can be done in Yerevan. The most important aspect would be knowing where these activities take place. Read below to find out.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline which originated in India. The method of Yoga in Yerevan is at the peak, and people are more likely to adopt Yoga. Yoga retreats, studios, and pop-ups are appearing all over the Armenian country. Some of the Yoga retreats in Yerevan are :

  • Horseback Riding and Yoga Retreat in Alarvedi
  • Himalayan Meditation and Yoga Retreat
  • Wild Rising Yoga Retreat
  • Transformation detox and Yoga retreat


There is an abundance of places for accommodation in Yerevan. Before you reserve any accommodation in the Yerevan city, it is necessary to go through all the questions and details.

The basic necessity is to have malls, hospitals, and transport systems near the hotel. Ensure not to make payments before you reach when asked to pay by some agents. Sometimes you are scammed by the people who represent themselves as the company's agents to deliver payment to the landlords for the booking.

Still, when you visit the place, you never find the locations and photographs shown by them.

Most tourists' sites are located within the ring surroundings, where they can find the buildings in the city centers - Opera or Cascades inside the ring and George the Illuminator outside the ring, and the Republic Square. It recommended staying close to metro stations near Republic Square, as tourists can easily walk everywhere.

Raddison Blu Hotel, Yerevan

Green Hotels

Yerevan is a destination of beautiful places, historical monuments, wildlife, Greenery, and scenic views. The city authorities embark on conserving the forests and wildlife. You can go green by promoting eco-tourism, patronizing hotels committed to the responsible use of solar and wind energy, water conservation, waste management, and cooperation with local bodies that prefer eco-friendly ways.

  • Green Palace Hotel: Green Place Hotel offers all luxurious facilities that too in your budget. The hotel is located in Yerevan city, the Water World water park is at walking distance of 2 km away from the hotel, and the Zvartnots International Airport is 19 km away. The famous Yerevan zoo is also 19 km away from the hotel. The gardens, seasonal outdoor pools, and spa areas offering hot tubs and sauna attract visitors.
  • Green Garden: Green Garden situated at Ohanov St, Yerevan. Overall the location of a Green Garden is good for sightseeing, dining, nearby restaurants, and for exploring the street specialties.
  • Planet Hotel: The Planet Hotel, located in Armenia's capital city, Malkhasiants, Yerevan, is the other option for tourists. The hotel has good access to dining, recreating, sightseeing, and an excellent price.
  • Green Hostel: Green Hostel located neighboring Kentron, a city's graceful cultural hub. At night, the crowd heads to the rose-pink Republic Square for nightly musical fountain shows. The building gives the best view of the Mother Armenia monument and beyond the idea of Mount Ararat. The Stalls at Vernissage open-air market filled with handicrafts and chic café bars are near the Green Hostel.
Water world park situated close to the Green Palace Hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

Warm and welcoming guest houses are ideal for some type of travelers. Travelers that prefer unfussy accommodation with a personal touch. The family-run tourists prefer guest houses often, as they are cheaper than the regular hotels. They also feature a cozy living room and a garden.

  • Karson Family Hostel and Guest Houses: The Karson Family Hostel and Guest Houses are located in Yerevan city, Armenia. The building is situated within the 1.6 km of Republic Square and 1.6 km of the Armenian Opera and Ballet Theatre. The Guesthouse offers accommodation with free WiFi throughout the property and with free private parking. It also provides the facility of free cancellation and no prepayments before booking.
  • Best Western Plus Congress Hotel Yerevan: This hotel's unique feature is rated with an 8.6% rate by its visitors for maintaining a clean environment and disinfection. It is set in the Yerevan city center. The hotel offers the best service for its customers with a beautifully structured swimming pool, sun loungers, green gardens, and much more. The hotel is one of the popular hotels amongst the tourists, situated in the city center.
  • Armenian Guest House: The Guest House is set up in Yerevan city. The Guest House gives one of the best sightseeing of the remarkable landscapes. The building is surrounded by the Armenian monuments that are just walkable distances, such as the Republic Square is 8 km away. The famous Yerevan Brandy Factory is 7 km, and the Armenian Opera and Ballet Theatre is 9 km far away from the Armenian Guest House building.


If looking to rent, the amenities are an integral part of the search when you need to get one's money's worth. Each of us has different desires and requirements; it is a wise step to speak to the landlord if there are any concerns to sort them out beforehand. It is also an excellent idea to inspect the whole house; it will help secure deposits when moving out. The apartments are cheaper, as most apartments like the garage and compounds are shared.


Couch surfing is not fully accepted in Armenia. The thought of staying with strangers is unique and new for the Armenians, though it is gaining acceptance slowly. However, young people are likely to allow strangers to stay with them if a stranger insists on paying. But one must ensure that you have necessary and efficient information about the stranger before letting him stay at your place.


If you are adventurous and love exploring with fun, then camping in Armenia is the exact event you can have. Besides the Armenian mountains, there are plenty of places for camping throughout the country, especially in the summer. Armenia is known for its astonishing beautiful scenery, remarkable landscapes, lakes, rivers, beautiful valleys, and forests. These spots are the best camping sites for exploring mother nature in Armenia. Some of the Best camping sites in Armenia are :

  • Camping 3 GSM: It is one of the preferred camping grounds situated in Goght, near Garni and Geghard in the Kotayk region of Armenia. It features bed, kitchen, restroom, breakfast, swimming pools, and much more. The Dutch - run campsite is seasonal and opens from 1st April to 1st November every year. Ensure beforehand the dates of the opening of camps.
  • ARK Armenia Kapan Camp: The camp is surrounded by nature and is 15 minutes away from the Kapan in Syunik, Armenia. The camp provides you with picturesque views and astonishing valleys, and you will be able to enjoy nature's beauty by staying in the mini camps. The camp offers bunks, tent areas, and kitchen, and many more.
  • Camp' in Goris: The camp' in Goris is another favorite campsite of the tourists, situated in Armenia's southern region. Goris is a small town in Armenia with nature's beauty and the first preference for the campers. The tourists get overwhelmed by the service and offer provided to them.

How to Get There

As a country, Armenia is situated in the crossroads of Asia and Europe. From the East, Azerbaijan and Artsakh are bordered. From the West by Turkey, from North Georgia is bordered and Iran from the south. Though surrounded by borders, making it into the country is quick and easy.


Armenia has two International airports, one located in the capital city Yerevan - Zvartnots International Airport, and then another in the Gyumri city - Shirak International Airport. Zvartnots International Airport is the busiest and the main Airport of the country Armenia. .

Shirak International Airport is the other second-largest Airport in the country and is situated far away from Gyumri's center. The systems and the equipment used by the Airports are newly developed.

Zvartnots International Airport offers direct flights to and from around 45 cities worldwide.

Zvartnots International Airport, Yerevan


Most tourists from Iran and Georgia prefer buses to travel to Yerevan, as many travel companies offer tour buses that are cheaper than renting cars and planes. And if you are looking at a journey full of excitement and joy, then the bus is the right choice. If traveling by Airplane, you can take a bus to your booked hotel or at a restaurant after reaching the Airport.

A local trolleybus in Yerevan


Another cheapest way to get around to Armenia from Georgia is through the Train. The train services provided are outstanding, secured, clean, and at a reasonable price. Georgia travels from the following cities :

  • Tbilisi -Yerevan, year-round, a journey of approximately 10 hours.
  • Batumi - Yerevan in the summer season, a 15-hour trip.
Yerevan Railway Station


Hitchhiking is not widely spread among the Armenians while traveling. Still, you will be surprised by how it's extremely easy to hitchhike and smartly travel around Armenia. The Armenians are excited to meet and help the foreigners even if they could not speak their language, and you get picked up fast. While the locals are friendly, and Hitchhiking is a common practice in many parts of the world.


As mentioned earlier, Armenia is surrounded by countries and passes routes throughout the country. There are various other ways to travel around a city with other different transportation modes.

Moving Around

Instead of any other form, it is advised to explore the place by walking, cycling, or using the public transport system. To Move around the city of Yerevan rejuvenates visitors' trips. It is an eco friendly thing to go through the town via walking and exploring the new streets and exploring the local culture and local people.


Walking down the streets of Yerevan city is the simple and an excellent idea as a way to learn the city's history. Majorly tourists enjoy making their way through the streets to explore the new sites and the unique culture and meet new people as the walking method is one of the eco -friendly ways to travel around the city.

The city authorities put pressure on residents and visitors to prefer eco-friendly methods for conserving nature.


Cycling is adopted by the world to decrease pollution problems, as we are facing challenges drastically. The city authorities even redesigned and developed the new cycling lanes for cyclists, to encourage people to use cycles, especially the youngsters, to avoid traffic pollution.

Electronic Vehicles

One can see a gradually increasing demand of the electric motor in the city. An electric-powered vehicle works on electricity and does pollute the environment by emitting any hazardous gases.

Electric vehicles are gaining its craze in every small town of the world and Armenia. The best part is Armenia is among the others who are stepping ahead in electric vehicles. It decreases environmental pollution challenges drastically.This would also help reduce all the health dangers associated with pollution, especially the ones to the lungs.

Electric vehicles would drastically reduce the need for fuel by vehicle users and this fuel can be diverted to other industries or areas where they are more needed. It would also reduce the need to stop during trips or rides to get fuel.

Public Bus

Tourists who enjoy exploring new things love and always prefer public transport systems. The big buses with more people in it give a new excitement on the trip to its destination. The available buses are easily accessible to all the streets and are cheaper to get along.

The public transport system, the bus, is always the first preference of tourists as it takes you from one street to another with so many people. The advantage of traveling on big buses is that you can explore their behavior, communicate with them, make good friends, and get a company on your trip.

Yerevan is a safe city so you can discard the fear of being jumped on by criminals and petty thieves while using these public buses.

Tram, Train and Subway

Although trains do not run through the city along but through neighboring countries to Yerevan's capital city, the trains are the preferred options for the tourists from the neighboring countries visiting Armenia. The trains run through the neighboring countries of Armenia.

The trains travel from Iran to Yerevan in Armenia, and the Train travels from Georgia to Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. The tourists from the neighboring countries like Georgia and Iran prefer the Train to travel to Armenia as it gives an enjoyable and fun beginning to a journey, where a trip lasts from 9 hours to 15 hours from their place to the destination Armenia.

Sustainable Shopping

It does not matter whether you are a first time visitor or a regular visitor to the shopping centers; you are always astonished by their products and services. Their small streets in Yerevan city take you along the shopping marts that exhibit beautiful and cultural art in their work. The artistry work acts as an attraction for the buyer.

Many tourists are attracted by the items and services provided to the customers, the well-behaved manner, and the tourists' friendliness. You can be sure that all your basic needs would be offered at reasonable prices so there is no reason for you to get stranded during your visit.

Food Markets

The capital city Yerevan of Armenia is well-known for its monumental and National architecture. But, other than monuments, the city is also known for its delicious food. The city has the best restaurants that serve the most delicious and tasty food and breweries. The most popular amongst tourists is the fast food and the cafés that are tasty and cheaper so you do not have to exceed your daily budget. Some of the renowned markets are:

  • Bella's Food Markets
  • Gastropolis Food Market
  • SAS supermarket at the SAS food court
  • Persian market in Yerevan
  • Kaylani Shuka

Flea Markets

Armenia has more of Flea Markets, as the catering is for the low incomers. Many of the markets have specific days for selling their merchandise, they come and display and sell, and some sell their merchandise for the entire week. Vernissage open-air market filled with handicrafts is the most famous flea market in Armenia. This flea market is the largest handicraft market in Armenia.

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand stores are some big markets in Armenia. The second-hand items are mainly clothes that are handicraft with beautiful design and great clothing. Hand clothing has developed and gained its importance worldwide. The work reflects the beautiful art and the historical event, with a good and attractive work the second-hand stores are being recognized globally. And they are thus increasing the employment rate by offering the jobs.


If you are looking for a present fashion trend that demonstrates Armenia as a place, you have many options to choose from. But it is recommended to check out these extraordinary modernized Fashion brands and clothing that as been ruling for the past decade. Some of the brands that make the list include:

  • Kuvera Naynomis
  • Shayan Fashion
  • Naghash
  • Ruzane
  • Loom Weaving
  • Petoor


Yerevan city is struggling to manage the city's waste. Since it started in the 1950s, the dumpsite has accumulated more than 19 million tons of waste. The recyclable plastics make up roughly 30 percent of the 300 000 tons of trash making its way to landfills every year.

The government has planned to renew the site with a sanitary landfill, designed with technical assistance from the European Union. Yerevan has a long-running recycling network. People can be seen rummaging through garbage bins, collecting tin cans and glass bottles, and returning the items to the large bottling companies for a profit.

One of the research revealed that Yerevan has no shortage of factories to process recycling waste. Despite their lack of a dedicated logistic chain to transport the recycled items to their collection points.


Environmental degradation is a serious problem around the globe, and Armenia is not excluded. The PET waste generated annually is 5, 000-6,000 of tons, reflecting an income of $5-6 million, and recycling 1,000 to see of waste generates an estimated 10-15 additional jobs in the waste management sectors. The reuse and recycling levels range at about one percent for organics, 8 percent for paper, five percent for plastic, 100 percent of reusable metal scrap, and glass parts.

Work and Study Abroad

A rich historical past and various religious sites, Armenia is a must-visit. Approximately only 30 or so American students study abroad in Armenia every year. Well, for a unique study manner, it is recommended to study abroad in Armenia.

Exchange Student

Armenia has one of the best education systems, and this attracts many International students to join and study in Armenia's best Universities. As of 2020, Yerevan has 23 state universities. They include the following:

  • Yerevan State University
  • National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia
  • Armenian State Medical University
  • Armenian State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography
  • International Scientific-educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia
  • Yerevan Brussels State University of Languages and Social Sciences
Workshop with students of Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences in the Wikimedia Armenia office

Au Pair

The concept of Au Pair is pretty common in Yerevan. It is not as popular in some other cities or countries but it is not unheard of. You can check out many registered websites for authentic au pairs. It is also one of the best ways to experience the authentic culture of Yerevan. You will definitely understand things better and you will have so much help so you can keep asking questions. Not to mention this is a very eco friendly option since it reduces your carbon foot print significantly.


Armenia may not be THE volunteering destination that you choose. Still, it is a country with its rich history, struggles through, and after Independence from the Soviet Union gives the inspiration to go on. Volunteers are in high demand in Armenia. Volunteering is required in numerous sectors like in the teaching sectors, in the IT sector, in public sectors, or public health sectors, and many more.

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