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Eco-friendly travel guide to York advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in York, England, United Kingdom.

Lendal Bridge, York

  • Air quality: 5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.9 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 5 / 5
  • Safety: 5/ 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $130
  • Budget per day: US$99 - $217

Responsible Travel

With the health of the environment alarmingly declining, to be a responsible citizen and to travel responsibly has become a priority of daily life and it is high-time people must not overlook this. York is a thousand year's old Roman city that has been well preserved within its walls. Many buildings standing tall till this day were made at the time of the Vikings and the Medieval period. Sustainable tourism not only includes environmentally-friendly ways but also ways that have no negative impact socially and economically. Here are some ways –

  • Avoid using plastic bags as much as possible
  • Buy souvenirs from local shops that have been made locally to support the economy and directly help local artisans
  • Support budding artisans and the local handicraft industry
  • Explore the thrilling food culture by visiting the local food markets and trying the street food
  • Opt for green hotels, boutiques, and apartments that are both environmentally and economically good
  • Respect the culture and be sure not to hurt the sentiments by passing hurtful comments

Air Quality and Pollution

The main cause of pollution in York is Particulate Matters (PM) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). The main reason of NO2 emission is mostly due to vehicles exhaust. Thankfully, due to the responsible steps taken by the members of City of York Council, there has been a steady decline in NO2 concentration in the air for more than 7 years. Against a 2010 baseline, the Council must meet the criteria of PM 2.5 as an annual average by 2020.

Respect the Culture

The walled city of York in Northern Yorkshire is the only city to have been built by the Romans, unlike its sister States which are of Edwardian, Georgian, or Victorian origin. The city of York holds open treasures of the legends in history, as well as its rich inheritance of culture from the ancestors. Hence, York is known as the 'Cultural Capital of England.' The people are friendly and welcoming. They accept and pay respect to all types of culture. There are no strict ethical rules, and public display of love and affection is also not criticized. However, wearing improper clothing when visiting their sacred churches, or a place of significant importance, will attract frowns from the citizens. Also, you must never make fun of anyone's culture.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Imposing York Minster – the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Saint Peter in York in full – commemorates the monks who converted those living in the surrounding countryside to Christianity. Dedicated to St. Peter, York Minster's bishops even sat on the council at Arles in AD 314. After this, little is known until AD 627, when the oldest documented (wooden) church was built here for the baptism of King Edwin of Northumbria. Succeeding Saxon and Norman constructions were destroyed, and the present cathedral was built in the Gothic style in the 13th century. A highlight of a tour is seeing the Minster's impressive stained-glass windows, most notably the Pilgrimage Window. Dating from about 1312, resting above a stunning dragon's head, the window depicts Peter surrounded by pilgrims along with unusual details, such as the funeral of a monkey. Also of interest is the Treasury, with its interactive galleries portraying the building's colorful history from its Roman roots to today. Displays include more than 2,000 years of remarkable artifacts found nearby that provide an insight into the cathedral's important role over the centuries.
  • Medieval City Walls - A walk along York's medieval city walls leaves a lasting impression of this beautiful city. Built mainly in the 14th century, the walls incorporate some of the city's original Roman structures and total some three miles in length. Four of the old gates have been preserved: Walmgate Bar, Monk Bar, and Bootham Bar, all with their original portcullis, and Micklegate Bar with its three knights. The stretch of wall between Bootham Bar and Monk Bar offers excellent views of York Minster. If time permits, pop into the Richard III Experience in Monk Bar and the Henry VII Experience at Micklegate Bar. These two top York attractions offer a fascinating take on the lives of two of England's best-known medieval kings.
  • Clifford's Tower - Located between Fishergate and Skeldergate Bridge, York Castle was built of wood by the Normans in 1068. The oldest remaining part is Clifford's Tower. Constructed in the 13th century as a replacement for the wooden fortress, it was named after Roger de Clifford, executed here in 1322 as leader of the Lancastrian party. The tower was also infamous as the place where the king would put those he had executed on display. Today, the tower is popular for its stunning panoramic views over the city. Picnic facilities are available, along with a gift shop.
  • York Castle Museum - Built on the site of the original castle, York Castle Museum offers a marvelous insight into the English way of life throughout the centuries. Highlights include Kirkgate, a perfect recreation of a Victorian street, complete with shops; Toy Stories, a history of children's toys; and a Victorian parlor and 17th-century dining room. Another fascinating exhibit is The Cells in the old Debtors Prison. A highlight of a visit is seeing the former Condemned Cell once occupied by highwayman Dick Turpin. The site has in fact been a place of incarceration for more than 1,000 years, with the York Crown Court still holding those accused of serious crimes. Afterwards, be sure to check out the museum's database of former prisoners and victims going back hundreds of years for mention of any relatives!
  • Shambles - One of York's biggest tourist attractions is the Shambles, a narrow 14th-century thoroughfare with lovely overhanging timber-framed buildings. Once known as "The Great Flesh Shambles" for its numerous butcher shops and stalls (meat hooks can still be seen outside many shop fronts), the area is now a mix of shops, restaurants, tearooms, and boutiques.
  • The Jorvik Viking Centre - This centre in Coppergate documents the daily lives of the Vikings in 9th-century York, or "Jorvik." The site includes reconstructions of Viking dwellings and medieval workshops and is built above the remains of 1,000-year-old wooden houses.
  • The National Railway Museum - It has an impressive array of locomotives and carriages dating from 1820 to the present day. Among the many exhibits in the Great Hall, laid out like an old-fashioned railway station, are a Victorian mail train from 1838, turn-of-the-century freight and steam trains, and luxurious Edwardian Pullman carriages.
  • Castle Howard - An easy 30-minute drive northeast of York is majestic Castle Howard. Set amid 1,000 acres of parkland and richly furnished with antiquities and treasures, family-owned Castle Howard is undoubtedly one of England's most spectacular country estates. This magnificent Palladian mansion – famous as the backdrop for acclaimed TV drama Brideshead Revisited – was built for the third Earl of Carlisle by dramatist-turned-architect John Vanbrugh.
  • Yorkshire Museum and Gardens - Along with its superb geological and natural history collections, the Yorkshire Museum contains many important Roman and Anglo-Saxon archaeological artifacts. It's also where you'll find the 1,000-year-old Cawood Sword, the best preserved such Viking weapon in the world. Medieval sculptures and utensils are exhibited in St. Mary's Abbey.
  • Stonegate and Barley Hall - The area between Coney Street and King's Square near York Minster is a bustling pedestrianized shopping quarter famous for its narrow cobbled streets and charming shops and cafés. It's where you'll find old St. Helen's Church, named in honor of the mother of Emperor Constantine, with its 15th-century stained glass windows.
Clifford's Tower


There is a lot to explore in a city like York. The details are mentioned in the sections below

City Parks

The small city of York is well flourished with beautiful parks, some of which has historical significance. Some of the most renowned parks are as follows –

  • Back Park – Lies in the Balfour Street, near to the Esplanade Car Parking. The Back Park is well equipped with playful equipment for children to enjoy, and families to relax.
  • Glen Gardens – The Glen Gardens is one of The Best Sites in the State, as sanctioned by the Green Flag Award since 2005. The park has a tennis court, a bowling green, a basketball court, a rose garden and several bike racks.
  • Rowntree Park – One of the largest parks you’ll come across is the Rowntree Park on the River Ouse that has a historical significance. The park gate closes when the river levels are high. It has every facility along with its own war memorial and a reading café, and clean and hygienic toilet space.
  • West Bank Park – The West Bank Park has been awarded the Green Flag Award since 2006. It has 2 different play areas for below and over 11 year olds, a picnic area, and 2 beautiful gardens, among other facilities.
  • Rawcliffe Bar Country Park – Located in the Rawcliffe and Country Without, The Rawcliffe Bar Country Park has been awarded the Green Flag Awards every year since 2009. Its distinguishing facilities include a free to use 3m high climbing feature and 2 pump bike tracks. Other facilities are a children play area, Country Club
Glen Gardens

National Parks

  • St Nicks Nature Reserve and Environment Center - It is a charity in York, United Kingdoms. It started in the 1990’s by a group of enthusiasts known as the “Friends of St Nicholas Fields”. Their ambitious aim of making York a green reserve of nature began with transforming a large landfill area into a Local Nature Resource. Today, they stand strong with great volunteers having the same vision and helping them in various works.


York in United Kingdoms, is a walled city surrounded by land on all sides. The cultural capital of United Kingdom, York, doesn’t has a beach titled to it’s territory, but it has been crafted naturally from a moraine that had come in the meeting point of the River Foss and River Ouse.


  • York Minster – The most iconic landmark of York is the York Minster. The gothic style cathedral built in the 627AD. The prestigious title of Minster is acknowledged to those Anglo-Saxon churches whose sole purpose were missionary teachings.
  • Shambles – If you wish to walk back in time for a few minutes, you should take a walk on The Shambles. The narrow street with double-storied timber buildings leaning on each other, dates back to the 14th century. The street is so named because back then, it was a meat market and butchers used to display hanging meat. Now, however, none exist, and has modified into a beautiful street with cfes and souvenir shops.
  • Clifford’s Tower or York Castle – The York Castle, commonly reffered to as the Clifford’s Tower, now remains in ruins which once used to be a fortified complex of castles, law courts, important administrative buildings, and prisons. It was built by William the Conqueror in the early 11th century to mainly overthrow the Viking city of Jorvik. The castle holds the macabre history of the mass suicide of Jews, The English Civil War and other important royal-political events.
  • York City Walls – York has always been known as the “walled city”, as it has a greater number of intact interconnected walls throughout the city, in the whole of United Kingdoms. The Romans first built rectangular walls during 71 AD as defense to their fort near River Ouse. They formed the base of the walls that run throughout York today. There are 4 main gatehouses called ‘bars’ that used as marks for traffic control and toll collection in the medieval period; and as military posts during various wars.
  • Museum Gardens – The York Museum Gardens are a part of the Yorkshire Museums, right beside the River Ouse, covering an area of 4 hectares. More than 4500 plants and trees, consisting of both that are native to England, and alien species form part of the collection, and thereby the botanical gardens are also home to a large population of many species of birds and small animals like squirrels. There are also many historically significant buildings among the gardens- like the Multangular Tower, remains of Eboracum, and the Anglian Tower.
  • York Dungeon – The York Dungeon is comparatively a recent creation among most of other York architectures. Built in 1968 as a museum, it changed with time to more of an interactive actor led shows displaying real life events of prisoners that used to be caged in dungeons, the torturing devices used, etc. It is the second biggest dungeon attraction created after The London Dungeon.
York Minster


  • National Railway Museum York – The National Railway Museum is part of the Science Museum. Famed as the title holder of many prestigious awards including the European Museum of the Year in 2001, it exhibits an enormous collection of historically significant trains such as Duchess of Hamilton, and the Mallard, 300 vehicles and other significant artefacts.
  • York Castle Museum – The York Castle Museum is located on the same site of the York Castle or the Clifford’s Tower. Although it was William the Conqueror in 1068, it remained hidden among the sequence of prison buildings inside the Clifford’s Tower until discovered by John L. Kirk in 1938. Currently there are 6 exhibitions showcasing the chronology of various niches of historical events.
  • Jorvik Viking Center – The beautiful gothic city of York was earlier a thriving center of the rule of Vikings. Jorvik Viking Center is a museum solely dedicated to the exhibition of the lifestyles of Vikings in the past city of The Old Norse, now Coppergate in York. There are interactive exhibitions, life-size dioramas, realistic mannequins, over 40,000 archeological findings that include leather, pottery, metal works, swords, and textiles, and perfectly preserved original timber buildings from before 900AD.
  • Yorkshire Museum – The Yorkshire Museum was founded and built by the York Philosophical Society in 1830. The 4 permanent collections that hold national and international importance covers the fields of Geology, Archaeology, Biology and Astronomy. The museum holds a number of notable collections that are famous around the world.
National Railway Museum


So many options when it comes to the food scene in York. Mentioned below are the details:

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Penny’s Bespoke Foodhouse – What’s a better way to begin a day in York, than enjoying a traditional English breakfast! Penny’s will help you have the perfect morning with perfectly cooked eggs, crispy bacons, and great sandwich with high quality restaurant service! They even pay attention to any sort of dietary requirement requested by a customer.
  • 31 Castlegate – Situated on the Castlegate street, the only street that led to the castle in ancient times, the 31 Castlegate Restaurant that has been running from medieval times! You are bound to be mesmerized by their contemporary European cuisine that is prepared using only the best local produce. It is an iconic restaurant not only because of it’s history, but also because of their highest and impeccable food quality and taste in the whole of York.
  • D.C.H. The Restaurant – If you’re on a business trip to York, or love formality and the cultures of high-status, take time to enjoy a dinner in the Restaurant of the Dean Court Hotel. It offers classic British cuisine and upscale dining that is likely to make you feel like royalty. Offering a beautiful view of the York Minster, vegan options are also available.
  • Betty’s Café Tea Rooms – Betty’s Café Tea Rooms has been a viral place of interest for tourists as well as locals since 1936 who wants to enjoy tea in the classic English Way. With luxury designs inspired by the Queen Mary, teapot collection ranging along the wall, it has been keeping up the English culture of afternoon tea, on top of fresh hand-made cakes and cookies, and friendly professional service.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • The Orchid – Veganism is not just restrictions on eating, it is a way of living, a religion to follow. And this concept has been enlightened by The Orchid Restaurant. They use 100% plant-based products by discarding anything related to animals such as dairy, silk, wool, honey, etc. Their toilet facility in the restaurant includes toiletries that do not test on animals. They are also aimed at recycling and producing minimal waste.
  • HUMPIT – Hummus along with Pita Bread is undoubtedly one of the most favorite dishes of every vegan. Humpit first began as a food truck in 2014, selling around the streets their love of serving hummus in a traditional way along with Pita Bread. Soon their passion found a home. Now, The Humpit now have several branches and a diverse range of 100% vegan options.
  • SOURCE – SOURCE is a family run restaurant very close to the Jorvik Vikings Center. SOURCE is insanely famous for its great quality and taste of food. They offer a 50-50 menu, meaning, they welcome all, vegans, meat-lovers, and everyone in the middle. SOURCE uses only fresh local produce and make original/authentic dishes in the restaurant that they first experiment at home.
  • Bella Italia – Bella Italia lies in the heart of York shopping Centre close to the York Minster. Bella Italia, like its name suggests, specializes their menu according to the classic Italian cuisine. Apart from non-veg, they prepare vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, and gluten free meals on requests by the customers.
  • Zizzi – Zizzi is another Italian restaurant that serves varying range of customers from meat lovers, to vegetarians, strict vegans, gluten-free, or dairy-free diet. Their specialties are their range of Rustica Pizza (from completely vegan proved to meat based). They even have a drinks menu and a bambini menu, apart from the pizza menu.
  • Orinocco – Why restrict the fun and joy of tasting junk food when you’re a vegan, right? That’s why you must visit Ornicco in the 10 Church Street in York. It will enthrall your tastebuds with its 100% vegan, plant-based, fast foods! They even cater for vegan weddings and receptions.

Street Food

York, is a space-tight compact city that is often termed as the cultural capital of England. However, when it comes to street food, you can find that the city has influence of all cultures from around the globe!

  • Stam and Maria Greek Food hut – One of the best places among the very few Greek food courts in York is the Stam and Maria Greek Food Hut. The best dish of Stam and Maria is the ‘Chicken Gyros Wrap’, everyone LOVES it! Other famous Greek comfort foods available are- Trahana, Spetsofai, Fasolada, Prasoriza, and Greek Salad with Feta cheese.
  • Zaap Thai Street Food – Like it’s name indicates, Zapp Thai Street Food welcomes you to takeaway or order for delivery, common Thai/Asian comfort foods. They boast their authenticity with 21 varieties of bubble tea, 13 Krub Kribs, 4 ranges of dim sums, 10 tarm sungs, and many many more to satisfy anyone’s need and wants! It delivers all over UK through it’s several branches!
  • The Sea Catcher – The Sea Catcher is one of the best places to taste classic English snacks, fish and chips. You can either dine in or take away, and there’s no extra charges for dine in too! Running for 25 years in their business, they have more than 30 varieties, diversifying their range of classic Fish and Chips.


So many options, to know more read the following:


Providing clean and safe water has been the topmost priority of all the councils forming Yorkshire, including the Council of York, North Yorkshire. Although the taste and hardness of the water in a particular area may vary because of its source. Regular water inspections are carried out and thousands of samples from every nooks and corner are taken into account. There are only 3 sources of water in Yorkshire - rivers, reservoirs, and boreholes. In York, the water comes from RIver Ouse, RIver Foss, and the nearest reservoir. If at a place, the water is hard, or you don't like the taste, you can carry with yourself an active charcoal filter to fit on any tap you wish.

Organic Cafés

  • True Story – True Story right in front of York Minster is more than a café. A new customer instantly feels home in their warm and gentle ambiance. True Story is an organic café with 100% true plant based, vegan food only. Apart from the food and beverages, True Story offers everyday classes on Vinyasa Yoga and meditation for free. The place is dog-friendly as well.


  • York Brewery – Since its opening in 1996, York Brewery has mastered the art of making fine handcrafted ales (in both casks and bottles) that’s loved by the whole of York! Their four flavors include Terrier, Buzzled, Ghost, and Minster. “Born Within The City Walls”, their beers have won numerous awards. ‘The Three Legged Mare’ and ‘The Last Drop Inn’ are their two openings in York, while they have 2 others at Macham and Leeds each.
  • Brew York Beer Hall - Running since August 2016, the city’s original craft brewery – Brew York produces brewery in keg, cask and can. Not only is Brew York famous in it’s homeland, it sells internationally as well. The Beer Hall which was inaugurated on 2018 has 40 bear taps to quench the thirst of 200 seats. They have 10 Seasonal beer cans, 13 core flavors, and a couple of limited editions among other attractions.
  • Rudgate Brewery – Rudgate Brewery opened in 992 at the Vale of York with 6 classic range of beers, namely – Viking Golden Ale, Jorvik Blonde, Valkyrie American Pale Ale, Ruby Mild, Chocolate Stout, and Battleaxe Best Bitter. They are available through every cafes, restaurants and bars at York. They sell their products via kegs, cans and bottles. To meet every customer’s want, they also sell Gin and their very own merch.
  • Masala Craft – Indian Street Food and Craft Beer Bar – Indians love some salty savoury traditional side dishes with their cold beers. Masala Craft, located near Jorvik invites all major Indians and anyone interested to their small pub that offers craft beer. Their menu is inspired from the famous Mumbai Chaad Bazaar in India. Apart from the food, their drinks menu is mostly for 18+ offering a diverse range of crafts beer and other drinks.


So many activities to take part in:

Yoga and Retreats

  • Tasmin Yoga - A very friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced lady, Tamsin Evans runs her yoga studio with the name of Tamsin Yoga. There’s a diverse range of yoga classes for the wellbeing of everyone. Although it’s specialized in Hatha Yoga, Tasmin offers her very own ‘Tasmin Yoga’ that contains a mix of all self-healing forms she has learnt in India and Romania over the years. There’s also yoga classes for pregnant ladies, and new mummies and babies.
  • Joanne Bull – Yoga and Wellbeing – About Joe, she was a Retails and Sales Manager for 13 years when she decided to make her only solace – therapeutic massage, as her new dream work. Her yoga and massage studio is named as ‘The Loft’. Their services include lunar meditation, scaravelli inspired yoga, therapeutic sound baths, a range of massages (holistic, thai, cancer care, Indian head massage, and even for pregnant ladies). Joe also offers 1 on 1 workshops on wellbeing in general as well as in workplace.
  • York Yoga Studio – The York Yoga Studio is located. Laurie Prime, the owner of the York Yoga Studio has trained at Minnesota and still maintains strong links with US Yoga society. She has brought up her studio to deliver yoga classes to anyone and everyone- slow introduction of yoga to beginners, dynamic Vinyasa and Hatha, guided breathing, pilates, Qi Ging, and meditation.


A variety of accommodation options to choose from:

Green Hotels

  • Dean Court Hotel, BW Premier Collection – Located in York, the Dean Court Hotel is just in front of the iconic York Minster. Jorvik Viking Center and the Grand Opera house of York are also its cultural attractions. DC Hotel is famous for offering luxury rooms to its guests, for all needs (single, double, or family) and every amenity required and wanted. Apart from all these, DC is also a sustainable green hotel by measuring its waste disposal, recycle and reuse mottos, use of organic disinfectants, toiletries, and also cooking ingredients that are organic or produced in York.
  • Aldwark Manor Golf & Spa Hotel – Just a little outside the walled city of York, the Aldwark Manor Golf & Spa Hotel lies in a beautiful small town between York and Harrogate. The rooms are facilitated with personal tea/coffee making equipments. The Health Club is a perfect place for anyone seeking forward for retreat and wellbeing, also featuring the sustainable luxurious spa. Their 18-holes golf course is not for beginners. Guests are also offered a classic English and luxurious breakfasts and dinners.

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • The Grange Hotel – If you’re thinking of comfort/very comfortable soft plush rooms for your stay, look no further than The Grange Hotel which is located at 1 Clifton. Set in an elegant Victorian styled mansion that was built in the 1900s, the luxury boutique also features a 2-rosette fine dining named as The Ivy Brasserie serving Classic British food with a touch of French style.
  • Jorvik House – As you can guess right from the name, the Jorvik House is just 0.8 miles away from the York city center. The hotel is built in an Georgian styled townhouse dating from the 1750s. Hence, the hotel managers have found it best to stick to their historical roots and serve guests in the highly elegant Victorian hospitality. The rooms are designed in a luxurious Scandinavian style which is inspired from the lifestyle of the Vikings living in York. Rooms have top notch amenities like a fully equipped toiletries and essentials, mini refrigerator, LED TVs, free wifi, meals of international cuisines, however, you have to pay for the parking.
  • B+B York – B+B York is an authentic guest house, it is an abbreviation of the name Bed and Breakfast. These types of hotels’ chatacteristic is that you’ll get (mostly paid) a compulsory breakfast delivered to you right to your room, on every day of your stay. At B+B, you can get full Irish, American or English breakfast, completely vegan breakfast, buffet, or a la carte menu.
  • Holiday Inn York City Centre – The Holiday Inn is set within a few minutes of walking distance from all major tourist attractions in the walled city of York. They boast 100 bedrooms that are spaciously designed with modern interiors and plush armchairs to give you a very comfortable stay. Even if you’re on a meeting they’ve got you covered. Holiday Inn has 3 XL meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 60 guests and can be customized according to the need of the guest. Their biggest flex is the policy on children. Children who are 17 years of age or under, require no extra bedding cost if they are sharing rooms with their parents; and 4 kids with 12 years of age or under, can have any meal / dish free any time in Holiday Inn’s on-site restaurant. Bonus point- they are pet friendly and has free parking and free wi-fi.
  • Gray’s Court – Another iconic hotel is the Gray’s Court which is more than 900 years old. This boutique hotel since historic times has hold significance importance as many royal figures including the Duke of Cumberland and country’s very pristine King James I had taken shelter in the hotel. Thus, needless to say, the hotel is notorious for its exceptional elegance, luxury and sophistication.


  • Franklin’s Apartments – Located within a couple minutes of walk from the Jorvik Vikings Center, Franklin’s Apartments has rooms and studios designed for every need, also they each room is designed to give a comfortable, warm and relaxing feeling. The option for the renting of either furnished or an empty room is available. You can only book a room if you’re staying for a minimum of 3 days.
  • 51 Cocoa Suites – Situated in the iconic Rowntrees Wharf building on the Rowntree Navigation Road, the 51 Cocoa Suites are very close to the top destination sites in York, and has lift facility, and non-smoking rooms available. Each apartment is furnished with a personal bathroom, hence no fear of community bathroom. It is elegantly designed with plush cocoa furnitures.
  • Deighton Lodge – Set in a serene location amidst the gentle breezes of Rush Farm, Deighton Lodge can be your perfect getaway to unwind. Each unit of the country house features a modern shared kitchen, flat-screen tv, washing machine, and everything essential. At Deighton you’ll also cherish a fully furnished terrace sitting with bbq arrangement, free parking, free wifi, and pet-friendly policy.
  • Skeldergate View Apartment – Designed as a city apartment to give you a comfortable home-like feeling, Skeldergate View Apartments provides you with free toiletries including a hair-dryer, free parking, free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, and fully equipped kitchen. All popular attractions are at a walking distance of within 0.5 kms maximum.
  • Goodramgate Apartment – Goodramgate Apartments is a modern apartment with all essential goods and electric appliances, set in an iconic historical building of the York. The luxury apartment provides king-sized bed covered in Egyptian cotton bedsheets, full room heater, and plush furniture, and free Netflix! Free public parking space is available nearby, and guests love the scenic cityscape view from the windows.


Couchsurfing is an online community of travelers from around the world, who want to go easy on their budget when it comes to accommodation costs. The main motto of the website www.couchsurfing .com is that, when a traveler visits a foreign country, he/she requests a ‘host’ who is a native of that particular foreign country, to provide a rent-free stay. The host may offer the traveler to stay at their own house. Couchsurfing has been running for years now, and it is absolutely safe. There have been 0 cases of physical harassment, especially in York, and it is a strict rule that host MUST NOT ask for any sort of payment for accommodation (other than buying groceries and essentials or transportation required).


Camping is totally permittable and safe in York (in fact in all of United Kingdoms) as long as you’re not littering the area or creating problems for others. There are more than 35 campsites in and around the walled-city of York. All of them are listed here at the official website of camping in UK – campsites.co.uk Search in North Yorkshire, York, and you will get all the legally sanctioned campsites ground. Common points to be noted are – All campsites have clean, hygienic shared bathroom, dustbins are available, campsites are close to restaurants or pubs, quite and peaceful environment. Most of them are private caravans, few are wooden hut-shaped, and only in some few you have to carry your own tent. The former 2 are beautiful and compact from inside. The Private Hill is the most featured and awarded campsite among all.

How to Get There

So many options for getting there:


The walled city of York, in North Yorkshire, is close to 4 International Airports, and 2 domestic airports of the United Kingdoms. Leeds-Bradford International Airport is merrily 30 miles away, while the Doncaster-Sheffield International Airport is 49.4 miles away. Between the two, the Leeds-Bradford International Airport is the larger one as more airlines from different countries visit it. You’ll need a drive from the airport to the city which takes somewhere around an hour only. The other 2 international airports close to York are those of Humberside and Manchester.

Leeds-Bradford International Airport, United Kingdom


The bus route in United Kingdoms is greatly developed. Buses from other states to York reaches stops at the City Center Interchanges which are 5 in number. There’s no color code for long-distance or short travel buses like you’d normally find in Asia. Buses running from both private and public companies offer the smart way of travelling by installing a smart ticket called kiosk at every interchange.

An ftr bus in York, England


The fastest and most cost-efficient train you can take to go to York is from Leeds. The distance between them is nearly 30 miles, and a train journey from Leeds to York roughly takes around 20-30 minutes.

The TransPennine Express is available at the station every 20 minutes costing you maximum of 12 euros. Trains from Northern Rail visit every hour to the Leeds station and per head costs around 10 euros. Only five trains from Cross Country and only one from LNER is available per day costing 25-40 euros and around 6 euros respectively. If there’s a heavy item that you don’t wish to carry with yourself while exploring York, you can safely leave them in the trusted lockers of the National Railway Museum. Or, you can also keep your bags for a whole day (by paying some price) at the YorBag on High Petergage and LeftLuggage Office next to the Europcar Office on Queen Street.


Hitchhiking is a common event in the United Kingdom, and it is also not illegal, or ethically wrong according to their culture to ask for a free ride. The walled city of York withholds the friendliest and kindest human beings you may have witnessed so far. You might lift your thumb up or wave to ask for a free ride or even just say it in words, on any road and not specifically a truck highway, people are usually obliged to help.


As we know that York is located at the confluence of the River Ouse and River Foss, you must have thought about the idea of traveling to York by a ferry or a boat. Well, that’s possible. The nearest port is the Hull, which is only 1 hour from York. You can see the details of the ferry services and book yourself a ride by visiting the official website at www.poferries.com

Moving Around

So many options for moving around:


Walking in York to get around and explore the city is perhaps THE best possible way, unless you’re n favor of traveling by wars. The streets are very much walkable, there’s very less traffic as most of the vehicles are public transport vehicles and for commercial use and very few are for private uses. In fact, walking in York is very enjoyable and relaxing, thanks to its wonderful beauty. The walled city is full of historic buildings, and places of historical and national importance, hence, you’ll be able to come across one landmark or the other every now and then.


Trains allow you to bring your bicycle, by pre-registering before the ride. If not, different types of bikes like e-bikes, or simple paddles, or 2- or 3-seater bicycles are available for hiring at the Railway Station. Cycling around York is hassle free and pleasant.

Electronic Vehicles

To deduce the high rates of pollution, the responsible government has launched electric buses in York for public transportation. E-scooters are also available at the city's 5 "park and ride" for free stations.

Public Bus

Although electric buses are taking over rapidly, a few that run on fossil fuel can still be found in the city till date. Bus stops are ample throughout the city. It is advisable to download an e-map or print one out of the bus map in York. It is very helpful as it shows all the bus stops, stations, nearest tourist destination/landmark/restaurant, the bus numbers running on the route, etc.

Tram, Train and Subway

York is a prominent stop on the UK rail network. The city is connected to almost every major city in the country by rail. There are a lot of different carriers that use the train station to run a wide range of services, for example, the National Rail, the Grand Central Rail, Arriva Cross Country, and First Transpennine Express.

At the York Railway Station, York, England

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is the need of the hour. The amount of pollution and waste that the fast fashion industry produces amounts to 2.1 billion tonnes CO2eq. There needs to be significant shift towards buying sustainable products that last longer and are made of ethically sourced material. There is a great market in Norway for sustainable fashion. Many brands have adopted this philosophy and are becoming more eco friendly.

Food Markets

  • Spark:York – Adding extra spark to the city’s cultural divinity is the Spark: York. On the city center streets near Piccadily, Spark is a multitude of small businesses varying from crafts work, shops, co-working space, bars, and street food outlets. The small carts and taverns offer street foods from around the world. There are also vegan junk food outlets that will excite your taste buds.
  • The Shambles Food Market – Beginning with York’s very own food market is The Shambles, that have been in the same profession of being destined as a Street Food/ Food Market area since the Medieval times. In Shambles you’ll get small food outlets that’ll serve you different tastes from around the world. It cuisine is diverse, having a touch of almost every international classics -American, Italian, Indian, East Asian, Arabian, and the list goes on. The prices are also very cheap and affordable.

Flea Markets

  • Antiques Center York – Although there are no markets in York except the 2 small food markets, there is an antique market situated in the heart of York, exactly speaking – 41 Stonegate. There are nearly 150 registered sellers who sells various types of products, most noticeable are – different types of antiques (silver, Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian, military antiques), collectibles and artefacts from Asia, vintage – clothing, toys, accessories, lighting, pottery, and many more. Although the market has been kept shut due to the pandemic lockdown, the market has an online website - https://theantiquescentreyork.co.uk/ which offers worldwide shipping at reasonable prices. In the real market, you will come across more objects, stores, and the very friendly Molly’s Tea Room situated in the center of the market.

Second Hand Stores

  • Local thrift shops that offer second-hand items at half the original price. Sometimes, its more than just clothing, and you can come across good quality old furniture, vases, showpieces at a very cheap price – MS CHARITY SHOP at the Hull Road junction and a few local charity shops around Walmgate.
  • A list of all vintage clothing and accessories stores that offer discounted items along with very cheap products. You may also find some lucky collectibles one in a while.

Expressions clothing – at 12 Walmgate. Dog and Bones – at 28 Castlegate. Glory Days Vintage – at Cormwell House, 31 Micklegate. Priestley’s Vintage – at 11 Grape Ln. Bowler Vintage – at 52 Fossgate. Vintage Emporium – at 18 Fishergate.


Eco fashion or sustainable fashion indicates clothing that are made and delivered in a way that does not affect the environment in any harmful way. With the fast-fashion taking a toll on the environment, it must be stopped and changed to a sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical way for fashion and trends. The United Kingdoms have been the earliest few to make headlines with their fast-apporaching sustainable fashion. Most of the fashion brands you see now in any retail clothing shop in the UK has some of these brands. Locally, small business owners are also taking the initiative and effort to make sustainable and ethical clothing. When visiting York, if you’re visiting any clothing store, do ask the owner or the employees to introduce you to the sustainable clothes. They are well aware of their products and which local brand makes eco-friendly fashion.


York has a very developed recycling process for every material an owner doesn’t want to use anymore. A place called as ‘The Kirbside Recycling Collections’ collects all high-quality items such as furniture, utensils, electronic machines, etc. The team does not collect any contaminated item, as they sell these off to their respective manufacturers for recycling. If you want to give away any plastic item for recycling, you must check whether the item is of plastic category ‘PET1’ or ‘HDPE2’ and then check the nearest plastic recycling factory. Any waste which is not recyclable may be taken to Towthrope/Stensall (HWRC) or the Hazel Court (HWRC).


The City of York Council has officially stated that, “All households have alternate weekly collections for general rubbish and recycling waste. Some households also have fortnightly garden waste collections.” Households that have fortnightly garden waste collection must ‘subscribe’ on their official website.

Work and Study Abroad

To work is York, is like how you’d get selected in a job interview in your own country. You must fulfill the specific characteristics and requirements of the company you want to apply at, along side having at least 3-5 years of experience, a great CV, etc. The medium of communication is English, hence, there won’t be any trouble for most people.

The University of York encourages international students to come to the beautiful walled city and study at the University of York. Apart from the exchange programs they also offer offers and scholarships for post graduate students and independent travelers.

Exchange Student

The official website of the University of York only states that about the student’s exchange programs rules and regulations for those native to the university. However, from the information stated, we can draw the points that – if you’re a student outside of England or from England, you shall pay to your own tuition fees to your own university and not the University of York. You must go the main website and look through their “Apply now for exchange” tabs to read all terms and conditions.

Au Pair

An Au Pair is basically a housekeeper or a nanny, who is a traveler. Usually, a woman (most commonly), or also a man is called an ‘au pair’, who wants to visit a foreign land, can exclude the charges of accommodation by offering services to a family (host family) in need of a caretaker/babysitter/housekeeper. The host family takes care of the au pair by providing shelter, food, proper care, and may also sometimes give a small allowance for his/her own needs. Young students who have to go abroad for study/work or those who wish to explore the world but go easy on their pockets can apply for au pair. Although there are many au pair communities that have recently developed, the most trusted and oldest one is – www.aupair.com


The City of York Council allows different institutions and bodies to accept travelers visiting York as their volunteers. This drives travelers with a motive of the sustainable future to offer their hard work for charity and nature development projects. To offer your volunteering services, you must visit the offical website - york.gov.uk then go as follows: Home -> Jobs and Training -> Volunteering. You'll see ample of oppurtunities there. Now you know, why York is also called as 'the volunteering city'.

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