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Eco-friendly travel guide to Manchester advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Manchester, England, United Kingdom.

Aerial view of Manchester

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 5 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $400
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $600

Responsible Travel

Manchester is the core of the biggest metropolitan region in the north of England, and it stays a significant local city, however it has lost the uncommon imperativeness and novel impact that put it at the front line of the Industrial Revolution. In 1717 it was just a market town of 10,000 individuals, however by 1851 its textile (essentially cotton) ventures had so flourished that it had become an assembling and business city of in excess of a quarter-million occupants, previously pouring out its rural areas and retaining its modern satellites. By the start of the twentieth century, salients of metropolitan development connected Manchester to the ring of cotton-fabricating towns. Manchester's economy has been moving from a modern to a postindustrial nature. Services have become the key job providers. A few administrations are declining, however, the occupations of accounting and banking, along with general individual services are developing with dangerous power. All of these issues, coupled with the chemical manufacturing industry that is based here do add to the abuse of the environment in various ways. In addition to this, the city’s role in being one of the biggest employment \hubs in England has turned it into a migrant hotspot for decades. This has brought up the population of the metropolitan region to over 3 million people and one can only imagine the kind of load this puts on the surrounding resources. Hence, as a tourist, if you are visiting the city, there is tremendous responsibility on your shoulder to ensure that you minimise your footprint and be a “responsible tourist”. In this section of the article, given below, are some tips that you might want to follow while partaking a journey to this historic city.

A huge piece of reliable travelling needs living for your objective so you use the local assets in the most ideal way and one such course for you to do that as a voyager is to stay in an eco-friendly or a green lodging. This will assist you in guaranteeing that you lessen your effect on the atmosphere and picking a decent green hotel will give you all the comforts and solaces in an extensively more reasonable way.

Regardless of the circumstance around you, attempt and utilise public transportation to the furthest extent that you can. There are a significant number of choices and the solace of a private vehicle or a taxi is clearly more pervasive, it is recommended that you utilise the underground, and the buses, these are beneficial in many ways, monetarily smart and they certainly assist you with diminishing your carbon impression. Also, Manchester is a city whose connectivity is top tier and exploring it by foot or on a bike will in like way serve to be an incredible encounter as you will interact with a couple of locals and even move around at your own speed.

The local business areas and markets are known to be an inconsistently investigated bonanza, here you will discover everything from artefacts to subtly made goods that mirror the fine craftsmanship. Also, this will help the nearby economy in a tremendous manner as you will put money obviously into the pockets of the producers and possibly jump out the middlemen. This will besides empower you to help these little associations that don't work out of greed and use the local assets cautiously.

In like way, try to explore local authentic British food at legendary local cafés to relish the stunning cuisine. Stay away from franchise-based establishments and chains in any case. The littler bistros, coffee shops, and even food trucks will serve you certainly the most genuine dishes, considerably more hence, on the off chance that you intend to set up your own British feast, guarantee that you get the additives from neighbourhood food markets and not supermarkets. The freshest produce including vegetables, fish, and a wide extent of meats will be found at these markets, they will be surveyed suitably and as a rule, serve to be the distinction between an average meal and a Michelin star-like meal.

Air Quality and Pollution

Manchester's environment is most compassionately portrayed as gentle, sodden, and foggy. The calm environment is without boundaries: winters are mellow, with a January mean temperature is around 4 °C and summers are cool, with a July mean temperature around 15 °C. Intermittent high-pressure frameworks produce cool, clear spells in winter or blistering dry seasons in summer, however, these seldom continue. The yearly precipitation of more than 800 millimetres isn't strikingly high by the standards of western Britain, however, it happens on barely 50% of the days in a year. There is minimal variation in pattern, however, the long stretches of March through May offer the most obvious opportunity with regards to delayed droughts. Keeping much of the above in mind, tourists must pack their bags accordingly as the city’s weather can be unpredictable and you might be protecting yourself from the sun one moment and sheltering away from the rain on the very next moment.

The wet Atlantic air banked against the Pennine slants toward the east of the city produces outrageous shadiness; on around 70% of the times of the year, the evening sky is in any event half-covered by clouds. This cutoff points daylight, which was additionally decreased via air contamination during the times of the city's industrial revolution. Foul mists were another issue of the man-made modern environment. Manchester at that point had a normal of 55 days of genuine fog in a regular year, and the demise rate from respiratory illnesses flooded after these mist scenes. Be that as it may, the city's particularly shadowy and haze bound winter environment was changed by compelling air-contamination control. Yearly long stretches of splendid daylight have ascended to around 1,300, and genuine fog issues have been decreased to around 20 days every year. This has been the main consideration in diminishing the occurrence of two past endemic illnesses, bronchitis and tuberculosis, which had given the city an unenviably high passing rate. At present though, the situation isn't too great either, and those tourists who have breathing illnesses and have been prescribed medication must adhere to the schedules at all costs. Over and above this, both fit and ailing individuals must take sufficient measures for protection from air pollution while wandering about the streets of Manchester.

Respect the Culture

Whenever any individual travels to Manchester, he/she will find that the local people are known to be extremely British in their mannerisms and personality. Hence, all the tourists heading to the city must keep in mind the basic set of British etiquettes and customs to ensure that they gel well with the people in the city and are able to respect the local culture and traditions. In this section of the article, we discuss the basic points that one must keep in mind while doing the same.

Thing like lining up properly whether it is for a bus ticket or to enter a store are some of the basic etiquettes that are important for the British. They get very annoyed and irritated when someone jumps the line. This is more important than ever in times of Coronavirus and even in the post corona position. So make sure you adhere to small social conducts at all times. Manchester has a great public transport system so you will generally see most of locals and tourists using buses, cable cars, trams etc. This means you will be able to interact with locals. Make sure you are polite in your interactions and always try to smile at strangers. Hold the door for the elderly, give up your seat for them or for pregnant women. Do not throw any wrappers in the buses etc. All of this shows a deep respect for the people and the place.

Reliability and punctuality is significant in the UK. On the off chance that you are welcome to someone's home, you're by and large expected to show up on schedule, yet you get ten minutes of grace on the off chance that you are running late. British individuals love a discussion, yet you shouldn't try to pose individual inquiries that can be on sensitive topics like politics or religion unless you feel like it is a safe space to have that sort of conversation.

If you have invited someone for a drink at a bar or pub, pay for their drink. You don't need to constrain everyone to remain for another beverage, however bar culture is huge in the UK, so you presumably will not need to. In the event that someone buys you a drink, you ought to respond.

Individuals in the UK apologise a ton, yet it doesn't really mean we're sorry a fraction of the time. Individuals say sorry when they hinder someone in the road, and have even been known to apologise to lifeless things they stroll into. It simply comes with the domain, so it's viewed as neighbourly to apologise on the off chance that you brush against someone or stroll into them, regardless of whether it's not your mistake.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Manchester is an incredible city to explore, with some of UK’s most iconic places based here, given below is a list of exceptional places to visit while touring the city:

  • University of Manchester: Manchester’s educational region, incorporating the University of Manchester, is one of the top places to visit. The historic buildings, the parks, the art galleries, the libraries are some of the attractions within the University. Housed in the college, the Whitworth Art Gallery is well known for its assortments of British watercolour paintings, drawings, prints, contemporary art and figure, alongside the biggest material and backdrop assortments outside London. Likewise nearby is the Manchester Museum, with its tremendous collection and Egyptian shows. The college has been home to several Nobel Nobel laureates, namely Ernest Rutherford, who established the frameworks of current nuclear material science. Dr James Chadwick, who in 1932 demonstrated the presence of the neutron. Sir John Cockcroft, one of the main physicists in British and Canadian nuclear examination.
  • Manchester Town Hall: The forcing façade of the neo-Gothic Town Hall graces pedestrianised Albert Square, and the pinnacle offers fantastic all-encompassing perspectives on the city. Inside, the Council Chamber merits unique consideration, alongside the pattern of Ford Madox Brown paintings that portray the historical backdrop of the city. While there, visit the Free Trade Hall, which opened in 1951. The Manchester Central Convention Complex, one of the biggest such destinations in England, has numerous exhibitions consistently. The structure is remarkable in that it was developed in the midst of the previous Victorian railroad station on Windmill Street.
  • Chinatown: The third largest ethnic town in Europe, Chinatown in Manchester is a must visit. The luxuriously decorated angled entryway driving into the area is particularly striking. The numerous shops and eateries here offer a wide scope of culinary indulgences from 'Hong Kong to Beijing. Keen on shopping? Extraordinary Chinese crafted handicrafts and artworks can be found at the Center for Contemporary Chinese Art (CFCCA).
  • National Football Museum: Home to two of Europe's top football teams - Man City and Man United - Manchester is the most ideal place spot to give proper respect to the country's #1 game. The first stop ought to be the National Football Museum. This football sanctuary highlights entrancing memorabilia identified with the game, including pearls such as the absolute first rulebook, just as noteworthy prizes and garments. An assortment of incredible short films show the historical backdrop of the game, while fun it also shows a lot of extra amusement to young people. Check their site for subtleties of uncommon occasions and projects.
  • Affleck’s: A local organisation, Affleck's is a centre point for Manchester's alternate group, containing an amazing exhibit of carts selling everything from unusual stuff to DIY adornments. Fly inside to find a varied exhibit of apparel, adornments, memorabilia and endowments prior to sneaking higher up for an extravagant frozen yoghurt at Ginger's Comfort Emporium.
  • Etihad Stadium and Old Trafford: It's likewise worth visiting one (or both) of the Manchester groups' home arenas. Manchester City's Etihad Stadium offers an assortment of fun visit choices. Regardless of whether you're a devotee of Manchester United or you simply need to visit one of the most celebrated football arenas on the planet, it's consistently worth hopping on a cable car to visit Old Trafford. Take a visit through the arena, fly into the blessing shop to purchase a keepsake of your visit or basically appreciate the Theatre of Dreams from an external perspective. Guided visits permit admittance to private boxes and the opportunity to step onto the actual field.
  • St. Mary's Catholic Church: Another religious site worth visiting - and something of a shrouded diamond in Manchester - is St. Mary's Catholic Church. Underlying 1794 and situated close to the notable Market Hall, it's additionally referred to locally as "The Hidden Gem." But don't let the construction's somewhat plain outside prevent you from flying in for a look inside. Here, you'll locate various fine Victorian carvings. Features incorporate the marble high special stepped area, sculptures of holy people, and interesting Expressionist-style stations of the cross.
  • Altrincham Market: It very well might be found right on the edges of the city, yet this as of late reestablished market is more than worth the cable car charge. Having been named the best market in the UK by Observer Food Monthly, Altrincham Market positively stands up to its honours with its amazing determination of food stalls and craft carts. You'll need to battle for a seat, however, once you plunk down you will not have any desire to leave.
  • The John Rylands Library: Lovers of books and design will have a great time one of Manchester's most cherished structures. This neo-gothic structure is loaded up with one of the rarest collections of writing in the whole nation, yet it's not only for scholastics. Put in a couple of hours losing all sense of direction in its numerous rooms, flights of stairs and passages to completely value the scrupulousness of the structure.
  • Platt Hall: It is a rich Georgian house constructed in the year 1764 and now part of the Manchester Art Gallery, presents an amazing outline of English design and outfit from the 17th century to the current day. It is maybe the lone assortment to match London's Victoria and Albert Museum. Qualities of the museum incorporate its numerous instances of ordinary dress, with the Gallery of Costume containing one of the biggest assortments of outfits and frill in Britain.
The second largest ethnic enclave of UK, Chinatown in Manchester is a must visit on your trip to the city


Being one of the most popular cities in the country, Manchester certainly offers a wide variety of places to explore. Beyond the above-given list, some of the interesting venues to explore in Manchester are listed in the sections below according to the different categories to which they belong.

City Parks

Manchester is known to be a bustling city inside the limits of one of Britain's most crowded regions. While economically thriving and famous with tourists, this flourishing city is additionally loaded with untainted greenery and forests, including a few parks of great quality and size. Following is a rundown of the best parks, house, and woods in the Manchester zone, so you can enjoy a reprieve from the rush:

  • Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens: Located between the River Mersey and Stenner Woods, the Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens offer a lush green view of varying plants and a rare collection of Flaura. It is just not all the greenery and the peaceful environment of the park, but the immersive experience you can have. There are several activities offered like regular volunteering sessions, where people come to help with a range of jobs that keep the gardens looking their best all year round: planting, pruning, propagating, tidying, weeding, general maintenance. There is also a cafe and and toilet facilities are also available. If you have kids accompanying you then this is a great place to go to make them learn about the importance of planting and keeping the planet green.
  • Boggart Hole Clough: It is an old park with a few lush gorges, valleys, and chasms. The name is said to have come from local notions that the territory was spooky by a Boggart. There's a progressing banter about whether this is a genuine cultural story, or simply a creation. In any case, it's not difficult to perceive how the legend might have created in this thick, baffling stretch of woods. In any case, in the sunshine hours, this park offers guests an enormous, dream-like green scope, banishing creepy stories with a radiant scene.
  • Heaton Park: It is a goliath six hundred acres of land city park a couple of miles from the downtown area. The park incorporates beautiful yards, a lake, and the grounds of a Grade I recorded ranch style home from the eighteenth century. On exceptional events, the house makes its ways for the general population as a scene and as a museum. The actual park is recorded as a Grade II 'working', as even the yards here have authentic importance. Between the green, the tennis courts, and the fancy gardens, there's no deficiency of approaches to go through your day at Heaton.
View of the Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens

National Parks

  • Prestwich Forest Park: It comprises of 4 smaller and modest parks that make up 200 sections of land of forests: Philips Park, Drinkwater Park, Waterdale, and Prestwich. These parks can be intensely lush, so it's a lovely spot to go through a day from the commotion of town. Exploring the forested areas can be an edifying encounter, in as much as you be careful while meandering among the expansive leaved trees. With a smidgen of legwork and looking through you may even uncover a piece of history, as the remaining parts of structures, dividers, and channels can be discovered concealed everywhere on this current park's incredible spread.
  • Lyme Park: Situated close to Disley is one of the nearest National Trust destinations to offer a scope of action; displaying a sublime 1400 section of land deer park, excellent gardens and moorlands, a changed occasions schedule, just as facilitating a number of spots to eat, drink and shop. It's additionally home to one of Cheshire's most noteworthy houses where you can explore the narratives of everyday life dating back to the Regency. You can venture back so as to find the pleasures of the dance hall, or even have a spot of evening tea at the customary tea parlour.
Italian Gardens in Lyme Park


There are plenty of tourists who are headed to Manchester and are often disappointed because the city despite popular belief isn’t close to the sea nor does it have any kind of coastline. The city is landlocked and all those who are interested to swim in the ocean or even lounge in the sand shall be met by dull weather. However, those tourists who are in Manchester and are enthusiastic to make their way to a beach no matter what the circumstances are shall emerge victorious as the city is 2 hours away from the nearest beach at best. Hence, such tourists must pick the sunniest day, pack their bags, and set out for a drive to the following beaches:

  • Majuba beach, Redcar
  • Blackpool beach, Lancashire
  • Southport beach, Merseyside
  • Morecambe beach, Lancashire
  • Filey beach, Yorkshire
  • Llandudno beach, Conwy County Borough
Southport pier at the Southport beach in Merseyside


As the business and social capital of Lancashire, Manchester is a praised place for arts, media, and advanced education. Along with Salford and eight different regions, it shapes the metropolitan region of Greater Manchester, here you will find some of the most iconic landmarks. Given below are a couple of such landmarks that you must visit:

  • Manchester Cathedral: Roosted on the banks of the River Irwell, Manchester Cathedral - formally the Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St. Mary, St. Denys, and St. George dates generally from 1422 to 1506 and was brought to the cathedral status up in 1847. Particularly appealing are its sanctuaries on the two sides of the nave and ensemble. It was worked somewhere in the range of 1486 and 1508 with additional modifications in pretty much every ensuing century. Of particular note are the ensemble stalls, with probably the most lavishly decorated misericords in the country. St. John's Chapel is the sanctuary of the Manchester Regiment, and the little Lady Chapel has a wooden screen dating from 1440. The octagonal chapterhouse, underlying 1465, has wall paintings that remember a figure of Christ in a present-day dress.
  • Castlefield: Assigned as an Urban Heritage Park, Castlefield is a magnificent spot to start exploring Manchester. A stroll among the affectionately reestablished Victorian houses along the old trenches or through the reconstructed Roman Fort will be magical, Make certain to explore the Bridgewater Canal, built in the year 1761 to move coal from the mines at Worsley to Manchester. The numerous old stockrooms that line the channel have been reestablished and transformed into workplaces, shops, hotels, and cafés. An excursion on one of the Bridgewater visit boats is enthusiastically recommended. Other intriguing vacation destinations incorporate the Castlefield Art Gallery, with its presentations of contemporary art, and Bridgewater Hall, home to the Hallé Orchestra and five star shows. The Castlefield Bowl has normal pop and old-style shows and is additionally worth a visit.
The iconic Manchester Cathedral


Every country is known to have a hidden rich history and culture that has faded over the years or is waiting to be discovered. Despite being a connected age, one simply cannot match the feel of discovering a city’s history through their eyes, being there in person. Especially, when one considers the broad history that England and its cities have. Thus, when one is in Manchester, there is nothing better than going to the majestic museums in the city to learn more about the history and culture of the very land you are touring. Given below is a description of the popular museums in the city:

  • Imperial War Museum North: The Imperial War Museum North (IWMN) in Manchester, England, tells the story of how war has affected the lives of British and the Commonwealth citizens since 1914. The design concept is a globe shattered into fragments and then reassembled. The interlocking of three of these fragments—representing earth, air, and water—comprise the building’s form. The Earth Shard forms the museum space, signifying the open, earthly realm of conflict and war; the Air Shard serves as a dramatic entry into the museum, with its projected images, observatories and education spaces; and the Water Shard forms the platform for viewing the canal, complete with a restaurant, cafe, deck and performance space.
  • The Science and Industry Museum: It is on the site of the world's most seasoned railroad station. Its twelve displays incorporate the Power Hall, with water and steam-driven machines from the brilliant age of the material business, just as vintage made-in-Manchester vehicles, including a rare 1904 Rolls Royce. The historical backdrop of the city from Roman occasions through the Industrial Revolution to the current day is reported in the Station Building. The Air and Space Gallery is another must-see. Here, you'll see various memorable airplane, including an imitation of Triplane 1 by A. V. Roe, the primary British plane to effectively fly.
  • The Manchester Art Gallery: This has one of the biggest art collection in Britain outside of London. The exhibition incorporates works by the pre-Raphaelites; Flemish bosses of the seventeenth century; French impressionists, including Manet, Gauguin, Monet and German artists like Max Ernst. There are additional pieces from notable English artists, including, Turner, Constable and Stubbs. The display's amazing figure assortment incorporates works by Maillol, Henry Moore, Jacob Epstein and Rodin. For additional arts and culture vacation destinations, look at HOME, Manchester's international place for contemporary visual arts and free film. Situated on Oxford Street, the setting is noted for its extraordinary exhibitions of everything from musicals to comedies.
Imperial War Museum North


Manchester tart is a traditional English baked tart consisting of a shortcrust pastry shell, spread with raspberry jam, covered with a custard filling and topped with flakes of coconut and a Maraschino cherry.

The historical backdrop of Manchester's food scene is a bright one. With humble beginnings of beige pasties and Eccles cakes, dishes from all corners of the globe are being added to menus across the city. Due to the metropolitan nature of the city and the city being home to the most diverse ethnic groups, the food scene is full of diverse and unique options to try from. From pork tacos and dumplings in Chinatown to samosas and curries from Indian Restaurants, Manchester has it all. the local delicacies like the Black pudding, Parched peas, Manchester Tart are a must try as well. The key to enjoying the food scene in Manchester and being able to truly experience the essence of it is to have an open palette. Be open to trying different dishes and different flavours. A diverse range of options means Manchester can also cater to different types of people with different food choices. There is something for everyone and you will not have to worry about not being able to find food that you want.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Being a city with great food culture, some of the best restaurants in town to grasp the ethos of the local culinary delights are:

  • Teacup On Thomas Street
  • Albert’s Shed
  • Aumbry
  • Gaucho Manchester
  • Vermilion
  • Michael Caines At ABode Manchester

Vegetarian and Vegan

Being a city with renowned inclusivity standards, you will be fortunate enough to have a slew of vegan and vegetarian dining options as well. Some of the restaurants worth a visit are:

  • Greens
  • The Allotment Vegan Eatery
  • V Rev Vegan Diner
  • Vertigo - Plant Based Eatery - Cross Street
  • Sanskruti Restaurant

Street Food

Street food in Manchester encompasses all types of cuisine, nonetheless, given below are some places that you must explore in the city to have a satisfying gastronomical experience:

  • Herbivorous Vegan Street Food at Stretford Foodhall
  • Wolf Italian Street Food - Manchester Spinningfields
  • Mowgli Street Food


The drinking culture in Manchester is exactly the same that can be seen across the United Kingdom. The UK's drinking culture is a major part of associating with companions, working together and in any event, systems administration to secure your next position. Regardless of whether it's the conventional surge of office labourers at the closest bar on a Friday night to get the most recent work tattle over a couple of lagers, or having a glass of wine to go with a dinner with loved ones, there's no uncertainty that they love a "drink."

Hard-core boozing culture, for instance, appeared as though it was once pervasive in the UK and as per a few reports it may, in any case, appear as though it is a major issue on certain spots. Yet, while I am not dismissing the way that in certain region issues like hard-core boozing are as yet predominant when you view the UK all in all the drinking culture is really not what numerous individuals would anticipate. Each nation will have generalisations that are fundamentally instilled in numerous individuals concerning their drinking culture. Russia and vodka for instance here and there these generalisations based around drinking culture don't generally identify with liquor either take a gander at the UK and tea for instance.

However, the UK has gained notoriety for appreciating a beverage in the particular, beer. The UK's drinking culture does likewise have a standing concerning bars also, UK bars are frequently featured as interaction centre points and friendly places for individuals to rest and unwind. Nonetheless, that is just a single part of the British drinking culture and numerous different zones see how individuals feel and view the British drinking culture. Fellow and less significantly Lad culture puts a more grounded accentuation on drinking. Indeed, numerous gatherings that have received regions of fellow culture or laddish conduct typically just principally centre around the drinking territory of it. While Lad culture isn't exclusively predominant in common networks it is more advocated in them. In any case, in spite of this drinking culture, the working classes could be more common.

Thus, as a tourist, you can certainly enjoy more than just a few drinks here and go all crazy in Manchester. Head to any of the biggest local pubs when Manchester United or Manchester City have a game and be a part of the ecstatic environment. As long as you speak positively about either club, knowing your audience, you shall be welcomed and treated as one of their own.


The tap water in Manchester is known to be extremely safe for consumption, so tourists can directly drink out of a tap or fill their bottles as needed.

Organic Cafés

Some of the best organic cafes in the city of Manchester are:

  • Manchester Vegan Cafe
  • Evelyn's Cafe & Bar
  • Nibble


Knowing the love that the Brits in Manchester have for football and brews, you can always find some of the most exotic brewpubs in the city that serve you some authentic British brews:

  • The Runaway Brewery
  • Cloudwater Brew Co
  • Manchester Brewing Company
  • Blackjack Brewery
  • Alphabet Brewing Company


Sprawling city it very well may be, however Manchester isn't shy of spots to appreciate nature. In any case, there are a lot of parks and supplies that are close to the downtown area to explore and appreciate some open air exercises at, given beneath are a few choices worth considering:

  • Heaton Park: It is one of Manchester's greatest and most celebrated open air spaces. There's no lack of activities here, however the more courageous will appreciate the difficulties presented by Treetop Trek, Manchester's high-ropes course. Get ready to swing, climb and even fly over deterrents including rope swings, balance shafts and zip wires – take your family or get a gathering of companions together for an evening of adrenaline-stuffed happiness.
  • Dovestone Reservoir: It is a definitive Manchester day out for anyone who likes to keep dynamic. Close to the Peak District National Park, it offers splendid perspectives over the open country, just as brilliant strolling courses – watch out for mountain rabbits and peregrine birds of prey. There is likewise a perpetual orienteering course, a cruising club, untamed water swimming, cycling trails and various close by rock-climbing openings. Bring a cookout and make a day of it, however, make sure to bring agreeable shoes and something waterproof for the broadly wild northern climate.
  • Sale Park: Situated in Cheshire is a broad outside space that is ideal for strolls and watersports – kayak and kayak recruit and guidance is accessible through Trafford Watersports. Just as a bistro for all your nibbling requires, there's an all around obeyed eatery with all encompassing perspectives over the lake that is a totally right on the money night out area for anyone you're attempting to intrigue.
Enjoy a day of cycling, swimming, birdwatching and rock climbing at the Dovestone Reservoir

Yoga and Retreats

Having a very strong connection to India as a country, Yoga is well-renowned in England as a whole. Manchester is one such major city where tourists can enjoy a fine yoga session, some retreats/studios to help you with the same are:

  • Ashtanga Yoga Manchester
  • Yoga Manchester
  • The Life Centre
  • The Yoga Rooms
  • One Yoga Studio


Manchester is one of the most popular cities in England and there is no doubt that the city caters to all its guests exceptionally well. The city is home to a wide range of accommodations, this includes green hotels, budget hotels, hostels, private apartments and much more. Given in the sections below are more details about the types of accommodation that you can choose from while visiting the city.

Green Hotels

Manchester does suitably cater to the needs and the demands of all its visitors, the green travellers are no exception and the city offers a rather large variety of certified green hotels for tourists to reside in. These offer all the comforts and luxuries in a sustainable manner and ensure minimum wastage or damage to the surrounding or any local resources. A few of the best green hotels to choose from are:

  • Best Western Bolholt Country Park Hotel
  • Park Inn by Radisson Manchester City Centre
  • The Edwardian Manchester
  • Best Western Pinewood on Wilmslow
  • The Lowry Hotel
  • Malmaison Hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

Being a student-friendly and a student-centric city, there is no doubt about the wide range of hostels that the city offers for budget travellers headed here. These hostels are a hub for the youthful crowds, they provide most amenities and they are ultra-modern in terms of design, often being high on practicality. Given below are some of the hostels that are worth considering:

  • Birchfields Guest House
  • Selina NQ1 Manchester
  • YHA Manchester
  • YALLY Hotel


Renting apartments in Manchester is known to be a really popular choice. Notwithstanding, the lease is altogether high in most significant urban communities and as tourists, you would need to consider the choice in the event that you are living for immense time stretches, or when you respect your privacy while several mates living with you, that way you will evade the preposterous rates and unbendable standards, rules of hotels. These days you essentially don't have to depend on Airbnb solely and have a wide variety of websites and social media listings to help you with the same.


Couch Surfing is very common in Manchester and it is not new as a concept to many here. As a traveller, you could browse through a few websites, find suitable hosts, make some kind of contact, go through your travel dates and other related things and if there is mutual agreement you can count on your host and travel to the city. Always remember to help out your host, keep things clean and show your gratitude through a small token of appreciation.


The people of Manchester are quite passionate about camping and having a good night out as well, some of the most popular places to camp and organised campsites around Manchester are:

  • Giants Seat Scout Camp
  • Burrs Country Park Caravan and Motorhome Club Site
  • Hawthorne Caravan & Camp Site
  • Well-i-Hole Farm Caravan and Camping
  • The Paddock

How to Get There

Being one of the most populous cities in the country and being one of the most popular tourist destinations does ensure that Manchester doesn’t only offer good accommodation options, it also has exceptional transportation services. The city can be reached via a variety of means of transport, more details about these are given in the sections below.


Manchester Airport in the south of the city is the biggest air terminal in the UK outside of London and is among the 50 biggest air terminals on the planet. Almost 100 administrators fly to and from many areas around the world, remembering the most significant urban communities for Europe, alongside administrations from the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

Outside the Terminal 1 of Manchester Airport


Chorlton Street Coach Station is the key bus station in Manchester, found near the centre, among Chinatown and The Village on Chorlton Street. Buses run from everywhere in the country and are by and large the most economical way to get into Manchester. London to Manchester on the bus can require around four hours, however, it relies upon the hour of day and number of stops.

Freezone bus in Manchester


Manchester downtown area is served by two significant rail line stations, Victoria in the north and Piccadilly in the south. Piccadilly is the primary destination for long stretch trains from around the UK (for example London, Birmingham, Leeds, York, Newcastle, Glasgow and so on) notwithstanding a couple of local administrations.

Virgin Train from Brighton to Manchester


Hitchhiking to Manchester is a considerable option knowing that London is 200 miles away but the ride will not always be free and some individuals shall offer you a ride, although at a minimal cost to incorporate gas and toll charges. If your host is kind enough and doesn’t ask for anything, it would be polite of you to buy him/her a meal, a cup of coffee, or even a beer during/post the journey respectively.


Beyond the above-listed means of transportation, reaching Manchester is easy via a car that you can hire easily from any of the surrounding cities/countries. Riding on bicycles and motorcycles is not uncommon either and you could explore this unusual mode of transportation.

Moving Around

The modes of transport in the city of Manchester is handled and co-ordinated by TfGM. As a tourist, you have a variety of transport options and some of these even can be bundled and used under a single day pass. More details about getting around Manchester are given in the sections below.


Manchester downtown area's attractions are handily reached by walking, and strolling gives the ideal chance to take in the engineering of the city. Manchester is easy to navigate and directions can be found easily online. Know that drivers will in general show little thought for people on foot at convergences, so be careful.


Not only can you reach Manchester via bicycles, you can also explore the city on one. Cycling down to work or nearby places is common for locals and renting cycles isn’t too hard either. Just make sure you have the necessary protection gear before mounting on a bicycle and gallivanting across town, especially on bicycle lanes that the city makes provisions for.

Electronic Vehicles

Recently in the country of England, one can see the rise of electric vehicles. If you are truly an eco-friendly traveller, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of renting a good electric car and travelling around the city or even nearby major cities. The charging infrastructure is good enough to ensure that you aren’t left stranded.

Public Bus

Metroshuttle is a FREE bus administration run mutually by a local committee. It runs three courses that cover a large portion of the significant territories in the downtown area. These bus courses can be boarded directly from the central area's rail route stations. Bus Tickets are typically bought straightforwardly from the driver. First and Stagecoach both provide day passes for limitless travel on their organisation's buses, which can't be utilised on different busses.

Metroshuttle bus in Manchester

Tram, Train and Subway

Local rail services run regularly to most places in the encompassing territory and beyond. Most trains will go through Piccadilly or Victoria and there are various passes available for the same. Above all, Manchester, much like London, has been blessed with an immensely robust tube network that caters to the majority of the transportation needs of the people.

Metrolink Tram in Manchester

Sustainable Shopping

Shopping sustainably is a significant part of keeping up equilibrium in the general public, the little stores regularly take into account explicit requirements with economically fabricated items, they don't really work for benefits, however, they do serve to be intriguing spots particularly for tourists who are searching for some uncommon things and exquisite handiwork.

Food Markets

British cuisine is what dominates the palettes in Manchester. As a tourist, if you are keen on exploring some of the food markets that sell the finest ingredients to prepare these delicacies, head to the following food markets:

  • Arndale Market
  • Levenshulme Market
  • Food Market
  • Mais Brasil Market
  • The Piccadilly Gardens Market

Flea Markets

The British may be renowned across the globe for their proper and prim lifestyle but many of them are bargain hunters too, often looking for a good deal and for such individuals and tourists that are interested in cheap buys, the following flea markets are a great option:

  • Harpurhey Market
  • Hough End Car Boot Sale
  • Longsight Market
  • New Smithfield Wholesale Market
  • Gorton Market

Second Hand Stores

Right from used clothing to used cars, bicycles, electronics, sporting goods and much more can be found at some of the renowned second hand shops in Manchester. If you are looking for anything used, the following stores should be on your list:

  • Best Price Manchester Store
  • Thrift Shop
  • Oxfam Emporium
  • Barnardo's shop


Moral, sustainable fashion is a debated issue. We are altogether mindful of the troublesome conditions in industrial facilities around the globe, with quick design ever on the ascent and stores with costs lower than you expect, ideally it is at long last becoming obvious that someone, some place is paying. What is less notable yet similarly as destroying, is the results of the design business on our planet. Being the second most contaminating industry after oil because of the measure of assets utilised and carbon discharged, fashion and apparel is straightforwardly affecting environmental change. In the course of the most recent couple of years, increasingly more eco-design brands have arisen and a 'moderate style' development has been conceived. Here are a couple of Manchester based design brands with a still, small voice:

  • Community Clothing
  • Beaumont Organic
  • Otter & Goat


Recycling in Manchester is executed quite judiciously by the local authorities. Right from glass to paper and metals, all are recycled by over 20 recycling plants that are situated in Greater Manchester.


Waste collection in Manchester is very systematic, most of the residents and tourists are extremely aware and well informed about the segregation policies. The waste is then timely collected from assigned spots by the municipality which then distributes the collected waste for recycling and composting. As a tourist, your hotel shall handle much of the load for you.

Work and Study Abroad

Being the second-most populous city in the country, Manchester has no dearth of employment opportunities. At the same time, the city is blessed with tremendously reputed colleges and schools which attract students from different parts of the globe, more details about the same are given in the section below.

Exchange Student

Manchester is home to three major universities, these are renowned across the globe and students arrive here to study full-time or for a few semesters on exchange programmes that are arranged by the government and by grants that these universities themselves provide.

Au Pair

Au Pair as an idea is very mainstream in Manchester and you can discover different families through famous sites, simply pick the most alluring offer and head there to meet and finalise the arrangements which include your duties, the payment, your facilities and much more.


Volunteering is a significant part of life as you can give back to society by chipping in with time rather than money. In Manchester, it is anything but unexpected that you can discover scores of options/causes to chip in on sites and applications itself. Just enrol yourself and start making a difference to society.

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