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Eco-friendly travel guide to Bangalore advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Bangalore, India.

Bangalore City

  • Air quality: 2.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $230
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $300

Responsible Travel

Are you a tourist who wants to visit Bangalore but as a responsible traveller? If yes, as a traveling enthusiast, there are certain responsibilities that you have in addition to other moral obligations. Bangalore is by far one of the most beautiful cities of the culturally-rich India. Considered to be one of the biggest IT hubs in the country, this vibrant city has a lot to offer to tourists. Every year, tourists from different parts of the globe grace this city. You will find so many things in this city ranging from lush green escapades to admirable buildings of reputed multi-national companies. As a visitor to explore the city, one should strive to be as responsible as possible to give something back to the place. Some of the things that you can do are:

  • Just like the other metropolitan cities of India such as Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, etc., Bangalore also has its very own pollution-free metro rail system, which is also known as “Namma Metro”. This fast underground metro-system guarantees a safe and secure journey for tourists as well as locals. The icing on the cake is that this method of transportation is very cheap, and thus, tourists can commute from one place in the city to another without burning a hole in their pockets.
  • Bangalore has a well-maintained network of roads that can be used for exploring the city. It is advised to travel in pool cabs instead of hiring personal vehicles. The traffic in Bangalore might be a concern and therefore, it is advised that tourists use cabs only when necessary.
  • Using public transport in Bengaluru comes with its own sets of advantages. Buses by the Transportation Corporation in Bangalore (BMTC) can be used to travel in Bangalore. There are tons of buses and therefore, the tourists do not need to worry about availability. Another advantage is using public transport lessens air as well as noise pollution on a very large scale. Public buses are safer as well as less polluting as compared to private cabs, Undoubtedly, road networks are very nicely developed in Bangalore, and therefore, tourists can expect smooth rides without any bumps or obstacles.
  • There are several local businesses established in Bangalore. As a tourist, make sure that you grab every chance to support these local businesses. Eat at local food stalls as well as small restaurants. Trust us, you will not be disappointed after devouring specialized Indian delicacies. Bangalore houses several restaurants and food houses, which includes both local as well as established food chain stores. It is recommended that tourists gorge on traditional Indian food to have the best travel experience. After all, India is known for its wide variety of offerings when it comes to food.
  • As a responsible tourist, one should try contributing to the environment by doing a small yet significant part, such as staying at an eco-friendly hotel. Luckily, Bangalore has a variety of eco-friendly hotels. Additionally, there are various environment-friendly guest houses as well. An elaborate and comprehensive section regarding eco-friendly stay will be shared in the respective section later.
  • Know the benefits of visiting parks. Bangalore houses some of the most beautiful parks as well as gardens where tourists can go to chill, unwind, and soak in the beauty of mother nature. Visiting these parks and gardens should be at the top of your travel itinerary. Be it at any time of the day, morning, or evening, you will not regret strolling around and exploring the beautiful lush-green parks. You would also get to understand more about the flora and fauna of the city of Bangalore.
  • Another way of being a responsible traveler would be to understand the essence of supporting markets selling goods from local craftsmen, farmers, etc. Even though it is natural to want to buy souvenirs or products manufactured by international brands, it would be amazing if you shop from the local markets instead of going to branded shops to purchase overpriced stuff.

Air Quality and Pollution

One of the main factors that play a very crucial role in deciding whether you want to reside in place or even visit it as a tourist is the air quality as well as the pollution of the city.

The condition of the air in Bangalore as compared to some of the major cities of India is worse. The AQI or Air Quality Index of Bangalore usually remains around 89 US, which in simple terms is moderate. On some days, the 100 US limit is crossed. Since the AQI scale is moderate, tourists need not be afraid of experiencing skin or breathing issues, such as inflammation or burning eyes.

The weather of Bangalore remains pleasant most of the year as it experiences moderate climatic conditions and therefore, tourists can visit the city at any time of the year and enjoy exploring the beautiful place without any issues. However, it is advised that you visit the city in the months between September and February. The tourist count also increases during this time since the weather becomes even better during the cold season.

Respect the Culture

Before you visit Bangalore, there are a few things that you should learn regarding the culture of the masses as well as of the place as a whole to really appreciate the beauty of the vivid city and also of India as a whole. To begin, Bangalore or Bengaluru is the capital as well as the largest city of the state of Karnataka. One of the most known facts about the city is its constant 24/7 traffic.

With an estimated population density of around 20 million, the city stands at #3 when it comes to the largest cities in India. Over time, the city has witnessed and undergone drastic social as well as cultural changes since the advent of liberalization as well as the increase in the growth of IT companies and businesses.

The major part of the city’s population speaks Kannada, the local language of Bangalore. However, the language generally depends on which part of the city that you are present in. Roughly speaking and not based on any official census, there are a total of seven zones as per linguistics acclimatization. The seven zones include – Kannada speaking Zone, Tamil Speaking Zone, Telugu Speaking Zone, Malayalam, Gujarati & Marwari, Hindi, and lastly, English.

The residents are commonly referred to as Bangaloreans or Bengalurenavaru. Most of the population of Bangalore follows the ideologies of Hinduism. In the city, Karaga Shaktyotsava, one of the oldest festivals – is celebrated with great joy and happiness. The Festival of Lights or Deepavali is also celebrated by the masses with splendid vigor. Not only this, other major festivals from all other religions such as Christmas, Eid, Ganesh Chaturthi, etc. are also celebrated.

When it comes to entertainment, Bangalore is the birthplace of the uber-famous Kannada film industry which roughly creates around 100 films annually. Fun fact – It is also the fifth-largest film-producing industry in the country, in terms of box office collection and revenue. This film industry has given rise to new variety as a whole and the name assigned to it is “Bengaluru Kannada”. The city is also called “Ham Radio Capital” of the country and this is due to the presence of several amateur radio license holders as well as their activities. The whole of India is known for its offerings of delicious items.

Bengaluru is one of the major cities where a diverse range of food items is offered to the masses. Cuisine available in the city reflects the social as well as the economic diversity of the beautiful city. Adding to the versatility, there are numerous roadside food vendors. Be it any sort of Indian food, ranging from South Indian to North Indian, Western to Chinese to Arabic food – all types of food can be found in Bangalore. Tons of traditional vegetarian restaurants are also present, some of which include – MTR, Ramakrishna Lunch Home, etc. Coming to the Muslim cuisine, the offerings delivered are very unique and mouth-watery. The food is a mixture of Mughlai and Hyderabadi cuisine. Similarly, Arabian cuisine is also gaining popularity as items such as Shawarma and Falafels are creating their own niche among the foodies.

Top 10 Places to Visit

The city of Bangalore is not only famous as the IT Hub of India but there are also many other beautiful and aesthetic sites to visit here. These places are the charm of Bangalore. Given below is the list of top 10 places to visit in Bangalore as a tourist.

  • Bangalore Palace – The Bangalore Palace is located in Vasanth Nagar which is at a five-minute distance. The Palace is one of the classic architectures in Bangalore. If you are an enthusiast of classic sculptures, you should visit this place. You can visit any time of the year a
  • Lalbagh – Lalbagh is a botanical garden located in the southern part of Bangalore. It stretches over 240 acres or approximately 1 square kilometer. You can find a variety of species of plants and trees in this location.
  • MG Road – MG Road is also known as the city center of Bangalore or Bengaluru. This place is the lifeline of the city. One could find all types of food products in Bangalore, different types of shopping products, etc in here. MG Road is said to be the busiest road in Bangalore. Tourists love to shop from this place.
  • Bannerghatta National Park – The National park is located 22 kilometers away from the main city. This place was started in the early 70s’ and is also known as the first butterfly park in India. Activities like boating and Jungle Safari are available in this park.
  • Cubbon Park – The park is located 1 km far from the city center. It has a total area of around 300 acres. It’s a perfect place for people who love nature. This park is also a good place for practicing Yoga as you will be surrounded by more than 6000 trees.
  • UB City Mall – The UB City Mall is an all in one luxurious stop. You can buy clothes, shoes, etc from a variety of brands which are available in this mall. You can also have classy dining or you can enjoy the Spa in this mall.
  • Wonderla Amusement Park – Wonderla Amusement Park is counted as one of the best amusement parks in India. This park is located 26 kilometers far away from the central part of the city. Wonderla provides both amusement and water park with a variety of rides in it which makes it a very popular tourist attraction.
  • Ulsoor Lake – Ulsoor lake which is also known as Halasuru Lake is the biggest lake in Bangalore. This waterbody is a famous tourist attraction as the calmness around the lake is a stress relief for people. Tourists come here to enjoy the beauty of this lake which was built in the second century. Ulsoor Lake allows for boating but does not allow to swim in it.
  • Commercial Street: If you need anything necessary for you, Commercial Street should be your top priority to visit in. Commercial Street is somewhat similar to MG Road but more efficient with a less number of crowd.
  • Nandi Hills – Nandi Hills which are located 45 kilometers far from the city center is one of the finest hill stations in Bangalore and as well as India too. The hill station is popular with tourists for trekking. Many visitors spend quality time in these hills. These hills are approximately 1.5 kilometers in height. One could do paragliding and mountain cycling in this place which is quite a fun sport.
The beautiful Bangalore Palace


Karnataka’s capital known as Bangalore or Bangaluru is significantly known for its Information Technology Sector and also is the biggest center of attraction for tourists. The few of the main features of the metropolitan city are its attractive scenario and the greenery which makes it the ‘Garden city’ of the Indian country.

The extravagant nightlife, dining scene, shopping, and a handful of adventurous opportunities of the city are some of the many reasons why holidaymakers plan a trip to Bangalore. With an endless number of places to visit in Bangalore, you can make your trip a memorable one. Here are a few places of interest where you can consider yourself to be in.

City Parks

  • Cubbon Park, Central Bangalore- A major sightseeing attraction with 300 acres of greenery in Bangalore is the Cubbon Park. It was known to be found by Lord Cubbon. The park is highly recommendable for nature lovers and for those who are looking for peace and calm surrounding. Concerts are hosted by a bandstand that the park features itself. The park also consists of the famous Bangalore aquarium which is a must-visit as it is the second-largest aquarium in the Indian country.
  • Lal bagh Botanical Garden, Lalbagh- this botanical garden is also known as a paradise for the ones who are in love with nature. Hyder Ali authorized it in the year 1760 which got completed by Tipu sultan with an area of 240 acres. The Lal Bagh botanical garden has achieved the status of Government Botanical Garden because it consists of rare plants from Afghan, Persian, and French. One of the major tourist attractions is the Lal Bagh rock which is located over here for over 3000 million years.
  • Bannerghatta butterfly park, South Bangalore- India’s first garden consisting of the butterfly was inaugurated in the premises of the butterfly park of Bannerghatta on 25th November 2006. This beautiful butterfly park covers an area of 7.5 acres and consists of a museum along with both audiovisual and conservatory room. There are about 20 different species of butterflies in the conservatory room and also its artificial atmosphere suitable for the butterflies to flourish and thrive comfortably.
Cubbon Park is a great park to spend a nice and relaxing evening

National Parks

  • Nagarhole national park - This national park is located in the Kodagu district and is situated near Mysore. The recognition of the park as a wildlife sanctuary was done in the year 1955 and finally as the national park in the year 1988. Later, the name of the park was changed to Rajiv Gandhi National park which covers an area of 575 sq. km. there are different varieties of the trees with an enlarged number of the reserve of rosewood and teak. The wildlife of this national park ranges from a variety of animals such as tigers, wild Indian dogs, leopard, hyena, Indian bison, otter, etc. The Nagarhole national park is about 236 kilometers from central Bangalore and is mainly visited between October to May.
  • Bandipur national park - the recognition of this national park was done in the year 1973 and was known to be located in the Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka which is around 204 kilometers away from the city of Bangalore. During the olden days, this famous national park was a private hunting reserve for the Maharaja of Mysore. Project tiger endeavor is well known due to this famous national park. It covers an area of more than 800 sq. km. the Bandipur national park is significantly known for its variety of trees such as sandalwood, teak, rosewood, and Indian Kino tree. The best suited time for a short trip over this natural park could be between November to April.
  • Anshi national park - the Uttara Kanada district of Karnataka consists of the Anshi national park covering an area of 250 square kilometers. This well known national park is home to more than 197 rare species of birds. There are several wild animals and reptiles present in the national park apart from birds. The Anshi national park is located around 509 kilometers from Bangalore and the best suited time to visit the place is between November to April
The exquisite Bandipur National Park


There are no beaches located in the main city of Bangalore therefore, one will have to travel for about 400 kilometers away from the city to find the best-suited beaches which brings happiness in the form of food, friends, and spending of quality times with your loved ones while enjoying every offshore sound of the waves and the water which gushing through the gaps of your foot finger that makes the scenario memorable and romantic.


  • Sree Surya Swamy Temple - This temple located in Domlur is amongst the very few sun god temple located in the city of Bangalore. It was constructed in the year 1995 by Sri Patel D.R Krishna Reddy. The most stunning fact about the temple is that it is the most beautiful modern temple of the city, the well-known Chola temple style of architecture was used for the construction by the artisans who were experts of their time.
  • Infant Jesus shrine - It is one of the most well-known landmarks in the city of Bangalore. Devotees of Jesus, no matter of what religion come in here for novenas on Thursdays because this place has been considered miraculous for some of the devotees. This church is situated on top of a hill which makes the scenario very peaceful and loving.
  • ISKCON Temple - The ISKCON Sri Radha Krishna temple was launched in the year 1997. The temple is built in such a way that it gradually evolves as a cultural complex housing which the temple dedicates to their devotees of Sri Radha Krishnachandra and many other scholars whose teaching is based upon the Bhagavad-Gita.
Infant Jesus shrine


  • Government museum - The government museum is one of the oldest museums in the Indian country which has been used in several ways over the last 150 years. The visiting hour of the museum is from 10 am till 5 pm. The museum remains closed on Wednesdays. The Artefact from Mohenjodaro is a thing that could not be missed along with other famous artifacts including rare coins, relics, and a great number of paintings and sculptures.
  • HAL Aerospace museum - This museum was established in the year 2001, to showcase the massive growth of Indian technology in the field of aeronautics. The main aim of the museum is to showcase the various plane models. The HAL Aerospace Museum is executed by the Hindustan Aeronautics who is considered to be one of the most famous aerospace players in Asia.
  • Janapada Folk Museum- This museum is not located exactly in the city of Bangalore, still, it should be included in the list because of its proximity. The museum covers an area of 15 acres which is kind of very large. The main tradition of the museum is the objects, puppets, costumes, and weapons.
de Havilland Dove (Devon) aircraft at the HAL Aerospace museum


The statement of the best cultural food is said to be true in Bangalore because of the culture of the city which makes it possible for producing the best and the most delicious street food in the city itself. The city of Bangalore includes several restaurants and pubs that can serve anything starting from Idli and going to the best Sashimi platter. The city’s soul is the street food of Bangalore.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Regional Karnataka cuisine - The name of the restaurant is derived lately from the customary greeting of Karnataka “have you eaten?” On the massive menu list, you will get popular dishes from both south and north of the city. There are a handful of recipes which has been brought down by the locals of the city and carried away further.
  • Seafood: Karavalli - If you come to Karavalli, don’t forget to visit the seafood which is specially dedicated to seafood lovers. The specialty of the hotel is that serves food in a coastal way over a banana leaf. Also, the restaurant is decorated in the traditional style of a local house. It consists of a high wooden ceiling and various rare furniture of olden times.
  • Traditional No-Frills - Popularly known as the Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, is a vegetarian south Indian restaurant from the year 1924. This Idli Dosa place is the oldest among any other restaurant in town. The main item of the place is the Rawa Idli which is known to be made during the Second World War; it was the time when rice was scarce. The ambiance of the place is very good and comfy.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Carrots - There are a few restaurants that provide a vegan menu, carrots being one of them where the crowd hits the most. From starters through the desert the menu is filled with healthy vegan dishes which are true for people in love with green veggies. The restaurant is located in Koramangala, Bangalore.
  • Vaathsalya Millet café - As the name suggests, vaathsalya millet café simply includes dishes with the goodness of healthy millets. If you go for lunch, the wholesome Thali is highly recommended which is filled with vegetables, rice, and rotis made of millet.

Street Food

  • Food Street Bangalore, VV Puram - Both hot and spicy Masala Dosa and sweet Dal Holige dipped in pure ghee, you can fill yourself with different types of street dishes for versatile taste. The food out here is meant to be the best economically. It is exactly located over the old market road, Bhasavanagudi.
  • Shri Sagar - The special Masala Dosa served continuously to a large number of people is not an easy job. But the efforts given out by the People of CTR Shri Sagar has given brilliant result. Apart from serving the best masala dosa they also serve idly, vada, poori sagu, and Kesari bhat.
Making Masala Dosa at Sri Udupi Vihar, Bengaluru


The Silicon Valley of India significantly known for its IT sector has also found its new love- Alcohol. With a majority of people being in the job sector, outlets and pubs are housefuls during weekends. Bangalore proves to be having a few of the best places to visit for goods and beverages.


Soon after the conduction of tap water quality by the BIS, reports have cited that Bengaluru becomes one among the 21 cities of India to officially fail to meet the quality standards of good drinking water. This is due to the elevated levels which dissolve solid with water resulting in a bitter taste and degraded quality.

Organic Cafés

Organic café’s consist of everything related to freshly picked up vegetables along with chemical-free body wash. Organic cafés brings out a handful of healthy fruits and vegetables at reasonable rates. Organic stores in Bangalore are a one-stop-shop for everything organic a person needs.

  • Areev
  • The organic world
  • House of taamara
  • Jewels in a jar
  • Artisan palate


The new filter coffee of Bangalore for the people is beer. There are a variety of breweries to choose for different occasions such as celebration, family gathering, or be it a reunion with friends. A cup of beer and your loved ones is all you need. Here is a list of famous breweries located in Bangalore for quality beer

  • Refreshing beer at Toit
  • Mango beer at brooks and Bonds brewery
  • Spectacular beer at Arbor brewing company
  • Amazing beer at Prost brew Pub


The best a person could do is go for hiking to the hills of Nandi, or go for a short picnic trip to Cubbon park, take one's family for shopping at MG road, go for a short trip to Guhantara, take your kids to Wonderla, visit the famous Bangalore palace and do many more adventurous things.

Yoga and Retreats

People majorly working for fixed timings or getting only a limited amount of sleep can become very disturbing and irritating after a short period. it becomes important to take care of oneself when it comes to both physical and mental health. It becomes important to take a break from your working space and get along with friends and family every once in a while for a retreat. Here are a few spiritual centric yoga retreats that one can go to and spend some quality time.

  • Transcendental yoga
  • Shwaasa yoga
  • Ancient Wisdom yoga
  • Ananda sangha yoga
  • Temple of knowledge


There are a handful of reasons regarding the best place for a short stay in Bangalore, India. We will try to list a few hotels to help you find the perfect place especially during the vacation season where everyone’s looking for a short trip away from their houses. It is important to look out for due diligence before you book any accommodations in the city.

Four Seasons Hotel, Bangalore

Green Hotels

  • Aloft Bengaluru Cessna Business park
  • Halcyon residences
  • OYO 829 garden green hotel Bangalore
  • Hotel Greenland
  • Hotel green tree Bangalore

Hostels and Guest Houses

There are some people who often think about what is the real difference between hotels and guest houses. To give a clear idea, a guesthouse is a small and private house which is given out for rent on daily basis and on the other hand hotels in Bangalore consist of around 4-10 rooms. Hotels are considered larger as compared to guest houses. The street of Bangalore is filled with infinite numbers of hotels and guest houses. The famous ones with better convenience are mentioned below.

  • Elegant guest house
  • Terrace garden guest house
  • Golden guest house
  • Crest executive suite
  • Sahara guest house


There are more than 75,000 big and small apartments in the city of Bangalore. This means that more than 70% of the land is either dependent on private tankers or borewells for their water needs. It is always recommended to buy an apartment rather than buying lands or property houses because of the safety and other opportunities provided.


A travel community with millions of members from all around the world is known as Couchsurfing, it becomes the best way to explore any city with the help of couch surfers. There are unique places in Bangalore to discover which an individual self fails to explore. For finding the best accommodations in Bangalore use couch surfing.


Camping in Bangalore is one of the best and the most popular way to explore the adventurous side of Bangalore. Due to different camping sites tourists are attracted from all over the world. People need to take out time from their hectic schedules and take a break for some adventure. Camping becomes one of the best solutions for experiencing wonderful sightseeing of the city.

  • Nandi Hills
  • Ramanagara
  • Kanakpura
  • Savandurga
  • Bheemeshwari

How to Get There

Karnataka’s state capital Bangalore which is now officially known as Bengaluru is located in the southern part of the state of Karnataka. It lies in the southern part of India too. Bengaluru is a well-populated city and there are various ways to reach there. Here are some common ways to get there:


As of now, Bangalore has only one airport in service which is Kempegowda International Airport. The airport is located 40 kilometers to the north of the city center. Kempegowda International Airport was opened in May of the year 2008.

The Kempegowda International Airport came into service to reduce the overcrowding at HAL Airport, but HAL Airport was closed just a few days later after the KIA started. The Karnataka Government is trying their best to reopen HAL airport after which Bangalore will have two airports in its hold.

Both Domestic and International flights fly into this Airport. Flights from many famous countries and cities are available to travel in.

Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore


KSRTC is also known as Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation provides buses to nearby places. Many traveling agencies provide buses from cities like Goa, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mangalore, etc. Buses are not that expensive and affordable for everyone. Traveling by bus could take some time but the journey is as beautiful as ever.

Bus stand, Bangalore


If you want to travel across the country and reach Bangalore, you can find many trains running from every corner of India to Bangalore. Bangalore Railway Station is a Junction where trains from every city run into. Traveling by train is one of the easiest ways to travel in India. Trains to Bangalore are available daily throughout the week. Trains in India are not too expensive so everyone can afford it.

Namma Metro rolling in on a metro station in Bangalore


One could get a lift for the city from truck drivers on the National Highway, or the State Highway. Most of the time the truck drivers are kind enough to help you. Although hitchhiking isn’t a good idea in India, cause no one is there to assure your safety. The crime rate in India is too high and hitchhiking across the cities can be a risk for the newcomers.


Bangalore is in the center part of the southern hemisphere of India, therefore it connects many National and State Highways to it. One could travel by their private vehicles such as cars or bikes or mini-vans. National Highway like NH4 and Asian Highway like AH47 connects the roadways to Mumbai and Bangalore.

While other highways like NH 48 and NH 44 which connects Delhi and Bangalore, NH 16 connects Kolkata to Bangalore, etc. Bangalore city is quite famous for its road traffic. As you get stuck in the traffic you will come to know that you have finally reached your destination.

Moving Around

Bangalore has one of the finest infrastructures but still can’t control the traffic in the city. As we all know Bangalore is famous for its traffic jams. Here are some ways to travel around the city with ease so you won’t get caught up in these traffic jams.


Bangalore is full of roads, streets, and lanes hence you can walk to cover a short distance and move around the city. The streets in Bangalore are full of surprises. While walking you can taste a variety of street foods in Bangalore such as Thindi Beedis, Dosas, Momos, Manchurian, Sandwiches, etc.

You can also buy clothes from nearby street markets like the one near MG Road, or Commercial Street, Avenue Street, Majestic Market, many more. You get to see the best view of any city while walking and can also help you to maintain your health for the better.

Traffic situation in Bangalore


People can use a bicycle to travel through the city as it is helpful to move quickly and time-saving. While thou Cyclists in Bangalore are taken as a joke because of the heavy traffic and not so wide roads. Everyone cannot afford a motorbike or a car, therefore people travel by bicycle.

There is also a project of bicycle sharing for the public in Bangalore although the rider’s safety doesn’t mean anything to the government. One could use a bicycle for traveling to get instant mobility but at their very own risk. Using a bicycle in this city will save you some money and some time too.

Electronic Vehicles

Started as bicycle renting dealers are now adding electronic bikes to rent for the people. Many people in Bangalore own their private electric bike or electric bicycle which they use to move around the city easily. Bangalore is already full of traffic jams, hence the pollution is on the rise for which the government advises the citizens to use electric vehicles.

Public Bus

BMTC or the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation buses for public transport are government buses that help you to travel around the city with ease. Approximately 6000 buses are running under BMTC. And more than 35 million passengers are traveling daily through these buses. Instead of BMTC buses, Auto Rickshaws are also used as a means of public transport to move around the city. It’s the easiest way to move around the city.

An Auto Rickshaw can carry 3-4 passengers in a single go and it does not cost too much as compared to the taxis.

A BMTC bus in Bangalore

Tram, Train and Subway

Bangalore is not a place for Tram anymore due to the heavy traffic in the city. Unfortunately, there are no local trains or Subways in Bangalore. But there are metros available throughout the city. Bangalore Metro is also known as the Namma Metro where Namma means in ‘Our’ in Kannada.

The Metro runs on two lines that is the Purple Line and the Green Line. The Purple Line connects the southwest part to the eastern part of the city. The Green Line connects the northwest and the south part of the city.

Sustainable Shopping

The city of Bangalore has a variety of things to do, and sustainable shopping is one of them. The markets in this city are well known all over India. There are many sustainable brands working in Bangalore. Some of these are:

  • Bare Necessities
  • Bamboo India
  • Eco Clocks

Food Markets

Bangalore is at the southern part of the Indian peninsula, hence South Indian food is the soul of this place. There are some other types of cuisine and food items in Bangalore too. There are so many places one could eat while enjoying the beauty of the city such as:

  • Raja Market – Raja Market is a night market where you can find a variety of street foods that are Bangalore’s special.
  • Johnson Market – If you did like to eat Rolls, Kebab, or Biryani you will find Johnson Market the perfect place for you.
  • Russel Market – Russel Market is said to be the oldest of all the other markets. It is also known as Shivaji Nagar Market. You can find everything like flowers and fruits, fish and meat, and a variety of spices.
  • Commercial Street – This place also has a lot to offer, also the Mangalore buns are one of the best in this area of the city.
Russel Market in Bangalore

Flea Markets

Bangalore has plenty of flea markets that are also called "landa Bazaar" in the local language. You can get all sorts of items in these flea markets of Bangalore. Some of the famous flea markets in the city are:

  • KR Market – Also known as City Market is Bangalore’s biggest wholesale market. The market runs daily in a week and is well known for the variety of flowers that it offers.
  • Gandhi Bazaar – The market is famous for flowers, vegetables, souvenirs, clay pots and pans too.
  • Avenue Market – If you are a bookworm then this market is made exactly for you. You can find all types of books in Avenue Market. Apart from these books, there are jewelry shops nearby in the lane.
  • Brigade Road – Branded clothes and shoes can be purchased in this market with other accessories.
A vendor selling towels at the KR Market

Second Hand Stores

Bangalore is a metropolitan city, all type of stores can be found here. There are several places where you can find stores for second-hand electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptop computers, washing machines, refrigerators, hand furniture as well as second-hand bikes and cars. Below is the list of places in Bangalore where you can find these shops:

  • 4th Main Road
  • BWSSB Pipeline Road
  • CredR Used Bikes Showroom
  • Near KR Road
  • Jayanagar
There are many second hand stores in the Jayanagar are of Bangalore


To save our mother earth, eco-friendly stores are now being opened in major cities, these stores are not that expensive and easily affordable for people. You can get a variety of eco-friendly products in these shops. Here are some stores you can check in to get these products:

  • Nurturing Green
  • Green Gifts Store
  • Jute Cottage
  • Bhu – The Eco Store
  • EcoChoice Organic Store
  • Siri Eco-Friendly Products


Bangalore is a populated city where disposing and recycling of waste is quite a challenge. There are many recycling agencies, which recycles the waste and supply it to the manufacturer as a raw material. Different types of material are segregated and recycled separately. So that the material can be directly processed to the next step of recycling.

The government of Bangalore has its programs to recycle waste and make proper use of it. While other contractors are in the recycling business to earn some profit from it.


With a huge population of more than 10.5 million people in the city, waste management is one of the biggest challenges for the government of Karnataka. Up to 4.5 million kilograms or 5K tons of waste is collected in the city of Bangalore. Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palika or the BBMP collects thirty percent of this waste directly, while the other seventy percent of the municipal waste is being collected by the contractors in the state.

There are no large water bodies present around the city, hence disposing of the waste is quite difficult. There is about 55 percent of biodegradable waste that is a matter which can be easily converted into manure and fertilizers. 16-25 percent of recyclable waste like paper, plastic, metal, and electronic devices.

The other 15 percent is the inert waste which directly goes into the landfill. The speed at which the waste is decomposed is quite low due to the climate of the city.

Work and Study Abroad

The IT hub of India or the city of Bangalore is a breeding ground for opportunities. Many famous companies like Infosys, Accenture, Wipro, TCS, IBM, Capgemini, Cognizant, Oracle, etc have their worksites in this city. Working in Bangalore is said to be the first step in your long career. There are many Universities to which foreign students can apply.

Exchange Student

Bangalore has a variety of famous and renowned Universities and Colleges where one can study anything they want. Students from many countries take admission in institutes of Bangalore. Not only the city is famous for its work profile but also there are many medical, engineering, and art colleges in Bangalore. You will have to check with your respective university if they are affiliated with the local universities in Bangalore and offering exchange programs. Some of the famous universities are: For MBBS:

  • Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute
  • Rajiv Gandhi University of Health and Science or RGUHS
  • M.S Ramiah Medical College

For Engineering:

  • IISC or Indian Institute of Science
  • RV College of Engineering
  • International Institute of Information Technology or IIT
  • Bangalore Institute of Technology

For Other:

  • Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Bengaluru.
  • Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Indian Institute of Management or IIM

Au Pair

The concept of Au Pair is new to the Indian people. Au Pair Job services can only be seen in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune. Few agencies in Bangalore offer you to work as an Au Pair. One could contact GreatAuPair or visit the official website of Au Pair.


Several NGOs in Bangalore provide volunteering opportunities to everyone. Different types of NGOs have different concerns such as helping animals, raising funds for children who can’t afford school, donating books to students in need, raising child rights awareness, etc. Below is the list of NGOs one could volunteer at:

  • Akshara
  • Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA)
  • Hasirudala
  • People For Animals
  • Blank Noise
  • Make A Difference (MAD)

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