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Eco-friendly travel guide to Belize advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Belize, Central America, North America.

Panoramic view of Caye Caulker

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3.0 / 5
  • Train connections: 3.5 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3.0 / 5
  • National parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.0 / 5
  • Safety: 2.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $150
  • Budget per day: US$45 - $200

Responsible Travel

North America is one of the most advanced continents in the world. Every person in the world is aware of that fact, but not everyone knows about the various beautiful and ethnic countries and places in North America. One such country is Belize. Belize is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the continent of North America. This country is located in the southern part of the continent.

The following points will shine light upon some of the most basic etiquette and norms a tourist must follow when visiting Belize or rather any other country or state in the world.

Utilize public vehicles instead of employing vehicles and other such private methods of transport.

Riding bicycles is one of the best ways one can travel to and from one place to another when visiting a destination. In Belize, there are ways through which one can hire bicycles. Riding a bicycle helps the city's environment and allows businesses to prosper, and even help you stay fit and healthy.

Throwing trash at specified places. Several places in cities like Belize have been specified to dispose of garbage. People are often requested to dump their trash in these sites to maintain these cities' beauty and sanctity.

Also, there is the need to comprehend that supporting and aiding neighborhood makers and markets is necessary for them to endure. This should be possible from multiple points of view. There could be a propensity to pull for global organizations and notable brands that sell nearly anything under the rooftop. While the environment might be acceptable and creamy, you would improve to get the same number of things as you can from the nearby business sectors, rather than hurry to the huge names that have activities in Belize and different nations and urban communities the world.

Air Quality and Pollution

It is one of the most crucial factors right now, and the rise in air pollution is prominent. The quality of air is also a huge concern in cities like Belize. The air quality is a concern for people living in Belize and people going there as a tourist. High quality of air means people will live peacefully without having health issues and breathing issues.

As of today, studies show that Belize air quality is in the 10 to 45 points range. These points mean that the air in Belize is satisfactory. The air pollution level is low and possesses minimal risk. The AQI or the Air Quality Index of Belize belongs in a range of 10 to 15, and the humidity of this region is in the range of 60 to 90. These numbers indicate that there are no severe issues in the living condition of Belize. If the current way of life is followed, the situation might stay the same.

But this does not mean that the situation will not be the same in the future. People need to keep the practices that have been going on till now to maintain this level of satisfactory air quality; otherwise, serious issues might appear.

These numbers shown in this article are accurate and needed for sustainable living in metropolitan cities. Tourists who visit Belize have been following the state's laws and regulations for controlling air quality, as are the citizens. The government's rules and regulations have played an essential role in keeping the city’s air quality in good shape.

Respect the Culture

Since 1974, the party system in Belize has been dominated by the center-left People's United Party and the center-right United Democratic Party, although other small parties took part in all levels of elections in the past. Though none of these small political parties has ever won any significant number of seats and/or offices, their challenge has been growing over the years. In old Belizean stories, there are the legends of Lang Bobi Suzi, La Llorona, La Sucia, Tata Duende, X'tabai, Anansi, Xtabay, Sisimite, and the cadejo.

A large portion of the public occasions in Belize are conventional Commonwealth and Christian occasions, albeit some are explicit to Belizean culture, for example, Garifuna Settlement Day and Heroes and Benefactors' Day, once in the past Baron Bliss Day. Moreover, September's long stretch is an uncommon season of a public festival called September Celebrations with an entire month of exercises on a unique occasion schedule. Other than Independence Day and St. George's Caye Day, Belizeans likewise observe Carnival during September, which regularly incorporates several occasions across several days. The headliner is the Carnival Road March, generally held the Saturday before the tenth of September. In certain regions of Belize, be that as it may, Carnival is praised at the customary time before Lent (in February).

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary: The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary made up an enormous piece of the eastern Maya Mountain range and was set up to secure the backwoods animals of south focal Belize. Covering a gigantic zone of in excess of 400 square kilometers, it is additionally one of the biggest and most renowned panther safe-havens on the planet — today, the numbers remain at roughly 800 felines. Likewise, the recreation center brags more than 290 species of wild flying creature, including the imperiled red macaw and the ruler vulture. Except if you're showing up with a visit gathering, know that the safe-haven is arranged toward the finish of an unpleasant 10km street that wanders away from the principal interstate. However, when you reach here, a data point will lead you towards climbs that open up a staggering characteristic save, including spiked pinnacles, tropical rainforests, and amazing cascades.
  • Tobacco Caye: Tobacco Caye offers a great taste of tropical heaven on a small island off the bank of Belize's town Dangriga. As it is just 200 feet wide and 400 feet in length, you can stroll around it in under fifteen minutes while as yet retaining the cozy and social environment initiated by the 20 Belizeans who dwell there. There are no vehicles or streets on the island, making it the ideal spot to loosen up and shut yourself off from the rest of the world. Situated inside the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, it remains a well-known plunging and fishing spot for brave spirits directly on the reef.
  • Caracol: Caracol is viewed as the biggest on-going antiquated Maya archeological site in Belize and lays on a level at a rise of 500 meters above ocean level. During the Classic Period, it was believed to be quite possibly the main political center of human progress, covering a zone that is much bigger than the nation's current capital. Since it was found inside the profundities of the thick wilderness during the 1920s, guests have run from everywhere the world to wonder about its tremendous sanctuaries, great pyramids, regal burial places, and homes, ignoring miles of the secured Chiquibul backwoods. On your excursion home, visit for a plunge at Rio On Rools and Rio Frio Cave following a difficult day on your feet.
  • Belize Barrier Reef: Arranged a large portion of a pretty far the shoreline of Belize, the nation's Barrier Reef is the longest of its sort in the Western Hemisphere and the second-longest in the entire world. Today, it is the top traveler objective in the nation, demonstrating a large number of guests a year precisely why it is 'the most momentous Barrier Reef in the West Indies,' as naturalist Charles Darwin called it in 1842. Home to a wide variety of plants and creatures, it is quite possibly the most assorted environment on earth and highlights types of more than 100 delicate and hard coral, 500 fish, and many invertebrates. Truth be told, the Belize Barrier Reef is thick to such an extent that solitary 10% of the relative multitude of species here have been found — this is incompletely why the nation's hold framework intensely ensures it.
  • San Ignacio: A lively social community, San Ignacio is an in-land wilderness town that sits on the east bank of the Macal River. Today, it stays perhaps the most assorted towns in the nation and fills in as a visit point for some explorers, archeologists, Peace Corps laborers, and North American ex-pats. Meander down the city's limited roads and experience some flavorful nearby cooking, or head for the shocking sights outside of the town's lines to get a genuine taste of the locale. It is significant that the Mountain Pine Ridge Ecosystem is directly on San Ignacio's doorstep, offering striking perspectives, profound caverns, and is' opinion to be perhaps the tallest cascade in Belize. The torsionally the last visit before or to making a beeline for Guatemala to visit the Tikal Mayan ruins.
  • Hopkins: For those searching for a sample of genuine Belize, Hopkins will absolutely convey. Despite the fact that it has developed past its sources as a straightforward fishing town, the zone has still held its rustic, ocean side appeal and has tried not to turn into a business traveler center point. A quiet right on target the coast that is considered by most Belizeans to be the social focal point of the Garifuna populace, the town truly wakes up in November, when the town observes Garifuna Settlement Day. Then again, on some other day in the year, the simple availability of seaside plunge sights and the intriguing characteristic scene draws in inquisitive guests from everywhere in the world.
  • Actun Tunichil Muknal: Situated close to San Ignacio, the Actun Tunichil Muknal is a Mayan conciliatory internment site contained primarily inside a rambling cavern framework that one should explore prior to arriving at the fortunes that exist in. When you complete your long entry through the wilderness and swim through the cavern entrance, you'll find excellent instances of earthenware, pottery, and stoneware, just as human conciliatory remaining parts — the 'Gem Maiden,' a skeleton of a young female adult shrouded totally in limestone gems, is the most notable. For those anxious to take an interest in a guided visit through the cavern complex, bunches are coordinated in a joint effort with the Belize National Institute of Culture and History.
  • Great Blue Hole: For quite a long time, the Great Blue Hole off the bank of Belize has been a jumper's heaven. More than 300 meters across and around 124 meters down, it frames an inborn piece of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every year, it draws in numerous recreational scuba jumpers who dive into the perfectly clear waters of this common, geographical wonder. Home to plenty of exotic fish and coral developments close by a bounty of sharks and cave rock formation filled caverns; it's reasonable why this sink opening is on each explorer's container list.
  • Toledo: Of the multitude of attractions in Belize, Toledo is maybe the least visited because of its provincial and far off area at the southernmost purpose of the nation, to such an extent that it has acquired the epithet 'Failed to remember Land.' However, its seclusion is maybe what makes it perhaps the most cryptic and wonderful regions of the nation, as it is home to almost 1,700 square miles of generally uninhabited rainforest, mountain reaches, streams, and seaward islands. Try not to be put off by its absence of availability, as once you're there, there is a wide scope of exercises, for example, tubing the nearby waterways or kayaking and swimming in the close by Snake Cayes. For enthusiastic fledgling watchers, Toledo's tough rainforest likewise plays host to more than 500 recorded types of flying creatures.
  • Silk Cayes: Once in a while, alluded to as the 'Sovereign Cayes,' Silk Cayes is an ensured marine hold that makes up two remote locations situated in a focal piece of Belize's Barrier Reef. A beautiful island bordered by snow-white sand and encompassed by miles of turquoise water, it offers a bunch of swimming occasions to investigate the wonderland of eco-frameworks that call it home. Specifically, the region draws in guests for its wealth of wild turtles, for example, the Loggerhead Turtle, which develops to more than four feet long. Likewise, the delicate Whale Shark remains an occasional fascination for jumpers. Bring along an excursion from the market in the close by seashore town of Placencia and partake in the numerous grills that happen underneath the coconut trees.
Tobacco Caye, Belize


Belize is one of the biggest tourist sites in the world. People worldwide come to this country to watch the beauty and historical monuments and their importance. The country is filled with abandoned factories, art pieces, parks, museums, and much more. Below are some of the biggest attractions like parks, museums, and more.

City Parks

Belize is a big country and is filled with the beauties of nature. One aspect of natural beauty is the natural city parks, and Belize is filled with them. These city parks are spread across a large area of Belize. Here are some of the city parks famous in Belize.

  • San Cas Park
  • Battlefield Park
  • Memorial Park
  • Belize Sign
  • Digi Park
  • Dolphin Park
  • Port Loyola Park
  • Mule Park
  • Lopez Mateos Park (King's Park)
  • Billy Barquedier Waterfall
  • Payne's Creek National Park
  • Chiquibul National Park
  • St. Herman's Blue Hole National Park
  • Noj Kaax Meen Elijio Panti National Park Visitors Center
  • Rio Blanco National Park
  • Guanacaste National Park
  • Mayflower Bocawina National Park
  • Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve
  • Shipstern Conservation & Management Area
  • Mayflower Bocawina National Park
Memorial Park in Belize

National Parks

Belize is a country that is known for its nature and variety of wildlife. Belize's country is filled with beautiful and eccentric parks that forest have been recognized as national parks. Below are the national parks you can visit:

  • St. Herman’s Cave And Blue Hole National Park: The St. Herman's Cave, which is quite possibly the most available, collapses the nation and one of only a handful, not many that can be investigated free of a guide. From the recreation center's principle stopping region, the passage to the cavern is a snappy 20-minute stroll through the wilderness along an all-around marked lush way. The lavishly forested passage sits in a 120 foot (37 m) wide sinkhole that limits as adventurers plummet down the lofty solid advances. Once at the base, the cavern opens to an enormous church building with monster tapered rock and stalagmite developments extending away from the cavern's dividers. Guests can follow a very much shaped pathway for around 1/3 mile (0.8 km) until they arrive at a sign demonstrating the turnaround point. Those wishing to test further should employ a guide at the recreation center's fundamental passageway. All ancient Mayan rarities, including stoneware and lances, are past this limit. Regardless of whether you investigate St. Herman's Cave with a guide or freely, stable footwear and a headlamp are essential.
  • Laughing Bird Caye National Park: This national park, set up in 1991, incorporates the island just as 10,000 sections of land (4,047 ha) of marine territory. The recreation center's precise reef framework sits on a rack that is encircled by an extremely profound channel on all sides. You'll have the occasion to see parrotfish, nurture sharks, bonefish, and houndfish here. Jumping is well known among learners and individuals on a tight timetable because of its closeness to Placencia. There are likewise some fascinating submerged stone apexes that are remarkable to this area in Belize. All the more normally, guests go to the Laughing Bird Caye National Park as a feature of swimming visit, the greater part of which stop on the island for sunbathing and picnicking. The boat ride from Placencia requires 30 minutes to 1 hour, relying upon climate.
  • Río Blanco National Park: The recreation center traverses 105 sections of land (42 ha) of the immaculate precipitous rainforest. Marvelous biodiversity attracts birders, explorers, nature sweethearts, and experience lovers. The principal fascination is Río Blanco Falls, which are 100 feet (30 m) across and 20 feet (6 m) high after hefty downpours. The huge, quiet pool at the base of the falls is encircled by sandstone sections and offers beautiful swimming chances. Arriving at the falls requires a 20-minute climb along a wide, forested way that starts at the lush stopping territory. The path can get sloppy after a downpour, so make certain to wear appropriate footwear. Bug splash is additionally suggested. In the wake of investigating the recreation center, make a point to stop in the little on location make a shop where you can buy crafted works made by nearby Mayan ladies, including gems and woven bushels. Río Blanco is found around 30 miles (48 km) east of Punta Gorda.
A panoramic photograph of Laughing Bird Caye in Belize, photographed from the west


Belize, as a country, is well known for the large number of beaches it holds. These beaches are home to a large number of activities and water sports. The country is covered in beaches, and these beaches have seen tourists and residents both in large numbers coming in and enjoying the beach and its activities.

Here is the detail about some of these beaches.

  • Placencia: Prominently portrayed as "shoeless great" by occupants around the region, Placencia, in southern Belize, is known to be home to the absolute best seashores in Belize. With its 16-mile long coastline and a few flawless seashores, Placencia is encircled by the Caribbean in the east and the Placencia tidal pond in the west. The distance between the city and Placencia is 185 km roughly and can be covered within 3 hours by street or half-hour via air. Known for its perfect white sandy seashores, the landmass is brimming with experience exercises like swimming, jumping with whale sharks, cruising, and bunches of inland trips. One day visits are accessible for individuals who wish to investigate the Belize Barrier Reef. The seashores of Placencia promontory beginning at Maya Beach in the north cover Seine Bight, and end in Placencia Village's lap. A wide scope of convenience, including seashore resorts, extravagance oceanfront lodgings, seashore cabins, and inns, might be leased in the promontory. Yachts are accessible to lease for the night too.
  • Caye Caulker: Caye Caulker, another pearl in the rundown of Belize's best seashores, is carefully Caribbean heaven. Open simply by a water taxi from the city, and the island depends on the adage of living moderately and calmly. Try not to be amazed when you see NO CARS here because they are not permitted. Everything on the island is inside the vicinity, so you can either stroll around or lease a bike to have a day riding your bicycle around the island. A commonplace day in Caye Caulker includes a great deal of laying around in a lounger and swimming when you need a break from lounger swinging. On the off chance that you get anxious and need more, require a road trip to Belize ruins and invest your energy cavern tubing. The island has more explorer lodgings and guesthouses than extravagant inns, which are a giveaway for the sort of vibe and air that Caye Caulker has available for you.
Beach front at Placencia, Belize


Belize is the home of a lot of famous historical landmarks and points of interest. These landmarks range from Mayan sites to much more. Some of these landmarks are listed below.

  • Actun Tunichil
  • MuknalBarton
  • Creek
  • CaveChechem Ha
  • CaveChiquibul
  • Cave System
  • Giant Cave at Caye Caulker
  • Albion Island Quarry
  • Chiquibul Natural Arch
  • Hidden Valley Falls
  • Zamia decumbens in sinkholes
  • Altún Ha
  • Cerros Lamanai
  • LubaantunPacbitun
  • El Pilar
  • Tipan Chen Uitz
  • Xunantunich
  • Swing Bridge in Belize


Belize is well-known for its variety of museums. The museums are home to several historical artifacts and essential documents. The sculptures present in these museums are of high quality. People worldwide come to Belize to study these museums and engulf them in these artifacts' beauty.

  • Museum of Belize
  • Luba Garifuna Museum
  • Maritime Museum
  • Belize Creole Museum and Gallery
  • Gulisi Garifuna Museum
  • Windows of Belize Museum
  • Art'n'Soul GALLERY
  • Ambergris Museum
  • Garcia Maya Museum
  • Traveller's Liquors Heritage Centre
  • Liberty Hall
  • Goldson House
  • Uxbenka
  • Maya Structures
  • Casa Don Luis
  • Benque Viejo House of Culture
  • High Temple, Lamani, Belize
  • House of Culture
  • Micheal casanova
  • Community Baboon Sanctuary Visitor Center and Museum
Museum of Belize


Belize is blessedly free of fast food chains and boasts to be one of the only countries in the world where fast food is still only available from traditional street vendors and small local restaurants. Belize owns a plethora of restaurants and food stores that are guaranteed to please all people's appetites. The food made in Belize is exquisite, and people around the world come to eat it.San Ignacio is a bustling hub, where cultures mingle, and street food fuels a busy and productive community and travelers along their journeys. These are some of the best deals foods around! Vendors can be found with their carts and stands throughout the town, especially around the Welcome Center and the market area:

  • Garnaches: Tasty, crunchy fried corn tortillas smothered in beans, a cabbage chutney, and Dutch cheese—a quick and delicious snack of accompaniment for a cold Belikin beer.
  • Panades: Corn dough, shaped into delicious pockets stuffed with meat, beans, or fish. Topped with a cabbage slaw and served with homemade habanero pepper sauce. Wash it down with a sweet iced rice drink, horchata.
  • Salbutes: Corn dough pressed into a circle and fried and topped with meat, cabbage, and cheese—cover to taste with your favorite Marie Sharp’s hot sauce variety.
  • Tacos: Street tacos are cheap and fast. Simply a corn tortilla wrapped around a stewed chicken filling and pico de gallo. Also great for breakfast with a cup of coffee!
From left to right: Garnaches, salbutes, Panades


Drinks are a crucial part of a country’s authenticity. In Belize, people have the option of tasting authentic Thai drinks as well as drinks from all over the world.


In several different parts of the world, drinking tap water is advised to be avoided. This is due to the high rate of water pollution and the chemical that is found in them. But this is not the case in Belize. Resident and travelers who have visited Belize have often said that Belize's tap water is drinkable. Though there is no confirmed statement from WHO, people still believe this statement to be true. This statement becomes acceptable as the water pollution level of Belize is low. The city's water is mostly clean, and people have been using tap water for drinking for several years.

Therefore, the answer to whether the tap water of Belize is drinkable or not is simple. The tap water is drinkable, but one must use other options when possible.


People of Belize live an extravagant lifestyle. There are many activities that a person in Belize can enjoy and partake in. People often can be seen partying late nights at clubs, enjoying watching games with friends at bars, and much more. Streets and playgrounds are often filled with people playing some sport or the other.

People in Belize also enjoy the fun activities that the beaches have. The summer is when one can find the breaches filled with people resting or having fun with friends.

Yoga is a pretty common activity that most of the people in Belize intensely follow. These yoga retreats in Belize have seen people worldwide come to their institution to practice and achieve the serenity that yoga brings. There are several yoga retreats in all of Belize.


Belize is a country that attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. Such kinds of countries have many hotels and guest houses for people to live in.

Green Hotels

Below are some green hotels in Belize, have a look:

  • Black Rock Lodge: Flanked by the Macal River and the Maya Mountains' thick wilderness, Black Rock Lodge offers quality yet sensibly estimated convenience with an eco-accommodating ethos. The property works on reforesting and wastewater the executives, utilizing sunlight based and hydro capacity to remain totally off-matrix. It's family cordial and notable for its completely authorized visit office, which acquaints visitors with the best of Belize (cavern visits, Central American Maya ruin visits, and then some). Activities on location range from paddling and kayaking outings to guided climbs and birding strolls. There are additionally exceptional exercises for youngsters.
  • Table Rock Jungle Lodge: Table Rock Jungle Lodge directs a 100-section of land save on the Macal River and offers a boutique experience with only ten comfortable cabanas and one three-room home. All choices are delightfully equipped with roof fans, carefully assembled goods, and stream stone showers. The hotel puts an accentuation on manageability by utilizing sun-powered power and collecting water, reusing widely, and developing quite a bit of produce at the natural on location ranch. It additionally bolsters various network activities.

Hostels and Guest Houses

People often find it easier and cheaper to stay in hostels and greenhouses in Belize. For these reasons, there are several hostels and greenhouses made in Belize for tourists to stay in. Here is a list of some of them.

  • Bamboleo Inn Belize
  • Colinda Cabanas
  • Rainforest Haven Inn
  • Matus Guest House
  • Casa Del Caballo Blanco


If you plan to live in Belize for a reasonably long period and would like to save on hotel accommodation, you could choose private apartments. You will have many such options available to you. However, not all apartment owners may feel comfortable renting out their properties to foreigners, but things are changing. But there are some issues or precautions present that one must take before renting an apartment. These precautions include:

  • Examining the whole apartment before confirming any case of previous damage.
  • Taking on a contract to prevent any legal disputes.
  • Selecting the apartment of the right size depending upon one's budget and requirements.
  • Making some ground rules when living with other tenants.


Couchsurfing is a new and innovative way of staying at a place you don’t know anything about. This way of accommodation has seen a rise in Belize. There are many sites online that offer people the option of Couchsurfing in Belize. Not only have that, but the residents of Belize also signed in on these sites to provide their homes for Couchsurfing purposes.


Camping is a common practice in Belize. There are several lakes and river-sides where people prefer camping. Now and then people prefer spending time with their family in the woods and on such sites. Here are some of the best campsites in all of Belize.

  • Mountain View Campground
  • Florida Beach Camping
  • Busby Camp
  • Bamboo-Belize
  • Chaya Maya Jungle Lodge
  • Chateau De Pradines
  • St. Anns village
  • Newlife Campsite
  • Camp Oakley National Scout campground
  • Chai Garden Ashram
  • Backpakers Paradise camping
  • Palmento Grove Garifuna Eco-Cultural And Fishing Institute
  • Wild Tracks Ranch
  • Mana Kai Camping & Cabins
  • Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve


Belize Regions map.png
Northern Belize
Districts of Corozal (coastal) and Orange Walk (inland).
Belize District
home of the largest city, the airport and a whole host of popular offshore islands.
Teeming with adventure, this central district is filled with jungles, caves, rivers, Mayan ruins, and much more.
Stann Creek
Coastal region south of Belize District, access to quiet reef islands and boats to and from Honduras.
Southern coastal/inland region with more Mayan ruins and boats to Guatemala.


  • Belize City: Belize City is the biggest in Belize. It is situated on a little promontory at the mouth of the Haulover Creek. It was the capital city until flooding, and other harm from a typhoon provoked the public authority to moved to Belmopan during the 1970s. Most sightseers use Belize City as a transportation center and invest little energy in the city. So, Belize City is the social focal point of Belize and offers a generally huge number of social attractions.
  • Hopkins: The little town of Hopkins, south of Dangriga and extending along a narrows, is presumably most popular as the Garifuna populace's social focus in Belize. The Garifuna are the relatives of African, Island Carib, and Arawak individuals. The town has its own public occasion, Hopkins Day, and invites individuals for their festival on Garifuna Independence Day too, and they do this with drum functions that can last work early hours in the first part of the day. Garífuna keeps on being broadly spoken here, and the town is an incredible spot to get familiar with this special culture.
  • Tobacco Caye: Tobacco Caye is a little island situated at the northern finish of the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, roughly 16 km (10 miles) from Dangriga. Voyagers to this island can browse six diverse little and unobtrusive cabins to appreciate some rest and unwinding. Since Tobacco Caye is situated in an ensured marine hold, it is an astounding spot for shore plunging. This cay has procured a committed after among explorers and snorkel and scuba lovers throughout the long term.
  • Belmopan - inland capital
  • Benque Viejo del Carmen - Normally just called "Benque", 3 km from the border of Guatemala
  • Big Creek
  • Caye Caulker - island near Belize City
  • Corozal
  • Crooked Tree
  • Dangriga - Large Garifuna town in the south, formerly known as Stann Creek Town
  • Orange Walk
  • Punta Gorda - Beautiful, quiet port town in the South; home to a complex and diverse Amerindian market on the weekends
  • San Ignacio - known as Cayo to locals, Maya and Hispanic influence near the Guatemala border
  • San Pedro (Belize)

Getting There and Moving Around

Traveling to Belize is an issue, not too big. There are airports, buses, trains, and several other methods, and one can easily travel to Belize.


The Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport is in Ladyville, to the northwest of Belize City, where it receives direct international flights from Atlanta, Charlotte, Newark, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Flores, San Salvador, Roatan, and San Pedro Sula.

Tropic Air and Maya Island Air both have multiple flights daily to various towns around the country and Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker. They fly out of Belize City's airports, but flights from Belize City Airport are often significantly cheaper than those out of Phillip Goldson International. Domestic flights are generally pretty reasonable and thus popular if your time is limited and your budget is not. Flights are operated with planes ranging from 8 to 68 seats. Because of the limited capacity, booking in advance is advisable. For bookings from outside Belize, there is only one internet agent, air viva, who can make bookings, take payment (credit/debit cards/Paypal) and then send e-tickets. Some hotels do also offer to make the flight reservation on your behalf.

Flights to Caye Caulker airport resumed in September 2018 after being suspended due to construction.

Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport


Transports from Belize City and Belmopan work to Flores in Guatemala and Chetumal in Mexico. Likewise, an ADO express transport goes right from Cancun to Belize City and back once every day.

A few contending business work on the fundamental street the north-south way from Punta Gorda to Belmopan and Belize City. There are transport stations in the fundamental towns, or essentially remain on the expressway and wave at moving toward transport. Most transports have a conductor notwithstanding the driver, who remains by the entryway and will eventually go to your seat to gather the passage during the excursion. Admissions run somewhere in the range of BZ$2-25, relying upon distance voyaged.

Express transports can set aside to 90 minutes (contingent upon the distance of your outing); they don't stop for travelers looking out for the side of the road, making just planned pick-ups and drop-offs in towns.

Most transports in Belize have resigned US school transports (Bluebirds), that have been given a slight makeover, a gear rack introduced, and in some cases another paintwork. For the most part, they aren't excessively packed; however, you may need to stand at times.

Bus in Belize city


Belize is a country surrounded and covered in water bodies. This makes have train routes almost impossible and is also not present in the country.


Hitchhiking is a risky travel mode, both for the person asking for a ride and the person offering a ride. People are often wary of such people and do not want to offer a ride to such people. Some people do offer rides to such hitchhikers, but even they avoid taking on hitchhikers at night.


A few journey lines approach Belize City. Tragically they typically remain just a single day, which doesn't permit the occasion to observe Belize truly. You can visit one of the Maya ruins, ride an airboat in the salt swamps simply outside the city, shop, go to the historical center, go to the zoo or go on either a short cavern boating outing or go swimming, yet that is about it. That implies about 70% of the things most travelers might want aren't accessible, not notice the eco-the travel industry focal points.

To Puerto Cortés, Honduras, the Gulf Cruza, a little dilapidated speed boat (20 individuals), leaves Placencia every Friday at around 9:30 AM (4h US$50), going first to Big Creek. It profits to Placencia on Monday. Tickets are sold in the traveler's office close to the corner store. Stop by movement first.

For those needing a genuinely Belizean experience, take the water taxis from city to city. The San Pedro Belize Express has the most day by day runs and leaves from the Brown Sugar Terminal in Belize City at 9 AM, 11 AM, 12:00 early afternoon, 1 PM, 3 PM, 4 PM, and 5:30 PM to San Pedro and Caye Caulker.

Takeoff from San Pedro Town dock on Black Coral Street close to Wahoo's Bar and Grill and leaves at 7 AM, 8:30 AM, 10 AM, 11:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 2:30 PM, 4:30 PM to Caye Caulker and Belize City just as the last boat to Caye Caulker just at 6 PM.

Water taxis offer scheduled service to Caye Caulker and San Pedro

Sustainable Shopping

Belize is a country in Asia that has a large number of residents. Due to this, there are several means of shopping that is available there. The city is filled with food and flea markets. There are also several clothing stores and second-hand stores.

Belize is an advanced metropolitan country where people live a very basic lifestyle. Rather than buying food online, people prefer buying from several food markets that are available in Belize.

Flea markets are a pretty common thing in Belize. The flea markets bring in Belize things that are rare and cheap. Sometimes, the flea market has items that might be super costly but are sold at low prices.


The pollution control of Belize is improving day by day. The country's high level of ecological balance and environmental control comes from its reliance on recycling products. The country emphasizes recycling waste products over unmanaged dumping of said products.


Belize has the best waste recycling rate all around the world. In cities like Bangkok, this is more prominent as almost all recyclable products are managed properly. These products, instead of just dumping unmaintained, are used for other purposes. Belize takes waste management as its top priority for maintaining the proper ecological balance.

Work and Study Abroad

Belize is a commercial town. People from all fields of work live there. The job opportunities that people get in Belize are immense. People from across the world can be seen working and living in Belize due to their work.

Education is another factor that the officials of Belize regard highly. They emphasize keeping their number of educated citizens high. They also take in students from across the world who want to come to Belize to study.

Exchange Student

Educations are a top priority that several officials in Belize take high value in. There are several universities in Belize that accept several exchange students. Some of the universities are as follows.

  • University of Belize
  • University of the West Indies
  • Galen University
  • Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College
  • St. John’s College
  • Central America Health Sciences University

Au Pair

Au pair jobs have seen a rise in Belize in recent times. The concept of Au pair has also reached in major cities like San Ignacio and others, and several jobs have been offered in Belize, keeping this concept in mind.


The people of Belize are known for their hospitality. Belize is also the home of several non-profit organizations that specialize in volunteering work and helping others. There are several organizations, some of which are listed below.

  • UNICEF Belize
  • Ecology Project International Belize
  • International Organization for Migration (IOM) Belize
  • Belize Enterprise for Sustainable Technology
  • Corner Stone Foundation
  • Friends For Conservation And Development
  • Ya’axché Conservation Trust
  • Y.W.C.A
  • Belize Enterprise for Sustainable Technology
  • Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT)
  • Ya'axché Conservation Trust
  • Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association
  • Environmental Research Institute
  • The Toucan Ridge Ecology and Education Society (T.R.E.E.S)
  • Ya'axché's Field Center
  • Toledo Institute for Development and Environment
  • The Scout Association Of Belize
  • United Nations Development Programme

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