Belize City

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Eco-friendly travel guide to Belize City advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Belize City, Belize.

Left to right from top: St. John's Cathedral, the Government House, the CARICOM Flag Monument, the Bliss Institute, an Aerial of Belize City, Princess Hotel and Casino, the Central Bank of Belize, High Court Building and the Swing Bridge

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Safety: 2.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$40 - $120
  • Budget per day: US$70 - $140

Responsible Travel

Belize City, the largest city of Belize, is one loaded with the brims of natural beauty. With a total population of around 67169, the city is not too crowded. The historical capital of former British Honduras, this is a beautiful city with natural views and a great climate.

With the colorful cobbled streets, the relic beauty, an amazing coastline, and the most prominent industrial and financial hub, this is the most important town in the country. With a warm and humid climate throughout the year, the atmosphere is welcoming.

A wonderful city to explore with a beautiful environment needs to be preserved at its best. So, while exploring the city to be a responsible traveler by following the points like:

  • Being a coastal city, it has been hit by hurricanes. Hurricane Richard in 2010 and Hurricane Earl in 2016, the city was resurrected again. So, while in the city, make sure to avoid damaging the aesthetics and beauty of the public spaces as the locals and the government are constantly working on preserving the towns especially old heritage buildings.
  • The city is a major industrial hub and tourist hub which means there will be an increase the pollution. In order to over come this, adopt eco-friendly modes of traveling while exploring the city to avoid increasing your carbon footprint.
  • While in the city, try to eat local delicacies from local restaurants and street food stalls rather than junk food. It will help to boost the economy and will help you to know about the locals more.
  • Use reusable water bottles to reduce plastic dump. Follow the waste management policy of the city to avoid littering of the space.
  • Buy souvenirs from local artisans and refrain from bargaining while you get one, as art demands patience and a high level of skills.
  • Book your stay in a hotel that is eco-friendly with all the amenities you need. It will help you to enjoy your stay and reduce carbon prints as well.
  • Prefer to travel by electric vehicles, bicycle, or on foot as this is good for health and reduces pollution.
  • While exploring the beauty of the city, try to persuade your fellow travelers to adopt eco-friendly traveling options. It will ensure to maintain the aesthetics of the city to its best.

Air Quality and Pollution

Pollution is one of the growing concerns globally. With the increased use of vehicles and industries, the number of pollutants that are released in the air is also rising, making it harmful for every living creature to breathe in and survive.

Belize City is one of the most prominent industrial hubs, and tourist destinations face a similar kind of issue. A beautiful city with amazing nature and aesthetics, this is a prime tourist destination. Additionally, being a coastal city, the place is prone to floods and hurricanes that damage the city and add to the pollution figure as well.

While the government has set separate panels to control and monitor the pollution in the most effective manner, the locals' support is uncanny in the same aspect. The city's intelligent and effective plan is one of the prime areas to improve air quality.

Although the government is taking measures to control the pollution levels, a lot more needs to be done. The current statistics of air pollution in Belize City are:

  • PM10 - 18
  • PM2.5 - 41
  • PM10 Pollution Level - Moderate
  • Pollution Index: 71.34
  • Pollution Exp Scale: 126.93

With a pollution level of 56.25 and an Air Quality Index of 43.75, which is moderate, the air quality is pretty satisfactory.

While exploring the city, being a responsible traveler, the best thing to do is reduce the use of pollution-causing agents like vehicle or plastic. At the same time, using reusable bottles and creating awareness among fellow travelers about the idea of traveling substantially can help a lot.

Respect the Culture

The culture of Belize City is quite warm and colorful. It is considered to be similar to that of Caribbean capital cities such as St. George's, Grenada, or Georgetown, Guyana. Everyday, the town seems to be filled with quite a lot of hustle and bustle.

The culture of Belize city is vibrant, and one can easily see how different people and different cultures has influenced Belize's local culture as well turning it into a beautiful amalgamation. The Kriol, Maya, East Indian, Garinagu, Mestizo, Mennonites, and Chinese cultures are some of the ones with a notable influence/

Additionally, a city that is so culturally diverse will offer you a unique taste and fusion of food that will leave you mesmerized. While in the town, a few points to remember to make sure that you respect the culture and people are:

  • While visiting any religious places, remember to dress well and follow the local customs. In case you are unaware of the same, seek guidance from locals.
  • Being warm and friendly, people are welcoming, so ensure that you also remain polite and soft-spoken. Seek permission before taking a photograph or anything.
  • The city is multicultural and multilingual. Explore the city with an open heart and try to understand the local lifestyle.
  • If you get an opportunity, participate in cultural events like Garifuna Settlement Day on November 19, Belize City Carnival in September, and Baron Bliss Day on March 9.
  • The most acceptable form of greeting is a handshake, and a simple answer with the use of last names or titles against any question is appreciated.
  • The city has some well-known legends like La Llorona, Cadejo, the Tata Duende, and X'tabai. Grab an opportunity to know about them.
  • Try to blend with the people and their culture, and if you get a chance to learn the local language or rather just a few words to show gratitude to locals for their hospitality.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Belize City is one of the most surprising places to visit. With beautiful places to explore and some of the finest attractions, the city is one with a rich history and varied culture. With the beautiful sights and the jaw-dropping locations, exploring the city will offer an uncanny experience to every traveler.

The best and top places to explore in Belize City are:

  • Altun Ha: A beautiful archaeological site just an hour away from Belize City. Jeweled with over 500 historic structures to visit, mostly built during the Maya Classic era, this place has a unique attraction of its own. This national treasure of Belize is printed on the local currency as well.
  • St. John's Cathedral: The oldest Anglican church in Central America, is one with a significant historical influence. Build during the British Honduras period, the church is one with a humble-looking facade and is the only church outside England where the kings were crowned.
  • Government House: Also known as the House of Culture, this is the most beautiful colonial building that was built in 1812. Previously used as the residence for the Queen's representative, this is decorated with vintage furniture and interiors. Currently regarded as the most important political and cultural landmark, the site hosts a variety of events and keeps its colonial charm alive at the same time.
  • Belize City Cruise Port: Nature's delight, this place is a paradise for people who seek adventure and want to be close to nature. With the ecological abundance and opportunity to participate in activities like river kayaking, horseback riding, Mayan temples, zip-lining, and cave tubing, this is one of the best places to explore.
  • Xunantunich: Located beside the Mopan river on a beautiful hilltop, this is a Mayan site. Xunantunich means "stone woman" in Mayan. Made up of six groups and about 25 different temples and palaces, the structure is a bit complex but unforgettable. The astonishing El Castillo is the most prominent structure that is worth the visit.
  • Lamanai: The term means the "submerged crocodile" in Yucatan Mayan. Another fascinating Mayan Site, this is yet to become mainstream and to be discovered properly. Rising from the lush green jungles and the astounding Mayan structures the place offers an uncanny view of nature.
  • Caracol: The single and the largest archaeological site, this is the most significant Mayan structure in the world that dates back to 1200 BC approximately. The place offers an ancient city, carved into altars, walls, facades, capstones, and ball-court-markers, and various complex Mayan architecture.
  • Lighthouse Reef: The incredible creation of nature this is the coral island encircling a lagoon, in the Caribbean Sea. One of the best diving locations, this place is no less than heaven. The beautiful chance to take a dip in the blue-green waters, and meeting the coral life and aquatic life like Caribbean reef sharks, Blacktip sharks, barracudas, stingrays, turtles, and hundreds of different fish, this place is surreal.
  • The Belize Zoo: The home to various animals, this is one kind of a zoo that offers a beautiful view to animal lovers and families. Built in the form of large enclosures, the zoo allows the animals to roam freely in them. The main focus of the zoo is on rehabilitation and protection. This zoo is well known as "the best little zoo in the world."
  • Belize Tourism Village: An unavoidable place to visit, this is the best place to get some souvenirs, and duty-free items. The best place to get some souvenirs and grab a bite; this is one fabulous location. With the sound of street musicians, the atmosphere is always lively and pleasant.
St. John's Cathedral


Belize City is one beautiful place that offers various places to explore. Right from the parks to museums, there are numerous attractions to explore. A perfect city with green parks and museums and archeological sites, the city is an ideal blend of culture and modernization.

The stunning locations to explore, from the beaches to museums and landmarks, are listed down for you to have the best experience.

City Parks

Belize City is the city that is quite ahead in the aspect of industrialization but at the same time offers some of the finest city parks to relax and rejuvenate. The best gardens to visit in the city to get some fresh air, enjoy the greenery, have some peace and tranquility are:

  • Memorial Park
  • Battlefield Park
  • San Cas Park
  • Dolphin Park
  • Digi Park
Memorial Park, by the Caribbean Sea in Belize City. It is ringed by good houses. There is an old cannon in the center of the park

National Parks

Belize City is an exciting city that doesn’t precisely have national parks at heart the city. Although there are a few sanctuaries and national parks located at a short distance from the city, which are extremely beautiful. A journey to some of these national parks shall take a few hours or result in a day trip at best:

  • Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Community Baboon Sanctuary Visitor Center and Museum
A big mango tree seen at the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. Though not native to America, mango trees now thrive in Belize and the mango fruit has become a local favorite. This tree is heavy with ripe mango.


Belize City is the largest city in Belize. Although the city is immensely affected by the hurricanes but it still has some beautiful beaches. If you are willing to explore the sandy beaches, a few nearby locations to visit are:

  • Caye Caulker
  • Ambergris Caye
The scenic Caye Caulker


Belize City is one beautiful place, but the attractions are limited. Even though the city is the largest city of Belize, still the landmarks in the city are limited. A few notable landmarks to visit in Belize City are:

  • Belize Sign
  • The Government House
  • Old Belize
  • Belize City Cruise Port
  • Bliss Centre for Performing Arts
  • Swing Bridge
Belize City Cruise Port


If you love history and wish to know about the culture and history of Belize City, then visiting a museum is the best idea. While the city does not offer a lot of museums, but a few prominent ones in the city to see are:

  • Museum of Belize
  • Orchid Garden Eco-Village Museum Belize
  • Luba Garifuna Cultural Museum
  • Mexican Cultural Institute – Belize
Outside the Museum of Belize


Belize City is culturally diverse. Being a beautiful city with fantastic weather, exploring the trails would be fun. With the warm people and excellent lip-smacking food served here, staying in the town is blissful.

The perfect combination of the ingredients and the spices' aromatic smell makes the food served in Belize City to be one of the best and delicious.

So, if you are looking to grab a meal, the city will offer you various options from traditional to vegan, and all in the best taste.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Various cultures inspire food in Belize City. The influence of Mexican, Garifuna, Creole, Indian, Mayan, European, and Caribbean can be seen in the food. While numerous restaurants offer the option to taste the food, a few traditional restaurants in visit in Belize city are:

  • Nerie's
  • Marva's
  • Celebrity Restaurant & Bar
  • Belamari Restaurant
  • The Wet Lizard
  • Riverside Tavern
  • Baymen's Tavern
  • Lerisi Garifunaduau Restaurant
  • Sahara Grill

Vegetarian and Vegan

Are you looking to taste some vegan or vegetarian dishes? If so, then the city is one with numerous beautiful vegan and vegetarian restaurants that offer you unique lip-smacking delicacies. With the fusion of various tastes, the food served is not only delicious but is highly healthy as well. Some of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants to visit in Belize City are:

  • Martha's Cafe
  • Vegan Bites
  • Back-2-Live By Chef India
  • Sumathi
  • The 501hub
  • Ma Ma Chen Healthy Meal Coffee & Snack

Street Food

No trip is complete without tasting the local delicacies or, rather, the fast street food. A city with vast culture and ethnicity, Belize City, offers an amazing blend of aromatic and lip-smacking delicacies. With numerous street dishes that are available to taste while you explore the trails of the city are:

  • Rice and Beans: The Caribbean flavored rice and red beans with many spices and served along with meat, fish, and potato salad, is a perfect meal for the day.
  • Stewed Chicken: The chunks of chicken tendered in the broth and added with local spices to add a fusion taste and served with savory broth, this is a delicacy to try.
  • Chimole: Popularly called the ‘black dinner,’ this is the blend of Mexican and Maya culture. Made from chicken and added with local spices like achiote, this offers a unique taste.
  • Salbutes: Rather than a simple dish, these are fried corn tortillas topped with a mix of veggies, chicken, hot sauce, and avocado.
  • Tamales: A classic dish, this is the steamed cornmeal and meat mesh perfectly wrapped in plantain leaves to make a perfect snack.
  • Ceviche: A seafood which includes conch, fish, or lobster tossed with spices and vegetables, making a perfect side snack with beer.
  • Cochinita Pibil: A regional dish made from slow-roasted pork and local vegetables served in a soft tortilla.
  • Garnache: The crunchy fried tortillas topped with a smorgasbord of ingredients, including beans, cheese, and onions, this is mouth-watering.
  • Fry Jacks: A staple breakfast, which is the puffy bread usually paired with cheese, beans, and meat to make a savory snack.


Belize City is one that is jeweled with natural beauty, culture, and some fantastic delicacies. While the city offers an uncanny experience to its travelers, the city is also an industrial hub. With the incredible places to explore and visit, the city is one that offers a range of refreshing drinks to have a sip.

From coffee to juice and alcoholic drinks, a city is a place that will amaze you. While the city has some of the most promising areas to explore to grab a drink, it is essential to make sure that you visit the best place. Rum is the spirit of choice in Belize City; you will see quite a wide variety. The chocolate-infused wine served at various locations in the city is unique.

With numerous shacks selling fresh tropical fruit juices and mocktails, the city is filled with some of the thrilling restaurants offering you the best drinks to quench your thirst and refresh your soul.


Water is the primary drink required by all. Clean and safe drinking water is essential to ensure good health and a sound body. While Belize Water Services maintain the city's water supply, it is necessary to note that tap water is not that safe to be directly consumed.

According to a recent report, the tap water availability and accessibility are very high for Belize City, making the tap water comparatively low to consume. Drinking-Water Quality and Accessibility is moderate at 50.00, making the water of Belize City moderately acceptable to be consumed. The overall water quality is low at 21.88, as per Numbeo, which makes the consumption of tap water not comfortable for consumption.

Since the tap water is imperfect for consumption, it is advisable to consume bottled water. Prefer to drink tap water only after boiling as it will reduce the chances of falling ill. While you plan to buy mineral or packaged water, choose to get reusable bottles, or if you have plastic bottles, ensure it is disposed of accurately.

Organic Cafés

Organic cafes, a new concept of cafes catching the eye of people globally, is increasing at an incredible pace. The idea behind this is to prepare the delicacies from organically prepared and grown ingredients. The organically grown ingredients are ones that are chemical-free and sustainable too.

While you plan on to grab breakfast or an evening snack, the best organic cafes in Belize city to explore the mouth-watering delicacy and tasty cup of coffee are:

  • Spoonaz Photo Cafe and Bar
  • Gordo's Smoothies
  • Hano Coffee
  • Le Petit Cafe
  • Caribbean Cafe
  • The Living Room
  • bakeD


Willing to take a sip of some high-quality local wine, beer, or rum? If so, Belize city is one with some of the finest breweries that offer fantastic taste and will provide you with an uncanny time. For the classic local flavor, the best breweries to visit are:

  • Belize Brewing Company
  • The Wet Lizard
  • D Spot Neighborhood Pub
  • Traveller's Liquors Heritage Centre


Belize City is one beautiful place to explore. While the city is not jeweled with numerous attractions, the area still offers a breath-taking scenic view. With the archeological sites and the reefs to dive deep in the blue waters, there are various things to do in the city.

Once you are done with tasting the lip-smacking delicacies, the refreshing drinks, and the beautiful parks and museums, and are looking forward to some adrenaline rush and thrilling activities to participate in, then the list of activities include:

  • Go for snorkeling at Hol Chan marine reserve and Shark Ray Alley
  • Try cave kayaking inside an ancient cave system at Nohoc Chen Park
  • Experience the Cave Tubing and Zipline Adventure
  • Book your Jungle Jeep Adventure of the Belizean jungle
  • Go hiking at Saint Herman's Cave and experience the Blue Hole Tour
  • Expedite the picture-perfect marvel of Thousand Foot Fall and Rio on Pools at Mountain Pine Ridge national reserve
  • Maya cave system is perfect for Jungle ATV and Cave Rafting Tour
  • Explore the open lands and go for Countryside Horseback Riding
  • Try learning the unique Belizean-style meal

So, if you are looking forward to a fun day, then indulging in the activities like the ones listed above. While you plan to participate in the activities, it is better to join a group as this will enhance the fun multifold. A fun day with the group will make you relaxed and calm and allow you to feel lighthearted.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is the most satisfactory fitness activity to opt for. Originated from the Indus Valley civilization, this focus on developing inner strength. With the help of meditation and rhythmic breathing, Yoga focuses on improving the person's overall wellbeing. Relaxing the mind and soul also helps to soothe the body and offer a unique peace.

The best yoga and retreat centers in Belize City are:

  • Om Shanti Belize - Yoga, Retreat Center, Spa & Plant Based Garden to Table Cafe
  • Airbender Yoga Studio

Take some time to spend with nature in search of inner peace and relax your body and soothe your soul with the help of Yoga and experience the ultimate relaxation.


While planning to explore new places, it is essential to check the stay o[ptions offered. It is suggested to complete the booking before to ensure a comfortable and cozy stay. While you explore Belize City, you can book your accommodation from a range of options available.

Ranging from hotels, hostels, guesthouses, to apartments, there are various types of inns that one can book. Offering different stay plans for families, couples, and backpackers, the stay options are comfortable and warm. There are a few things that need to be considered while booking a stay.

  • Check for the facilities like a free Internet, Gym, and Security Lockers, and other
  • Compare as per the budget
  • Enquire about the connectivity to nearby tourist attractions

Undoubtedly, keeping these in mind, one can be sure of having the best stay experience. Having a warm staff with a friendly location at the accommodation place will offer an uncanny stay experience.

Green Hotels

A green hotel is one that offers sustainable stay facilities that do not impact the environment. The idea is to follow the concept of reuse, reduce, and renew to minimize waste generation and negative impact on the environment.

Some of the eco-friendly hotels to book accommodation that offers all the facilities in Belize City are:

  • Golden Bay Belize Hotel
  • The Great House Inn
  • Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina
  • Harbour View Cottages
  • The Red Hut Inn

Hostels and Guest Houses

A perfect stay option for the solo travelers of backpackers, hostels or guesthouses offers as surreal and budget-friendly stay facility. With the opportunity to make friends with like-minded travelers, this stay option is more preferred by youths.

Some of the hostels and guesthouses to book accommodation that offers all the facilities in Belize City are:

  • Sir Angel's Guest House
  • Bayview Guest House
  • The Three Sister's Guest House
  • Mckay's Hostel
  • North Front Street Guest House
  • Seaside Guesthouse


Are you planning to stay for long? If so, then booking a service apartment that offers all the basic facilities is a good option. With the kitchen facility, one cook meal as per preference as well. Also, the parking area, common area, wash area, and wi-fi are some basic facilities offered with serviced apartments.

Some of the apartments to book accommodation that offers all the facilities in Belize City are:

  • Embassy Apartments
  • See Belize Sea View Vacation Rental
  • MaFlo Arms Rental


Another good option for a stay is Couchsurfing. More suited for the solo, the idea is to stay with the locals in exchange for some services or minimal payment. This offers a beautiful opportunity to know about the customs and culture of the locals.

Various websites offer the facility to book the stay as the couchsurfer. Before securing the stay facility as the couchsurfer, it is better to know about the host first to ensure a surreal stay experience.

Enjoy the stay to the fullest and gather some fantastic memories with the locals while staying as the


Camping is the best experience as it brings a person closer to nature and offers tranquillity. Staying in the middle of nature under the thousands of stars and feeling the cool breeze and embracing the nature around, camping is a beautiful experience.

While there are not many camping grounds available in Belize City, but still if you are looking to go for one, then book Florida Beach Camping beforehand for a better stay experience.

How to Get There

Reaching a new destination needs planning concerning time and budget. While traveling is the most tiring part, it is essential to plan the travel smoothly to reach the destination in time and with comfort.

While booking any mode, it is essential to check connectivity. Belize City is the largest city is well connected to the rest of the world. Offering transport facilities by various means, it provides a choice for the tourist to select one that is comfortable and budget-friendly for them.


The flights serve the city quite well and smoothly. The two major airports that allow you to reach Belize City are Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport, in Ladyville, northwest of Belize City, and Belize City Municipal Airport, in the city itself.

Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport


Belize City is well connected with the bus route from Guatemala City. However, the road route is rough but still the buses that operate offer optimum comfort. Belize City can be reached from countries like Mexico via Chetumal or Guatemala via Melchor De Menchos.

A few of the important bus lines operating and connecting the city are:

  • James Bus Line, Usher Bus Line, G-Line Service for Southern Zone
  • Chen Bus Line, Yascal Bus Line, Smith Bus Line, Richie Bus Line, Martinez Bus Line, Williams Bus Line, Radiance Ritchie Bus Line, Polanco Bus Line for rural areas
  • WestLine Bus Co. Ltd, Shaw Bus Service, Belize Bus Owner's Cooperatives (B.B.O.C.) for Western Zone
A bus in Belize City


Belize City is one that doesn't have an active rail transport system, although there was one in the past.


Getting hitchhiked to reach your destination in Belize City is not difficult. One can quickly get the lift by the wave of the hand. But make sure that you are well aware of the path or the destination that you are intended to reach. Also, be cautious of the surroundings to avoid being looted by the goons. While being hitchhiked ensure to let the person know about the monetary offering, if any, you are going to make.


Apart from the above, there are no other options broadly to reach Belize City. However, one may book a car or private taxi but make sure to know about the driving rules and routes. Opting for a private cab will offer the chance to explore the beauty of nature on the way and have a comfortable traveling experience.

Moving Around

Belize City has a surreal transport system to travel around. While there are various options to travel around, it is essential to choose one that is economical and eco-friendly as well. The basic idea of ecotourism is to explore the city by reducing the carbon trails. The various options to move around in Belize city are listed down in this section.


The largest city of Belize, this is one with beautiful cobbled streets and incredible surroundings, it is perfect for exploring the city on foot. Walking around will be a surreal experience.


Various bicycle rental stands allow you to rent a cycle and explore the beautiful trails of Belize City. One of the most eco-friendly ways to explore. Touring on cycle is surreal.

Electronic Vehicles

Belize City is still on the verge of development concerning electric vehicles. Still, a few electric vehicles are running in the city. Additionally, one can also rent an electric car for traveling around.

Public Bus

Belize City has a well connected and an extended bus route. The option is comparatively less expensive and also offers the opportunity to meet the locals on the way. One of the most friendly and economical option to travel, there are a number of public buses operating in the city. Additionally, the shuttles also operate in the city which connects various places in the most convenient manner.

Tram, Train and Subway

At present, there isn't an active rail network within the city, but a light rail transportation system has been proposed and is in the works.

Sustainable Shopping

The idea behind sustainable shopping is to buy from the local artisans and locally produced items. The idea is to use eco-friendly inputs to create articles to ensure no harm to the environment. The benefit of sustainable shopping is that it boosts the local economy and craftsmen.

Belize City is one pristine city of Belize, so while planning to get the souvenir or gift for family and friends, opt to go for the sustainably produced items. Avoid bargaining from the artisans as the art demands patience and diligence. Uplift the economy by buying from a local, sustainable market.

Food Markets

Belize City has some of the most beautiful and astonishing food market to get aromatic spices, food items, and a lot more. The best food markets are:

  • Fish Market
  • Chef Meat Market
  • Caribbean Spice Belize

Flea Markets

Flea markets are best to get some of the most exclusive, locally produced items. Some of the flea markets in Belize city are:

  • Belize Handicraft Market Place
  • Fort Street Tourism Village

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand stores or thrift shopping is fun when you are planning to get something at low cost but good quality. A fun experience, the second-hand stores usually deals in books and furniture. Some of the second-hand stores in Belize City are:

  • Sheena Jean's Boutique & Thrift
  • Buy & Sell


Eco-fashion is picking the pace slowly. The idea behind this is to use the economically produced and chemical-free inputs like herbal dyes, natural fibres, and recycled clothes to reduce the eco-waste. Although, the idea is still in the booming stage, and only a few stores are working on the concept, but the benefit of adopting eco-fashion in terms of reducing the eco-waste are enormous.


Following the 3 R's of better living, Belize City focuses on the concept of waste management and recycling. Various companies are operating in the city that focuses on waste management and recycling.

So, while you travel the city focus on using recyclable articles as compared to ones that are hard to recycle and reuse, also, make your fellow travelers aware of the same and try to use the recyclable products to the maximum.


The overall waste management system is not appreciable in Belize City. The Garbage Disposal Satisfaction is 18.75, which is very low, and the overall Clean and Tidy score is 21.88, which is low.

The city is still in the phase of developing a waste management system for a better experience. While traveling in the city ensure to follow the waste disposition guidelines to ensure a reduction in carbon trails.

While you explore the city, make the fellow travelers aware of the idea of waste management and make mindful of reducing the waste and polluting the trails.

Work and Study Abroad

Belize City is one of the most well-known and flourishing countries in respect of industrialization and financing. With a significant share of the universities and colleges, the city offers excellent opportunities to work and study. The town is in the growing stage and provides the best platform for those who wish to explore the possibilities.

Exchange Student

Belize City is beautiful and rich in terms of culture. Some of the major colleges and universities offering the opportunity to learn as the exchange students and gain knowledge are:

  • St. John's College Belize
  • University of Belize
  • Wesley College

Au Pair

The concept of AU Pair is still in the phase of getting recognition in Belize City. The idea is to stay with the local at their space and can be against some kind of paid incentive or not. It is an adequate opportunity to meet the locals and blend with their tradition and culture.

While you plan to book as the Au Pair online make sure to know the host beforehand, it is a great chance to explore the beauty of the place and experience the local culture at best.


Volunteering is the best way to give back to society by the use of the skills and knowledge possessed. In comparison, there are various organisations where one can apply as a volunteer, but it is essential to know about the conditions before hand. The most common volunteering opportunity includes teaching the underprivileged, nature conservation and animal shelter.

Empower your stay with the positivity that you will get to serve the community.

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