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Eco-friendly travel guide to Kiev advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Kiev, Ukraine.

City view of Kiev

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $600
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $800

Responsible Travel

The city of Kiev is renowned for being not just the capital city of the country of Ukraine but it also holds the distinction of being the most populous city in the entire country. In addition to this, being the capital city does make it the centre of most activities that take place in the country and it is the hub for almost all major economic, industrial, commercial, and social activities. The city has a vast economic base and owing to this diversity, there is always the availability of jobs in some sector or the other. This itself directly does put quite a bit of pressure on the environment as the city’s strong 3.5 million population together with the rapid industrial growth and migration of people from neighbouring towns and cities for work and a better lifestyle does end up burdening the city’s resources and does considerable damage to the ecosystem. In a bid to counter most of this, the local authorities and the government of the country are working actively to ensure that steps are being taken to minimise the impact on the environment, a few of these include greener modes of transportation, stricter norms of emission, higher penalties for violators and moderation of industrial activities. In addition to this, tourism is a major industry in Kiev and with almost 2 million tourists visiting the city annually, it is certain that they too end up impacting the environment to a great extent. Hence, for the responsible traveller, this section of the article shall brush through a few tips that can be followed if one wishes to enjoy an eco-friendly trip with minimum impact on the environment to Kiev.

To begin with, every traveller must understand that the biggest contributor to pollution on his/her trip to any city in the globe is his/her accommodation arrangements. If a traveller is willing to be cautious they may just end up reducing their carbon footprint by more than half if they opt to stay in an eco-friendly hotel. There are quite a few of these in Kiev and though they may not be abundant or easily accessible and a few of your privileges may be cut back, you can most certainly sleep well knowing that you aren’t adversely affecting the city’s environment or its resources.

Secondly, as a traveller, if you wish to be responsible, the biggest step that you can take is to make use of public transportation as much as possible. The government of Ukraine has taken several steps over the years to make public transportation as efficient as possible. Much of this includes steps being taken to ensure energy efficiency as well. So you do have a few eco-friendly modes of transportation to gallivant around town. The trade-off here is that these modes of transportation may be too crowded, confusing, or the timings may downright be inconvenient, but a small sacrifice on your part shall ensure that you are being every bit the responsible traveller that you aim to be.

In addition to these steps, it is always recommended that as an eco-friendly/responsible traveller, you must always try and shop local as much as possible. Most of the smaller stores shall offer you true craftsmanship and more so they aren’t bound to be too profit-hungry nor do they manufacture by impacting the natural resources too much.

Lastly, it is suggested that as a tourist, you try and enjoy the Ukrainian cuisine at local restaurants and food joints. Avoid visiting fast-food chains and franchises in the city. The most authentic taste shall be found at these local gem of restaurants and you shall also be playing a vital role in supporting the businesses. Similarly, if you plan on cooking a meal on your trip to the city, head to the markets to get fresh produce and raw ingredients, mostly grocery, meat, spices, and seafood. These are more sustainable buys here rather than fancy supermarkets where additional packaging, air-conditioning, extra retail space all end up harming the environment passively and neither do you get the freshest of produce.

Air Quality and Pollution

Being the capital city of the country, Kiev has seen development in leaps and bounds, however, all of this development has come at a major cost and this is very much evident, especially for tourists who are visiting the city. In a country such as Ukraine, the air is known to be quite clean in most cities, however, in Kiev, you can be assured that the air quality is quite poor, in fact, the city leads the charts of most polluted cities in the country. While the city does experience clean air for the most part of the year, there are a few days when the air is considerably polluted this can be attributed to a range of factors, a few being industries and weather. In comparison to most of the other major capital cities across the globe, you shall find that the air in Kiev is quite clean and you do not need to wear masks to avoid pollution. Activities such as walking and cycling out in the open shall also be quite comfortably undertaken. Even if you have breathing ailments, you do not need to worry too much, just carry your basic medication around and you shall be fine.

The climate, in general, is categorised as a humid continental climate. This climate is most certainly acceptable as a comfortable one though it does put Kiev through a slightly difficult winter season. The average high temperature during the summer months ranges in the mid-20-degree centigrades mark. While the average high temperature during the winter months is less than 10-degree centigrades. On the other hand, during the summer months, the average low temperature is in the mid-10-degree centigrades range while the average low temperature during the winter months is below the 0-degree centigrades mark. Keeping much of this in mind, you are recommended to pack for your trip to Kiev.

Respect the Culture

As a traveller, if you wish to ensure that you are pleasing enough to the local people to qualify as a “good tourist” you shall need to keep in mind a few points to maximise your positive impact in as little time as possible. In this section of the article, we shall discuss a few points pertaining to the same so keep reading to learn more.

To begin with, it is recommended that you always dress well. The Ukrainians in general are known to be very particular about their appearances. They believe that it is an insight into someone’s personality and mindset. They may even be a little judgemental, so make sure that you are dressed at your best to make the best first impression. As a tourist, when you interact with people here, make sure, you begin things a little formally with a hello and a firm handshake, do not forget to take your gloves off while doing so.

Family plays a massive role in any Ukrainian’s life and they have possibly grown up with their grandparents and their extended family around. If you ever meet families, ensure that you are at your politest best. Do not upset them in any possible way and make sure that you show the senior-most members respect and the junior-most members an extra bit of love.

If you are invited to someone’s home, ensure that you do not go in empty-handed, carry along a few gifts, and perhaps a cake and a bottle of wine for the meal table. Also, always remove your shoes before entering the house.

When you are meeting a Ukrainian lady make sure that you are at your chivalrous best. The local women appreciate it when a man holds the door for her, grabs her coat, and present her with flowers and a decent compliment. The smallest of gestures speak volumes about your character and may seal your fate as a “good tourist” in the eyes of any lady around.

The Ukrainians in Kiev are not very particular about time and they often run a few minutes late, this isn’t a big deal but you are most certainly recommended to stay on time no matter what as a delay on a tourist’s end may not go down well, especially if you are meeting someone of higher social status or a lady.

Lastly, you are strongly recommended to make intellectual conversations which captivate the interest of the people but avoid making bold statements and voicing controversial political opinions. Stick to the basic conversations about science, technology, and pop culture including movies, literature, art, and music. You could also talk about diversity in cultures and local customs and traditions but you are advised to keep any and all constructive criticism about religion and country to yourself if you are serious about not upsetting anyone and not igniting heated arguments and debates. Because these topics shall certainly brand you as an “ill-mannered tourist” at minimum.

Top 10 Places to Visit

The city of Kiev is known to be a very scenic destination in the country of Ukraine and as a tourist, if you wish to witness some stunning you must visit the top 10 places to visit in the city, a list of these are as given below:

  • Andriyivskyy Descent: Andriyivskyy Descent is the area for the Kiev Day festivities toward the finish of May. It is the most renowned street in Kiev drops down the sharp slant from the Upper Town to the Podil quarter on the Dnieper. You can get a funicular up from Podil, or inch your way up the cobblestone street in case you're feeling new. At the top, St Andrew's Church is in an extravagant Baroque style and dates to the centre of the eighteenth century. There are a lot of stylish bistros to bring in at, and slows down by the street sell works of art in summer. From that point advance down through an area known as the "Montmartre of Kiev", due to the precarious geology as well as the refined climate and reminiscent nineteenth-century design. The planner was Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli, an Italian who made his name in Russia and the Baltic, planning the Winter Palace in St Petersburg.
  • St Volodymyr’s Cathedral: It is the motherhouse of prayer of the Kiev Patriarchate of the Ukrainian Eastern Orthodox Church. Kiev has numerous temples, cloisters and basilicas currently run as galleries, however, St Volodymyr's Cathedral is a working spot of love where you can watch Eastern Orthodox administrations. At the point when the St Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery was pulled down during the 1930s, the relics of St Barbara were moved here, where they remain today. The engineering is nineteenth-century Neo-Byzantine, and a significant number of the frescoes were painted by the feted Russian Romantic Nationalist Viktor Vasnetsov.
  • Landscape Alley: If there's one thing that all the works of art here share practically speaking it's that they're capricious, happy and venerated by kids. Hence, if you are travelling with younger ones or want to embrace your inner child, you must come here. At this slope setting, you can lounge in photogenic perspectives on Podil, the Dnieper River and Zamkova Hora. A portion of the characters you'll meet are a 30-meter centipede, a cheerful elephant wellspring and seats as a crow, feline and hare, all secured with mosaic tiles.
  • Golden Gate: In the medieval times Kiev was the capital of the Kievan Rus', an organization of Slavic expresses that extended from the Black Sea to the Baltic. In that time there stood a humungous entryway at the southern access to the city, yet it was pulled down in the thirteenth century and stayed a ruin until the 1980s. In 1982, on Kiev's 1500th commemoration the entryway was recreated, despite the fact that no one could concur precisely what it looked like in its eleventh-century prime. So regardless of whether the plan is available to scrutinize the door is a great structure with four levels of merlons over the fundamental gateway and wooden augmentations on each side. In the encompassing nursery, there's a landmark to Yaroslav the Wise, an extended bronze form of a figure by Ivan Kavaleridze.
  • House with Chimeras: Opposite the President's Residence on Bankova Street is the zenith of Art Nouveau engineering in Kiev. The House with Chimeras dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and was planned by the Polish-Ukrainian modeller Władysław Horodecki as his own home. Horodecki was fond of poaching, which clarifies the numerous animals on the veneer, both legendary and genuine, similar to dolphins, deer, elephants, frogs, rhinoceroses and mermaids. Today the structure is possessed by the government and saved for legitimate gatherings.
  • State Aviation Museum: The historical centre opened in 2003 on the centennial commemoration of the primary manned flight. Anybody with an eye for aeroplanes or Soviet equipment will be in paradise here. Arranged inside the old terminal structure for Zhulyany Airport, the State Aviation Museum is a couple of kilometres southwest of the downtown area. It's the second biggest historical centre of its sort in previous Soviet nations and has a developing armada of aeroplanes, which numbered more than 70 at the last tally.
  • Podil: It is a hip, social region, flaunting Ukraine's most lofty college and loads of spots to feast out. To arrive you could get the funicular down from St Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, which will drop you in a local that was spared from significant harm in the Second World War so looks just as it accomplished more a century prior. Kiev's riverfront shipper's quarter and the previous downtown area was demolished by fire toward the beginning of the nineteenth century and reconstructed on a framework.
  • Khreshchatyk: This avenue was nearly wrecked in the Second World War, and was modified in the Soviet Neoclassical style. A social occasion point and upmarket shopping road, Khreshchatyk attaches the Maidan to the remainder of Kiev. The entirety of the significant worldwide retailers are on Khreshchatyk and there's a wide selection of bistros, cafés and frozen yoghurt shops, with open-air porches where you can sit and watch everybody approaching their day. A flawless aspect regarding Khreshchatyk is that during ends of the week and public occasions street traffic is denied and the road loads up with families and couples walking around and looking at the numerous street entertainers.
  • Maidan Nezalezhnosti: To understand current issues in Ukraine make for ground zero, at Maidan Nezalezhnosti which is also known as Independence Square. This has been a middle for political activism since 1990 and is the place the Euromaidan fights happened in mid-2010s. There's a contemporary remembrance to the "Heavenly Hundred", individuals who passed on in the fights. On the lighter side, when Kiev facilitated Eurovision in 2017 the fan zone was situated here as though to show what amount has changed in only a couple of years.
  • The Motherland Monument: In a recreation centre adjacent to the Knieper, this representative figure of a lady is noticeable from everywhere Kiev. The higher of the landmark's two perception decks is at the head of this shield, however, you'll have to wear a tackle to visit this upper one. Raised in the year 1981, the Motherland Monument is a tremendous, sixty-two-meter impeccable sculpture celebrating the Soviet Union's triumph over Nazi Germany in the Second World War. To give you a thought of the measurements, the landmark is made with singular squares of steel, held along with in excess of thirty kilometres of welding. On the figure's left arm is a shield bearing the symbol of the Soviet Union. The blade that the figure holds up is sixteen meters long and gauges nine tonnes itself.
Golden Gate in Kiev


Undoubtedly, Kiev is the most popular tourist destination in the country of Ukraine and the statistics are testament to this, given in the sections below are some more venues that you must visit on your trip to the city, if you wish to truly understand the depth of the local culture and traditions.

City Parks

  • Taras Shevchenko Park: One of the prettiest parks is Taras Shevchenko Park, located in front of the Taras Shevchenko National University and a well-known home base for understudies. Something that bears rehashing is exactly how green the focal point of Kiev is, you can roam the whole city without leaving tree spread. This nineteenth-century essayist and polymath has had a colossal effect on Ukrainian culture and assisted with moulding the advanced Ukrainian language.
  • Babi Yar: The site is presently a dedication park, facilitating separate landmarks to the different gathering of casualties including Jews, youngsters, Romani individuals and pastors. A short stroll from St Cyril's Babi Yar is where a mass homicide occurred on September 29-30 1941. In two days, thirty-four thousand Jews were killed by the SS, the biggest single mass killing completed during the mission against the Soviet Union. During the rest of the war up to 150,000 Jews, Romanis, the intellectually sick, Soviet Prisoners of War and Ukrainian patriots were executed in this spot.
Taras Shevchenko Park

National Parks

  • Feofaniya: It is an enchanting and comfortable natural park in suburbia of Kiev, which is lovely whenever of the year. The park was made and planned by proficient scene draftsmen in 1912, and in 1972 it was granted the status of a landmark park. On the off chance that you are worn out on the clamour of Kiev, Feofaniya park is an extraordinary escape.
  • Hryshko National Botanical Garden: Just downriver from the Motherland Monument, this general professional flowerbed is overseen by the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. In all, there are thirteen thousand assortments of trees, bushes and blossoms from all over. The nurseries are exquisite in practically any season, yet on the off chance that there's a period you essentially need to come it's the finish of spring.
The beautiful Hryshko National Botanical Garden


The city of Kiev is landlocked and there is no access to the sea. Hence, those tourists who are keen on swimming in the ocean may be disappointed here.


Saint Sophia Cathedral
  • Saint Sophia’s Cathedral: The church building, popular for its thirteen overlaid arches, was started in the 11th century by Prince Yaroslav the Wise whose stone coffin is in plain view. Sophia's Cathedral is Kiev's most established enduring church and has design and ornamentation going back to the 11th century. The zenith is the Orans of Kiev symbol in the chancel vault, standing 6 meters high and portraying the Virgin Mary. In the religious structures, there's an exhibition hall indicating archaic relics from the house of prayer and a model of Kiev before it was demolished by the Mongols in the year 1240.
  • The Great Lavra Bell Tower: It is an unmissable apparatus on the city's horizon and diminutive people different landmarks at Pechersk Lavra, moving to simply under 100 meters. At the hour of its development during the mid 18th century, it was the tallest unattached ringer tower on the planet and is made out of four levels, each smaller than the last, coming full circle with a plated vault. Still a piece of Pechersk Lavra, this thrilling landmark merits uncommon consideration as it's one of Kiev's insignias.
  • Kiev Pechersk Lavra: Starting in the eleventh century, the most established segments of this complex are underground, in two man-made cavern frameworks, Near and Far. In case you're wanting to go underneath, attempt to show up before the groups as you'll dive into a fairly kept and dazing space with a shape flame to light your direction. Ladies need to watch an entirely exacting clothing standard that involves covering your hair and wearing a skirt. It can take around 4 hours to see everything, and you may require an English guided visit to benefit from Pechersk Lavra. One of the most significant destinations in Eastern Orthodox Christianity, the World Heritage Pechersk Lavra is a grand complex of holy places, chime towers and underground areas, worth every bit of your time, so go ahead and visit it!


  • Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II: The curios here are very well-curated and the displays are stacked with weapons both hefty and light, just as guides, regalia and document photos. The Motherland Monument is coordinated into this historical centre, and the commemoration proceeds at the base. The exhibition hall is additionally immense, recounting to the narrative of the Second World War from Ukraine's viewpoint with in excess of 300,000 items. Likewise walk the "Alley of the Hero Cities", where Soviet urban areas that offered firm protection from Nazi Germany are recalled. See the marble plaques for the city's 11,600 fallen troopers and 200 labourers, a "Flame of Glory" in a Goliath bowl encompassed by military equipment from the war.
  • Pirogovo: The historical centre was established in the late 1960s and after some time has amassed nearly seventy-thousand antiquities. There are in excess of three-hundred structures, from houses of worship to residences to workshops, in a living gallery where you can watch revered artworks in real life like manufacturing, weaving and ceramics. On show in old rural structures are china, pottery, ensemble, metalwork, woodwork, weaving and covers, all opening a window on society specialities and culture in past times. Country design from six diverse Ukrainian areas has been moved to this site and reassembled in six unmistakable towns.
Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II


Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine and it is without a doubt that it is here that you can find some of the most authentic dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. In this section of the article, we shall list out a few of the most popular dishes that you must taste when you take a trip to Kiev and these are listed below:

  • Borscht
  • Varenyky
  • Paska
  • Kutia
  • Bublik
  • Chicken Kiev
  • Pampushki
  • Korovai
  • Banosh
  • Koliva

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Beef Meat and Wine: It is a café where you will be served great meat, cooked in the best customs of world food, and the staff will likewise suggest a fine wine, a mix that is appealing to individuals, all things considered, and different backgrounds. The steaks, broil beef, and carpaccio are of incredibly acceptable quality and made based on mystery herbs that were made many years back. The most fascinating part is the cooking of meat on regular coals before the visitors, in the open kitchen, which makes it totally worth the visit.
  • Tsarske Selo: It is famous with vacationers and voyagers searching for Ukrainian cooking as they enjoy a reprieve from touring. The inside is an amusement of a run of the mill seventeenth-century house in a Ukrainian town, and food is readied following customary plans and strategies. Tsarske Selo is great on the off chance that you are searching for a spot to eat subsequent to having visited the cloister and might want to broaden your disclosure of Ukraine's set of experiences and legends while eating.
  • Kanapa: The restaurant consummately mirrors the region's noteworthy and imaginative hugeness by serving current reevaluations of conventional Eastern European dishes like caviar and beetroot soup. Kanapa is an eatery suggestive of the artistic salons of the nineteenth century, your feast might be joined by orchestral compositions or a book perusing, and all the work of art on the dividers is available to be purchased. In the late spring, visitors can appreciate a snapshot of tranquillity on the patio sitting above a lush region.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Imbir: Vegetarian food and the chilled-out space of a library or book shop is the thing that you'll discover at Imbir. One of the main cafés in the city to give a totally vegetarian menu, it is brimming with books and agreeable rockers, a definite method to make guests need to remain there for quite a long time. With a sensibly valued lunch menu that changes each day, it's an ideal spot for travellers and regulars the same. Their beverages are as sound as their food, various kinds of tea and new organic product juice, and furthermore almond milk beverages and detox smoothies.
  • CHI: It presents Pan-Asian food made by a genuine group of culinary specialists from China. This is a spot to seek gastronomic enjoyments. The element of CHI is its smooth change from a spot for lunch or a conference, to a club with noisy music and gatherings until the morning. Followers of vegan and vegetarian cooking styles will likewise locate a broad menu that goes a long ways past the restrictions of rice and vegetables.

Street Food

Kiev possesses a tonne of upscale eateries and decent bistros to visit, yet street food is another intriguing aspect of the neighbourhood culture that shocks travellers. Most of this just doesn't include Oriental, Italian or American fast food. Kiev's spots additionally offer a cutting edge understanding of customary Ukrainian cooking and even some special dishes. Some renowned spots to visit are listed below:

  • Das Ist Gut: This spot is overflowing with Kiev fashionable people and understudies, as the costs are entirely moderate. Das Ist Gut's menu incorporates just three kinds of kebabs and is so legendary that local people swear by it.
  • Bistro Bistro: Here you shall find the best wieners in the Ukrainian capital. On the menu, there are just five things, yet every one of them has been deliberately built down to the littlest subtleties and has an exceptional blend of flavours.
  • Perepichka: There’s no other more amazing street food place in Kiev than Perepichka. The line to arrange is unending and happens from the opening until late around evening time. Tourists, as well as local people, love this blend of hotdog, canvassed in seared batter, with a glass of cola on tap. The most lovely part is that it costs just half a US Dollar.


The weather conditions in Kiev are the main reason behind the choice of drink amongst the local Ukrainians. You could mostly see them dabble between a range of beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones, with most of them keeping them warm or being dairy products. A few such popular non-alcoholic drinks for you to try are:

  • Ryazhenka
  • Kvass
  • Kysil
  • Uzvar

But however, the local alcoholic drinks and liqueurs are more popular and consumed in sufficient quantities, as a tourist, a few alcoholic beverages that you must try and your visit to Kiev are:

  • Medovukha
  • Varenukha
  • Spotykach
  • Horilka
  • Nalyvka
  • Nastoyanka 


Tap water in Kiev is not exactly known to be the most consumable water in the world. Surely enough it is purified enough for you to bathe and brush your teeth with, some accidental consumption won’t be an issue. However, if you wish to drink it, it is suggested that you either boil the water or drink from a purifier. The best option would be to rely on bottled mineral water.

Organic Cafés

Many people across the globe are now learning about the benefits of eating sustainably and to support this organic cafés are springing up at various locations. Kiev is one such location in the world, but there are just a handful of organic cafés, a few worthy of visiting are:

  • Do-Do Organic Café
  • Nebos
  • Green 13 Café Vegan Kitchen


Fresh brews are quite preferred by the local Ukrainians in Kiev depending upon the occasion and the weather, some popular breweries to visit in the city for a good pint are listed below:

  • Syndicate Beer & Grill
  • Varvar Brew
  • Solomianska Brewery
  • Chateau Robert Doms


Apart from all the food trails, binge drinking, visiting landmarks and museums, you can always do some off beat activities in Kiev, some of these include heading to the dance fountains on a pleasant night, perhaps in the company of a loved one. You could try heading to some of the nearby destinations for a hike. Try your hand at photography at the numerous picturesque venues in town. Explore the graffiti on walls and maybe interact with a few artists. Lastly, go and book a trip to Chernobyl, the experience shall be surreal and an enlightening one to say the least.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is a worldly practised form of exercise and meditation. If you too wish to practice yoga in Kiev, you are in luck as many Ukrainians are actively practising yoga and some of the most renowned yoga centres in town are:

  • Ishvara
  • Kyiv Hot Yoga Studio
  • Kiev Wellness International


Being the capital city of Ukraine, Kiev has offers an extensive option of accommodation for most tourists and travellers visiting. These options are of different kinds, are priced differently, and they have amenities based on the previous two criteria, so irrespective of your needs and budget, you shall find suitable accommodation.

Green Hotels

Not too many hotels in the city of Kiev are known to be very eco-friendly, nor can they be completely categorised as “Green Hotels” as they offer a few sustainable amenities and perks but rely on conventional means otherwise. Yet, a few of the most genuine green hotels in the city are as follows:

  • City Park Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Hotel
  • InterContinental Kyiv

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are often a great option for solo travellers who are looking for some company around them and cheap living spaces without compromising on amenities. The modern-day hostels are vibrant, they offer some amazing perks and that too at the fraction of the cost of hotels. Given below are the best hostels that you can consider for accommodation while visiting Kiev:

  • Light Life Hostel
  • Dream House Hostel
  • Sky Hostel


Renting apartments is always a bit of a task for tourists and travellers since some background is required and one needs to research extensively for good neighbourhoods, reliability, cost, and safety. Nonetheless, it serves to be an excellent option for most tourists who are travelling in groups or are looking for privacy without the rigidity and high costs of hotels. While Airbnb isn’t the most popular website for renting apartments in Kiev, you could try it and a bunch of reliable ones that pop higher up in google searches.


Couch Surfing is always an interesting option for tourists who wish to meet new people and explore cities. It is a great way to get a first-hand insight into the culture and traditions. In Kiev, Couch Surfing shall serve to be a great option as the local people are fond of the concept and always welcoming enough, you shall easily find plenty of hosts across the city, just make sure that you help them out, treat the house with respect, and give them a token of appreciation at the end of it all.


Camping is one of the most preferred ways of connecting with nature as far as Ukrainians are concerned. As a tourist, you too can head out for camping and some of the prominent camping areas are:

  • Dytyachyy Tabir Prometey
  • Camping No 1 KYIV
  • Kiev Campsite Chayka

How to Get There

Reaching Kiev is not a difficult task considering that it is the capital of the country of Ukraine and that is well accessible by almost all means of transportation. The most sustainable means of transport to reach Kiev shall be via train but depending upon convenience, choose your pick.


The Boryspil International Airport is the primary airport that serves the city and caters to all of the international flights. Hence, chances are that if you travel via flight you will land here and don’t worry the airport is well connected to the city via rail and road transportation.

The Boryspil International Airport


International bus services can be availed here from the Central Bus Station. So if you are coming from Germany, Russia, Poland, Greece, Italy, Moldova or Belarus, you shall find easy access to Kiev via road.

A bus in Kiev


Kyiv Pasazhyrskyi is the central railway station in the city and as a tourist you can travel via the railway from a host of international destinations. Russia and most Central European nations constitute this list of international destinations. However, it is recommended that you book your tickets well in advance.

Kiev Metro Train


Kiev is known to be a safe city in general, however, hitchhiking isn’t the best option at all times. Especially at night there might be major safety concerns, so be alert while hitchhiking and always share your location and details with a trustworthy person inside or outside the city.


Apart from the above-listed means of transportation, you do not have any choice, except for driving down yourself in a rented car.

Moving Around

Kiev is a fairly big city and to move around you have a host of transportation options to choose from. The greenest ways to move around are by foot, bicycle, trams or the metro rail, more details about which are given in the sections below.


Walking in Kiev is a splendid option, of course, mainly if the destination isn’t too far off from your accommodation as the snowy winters could leave you stranded sometimes. The city is beautiful and you have a host of walking tours to explore as well.


Cycling is a popular activity amongst most local people, however, it is more recreational than functional. At present, the city is developing it’s infrastructure to support cycling as a mode of transport but as a tourist, you don’t have too many avenues right now.

Electronic Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are now a big trend across the globe and the infrastructure in Kiev is one of the best amongst European countries. Though the market isn’t exactly huge, you shall see plenty of charging stations and a few popular electric vehicles being used as private modes of transportation. Options for rentals are very few but you can enquire around.

Public Bus

The public bus is excellent and spacious, the flat fare system does make it extremely economical for long-distance travels. While these are not electrified yet, they are quite efficient and they connect well to different parts of the city.

Tram, Train and Subway

The city has an excellent network of trams known as the Pesa Trams. While it is being scrapped out in favour of trolleybuses, it yet has set routes and is highly efficient as it runs on electricity. The city also has a robust metro rail network that you can use to visit interesting venues across town.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is a fundamental aspect of each eco-accommodating travellers’ excursion. This is critical as you can legitimately add to the nearby economy and without any help, also you can bargain a hit to avaricious business people. Shop from nearby stores on the off chance that you wish to take a few to get back some legitimate craftsmanship and abstain from contaminating ravenous super companies.

Food Markets

Purchasing food and cooking ingredients from food markets is an excellent way of procuring the freshest goods at great rates and to add to the flavour of your dish with authenticity. Some of the well known food markets in Kiev are:

  • Besarabsky Market
  • Kyiv Food Market

Flea Markets

Flea Markets are an essential part of every tourist’s journey as these are interesting places to look for hidden gems and fine craftsmanship at throwaway prices. You could also pick up a few souvenirs for friends and family back home. Some popular flea markets in town are:

  • Kurazh Bazar
  • Petrivka Flea Market
  • Kurenivka Flea Market

Second Hand Stores

While second-hand stores aren’t exactly the most popular in Kiev, a few places that you can explore for some good used goods are:

  • International Exhibition Centre (Antique Meetings)
  • Garage Sale, Khvylovyi bar and garage cooperative


Creating fashion goods out of recycled materials and waste products is the crux of eco-fashion and much of this does exist in the city of Kiev. Some of the prominent brands that you can explore are listed below:

  • Uliulia
  • Rehash
  • COOM
  • Styd&Sram
  • Church of Upcycling
  • Golub UDP
  • Ksenia Schnaider


Recycling in Kiev is not known to be very efficient, in most cases you shall find that a small percentage of trash is being recycled here. Widespread awareness about recycling is now gaining momentum and you can expect a change here. In Kiev almost all materials are recycled and special companies purchase the recycled trash for conversion to various other purposes.


Waste collection is done in two simple ways, either residents go out and dispose their trash at common bins or waste collection centres or if there are separate bins outside their houses they can segregate waste and dispose it there. This must be done on the basis of recyclable waste and non-recyclable waste with special packaging if possible for hazardous materials being disposed.

Work and Study Abroad

Kiev is a popular education destination in Ukraine and special emphasis is given to scientific research, thus, students from all across the globe come here to study. Similarly, there are plenty of employment opportunities in Kiev and several professionals are willing to take up jobs here.

Exchange Student

As mentioned above, the emphasis on scientific research and the presence of reputed universities does inspire many change students to visit Kiev and much of this is done through programmes and scholarships.

Au Pair

While Au Pair as a concept is known to people in Kiev, it isn’t widely popular, though you can always go online and hunt for suitable opportunities.


If you wish to give back to society and are passionate about a cause, you certainly can do so without using money. Instead, devote your time for an initiative and contribute to the community. Through various online forums, you can see opportunities and enrol for volunteering. Considering the population in Kiev, you shall find plenty of opportunities without looking too hard.

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