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Eco-friendly travel guide to Muscat advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Muscat, Oman.

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$60 - $180
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $200

Responsible Travel

Muscat is one of the most populated and amongst the most visited cities of Oman. Being the capital city, this city is one of the most acceptable cities to explore. With a population of around 6.3 lakhs, the city is a metropolitan city with all the excellent facilities.

Dominated by the rocky Western Al Hajar Mountains and sitting along the Arabian Sea along the Gulf of Oman, the city is one with many picturesque locations. From the various monuments to mosques and parks to beaches, the city is jeweled with all kinds of locations to enjoy and explore.

Mainly dominated by trade, the economy of Muscat is a flourishing one. Although the city has been one of the places that have never been at peace, with local authorities' efforts, the situation is flourishing in the city. With rich traditional art crafts and a soothing climate, the place is most pleasing and welcoming.

Muscat is one of those cities that makes rules for the citizens to follow and for the tourists to follow when they enter the city to ensure that they promote eco-friendly ways to maintain eco-friendly tourism in the best possible manner. Governments have issued guidelines that help them to provide that tourism does not negatively affect the city.

A few steps that one that to be a responsible traveler in line with the guidelines of the government of Muscat while exploring the city of Muscat are:

  • The tourist sites are also installed with air purifiers to purify, which is a sign of a concerned city. Make sure to Travel by bicycle or e-vehicles, or taxis with CNG to reduce your carbon trail.
  • Being a beautiful city with perfect streets, it can be explored on foot. Try to explore the city on foot and enjoy the real beauty of the place.
  • The monuments and the tourist sites are installed with biodegradable and non-biodegradable dustbins. Ensure to use them to dispose of the waste and not to damage the aesthetics.
  • The government also prescribes the limit of polythene, which can be used. Try to use reusable bags for carrying stuff.
  • The people of Muscat are very welcoming by nature and are very calm and composed. Remember to respect their culture and traditions.
  • While you are in the city, experience the authentic local taste of food at the local traditional restaurants.
  • Shop from local artisans and refrain from bargaining, as the handicraft demands practice and accuracy to turn a piece into art.
  • Remember not to litter the city and advise your fellow travelers to avoid doing the same to maintain the beauty of the city and reduce the carbon footprints.

Air Quality and Pollution

Muscat is a beautiful city full of unique places to explore and visit. With the most beautiful locations and beaches, the city is one of the best tourist locations. One of the primary reasons for the city's pollution is trade activities and the increasing number of travelers.

With the government's efforts and the master plan of green Muscat, the government has shifted to the use of electronics vehicles, reduced use of plastic, and better waste management, all of which have contributed to lowering the pollution level.

Although the government is taking measures to control the pollution levels, a lot more needs to be done. The current statistics from the World Health Organization for air pollution in Muscat are:

  • PM10 - 82
  • PM2.5 - 35
  • PM10 Pollution Level - Low
  • Pollution Index: 38.47
  • Pollution Exp Scale: 62.20

With a pollution level of 36.84, the city has an Air Quality Index of 63.16, which is an acceptable level.

Reduce the carbon trails, and make your stay memorable, should be the aim while exploring the city. Also, guide your fellow travelers about the pollution causing agents and attempt to adapt to eco-friendly ways while in the city.

Respect the Culture

Oman is an Islamic region with its subset of Islam known as Ibadhism. Muscat is the capital city of Oman, follows the same religion and tradition. Additionally, there is a good percentage of people from other religions staying in Oman.

With a very vibrant and colorful culture, the city has a rich history. The cuisine is more linked to non-vegetarian dishes like chicken, fish, and lamb, and the main ingredients include a wide variety of spices. The city does not welcome open consumption of alcohol or smoking in the open. Tea is still the most prominent Muscat drink.

While you plan to explore Muscat, the fundamental cultural aspects to take into consideration are:

  • To greet and follow the practice of shaking hands.
  • Dress desirably. Tourists and visitors are expected to dress slightly modestly and not show off too much skin.
  • Before taking a photograph, seek permission. You may find ‘No photographs’ boards at various places, do respect them.
  • While in a Mosque, cover your head follow the proper prayer tradition. In case you are not aware of the same, seek assistance from locals.
  • At a few restaurants, the tradition of sitting on the floor while dining is prevalent. Do respect the same.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Muscat is known for providing the best sites to visit when it comes to traveling and tourism. This place harbors various beaches and museums which have great historic value. These places are as follows:

  • Mutrah Corniche: This is a promenade that is stretching up to 3 km along the waterfront and is lined with different kinds of restaurants and cases. It also harbors markets and traditional shops which play a vital role in boosting the number of tourists in the place. In addition, this place is known for providing the best religious places to worship as well.
  • Grand Mosque of Muscat: It is known to be one of the biggest mosques in Oman with an area of the 415,000-meter square and hence has a sitting capacity of around 20,000 worshippers. In addition, this place is the only place in the whole world that allows entry to non-muslim visitors as well. This is the mosque that has been built with the most beautiful types and kinds of architectural effects.
  • Royal Opera House: This is a beautiful place and has a very diverse ambiance. This was built in 2001 by Sultan Qaboos of Oman. this place is known for promoting classical art and culture. It is one of those centers of excellence which is known for organizing annual and half-yearly cultural festivals.
  • Yiti beach: It is one of the most secluded beaches which is there in Oman, however, this place is very calm and peaceful and has access to various spa therapies and meditation centers which help the people to relax in the best possible manner. This place is also known for providing the opportunity for different kinds of sports and scuba-diving activities.
  • Al Mirani Forts: These Forts play a vital role in boosting tourism in Muscat. This is usually closed for the public however, the people make every possible attempt to view this even from outside. This is built by the Portuguese.
  • Al Jalaji Fort: This has been also built by the Portuguese. This fort is known for offering a beautiful sight of nature and the surroundings and hence, the place is kept open for the visitors to visit. But the entrance fees are quite expensive but despite that people are known for visiting this place. There are many other opportunities available to the people of Muscat to regulate tiger travel in the best possible manner and that too at very affordable pricing.
  • City Center Qurum: This is another masterpiece building that offers a variety of shopping options to the people to shop. One of the finest shopping malls that offer you an array of retail shops, a food court, movie theater, and grocery store, this mall is one of the most fascinating places to explore.
  • Bimmah Sinkhole: This is another famous type of archeological building which is present in the surrounding. This also plays a vital role in attracting tourists.
  • Al Alam Palace: This is another beautiful palace which is in the position to provide for beauty and valor of the historic monuments. This is located in Old Muscat and was the old palace that was the ceremonial palace of Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said.
  • Wadi Bani Khalid: This is another beautiful place which is located in the center of the city. This is a beautiful desert oasis, where you can spend your day hiking or swimming.


The capital city of Oman, Muscat, is some major vacation goal. The city is situated around the Gulf of Oman coast and is surrounded by large volcanic mountains. The capital is worth exploring and is known for its beautiful architecture. Muscat has a unique combination of Portuguese, Arab, African, Persian as well as Indian Architecture. The city is a unique mix of three different towns, namely Muscat, Matrah, and Ruwi. Matrah is known for the beautiful village-style while Ruwi stands as the main commercial center in the region.

Muscat is the land of walls and is surrounded by large and grand royal palaces. The area is beautiful, and you can go trekking, hiking, rock climbing, camel racing, horseback riding, etc. The most striking and entertaining activity involves scuba diving and turtle watching.

When exploring the city, Al-Mutrah Walking Tour is ever ready to let you deep into the magnificence and grandeur of Muscat. You can walk around the city and enjoy having a delicious meal around the walk front restaurants. Enjoy the splendid view and exotic delicacies of the capital. Do not forget to taste the delightful Halib and Sulaiman Tea and try to purchase the beautiful Arab Embroidered Mussars.

All in all, Muscat is a complete combination of an adventurous, beautiful, and colorful vacation.

City Parks

  • Al Khuwair Park: Al Khuwair Park is a beautiful and lush green park located in the capital city of Oman. A park is a popular place among locals and tourists. It is an excellent place for recreation and enjoyment. You can stroll around the park with your friends and family. You can take your kids to the farm, enjoy swings, and relax. The park is surrounded by luscious and rich green grass and intercross pathways for walking.
  • Al Sahwa Public Garden: Al Sahwa is amongst the best parks in the city and a popular local spot. The parks have avid green grass along with a beautiful maze designed to increase the thrill. Al Sahwa Public Garden is open to all age groups and is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. The park is also equipped with washrooms and coffee shops to increase your convenience and comfort.
  • Ghubrah Lake Park: This park is surrounded by a beautiful lake and gives an incredibly scenic view. The breathtaking visuals of the lake park are highly appealing to the eyes of locals and tourists. This park is an excellent location for jogging and sightseeing. You can come to the park in the evening and enjoy the view of the family.
  • South Ghubrah Public Park: South Ghubrah Public Park is an awesome place to relax and walk in the evenings. The design of the park is very simple, elegant, and small. Still, the lively atmosphere and peaceful setting make it an intriguing experience. Also, the park is surrounded by several houses which make it a central location for the residents to walk or sit in the evening. You can watch people gossiping, kids playing, ladies walking and a couple enjoying the pleasure of being in this park.
  • Al Azaiba Public Park: Al Azaiba Public Park is located near Msalwat Bus station and is lusciously green and vibrant. The park is ideal for sitting, walking, and jogging. You can come to the park early in the morning and exercise yourself or sit and relax after the hectic schedule. The plus point of this park that makes it popular among people is that it is highly well maintained and immaculate. These two reasons, along with the peaceful ambiance, contribute to the popularity of the park.

National Parks

  • Qurum Natural Park: The perfect garden with the rose garden, a leafy spot of the lake, and an amusement park for kids, this park in Muscat is one ideal place to relax. With the paved paths and the cafes, the walkway and the sitting spots here are soothing.
  • Al Ansab Wetland: بحيرات الأنصب:Looking forward to preserve the wildlife and birds, this is a national reserve in Muscat which is 15 kilometers from the center of the Muscat. This place is a beautiful home for 305 different species of resident and migrant birds, one best for bird watching.
The beautiful Qurum Natural Park


  • Al Bustan Beach: The longest beach in the country is a private beach with beautiful green gardens and high-quality service from the staff. As the beach is private, it has a beautiful resort attached to it, which offers the chance to participate in various water sports like kayaking, snorkeling, and sailing.
  • Shatti Al Qurum: Also known as the Al Qurum Beach, this beach is located on the northern coast. Being part of the upscale residential areas, this beach is surrounded by high-end luxurious hotels, cafes, restaurants, and the Royal Opera House.
  • Qantab Beach: Located in the small village of Qantab, just a few kilometers from Muscat city, this beach is exceptional when it comes to experiencing beauty. With the opportunity to explore the unique Omani Architecture, trying the local fishing, fantastic atmosphere, and soothing sea, this beach is a serene beauty.
  • Sifah Beach: Located near Jebel Sifah, on the eastern coast of Muscat, this is a white sand beach with a few rocky areas to explore. This is the most acceptable place to visit with the chance to explore the scenic beauty, water sports, and lip-smacking barbeque.
  • Bandar Jissah: Part of the luxurious and beautiful Al Jissah Resort & Spa hotel complex, this beach is accessible by non-residents by paying a nominal fee. Surrounded by green spaces, this place is best when you are looking for wellness activities or water sports.
  • Kalbuh Beach: One of the best places to go for swimming in Muscat is this beach near Muttrah. With the turquoise blue waters and the calming sand, this beach is one of Muscat's must-visit beaches.
  • Yiti Beach: The hidden gem of Muscat, this beach is perfect if you are looking for a day out. A great place beside the sea's crystal clear waters, amazing sands, and rocky-edgy mountains, this place is amazing for picnic and camping.
Sifah Beach is a beautiful and scenic beach in Muscat


  • Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque In Muscat: A stunning architecture piece that is the finest example of design and spirituality. This is one of the finest built mosques and a prime architecture. With the main hall decorated with dark grey and white marbles, the inner is the perfect reflection of Islamic Art.
  • Muttrah Souq: Al Dhalam Souq is also one of the oldest and most traditional souqs of Oman. The name describes the word darkness, and this place is now a prime location to buy some traditional gifts and Omani souvenirs.
  • Ruwi: The commercial hub of Muscat, this is the neighborhood decorated with mosques, parks, museums, archeological sites, and some of the most ravishing hotels.
  • Muscat Grand Mall: This is one of the most famous shopping malls for providing the best possible opportunities for the people. Tourists love this mall in the best possible manner.
  • Amouage Perfumery: If you love fragrances, then this is the best place to visit. Get a chance to experience the process of making the aromatic perfumes right from scratch and experience the amazing fragrance in the air.
  • Al Araimi Boulevard: Designed following the lines of Westfield, London, this is a grand shopping complex spreading to the overall area of 187000 square meters. With the 4D movie theatre's main attraction and a collection of 400 different retails brand shops, this place is a shopping paradise.
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque In Muscat


  • The National Museum of Oman: Located right across the Sultan's palace in Old Muscat, this museum is the largest in the whole Sultanate. A perfect place to explore an array of artwork, a collection of history, and pre-modern Islamic culture, this museum is one best place to spend the day.
  • Bait Al Zubair: Just a few minutes from the National Museum, this is a private museum. The museum's unique feature is that this is home to various beautiful artifacts, weapons, and displays showing the unique and distinctive cultures that vary from one region of Oman to the other.
  • Bait Al Baranda: Located near Muttrah's famous Corniche, the music is the best place to explore Muscat's pre-historic age, the colonial rule, and its emergence as Oman's national Capital. The best place to know about Muscat and to get in touch with the life here, this museum is one of the best.
  • Omani French Museum: An extraordinary and fantastic museum in all aspects, this is one that depicts the surprising relationship between the Sultanate of Oman and France. Renovated in 1992, Bait Faransa was opened to the public for exploring under the name of the Omani French Museum.
  • Ghalya's Museum of Modern Art: More commonly known as the Place and People Museum, the place is the display of modern works, in conjunction with the historical life of the 50s and 70s. With the rich collection of culturally significant and specialty art, this is one of the finest.
  • Oman Oil and Gas Exhibition Centre: An interactive exhibit of the energy that displays the exploration process to sustainability is of a kind place that will offer you great insight.
  • Oman Children's Museum: A place that combines the science and natural museum so that it is fun for the young ones to explore and know more. This place is undoubtedly going to keep the kids engaged and happy.
The building of National Museum of Oman is also a sight to behold apart from the amazing artwork displayed inside


The city of Muscat is jeweled with some of the finest places to explore. With the beautiful landmarks and forts to explore and the fantastic beaches to visit, this city is unbelievable.

A place with a rich history and fantastic culture, the food in Muscat is ultimate. With the aromatic cuisine that is heady and delicious and is loaded with various spices and ingredients, Muscat city is quite famous for its delicacies.

From various vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and the traditional and authentic taste of the Arab, the food served in Muscat is lip-smacking.

Traditional Local Restaurants

A city with such a rich culture and beautiful architecture is one to offer the most uncanny dishes to taste. With the fusion of the spices and blend of unique ingredients, Muscat's delicacies are one of the finest. While you explore the city, the best traditional local restaurants to have a taste of the local delicacies are:

  • Bin Ateeq: A traditional Omani restaurant located in multiple locations of Muscat is designed totally traditionally. Based on the Omani tradition, the food is served, and the sitting arrangement is on the floor, which will surprise you.
  • Camel Restaurant (مطعم مظابي صلالة Mathabi Salalah): A place to taste the best and traditional Omani meals and experience the best of Muscat, this restaurant is one that specializes in camel curry and fried camel.
  • Bait Al Luban Restaurant: One of the most famous and well-known restaurants in Muscat, this place is one that serves both traditional Omani food and the modern interpretations of Omani dishes using Omani ingredients.
  • Zanzibar Island Restaurant: One of Muscat's best restaurants if you are looking to go for the Zanzibari food.
  • Fisher’s Grilled: Another uncanny place to have a unique taste of the seafood grilled in the Omani Style, this restaurant in Muscat is fantastic.
  • Ofair Omani Restaurant مطعم أوفير للمأكولات العمانية: A nice traditional Omani Restaurant with authentic food and fantastic taste in the reasonable price range, this restaurants is one of the best places to visit.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Are you a vegetarian or vegan lover? If so, then don’t worry; numerous places in Muscat will offer you some of the most delicate Vegan and Vegetarian dishes to try on. Made with quality ingredients and added with unique spices, the food provided in mouth-watering.

While you plan to explore the city and taste some of the freshly prepared green food or vegan dishes, the best places to visit are:

  • Udupi Home Pure Vegetarian Restaurant Ghala Muscat: A pure vegetarian restaurant that offers lip-smacking delicacies at the most affordable prices with warm and welcoming staff. This is the finest restaurant to visit.
  • Kamat Restaurant: A nice restaurant that offers Indian dishes with the most authentic flavors. This place is fantastic.
  • Oman Express Restaurant مطعم عمان اكسبرس: Another vegetarian restaurant that offers the local vegetarian dishes alongside Indian dishes at the most affordable prices.
  • Gokul Pure Vegetarian Restaurant: An Indian restaurant by name and taste, this place is uncanny when you are looking for various vegetarian dishes under one roof.
  • Saravanaa Bhavan Restaurant: It is one of the most famous chains of International restaurants of south Indian vegetarian dishes, including dosas.
  • Al Afeel Vegetarian Restaurant: A vegan and vegetarian restaurant specializes in excellent quality food with the most pleasing environment.
  • Woodlands Restaurant: A perfect place with a good ambiance for wine and dine that offers an uncanny selection of vegan dishes with superior quality and taste.
  • Royal House Restaurant: A beautiful restaurant with a plethora of vegan and vegetarian options to tickle your taste buds with a comfy and cozy sitting.

Street Food

Exploring the beautiful city, parks, and various places of Muscat can be tiring. But if you wish to refresh yourself and have a great deal of time again, then trying out the native local street food will be the best option.

While the city is mostly indulged with a variety of spices, the perfect combination of the ingredients offered here will be one of the finest. Right from regional to continental, every kind of food is available in the city, but the taste of the local street food listed below is uncanny:

  • Falafel: A middle eastern dish which is a crispy fried snack prepared with pita bread and filled with a combination of mayonnaise, lettuce, and potato fries, will burst unique flavors in your mouth.
  • Shawarma: Loved by many worldwide, this dish is prepared with the marinated pieces of chicken, meat or beef, fish, and fries, mayonnaise, and tahini wrapped in the pita bread. A similar preparation to Falafel, this dish is basically non-vegetarian.
  • Mishkak: One of the most common street foods of Muscat, this is marinated meat, chicken, meat, or beef stuck on the stick added with various flavors of blended spices. It is either served directly or with Arabic bread/ Pita.
  • Shuwa: It is the national food of Oman. It is a dish made of lamb or goat slow-cooked in an underground oven with spices; although the process is a bit long, its taste is delicious.
  • Harees: An amazingly unique dish, this is a porridge made from wheat and ghee and served with meat, sweet date, or the raisin sauce.
  • Makbous: This is a dish prepared with rice, meat, and vegetables, all seasoned with spices, and served with yogurt, tomato chutney, and salad on the side.
  • Thareed: An extremely heavy but very tasty dish is prepared with bread cooked with the sauce until it becomes thick like porridge.
  • Halwa: A very authentic sweet dish, this dish is made with starch and sugar cooked to make a thick paste and seasoned with rosewater, saffron, and nuts.
  • Kebabs: The skewered chicken and meat pieces stuck on a thick stick and grilled in butter served with vegetables and a variety of spicy chutney, making it delicately spiced.
  • Kadak Chai: A drink that needs no introduction, but one served in Muscat is the finest. Made with milk and sugar with added tea leaves, ginger, and special Omani spices, this will take away all your fatigue.
Falafel and Shawarma served with some salad on the side


With the spicy food topped with various spices and ingredients, Muscat's food is really mouth-watering. The city offers some of the finest varieties of drinks to try. Right from the non-alcoholic to alcoholic beverages, the city provides an uncanny match of the drinks.

Tea and coffee are some of the most common drinks served here; the taste is astonishing. Additionally, a city as beautiful as Muscat, and with such a rich culture and tradition, it is sure to offer varieties of drinks to soothe your dry throat.

Also, with the local shops and stalls serving the water at reasonable prices and the water stalls offering services to travelers, the problem of drinking water will not be faced while you travel and explore the city.


Water is the base of all the lifeforms. It is the unmatched drink that is required to quench your thirst. Under the scorching of the sun, the level of relaxation that water offers is really surreal.

The responsibility for the water supply in Muscat is in the hands of the local authorities. The quality of tap water is one of the best, and it is suitable for drinking purposes. The water quality is as high as 65.43, and the drinking water quality is nearly 68.88 as per Numbeo.

But still, to stay away from any kind of water-related ailment, it is advisable to consume bottled or packaged water. And if you are planning to drink the tap water, it is advisable to first boil the water to remove any of the impurities that might have remained.

Organic Cafés

Muscat is a city that offers various dishes to eat and cafes to have a cup of ravishing coffee. The organic cafes are comparatively a new concept that is linked to preparing healthy and tasty delicacies with the help of the ingredients grown organically.

Although you may find very few places that offer you such a facility, still the best cafes that offer you organic snacks, tea, and coffee or juices are:

  • Al Makan Cafe
  • Tr. Eat Cafe
  • Moorish Cafe
  • Café Bateel - Al Mouj, Muscat, Oman
  • عالم العصائر Juice World
  • Stassen Tea Lounge
  • Boulevard Tea House


While Muscat is a culturally rich place, the chances to get alcohol in the city is comparatively less. It is still illegal to drink alcohol in public. Only the places that are licensed are allowed to sell alcohol. The best place to get one is at the hotel bar.

Some of the finest places to get a glass of beer in Muscat are:

  • Habana Sports Bar - Your Home of Sports
  • Al Ghazal Pub
  • Zale Beach Club & Lounge
  • Sama Terrazza Rooftop Lounge
  • Club Safari
  • Pavo Real باڤو ريال


Muscat is one of the most beautiful cities with impressive forts and mosques and beautiful beaches and museums. With so many surprises folded in, this city has something unique to offer to all. From the museum for history lovers to lip-smacking food for foodies and beaches for those who are looking for relaxation.

While the city is filled with unique places to explore, the fun adrenaline rush activities to do in Muscat are:

  • Go hiking, especially in the Western Hajar
  • Try caving, abseiling, rock-climbing, or tackling
  • Spend a day doing water sports at the fantastic beaches
  • Go for diving and snorkeling at the spectacular Daymaniyat Islands
  • Spend some time at the Royal Opera House
  • Get a glimpse of the traditional old games of Oman like bull-butting and camel-racing

Yoga and Retreats

The calming activity of meditation with deep breathing that relaxes the mind and soul of the person is Yoga. One of the most traditional forms of meditation arising from the Indus valley civilization, Yoga, is most acceptable when it comes to rejuvenating your soul and body.

While there are various things that one can opt for to relax, the level of relaxation offered by Yoga is unmatched by any other. The best yoga and retreat centers in Muscat are:

  • Yoga Shaala
  • Aasana Yoga Studio
  • InnerChi Centre
  • Salaam Space Yoga
  • Muscat Ayurveda And YOGA
  • Yoga Class @ Vyaniti Muscat


Booking accommodation that is comfortable and filled with all the amenities is essential to ensure that the trip is full of fun and comfort. While there are varieties of hotels and guesthouses to book, the most important is to know the facilities offered.

While solo travelers prefer hostels and guesthouses, hotels are more preferred by families and couples. At the same, if you have visited the city for work that will be for an extended period, then booking a serviced apartment is a better option.

With numerous options of stay offered by Muscat city, it is a must to select one with all the necessary amenities to make sure that your stay remains blissful. Also, look for one which is eco-friendly and with friendly staff.

Green Hotels

The idea of eco-friendly stay is comparatively new for many places. It is basically linked to the stay that offers the best of all amenities without compromising the environment. It means the hotels focus on the idea of offering stay options by reducing the carbon trails and ensuring a lush green facility as well.

By adopting recycling methods and even taking small steps towards producing a few ingredients organically, the hotel can take an action towards eco-friendly ideas. This will not only reduce the carbon footprints but also will ensure better serviceability.

The best eco-friendly hotels that offer all the necessary facility like free Internet, Gym, and Security Lockers, and other related offices are listed below:

  • City Seasons Hotel
  • Ibis Muscat
  • Al Falaj Hotel
  • Mutrah Hotel
  • Al Bustan Palace Ritz-Carlton
  • Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort
  • Grand Hyatt Muscat
  • Ramada Encore By Wyndham Muscat Al Ghubrah

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you are a solo traveler or are in Muscat for some extended period, then booking a stay at a hostel or a guesthouse is the better option. The option is not only budget-friendly but also offers the opportunity to meet and befriend like-minded people.

The best hostels and guesthouses that offer the best stay facilities with the chance to make new friends are:

  • Behlys Boutique
  • Aywa Guesthouse
  • Sunny Villa Oman
  • Nomad Guest House


A long-duration stay is more comfortable with the serviced apartments. Offering all the amenities like Wi-Fi, parking space, kitchen, wash area, sitting area, and an environmentally friendly garden area to relax, the apartments are the uncanny choice of all those who wish to explore the city to depth or are here for some professional work.

The best apartments that are available for rent in Muscat are:

  • Coral Muscat Hotel and Apartments
  • HALA SUITES Muscat
  • City Park Hotel Apartments
  • Farah Hotel Apartments
  • Al Shorouq Hotel Apartments
  • Muscat Oasis Residences
  • Safeer Hotel Suites
  • Al Dhiyafa Palace Hotel Apartments
  • Millennium Executive Apartments Muscat


The concept of Couchsurfing is a relatively new one. It is the idea of staying with the locals at their place wherein the host and the guest share the common facilities as agreed upon. Muscat is a place with friendly locals and will ensure that the stay experience would be blissful.

The essential benefit of Couchsurfing is that it offers the opportunity to blend in the culture and tradition of the locals. With all the amenities and a chance to know more about the tradition of the place, Couchsurfing is one of the most acceptable options.

While booking for couchsurfer is available online as well, it is better to know about the host. First-hand information about the host will ensure a surreal stay experience. Undoubtedly, Couchsurfing is the best option to learn about the traditions and culture of the place.


Gazing at the stars in the clear sky of the night or staying in the middle of the lush green area is one of the best feelings. If you also love to experience nature's beauty and warmth, then going camping is a good option.

Muscat is a city that has deserts, as well as beaches and the experience that the city is going to offer to the campers, is superior. The best camping sites in Muscat are:

  • Secret Campsite
  • Strabag Oman LLC Main Camp, Ghala, Muscat
  • Desert Nights Camp
  • Towell Camp
  • Bousher Sand Dunes Camping Site

How to Get There

Travelling is one of the most cumbersome and tiring processes. While exploring new places is one of the finest experiences, the way, and path to reach can be tiring. With so many ways to reach Muscat, the best and most comfortable option is to travel by air.

It is advisable to research your travel route prior to booking your tickets. One that is short and takes the least time, and is affordable is the more preferred one. Remember to pack all the necessary add-ons like neck support or a novel or music pod for a better journey experience.

Additionally, it is essential to understand the connectivity and underlying conditions to ensure that travel is full of fun and enjoyment.


The nearest International airport is the Muscat International Airport, just 32 Km from Old Muscat City. The city is well connected with various cities worldwide, including Sharjah, Lahore, Mumbai, London, Cairo, Amsterdam, Zürich, and numerous others.

Dust Storms being common in Muscat can lead to delays in the flights, so check for forecasts as well.

Muscat International Airport


If you are looking to travel by bus or road to Muscat, then there is a good number of buses running from Abu Dhabi to Muscat. The central bus station is located in Ruwi, and the Oman National Transport Company manages the government-run buses. Private intercity buses also run between the cities like Buraimi, Ibri, Bahla, Nizwa, and Jabrin on a daily basis.

The bus terminal in Ruwi, Muscat


Muscat or rather Oman is one place with no rail network. So, if you are planning to reach Muscat, then using the rai route is not the option to go for.


Comparatively, a less prevalent option, the basic idea of hitchhiking to take the assistance of the locals to reach your destination. While you plan to go hitchhiking, make sure to let the host know about the offering you will make to avoid disputes later.

Also, while you opt for hitchhiking, be aware of your path and surroundings so as not to fall prey to the goons. A small wave of the hand is sufficient to get you a lift but be sure to be at your best to make your journey worth remembering.


While traveling by air or road is the most common way to reach Muscat, another way is to opt for a private taxi. It is an option that will allow you the opportunity to explore the beautiful places on your way. Also, the comfort of traveling as per the own schedule is the best experience.

But if you are going to drive to Muscat, make sure to have an international driving license. Additionally, the city is one with a well-maintained road and strict traffic rules, so do follow them.

Boats at Qantab Beach

Moving Around

Traveling around the city can be done with the help of various options. While exploring Muscat, try to opt for the eco-friendly options of travel. This will ensure that you will travel responsibly by reducing the carbon trail as well.

The eco-friendly travel options focus on exploring the city by adopting methods that reduce carbon emission and pollution thereby. The aim is to make your travel a surreal, fun experience with a focus on the environment as well.


Muscat is a city with some of the finest sites to explore and visit. With the beautiful streets, the city is entirely walkable.


There are numerous bicycle rental shops that offer you the facility to rent a bicycle to explore the city. With the surreal paths, tracking the trails of the city on a bike is a fun experience.

Electronic Vehicles

The concept of the electronic vehicle is comparatively a new one. But since the city of Muscat is one of the places to support the green plan, you will have the facility of electric vehicles. Also, there are free cost charging stations established in the city to keep the same.

Public Bus

Muscat is a city that is well-served by the local buses with modern and air-conditioned buses that travel across the city. Additionally, there are minibus facilities as well.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are no trams or subways in Muscat to facilitate travel in the city.

Sustainable Shopping

Exploring a city is incomplete without buying souvenirs and gifts for family and friends. While Muscat's city is one of the finest and most prosperous in terms of art, one will get numerous options to get souvenirs. It is advisable to get one from the local artisans as this will boost the local economy.

Remember to buy eco-friendly and locally produced souvenirs and refrain from bargaining as the art demands a high level of skill and patience.

Food Markets

If you are planning to stay for an extended period or are one of those who prefer to cook meals for yourself, then buying the ingredients from the local market will ensure a fair price as well as quality. At the same, the elements from the local food market will be fresh as well.

The best food market to get the aromatic ingredients are:

  • Mutrah Fish Market
  • Fish & Meet - Vegetable & Fruits
  • Muscat food market

Flea Markets

Planning to buy some souvenirs? If so, then get the locally produced and crafted piece of art as a part of the memory of the beautiful Muscat city. The fascinating Flea markets in Muscat are:

  • Mutrah Souq
  • Friday Market
  • Antiques and Souvenirs Market
Mutrah Souq

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand stores primarily sell books, hardware, electronics, furniture, and so forth. People get these items within half price, which is extra cheap for them. While Muscat has a significant part of furniture shops in the segment, there are few other stores as well. Thrift shopping at such stores is a good idea when you need to buy articles for use at a lower price.


Eco-fashion is a concept that is gaining popularity at an incredible pace. The idea behind this is to produce clothes, jewelry, or any such fashion related product by the use of eco-friendly inputs, natural fibers, and plant-primarily based dyes, reusable metals, and similar products.

As Muscat is moving towards a green path, you will find a lot of emporia selling locally made garments that are reasonable and eco-friendly.


Muscat is a city that is focusing on the green path. The idea behind it is to adapt to the policies and measures that reduce the carbon trail. Concentrate on the 3R's of sustainable living, which are reduce, reuses, and recycle, Muscat city focuses on ensuring better cleanliness and recycling.

Various recycling centers like Plasbin Recycling Station (PRS), Tradebe Services LLC, Muscat, and Plasbin recycling drop off focus on the idea of recycling and reducing waste generation. Also, the locals and the government are keen to reduce waste generation.

So, while you are at Muscat, ensure to use reusable articles and follow the local authorities' guidelines to help them in the process of recycling. Also, make your fellow travelers aware of the idea of recycling as well.


Being one of the tourist cities, the number of people visiting Muscat is relatively high. It is one of the most crucial reasons for waste and pollution. Apart from the industries emitting air pollutants, the increase in tourists' number has been a significant cause.

With the help of the locals and waste management companies like Oman Environmental Services Holding Company - be'ah and Suez Al Bashaer LLC, the government of Muscat is a few companies that work towards waste management and reducing the waste.

According to Numbeo, the Garbage Disposal Satisfaction is 66.84, which is high, and the Clean and Tidy Score is 79.5, making Muscat one of the cleanest cities to explore.

Being a responsible traveler, try to utilize the resources most judiciously to reduce waste generation. Also, make your fellow travelers aware of the same.

Work and Study Abroad

Muscat is one of the culturally and archeologically prosperous cities. With so many places to explore and visit, the city is blissful. A perfect place to explore and stay, Muscat offers to study and work are plenty.

The city of Muscat is one with the opportunity to explore. With the low crime rate and better facilities, Muscat is an excellent place to work and study.

Exchange Student

Muscat is a culturally and archaeologically rich city. With some of the finest universities imparting education to the students, the best ones are:

  • Sultan Qaboos University
  • University of Technology and Applied Sciences
  • National University of Science and Technology
  • Arab Open University Oman
  • Muscat University

Au Pair

Muscat is a beautiful city with warm and friendly people. If you are visiting the city as a student and are looking for an extended stay period, then the option of Au Pair is best. Staying with the locals will help you to understand the culture of the place better.

Also, being an Au pair, you can also get the opportunity to earn a little by doing easy jobs like taking care of the kids. However, all the hosts not offered the option, while still while you plan to book, get the preliminary information about the aspect.

Make sure to be at your best and respect the culture and explore the place's beauty and experience the best while you stay as the Au pair in Muscat.


Volunteering is the best opportunity to offer your services to the local society and community. If you are willing to offer your services as a volunteer, it is essential to know the terms and conditions and register for providing the service. While some organizations work for the betterment of nature, others offer their services to the local communities like educating the locals or students.

Some of the Volunteering Organisations in Muscat are:

  • Dar Al Atta'a
  • Omani network of volunteers building
  • Days For Girls Muscat Oman Volunteer Group

Leave a positive trail with many happy memories as you explore Muscat by offering your uncanny volunteering services to the local community.

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