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Eco-friendly travel guide to Chișinău advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Chișinău, Moldova.

Chisinau at night

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 2.7 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $420
  • Budget per day: US$15 - $200

Responsible Travel

Chisinau popularly known as Kishinev, stands as the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Moldova. The city is located on the Bac river and is an industrial as well as the commercial centre of Moldova. Chisinau holds a rich legacy of revolutions and independence during the Romanian and soviet period. This continental city is worth travel owing to the wonderful climatic conditions and amiable people. Trip to Chisinau, Moldova might not be that grandeuring, but it is worth a shot. You should be careful regarding your travel etiquettes, behaviour and approach.

  • One should encourage eco-friendly tourism and travel in a manner favourable and beneficial for both the residents of the nation and the environment.
  • You should try to be more culturally aware of the location and area you are visiting. Try to gather more information about their culture, customs and traditions. Try to respect their values and importance of place.
  • Do pre-travel research of the location. Try to become more attentive and informative. Gather the details about the locality you are visiting, hotels available and the places to visit. Make sure the hotels you prefer are neither too expensive and nor too cheap even to afford the basic comfort of living.
  • You should be a bit more interactive with locals around. Try and get to know them more. Talk to them about their interests, hobbies and lifestyle.
  • Always respect and appreciate the value of place and architecture. It is never too late to admire the scenic beauty. Do not rush the things up. Take everything slowly and visit all the important location to have a full-fledged entertaining trip.
  • You have to act responsibly towards the environment like stop smoking, do not throw litter on the ground, etc. Also, opt for a travel agency that is environmentally responsible and has a sustainable approach.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality standard in Chisinau range from moderate to significantly low levels. Chisinau has a safe inhaling air with average ajr quality index of about 40 AQI. The primary pollutants in the air include the presences of PM 2.5 particles which can cause significant breathing problems when used in a higher concentration. The average concentration of PM 2.5 is about 8.1micrograms/m³. The good AQI levels suggest that Chisinau is safe for performing outdoor activities and enjoying the climate. One can open the windows of the house to let in the fresh air. If you are concerned about the air quality and suspended particulate matter, it is better if you used air purifiers and air filtering masks.

Remember whenever you are going to visit any place in Chisinau doesn’t forget to have air quality check at that location.

Respect the Culture

The most important part of eco-friendly tourism involves proper interaction with surroundings, including abiotic and biotic components. It is very important to respect the culture and tradition of the people of Moldova in Chisinau. The person who appreciated the values and customs is generally regarded by the locals and increases the amiability of your trip. You should always be respectful towards their modern etiquette, traditional rituals and admire their cultural presence. You can visit different museums and places which stand as an essential part of the Moldovian culture. Appreciate the artists, architecture and the views of the locals.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Planning Your trip to Chisinau? There are many places which you shan’t miss on your recreation trip. Whenever you visit a place, you shall never miss enjoying the beautiful location, tourist spots and markets famous in that area. Here, is the list of sites and places you must visit when going to Chisinau.

  • Nativity Cathedral, Chisinau: Built in around 1830s, Nativity Cathedral, is a classic example of neoclassical buildings. This cathedral is the must-visit place and regarded as the heart of Chisinau. The place is exceptionally spiritual and has a beautiful elegance. It is located in great national assembly square 12 and has striking interiors.
  • Parliament of Republic of Moldova: Parliament of Moldova is a magnificent infrastructure highlighting the political statement and leadership. Parliament of the Republic of Moldova is an impressive piece of architecture and has a beautiful garden surrounding it. The parliament is located at Stefan cel Mare si Sfant Boulevard 105; you can capture its view whenever passing through this area.
  • Cricova Wine Cellar: Cricova holds a strong reputation in the market as the second-largest wine cellar in the whole Moldova. This wine cellar is a blend of culture, taste and spirit. The magnificent building has about 120km extended underground tunnels and is involved in world-class wine production. You can taste their exotic wine and snacks and enjoy yourself. Also, Cricova wine cellar speaks volumes about the history of wine production in Moldova and talks about its rich drinking heritage.
  • Old Jewish Cemetery: Old Jewish Cemetery preserves the ancient culture and tradition of Moldova as the largest Jewish cemetery in the country. It is a perfect place to visit for those interested in watching the Ruins of Synagogue. The cemetery has many abandoned graves, old views and has mystical aura associated with the place. All in all, the old Jewish cemetery in Chisinau is an interesting place to visit full of thrill and curiosity.
  • Victory Memorial Eternal Flame: The Eternal flame located underneath the Quadpod is a must-visit place in Chisinau. The victory memorial symbolizes the world war two and its different stages according to the Soviet period. The eternal flame pays tribute to the martyrs of the war and commemorates the memory of those who were dead and agonized in the war. This place is a famous tourist attraction and features everything written in Romanian or Russian.
  • Moldova National Opera Ballet: Located at Bulevardul Stefan cel Mare 152, Chisinau, Moldova National Opera Ballet is a must-visit opera house in Chisinau. The national Opera Ballethosts large number of theatrical performance and give you a deep understanding of their culture and traditions. Also, buying a ticket for Opera Ballet is exceptionally cheap, you can easily enjoy the theatrical performance sitting in your top seat.
  • Triumphal Arch: Built in around 1840, this white stone arch stands 13 m tall in the Great National Assembly Square. It reminisces the gallant soldiers of the Russian-Turkish War. The arch stands as a pride and victory symbol for Moldovians. The arch also features snow and lighting effects at night, making it a must-watch site.
  • Aqua Magic: Aqua Magic is one of the best water parks in Chisinau and is an excellent place for enjoyment and fun. You can visit it with your family or kids. The water park offers awesome, thrilling water slides, rides and pool lounges. Aqua Magic houses many cafeterias which serves delicious foods, pizzas and cold drinks. So what are you waiting for, enjoy yourself!
  • Chisinau Zoo: Chisinau Zoo is home to several endangered as well as vulnerable species. Chisinau zoo is also the habitat for beautiful aviation birds and different kinds of flora. Chisinau zoo serves as a fantastic place to visit and is also great for sightseeing. There is a lake flowing nearby with a waterfall which makes it an appetizing visit.
  • Chisinau Water Tower: Chisinau Water tower is a long-standing monument which was a part of the original water supply system of Chisinau. The view surrounding Chisinau Water Tower is breathtaking. It has a romantic setting involving the spectacular views of the lake and the city. The water tower was first destroyed in 1940 and restored afterwards.
Nativity Cathedral


Although the city of Chisinau is not grand due to increased political fragmentation and attacks from the Ottoman empire, soviet union, Russia, etc., still, the city has managed to brilliantly restore itself and stands as a strong place to visit. Chisinau has many areas full of historical importance and significance.

Also, the locals and people around are very friendly and respond positively towards the tourists. You will find no difficulty in interacting with them. It is effortless to immerse in their culture and lifestyle. Even the nightlife of Chisinau is fairly impressive, with a chain of clubs and bars fairly active in the night.

City Parks

  • Dendrarium Park: Dendrarium park is amongst the most visited tourists spots in Chisinau. The park is surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers around. All the flora in the park is well organized and looks attractive.

The park is an excellent place for sightseeing and is worth taking a walk after the day’s hectic routine.

  • Valea Morilor: Valea Morilor is a beautiful park in Chisinau. It features a lake in the middle with several fountains you can view through the terrace. Valea Morilor can be visited by you and your family alike with several coffee shops to give you pleasure while sightseeing.
  • Parcul Catedrei: This park is located near the Triumphal Arch and Stephen Cel Mare Park. The park is green and luscious. There are several benches placed in the park where you can sit and enjoy the view.
  • Valea Trandafirilor Park: Trandafirilor Park hosts several walking trails, coffee shops and many picnic areas. Trandafirilor has many amusement parks for your enjoyment and thrill. The park constitutes of the skate park, outdoor gym, cafes, baseball court, etc.
Dendarium Garden in Chisinau

National Parks

  • Orhei National Park: Orhei National Park is a number one tourist attractions in Chisinau. Orhei National Park constitutes Churchi Forests and many archaeological sites. The park has many Trebujeni and Ţiganesti landscape reserves and is in the process of getting included in the UNESCO world heritage list.
  • Chisinau Botanical Garden: Chisinau Botanical garden is a beautiful place with lakes, trees and forest parks. People go fishing in the lake and enjoy picnics with their family and friends. The park is the best place to stroll around and relax.
Orhei National Park


  • Nistru Beach: Nistru Beach is famous among the locals and is often crowded on sunny days. The beach is good to visit for sightseeing and recreation. You should avoid going inside the water or drinking the beach water because it is very dirty and hazardous for health.
  • Lacul Valea Morilor: Lacul Valea Morilor is the man-made beach in the city of Chisinau. The area is surrounded by the Chisinau lake where people go fishing and enjoy themselves. Also, it is an excellent spot for picnic and tourism.
Nistru Beach


  • Stephen The Great Monument: Alexandru Plameadala erected Stephen the great monument near Stephen the Great Park in Central Chisinau. Regular flower laying ceremony is held at the Stephen the great monument during special holidays and ceremonies.
  • Art Gallery OU: This underground art gallery OU is situated in a cellar. The art gallery features the beautiful work of famous artists. Everyone visiting the gallery is very social and friendly. Also, the entrance is constituted with giant eggs which you can purchase amidst the ambient music and location.
  • Organ Hall: Organ Halls organize many art festivals, exhibitions and functions. There are many international music festivals organized like international Classical Music Festival. It is located near many city parks and other tourist attractions.
Stephen The Great Monument


  • National History Museum: The national history museums display about 2,63000 exhibits out of which some of them are an essential part of natural heritage. The museum is divided into various sections, namely Architect, science, history, archaeology, treasure, etc.
  • Museum of the city of Chisinau: The museum of the city of Chisinau is located in the Water Tower. The museum contains a vast collection of manuscripts, books and newspapers, etc. The top of the building gives a beautiful view of the city.
  • Museum of Moldova State University: Museum of Moldova State University is amongst the favourite spots for kids and other locals. The main attraction of Museum of Moldova State University exhibits the skeleton of large Killer Whale, 4.1-meter shark, newly born whale, etc.
  • Zemstvo Museum: If you are a lover of old and antique things you must visit. It stores a large number of artefacts and giant ancient sculptures. This place has an old traditional appeal which makes it an essential attraction for locals and tourists.
Zemstvo Museum


Taste and flavour are two things that drive our temptation. Whenever you visit any country or city, tasting their delicious delicacies is always the best option. There are several restaurants and cafes which serves delicious traditional food along with the other international variants. You can taste conventional Moldovan food, Chinese, Italian, Mexican and different variants. Some of the famous Moldovan food include Moldovan Pie, Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, Polenta with sour cream and cheese, Zeama, borscht, etc. The Moldovan dishes are rich in chicken, potatoes and other vegetables

Traditional Local Restaurants

Chisinau has several traditional local restaurants which are popular among the locals and other tourists. The traditional local restaurants serve delicious Moldovan foods. You can try unique Moldovan Recipes, and they enjoy the exotic blend of flavours and taste. The top traditional restaurants serving traditional foods and liked by tourists and locals alike include:

  • Salciora Restaurant
  • La Taifas
  • Restaurant Moldovenesc
  • Papasul Dacilor

If you are visiting one of these local restaurants, do not forget to have the national dish of Moldova popularly known as Mamalagi. Mamalagi is Polenta with sour cream and cheese. It is served with delicious meat stews, vegetables, etc

Vegetarian and Vegan

If you are not a big fan of pork rinds, chicken breasts or beef, you can also try the vegetarian dishes in Chisinau. Many restaurants in Chisinau have delicious vegan options at the most affordable prices possible.

  • Vatra Neamului
  • Pegas Terrace and Restaurant
  • Sisters
  • Gastrobar

These restaurants offer both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarian food. Still, there are a lot of vegan options for each category. You can choose from—green salad to cheese pies. Cheesecakes, rice, poached fruits and grilled vegetables are delicious.

Street Food

Its never too late to indulge in junk food snacking and street foods. Street foods hold special importance in one’s dietary cuisine. The flavor, texture and blend of the food make them too appetizing. There are many stalls and shops which offer delicious street food recipes at reasonable prices. The taste and quality of the food are worth admiring. The topmost street food stalls and shops in Chisinau include:

  • LAFFA Israel Street Food
  • Chick’inn Street food and beer
  • Pani Pit
  • Star Kebab
  • Andy’s Restaurant

These are the best places offering delicious street foods and their recipes. Some of these shops are known to have a complete street side location and setting.


Moldova is an amazingly rich place in terms of culture and flavor. The wine history of Moldova, its legacy, drinking water and other beverages add more fun to the Chisinau trip. There are some big wine cellars in the city along with some tasty cafes and shops to serve you delicious juices, drinks and shakes.


Although the pollution rate in Chisinau is significantly controlled and moderate, drinking the tap water remains a matter of concern. It is said that the Chisinau water is purified with high levels of chlorine which make it unfit for consumption. It is often advised to bring your water bottles with you, purchase the mineral water or fill up the water from the hotels. You can also boil the tap water while drinking to make it safe and desirable for consumption.

Organic Cafés

Cafes are the most popular eating spots among tourists. This is because cafes offer significantly reasonable price rates, tasty food and faster service. Organic cafes offer delicious breakfast, coffee, tea, foods like pastry, sandwich, etc.

  • Tucano Coffee
  • Bio-organic Raw Café
  • Crème de la crème
  • DC Donuts and Coffee

Tucano Coffee Chain is amongst the most popular and widespread coffee chain cafes in Chisinau. On your visit to Chisinau, make sure you dine in at this place once.


There are many brewing companies and agencies which produce world-class alcohol. The fine alcohol production contributes to a better taste and quality. Also, there are two main underground wine cellars with a magnificent tunnel system, where you can taste the exotic alcohol varieties.

  • Cricova Winery- Underground Wine Cellar Milesti Mlci
  • Winery
  • Carpe Diem Wine
  • Enoteca

Taste the exotic fine wines of Moldova and enjoy the nightlife in the bars and clubs. Chisinau also holds a national wine festival where you can get the taste of best and finest wines in Europe.


Trip to Chisinau can be a lot of fun if you indulge in various recreational activities in Chisinau. It is better to gather all the information beforehand, to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

  • You can go boating in the lakes, near the Valea Morilor and Dandrium Park.
  • You can also go fishing in the beautiful park and lake namely Lacul Valea Morilor
  • You can go camping in various camping sites.
  • Try to go for hiking and trekking near the Orhei National park and other luscious green areas.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is a universal medicine that can be used to heal our body and soul. The main emphasis of yoga is to create harmony between you, your body and nature. Meditation and some other asanas serve as excellent therapies to reduce stress, alleviate pain and provide comfort.

There are many private yoga clubs and schools where the locals and tourists can practise yoga for their wellness and practice.

  • Yoga Integrala
  • Ansuya Yoga Centre
  • Poliana Dao
  • Pilates M Studio


If you are ever visiting Chisinau, you must research everything beforehand. Be adequately aware of the different locations, tourists spots and another service in Chisinau. Most importantly, you should make a good list of top and eco-friendly hotels in Chisinau. Also, look for other accommodation services in the city and select the most affordable and comfortable for your stay. Keep in mind the proximity of different accommodation near the centre of the town and other tourist spots.

Green Hotels

Hotels have always been a popular mode of accommodation since the past days. These days the hotels offer several services like wi-fi, television, spa, gaming, etc. These days hotels are going green with the use of eco-friendly methods like the use of solar panels, low electricity consumption, increased employee productivity, etc. These hotels use organic products and material, serve organic food and encourage sustainable living.

  • Zentrum Apart Hotel
  • Radisson Blue Leogrand Hotel
  • BERD’s Design Hotel
  • Diplomat Club Hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

Apart from hotels, guest houses and hostels are gaining a lot of popularity in terms of residence seeking. Getting accommodation in hostels is very affordable and budget-friendly. Some hostels also provide free wi-fi and allow you to rent electronic devices and bicycles. You must select a hostel which has spacious and clean rooms and offers reasonable rates. Their proximity to the centre of the city and other tourist attractions makes them a favourable choice.

  • Ionica Hostel
  • Tapok Hostel
  • IQ Hostel
  • Chisinau Chill Hostel
  • Capsule Hostel


Apartments are another option for accommodation which provides more convenience and comfort to you. They not only have reasonable rates but are very spacious and offer a lot of privacy. Here is the list of top rental apartment buildings which you can use for your stay.

  • Chisinau Apartments
  • Midtown
  • Skyhouse
  • Milano 1
  • Bocuriei


Crashing at somebody else’s house is not a bad idea when you are going to stay for two days till one week. You can visit any other local’s house and see if they are willing to accept your stay in their place. Couch surfing not only provides you with a decent and safe accommodation but gives you a chance to interact more with the locals. Once you are staying and eating at their place, you develop a hood understanding and bonding with the local family.

This makes your trip far more convenient and interesting. Remember, do not smoke or spit in somebody else’s house. Try to follow their instructions and rules for a pleasant, decent stay. You should also respect the culture and lifestyle of the locals and try to blend with them.


Do you want some adventure and thrill on your trip to Chisinau? Well, camping is never a bad idea. Imagine sitting in a remote or lonely location with your group and lighting the bonfire. Isn’t it spectacular? If yes, then get ready for your camping experience in and around Chisinau. You can talk to the camping agencies in the region and book yourself a camping experience. Make sure you are well aware of the camping location, safety measures and the food to eat. Gather all your safety equipment and first aid kit with you in case of any emergency.

If you like a little adventure in your life, you must go for camping in and around Chisinau. It would be best if you go camping with your friends and family but always take a travel guide or camping guide with you. Some of the top camping agencies in Chisinau are:

  • Tortuga Camping and Fishing
  • Skyland camping and resort

These two agencies have complete information regarding various camping sites in and around Chisinau. You can contact them online or visit their natural office.

How to Get There

Chisinau, being the capital city, has a very well developed transport network. There are many rail facilities, air transports and road networks passing through the city. Getting in Chisinau is very easy due to ready access to transportation for the city. Many routes connect from different countries or cities to Chisinau, Moldova. You can quickly go to Chisinau by using road, air or rail transport.


Chisinau has one major international airport, namely Chisinau International Airport. There are many notable routes connected to Chisinau International Airport. Chisinau International Airport receives flight to and from Europe and Asia. The main flights from Chisinau International Airport include Air Moldova, Fly One Airlines and Wizz Air, etc. The major flights to Chisinau originate from Frankfurt, Moscow, Rome, Dublin, Vienna, Verona, Belgrade, etc. Checking in the airport has also become very easy since you can check-in using the e-tickets. Airport also offers VIP terminals for providing special services to the VIP customers.

Chisinau International Airport


Chisinau has a very well developed road network. It is very properly connected to the neighbouring cities and locations around Chisinau. Chisinau has a pretty much-interconnected connection with other states and countries. The major routeways to and from Chisinau Moldova via bus are Ukraine, Tiraspol, Bucharest, Romania, Odessa, etc. There are mainly three major bus terminals which ferry you to and from different cities and in and around Chisinau.

Trolley bus in Chisinau


Chisinau Central Railway Station is amongst the busiest railway station in Chisinau. Chisinau Central Railway station also has an international terminal which connects the passageway to Bucharest, Odessa, Samara, Varna, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Kyiv, etc. Every route is well connected to different cities and locations. Railways remain a significantly important mode of transportation due to reduced travel costs and the eco-friendly impacts caused by the use of public transport.


People of Moldova are amiable and upbeat. You will find it easier to communicate with them and develop a sudden understanding. If you are not convinced by the idea of going through public transport and want a company, you can take a lift from some passenger who is also heading the same way as you. Hitchhiking becomes a more adventurous mode of travel since you meet new faces and have a good chance at making friends. Remember your way of dressing is decent enough to let others think positively of you. Try to ask them nicely and initiate a proper conversation with them.


There are many other modes of transport, encouraging safe and eco-friendly travel. Instead of railways and airlines, you can visit Chisinau via different modes of transport like trams, trolleybuses, minibuses, etc. These modes of transport are only suitable when you are going from nearby locations to the Chisinau. These modes of transport are more eco-friendly and cost-effective options.

Moving Around

Chisinau city is worth exploring. There are several tourist destinations which you can visit when going to Chisinau. Once you have reached the town, there are much public transport and other vehicles that will ferry you across the city. These modes of transport give you easier access to other available locations and tourist spots, especially when you are on your first-time visit. It is better if you used public transport vehicles to move around the city. This is because the use of public transport significantly reduces the traffic intensity on roads. Even the pollution levels are dropped considerably with these transport systems and are an incredibly cost-effective option.


Walking around the city is the best way to admire and enjoy the scenic beauty. Walking is a more eco-friendly option for travel since there is no consumption of fuel or emission of gases. Also, when you are travelling in narrow streets and markets, walking expedition proves to be more effective and beneficial. You can observe everything around very clearly and at your own pace. You can walk around the flea markets, stroll around the parks and beaches on your free will.


Bicycling is am excellent way to move around the city. It is a more eco-friendly approach towards safe travelling. Usually, many hotels and hostels allow tourists to rent bicycles for the time of their stay. Also, you can purchase second-hand bicycles from the market if you desire so. The use of bicycles reduces traffic, and there is no emission of harmful fumes and gases. Even your body gets exercised while pedalling the bicycles. Thus it is a more suitable alternative compared to other modes of transport.

Electronic Vehicles

Electronic Vehicles are gaining a lot of popularity among tourists. These electronic vehicles run freely in the city. They carry tourists and locals from one place to another. You can go to several tourist spots and hotels using these electronic vehicles. Chisinau constitutes about 22 trolley lines which cost only 2 lei. It is a cheap mode of transportation and run between 5:00 to 3:00. There are many other trams and subways which carry you in and around the city.

Public Bus

The road transport system is very well developed in Chisinau. There are about 29 lines of buses running through the routes. The system is very well designed with a minimum of 115 buses ferrying across Chisinau alone. Other than the normal buses, minibuses also serve across the Chisinau and take you to different locations across the capital. Minibuses are also popularly known as Ruteiras and charge about 3 lei for a single ticket. It is believed there are about 1100 units of minibuses operating within Chisinau. It is believed there are about 330 stops within Chisinau.

Tram, Train and Subway

After road transport, railways are the second most popular form of domestic transport in Chisinau, Moldova. The Moldova Railway CFM expands up to 1,232 kilometres. The railway track is not electrified and is only single lined. The significant destinations through the railway station include Ungheni, Ocnitsa, Besarabyask, etc. You can also choose other services like trams and subways.

Sustainable Shopping

One of the best parts of eco-friendly tourism is to encourage sustainable shopping. Sustainable shopping involves buying the goods that will last in the long run and have a more eco-friendly approach. You can purchase clothes and fabrics that are recyclable and reused or made up of organic material. Try to avoid buying the goods which are non-recyclable and non-biodegradable. Sustainable shopping is an ideal method of shopping since it protects the environment and promotes your health and welfare. Sustainable shopping begins with the use of raw materials, there production and manufacturing and usage. You can buy second-hand clothes, use recyclable fabric, organic food, etc.

Food Markets

Many locals and tourists like to prefer visiting food markets and stalls to buy and purchase food products. You can buy organic vegetables and fruits from the various food markets and stores. Some of the most visited and crowded food markets in Chisinau include:

  • Piata Centrala
  • Express Market
  • Magazinul Penes
  • Green Hills Market
  • Nr 1

Chisinau has both open and closed food markets. You can either purchase different fruits and vegetables from various open food markets or go the superstores or food market stores and purchase organic food and vegetables.

Flea Markets

Many locals and tourists like to visit the flea markets to buy several affordable items. Flea markets are known to exhibit various things, including clothing, accessories, food, etc. Flea Markets in Chisinau are highly popular and crowded. A sizeable everyday number of locals, as well as tourists, gather around to purchase several products from the market and enjoy the usual strolling around. Some of these markets also sell second-hand goods, shoes, jewellery pieces, clothing, etc.

Here is the list of top flea markets in Chisinau where you and the locals can visit alike:

  • Piata Centrala
  • Luiri Gargarin Boulevard Market
  • Piata Agrovista

All these flea markets usually sell all kinds of goods and promote the use of second-hand goods too. These markets are mostly cheap and have a lot of variety. You can bargain with shopkeepers and look around for different shops to get the best thing you want. Piata Centrala serves as a central market, constituting almost every kind of products. It offers a great variety to the locals as well as the tourists.

Second Hand Stores

Due to rising inflation and taxes on goods, it has become difficult to afford the brand new products and technology in one go. Many locals prefer buying second-hand goods compared to the rich people of society. Buying second-hand goods is a more desirable option due to the less expenditure and formalities involved. Whenever you buy a second-hand product, your buying cost is reduced to a minimum of 40-50%. Therefore, using second-hand goods is a more budget-friendly approach and also promotes the cause of sustainable shopping. You can buy many products like second hands cars, cupboards, microwaves, refrigerators, etc. Second-hand stores offer more convenience and financially stable choices. Also, if you are visiting the place for a vacation of a few months or weeks, there is no need to run to buy brand new products. You can rent and purchase second-hand products like refrigerators, bicycles, beds, etc. for you.

This not only reduces your overall cost but is an eco-friendly option. This method of shopping also ensures that there is no more wastage of the given products, and they are reused again after proper cleaning and repair if required.

The list of the names of second-hand stores in Chisinau include:

  • Camelion
  • Second-Hand Store
  • Cosy Blanket
  • Daac Hermes
  • Nou Din Nou

Out of the given second-hand stores, cosy blanket is a necessarily used clothing store which offers an opportunity for the locals with low-income potential.


Eco-fashion has become quite a popular term in the fashion world. The concept of eco-fashion is based upon the methods and ways in the fashion world, which offers an eco-friendly approach. It involves sustainably taking fashion. For example, you can use clothes made up of recyclable fabric, use biodegradable products and much more. It also includes discouraging the use of non-biodegradable materials and those which are harmful to the environment as well.

Even the production and manufacturing of these materials involves sets of eco-friendly approaches that do not pose a threat to the environment. Eco-fashion is all about using the products which have the least degrading effects on the environment. Chisinau has several eco shops which provide sustainable shopping products, organic items and eco-friendly products. You can purchase your items from the following eco-fashion shops.

  • Eco Led Shop
  • Torbe Eco
  • Eco Evolution
  • Mobila Eco
  • Eco Local Farmers Market
  • Arome Bio


Reuse, Reduce and Recycle are the main 3 R’s of the waste management system. The main aim of recycling is to reduce the overall waste production in Chisinau and treat various other recyclable materials. Materials like recyclable plastic, glass, newspapers, etc. can be changed and converted into a new form. Recycling is the best way to tackle non-biodegradable waste. Therefore you should try to reduce the weight and intensity of non-recyclable materials. If possible, purchase a recyclable product like recyclable fabric, organic clothing, food, etc. There are many agencies in Chisinau which recycle waste and other items.

  • ABS Recycling
  • Moldrec Group
  • Prince Georges Scrape

These recycling agencies work extensively to reduce and recycle solid waste in the city. They recycle everything from small bottles to glasses, and recyclable plastic chairs, tables, etc. Apart. from that, it is your job to organize your material and waste at home properly. Take and Collect the recycling material from the trash, regularly segregate different kinds of waste and waste products. You can also keep a recycle bin at your home where you can store all the waste material which can be recycled and throw it in the bin.


Moldova has experienced a significant rise in waste production during this last decade. As the population is increasing, the levels of waste generation have also increased. It is believed that on average, Moldova generates 2.5 million tonnes of waste every year. Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova, is a primary waste treatment site. There is a deep dumpsite located within at least 10 kilometres of the south-east of Chisinau. Most of the solid waste is collected and dumped in the dumpsite for proper waste disposal and management.

Work and Study Abroad

Chisinau is home to many recognized universities and colleges which offer excellent education system. Being a small city, it is highly preferred by the students due to lower living costs and the standard of living. Chisinau is the capital of regional and cultural importance. It is known for its higher educational standards and excellent economic stability. The capital provides ample opportunities for both international as well as domestic students to grow and study.

The mentorship standards, teaching quality and value of education are few things which make it ideal for studying in Chisinau, Moldova. It is an excellent place for learning and working and offers a higher standard of living. Also, Chisinau is amongst the safest countries to study and work abroad.

Exchange Student

Moldova offers excellent study abroad opportunities to international students at an affordable rate. There are about eighteen universities in Moldova out of which maximum are located in Chisinau, the capital city. Several Universities in and around Chisinau offers both Masters as well as a bachelor’s degree for your career and study abroad programs. The average tuition fee for such program ranges between $1000 to $5000 and is quite an affordable option. Many students also come to study and work in Chisinau in the form of specific exchange programs which prove to be very beneficial to the students to expand their career and approach. Many universities are offering social exchange programs to international students; these include:

  • Moldova State University
  • Free International University of Moldova
  • Technical University Of Moldova

These universities are located in the capital city of Chisinau and offer excellent study opportunities to their students. Also, there are a number of international students studying in these universities, making them an ideal study abroad destination. All these colleges offer many bachelor’s and master’s degree program to the global as well as local students at very affordable prices. To study in these countries, one must have a language proficiency certificate depicting fluency in the English language like IELTS and TOEFL. Also, many colleges demand B1 or C level certificates for some languages like Romanian, Dutch or German, etc. The language certification is more necessary if you want to be eligible for scholarships or have a course curriculum in some other language.

Au Pair

Chisinau has excellent cultural integrity and importance. You can also work in Chisinau as a part of this cultural exchange program. You can work as an assistant teacher, nanny, caretaker or a worker in some other social house. Offering your work in exchange for learning about the culture and customs of Moldova is a popular way of securing employment and international permit in Chisinau, Moldova.


Whether you are a student, a teacher or any other adult person working, you can readily volunteer for social services in Chisinau. Chisinau always welcomes the volunteers who are working for the upliftment of the others and for social welfare.

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