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Eco-friendly travel guide to Cincinnati advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America.

Cincinnati Skyline

  • Air quality: 2.95 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.2 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.4 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.8 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 5 / 5
  • Safety: 3.85 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $800
  • Budget per day: US$80 - $1,000

Responsible Travel

Situated in Southwest Ohio in the United States of America and lying on the north bank of the Ohio River, Cincinnati is the largest metro region, the third-largest city in Ohio, and it's an animated, thriving, cheerful, and beautiful city. With force, the wind of revitalization is blowing through the city, but there's definitely more to Cincinnati than just urban development. Home to a remarkable blend of industry and architecture, it's part of a fast-growing metro area, and it's regarded to be one of the early boomtowns in the United States of America. With a blend of a strong German-Catholic heritage and a mixed culture of the Appalachia, Midwest, Old South, and Northeast, Cincinnati is distinct amongst Midwestern cities, and this is one of what makes it a must-visit in the country.

Traveling Around Cincinnati Sustainably

The city's principal airport; Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, now has an increased annual passenger numbers and you should take note that it can get more crowded than usual. Serving as one of the most rapidly expanding airports in the United States of America, it's only a quarter-hour ride from the downtown, and this makes flying in and out of Cincinnati very easy. With the satisfactory availability of public transport alternatives and the accessible grid layout of the streets, you'll find it relatively simple to travel within the city. Compared to those of Dayton, Columbus, or Cleveland, buses are pushed through the streets at prices lower by the Metro of Cincinnati. The streets in the city have an easy design and if you want to avoid the congestion that comes with cars, walking and biking are the best options you can oblige to. And, if you'll be coming and going from Cincinnati, Amtrak and Greyhound are both available, and car commutes are serviced by I-75 and I-71.

Public transit: Wherever you may need to get to in the city, the metro is available to take you there. On both the Metro and the streetcar, there's a pass that can get you unlimited rides until 3 am the next day, and you can opt-in for this if you'll be moving around during the day a lot. A day pass is $4.50 for Zone 1 and $6.30 for Zone 2. However, it's where and how far you’re going that determine your fare.

Streetcar: This is a convenient alternative to the metro, it operates 365 days a year, and it runs up to 18 hours a day. It passes many of the major tourist attractions and connects key communities in the city’s urban core as it makes a nearly six-kilometer loop. It's an electric mode of transportation that sustainable travelers in Cincinnati will be pleased to use and tickets are $2 for an all-day pass and $2 for two hours for this Cincinnati Bell Connector.

Biking: Biking is a fun way to explore some parts of Northern Kentucky and to see certain special places in the city. With over 50 pick-up/drop-off locations, the Cincy Red Bike program offers visitors and locals alike an opportunity to enjoy getting around the city by biking. However, you'll need to check into a station every 60 minutes, and a day pass costs $8 for 24 hours.

Walking: In accordance with the Prevention Magazine and the American Podiatric Medical Association, Cincinnati was ranked to be the 20th in the United States of America for walkability. Getting around by foot is incredibly easy, especially in the city's compact downtown. Cincinnati is also regarded to be the best walking city in Ohio and from traversing over pedestrian-friendly bridges and exploring lively entertainment district to strolling the city's unique neighbourhoods, you'll definitely have a great time walking around.

Air Quality and Pollution

Recently, the air quality in Cincinnati has been ranging from good to moderate. However, the year-round particle pollution still makes Cincinnati to be considered as one of the most polluted cities in the United States of America and, power plants, automobiles, unpaved roads, and construction sites are factors contributing to the city's polluted air. In accordance with the American Lung Association's 12018 "State of the Air" report on cities with high levels of year-round particle pollution, Cincinnati shares the list with other 24 most polluted cities. Louisville, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Akron, Cleveland, and, of course, Cincinnati, are known for their worst year-round particle pollution.

Respect the Culture

With a blend of a strong German-Catholic heritage and a mixed culture of the Appalachia, Midwest, Old South, and Northeast, Cincinnati is indeed distinct amongst Midwestern cities. One notable thing about the city's custom is the influence of the city's German immigrants and you shouldn't find it surprising if you hear a few German expressions like "bitte." in fact, in the course of your conversation with a local, you'll probably hear "please" often and this isn't actually intended to correct your manners but to enjoin you to repeat what you said.

Top 10 Places to Visit

From every corner of the city, you'll find that this beautiful city is bustling with lots of fun ideas for all. And, it's not surprising that Cincinnati has so much to do since it's the most populated in Ohio and a very lively and exciting one. Visitors from far and wide are enchanted by the lush botanical gardens in the city and Cincinnati is inarguably one of the best places to visit in Ohio because of its glittering, jewel-like skyline, historic importance, and lots more. And, here are a few ideas for you if you seek amazing things to do in Cincinnati.

  • Cincinnati Zoo: This zoo offers an experience that you can’t get anywhere else and this is one of the reasons why it’s one of the top attractions in the area. Consider the Cincinnati Zoo if you seek fun things to do in Cincinnati; it's home to the last living survivors of several now-extinct species and it has successfully bred a number of endangered animals. This zoo has a thriving conservation program and it boasts giant tortoises straight from the Galapagos Islands! Here, you'll find green tree pythons, gold parakeets, white lions, red pandas, silent caves of vampire bats, and thundering herds of elephants. Its wide range of animal life is one of the beautiful things about this zoo. There are lots of rare, exotic creatures you'll see at this zoo that's known for its conservation efforts for endangered animals. In the whole of Ohio, it's known to have one of the most diverse animal collections, and it houses hundreds of species.
  • The Cincinnati History Museum: Offering lighter, more fun-loving vacation activities, it provides a little substance in between all of these, and it's so entertaining and educational. You'll be glad you visited this place because it's one of the best attractions in Cincinnati. How does the sound of a vintage steamboat in an abandoned railroad terminal make you feel? There are cool things to experience here — you can climb right in to feel like a captain of the seas at the life-sized model of the old-fashioned, side-wheel steamboat. “The Queen of the West” is the shining centerpiece of this museum and there are informative films playing at regular intervals. There's an intriguing look at the architecture and infrastructure offered by a 1/64-scale replica of Cincinnati here, and as you browse the exhibits and galleries, all your questions will be answered by the costumed staffers here. Taking you back to the days of suspender-clad conductors, steam engines, and trains, the Cincinnati History Museum was built in an abandoned railroad terminal.
  • Downtown Cincinnati: Never forget to stop by downtown no matter where you’re traveling in the Cincinnati area because it's often brimming with people to see, places to go, and things to do. Downtown Cincinnati is more of an experience than a destination and it's almost impossible to get lost because information terminals are everywhere. If you want to hop aboard and take a ride, Streetcars will periodically pass through downtown. If you have some cash to bust off, you can splurge for a luxurious hotel suite that overlooks the Ohio River if you're in Cincinnati just for the weekend. There are all kinds of cocktail lounges, bakeries, bistros, restaurants, and cafes here if you enjoy wining and dining, and as you mosey down the tree-lined sidewalks, you'll find everything from fashion boutiques to bookstores; if you'd like to shop. Repleted with fun attractions and activities for visitors of all ages, it's a perfect example of what makes the city so great as it blends old-fashioned charm with contemporary bustle.
  • Krohn Conservatory: This place has stunning scenery you can't afford missing out on. It's an ideal place to whip out your camera if you’re wondering what to see in Cincinnati. Overflowing with ferns and palm trees, a 45-foot structure; “palm house,” houses a waterfall. There's a dry ecosystem with cacti and succulents recreated by the “desert garden” and 75 orchids at all times are showcased by the “orchid display.” This place has all of the beautiful flowers that you’d love to see. There are dwarf bananas, kumquats, grapefruits, lemons, oranges; vanilla vines to harvest vanilla; and cacao trees to produce chocolate. There are tons of exotic species here; from man-made waterfalls surrounded by goldfish ponds to bonsai collections, this large-scale botanical garden should be at the top of the list of your must-see attractions in this city.
  • The Carew Tower of Cincinnati: Make sure you pack some small bills before you go because this place only accepts cash for the observation deck. It's one of the most elegant things to see in Cincinnati, even if you aren’t there for a special occasion. Acting as a ballroom for special events, the Hall of Mirrors here are worth checking out, and throughout the 49 floors, you'll find dozens of restaurants and gift shops. You can watch people scurrying below as you stick a quarter in the coin-operated binoculars, or perhaps, walk the observation deck, film a vlog, or snap photographs. From the gleaming buildings of downtown Cincinnati to the rushing waters of the Ohio River, it offers some breathtaking views, and it towers more than 570 feet over the city. When you climb to the top of the Carew Tower of Cincinnati, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Cincinnati.
  • Eden Park: If you seek a place where you can simply breathe for a while and escape the grind of Cincinnati, this is your spot. It’s okay to stop and smell the roses for a while because not every vacation needs to have non-stop action and this place isn’t one of the crazier things to do in Cincinnati. There are tons of nice places to visit within the park; Mirror Lake is a popular launching pad for model boats, a magnolia garden has a spot for outdoor chess games, and a historic water tower stands 172 feet high. The sounds of babbling brooks and the fragrances of fresh flowers are some things you’ll never be far from when you spread out your blanket here. You can choose to kick up your feet in the gazebos, picnic under the pavilions, or wander the trails at this green oasis within the steel of the city. Situated on the banks of the Ohio River, Eden Park is a place to enjoy some of the gentler sights of Cincinnati.
  • Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum: It's an unforgettable place to make some vacation memories and it's a distinct feature of the city. You should oblige to a trip to the Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum if you’re looking for unique things to do in Cincinnati. It’s a great place for a spooky night visit and it's particularly famous for the gothic architecture. Just as impressive as its natural scenery, its statues and gravestones are very pleasingly attractive. It's white in the winter, green in the summer, and it's a beautiful place for a stroll in Cincinnati. It's home to a number of famous graves and it covers over 700 acres of tree groves, ponds, gardens, lakes, and hills. It's the country's second-largest cemetery and the largest in Ohio. It's officially recognized as a National Historic Landmark as it's so old and majestic.
  • Jack Cincinnati Casino: This place will be a great experience during your vacation in Cincinnati and this is why we're including it on the list of the top attractions to check out in Cincinnati. You can immerse yourself in a world of constant chimes of successful slots, expensive cocktails, and plush carpets here. Jack Cincinnati Casino also features a gift shop, lounge, bar, restaurant, and a hotel. So, you can explore the amenities of this casino once you've made enough money. There’s a dedicated poker room for serious card players, about 100 game tables are devoted to roulette and blackjack, and the corridors are lined with over 2,000 slot machines. This casino offers more than enough fun for everyone, even though it's not the largest casino in the state.
  • The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center: It's one of the biggest points of interest in Cincinnati and if you're interested in real history, you'll be glad to be here. However, take note that this place isn't exactly one of the fun things to do in Cincinnati, it's a hard look at a tough topic, and obviously, it isn't for everyone. You can feel the walls closing in, look at the shackles, touch the doors, and walk inside. It used to house dozens of slaves awaiting auction, it's a small log structure measuring 20 x 30 feet across, and it was built in the 1800s. Transferred to Ohio for the museum’s founding, the real-world “slave pen” is the centerpiece of this place. Built on the banks of the Ohio River, it has a significant location, and you can catch a glimpse of what life was like for previous generations for it offers a stark and realistic look at history. Called a “museum of conscience,” it offers relics, texts, pictures, and stories from the days of slavery. It's an uncomfortable but unforgettable destination and it takes a sober look into the past.
  • Great American Ball Park: Munching on peanuts and crackerjacks as you watch baseball is an American staple because there’s always a game going on, and if you’re looking for fun things to do in Cincinnati on the weekend, do well to stop by at the Great American Ball Park. It's very classic, convenient, and comfortable. Baby changing stations, kitchenettes, lockers, and restrooms are some of the amenities it boasts. From glass-encased restaurants to high-tech scoreboards, it's well-decked out, and it's regarded to be one of the biggest baseball stadiums in Ohio. Whenever the Cincinnati Reds hit a home run, you'll witness short bursts of fireworks. You can cheer for your favorite players, hail the popcorn sellers, and sit in the stands. This place is a throwback to simpler times, it's home to the Cincinnati Reds, it offers a classic stadium experience for America’s favorite pastime, and it does live up to its name.
Twin lakes at the Eden Park


Cincinnati is a great weekend destination whether you're planning a family trip, a wedding, romantic getaway filled with art and music, or a lone trip on interactive learning, history, free attractions, great food, and fun. There are lots of fun things to do in Cincinnati; the Cincinnati Observatory, the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame, the Museum of Natural History & Science, the famous Cincinnati Zoo, and the interactive Duke Energy Children’s Museum are regarded to be some of the best things to do in Cincinnati. Offering a wide range of cultural and recreational facilities, Cincinnati is booming with outdoor opportunities, culinary, historical, and cultural activities, entertainment, and sports.

City Parks

Cincinnati has all types of parks that are great for different reasons from the ones with paved paths that are perfect for walks to those with wooded areas that are ideal for hiking and a few serene ones with plenty of places to sit and read. Cincinnati is home to an impressive variety of parks and here are some of the best ones;

  • Alms Park: It has several incredible overlook points, a pavilion available for rental, picnic areas, a playground, and several hiking trails. It boasts over 94 total acres and offers some awesome views of the Lunken Airport, the hills of northern Kentucky, the Little Miami River, and the Ohio River. It's situated on the east side of the city, atop Mt. Tusculum.
  • Ault Park: This park has something to offer for everyone; whether you want to go for a walk, have a picnic, or you're interested in doing some hiking. It has an excellent lookout point, a pavilion, a huge network of hiking trails, picnic areas, a beautiful garden, paved walking paths, and covers over 224 total acres. It's Nestled in the Mt. Lookout neighborhood.
  • Devou Park: It offers several amazing views of the city's skyline throughout the course and it's home to one of the best golf courses in the Cincinnati area. There are plentiful benches and seating areas throughout the park with a fishing pond, bike trails, paved walking paths, and hiking trails. It's a massive park spanning over 700 acres and it's situated across the Ohio River in Covington.
  • Eden Park: It features the Seasongood Pavilion, Krohn Conservatory, a pond with a fountain, plenty of green space for picnics, a gazebo, a basketball court, several hiking trails, and covers 186 total acres. It's situated on the outskirts of the Mt. Adams neighborhood and it's renowned for offering some beautiful views of the Ohio River and Northern Kentucky.
Ault Park

National Parks

Some of the best national parks in Ohio are situated close to Cincinnati.


There are lots of fine beaches situated pretty close to Cincinnati and they include;

  • East Fork State Park
  • Hueston Woods State Park
  • Caesar Creek State Park
  • Mounds State Recreation Area
  • Stonelick State Park
  • Old Field Beach – Indian Lake State Park


Cincinnati boasts a lively nightlife for the party animals in the city, it's a great place for art-lovers, and it's a dynamic vacation destination in the state of Ohio. Described as “the most beautiful of the inland cities” in the United States of America by Winston Churchill, Cincinnati is also repleted with rolling hills, river views, cityscapes, and remarkable landmarks.

  • Carew Tower
  • Fountain Square
  • Cincinnati City Hall
  • Great American Building
  • The Roebling Suspension Bridge
  • Union Terminal
  • Findlay Market
  • Music Hall
  • The Betts House
  • William Howard Taft National Historic Site
Carew Tower


Cincinnati Art Museum is one of the best museums in Cincinnati. You can never run out of things to admire here as it dazzles its visitors with over 67,000 works. It organizes a monthly gathering for art lovers that takes place at night, it has life-sized displays of movie monsters, and showcases jewelry. It's a favorite of many because it recognizes local talent from Ohio residents even as it offers murals, carvings, sculptures, and paintings from world-famous artists. It's a place where art comes to life.

The Cincinnati History Museum is another popular museum in Cincinnati. “The Queen of the West” is the shining centerpiece of this museum and there are informative films playing at regular intervals. There's an intriguing look at the architecture and infrastructure offered by a 1/64-scale replica of Cincinnati here, and as you browse the exhibits and galleries, all your questions will be answered by the costumed staffers here. Taking you back to the days of suspender-clad conductors, steam engines, and trains, the Cincinnati History Museum was built in an abandoned railroad terminal.

Other nice museums in the city include;

  • 21c Museum Hotel
  • American Sign Museum
  • Cincinnati Fire Museum
  • The Betts House
  • Greater Cincinnati Police Museum
Cincinnati Fire Museum


Graeter's ice cream, goetta, Montgomery Inn barbeque sauce, and Cincinnati-style chili are some of the unique food options you'll find in Cincinnati, and the Cincinnati region is known for many foods. Consumed at fast-food parlors around the city and made with ground beef, Chili is the signature dish in the city.

Traditional Local Restaurants

If you're hoping to grab a meal at one of the traditional local restaurants in Cincinnati, you can hit up any of these;

  • The Pub Rookwood
  • LaRosa's Pizza Boudinot
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Sotto
  • Boca
  • Sebastian's
  • El Taco Veloz Authentic Mexican flavor

Vegetarian and Vegan

Delicious plant-based food that packs in good taste and nutrients can be found in Cincinnati, even though Cincinnati is not the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of vegan food.

  • Essen Kitchen: It was established in 2018. It makes sweets like cookies and vegan brownies and plant-based savory foods of bowls, soups, salads, burgers, and sandwiches.
  • Happy Chicks Bakery: It has a light lunch food. From pies and macaroons to cookies and cupcakes, it offers a variety of vegan baked goods and it opened its cafe in Jun 2014 on the Northside. This organic vegan baking company offers a good treat for vegans.
  • Harmony Plant Fare: You can enjoy eating your food at the shared seating areas and it caters to sandwich trays and vegan charcuterie. It sells some sauces and dressings to take home and it serves sides, salads, gyros, and sandwiches. It's a vegan deli at the public marketplace.
  • Loving Hut: It has been operating since 2009 and it's previously known as Loving Cafe. Found, reclaimed, and reused materials are what's used to create the cafe environment. There are raw options, gluten-free, smoothies, a kids' menu, and vegan cuisine offered here.

Street Food

Dishing up everything from late-night snacks and pizza by the slice to breakfast and bagels, dining districts, mobile food trucks, and walk-up windows in Cincinnati offer you a chance to grab a good meal when you’re on the run.

  • Little Berlin German Street Food
  • City Bird
  • Piper’s Cafe
  • Injoy Street Food
  • The Whole Bowl
  • Saundra’s Kitchen
  • B&A Street Kitchen
  • Avril-Bleh & Sons
  • Lil’s Bagels Walk-Up Windough


Local beers are in abundance in this city and this is simply because Cincinnati was at one time one of the largest producers of beer in the country due to its heavily German population.


Cincinnati's tap water comes from both surface and groundwater sources. And, yes. The city's tap water is drinkable.

Organic Cafés

Here are some of the best organic cafés and restaurants in Cincinnati;

  • Alreddy Coffee & Cafe
  • The Elusive Cow Cafe
  • Rooted Juicery & Kitchen
  • E+O Kitchen
  • National Exemplar
  • Via Vite
  • Bouquet Restaurant
  • Poke Hut


With so many great breweries to choose from, you definitely can’t go wrong sipping on suds produced by experienced brewmasters for Cincinnati is home to a wealth of craft breweries.

  • Urban Artifact
  • Fibonacci Brewing Company
  • Rhinegeist Brewery
  • Darkness Brewing
  • Bircus Brewing Company
  • Fifty West Brewing Company
  • Brink Brewing Co.


From hiking and camping to biking and lots more, there are plenty of indoor activity options available in Cincinnati if you want to escape indoors.

Yoga and Retreats

You can trust any of these places for your yoga and retreats in Cincinnati;

  • Cincinnati Yoga School
  • The Yoga Bar
  • World Peace Yoga
  • Yoga By Marietta
  • It's Yoga Cincinnati
  • Modo Yoga


Ranging from budget to full service, hotels to hostels, vacation homes to apartments, there's a variety of accommodations to choose from in Cincinnati.

Green Hotels

Green, eco-friendly hotels are plentiful in Cincinnati and if you're looking to lodge in a green hotel during your visit to this city, here are some pretty great options you can choose from;

  • 21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati
  • Hyatt Regency Cincinnati
  • Residence Inn Cincinnati Downtown/The Phelps
  • The Westin Cincinnati
  • Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Cincinnati-Downtown
  • Renaissance Cincinnati Downtown Hotel
  • Homewood Suites by Hilton Cincinnati-Downtown
  • Courtyard Cincinnati Midtown/Rookwood

Hostels and Guest Houses

Staying in a hostel or guest house is ideal for those who are visiting Cincinnati on budget;

  • Six Acres Bed & Breakfast
  • Clifton House
  • Gaslight Bed & Breakfast
  • Holiday Inn Cincinnati-Eastgate
  • Parker House Bed & Breakfast


Apartments are easy to find in Cincinnati and you probably won't have to break the bank because you're likely to find a few cheap options around. Airbnb is also available in the city and it can save you the stress of finding an apartment around.


There's a good chance of finding a host for couchsurfing in Cincinnati but don't forget to make a good impression and be nice.


Camping is an affordable accommodation option, especially for those who want to experience nature or have a feel of the city's authentic side.

  • Winton Woods Campground
  • Jackson Hill Park
  • Bruening Park
  • FMCA Campground
  • Hidden Valley RV Park and Storage
  • Mt Airy Forest Park
  • Woodland Mobile Homes & RV Park

How to Get There

Situated across the Ohio River from Cincinnati in Kentucky, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is the primary airport serving Cincinnati, and it's a viable option for those arriving in the city. Once in, you can take a taxi, a van, hire a shuttle, or rent a car to get to the city, and it's just about 15 miles west of downtown.


Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is the primary airport gateway to Cincinnati. It offers daily flights across the United States and the Caribbean, it has nonstop service to France, Canada, and Mexico, and daily flights to many of the largest U.S. cities. With international service to Paris, Toronto, Montego Bay, Cancun, and Freeport, it serves 56 destinations on nearly 200 daily flights.

Inside the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport


Long-distance bus service providers such as Megabus, Baron's Bus, and Megabus UC serve the city.

A bus in Cincinnati


There's an Amtrak station in Cincinnati and the Union Terminal/Cincinnati Museum Center is where outgoing passenger trains stop.


Hitchhiking is prohibited in Ohio, except in designated areas.


You can get in the city by car and Cincinnati is served by many interstates that connect it to a few other close-by cities.

Moving Around

If you'll be moving around a lot checking some of the city's top attractions, taking the tourist line on the city's Metro bus is a sensible thing to do because of its frequent stops at some of the popular attractions in the city. The popular things to do and the pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods can't be easily seen on foot only because of the way they're spread out. And, take note that the best way to get around Cincinnati is by car and you'll need your four wheels to arrive quickly and conveniently to most places in the city, and the interesting part of it all is that parking is generally cheap and plentiful in Cincinnati.


Most of the neighborhoods in Cincinnati are pedestrian-friendly; the Gaslight District, Clifton, Mount Adams, and Downtown. Although you should feel safe taking a walk around during the day, beware of walking around alone after dark.


Irrespective of the fact that Cincinnati's urban setting and narrow roads are apt for using a bicycle, biking in Cincinnati is challenging. Nevertheless, in certain neighborhoods such as Northside and Over-the-Rhine, you'll find on-street bicycle parking and installed bicycle lanes. Bikes are available for rentals at the Wheel of Fun Rentals and the Bike Center at Smale Riverfront Park. With $8 for a day-pass, you can as well take advantage of Cincy Red Bike, which is the city's bike share.

Electronic Vehicles

There are car rental companies in the city where you can pick up an electronic vehicle.

Public Bus

The Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (Tank) and the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (Sorta) are the two bus systems serving the region. Although these two demand passengers to submit the exact fare, they both operate a different fare rate system.

Tram, Train and Subway

All proposals and attempts to ensure completion of the city's subway since 1925 have failed, leaving the city with no means of getting around by subway.

Sustainable Shopping

Eco-Friendly shopping in Cincinnati is feasible and sustainable shoppers in Cincinnati can enjoy shopping from the plenty of sustainable and eco-friendly stores in the city.

Food Markets

Findlay Market is one of the best food markets in Cincinnati. There are products at this Cincinnati favorite often featured by the local farmers plus there are dozens of vendors offering everything from wine and chocolate to cheeses, meats, fresh produce, baked goods, and ethnic foods. Findlay Market is open year-round and it's the oldest food market in Cincinnati.

Hyde Park Farmers’ Market is another fine food market in Cincinnati. There are ready-made meals, eggs, herbs and spices, cheeses, meats, flowers, and fruits and vegetables here. With sustainable organic produce from area farmers and live music, it makes for an absorbing shopping experience. Situated in the bustling Hyde Park neighborhood, it functions from May through October and serves up produce and specialty foods.

Flea Markets

There are lots of nice flea markets in Cincinnati!

  • Peddlers Flea Market
  • The Bluegrass Market
  • Village Flea Market
  • Riverside Centre Antique Mall
  • Rinks Flea Market

Second Hand Stores

There's no shortage of second-hand stores in Cincinnati and if you're planning to go thrift shopping, you can hit up any of these places;

  • New2You Uptown Thrift Store
  • St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store and *Donation Center
  • Hi-Bred
  • Seven Hills School Resale Shop
  • That'll Do - Cincy Thrift
  • Oakley Goodwill Store
  • The Salvation Army


There are lots of nice stores you can trust for your eco-fashion in Cincinnati. Places like Continuum, Tim’s Picks, and Wolf Pack design their wears under fair and ethical conditions. As they're environmentally conscious and aesthetically pleasing, they put high quality and ethically manufactured products with sustainability in consciousness.


Cardboard, paperboard, empty aerosol cans, cartons, steel cans, glass jars and bottles of any color, all plastic bottles and jugs, and a variety of paper products such as clean pizza boxes, paper grocery bags, telephone books, envelopes, junk mail, magazines, newspaper, and office paper are some of what you can toss into your recycling bin.


Cincinnati has a waste collection schedule for residents and businesses in the city.

Work and Study Abroad

Home to reputable institutions like the University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, and others, Cincinnati is a fine place for work and study abroad.

Exchange Student

A number of the higher institutions of learning in Cincinnati offer the student exchange program.

Au Pair

As an au pair in Cincinnati, you might want to make more researches online or mingle with the locals around you to be exposed to opportunities you can take advantage of.


Volunteering opportunities are in abundance in Cincinnati!

  • Cincinnati Red Cross
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • United Way of Greater Cincinnati
  • Keep Cincinnati Beautiful
  • Give Back Cincinnati
  • Matthew 25 Ministries
  • Freestore Food Bank Giving Fields

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