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Eco-friendly travel guide to Gibraltar advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Gibraltar, Europe.

An aerial view of Gibraltar

  • Air quality: 3.6 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3.8 / 5
  • Train connections: 3.8 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3.9 / 5
  • National parks: 3.7 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.9 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.8 / 5
  • Safety: 3.9 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$2000 - $2300
  • Budget per day: US$1500 - $1600

Responsible Travel

The eco-friendly guide created for the trip to Gibraltar advises all the visitors to be responsible for the trip. A tourist must learn positively how to explore the place and visit all the tourist attractions at the same time. This guide will also help every visitor respect Gibraltar's culture and its localities; every visitor is requested to make the trip green by selecting the green hotels and organic restaurants. Turquoise blue water, vast water stretch, and extremely busy life is something that perfectly describes Gibraltar. Popularly known as The Rock, Gibraltar is a British territory, which is located close to the Mediterranean Sea. It is steeped in history, and the wonders will no doubt amaze you. Besides, here you will find a unique mix of both Spanish as well as British culture, which is worth exploring. When traveling here, you will be mesmerized by the nation itself, and the prominent British culture itself is quite promising. Overall, it is a developing territory, and you will be able to explore a wide number of tourist attraction places. Therefore, as an eco-friendly traveler, you will find a lot of places to explore. Besides, you must follow certain tips as an eco-friendly traveler.

  • Begin your travel in the city using various CNG vehicles if any. These are mostly run by the local governments and provides great comfort. Above all, these vehicles are quite budget-friendly. Therefore, you will not have to worry about spending huge on commuting.
  • Some other options that you will find in the city in terms of traveling include e-rickshaws. These commuting options are quite versatile, easy to find, and are within budget. Being small in size, e-rickshaws can easily squeeze in the small lanes. Moreover, as the locals run the e-rickshaws, they are well versed with the roads.
  • If you have a valid driver’s license, it becomes easy to rent eco-friendly electric vehicles. There are other tips as well that you must keep in mind when traveling to Gibraltar.
  • Make sure to support the local businesses and even shop for organic clothing items as well as souvenirs
  • Opt for the local food from smaller establishments instead of the fast food chains since you will get the opportunity to try out the tastiest dishes
  • Visit the city and the national parks
  • Also make sure to roam around the place by walking. This will ensure that you do not miss any places to visit.
  • As much as possible try to stay at homestays. Staying at the homestays will allow you to have a good interaction with the localities and understand their culture. You will have the opportunity to consume home-cooked foods. This will also help you to taste the authentic foods of the place.
  • By staying at the homestays you will actually be supporting the locals. They will also have the opportunity to understand the culture of the tourists who will be visiting from different parts of the world.

Air Quality and Pollution

Unfortunately, the air quality in the city is moderate to poor. Gibraltar experiences average air quality throughout the year. When it comes to the weather, the city features mild weather conditions, which are suitable for traveling. Also, as the humidity levels do not stay high, you can easily enjoy outdoor activities.

If you are planning for an eco-friendly holiday in Gibraltar, then the best time to visit is from May to October. During this time, you will experience a warm temperature. Moreover, Gibraltar experiences limited rainfall due to the Mediterranean climate. The average temperature stays near 20o C, which great for traveling.

However, due to the poor air quality levels, you might face issues throughout the day. Therefore, long-term exposure to such kind of weather can cause severe health issues. Make sure to visit Gibraltar during the peak seasons. As the pollution is moderate, make sure to wear masks to keep yourself protected. Also, people having severe health conditions might find it difficult to explore the city properly. Hence, whenever you are going out of your house, make sure to follow the precautions.

Respect the Culture

Coming to the cultural concerns, Gibraltar culture reflects a diverse origin. Here, you will find both Spanish as well as British culture. Since Gibraltar has proximity to Spain, the ethnic origins of the Gibraltarians feature a mix of Genoese, Maltese, British, and Portuguese cultures. People here mostly follow Christianity; however, Roman Catholicism is extensively practiced here.

When it comes to citizenship, only Gibraltar locals and people having UK citizenship can stay here. Due to this reason, here the locals follow the British culture. As we all know, Britain is full of unique cultures and traditions. For years, these cultures have been followed. Moreover, the customs and traditions are exclusively popular in the nation.

When it comes to the British culture, you might visualize people wearing bowler hats or just sipping tea; however, there are more than you can get in the culture. For example, the locals in Gibraltar follow a wide number of festivals that are a significant part of the British culture.

From carnivals to cultural festivals, you will come across many. Therefore, it can be said that the country features some of the best and the most popular festivals. Above all, Gibraltar is undoubtedly popular in terms of culture and festivities.

You will come across a handful of nightclubs and restaurants where you can try out some delicious foods and drinks coming to the recreational corners. Also, it is best if you avoid making any one-sided political comments or pass unnecessary mean comments. As a good tourist, you can offer souvenirs to the locals. Besides, make sure to respect the women and avoid flirting with them.

Top 10 Places to Visit

As already mentioned, Gibraltar is the British Overseas Territory since 1713. It is located near the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. Moreover, it overlooks one of the most popular and the busiest shipping lanes, Rock of Gibraltar. Since it is located close to Spain, you will get the opportunity to explore even a few places in Spain. Let us check out some of the most popular tourist attractions that are worth visiting.

  • Europa Point - Located in the Gibraltar peninsula's southern point, Europa tops the list of popular tourist attraction places. Here, you will find a worth exploring 19th century Trinity Lighthouse, which has a huge historic significance. The lighthouse is under the management of the government of Gibraltar where the Gibraltar posts office is mostly in charge. The light emitted by the lighthouse is seen beyond twenty miles or 27kms from its origin. It is located at a height of 49metres above sea level. Apart from that, you will also find the old chapel of Nuestra Senora de Europa as well as the Mosque of the Custodian of the Holy Mosques which is also known as the Ibrahim al Ibrahim mosque. It is the largest mosque in a non-Muslim country. The mosques are said to be a gift from the king of Saudi Arabia. Five million pounds have been invested in its construction which took about two years to complete. Few recent attractions that have been added in Europa Point include the famous cricket ground Sikorski Memorial. The picturesque beauty of the place is undoubtedly worth cherishing. There are few buildings and a playing field at the edge of the rock of Gibraltar as the area is flat.
  • Gibraltar Nature Reserve - Gibraltar is famous for Barbary Macaques. It is a unique species, which is found in Morocco. These are unique monkeys that you will find in reserve. Almost 160 animals have been thriving in reserve. You will spot them in the upper Rock area of the reserve. Moreover, here you will be able to spot the famous Apes' Den where you can watch the animals. You will come across a few popular Gibraltar Rock Tour and join them to explore the national park. One can enter the reserve through a cable car, Moorish castle, and the Jews gate by paying an entrance fee. The upper rock nature reserve gives a mesmerizing view of several flora and fauna such as lavender, jasmine, jacaranda, palm, honeysuckle, clematis, bougainvillea, and geraniums are some of the species found here. It is a very important migrating point for several bird species. The view from the top of the upper rock of the nature reserve is breathtaking. One can reach the green area of Gibraltar by simply walking, taking a bus, taxi, or by cable car.
  • Gibraltar Nature Reserve & Cable Car - If you want to enjoy some worth watching views, and then make sure to visit Gibraltar Nature Reserve. From here, you will see millions of migrating birds from Europe to Africa. It encompasses almost forty percent of the islands. Besides, the reserve includes various important attractions like the St. Michael’s Cave and Forbes’ Quarry. Apart from the breathtaking and unique flora and fauna, the reserve holds a reminiscence of military importance like the 100-ton guns of Magdala Battery. There are several other attractions such as the great siege tunnel, World War II tunnels, a city under the siege exhibition, Windsor suspension bridge, skywalk, hare’s battery, footpaths which include Moorish castle and the Meditteranean steps which requires a valid ticket for the entrance. The cable car takes roughly six minutes to reach the summit of the rock with thirty passengers at a time. It carries you to the top of the mountain which is 412m above sea level. The ticket to the entrance of the nature reserve has to be pre-booked online, further, it needs to be redeemed in the cable car ticket office for its validation.
  • Strait of Gibraltar - Want to watch dolphins swimming in the water stretch, then you can be a part of the water tours. Since you cannot explore the Strait of Gibraltar on your own, you have to be a part of the water tours. This tour lasts for seventy-five minutes and is a great recreational option for kids and adults. The marine wildlife adventure includes a vessel, which is specially designed for viewing the dolphins. You will be mesmerized by the breathtaking sight of the dolphins swimming, and the stunning Rock ground is no doubt beautiful. it is considered as one of the most crowded straits in the world within every five minutes, a major vessel, countless smaller boats, and yachts pass through it. Different species of marine life are brought in by the help of the ocean currents. The tour lasts for 75 mins inside a vessel designed especially for viewing dolphins as they swim across the strait of Gibraltar. Accompanied by the breathtaking view of the Moroccan and Spanish coastline and the “rock” itself, the experience is worth the expenses. It is advised to pre-book your slot ahead of time although it runs throughout the day from the marina bay.
  • St. Michael’s Cave - Your holiday in Gibraltar will stay incomplete if you do not visit St. Michael’s Cave. It is one of the largest caves on the island and has almost 150 caves. St. Michael’s Cave lies at least 274 meters above sea level. The best part is, the cave is filled with spectacular stalactites and stalagmites. Besides, the interiors of the cave are quite attractive. There are many chambers and a lake too in the cave. The lower st Michael’s cave is discovered during excavation work in World War II. There is also a cathedral cave situated inside the cave which hosts concerts, events, and weddings. The cathedral cave can accommodate 400 people for the performance of drama, ballet, and music. The natural underground concert hall renders an unforgettable experience for the tourists who attend an event here. It a network of caves made of limestone which is located in the upper rock nature reserve in Gibraltar at a height of 300m above sea level.
  • Gibraltar Skywalk and Windsor Suspension Bridge - It is more like a new attraction in Gibraltar, and the skywalk is already one of the most popular places to visit. Located 340 meters above the Mediterranean Sea, this skywalk is undoubtedly an incredible experience since, from here, you will be able to enjoy the uninterrupted views around you. Besides, you can even enjoy the spectacular view of the Windsor Suspension Bridge. The bridge stretches almost 71 meters over a beautiful 50-meter gorge. the upper rock nature reserve offers the adventurous and thrilling 71m long walk with the Windsor bridge being suspended over 50m deep gorge offering a mesmerizing view of the Bay of Gibraltar and the exquisite view of the whole city. The construction of the bridge however does not interfere with the overall environment and nature. There are comfortable rests and picnic areas have also been built. Nevertheless, the bridge is safe and very strongly built with huge supporting anchors on either side of the bridge which have been driven 12 meters into the rock. Although any slight disturbance will only enhance the experience of the adventure lovers.
  • Gibraltar Museum - Keeping in mind the cultural as well as the natural history of Gibraltar, back in 1930, the Gibraltar Museum was established. It is located in Bomb House. It is the former residence of the Principal Artillery Officer. Some of the worth watching highlights of the museum include well-preserved 14th century Moorish Baths. Apart from that, you will also find the island's geological origins from the Jurassic Period to the present day. The museum stores lots of interesting historic pictures and displays within an affordable ticket price. The Arab Moorish baths are fascinating. The two and half hour’s tour of the museum is worth the time and money. There is also a souvenir shop with a collection of different types of dolls.
  • The Alameda - Also known as the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens and La Alameda Gardens, is undoubtedly one of the worth visiting places in Gibraltar. If you want to spend some peaceful time away from the crows, then this is no doubt the best place for you. Here, you will find unique flora and fauna, and the mesmerizing views of the place are quite exhilarating.
  • The Great Siege Tunnels - This tunnel is considered one of the most significant military installations, especially in the Mediterranean. Great Siege Tunnels have been carved out of the sheer face of the 'Notch,' which is the northern face of the Rock. The British built the tunnels within six weeks that worked as a defense against the combined force of France and Spain.
  • Main Street and Casemates Square - Situated at the northern end of Main Street, Casemates Square is the biggest public space situated in the old city center. Besides, it is considered a famous gathering space. Here you will find many small and big cafes, restaurants, shops, etc.
Europa Point


You will come across various exploring options like museums, national parks, city parks, and other top tourist attraction places to explore. Let us check out some of them.

City Parks

  • Gibraltar City Parks and Recreation - This is one of the most popular city parks that you will come across. Away from the city's hustle and bustle, this park is the perfect place to enjoy some peaceful time amidst nature. Besides, locals come here every day, both in the morning as well as evening, for recreation. You will get a space here solely for those coming to the park for jogging or other physical activities.

National Parks

  • Gibraltar Range National Park - If you want magnificent walks worth remembering, then make sure to visit Gibraltar Range National Park. Here, you will find a breathtaking picnic spot, which is perfect if you want to spend a few hours amidst nature. Apart from that, there are small cottages and campgrounds inside the national park for relaxing.
Gibraltar Range National Park


  • Eastern Beach - One of the most popular sandy beaches, here you can come to bathe under the sun. It is situated on the isthmus that joins Gibraltar with Spain. You can either take a dip in the blue water or enjoy various water sports.
  • Camp Bay - It is a small rocky beach located on the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. Camp Bay is situated off Rosia Road along with the territory's west coast that overlooks the Bay of Gibraltar. The turquoise blue water and the sandy beaches attract thousands of tourists from around the globe.
Eastern Beach


While exploring Gibraltar, you will come across various landmarks that locals and tourists use to reach their destinations. Some common landmarks include Prince Ferdinand's Battery, Great Siege Tunnels, Nelson's Anchorage, etc.


  • Military Heritage Centre - If you are interested in history and want to find out about the World War Era, this museum is just the right place for you. Military Heritage Centre throws light on the World War era and the soldiers who fought during that time. Apart from that, the surrounding view of the area is no doubt worth cherishing.
  • The Gibraltar National Museum - The historical changes which the nation went through has been perfectly highlighted in the museum. Located near the Bomb House, the Gibraltar National Museum is undoubtedly one of the worth visiting places.


When it comes to the eateries, you will be spoiled by the exclusive food collection as well as the unique dishes available in Gibraltar. As already mentioned, Gibraltar has its connection with the UK traditions, culture, and religion, and you will get a wide range of British dishes.

When it comes to British cuisine, it has always been multicultural. The reason behind this is the potpourri of eclectic styles. Some of the common spices used for making British dishes include saffron, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, etc. Coming to the sweeteners, sugar became an integral part of British cuisine during the medieval period. However, before that, only honey and fruit juices were used as natural sweeteners.

Since the neighboring country of Gibraltar is Spain, you will find traces of Spanish cuisine as well in the nation. Therefore, if you love Spanish cuisine, then you will get multiple Spanish dishes. Besides, the cuisine is one of the best ways to find out about the culture as well as the history of any country. Some of the common British foods that you will find here include Shepherd’s Pie, Beef Wellington, Fish and Chips, Cornish Pasty, etc.

Similarly, from Spanish cuisine, you will get a wide range of dishes to choose from. Few common Spanish dishes that you must try include croquetas, tortillas, pisto, etc. The best part that you can explore in Gibraltar is the blend of both cuisines. Therefore, if you feel like it, you can even experiment with the dishes.

You will come across many traditional as well as local restaurants in Gibraltar, which is perfect for trying out some of the most popular dishes, especially the local ones. From vegetarian options to non-veg delicacies, you will get the opportunity to try out everything. Let us check out some of the popular traditional and local restaurants you will find.

  • Café Solo - Although it is named a café, you will find a wide range of meal options. It is mainly a Mediterranean-themed restaurant that serves some delicious Italian dishes. Therefore, from pasta, salads to pizzas, you will get everything here. Besides, locals, as well as tourists, come here to dig into the exclusive breakfast option. The relaxed café atmosphere is something that attracts thousands of tourists.
  • Verdi Verdi - It is one of those small food joints turned restaurants, which is considered the diners' paradise. Besides, if you want to break from your exploring, it is a perfect place to sit back and enjoy some popular foods.
  • Charlie’s Steakhouse and Grill - It is yet another one of the most popular local restaurants that you must try if you are traveling to Gibraltar. Charlie's offer some of the mouth-watering rib eye as well as fillet steaks and racks of lamb that are a must-try. Moreover, you will get the opportunity to try some of the delicious Indian cuisines as well. Above all, the harbor's breathtaking view makes it a treat for the diners to enjoy the food here.

You will also come across some of the common vegan restaurants in Gibraltar that are solely made for trying out vegan dishes. Let us check out some of them.

  • The Kasbar- It is one of the most popular vegan restaurants that you will come across in Gibraltar. Being a vegan restaurant, here you will find a wide range of vegan options. From soups, salads, and vegan sandwiches, you will get everything. Besides, you will get a delicious range of juices as well. The staff here is quite good, and the ambiance is stunning.
  • Paparazzi Steakhouse- With brilliant service and outstanding food quality, Paparazzi Steakhouse is one of the excellent choices in terms of vegan restaurants. The rates are quite affordable, and you will get plenty of choices in terms of the menu. Although it is not fully vegan, the options available here for vegans are quite fulfilling.
  • Biancas restaurant - This is yet another one of the vegan dishes you will find in Gibraltar. Just like the previous one, it is not a vegan restaurant; however, you will get some delicious options in terms of the vegetarian items. Salads, soups, sandwiches, to burgers, you will get everything here. The street foods that you will get in Gibraltar are versatile, and they are absolutely delicious. Moreover, you will get both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options too. Here are some of the popular street foods that are a must-try here.
  • Rolitos - It is more like a meat specialty since it contains chopped olives, bacon or ham, garlic, boiled eggs, herbs, spices, etc. This mixture is then wrapped in a thin piece of beef. Once done, Rolitos are then tossed in white wine and are served with refrito, sautéed vegetables. They are quite delicious and are considered one of the most popular local delicacies. Moreover, tourists here do enjoy tasting Rolitos.
  • Rosto - Rosto is yet another popular local dish, which is served in restaurants, and you can find them selling in the streets. It is a pasta dish, and the locals wear it. Rosto is made by combining pasta along with vegetables, white wine, and chicken.


When it comes to the drinks, once again, you will find a blend of Spanish as well as English drinks. Be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic, the options that you will get here are quite versatile. Above all, these taste amazing. From local delectable to the posh bars, you will be spoiled by the choices. However, as a responsible traveler, it is best if you first try out the local drinks enjoyed here.

Since the weather remains mild to moderate throughout the year, you will undoubtedly enjoy the drinks available. Topping the list is the hibiscus lemonade, which perfects for quenching your thirst, especially on a hot afternoon. Not only it is refreshing, but also the tar flavor that comes along is delicious. Therefore, if you are traveling to Gibraltar, make sure to try out the local as well as the exotic drinks here. Moreover, you can try out the organic cafeterias as well.

  • Sacarello’s - one of the most recommended café in Gibraltar which offers vegetarian, meat-free dishes. It has an impressive café menu where the five special dishes are altered three days a week. The café is in the style of a warehouse of the 19th-century merchant house. It is known for its coffee, torta de acelgas, which is a Gibraltarian spinach pie, and its pasta dishes. There are also many varieties in their salad n quiche bar menu. The interior is decorated with the art collection of the works of Patrick sacarello. They have several homemade items on their menu, such as mushroom and Guinness pie, streak, Italian pasta, hot chicken salad, and many more dishes.
  • LPH - It is not so far away from sacarello’s, it serves organic dishes. They have takeaway services along with café sittings. They are a large variety of vegetarian breakfast options, soups, and pre-prepared lunchboxes. The café is famous for its open toasties of fresh avocado, and a poached egg and salmon served on rye bread with a pinch of chili powder which is savory enough to satisfy the appetite of any foodie. It is situated in the Irish town of Gibraltar. They have the reputation of providing clean, healthy, natural, fresh, and ready-to-eat food.
  • Verdi Verdi - One of the vegetarian and organic cafés in the center of the city, has poached eggs as the main attraction of the café. The poached eggs are prepared by a Middle Eastern twist accompanied with garlic and tomato before serving with bagels or rye bread. Dishes such as melted cheese on toast topped with Worcestershire sauce stripped-down version of British classic Welsh rarebit, falafel dishes, and hummus are some of the popular dishes of the café.


It is always advised to buy bottled water while traveling abroad. Though the tap water in Gibraltar is safe, it tastes chorine, which is why it is better to buy packaged bottled water. The water is human-made and osmosis- desalinated and combined with water of some of the natural wells on the Rock, which makes it pure to drink.


There is plenty of sightseeing in Gibraltar, such as Winsor suspension bridge, Europa point, visiting the Rock, the Gibraltar museum; you can also watch the apes of Gibraltar. The Gibraltar natural reserve is the home to many migratory birds. The reserve occupies 40% of the island, including the tourist attractions of Forbes' quarry and st Michael's cave, and many other sites.

The place is well connected with the Gibraltar aerial tramway or the cable car, which gives an experience of the magnificent view from over the Meditteranean Sea. An artillery fortification of 1890 named O'Hare's folly is the highest point of Gibraltar, which is worth exploring. You can join the dolphin-watching excursion in Gibraltar if you are an animal lover. The 75 minutes show is highly entertaining for families and children as 200 dolphins swim across the strait of Gibraltar.

A visit to St Michael's Cave is a must when in Gibraltar as it is the largest among the 150 caves, which are filled with stalagmites and stalactites. Other than these you can walk down the main street and the casemate square, which is the largest public place in the old city center. Visit the Moorish castle and the great siege tunnel.


Being a tourist destination, the city is crowded with tourists from around the world throughout the year, which furnishes the city with plenty of accommodation such as hotels, hostels, guest houses, camps, and apartments.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are like any other usual hotels that will give all relevant facilities but work towards bettering the city's atmosphere. They use sustainable and eco-friendly products to serve the tourists and recycle the wastes to keep the city clean and healthy. It helps in minimizing the impact on the natural environment. Overall it also helps in reducing the hotel's operating cost.

Many tourists prefer to stay in a green hotel as it allows them to contribute by helping in protecting the environment. It is an advantage for environment-conscious tourists to stay in a hotel that is eco-friendly and affordable.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Emile Hostel is the only youth hostel, which is available in casemate square, Gibraltar. It is situated in a suitable location which has restaurants, pubs, cafes, shopping markets nearby. They have a single, double, and dormitory room. The staffs of the hostel arrange all sort of excursion along with providing relevant regarding sightseeing and basic activities. A family household runs the hostel, and it gives out excellent services. They also take in group bookings where the kitchen is accessible. Along with the hospitality, they have free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and a bar. The engineer guest house provides rooms with free Wi-Fi, a private bathroom, a kitchenette, a fridge, and all basic facilities. The Gibraltar airport, the cathedral of the holy trinity, and many other major attractions of the city are close by the guest house. A stay of two to three weeks demands a hostel or guest house accommodation as it is less expensive as well as comfortable enough.


A stay of more than one month requires an apartment to spend a comfortable time in the city. There are several apartments available in Gibraltar based on the price and the distance from the city center. Some apartments provide premium facilities to the tourists, which ensure a comfortable stay during the tour.


This kind of accommodation is one of the best ways to get to know the place's culture and meet like-minded people. It is an attractive alteration to expensive accommodations. It enables you to meet lots of new people and exchange healthy and friendly conversations. It is a temporary stay with food and shelter. Gibraltar supports the accommodation of couch surfing which is found in plenty across the city.


Gibraltar is a small city that does not have enough campsites, but on the border of la linea, there is a camping sureuropa. It is a site that enables wild camping on a deserted seaside spot or public waste ground. It is the campsite which aims at integrating people with disabilities. It is located near the beach on Travesiasobrevela. The tourists can choose to stay in tents; caravans and camper vans and bungalows can accommodate six persons.

The camping site is decorated with gardens, a children's playground, a paddle tennis court, and a football field. There are various other camping sites in Tarifawhich that are an attractive seaside town and are considered one of the best destinations for board games, such as kite and windsurfing.



Getting There and Moving Around

The town has modern and updated traveling services which connect the town to other cities. Being an overseas territory on the Meditteranean sea border, it is a destination for adventurous travelers. As there is no direct train connection to the town, the preferred transportations are bus and airline.


Gibraltar International Airport, or the north front airport, is the airport that serves the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. Regular air services operate from London, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Edinburg, Tangier, and Casablanca. There are also helicopter services between Gibraltar and Malaga. It is open to visitors as well as the royal air force.

Gibraltar International Airport


You need a valid passport to cross the border and enter Gibraltar. Several buses leave to la linea, which is the Spanish side of the frontier with Gibraltar from Algeciras station every half an hour. [[Spain] can also enter Gibraltar as it connects Spain's southern coast at the western end of the Meditteranean. There is no extra levied to cross the border.

Bus at Europa Point


There is an interrail service through Spain and France. Though there is no direct train from Gibraltar, there are buses which connect la linea with Algeciras every 30 minutes. There is no direct route into Gibraltar from Madrid, so you must travel by train to Algeciras station. A bus to la linea from the station will take you to cross the border to get into Gibraltar simply.


The border area is friendly with hitchhiking. Though police formed by Franco named Guardia civil, is not very friendly with the hitchhikers. There are many tourists who help a person get to the city Centre. The Europa Point is the spot for the hitchhikers. You can also hitch a sailboat from la linea to travel to morocco or canary island.


La linea is the border town between Spain and Gibraltar, and the frontier is an easy five minutes walking distance away from la linea bus station. While driving to Gibraltar, you can take the N340 or A7 highway, which connects Cadiz and Malaga. Further, junction 119 leads you to N391, which takes you to La linea. Being the gateway to the Mediterranean, it renders a wide service of ships. The port is well connected to the airport.

Sustainable Shopping

Ecofriendly shopping is in high practice nowadays. Instead of buying branded clothes with heavy price tags, sustainable shopping is reasonable and does not harm the environment with the type of chemicals it uses during production. The city markets give access to all kinds of clothes and accessories that are eco-friendly and help reduce the waste generated in the city.


Wastes of cans, bins, glasses, paper, oil, plastic, batteries, and small electronic and electrical items and collected from recycling bins around Gibraltar. These products are further sent to certified recycling plants in the neighboring countries. Every recycling plant recycles the delivered product and is regenerated into new products. Electrical and electronic items are toxic to the environment, which is why they should not be disposed of elsewhere except the pink recycling bins, which have been strategically placed around Gibraltar. There are many Other such strategically placed disposable bins around Gibraltarthat are used to dispose of various types of wastes.

Plastic and metal items are disposed of in the yellow bins, cardboards and paper items are dumped in the blue bin, green recycling bins are used for glass items, household batteries are disposed of in the red bins where car batteries are recycled at the civic amenities, which requires no cost. Orange recycling bins are for disposing of waste cooking oils which should be disposed of after collecting it in an empty sealed plastic bottle.


Gibraltar generates a huge amount of hazardous waste from its sea. Waste oil includes a combination of wastewater/oil that the service stations produce, visiting ships, MOD sources, and another light industry is considered the primary hazardous waste material within Gibraltar. The second most dominating hazardous waste is clinical waste which is generated by the hospitals and other practices related to medicine, nursing, dental and veterinary. There are various other wastes, including MOD wastes which are collected and generated by licensed private waste contractors. Further, they sent off to licensed waste facilities in Spain for treatment or disposal.

The environment agency conduct waste survey, resisters brokers and waste collectors, investigates waste complaints, issues waste license, manages public registers of waste license and registration issued, and carries out many other functions concerning the management of waste Gibraltar.

Work and Study Abroad

The University of Gibraltar follows the course standard of the UK. Gibraltar being a multi-cultured city with its bright economy and exquisite location welcomes plenty of international students from around the world every year. The education is rich enough to prepare any student for the work culture of national and international level. There are many networking opportunities, which means there are lots of the world's top employers that operate from Gibraltar.

Exchange Student

Scholarships are available for international students, which supports the otherwise expensive educational investment in Gibraltar. Various exchange student programs aim to uplift a student academically along with Gibraltar's multi-cultured and historic background. They get the opportunity to engage in on-campus and off-campus activities and several sports.

A visa is mandatory for any student who is coming to Gibraltar for educational purposes through an exchange student program. The application process demands an English language proficiency test for students who do not have English as a first language. An international student who loves to travel will be able to experience the best of his life as Spain, Africa, and the rest of Europe are not very far away from Gibraltar.

Au Pair

Au pair is the facility where the individual lives with a host family and engages in basic activities with the family. Several families in Gibraltar act as host families to take in any international student or worker. The individual takes on some kind of responsibility of the family as in the child's homework or any household duty and receives some share of pocket money for personal use.


Volunteering for a good social cause is always welcomed in Gibraltar. Gibraltar being an environmentally aware city indulges in lots of programs all around the year where willing students and workers can lend their helping hand. Volunteering in Gibraltar is free of cost but may include individual transportation costs.

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