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Eco-friendly travel guide to Rotterdam advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The mesmerising view of Rotterdam from the Euromast tower

  • Air quality: 3.0 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 4.0 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.0 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.0 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$40 - $150
  • Budget per day: US$70 - $200

Responsible Travel

Rotterdam is the second-largest city in Netherlands. It is famous as the world's largest port, lies at both banks of Nieuws Maas. Rotterdam port has an extensive Europoort facility, and through it, lots of freight passes every day.

In 1940, Rotterdam city was almost entirely destroyed by the German attack. After the war, the Central Rotterdam was rebuilt as a completely modern city; today, you will see modernity reflecting from every part of the city. But behind this shine and glamour of this place, the city is still the proud, old, and prosperous 13th Century Rotterdam, which was once the Netherland's cultural hub.

So, don't you think, as a responsible tourist, it's your duty to keep the beauty of the city safe? Here are some suggestions that you can follow, and being a responsible tourist will be much easier.

  • Try to use a cycle or bike to move around the city. This way, you are not only eliminating at least a few percentages of air pollution caused by cars, but it also helps to reduce traffic congestion in the city.
  • When you are out on the streets for sightseeing, walking is a great option. You can easily reach some of the famous places in Rotterdam by walking from the city center. And also, walking around makes it easy to connect with local people. Rotterdam is a city that is extremely walking friendly so you do not need to worry about that.
  • Use public transport to get somewhere in Rotterdam. As a responsible tourist, you must contribute to the city's welfare, at least through anything you can; using public transportation means contributing to the city's economy, so go ahead!
  • It might seem a little hassle-free to get somewhere in the city by car, but if you use the train, you are of course a responsible tourist, and also it's an excellent opportunity to learn about somewhere very closely.
  • Keep the environment clean as much as possible. Being one of the most popular tourist areas, most of the trash on the streets results from irresponsible tourists. Try to throw trash only at the designated areas.

If you apply the suggestions mentioned above during your trip to Rotterdam, you will see how you will enjoy it even more!

Air Quality and Pollution

The state of air quality is one of the growing concerns in the city of Rotterdam. In the Netherlands, people die approximately nine months earlier due to inhaling the harmful substances present in the air. The AQI of Rotterdam is 27, which means the air is moderately polluted. The AQI refers to Rotterdam's current air situation, which means due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the worldwide lockdown, the air quality has improved a lot.

Sub-oceanic is the perfect word to describe the weather in the city. Naturally, the weather is humid and rainy, influenced by the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The breeze here is pretty frequent, and it becomes cooler from November to March. So, more or less, the weather in the second largest city of Netherland is quite pleasant throughout the year. However, summer or spring season or, more accurately, April to October is the best time to visit Rotterdam.

Respect the Culture

Rotterdam's cultural structure has changed drastically between 1970 and 2000 and then in 2001. The city was declared the Cultural Capital of Europe. During these 30 years, so many different cultural events have taken place and added to the city that today, there is no other city that is more vibrant than Rotterdam in the entire country. More than 174 nationalities live here; you will see different cultures bursting everywhere in the city. Dutch people are very friendly and warm. They are happy to greet tourists and welcome them to their city so you will definitely have a great time during your stay in the city.

The International Film Festival Rotterdam in January, Free museum weekend in April, the international marathon, International Poetry Festival in June, July's North Sea Jazz festival, etc., are some of the cultural activities of the city.

The summer carnival in July is the biggest cultural event in Rotterdam. It's a 3-day party that attracts thousands of visitors around the world. The Gergiev Festival in September is also worth participating in.

Other than that, the street arts and sculptures across the city beautifully reflect the Culture of Rotterdam. As a visitor, you must respect the traditions and beliefs that the country-people love so much. Just go with the flow and blend in!

Top 10 Places to Visit

Rotterdam is famous for its vibrant entertainment opportunities with numerous museums, mind-blowing architecture, and several tourist attractions. But it's not possible to witness every wonder in the city at a time, which is why we are here with the top 10 tourist attractions in Rotterdam.

  • Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk: As you know, most old buildings or old architectural works are destroyed during World War II; the Great St. Lawrence Church is all that left. The Gothic architecture of the church was designed during the 15th Century. The interesting part about the church is that it was built on marshy land, which gave the church a particular lean. After the War, maybe the church is still left, but bombings severely damaged it. The Church you see today was fully restored after the war. The word bright, best describes the interior. The sunlight enters mesmerizingly inside the building, through the beautiful colored glass of the windows, the three Danish Organs are what the church is famous for, the bronze doors, and the overall theme of war and peace— all together makes the church worth visiting.
  • The Cube Houses: When the city of Rotterdam was being rebuilt, the architecture completely focused on modern architecture so that you will see fine examples of contemporary architecture here and there in the city. One of those is the cube houses. Dutch architecture, Piet Blom designed them. There are a few blocks of houses, standing with unique cube shapes near the Old Harbour. One of the houses is Show Cube, containing displays of the history and designs of the buildings. There is also a chess museum here.
  • The Kinderdijk Windmills: Just at a 23km distance from Rotterdam, the beautiful little village, Kinderdijk, is located on the River Noord. The village's name was taken from a famous legend that tells us about a story of a baby's cradle that was stranded in this place during St. Elizabeth's Day flood, and apparently. This place is one of the most visited places in the Netherlands. There 19 Windmills are dated back to the 18thCentury. In Rotterdam, they celebrate Mill Days, and then the sails are once again set in motion.
  • Coolsingel: Rotterdam Town Hall: The centerpiece of Coolsingel is located just in Rotterdam's city center. It was initially built between 1914 and 1920, and surprisingly it escaped the horrifying destruction during World War II. There are tour guides, you will find them In front of the hall. They will guide you and show you the interior of Coolsingel. Just at the opposite of the Town Hall, you will see the busy Stadhuisplein, a war memorial. There are also some other attractions in the Coolsingel area like Beurs World Trade Center, a high and beautiful building with greenish-blue glass; the Bijenkorf, department store, etc. In front of Coolsingel, there are a 26m high sculpture by Naum Gabo. It's a French sculpture of Russian origin, and it is called Construction.
  • Rotterdam Zoo: Rotterdam Zoo was established in 1857; therefore, it is one of the oldest zoos in the Netherlands. The zoo became famous for its successful breeding programs. There are several young elephants, red pandas, etc., which are the zoo's main attractions. Other than numerous animals, natural habitats are also a priority here. You will see a swamp forest with exotic birds, a bear cave, a Mongolian steppe, a Chinese Garden, etc. The zoo also has an Oceanium, a section dedicated to the Aquatic creatures.
  • Delfshaven and the Pilgrims: The old district of Delfshaven is quite different from Rotterdam; maybe that is because the district survived WWII. Thus, you will be able to see authentic Old Dutch architecture. Local people respect this place as the birthplace of Admiral Piet Hein, a 16th-century hero during the long war between the country and Spain. People also call it the Old Church.
  • Euromast: It is one of the many modern structures of Rotterdam. It is one of the distinctive landmarks of Rotterdam. The Euromast is located at the Maas Tunnel's North entrance; it is approximately 185 meters high. Fun fact: The tower was built in 1960, but the height you see today brought up in 1970. To witness an amazing view of the city, the hotel in the tower is a perfect place. Do you want to get a little more adventurous? Then you can abseil down the tower. Yes! It's a popular activity in Euromast.
  • Kunsthal: It's an amazing exhibition hall famous for holding exhibitions and its spectacular architecture. Kunsthal is Rotterdam's premium exhibition building. There are several temporary exhibitions held here. If we come to the architecture, the real beauty is inside. Unusual patterns are the base of the interior structure, and apparently, the randomness in the design is precisely what makes the overall interior so marvelous. The building is a work of art in itself, which is why it's a must-visit place in Rotterdam.
  • Markthal: Market Hall: The market hall is another breathtaking work of art in Rotterdam. It's a beautiful building housing apartment, offices, a large market and also several fantastic artworks. It is located in Binnenrotte and shaped like a monument. Overall, the building is made of grey stone and glass. The use of glass in the structure catches the eye. The two ends of the building are made of walls of glass. The arched walls are filled with paintings. You will also get a fresh food market inside the building of Markthal. The food market is pretty famous, making the locals, and it is one of the busiest food markets in the city.
  • Witte Huis: Witte Huis is among the high-rise buildings in Rotterdam. This is another one that survived the German attack during WWII. After the war, this building was redesigned according to Art Nouveau Standards, and now, it is protected as a national monument.
Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk


Rotterdam, The second largest city in the Netherlands, has served many years as the Dutch East India Company's major part. But after World War 2, almost the whole city was destroyed. It took several years for Rotterdam to stand back on its feet, and it was like a phoenix rose from its ashes. Today you won't find another beautiful city like Rotterdam; the modern architectural buildings, museums, parks— everything looks like a painting, which is why it's impossible to be able to explore the city entirely in just a single trip.

That's why we have mentioned the things you must see, what are the places where you should spend time in Rotterdam. Have a look:

City Parks

Being a green city, Rotterdam has numerous parks, green spaces, and gardens to offer. From a refreshing walk in winter to a fun picnic or a little outing or sunbathing in summer, there is always a reason to visit the parks. Mostly as a tourist, your trip will remain incomplete if you don't spend some time in the parks of Rotterdam.

Here are some of the best parks in the city you can visit.

  • Het Park: Het Park is the most well-known park in Rotterdam. The park looks like a perfect painting with perfectly landscaped greenery. Lots of trails and water features are very important parts of the park's attractions. In good weather, the park would be a perfect option for a recreational destination. You can also participate in the free events and festivals celebrated here.
  • Museum Park: The park is called the museum park because six museums surround it. It's a beautiful park with perfectly organized greenery, sitting arrangements under the trees, small artificial ponds, and beautiful pathways. The Museum park is divided into five areas; a vast event area and a parking area.
  • Zuiderpark: It is the largest urban park in the Netherlands. It is located in the south of Rotterdam, and there are many sports and recreation opportunities here. You can either play tennis or take a hiking or biking tour in Zuiderpark.
  • Vroesenpark: The green park is located in the North of Rotterdam. It's a great place to relax and also for a chill party. You can walk through the beautiful pathways, holding your loved one's hands or come here with family for a family picnic or ask your friends to join you at a barbecue party. There is also a large fishing pond and a lovely pavilion, which can be found at Vroesenpark.
  • Arboretum Trompenburg: It's a mesmerizing botanical garden, beautifully landscaped with an extensive collection of rare trees, perennials, shrubs, tubers, and bulbs. Arboretum Trompenburg has located just at the edge of the center of Rotterdam.

Kralingse Bos, Park Schoonoord, Dakpark, WaterFront, Canals in Rotterdam, etc. are some other green areas and Rotterdam city parks.

The scenic Vroesenpark

National Parks

There aren't any national parks in the city itself but plenty surrounding it. Some are just half an hour away like the De Biesbosch Park in Dordrecht.

  • De Biesbosch
  • De Maasduinen National Park
  • Texel National Park
  • Meinweg National Park
  • Lauwersmeer National Park
  • Schiermonnikoog National Park
  • Dwingelderveld National Park
  • Zuid Kennemerland National Park
  • De Groote Peel National Park
  • Hoge Believe National Park
The beautiful Texel National Park


Summer is pale without the splashes of refreshing water, and beautiful sandy shore and Rotterdam have plenty of those. Here are some of the most popular and loved ones among them:

  • S-Gravenzande beach: The Beach is spread across a 3km coastline in Rotterdam. The main reason why people love to visit this place is it is less crowded than the other beaches in the city. You can enter the beach from any of the three entrances. Several restaurants and cafes are also here. The wood oven pizza is famous in some restaurants here.
  • Quarantine Beach Heijplaat: A part of the beach is originally the dry dock company's former site. Today, that area is designated for sick sailors who reach here and decide to spend their quarantine days here. Behind this, in the other part of the beach, several artists live now. This is where you can come and enjoy the beautiful view of the city but do not think about swimming here; it's not safe.
  • Zevenhuizerplas: This is one famous beach in Rotterdam. Both Rotterdammers and tourists love to come here. Visitors come and play volleyball, swim, and barbecue here. The width of the beach is around 800 meters, and the boulevard flanks it. Thus the beach gives you a feeling of a seaside town.
  • De Esch: It may be smaller than the other beach, but in terms of popularity, it can win over any other beaches in town; you should come early here to claim a good spot. From here, you will get a breathtaking view of Southern Rotterdam.
  • Rockanje: The beach lies at a little more distance than the other ones, but it's worth the effort. Its beautiful south-facing, wide, sandy beach faces towards the North Sea. The beach is very child friendly as there are not many waves because of the sandbanks series.
People enjoying at the S'Gravenzande Beach


It's impossible to visit all the landmarks in Rotterdam, which is why we have come here with only the top landmarks.

  • Europoort: The famous Rotterdam's massive port occupies almost half of the city's total area, i.e., 247 sq. km. Some of that area is occupied by Europoort. It's a huge complex, well-known as the Gateway of Europe. You will see countless large freight vessels and miles of quays and storage facilities that serve the world's busiest port. You can start your tour of this area from the Maeslantkering; after that, the closest look at the massive surge barrier. The Erasmus Bridge is the main attraction of an evening tour of this area.
  • Miniworld Rotterdam: It is one of the city's newest attractions and a perfect place to take kids with you. The landmark is set in a large warehouse and spreads across 535 sq. meters of area. The mini-world recreates most of the recognizable landmarks and attractions in the Netherlands in a miniature version. A 2.3km long rail track crisscrosses the miniature piece of wonder with around 150 trains. It is truly something to witness during your trip to Rotterdam.
  • Bergen op Zoom: It's a historic old town located around 67km south of Rotterdam. Here you will find Markiezenhof palace, a mansion dated back to the 15th century. This palace is now a cultural center and houses a museum with several paintings and authentic period furniture.
  • Zierikzee: This small island is located at a 70km distance from Rotterdam. This island of Schouwen Duiveland is a must-visit place in Rotterdam. It's yacht harbor, a picture-perfect old town center, and marvelous beaches make tourists so eager to see the site!
  • Walk of Fame: It is Rotterdam's most whimsical landmark or attraction. Walk of Frame is South Holland's answer to Hollywood. It's Europe's biggest Star Boulevard, which has hand or footprints and many celebrities' inscriptions.
  • Santa Claus: It is a famous statue by Paul McCartney, located in the Eendrachtsplein square of Rotterdam. The statue was originally made for the International Sculpture Collection, but today, it is a famous landmark in Eendrachtsplein square after wandering from one museum to another. The Santa Claus is also known as the Buttplug Gnome in Rotterdam as the Christmas tree that Santa Claus is holding can also be referred to as a Buttplug.
  • Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art: For more than 25 years now, Witte de With Centre has played an incredible role in Rotterdam's art scene. This center organizes events and exhibitions inside its three-story gallery. The interior of the gallery covers various themes making the gallery itself a piece of art.
Railz Miniworld in Rotterdam


Rotterdam is a lovely mixture of innovative architecture, challenging art, colorful culture, and lively festivals. The Museums here in Rotterdam are definitely worth a visit. They will make you fall in love with the artistic side of Rotterdam. Here are some of the best museums you could find in Rotterdam:

  • Nederlands Museum
  • Museum Rotterdam
  • Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
  • Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam
  • Chabot Museum
  • Maritime Museum Rotterdam
  • Het Nieuwe Instituut
  • Nederlands Fotomuseum
  • Kijk-Kubus
  • Wereldmuseum Rotterdam
Museum Rotterdam


Dutch Cuisine has been influenced by many immigrants who lived in the Netherlands. Rotterdam's food is mostly international, with Italian eateries, Spanish tapas bars, Surinamese food, and Chinese restaurants, among several other options. Traditionally, Dutch Cuisine is very simple, with lots of green on the plate and very little meat. Below we have mentioned some places where you will get some of the tastiest foods in Rotterdam.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Here are the best traditional, local restaurants in Rotterdam that will provide you with authentic Dutch flavors.

  • 30ml Rotterdam Centrum: The 30ML attracts visitors with the smell of freshly roasted coffee. The atmosphere is quite relaxing, which is quite what you need after a busy day in Rotterdam. The coffee here is everything a coffee lover would want. Other than that, you must try the delicious breakfast burrito. You can also choose to sit on the terrace and enjoy the happy sun on a sunny day.
  • Aji: It's a South American and Asian fusion restaurant. Aji uses its magical creatures and presents you with unique combined dishes of these two continents.
  • Koffiebar Namaste: The interior does justice with the name. The homemade goods catch your eye, and the friendly atmosphere reminds you so much of your home. There are also vegan options available, so you will have a lot to choose from; veg and non-veg both taste amazing!
  • Hinoki: If you want to taste authentic Japanese food, then this is the place! The interior or the exterior may seem a little unimpressive to you, but it's too delicious to miss.
  • Buurt Bistrot Laurentius: This restaurant is like a piece of France in Rotterdam. The Restaurant is very famous for its delicious galettes. Laurentius encourages you with careful and conscious interaction with one another and also with nature. As a supportive gesture to this initiative, Laurence only uses organic ingredients to make foods and teaches his young followers to do the same.
  • Old Dutch: This restaurant is a very famous traditional restaurant hidden in Rotterdam's city center. The original building of Old Dutch was destroyed during WWII. Bit right after the war, it was rebuilt. There is no other place in Rotterdam that can remind you of the authentic, old Dutch Cuisine.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Spirit: The taste, texture, and smells here are so fresh that if you are not a vegetarian, you will still fall in love with the food. The elements used here are guaranteed organic, and foods are made only with seasonal ingredients. If you are in a hurry and need your food right on the table as soon as possible, then it's a great choice.
  • Mr. Salad: Don't get driven away by the name; they have so much more to offer. The most beautiful part about the restaurant is that it takes care of all allergies and lifestyles; no matter whether it's vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, or pescatarian, everyone is well cared for here. The interior is uplifting, the food is tasty and fresh, in conclusion, you won't be disappointed here.
  • Vegan Junk Food Bar: This place is quite a surprise for those who think vegan foods are bland. The interior is designed with a combination of cool graffiti and an industrial look. There are also non-vegan options available here. Lost yourself in the waves of alcohol and taste fresh food here.
  • Op Het Dak: Op Het Dak is a sustainable hotspot famous for its vegan food and innovative decoration. The restaurant was started by turning a disused rooftop into a bee farm and kitchen garden. Enjoy your meat-free dishes with the lovely garden and spend beautiful moments of a bright sunny day!

Street Food

It is said that if you want to taste the best Street Food in the world, you should come to Rotterdam. The spicy sausage, numerous varieties of Dutch Gouda Cheese, world-famous Dutch cookies, Kapsalon- famous Dutch street food containing french fries and meat like Kebabs, on the top, etc., are some of the street foods you must try in Rotterdam. There is also a veg version of Kapsalon, available in Rotterdam, where they use Falafel instead of meat.

Here are some places where you can visit to taste the authentic Rotterdam street food and also some fast food:

  • Madame Cocos
  • Ter March&Co
  • Sate Lounge
  • Stroopwafel
  • Tuesday's Central Market
  • Street food by Han
  • Kumasi Street food
A sauzijzenbroodje is a savoury street food in The Netherlands. It consists of spiced, ground meat (either beef or a mixture of beef and pork), rolled into puff pastry and then baked. This snack is usually eaten warm.


Dutch coffee is famous in the whole world. No other cocoa can match the rich and flavourful cocoa here. You should have at least one cup of espresso in a good café in Rotterdam; only then you will be able to witness the real Dutch coffee.

On the other hand, the beer here is good, but you have to try the famous Dutch gin. You will also find huge lists of cocktails in Rotterdam bars and pubs. Rotterdam's nightlife attracts visitors from all over the Netherlands. So what are you thinking? Take a look at the following list and choose a perfect place to experience drinks in Rotterdam.


In the Netherlands, safe and clean drinking water is regarded as a basic need, so the tap water here is 100 percent safe. You can drink tap water everywhere in Rotterdam. Even the quality is entirely comparable with bottled mineral water, and there is no taste of Chloride or salt.

Organic Cafés

Here are some of the best organic cafes in Rotterdam:

  • Knoflookrestaurant Look
  • Obst & Gemuse
  • Restaurant-Pizzeria Marco Polo
  • Rodin
  • Café De Ooievaar
  • Spirit Rotterdam
  • VINN
  • Loos Café


In Rotterdam, the beer craft is rapidly improving. Even in 2017, the number of best breweries was not many. But today, if you search around, you will find an extensive number of Breweries in town, and honestly, most of them are doing great.

Below we have listed some of the Breweries and a few old ones growing strong day by day.

  • Brewpub Reijngoud
  • Kaapse Brouwers
  • Brouwerij Noordt
  • De Pelgrim Brewery
  • Islands Brewing
  • Hoevebrugsch
  • The Goat Craft Brewing
  • Stadsbrouwerij Thoms
  • De Gels Kanarie


There are plenty of fun activities around Rotterdam.

Fun Water Activities

  • Ride on a Water taxi and explore the Maas.
  • Take a dip to the Maas through the bus.
  • Take a cruise tour and admire the beauty of Rotterdam from the water.
  • The port is a must-visit place in Rotterdam. Join others in the Port tour.
  • Choose an outstanding accommodation, i.e., the steamship, and spend the night on the water.

Summer Activities

* Ride a bike around the Kralingse Bos lake
  • Walking is the best activity in a wonderful place, like Rotterdam. Explore the city by foot and take plenty of Instagramable pictures in such a picture-perfect city.
  • Follow the street art route.
Rainy Day Activities

  • Drink a cup of high tea on the ss Rotterdam
  • Play lawn bowling at Mooie Boules
  • Visit an Escape Room in Rotterdam

Activities for kids

  • Take your kids to the Kids Marina.
  • Go check out the Villa Zebra, kid's museum.
  • Go with the Pannenkoekenboot or Pancake boat.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is the best way to spend some time with your soul. Generally, people go on a trip to unwind themselves and find some me-time. Exploring an unknown city and taking part in some adventures occupies so much time on a trip that at the end of the day, no other options than sleeping seems reasonable, which is why Yoga retreats are also crucial in a vacation.

Speaking of that, Rotterdam has plenty of places where you can practice yoga and start a day with a fresh mind.

  • Yoga Cabana
  • Bezielen
  • Bikram Yoga Den
  • Mind Academy Rotterdam
  • Reo Yoga Retreat center


Being the Netherlands' cultural hub, thousands of people visit this place every year, which is why providing appropriate accommodation is a must for Rotterdam. Hence, the hotel and other accommodation industry are relatively developed here. Visitors will have plenty of options to choose from. Therefore, to make your job easier, we have shortlisted some best options for you.

Green Hotels

Staying in Green Hotels is means contributing to the betterment of a city's environment. And a green hotel also provides the best experience in terms of quality and comfort. So here are some of the top green hotels in Rotterdam.

  • nHow Rotterdam
  • Citizen Rotterdam
  • Rotterdam Marriott Hotel
  • Hotel New York
  • Apollo Hotel Papendrecht
  • Bastion Hotel Rotterdam

Hostels and Guest Houses

Below we have listed a few top-rated hostels and guest houses in Rotterdam:

  • King Kong Hostel
  • Stayokay Hostel Rotterdam
  • Hostel ROOM Rotterdam
  • Bed and Breakfast Rotterdam
  • Hostel Markers
  • Weena House
  • Aurora
  • Teunisbloem


If you plan to stay in Rotterdam for a while, you should rent an apartment instead of staying in a hotel. This way, you can save a lot of money and stay comfortably in your own private apartment. However, all the apartment owners may not feel comfortable to rent their apartment to a foreigner, but there are apartments available, especially for tourists; there are numerous options. You can easily choose different types of apartments according to your budget and preferences.


The online Couchsurfing community is expanding rapidly. Today it is trendy among students who come to the Netherlands for study or for those Freshers who are exploring various job opportunities. You can also join the Couchsurfing community by logging in to Log in today, and you will come across several Couchsurfing companions and mates.


When we talk about a day out in Rotterdam, it's impossible to complete the list without a little bit of camping. After a tremendous adventurous day, a lovely rest day must be amazing. On that note, if you are choosing camping as an accommodation option here in Rotterdam, then surely, you are going to gather a great experience.

Here are some of the popular campsites of Rotterdam:

  • City Camping Rotterdam
  • Hatex International
  • Culture Campsite
  • Camping Hoeve Rotterdam
  • Delflandhoeve
  • Camping Het Lansingerland

How to Get There

Rotterdam is one of the biggest port cities of the Netherlands, and therefore it is exceptionally well connected by all modes of transportation. This tourist destination can be reached from most of the major cities of the world. Let us look at some of the most convenient ways to travel to the town.


The Rotterdam, The Hague Airport, is the third busiest airport in the country. This airport has many flights connecting all over Europe and, of course, the capital city of the country. Last year itself, over 2 million passengers traveled through the airport.

Rotterdam Airport


Rotterdam has an advanced local bus transport system. All the cities' buses are maintained by one of the best public transport systems globally, RET. RET even has its website, which travelers can use to book tickets. If one is traveling in Rotterdam for more than a week, a public transport chip card can be purchased for easy traveling. There are many special touring packages for tourists as well, which they can buy from the official website of RET.

Bus in Rotterdam


Being the second-largest urban area in the country right after Amsterdam, Rotterdam has a buzzing modern train station Rotterdam Central. The train station is extremely well connected, and you can visit Rotterdam from most places in the Netherlands. It even has direct trains from London, Antwerp, Brussels, and Paris. It takes around 3 hours if one is traveling via the Eurostar from London to reach Rotterdam.

Rotterdam Central Station


Hitchhiking is very popular among the student crowd of Holland. International students who cannot acquire the OV card that allow free traveling via the public transport system can take advantage of ride-sharing and hitchhiking to travel around. It is not only inexpensive but also reduces your carbon footprint.


Being a port city, Rotterdam is well connected by the waters as well. It has a well-connected ferry system that you can take advantage of as it is inexpensive and has a lot of beautiful sites that you can only experience aboard a ferry.

Moving Around

While walking around any city is a brilliant way to travel, you cannot expect to travel all around Rotterdam on foot. This is especially true for young travelers who have to hike with their luggage on their backs. You need some cheap alternatives like bikes and electric scooters, so let us look at a few different ways to get around the city.


Rotterdam has a good climate all around the year; therefore, walking is reasonably comfortable and the City. There are promising pathways, and the crowded city center can easily be explored on foot.


If you don't have your bicycle, you can easily rent it as biking is one of the most common traveling modes. There are designated bike lanes for the bikers' safety and free bike parking facilities in the city's most significant parts.

Electronic Vehicles

Electronic bikes and scooters are available for hire. There are plenty of safe places where you can even park and recharge the vehicles. Holland encourages eco-friendly modes of travel, making it extremely accessible for you.

Public Bus

The public bus transportation system is well-connected, safe, and affordable. Bus tickets can be purchased online, and our readers will find all information regarding bus timings on the RET website.

Tram, Train and Subway

The city has trams and metros, which makes it any young traveler's dream destination. The from and Subway system is very punctual and well connected to most of the city's significant landmarks. The tickets are inexpensive, and there are select travel tickets for tourists as well. The train station is also well connected to not only major cities of the country but also internationally.

Sustainable Shopping

Rotterdam is an evolving city, continuously looking for opportunities to grow even more sustainable and greener. This evolving process is not limited to only organic Restaurants and cafés but also the shopping scenario here is adapting the green philosophy and moving fast towards sustainability and an eco-friendly ambiance.

Here are some sustainable shop where visitors can happily spend their time and money:

  • Green Passage
  • Stil Leven Atelier & AGORA
  • Wander Women
  • Quetzal Artisan
  • Central Plaza Rotterdam

Food Markets

It can be a little difficult to find sustainable food markets in a busy city like Rotterdam. That's why here we have come up with a list with a number of sustainable food stores. Hopefully, now things will be a little easier for you.

  • Little Plant Pantry
  • Simon Levelt
  • Ekoplaza
  • Pieter Pot
  • Delicious Food
  • Holland And Barrett
  • Fenix Food Market
  • Rotterdamse Oogstmarkt
  • Swan Market

Flea Markets

Popular flea markets of Rotterdam are listed below:

  • D. Tabbernee
  • Kaapse Market
  • Blaak Market
  • Binnenrotte Market
  • The Jumping Flea Market

Second Hand Stores

  • Used Products Rotterdam
  • Piekfijn Centrum
  • Cheap Fashion
  • Mickey Mouse: The Second Hand Shop
  • Spullen voor in Je Huis
  • KickaBoo! Second Hand Made Kidsstuff


You won't be disappointed if you look into the list below and go shopping in the following Eco-fashion stores:

  • Studio JUX Rotterdam
  • Ecomondo
  • The Good People Store
  • Hutspot Rotterdam
  • Natur-el | Organic-Fair-Fashion
  • Joline Jolink


It's pretty hard work to keep a city like Rotterdam clean. That's why after many campaigns, programs, and lots of initiatives, now, finally, local people are influenced to separate their garbage. To make their efforts successful, plenty of places have been appointed as collection points, and there are also a few pickup days for locals' Garbage.

Rotterdam separates the garbage into two parts, household Garbage, and bulky waste. And residents are asked to separate their Garbage into glass recycling, paper recycling, and residual recycling. Thus, after collecting waste, different eager organizations take a step ahead and contribute to recycling.


As one of the busiest cities in the Netherlands, Rotterdam produces tons of wastes every day. Well, it's the perfect time to erase people's curiosity about cleanliness in Dutch cities! The answer is responsible for people and authority.

When the city was being rebuilt, the architecture was influenced by modern art. Also, the residents started adapting modern methods in their daily life, including waste controlling. Today they are habituated to separating their day-to-day waste and efficiently taking them to the collection points. Even Rotterdam started initiatives like taking trash from door to door in order to make the whole thing successful.

So as a visitor, you must follow their path and keep the city clean by dumping your wastes only into the designated places.

Work and Study Abroad

There are plenty of opportunities to study here in Rotterdam, and many students in Netherland choose to work while pursuing their education here. But on the other hand, it is seen that most of the graduates leave the Netherlands because of the lack of work opportunities.

Exchange Student

The student exchange program is quite popular at Rotterdam University. A number of students come here, to Rotterdam, Netherland, to live here and learn in a global environment. If you also want to participate in such a program, you will find detailed information on the University's website.

Au Pair

Au Pair is an excellent option if you want to experience and travel through Europe. Maybe that's the reason why cities like Rotterdam are adopting the concept of Au Pair very quickly. You will find numerous online communities where they help you contact Au Pair hosts, not only in Rotterdam but also around the world.


There are plenty of volunteering opportunities here in Rotterdam. After the Coronavirus pandemic, now there are fewer restrictions, and that's why more and more volunteering programs are coming online. You can participate in volunteering programs like

  • Gardening
  • Cooking and Baking
  • Pack birthday boxes for children who cannot afford to celebrate birthdays
  • Cleanup the parks of Rotterdam
  • Dance with elderly people

Volunteering means making a change in a foreign city-making an impact, developing interaction skills, connecting with locals, meeting new people, and mostly a little bit of personal growth. Lastly, volunteering is a big part of the duties of being a responsible tourist.

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