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Eco-friendly travel guide to Trabzon advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Trabzon, Turkey.

Trabzon Kazangıran Yaylası Yolu

  • Air quality: 4.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.3 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.2 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3/ 5
  • Safety: 4.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$25- $60
  • Budget per day: US$77 - $100

Responsible Travel

Trabzon, additionally called Trebizond, truly Trapezus, city, capital of Trabzon il (area), north-eastern Turkey. It lies on a wide cove on the south-eastern shore of the Black Sea upheld by high scopes of the Pontic Mountains, what separate it from the focal Anatolian Plateau.

Current Trabzon holds quite a bit of its middle age angle. The core of the city is on a triangle of tableland between two profound gorges, with stays of an antiquated Roman-constructed harbor at its base. At its southern end stands a destroyed stronghold. The downtown area is encased on the east and west by dividers that date from Byzantine occasions. The business quarter is based on a marketplace and park in the eastern piece of the city close to the old Genoese mansion of Leontocastron; east of this lies the harbor.

Authentic landmarks incorporate a large portion of the city dividers, a piece of the castle of the Grand Comneni, and a few Byzantine chapels saved as mosques. Among the holy places the best safeguarded and most amazing is the congregation Aya Sofya (Hagia Sophia), presently utilized as an exhibition hall, which neglects the ocean only west of the downtown area. The congregation is a domed basilica with magnificent thirteenth century divider artworks that were uncovered and cleaned during 1957–63. One of the best Ottoman landmarks is the mausoleum and mosque of Gülbahar, spouse of Sultan Bayezid II (ruled 1481–1512).

Trabzon is the end of the most practicable course over the mountains from Erzurum. For quite a long time it was on one of the main shipping lanes among Europe and Central Asia, and it flourished especially after the thirteenth century, when it filled in as the central port for Tabriz and western Iran. Its importance declined, in any case, with the development of the Ankara-Erzurum rail route around 1900 and the improvement of the southern Iranian port of Khorramshahr. The city's later rejuvenation has to a great extent came about because of progress in its port offices and interchanges. Trabzon is the site of the Black Sea Technical University, set up in 1963. It is connected via air with Ankara and by liner administration with Istanbul.

Trabzon region is very much forested and thickly populated. The enormous assortment of yields developed incorporate tobacco, natural products, and hazelnuts. Little stores of copper, lead, and iron are worked.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air is tolerably contaminated. More noteworthy than the most extreme cut-off set up for one year by WHO.

  • PM2.5: 12
  • PM10: 10
  • NO2: 4
  • O3: 30
  • PM2.5: 6 µg/m³
  • PM10: 9 µg/m³
  • NO2: 7 µg/m³
  • O3: 66 µg/m³

Respect the Culture

Trabzon, quite possibly the most easterly of antiquated Greek settlements, was likely established in 756 BCE by pilgrims from Sinope (present day Sinop). In the same way as other Black Sea locales, it is related in legend with the Amazon ladies’ champions. Trabzon is supposed to be the site on which the military called the Ten Thousand by the essayist Xenophon, who was one of its individuals, arrived at the ocean after its long walk that followed rout in 401 BCE.

The city succeeded under Roman principle until it was sacked by the Goths after their triumph over the ruler Valerian's powers around 257 CE. As the Byzantine port closest to Armenia, lying on a basic outskirt of the domain, the city was revamped and figured conspicuously in the eastern missions of the head Justinian I (ruled 527–565). The see of Trapezus was evidently established by St. Andrew the Apostle; Eugenius, its benefactor holy person, was martyred under the Roman head Diocletian (ruled 284–305). In the ninth century the city was made the capital of another military region of Chaldia.

After the sack of Constantinople (presently Istanbul) by the Crusaders in 1204, two grandsons of the ruler Andronicus I Comnenus got away and established an autonomous branch of the Byzantine Empire at Trapezus, with Prince Alexius Comnenus as sovereign. His replacements, the Grand Comneni, ruled longer than some other Byzantine family, shaping broad collusions through marriage with unfamiliar rulers and advancing their distinction through the clique of St. Eugenius and the glorification of their genuine or unbelievable accomplishments. Albeit subject to brief times of control by the adjoining Seljuq Turks, Mongols, and Byzantines, the realm based at Trapezus was generally circumvent by both the Seljuqs and the Mongols due to its relative detachment, troubles of access, and struggle among its adversaries. Its thriving lay somewhat in fare of its own items—silver, iron, alum, material, and dark wine—and halfway from charges on travel exchange to western Iran. The finish of the line came when its domains were added to the Ottoman Empire in 1461. From there on, Trabzon stayed under Turkish standard with the exception of a short Russian occupation (1916–18) during World War I.

Top 10 Places to Visit

While Trabzon needs miles and miles of lovely sea shores, it conveys from numerous points of view including city breaks, verifiable attractions, and many sections of land of staggering scene landscape, that make you keep thinking about whether you are in a Swiss snow-capped hotel. It isn't just moving forward in the travel industry however unfamiliar house deals. While at Trabzon, these are the places you cannot miss on

  • Sumela Monastery
  • Trabzon Castle
  • Hagia Sophia Museum
  • The Highlands
  • Uzungol (Long Lake)
  • Peristera Monastery
  • Vazelon Monastery
  • The Bedesten
  • Boztepe
  • Atatürk Kosku
Sumela Monastery


Established by Greek brokers from Miletus in the eighth century BC, Trabzon has been handballed during the time between Cimmerians, Medes, Hellenes, Byzantines and a progression of different people groups. When a significant stop on the Silk Road, it stays the Black Sea's busiest port. Fairly louche, it's the most modern city in the locale, too got up to speed in its own spin of movement to stress over what's going on in distant Istanbul or Ankara.

City Parks

Looking out for relaxation with your little ones and family? Here are some parks.

  • Trabzon Boztepe ÇayBahçesi
  • Trabzon Meydan Parkı
  • Zagnos Valley Park
  • Trabzon Merkez
  • Ekopark
Zagnos Valley Park

National Parks

Altindere Vadisi National Park set up on September 9, 1987, is a national park in north-eastern Turkey. The national park is situated in Maçka area of Trabzon Province. It comprises of exceptionally delightful backwoods on your way up to Sumela church and has a great deal of cascades and a ton of seating zones. Upto Maçka the course isn't excellent because of modern buildings on the two roadsides. At that point the lofty rocks get more, the timberland gets thicker, and to a great extent you can see trout bowls close to the street. A wild stream runs next to the street. You can go climbing or pass via vehicle or minibus. You see a cascade before you go right to Sümela Monastery.

Altindere Vadisi National Park


Being the biggest city in the Eastern Black Sea locale of Turkey, Trabzon is encircled by astounding backwoods and mountains! This flawless city was established in 756 BC by Greek pioneers. The celebrated "Turkish nuts" named on Nutella, are indeed coming from here! Obviously, this spot offers significantly more than simply nuts and history. Here you can likewise appreciate beautiful beaches and supernatural nature simultaneously! Beaches at Trabzon are known for being wavy and extremely spotless, so on the off chance that you need some activity, this sea shore is unquestionably worth a visit. Some of the best beaches at Trabzon are,

  • Yalincak Family Beach
  • Kasüstü Beach
  • Çamburnu Beach
  • Çamburnu Plajı


Having a milestone consistently makes a local area glad. It is typically what maintains and prods social, social and monetary exercises. It revives its kin and some way or another rouses and propels them to get things done for their local area. Tourist spots are generally saturated with history, so they are what make for a decent story to advise to kids and guests.

Tourist spots consistently have a major influence in pulling in guests. Some of the time, a milestone is even the solitary purpose behind certain individuals to gather their sacks and give the spot a visit.

  • Atatürk Kosku
  • Sumela Monastery
  • Boztepe
  • St. Anne's Church
  • Gülbahar Hatun Türbesi
  • Trabzon Kalesi
  • Yeni Cuma Camii
Atatürk Kosku


Museums are significant social assets and can add to social the travel industry as attractions, in light of the fact that are themselves legacy resources. Subsequently their contribution to the improvement in the field of social the travel industry is absolutely substantial. Likewise, museums and destinations add to the more extensive work impact of social legacy. Museums at Trabzon are interesting and bring in many interesting historical facts. Find some of the best museums below.

  • Trabzon Hagia Sophia Museum
  • Trabzon Sehir Muzesi
  • Trabzon Museum
  • Trabzonspor Samil Ekinci Museum
  • Taskin Muzesi
Trabzon Hagia Sophia Museum


Trabzon cooking is popular for dishes that utilization corn flour, spread and cheddar. The crown gem, Kuymak, is a dish that requires these staple fixings. Neighbourhood strengths incorporate Trabzon pide (pizza), which is made with cheddar and mincemeat, and cooked in an oven stove like Trabzon bread and Akçaabat köftesi (meatballs).

Traditional Local Restaurants

With a rich food culture which inclines slightly on the non-vegetarian side, Trabzon comes with great local food joints to binge on.

  • Tarihi Kalkanoglu Pilavi
  • Cemilusta
  • Bordo Mavi BalIk Restaurant
  • Asimer Kahvalti
  • Komaroglu Kofte Salonu
  • Kofteci Ali
  • Akgun Balikevi
  • Bozo Pide

Vegetarian and Vegan

If you are a vegetarian, Trabzon does not upset you. Find trendy vegetarian cuisines at some great restaurants that make your travel easier.

  • Çiğköftem Trabzon Forum
  • India Gate Restaurant Trabzon
  • Le Pave De Versailles
  • Berweuli Ala Carte Café & Restaurant
  • TheCorvus Cafe & Garden

Street Food

Trabzon being rich in the food culture serves one of the best street foods ever. Tourists tend to enjoy the street food. However, there are some great places that serve street food at their best. Hygiene and freshness is maintained which makes it safe for the tourist be safe and healthy. Find some of the best places to relish the street food.

  • The Lokmado
  • Kulup Bahce Kafe
  • Sakli Cennet
  • Ercan Burger
  • Cafe De Studio


Like any other destination Trabzon too flaunts some of its authentic drinks. The native drinks of Trabzon are comparatively less alcoholic and enjoyed during the entire year.

  • Turkish tea
  • Raki
  • Efes Pilsen
  • Turkish coffee
  • Salep
  • Ayran


Tap water at Trabzon downtown area is protected and is safe to drink, yet it is better fou you to purchase filtered water in order to avoid water sickness. In the vast majority of the mountain towns (for instance Uzungöl or Ayder) water is better (more delectable) than the downtown area.

Organic Cafés

If wanting to hang out with the friend company, here are some amazing organic cafes.

  • Kalender Lokanta Ve Kafe
  • Coffeeshop Company
  • Sanitas Lounge
  • Hogwarts Express 9 3/4
  • Esquisse
  • Viya Kitap Kafe Yemek
  • Tufan Pastanesi


Cıngıl Bar is the most loved place by locals and tourists. It provides a great atmosphere, live music and great service.


Trabzon having natural beauty encourages tourists are offered many activities both group and solo. Activities include exploring different places in solo or groups as provided below.

  • Zigana mountains, Hamsikoy village & Karaca Cave ; Hosted for both solo and groups
  • The heart of Trabzon Firtina valley,Ayder Highland.
  • Sultan Murad Hill & village ;A must to do private tour.
  • Uzungol Unique Lake & Village ; guided tour; Hosted for both solo and groups
  • Trabzon highlights guided tour;Group; Solo;Family
  • Famous Hamsikoy, Cal Cave & Zigana Pass;Solo;Group

Yoga and Retreats

  • Karaveli Yoga Pilates Stüdyo

Karaveli Yoga and Pilates Home is the solitary Yoga Studio of the Black Sea Region and Trabzon. It was established in 2010 by Gökhan Karaveli and Burcu Karaveli.

Karaveli and Yoga Pilates Home presents with 2 huge lobbies, an enormous inviting and resting region, natural teas arranged by specialists in the field, home grown teas reasonable for the lunar cycle, a nutrient bar and an everyday new sustenance menu and agreeable staff.

Yoga classes, which is a specialty of life for mental, otherworldly and substantial trustworthiness, proceed in different styles and levels, seriously toward the beginning of the day and early afternoon hours on non-weekend days and ends of the week, while simultaneously, it is finished with control and centre from the focal point of the body and invigorates extremely quick outcomes from stance to stomach. Pilates classes are likewise famous.

It keeps on presenting with reflection classes and workshops, yoga classes for Yin Yoga and Therapy, reiki rehearses, educator preparing, month to month workshops with Cihangir Yoga instructors, and yoga camps.

Karaveli Yoga and Pilates Home is extremely simple to reach. In the downtown area however away from the clamour of the city, the warm climate is hanging tight for you to yoga and Pilates classes with its fiery instructors.


Trabzon is a busy tourist spot. When you think about accommodation, the place has to offer various kinds of accommodation like hotels, guest houses to apartments.

Green Hotels

The present customers are more eco-cognizant than any other time. They request that brands receive practical arrangements, for example, disposing of single-use plastics like straws and shopping packs. Organizations that neglect to adjust may discover clients chatting with contenders. Supportability is a fundamental pattern in the accommodation business. In one 2017 overview, 19% of explorers said they would pay more for an excursion with a green power resort. Shoppers are getting more mindful of their carbon impression, and are finding a way to lessen it - including settling on eco-accommodating travel. Green structure activities, while useful for the climate, likewise accompany monetary profit. Reasonable inns have lower working expenses, shaving 8% off costs in the primary year. They order higher structure esteems and get tax reductions and impetuses. Numerous accommodation brands are moving towards green and practical development as a ground-up arrangement.

  • Hotel Sera Lake Resort Hotel Spa & Aparts
  • Hancioglu Orman Evleri (Bungalow) & Hotel
  • TS Park Hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Tahir Aga Konagi Hotel.: Found a 2-minute stroll from Trabzon Ferry Port, this lodging is in the downtown area. It offers free Wi-Fi and cooled convenience with a satellite TV and minibar. The rooms at Tas Konak Hotel accompany straightforward decorations. They all component a private restroom with shower and hairdryer. A few suites likewise offer a balcony. Day by day breakfast is served in buffet style. Inn Tas Konak has likewise a à la carte restaurant where you can taste neighbourhood and global tastes. The front work area is available day in and day out. Room administration can likewise be given by the lodging. The lodging's staff can assist you with getting sorted out you’re outing. Just a 1-hour drive from the notorious Sumela Monastery, Tas Konak Hotel is 4 km to the Hagia Sophia Museum. Trabzon Airport is a 10-minute drive away. Free private stopping is available on location.


Hotels are significantly more costly that an occasion home, specifically when it's a family or a gathering voyaging. In addition, apartments offer more space for youngsters and a kitchen for setting up your suppers.

Apartments are consistently cleaned by individuals we trust, and we check the outcomes before you show up. Also, remember that, by and large, occasion homes have less visitors than lodgings.

The apartment is a remarkable spot permitting travellers to have a novel occasion insight, not quite the same as that of lodging visitors. An apartment occasion doesn't really require tidying constantly up. Last cleaning administration is remembered for the cost and, on the off chance that you wish, additional cleaning can be mentioned.

Time can be a limitation while remaining in a lodging, while apartments permit you to carry on as a mortgage holder, and security is ensured.

  • White Golden Suite Hotel
  • North Pearl Residence
  • Trabzon My White House
  • Qamar Prestige Suites
  • Mina Residence
  • Royal Inn Seza Residence


Couchsurfing is an assistance that associates individuals to a worldwide local area of explorers. You may utilize couch surfing sites to discover a spot to remain or impart your home and old neighbourhood to voyagers.

In the first place, you can pick what sort of host with whom you wish to remain (e.g., male, female, family, and so on) You can figure out their characters and interests dependent on their public profiles. The additional time and data put into your own profile, the better. Prior to picking a host, you can see surveys left by different explorers who remained before you. On the off chance that the public audits don't give sufficient certainty, you can even contact those explorers secretly to check whether they had a decent encounter and would remain with a specific host once more.


Leave the overbooked booking at the hotel room. At the point when you're camping, there's no spot to be at a specific time, and there's nothing interfering with you or seeking your consideration. The common result of this sort of setting is pressure decrease and unwinding like you can't discover elsewhere.

You may not understand how scant outside air is in your everyday life. At the point when you go camping, you get the wondrous fragrances of the outside, just as the smell of supper preparing over an open fire.

Truly outstanding and most significant parts of camping is the manner by which it causes you make new companions. At the point when you go camping, you get an opportunity to talk and visit without interruption, even late into the evening. Trabzon offers you great camping experiences. Refer to the places camping centres below.

  • Zigana nomad tent
  • Sümelas Camping
  • Zigana Hunting | Trabzon Branch
  • Göğe Bakma Durağı

How to Get There

Trabzon being one of the most visited cities of Turkey, can be reached via flights buses and ferries. For international visitors, Turkish airlines make the journey easier.


Flights are accessible from urban communities like Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir towards the Trabzon airport. Furthermore, there are additionally flights worked from Adana, Bursa and other global objections.

Trabzon Airport


Trabzon can be reached through Buses from a few Turkish districts. There are a lot of buses running from Istanbul to Trabzon (18 hours) consistently. Likewise, there are buses from Kayseri and Tbilisi in Georgia. You can arrive at the downtown area from the bus station through a van administration.

Local Bus


There are trains to reach to Trabzon from various destinations.


Hitchhiking is a method for transportation that is acquired by asking people, generally outsiders, for a ride in their vehicle or other vehicle. The ride is generally, however not generally, free. Wanderers have additionally utilized hitchhiking as an essential method of movement for the majority of the most recent century, and keep on doing so today.

Trabzon is a city in north-eastern Turkey, on the bank of the Black Sea. It is generally well known for the Sumela Monestary, found 40km south of the city.

It is likewise a typical spot to get a visa for Iran. Numerous voyagers (particularly the individuals who don't need a visa for the Schengen Zone) have detailed that visas are given around the same time with little problem. The visa costs around 100 euros and regularly doesn't need any reference number or letter of invitation.

  • East towards Rize, Georgian boundary (D010): Take a transport going to the University — as there is just a single college around, it shouldn't be to hard to make an inquiry or two for it; it's close to the air terminal. The college grounds lies along the expressway going toward Rize. Discover your way down to the thruway; make a few inquiries for the "Foreign Language School" and only accross here on the roadway, is a decent spot soon after 2 paths converge, with a decent shoulder for vehicles to stop on.
  • South towards Erzurum or the Sumela Monestary: Head towards the Otogar and request the Dolmus to Macka (2.5TL), a town which is 20Km south of the city. Once there you will experience an intersection with one street heading towards Erzurum and the other to Sumela. There are numerous acceptable spots to remain in this unassuming community and is anything but a bustling street; holds up to either objective shouldn't be long.

Also, you can walk/transport/hitch to a spot between the downtown area and the college on Devlet Karayolu Cd, where the street towards Erzerum begins a many individual are coming from the thruway and it is a breeze to find a ride traveling south.


Ferries are accessible from Sochi on Russian Black Sea coast double seven days for EUR 50

Moving Around

Most regular methods of transportation in Trabzon are driving, taking a transport or a minibus. Taxi is likewise an option despite the fact that it is not so much mainstream but rather more costly contrasted with significant urban communities of Turkey (Note: taxi admissions are considerably higher after 12 PM). Trabzon downtown area isn't too large and most places you'd visit are effectively available by means of public transportation. Then again, travellers frequently visit Trabzon for mountains, Uzungöl, and close by urban communities and towns. That is the reason we prescribe you to lease a car so you can find the district without limit.

The most mainstream and accessible sort of open transportation is white minibuses interfacing Meydan (downtown area) with pretty much every region. A minibus ride costs around ₺2.5 (with slight contrasts for certain lines) and you need to pay money. The revolting part about minibuses is that it's not coordinated straightforwardly by any organization or civil power. There are no line maps, precise schedule or working hours. Be that as it may, individuals in Trabzon are normally agreeable and they will attempt to help you at whatever point you're befuddled, regardless of the language hindrance.

The transport system is worked by Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality. Data and schedule are accessible at the region's site. The transports don't acknowledge money, you must have a pre-loaded card (called "Takkart"). For more data on the transport system, you can visit the traveller data office at Meydan.

To lease a car is the most ideal decision for greater adaptability, and all things considered, it is the best way to visit most places out of the middle. There is an assortment of nearby and global firms situated at the air terminal and the downtown area. Nonetheless, it is prescribed for you to reserve a spot ahead of time, particularly during high season (summer).


You may find many walking tours at Boztepe. Boztepe is a pleasant steep walk (15 mins stroll from the Meydan up the slope clearing your path through the Turkish houses and the day-by-day exercises of local people. Up there you will get a "all encompassing" perspective on Trabzon, the port and the dark ocean! there are bistros to sit drink tea and appreciate the view or you can get your own "stuff" and lounge around. there is additionally a forested zone on the opposite side of the road you can do an outing.


There are a few attractions at Trabzon which can be explored with a bicycle. At the western end, there are the old towns of Amasra and Sinop while toward the east is the huge city of Trabzon, when the capital of an autonomous archaic Greek realm. The primary fascination there is the previous religious community of Sumela somewhere down in the mountains, however for a road trip you'll have to take the transport. The inside of this coast has rich green timberlands and numerous towns of old wooden houses yet the streets are for the most part too steep to even consider being bike well disposed.

There are a few valleys, as from Pazar, past Çamlıhemşin to Zil Castle, past numerous old stone humpback connects that can be endeavoured.

Electronic Vehicles

Trabzon consists of dealers for electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are not observed amongst locals but majorly utilized by hotels. If you wish to have a ride, you may always choose to book one for yourself from the airport.

Public Bus

Due to the accommodation of public transportation, both homegrown and unfamiliar travellers and individuals of Trabzon favour public transportation. Notwithstanding minibuses there are many buses. In private buses, tickets are taken from the bus for transportation and Trabzon Card is substantial for civil buses. Transportation in the downtown area is given by minibuses, taxis and city buses. You can arrive at the regions and towns by minibuses.

Tram, Train and Subway

Trains or Trams are not available or local transportation at Trabzon.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is inseparable from top calibre and an unrivalled item. Eco-accommodating textures are milder, more grounded and will last you for quite a long time. Truth be told, sustainable apparel promises you will not need to keep purchasing new garments constantly. Sustainable or moderate style empowers the utilization of privately delivered, biodegradable textures which have almost no antagonistic impacts on the climate. So, these textures can ultimately get back to the biological system, whenever you are finished wearing them. Some of the most famous and top shopping centres at Trabzon are as below.

  • Forum Trabzon Shopping Center
  • Varlıbaş Alışveriş Ve Yaşam Merkezi
  • Mavi - Trabzon Yomra

Food Markets

Culinary food arts are an intriguing part of the way of life of each nation, each and every town on the planet, having the option to mirror a spot's custom and history.

On the off chance that you truly need to connect with a spot's way of life, visit nearby food markets, on the grounds that from a specific perspective you'll have the option to drench yourself in the everyday life of that particular local area.

In case you're going on a careful spending plan, think about additionally the viable side of neighbourhood food markets: they offer an enormous selection of vegetables, natural products, bread, yogurts, cheeses, wines, all that can be utilized to get ready titbits or a quick supper at the room of your lodging and, significant, effortlessly. Trabzon has to offer you some incredible food markets that may help your budget.

  • Women Markets | Trabzon
  • Maraba Gida
  • Trabzon Meydan Parkı

Flea Markets

  • Avrupali Pazari (Russian Bazaar):This is a flea market at Trabzon that consists of various items. If you wish to find real Turkey items, this is the spot for you. Be it collecting gifts for your loved ones or shopping for memories, this flea market doesn’t upset you with its variety and range.

Second Hand Stores

If you are a person who would insist buying second hand stuff, here are some stored for your help. Things are maintained in a hygienic way and in an usable way.

  • Trabzon İkinci El Eşya Şahin Ticaret
  • Trabzon ikinci el eşya - SOLMAZ TİCARET
  • Trabzon İkinci El Eşya - Cenç Ticaret
  • Trabzon İkinci El Eşya Ofluoğlu Ticaret
  • Trabzon ikinci el eşya
  • Trabzon ikinci El Eşya EVKUR
  • Trabzon Alkur İkinci El Eşya
  • Trabzon İkinci El Eşya Pazarı
  • Topaloğlu 2. El Eşya Alım Satım & Tamir Bakım
  • Galeri Seç Al


Trabzon currently does not follow or provide eco-fashion clothing or accessories but may soon tend to surprise its visitors with the same.


Trabzon being culturally rich has a flow of traditional items. Recycling centres make the item flow easier the locals enjoy their items being reused in a different style.

  • Trabzon Hurdacilik
  • Ossan Metal


Waste management is being worked upon not only in Trabzon but at many other destinations.The expanding measure of strong waste emerging from regions and different sources and its ensuing removal has been one of the major natural issues in Turkey. Istanbul is a metropolitan city with a current populace of around 14 million, and produces around 9000 ton of strong waste each day. The waste synthesis for Istanbul has changed extraordinarily from 1981 to 1996 with enormous reductions in squander thickness, a lot of which is identified with diminished measures of debris gathered in winter. As of late, the Istanbul district has actualized another strong waste administration framework with depots, sterile landfills, and methane recuperation, which has prompted significant enhancements. In the Black Sea district of Turkey, the majority of the civil and mechanical strong squanders, blended in with emergency clinic and perilous squanders, are unloaded on the closest marshes and stream valleys or into the ocean. The effect of riverside and coastline unloading of strong squanders adds altogether to issues emerging from sewage and industry on the Black Sea coast. Suitable incorporated strong waste administration frameworks are required here also; nonetheless, they have been harder to actualize than in Istanbul in light of more troublesome geography, more vulnerable managerial constructions, and the lower earnings of the occupants.

Work and Study Abroad

There are 2 captive colleges offering 88 examination programs in Trabzon

  • Karadeniz Technical University: Karadeniz Technical University is a state university establishment subject to the Law No. 2547 on Higher Education in Turkey. It is upheld essentially by state reserves designated by the Turkish Parliament. Established on 20 May 1955, Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) is the fourth most seasoned college in Turkey, and the main college set up external Istanbul and Ankara. Following a time of eight years, on 19 September 1963, the resources of Natural Sciences, Civil Engineering-Architecture, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Forestry, which are the establishment stone of the present Karadeniz Technical University, were set up. After four months, on 2 December 1963 the University started its instructive exercises. The grounds site has been progressively growing from that point forward and, with numerous social, social and sports prerequisites met nearby, it has transformed into a remarkable site set in a green belt of forests and playing grounds, which makes it a standout amongst other grounds settings on the planet.
  • University of Eurasia: Avrasya University, is the principal private university in Trabzon, Turkey. Set up in 2010, it is a youthful university in Turkey.

University of Eurasia offers

  • 121 associate degree program
  • 84 Undergraduate programs
  • 24 Master’s degree
  • 2 PHD Programs
  • 2504 Associate Programs
  • 3262 Undergraduate Program
  • 637 Master’s degree
  • 32 PHD Program
  • Working along : Specifically, international understudies tried out an expert's or PhD program in Turkey can fill in as researchers in scientific projects identified with their work to finance their alumni considers. Some private colleges additionally acknowledge graduate understudies with full grants and can give assistantships to understudies in return for this grant. College understudies will regularly find freedoms to work in low maintenance work, according to their course plans.

On the off chance that you have an arrangement to work in your understudy life, what you can be sure of is that your understudy home license doesn't cover the work grant alone. Subsequently, on the off chance that you need to work during your investigations, you will initially have to obtain a work license. There are various sorts of work allows like present moment, unending, independent work and are given by General Directorate of International Labor.

  • Internship Opportunities : Higher education program you are taken on Turkey might be an obligatory or elective internship action. This kind of internship exercises, which are generally found in undergrad programs, are typically directed during summer term. For this situation, you don't have to get a work license, and with the direction of your college, you can find openings for internships in numerous privately owned businesses, government associations, international associations or NGOs in Turkey.

You can likewise have the chance to do internship for 2 a year in an European country under Erasmus + program, which is available to members from everywhere the world during your examination in Turkey or following graduation. Remember to be in close contact with the International Office of your University for this!

Exchange Student

Trabzon being equipped with great universities, however does not possess student exchange.

Au Pair

The locals being fair and helpful, you may receive co-operation during your vacation at Trabzon. AU pairing is somehow not in vogue in Trabzon.


Volunteering, for tourists and interns is mostly offered for cleaning the black sea. Black Sea locale is a touristic district in Turkey. You can see all shades of green and blue. Area has a major the travel industry course due to delightful nature and sea. All through this task, assistants will have the advantage to appreciate and advance the one of the most established and greenest districts.

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