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Eco-friendly travel guide to Azerbaijan advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Azerbaijan, Europe / Asia.

  • Air quality: 2.5 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3.5 / 5
  • Train connections: 3 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3 / 5
  • National parks: 3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $200
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $600

Responsible Travel

Azerbaijan is officially known as the Republic of Azerbaijan, is one of the most beautiful countries located in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. With the mesmerizing landscape and amazing cities to visit, Azerbaijan is full of surprises. Azerbaijan is popularly known as the "Land of Fire." In literal terms, Azerbaijan means "Protector of Fire," and the country is indeed one. With an abundance of oil and natural gas, this country was the center of fire worshipping.

The land where the east meets the west, the sea smiles at the mountains, and the old and new coexist with an abundance of natural resources, Azerbaijan is breathtaking. The country is a unitary semi-presidential republic. With almost 97% of the population being Muslim, one will find a widespread inclination and taste of the country's Islamic culture. Being a highly fast-paced developing country and one of the pioneers in a high economic development rate, literacy and employment are high.

While the country is one of the major tourist destinations, the city is jeweled with all the necessary facilities and amenities to support and offer a surreal travel experience to the travelers in the country. Home to almost 350 mud volcanoes, the country is often referred to as "The Mud Volcano Capital of the World," but the ground here can be messy, bubbling, and even explosive. A country with a rich history of Antiquity, the Sasanid period to the Safavid period, and the contemporary period, the culture is diverse.

While exploring the awe-inspiring destinations of the country, some of the points that one needs to adhere to for a successful and responsible trip, the best eco-friendly practices to adapt to are:

  • Being one of the significant oil and natural gas producing countries, the Azerbaijan pollution level is comparatively high. With a history of 150 years and widespread industrialization, transport emissions account for 80% of air pollution. While in the country, make sure to use eco-friendly ways to travel and explore. With a subtropical climate, the country is one perfect destination to explore on foot or by bicycle. Also, the country has e-vehicle facilities for taxi services.
  • While staying in Azerbaijan, opt for the eco-friendly options of staying. The sustainable stay options like green hotels, hostels, guest houses, Couchsurfing, camping, and rental apartments, are ones that use localized and substantially produced inputs to offer the services and amenities to the visitors. It reduces pollution and carbon trail as well.
  • Prefer the local delicacies and lip-smacking regional food to eat as compared to junk food. It is one of the most acceptable ways to boost the local economy and tradition as well. The traditional and local places to eat are comparatively budget-friendly as well.
  • Planning to get souvenirs or gifts for friends and family? If so, choose from the locally produced art and hand-made items from artisans and craftsmen. The uncanny look and finish of the locally produced items are unmatched by others and boost the economy. Refrain from bargaining as art demands patience and a high level of skills.
  • Deduce the use of pollution-causing materials like plastic. Prefer to use eco-friendly and reusable products that will reduce environmental degradation at your end.
  • The people of the country are warm and friendly. One of the most welcoming destinations, this country is culturally diverse. Make sure to dress well and respect the ethnicity. There might be a few places with a photograph restriction, so respect it and do not sneak in to click one.
  • Azerbaijan is a culturally rich and historically diverse place. With various monuments to explore and parks to relax, the country is perfect. While exploring the country's different cities, make sure to create awareness of responsible travel with fellow travelers, and reduce pollution and degradation in any respect.

Air Quality and Pollution

The increasing levels of pollution are one of the primary concerns all around the world. One of the former republics of the Soviet Union, the country has witnessed fast-paced economic growth. The main contributors to low air quality in Azerbaijan include the oil and gas industry and vehicle emissions. As per the World Health Organization's guidelines, the air of Azerbaijan is moderately unsafe. The current pollution statistics for Azerbaijan are as follows:

  • Pollution Index – 77.48
  • Pollution Exp Scale – 136.62

The available data indicates that Baku and Sumqayit have consistently high levels of air pollution in the country. The current information suggests the country's annual mean concentration of PM2.5 is 20 µg/m3, which exceeds the recommended maximum of 10 µg/m3. Outdoor pollution is the country's mix of chemicals, particulate matter, and biological materials that react with each other to form tiny hazardous particles due to the economic practices that it follows.

While the government of Azerbaijan has taken several steps to reduce the pollution and improve the overall environmental quality, it is pristine that being a responsible traveler, one should focus on keeping the pollution level to least by adopting eco-friendly methods. Also, following the local authorities' air pollution advisories, one can easily avoid strenuous activities.

Being a responsible traveler, it is the pristine responsibility to show some kindness and awareness towards nature and reduce the country's littering. Be aware of the pollution causing agents and avoid spoiling or damaging the country's aesthetic in any manner. Reduce the carbon trails, and make your stay memorable, should be the aim while exploring the beautiful Land of Fire, Azerbaijan.

Respect the Culture

The culture of Azerbaijan is one with the influence of Iranian, Turkic, and Caucasian heritage and Russian. Currently, one can even see the impact of western culture as well. Azerbaijan is a country where one can find a mix of Sovietism and the Middle East culture in the most chaotic way. One of the most Secular countries, Azerbaijan was the first Islamic country to declare itself a democratic and secular Republic in 1918.

A perfect country with cities exhibiting the uncanny mic of modernization and rich culture, exploring Azerbaijan is an uncanny experience. With friendly and welcoming people, the culture of Azerbaijan is vibrant and unforgettable. The remote fortresses in the country make it a country full of surprises. While in the country, some of the considerations to remember to respect the culture are:

  • Respect the traditions and customs of the religious places. Seek help for locals if you are unaware of the same.
  • Azerbaijan is one with a rich and distinctive culture. The art is deep-rooted, and a wide range of handicrafts can be seen here. Each piece has cultural importance, so get to know about it.
  • People of Azerbaijan offer great importance to the food, and the culture pays of profound significance. While you eat, follow the customary practices to indulge with the culture.
  • Pomegranate Festival is a cultural festival held every year in October with all traditional Azerbaijani dances and Azerbaijani music. Do participate if you get a chance.
  • Being a country with a rich tradition that is deeply rooted, people pay importance to dress up. Make sure to dress most appropriately while exploring the trails.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Azerbaijan is the Caucasus region, which is surrounded by Eastern Europe and Western Asia. The uncanny blend of west and east will make you enjoy this country to the fullest. From the mountains to the semi-arid plains stretching endlessly towards the horizon with historic towns that hide ancient mosques and minarets, Azerbaijan is a real beauty. If you are looking for places to visit in Azerbaijan, here are some of them:

  • Baku: the capital city of Azerbaijan that lies along the Caspian Sea, this city is a perfect mix of traditional buildings and skyscrapers. The Flame Towers are three towers in the city studded with LCD screens to resemble fire that cast a bronzed glow over the city at night. With museums of contemporary art and the Teze Bazaar for locally produced items, the city is one fantastic place to explore.
  • Icheri Seher, Baku: Popularly known as the “Old City” and “Fortress,” Icheri Seher is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the center of Baku; the place features impressive architectural pieces. The Maiden Tower and Shirvanshah Palace are some of the finest locations to explore. With a lot of sites offering handicrafts, the place is unbelievable to stroll and buy souvenirs.
  • Garasu Volcano: Azerbaijan is the country with the highest number of mud volcanoes. 350 out of 700 volcanoes are located here. Garasu Volcano is one that can spew mud to a height of over 1000 meters in the air. The gases released in the eruption of mud volcanoes are accompanied by underground rumbling. Due to the mud volcanoes, the terrain looks like the land on the moon.
  • Naftalan Oil Resort: Located in Naftalan, the resort is located in the oil fields and is pristine for medical tourism. With the facility to indulge in the oil baths or undergo a range of treatments based on oil, which is said to offer pain relief and anti-inflammatory healing, this resort's beauty is mesmerizing.
  • Gobustan: An archeological reserve that lies to the south of Baku, this place offers a peek into the ancient civilizations due to over 6,000 rock drawings that span over 537 hectares. The site is pristine if you are keen to know about the Stone age as it features a prehistoric cromlech.
  • The Caspian Sea: The largest lake globally, the Caspian Sea stretches to a whopping 371,000 square kilometers. With the beautiful sandy coastline and the salty crystal clear water, it is the perfect place for swimming, boat cruises, diving opportunities, and fishing.
  • Nabran: A village turned to a resort is 3 hours outside of Baku, to the northeast. With plenty of sunshine around the year and the Caspian sea's beautiful coastline, there are a plethora of activities to enjoy. Nabran is a perfect place for those who are looking for some nightlife experience in Azerbaijan.
  • Sheki City: Located to the west of Baku, this is the oldest city of Azerbaijan. The city that was once a stop off on the Silk Road and was famous for exquisite silks and other textiles is one with ornate heritage. The most fantastic place to visit is the Palace of Seki Khans, a palace built without the use of a single nail.
  • Yanardag: Also known as burning flame outlets or “burning mountain,” the site resembles a hill that is permanently on fire due to gas deposits under the surface of the sandstone found here. It is said that the fires are one inspired fire worship in Zoroastrianism. Different from mud volcanoes, the region is of great religious significance.
  • Ateshgah: A beautiful temple located in the suburb of Surakhany is one of the finest places to offer prayers. Built-in the 17th century, the temple is made in the shape of a hexagon, with a fire altar in the center. The natural gas reserves near the temple are now exhausted, but for the fire-worshippers who later founded the Zoroastrian faith, it is still one prominent architectural and religious beauty.


Popularly known as the “Land of Fire”, Azerbaijan is home to the Caspian sea, mud volcanoes, and flaming mountains. With the quaint resorts resting by the seaside, ancient mosques, and beautiful architectural sites, the country is a perfect blend of historical beauty with modernization. Azerbaijan is a delightful tourist destination blessed with a rich culture, fascinating parks to restore the environment and relax, amazing beaches to relax, enchanted landmarks to explore, and beautiful museums to know about the past.

City Parks

The lush green parks with a beautiful relaxing area, unique flowers, and sitting areas like benches to relax and rejuvenate the soul are among the finest locations in any city. A perfect place to relax, parks are the lungs of any country as they cleanse the air and release oxygen. With multiple health benefits, parks are essential but are an unbelievable aspect that adds to the country's beauty. Some of the most beautiful city parks in Azerbaijan are:

  • Baku Boulevard: a seaside park located in the capital city, is popularly known as The Boulevard. A Ferris wheel was added to the park in 2014.
  • Upland Park: A beautiful park in Baku adjacent to the city square and stretches alongside the Seaside Park.
  • Izmir Garden: Widely known as the Firefighter’s Garden, because of its location next to the city’s fire brigade, it is located in Baku.
  • Aliagha Vahid Garden: Located behind the metro station of Icherisheher and surrounded by historical buildings, it was relocated in 2008.
  • Officers Park: This park was founded during World War II in memory of Azerbaijan citizens and Baku soldiers.
  • Central Botanical Garden: Located in Baku, the park is a 16 hectare of greenery sponsored by the Institute of Botany.
  • Mardakan Arboretum: Formerly privately owned park, the park was purchased and publicly opened in 1920. It is located in Mardakan on the corner of the Absheron peninsula.

National Parks

The Land of Fire is packed with dramatic landscapes and beautiful sights. Some of the most famous national parks in the country that focus on the safekeeping of flora and fauna and are home to beautiful wildlife of the country are:

  • Gobustan State Historical-ArtisticReserve: Located in Qobustan, Azerbaijan, this is a UNESCO World Heritage site. With mud volcanoes, musical rocks, and over 6000 carvings on walls, this park is one beautiful location.
  • Absheron National Park: A home to various species of flora and fauna, and animals like jackals, foxes, tortoises, and more, this park is a semi-desert area and comprises of dunes. It is located in Baku, Azerbaijan.
  • Shirvan National Park: Located at Salyan Rayon, this park is a land that inhabitants 200 flora and fauna species.
  • Gizil-Agaj State Reserve: Located in Lankaran District, southeastern Azerbaijan, this park is home to 250 different species of migratory birds and 50 types of fishes, and various other animals.
  • Goygol National Park: An unparallel beauty, this park is located in Ganja, Azerbaijan. It comprises many flora and fauna species, and the most famous and the oldest lake of the city, Lake Goygol.
  • Zangazur National Park: A treat to all the wanderlust enthusiasts, this park is home to various mammal species, animals, and almost 217 species of birds is blissful. It is located at Ordubad, Azerbaijan.
  • Hirkan National Park: Located on the shores of the Caspian sea and with the most scenic view, is the best park for perfect holidays. The park is located at Lankaran Rayon, Astara Rayon.


With the beautiful layers of white sand, the crystal clear sparkling and gushing seawater, and the relaxing environment, beaches are places of serene pleasure are relaxation. Some of the finest beaches in Azerbaijan are:

  • Bilgah Beach: It is located in Bilgah, a tropical paradise just 25 kilometers from Baku.
  • Shikhov Beach: Located in Baku, this beach is one of the cleanest and offers a range of facilities, including umbrellas, loungers, and access to swimming pools.
  • Absheron Peninsula Beaches: Extending to the north and east of Baku with Pirallahi Island on the eastern tip, this is worth visiting a place with beautiful restaurants and clubs.
  • Pirsagi: Located on the north of Absheron, the golden beach of Pirsagi is one perfect for the stroll and a luxurious experience.
  • Nabran: The secluded beach in Azerbaijan, head to Nabran, is one with the cleanest waters.
  • Lankaran: A resort town, Lankaran, is one with a striking coastline and beautiful weather.


The country is one with various landmarks, both natural and humanmade. Some of the pristine landmarks in the country are:

  • Mud Volcanoes: Mainly found in the Absheron Region, Baku District, these are natural landmarks found in Azerbaijan. They release dirt, dust, and gases on the eruption. Some of the prominent ones include Dashgil mud volcano, Gobustan mud volcanoes, Kyaniz-Dagh mud volcano, and Lokbatan mud volcano.
  • Arkevan hot springs: Located in Lankaran Region, Jalilabad, this is a group of hot springs with mineral water.
  • Binagadi asphalt lake: located in Absheron Region, Baku this is tar pits which have formed over thousands of years and preserve the bones of numerous animals that might have fallen in.
  • Dubendi Cave: The cave is located in the Absheron Region, Baku District, and is one that displays an impressive group of petroglyphs, depicting seven people with upraised arms and two bulls.
  • Gamigaya Petroglyphs: Near the mythical mountain summit located in Nakhichevan Region, Ordubad, these are petroglyphs made in the 4th – 1st Millenium BC, Bronze, and Early Iron Ages.
  • Baku Old City: With the historical period's fortresses, this is located in the Absheron Region, Baku.
  • Chiraggala Fortress: The ruins of the massive fortresses Guba-Khachmaz Region, Shabra between Caucasian Mountains and the Caspian Sea, this is beautiful.
  • Juma Mosque of Shamakhi: Juma Mosque of Shamakhi is a mosque in Shamakhi, Azerbaijan, with beautiful Islamic architecture.
  • Basilica in Qum village: Located in the Shaki-Zaqatala Region, Qakh, it is the ruins of a Christian basilica built in the 5th – 6th century AD.
  • Khodaafarin Bridges: These are the two most impressive bridges built in Yukhari-Garabakh over Aras River.
  • Parigala: A mysterious limestone structure with three rooms built between the 4th and 5th century AD is located at Shaki-Zaqatala Region, Zaqatala.


With the perfect blend of nature and history, some of the most beautiful museums in Azerbaijan to visit are:

  • National Art Museum: Located in Niyazi, Baku, this is a treasure museum that safely intact all types of art ranging from paintings to ornamentation and houseware to ancient outerwear.
  • Ganja State History-Ethnography Museum: Named after Nizami Ganjav, this is the largest museum located in Ganja, one with more than 30000 exhibits history and culture.
  • Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum: Located in Baku, this museum displays various Azerbaijani carpets and rugs of different weaving techniques and materials from multiple periods.
  • Stone Chronicle Museum: Another museum from Baku, this witness the evolutionary stages of stone plastic art.
  • Museum Of Modern Art: The home to paintings and sculptors by the brightest pioneering artists of Azerbaijan and some renowned European artists, including Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, located in Baku.
  • Museum Of Miniature Books: Located in Baku, this museum is the most extensive collection of miniature books and is home to a unique collection of Zarifa Salahova, a member of the national commission of UNESCO.


With the irresistible blend of Middle Eastern and Eastern European flavors, Azerbaijani cuisine is unbelievably delicious. With a rich blend of spices, aromatic herbs, fresh fruits, and vegetables, Azerbaijan's food perfectly blends regional influences from Iran, Turkey, and the Mediterranean. The country is one that offers vegan, vegetarian, as well as non-vegetarian dishes to taste. With the perfect blend of spices and aromatic fusion of herbs, food in Azerbaijan is mouth-watering.

The mouth-watering local delicacies to try in Azerbaijan are:

  • Plov: The national dish of Azerbaijan is a preparation involving saffron-flavored rice, cooked using meat, onions, prunes, dry fruits, eggs, and fresh herbs.
  • Kebab: A perfect blend of various kinds of seasoned meat and vegetables are skewered and barbequed; Kebab is one of the finest dishes to try. Lyulya Kebab is one most refined type of barbecued minced lamb on skewers; a must-try.
  • Dolma: An uncanny Azeri dish made from rice mixed with minced lamb, mint, cinnamon, and fennel wrapped in cabbage leaves or vine leaves is mouth-watering.
  • Halva: A sugary confectionery made with chopped nuts sandwiched between thin layers of fried dough is the finest dish in the Sheki region.
  • Kufta Bozbash: The national soup of Azerbaijan, it is a special kind of broth with large meatballs, potatoes, peas, and mutton bones, and sometimes an addition of dried plum.
  • Dushbara: This is Azerbaijan's version of dumplings. It is prepared with small balls of stuffed dough, usually with minced meat, tomatoes and onions served in a lamb broth with dried mint, wine vinegar, and garlic.
  • Qutab: A typical and simple dish is a stuffed pancake, usually stuffed with cheese, spinach, or minced lamb.
  • Lavangi: Undoubtedly, one of the favorite foods of Azerbaijan, it includes walnuts, dried fruit, and onions stuffed inside chicken or fish and roasted for the tantalizing fusion of flavors.
  • Pakhlava: The multi-layered sweet pastry stuffed with nuts and topped with syrup, this is amazing.
  • Baliq: A dish for seafood lovers consists of fish grilled on a skewer and served with a tart sour-plum sauce.


A filling meal and beautiful locations to fill your heart, Azerbaijan is gorgeous. It is inevitable to have some drinks while you explore any country. With a wide variety of drinks right from non-alcoholic to alcohol-based, Azerbaijan is a country that will offer you an uncanny mix of beverages to soothe your quenching thirst. The beverages available here are traditional and unique, fresh, healthy, and nutritious, and one with the most fantastic taste.

The specialty drinks of Azerbaijan are:

  • Black Tea: It forms an integral part of Azerbaijan's culture and traditions. It's served with lemon, honey, sugar, and different small snacks, mainly after a meal, to improve digestion.
  • Sherbet: The second most prominent drink of Azerbaijan is made of herb water with saffron, mint, and basil, to which some fruits, berries, lemons, and sugar are served cold.
  • Compote: A syrup that is a mixture of sugar and boiled fruits, making it a refreshing and sweet fruity drink.
  • Ayran: A smooth and savory drink made with yogurt mixed with salt and water.
  • Lemonade: It is sweetened, served cold and usually made of peach, grapes, or tarragon.
  • Boza: A fermented drink made of fermented cereals spiced with milk or honey is one with a bit of sweet and sour taste.
  • Xirdalan: A reasonably popular drink is the most favorite local beer of Azerbaijan.
  • Su: The mineral water from the mountains is either available naturally carbonated or still.

Azerbaijan is a country with a major population of Muslims. Although, the place serves a wide variety of wines and beer but still consuming alcohol in public places is not considered favorable. Additionally, the alcoholic drinks are served only at the licensed outlets, so if you plan to get be sure not to break the general guidelines or disrespecting the social norms.


The primary source of water for Azerbaijan is the Kura River, which flows from Turkey through Georgia and Azerbaijan to the Caspian Sea. The Mingachevir reservoir of the Kura river is used as a source of drinking water by the population. But due to excessive agricultural practices, the water in the river has been shrinking at an alarming rate. Other than rivers, groundwater is also a resource that is equally essential and available in porous-stratal basins of submontane plains in Kura-Araz lowland and porous-strata basin Samur-Gusar Chay valley. The tap water is safe for drinking in most parts of the country.

Although, in the low-lying areas of Azerbaijan and Baku, the tap water is less consumed even by locals. The overall Drinking Water Quality and Accessibility in the country is at an average of 36.80, which is relatively low, and at the same time, the Water Quality is 30.36. It is one of the pristine reasons why tap water is considered comparatively unsafe in some parts. At various places, the locals even refrain from consuming the tap water. Instead, the bottled purified water is available, which is preferred. One can quickly get water in bulk quantity as well.

While you are in the country, prefer to consume bottled mineral water as compared to tap water. In case you ought to drink tap water, then boil tap water for 10 minutes, use water purification tablets, or use a filter. If you are looking to stay in an apartment, you may contact a local water supplier for the days you are staying in Azerbaijan. As even a slight change in water quality can invite various diseases, make sure to treat the tap water properly before consumption.

On the contrary, the Tap water is fit for other purposes like laundry, dishwashing, and other household work. Buying the filtered bottled water will increase the use of plastic so opt for the refill facility. Water being one of the major concerns throughout the world, it is essential to be cautious of its usage. Make sure not to waste the water as the supply is shrinking in Azerbaijan. In case you are traveling, keep the reusable water bottle with you that can be refilled on your way to water springs.


Azerbaijan is a country full of surprises. With the rich history and even more prosperous traditions, the country is one that is warm and welcoming. The hilly terrain and the fantastic climate makes the country one of the most mesmerizing places to explore. From the modernized cities to the low-lying areas and the outskirt locations, the country is one that truly lives its name, "Land of Fire."

As a traveler, who is keen to participate in outdoor activities and explore the beauty of every nook and corner of the country, Azerbaijan is the perfect location. The country is one ideal destination for every traveler, with the untouched hilly areas to the mud volcanoes and various national parks. There are multiple things to do in Azerbaijan that will let you absorb this historic country's true beauty.

Some of the most popular activities that one can participate in Azerbaijan are:

  • Witness the panoramic view of the city of Baku from the Maiden's Tower
  • Go on an adventure trip in the Gobustan national park to explore caves and rock engravings
  • Treat your eyes at the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center
  • Catch a glimpse of the country's history at Palace Of The Shirvanshahs
  • Explore the Old City of Bake, Azerbaijan, for uncanny experience
  • Visit Mysterious hillside, YanarDag with a continuously burning natural fire
  • Offer your prayers at Fire Temple of Baku
  • Visit the messy, bubbling, and sometimes explosive mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan
  • Enjoy skiing and various winter sports at the winter crossroads
  • Explore the beach sides in the country
  • Hike Beshbarmak mountain shrouded in mystery and look at beautiful birds on your way
  • Praise the scenic canyon with thick forests and historic ruins at Hunot Gorge
  • Visit the quirky bottle house of Ganja, made entirely out of glass bottles
  • Take a look at the striking icon of the disputed Republic of Artsakh at Stepanakert, Azerbaijan
  • Visit the legendary 2000-year-old tree Tnjri at Skhtorashen, Azerbaijan
  • Get a chance to see burning water at Yanar Bulag

That is not it! The country is full of so many things to do and explore. Additionally, if you are a yoga and fitness enthusiast and are looking for some beautiful retreats and studios to have a relaxing time, then Azerbaijan is one that offers an uncanny match. With numerous retreat centers and places to practice yoga, one can gain spiritual, physical, and mental rejuvenation. Azerbaijan is a country filled with such experiences that will surely give you the fun of your life.


Azerbaijan is a country with historical beauty. It offers uncanny stay options for all travelers. Loaded with all the necessary facilities and the staff's warm welcome, the stay options in Azerbaijan are comfortable and friendly. Ranging from hotels to guesthouses and from facility to camp or stay as couchsurfer, Azerbaijan is filled with so many beautiful places to stay. While the village and the countryside offer traditional stay options, the luxurious and high-end stay options are also available in the cities.

While you book your stay option, make sure to for the eco-friendly stay option. Ensure to reduce the use of plastic and proper disposition of garbage to avoid littering. The staff at the hotels and other stay options can speak English quite fluently. While booking the stay online, make sure to check the legality of the site before making payment. The country is one of the pioneers in tourism; booking before will be a good plan.

Azerbaijan is a country that offers the facility of the ideal accommodation, which has all the necessary facilities which a tourist needs while he is living and at the most budget-friendly prices.

Green Hotels

The concept of green hotel or eco-accommodation relates to the idea of staying in an environmentally sustainable hotel or accommodation that focuses on installing environmental improvements to its structure to minimize its impact on the natural environment. The hotels allow the accommodators to enjoy every facility by affecting the environment to the least. Amazingly, the country has a wide range of green hotels in various cities.

The green hotels in the country offer all the primary facilities at budget-friendly prices. Focusing on sustainable measures, the hotels here use various eco-friendly energy options like solar energy, windmills, hydroelectricity, and focus on rainwater harvesting, organic products, recycled items, reusable clothes, localized staff, and various other related facilities. With the measures taken to conserve nature, the green hotels in Azerbaijan are no less than 5-star multi-facility hotels.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels and guesthouses are best for solo travelers who want to explore this country on a low budget. With all the well-maintained facilities like the kitchen, Wi-Fi, washing area, peaceful common area, and the gardens, hostels and guesthouses are best matched for people looking for budget-friendly options and making new friends. Usually offering shared dorms, the hostels do carry some of the rules for better security.

At the same time, guesthouses offer all the facilities to temporarily rent the space and provide more privacy, and have pre-installed pieces of equipment to make the stay experience surreal and fun. Although the guesthouses are comparatively expensive but with the security and quality they offer are unmatched.

Azerbaijan is a country that has welcomed travelers for a long. With its pristine locations and a lot of history, the country is beautiful. At the same time, the country offers the hostels and guesthouses in the most pocket-friendly budget and with all the excellent facilities. Undoubtedly, these places are great for interacting with fellow travelers and learning about their experiences.


If you are one of those travelers looking for a long duration of stay, staying at the serviced apartments is the best option. With the home-like environment and comfortable environment, the serviced apartments in Azerbaijan are the finest choice. The facility to book the apartment online makes it even easier to fix the stay dates without any hassle. The apartments' facilities include the kitchen, parking space, laundry area, Wi-Fi, and sitting area. One can book a single room in the apartment or a full apartment, depending on the need and budget. Undoubtedly, the level of privacy and security they offer is superior and will also help you gain self-dependence.


Couchsurfing is one of the best options for solo travelers looking forward to a comfortable stay and the opportunity to know about the country's culture and traditions. Azerbaijan, a historically and traditionally rich country, offers the facility to stay as a couchsurfer without making any payment but in exchange for providing small household services to the family one is staying with. The facility to book as a couchsurfer is also available online, but it is better to know about the host to have the surreal stay experience. Couchsurfing in Azerbaijan is a win-win situation and the chance to get a long-term friendly relationship with the locals.


Are you a nature enthusiast who loves to stay in the camp beneath the clear sky and the middle of the millions of stars? If so, then Azerbaijan is the perfect country with amazing campsites. The camping in Azerbaijan is also arranged by various eco-tour companies who plan the camping to the pristine natural locations weekly. The super cozy, unforgettable greenery, unbelievable beauty, and the best in class facilities offered by Azerbaijan campsites are pure fun. The best way to meet nature and relieve the heat, camping in Azerbaijan is one unforgettable experience.



Getting There and Moving Around

Azerbaijan is a country that is well-connected with the rest of the world. With the surreal transport facility to reach and move around the city, transportation is smooth and affordable. One can opt to travel to the country by air or by road, depending on the budget and comfort. Additionally, rental bikes and cars are available in the country to move around and explore various cities and landmarks in the country. The tourist buses and public transport also operate, making the traveling experience fun and affordable.


There are various airports in the country. With the well-connected air transport, reaching Azerbaijan is not only swift but also comfortable and budget-friendly. While the country offers prime International Airports, various Domestic Airports operate in the country to provide inland connectivity with different cities. The major International Airports in the country are:

  • Heydar Aliyev International Airport, Baku
  • Ganja International Airport, Ganja
  • Lankaran International Airport, Lankaran
  • Nakhchivan International Airport, Nakhchivan
  • Qabala International Airport, Qabala / Gabala
  • Zaqatala International Airport, Zaqatala

While you can select any flight as per your preference, it is more desirable to prefer one direct flight as it will be time savvy as well as low pollution-causing. So, be a responsible traveler and ensure to select the best budgeted and one with the least carbon emission flight to Azerbaijan.


Various buses run daily from Georgia, Turkey, Iran, and Russia to Azerbaijan. Although the journey time is comparatively more significant than the flight, the buses are highly affordable and comfortable. The local bus service or the intercity bus service in Azerbaijan is one of the finest and well-defined routes. With stops at prime tourist destinations, the buses are fast. Minibusses facility is also available in the country as well as prime cities.

Additionally, the tourist buses also run in various cities, but operating near the cities on the international border is usually time-consuming. One can quickly check the reasonable bus deals online, but while booking or purchasing a ticket, one prefers to visit the bus terminal.


The Azerbaijan Railways is the national state-owned rail transport operator in the Republic of Azerbaijan. If you are looking to reach Azerbaijan by rail transport, then the best routes are Russia and Georgia. With the furnished and well-maintained rails running, the travel will be a surreal fun experience with the opportunity to have a look at the surrounding environment. The overnight train connecting Tbilisi, Georgia, and Baku is one of the finest choices.

The country's domestic train service is also one of the finest and offers a comfortable and pocket-friendly. A domestic train line running from Astara on the Iranian border to Baku is one of the longest routes.


Hitchhiking or catching a ride implies requesting a complimentary lift from the passenger or driver who is going a similar way. Bumming a ride is promptly available in Azerbaijan when you are on the prime roads and highways associating with the city you need to travel to. But while you seek to get a lift make sure to be aware of the path you are looking to travel. Additionally, create awareness about the monetary offering, if any, you are willing. Knowing about the track will make sure that you do fall prey to the goons on your way.


Azerbaijan is a friendly and beautiful country with various options to reach and travel. Right from flights to road transport, the transport facility in the country is well maintained. While one can opt to book a cab or a taxi to move around the city, the facility to get an eco-friendly vehicle will make the trip better. While in the city, you can also go for bicycle trips on the primary trail to have the surreal experience of nature and the surroundings. Being a responsible traveler, prefer to book an eco-friendly personal cab or taxi to reduce the carbon trail while exploring the country.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is the concept of buying goods or products produced by organic ingredients or eco-friendly inputs. Azerbaijan is home to various handmade products like beautiful carpets and jewelry. The local flea markets, food markets, and thrift stores offer travelers the opportunity to buy sustainable products like localized artifacts, localized products, second-hand items, and recycled products. Azerbaijan's Association of Organic Producers and Exporters is one business association that focuses on the concept of sustainability at its prime. Also, various fashion houses are coming up with plans to reuse the clothes rather than just dumping it.

So, while you are in Azerbaijan, make sure to get sustainably and locally produced goods as this will help boost the economy and the idea of sustainable shopping. Be a responsible traveler and buy eco-friendly gifts and souvenirs to make your trip to Azerbaijan memorable and sustainable.


Recycling is the concept of reusing the product and transforming it into other products that can be further used. The idea behind the concept is to reduce the negative impact on the environment and stop depleting natural resources. The concept is gaining widespread recognition. Various bins to collect the plastic waste to convert it and recycle for reuse have been installed in multiple Azerbaijan cities to support the idea. Also, with different companies supporting recycling, Azerbaijan is moving towards better management. Make sure to follow the guidelines to reduce the waste and assist in the recycling.


Waste refers to anything that is of no use. The current Garbage Disposal Satisfaction in Azerbaijan is 31.69, which is very low. With the government's efforts and the support of locals, the waste management in Azerbaijan is improving at an incredible pace. With the bins installed on the streets and guidelines to dispose of the waste, the country is trying to reduce waste generation. The separate solid waste management system of Azerbaijan moves towards a better garbage disposal system and reduces pollution. Being a responsible traveler, make sure to dispose of waste and follow the guidelines to reduce the carbon trail.

Work and Study Abroad

There are options for studying or working in Azerbaijan for foreigners. The excellent opportunities to work in the country make it one of the most lucrative places for foreigners. While the majority of the people are employed in the oil and gas industry, the country is one pristine location for people willing to make a future in sectors such as tourism, communications, agriculture, and education. Having a valid work permit is a must to work in Azerbaijan. One can easily find the opportunities online or even in papers published in the country, and even get assistance from the placement agencies.

Exchange Student

Azerbaijan is the right destination for various students, given its good programs, reasonable fees, and culture and history. A few institutes in the country offer the facility of exchange students and allow the students to get knowledge and study here. The direct admission facility is also available here. The chance to know about Azerbaijan's rich culture and history, studying here is a real bliss.

Au Pair

Au pair is the idea of staying with the local in return for taking up small jobs like taking care of the children or doing some little housework, may or may not be in return for allowance. The concept is comparatively new, but in Azerbaijan, one can find significant opportunities to stay as Au Pair. A majority of the online portals are available to book as the Au pair, but knowing the host before booking one will offer a surreal stay. A great chance to learn about the culture and traditions of a place, Au Pair is the best option, especially for students.


Volunteering is one of the most acceptable options to give back to society. The idea behind volunteering is to use the knowledge and skills possessed for the betterment of society as a whole. The opportunities include teaching, serving the community, nature conservation, animal rescue, and many more. Before applying for work as a volunteer, make sure to know the basic guidelines and the conditions to join. Leave a positive trail and collect various happy memories while working as a volunteer in Azerbaijan and act as a responsible traveler.

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