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Eco-friendly travel guide to Bodrum advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Bodrum, Turkey.

Panorama of Bodrum marina taken from the west side of the castle

  • Air quality: 3.4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.2 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 2.1 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.1 / 5
  • Parks: 3.2 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.5. / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.8 / 5
  • Safety: 4.1 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$12 - $350
  • Budget per day: US$32 - $400

Responsible Travel

To get around Bodrum and the peninsula, dolmus is the least expensive and effortless choice. Dolmus means "stuffed" and in the busiest hours, these minibusses stay! They are a cross between a small transport and a regular taxi. Everyone leaves and returns to the bus stop in Bodrum and here, especially during high season, you can ask where specific dolmus and the best course go. There are no "transport stops", as dolmus are greeted when they pass and stop anywhere you ask along the course. At the time of composition, admission is 1.5YTL for any distance.

  • Taxis are also reasonable. Make sure the driver adjusts the meter when starting the tour. They are yellow Fiats (usually) and admissions are genuinely modest. Again, the main taxi rank is at the bus stop, but there are others around. In general, tip the taxi driver by gathering your ticket to the nearest lyre. If you travel a significant distance, you may well deserve admission in advance.
  • (This pearl from the Aegean values the warm daylight for 10 months and with an abundance of varied landscapes, it can surprise you: pleasant coasts of the sea, wild coats dotted with flowers, and pristine paths. Take a walk through history. Investigate old civic establishments along an 850 km pristine beach path between the Mediterranean and the Aegean. Strolling is as simple as it is modest.
  • The Bodrum market is held two days a week, and for a long time in the past its slowdown was part of a lonely Friday for everyone the Friday committed to new foods and Tuesday kept for the material market. As the number of guests in Bodrum increased, the number of clothes decreased similarly and became a haven for modest pants, shirts, bags, and a wide variety of accessories and accessories.
  • Try to visit nearby real estate developments in Bodrum to purchase items of moderate but extraordinary quality. Shopping is a real treat in Bodrum, with its numerous shops lined up on the roads limited between the whitewashed structures.
  • Amusement and amusement parks are ideal for families with young people looking for fun during their outings. It invigorates your spirit as well as your brain and provides you with the much-needed space for the city's hectic life.

Air Quality and Pollution

One of the main factors that play an exceptionally urgent part in choosing whether you need to live or visit as a traveler is the quality of the air, as well as the contamination of the city. Bodrum is a region of Mugla on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The air quality is decent; nevertheless, for certain contaminations, there may be a moderate concern for the well-being of an exceptionally modest number of individuals who are curiously vulnerable to air contamination.

Bodrum has a Mediterranean atmosphere with dry, suffocating summers and mild winters. If you are a sun lover, the best ideal opportunity to visit Bodrum is between June and September. The most suffocating month of the year is July, with a normal daily limit of 36 C and a normal minimum of 20 C. The coldest month of the year is January with a normal daily limit of 14 C and a minimum normal 4 C You should have the option of enjoying the sea coast with ocean temperatures averaging 23 C or more from June to October.

Respect the Culture

Bodrum is a captivating place, as it has a satisfactory differentiation between the old city - where there are discernible pieces anywhere in the city - and a jungle gym for wealthy Turks and a variety of unknown guests. The population of the city of Bodrum was 35,795 in the 2012 statistics. The comprehensive cities and towns had an extra 100,522, for a total of the area of 136,317.

Almost 99% of Turkey's residents are Muslim. This is an extremely huge fee for a country that has a dominant government. 72% of Muslim residents are Sunni, while 25% are young. Although only 1% of the nation is non-Muslim, these different religions are huge in variety. Christianity and Judaism are the two most regular religions of this 1%. There are countless social occasions - especially the Ballet Festival in August, a wide range of pop shows in the Castle, or the Amphitheater that has been restored in recent years, having been set up some 2,000 years before.

Eating out in Bodrum offers endless possibilities. Despite the small restaurants, you will also discover countless elegant and extravagant cafes that serve a team different from the food of several nations.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Situated on the Turkish coast, the city of Bodrum offers a complete experience for the traveler, skillfully combining the business, the social, and the unique. Regardless of whether you are a keen antique dealer, a valiant traveler, or a shopaholic, Bodrum has something for everyone. The most famous places to stroll are:

  • Castle Of St Peter - Guardian elegantly erect on the coast, this fortress saved all around is a fundamental stop for those who quickly revel in an excellent landmark of Turkey's past. In the interior, there are countless relics found in the neighborhood. The high spire of the fortress overlooks the great beyond and offers surprising perspectives on land and ocean. It would be our specific suggestion to plan your visit for later in the evening, for cooler weather, as well as to watch a stunning sunset from the pinnacle.
  • Bodrum Museum Of Underwater Archeology - A highlight of the connection of São Pedro Castle, the Museum of Underwater Archeology is an interesting and exceptional fascination for this coastal district. Typically, in a truly wealthy country like Turkey, archaeological research is productive both on land and in the ocean. This is your chance to see a part of the many protected relics that were discovered under the waves and inspired a wonderful and honorable development, lost in the past.
  • Ozzlife Boat Tours - respected by countless tourists, as the absolute best fascination in Bodrum. Climb aboard and enjoy a comfortable trip around the coast. Surprise yourself with the easy brightness of the territory, enjoy food and drinks (heavy drinker and not drunk), and enjoy the abundance of information from the entire team! You can be sure that every need and question will be met with the team's outrageously friendly mentalities. This is undoubtedly the most relaxed and extravagant approach to seeing the coast!
  • Bodrum Amphitheater - The Bodrum Amphitheater is a remarkable exhibition. See the old-fashioned history rejuvenated at your feet as you navigate an age-old landmark before! Climb up, sit back and relax on the stones faded by the sun and ask yourself about the new possibility you need to get the most natural collaboration with your life's past! Besides, the highest point in the amphitheater offers unbelievable perspectives on the rest of Bodrum, so over a significant period, it will fall in a way that could happen in Turkey.
  • Zeki Muren Arts Museum - The Zeki Muren Arts Museum is an underlying compliment to Zeki Muren, a renowned Turkish artist, arranger, and presenter. The gallery is located in the VIP's last house before his death. He is praised for his commitments to Elvis-like music. The gallery is made up of a large number of his belongings, gifts from his illustrious life, products, and data that clarify how Muren ended up being just a powerhouse in contemporary Turkish music.
  • Gingers Aegean Segway Tours - The latest fashion in comfortable transportation creates a new and fun way for you to explore this wonderful city. Many agree that this is the most ideal approach to see a large number of must-see sights in the city. As well as getting a Segway, some key lectures on preparation and well-being, your meetings will have a guide. This guide will be an expert in the neighborhood who will use your local information to make your visit fun, instructive, and not at all like another visit you made in Turkey! Try not to delay joining, as all skill levels are prepared.
  • Gumusluk - Almost all updated neighbors in Bodrum will intensely prescribe a visit to Gumusluk. The area is implanted with intoxicating and artisanal tranquility that will take you deeper and deeper through its winding cobbled roads. The shores of the sea are pristine and magnificent for families, all restaurants overlook the ocean and serve new and tasty rarities nearby. Visiting Gumusluk is a brief visit to heaven!
  • Bardakci Cove - This is known to be perhaps the most beautiful place in Bodrum. If you are lucky enough to stay at a nearby inn, you can enjoy the amazing views of the bay, the shores of the sea, palm trees, and the numerous conveniences for travelers and artificial highlights nearby. Regardless of whether you are looking for a sumptuous day by the sea or a busy day of retail treatment, you can fulfill your fantasy here!
  • Palmarina - Palmarina is the recently remodeled Bodrum marina that we suggest you visit! Take a stroll under the palm trees, let yourself be silenced by the ebb and flow of the tide, respect the yachts moored at the pier and let yourself be carried away by the extraordinary nightlife that port cities enjoy! The marina is made up of shops offering everything from clothes to trinkets, bistros, cafes, and bars. End the ideal day with the ideal night in Palmarina.
  • Yahsi Beach - Of the numerous sea coasts in Bodrum, the Yahsi sea coast is truly remarkable. Spread out on a hammock, drink very close and let yourself be enchanted by the sparkling and impeccable sands, the shallow and unmistakable waters, and the delicate summer winds. The sea coast is also close to several food foundations, so everything you need for a relaxing day is just a short drive away! You don't have to make the slightest effort at nightfall!
The majestic Bodrum Castle


Bodrum, located on the south bank of the immense and rugged Turkish landmass of a similar name, offers a true departure from the Mediterranean with its many narrow and beautiful sea coasts. You will have a lot to decide during your vacation in this coastal city - either along the coast, on stunning little islands that are a boat out, or inland - because of the mix of difficult seascapes, old-fashioned destinations, and fascinating old cities.

While the city of Bodrum is dotted with remarkable sights and narrated by forts and catacombs, you also receive the joys of today. Enjoy a different shopping scene, going from new business sectors and markets in demand to the current shopping centers. After the sun sets behind the interesting harbor horizon, you can find energetic nightlife encounters on the aptly named Bar Street.

City Parks

  • Bodrum Aquapark Ortakent - Bodrum Aquapark Ortakent is about 9 km northwest of the center of Bodrum. One of the largest water parks on the Bodrum Peninsula, it covers an area of more than 40,000 square meters and joins adrenaline drainage rides that more experienced children can enjoy with wave pools and a giant jacuzzi. Made for younger relatives, its 400-square-meter, three-level pool incorporates water bikes, water balance, and children's bungee. Teens can have a lot of fun at the lively parties at Bodrum Aquapark Ortakent.
  • Fun Town Yahsi Park - Fun Town Yahsi Park is a goal that accommodates the family on the Bodrum Peninsula. It is the right place for outdoor exercises that even adults like to enjoy. The recreation center offers go-karting, table tennis, paintball, and horse riding, as well as a jungle gym for young people. Its area in Ortakent, an occasional city about 12 km west of the center of Bodrum, makes it a simple trip for children, considering all aspects. You can reach Fun Town Yahsi Park by driving your vehicle or coordinating a private exchange.

National Parks

  • Güvercinlik Tabiat Parki -There is potential for outdoor exercise and travel within the scope of ecotourism in the countryside. The Natural Park area is located in the Bay of Güvercinlik, the south extends along the coast and the north is the territory of the forest. In this state, he has a common green and blue vision. From south to north, the vegetation changes from palm trees to red pines. This change is a component that claims several visual tastes. Since the Natural Park is small in territory, it is divided by paths to prevent fires in the forest, and on the streets, there are no streams nearby.
Güvercinlik Tabiat Parki


Bodrum attracts many neighborhoods and global guests to its beaches. The waters of this impressive city on the Aegean coast are completely clear, making it ideal for swimming and diving, among countless other aquatic exercises available.

  • Yahsi Beach - offers an extraordinary view of the ocean side near Bodrum, because of its perfect and clear waters, next to a truly available sand segment. The sea coast has numerous conveniences and activities in the surrounding area. There is no shortage of places to eat, drink and rest close by, so you can hang up the phone and let go, knowing that everything you need is close by. This well-known coastline on the Bodrum headland is long and winding, so keep walking until you find the place that is right for you.
  • Gümbet Beach - It is a significant stretch of 1 km of fine, shiny sand against moderately shallow waters and is famous among those looking for an adrenaline rush in Bodrum. The main attraction of this sea coast is the variety of accessible water exercises, which include diving, windsurfing, water skiing, water skiing, and paragliding. You will have the option of getting very close to a huge coral reef, imps of the ocean, starfish, and fish with dynamic shadows. If you simply need to relax by the sea, many beachfront bars offer free sun loungers with an order for food or drink.

Gumusluk Beach


  • Bodrum Windmills - An invigorating climb to Bodrum's windmills allows you to extend your legs and discover one of the perfect ancient sites in the Turkish landmass. Very far from different attractions in and around Bodrum, these windmills remain in lovely tranquility over the harbor. The abandoned structures humiliate him with a nostalgic and heavy air, taking into account a careful separation of the city's way of life. Although you can invest more energy on the waterfront or in the bar, you may well remember the quiet time at Bodrum's windmills. The perspectives on the water and the port are unmissable, considering all things.
  • The Mausoléu In Halicarnassus - is seen as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. A gigantic, funerary chamber, delegated by a 21-foot pyramid 46 meters high, embellished with 36 sections in the Ionic solicitation, with four ponies pulling a carriage at the top. An earthquake annihilated the old-fashioned cemetery beforehand, and later its stones were used in the development of Bodrum Castle.
  • The Old Theater - This is one of the significant remaining parts of the Hellenistic period. The enclosure, with a long rectangular design, has a limit of 13,000 people and consists of three fundamental areas. The Old Theater was coordinated as a historic open-air center. It was implicit in the 4th century and has a brilliant view over Bodrum and Bodrum Castle. The entertainment center is located on Bodrum-Turgutreis street and still offers countless shows and celebrations in the summer.

Bodrum Windmills


  • The Bodrum Museum Of Underwater Archeology - It is located inside the Bodrum fortress (St. Peter's palace). The gallery shows a variety of interesting relics from the stocks of old shipwrecked sailors, with crystal objects, copper products, and gold from the boat in sight. Bodrum's historic center, with submerged paleo-history, is also home to the most experienced known shipwrecks in the world.
  • Zeki Muren-is perhaps the most famous Turkish artist and his home became a gallery after his death. The Zeki Muren Art Museum is housed in the House of Memory of Zeki Muren. The house has 2 floors and Zeki Muren's costumes, things, personal effects, and photos have been on display in the commemorative house since 2000. Closed on Mondays.
  • The Bodrum Museum Mausoleum - Mausoleum De Halicarnassus-If you love investigating the way of life and need to see something older than the popular Bodrum Castle than going to the remaining parts of the Bodrum Mausoleum Museum, also called the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, which is one of the seven miracles of the old-fashioned world.

The beautiful collection of ancient clay work at the Bodrum museum of underwater archaeology


• Bodrum's food is good and does not swell unless you enjoy a lot of good Turkish bread, cakes, or rich pastries. Bodrum's food is notable for its conventional Mediterranean flavors. Cheap Turkish-style food is also. It will be an incredible experience to taste some dishes and drinks that you have never tasted.

The national dish of Turkey, Doner Kebap which is tender meat that is prepared on a vertical rotisserie

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Dining As A Place In A Metano - A meyhane is a regular Turkish bar or restaurant. The experience of a meyhane cannot be missed, as it includes choosing from a huge choice of hot and cold meats and then flying to the nearby fish or butcher market to choose and buy your main dish, which will be taken to your chosen and cooked restaurant. on-site for you.
  • Goltürkbükü - It is a stunning city that fits into a small gathering of calmer retreats, supported by wealthy Istanbul guests. Restaurants can be found installed on the Aegean waterfront and this experience is only further enhanced by a portion of the cafes that spill into the water. To accompany dinner, try the public raki drink with light anise or wine delivered privately. A part of the famous spots here, for example, the Miam Restaurant offers a wide choice of meat and fish.

Plenty of traditional restaurants can be found at the Göltürkbükü village

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Mezemore - If anyone asks where to eat in Bodrum, then you should certainly suggest Mezemore! The food is unimaginable !! So tasty, new, and made with so much affection! Mezemore is emphatically prescribed for individuals who need to taste traditional Aegean cuisine at reasonable costs.
  • Vegan A La Turca - Small vegetarian restaurant that makes a variety of Turkish dishes, as well as pizza, cakes, and raw sweets. Food illustration: falafel hummus dish, Buddha bowl, vegetable-loving meat pide, vegetarian durum, and chocolate cake. At the moment, it is open to take out, so to speak. Owners and helpful staff. In the event you choose to eat here, definitely make sure you have the seitan wrap, it is so delicious.

Street Food

There could be no more excellent approach to catching this type of city than through its road food. A part of the acclaimed road food sources are found at:

  • Nazik Ana - Stroll through Bodrum's main rear entrances, and smiling restaurant owners will lure you to their menu with the smart conversation. However, for a genuine neighborhood dining experience, pay special attention to the bottle-shaped coffees that serve hot and cold dishes every day at the front counter. Nazik Ana is one of those places and is one of the most real restaurants in Bodrum.
  • Andiamo - Excellent place to eat delicious environmental factors, surprising food, and a warm greeting from the servers. The Diane steak was cooked perfectly and the waiters couldn't be more attentive - definitely worth a visit
A street vendor selling Sesame Simit


One of the main Turkish words I learned was "Su" (water) - and in the height of the summer, it will be one of your most-used new words. On a hot day, you can also quench your thirst like a tulip glass filled with hot tea, and nothing balances a feast, similar to a solid, dark Turkish espresso. When the sun goes down, go somewhere with a view of the sea and enjoy a mixed drink, a super cold lager, or if you are feeling audacious - cold Raki. Some of the famous places that serve their espresso in the same way that alcohols are:

  • Bodrum Bar Street
  • Bodrum Marina Yacht Club


Although most of Bodrum is immaculate and sterile, public latrines and taps are generally not. Try not to drink tap water and, keeping in mind that it is supposedly protected to use to clean your hands, it can be very cunning to put resources in some antibacterial hand cleaner. Buy filtered water to drink and make sure it says "purged" on the brand.

Organic Cafés

  • Bodrum Organik - Formerly a new point of sale for natural foods in a stall in the Konacık locality of Bodrum, Bodrum Organik has now taken on perpetual neighborhoods in a full-time store in the city of Bitez. Given the natural needs of the occupants of Bitez and its surroundings, Bihter Mutlu and the Cem Mutlu store, Bodrum Organik, are fast becoming the primary address for solid food grown from the soil nearby.


As a modest community, gheg has some major manufacturers coming up in Bodrum. The liquor is widely sold on the Bodrum headland. Imported mixed drinks are exceptionally priced, so you should check the cost on the beverage menu first. The most famous type of beer is Efes, although Tuborg is also generally sold. A part of the renowned bottling works here are:

  • Pablo Bira
  • Yok Must
  • Yula Bodrum - Drink And Cool


Situated on the Turkish coast, the city of Bodrum offers a wide experience for the traveler, skillfully combining the business, the social, and the unique. Regardless of whether you are a history expert, a brave pioneer, or a shopaholic, Bodrum has something for everyone. In the summer centers, there are also many alternatives to eat, shop, and have fun, from sunbathing to celebrating.

Yoga and Retreats

The specialty of rehearsing yoga helps to control a person's psyche and body. Likewise, it helps to expand adaptability, muscle strength, and body tone. After a busy and furious schedule, individuals should find out how to relive, and doing yoga is probably the best technique for adapting to stretching. Here are the most famous yoga communities in Bodrum:

  • Pi̇lates Bodrum
  • Pilates Saloon And Personal Training


Tracking the cheapest cost for the best accommodations in Bodrum, Turkey, is simple. Regardless of whether you are on business or pleasure, Bodrum is an exceptional city to visit, with over 1362 accommodations to explore. You must choose what is critical for you and your family concerning cost, area, and space. Some are equipped with swimming pools, retirement homes, and carports.

Green Hotels

  • Greenhouse Aparthotel
  • Goddess of Bodrum

Hostels and Guest Houses

Some groups regularly consider the genuine contrast between hostels and guest houses. To have a reasonable idea, a hostel is a small private house that is rented daily, and the other accommodations in Mecca are made up of about 4 to 10 rooms. The hostels are seen as larger when compared to the homes of visitors. The best known and with the best comfort are listed below.

  • Modern Li̇fe Bodrum
  • Karayel Aparthotel
  • Marhaba Pansiyon


The skyscrapers here are worked on an exemplary Mediterranean plan, with whitewashed dividers and climbing flowers. For travelers who value their own space at the end of the day, a loft or level is the ideal home away from home. Equipped rooms and kitchens offer meetings and families the adaptability to enjoy their holidays independently or plan the next day's exercises during a common dinner. Often accessible for short and long trips. The most well-known lofts are:

  • Rose Residence
  • Degirmenburnu Residence


Couchsurfing is a local area for movement with many individuals around the planet and is the ideal approach to find Riyadh as a neighborhood. Contact over in Bodrum to find unique places to stay, and local people to stay. Use Couchsurfing to discover convenience in Bodrum, get together with local people and explorers, and the sky is the limit from there.


Outdoors is probably the most tranquil and common method of organizing wonderful nature in Bodrum. Bodrum can be considered an outdoor lover's paradise. There are numerous campsites in Bodrum situated amid wooded slopes and mountains and it has a sky blue and tranquil ocean.

How to Get There

Bodrum is a town on the southern Aegean coast of Turkey, popular with tourists worldwide. Sone If ways to get there are:


There are no air terminals in the city. Two air terminals serve the city. Milas-Bodrum Airport is 36 kilometers (22 miles) east of Bodrum, with domestic and global flights. Kos Island International Airport, 70 kilometers (43 mi) from SW, located in Andimachia, Greece, available by boats from Bodrum on a 20 km (12 mi) stretch of the Aegean Sea. In addition to annual trips to Greek objections, traffic from the Kos air terminal is occasional.

Milas Bodrum Airport


Numerous intercity transport organizations are working in transport administrations to Bodrum from important urban communities in Turkey such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Bursa, Konya, and so on. After appearing in any of these urban communities, Bodrum is reached by transport. By transport: from Istanbul to Bodrum 13 hours; Izmir to Bodrum 4 hours; Ankara to Bodrum 10 hours, Antalya to Bodrum 7 hours.

Bodrum Dolmus Station


There are no trains in Bodrum for traveling.


Turkey is an extremely hitchhiking-friendly country, and so it's city Bodrum. Turkey has a very distinct reputation, especially when it comes to female hitchhikers, but once you get on terms with the dynamics of interacting with Turks, you will be fine.


Bodrum is reached by sea from Kos and Rhodes (Greek Islands). Daily ferryboat services from/to Cos and Rhodes to Bodrum are available during the summer season.

Moving Around

Dolmus (minibus) and local buses are the best and the most practical option for getting around the Bodrum peninsula. They are the most preferred and cheapest way to get around Bodrum.


The walking path that begins in the north of Bodrum heading to Pedesa and Gökçeler Castle has different returns. Depending on the walkers, there are 2 starting points. One from Konacik and the other one is from Pedrosa. This Route has a 360 degrees panorama of the peninsula. The path, which starts with a pleasant slope, and has a view of Bodrum, goes through a valley and continues to Gökçeler.


The Turkish have their peculiar way of constructing a road. The surface consists of uncomfortably big stones glued in blacktop. When you're sitting on a bus, you feel a constant soft vibration, but on a bicycle, it's annoying and tiring.

Electronic Vehicles

The first electric prototype car was launched on 27 December last year. There are more than a thousand electric cars that could be hired for traveling around Bodum. There are also numerous charging stations for electric cars. Electric cars are easily available and are very cheap.

Public Bus

Dolmus (minibus) and local buses are the best and the most practical option for getting around the Bodrum peninsula. They are the most preferred and cheapest way to get around Bodrum. Suburban bus ring services depart from the intercity bus station. They also pick up and disembark passengers at any points in between.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are no trains or trams in Bodrum for traveling.

Sustainable Shopping

Shopping is a real joy in Bodrum, with its numerous shops lined on the narrow roads between whitewashed structures. You will track a wide range of conventional Turkish things in the Bodrum landmass to retrieve the well-known Bodrum shoes, beautiful trinkets such as onyx pots, bowls, and ashtrays, mosaic lamps, Turkish clothing, metal products, carpets, shoes, bags, and gems.

Food Markets

A food market t is a pedestrian area that has been designated for cafes and bistros. Likewise, you can visit Bodrum's food market to sample the tastiest neighborhood dishes that are available here. The shift from global natural hierarchy, the presence of ostracized people, the growing number of travelers, and the shift in food tilt are stimulating the cheap food market in Bodrum. A part of the famous food markets are:

  • Coskun Market
  • Delly Hamburger
  • Lovely Jubbly

Flea Markets

Some of the flea markets in Bodrum are:

  • Bodrum Bazaar
  • Ortakent Pazarı
  • Bodrum Pali Pazari

Second Hand Stores

There is a typical variety of recycled clothing and strange things like this shaggy monkey on a swing, as well as an irregular choice of familiar things. The main recycled stores are:

  • Bitez Sunday Flea Market
  • Bodrum Eşya Dünyasi
  • Tarhan Spot


Sustainable eco-design is a development and interaction that encourages change to shape items and the style structure towards more notable environmental justice and social equity. Feel good about impressive and admirably acclaimed brands that make eco-style clothing and adornments are:

  • Socrates
  • Bodrum Bazaar


Bodrum has a huge garbage problem and is looking for green answers to address this problem, especially in the middle of the year, the structure is deficient, and uncontrolled contamination appears due to the increase found in the population. Bodrum has a sewage structure and an ocean outfall structure, a treatment plant in those territories.


Recyclable materials include many kinds of glass, paper, metal, plastic, textiles, and electronics. Usually, in Turkey, used solid waste recovery and recycling like the following: A) sorting at source, B) recovery from refuse receptacles, C) recovery at the treatment and disposal site. There are many composting facilities in Turkey, from there two factories in İZMİR with equal processing capacities.

Work and Study Abroad

If you've never thought of study abroad in Turkey as a top location, think again! Turkey's educational system has also been spotlighted as an optimal destination for studying history, politics, languages, sciences, and more.

Exchange Student

At the moment, there are almost 150 schools and colleges in Turkey, and more than 30,000 new, unknown students concentrating abroad, especially in Bodrum. A regular course of study in Turkey incorporates the language. In case you consider an unknown language not to be tea, don't stress! Most research projects abroad are offered in English. Here are probably the most well-known territories to contemplate:

  • Multicultural Affairs
  • The business
  • Engineering
  • Eastern Mediterranean studies
  • International relations
  • Travel, tourism, and hospitality

Au Pair

An au pair is a helper from a foreign country working for, and living as part of, a host family. Typically, au pairs take on a share of the family's responsibility for childcare and some housework and receive a monetary allowance for personal use. A large number of opportunities are available for Au pair in Bodrum.


Participation implies an individual who intentionally tries or communicates the ability to accept assistance. Vacancies are currently accessible to specialists, volunteers, medical caregivers, specialists, and specialists in medical services in Bodrum.

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