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Eco-friendly travel guide to Pilsen advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

From top: Republic Square, Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, Renaissance City hall, Great Synagogue, Techmania Science Center, Lochotín park, New Theatre, Prazdroj brewery gate, brewery water tower.

  • Air quality: 3.9 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.8 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.9 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.3 / 5
  • Safety: 3.9 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$1000 - US$1200
  • Budget per day: US$800 - $900

Responsible Travel

Eco-friendly travel guide to Pilsen advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally-owned hotels, organic restaurants, and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

Located in the western Czech Republic, Pilsen is the fourth most populous city in the country. It lies in the fertile Plzen basin, where several tributaries gather to form the Berounka River. It is an important industrial, administrative, cultural, and commercial center of the country. Pilsen is also the home and birthplace of the Pilsner beer, available widely across the city as well the world. Hence, this city is known for the Pilsner Urquell Brewery, which is specialized in bottom-fermented beer with brewing cellars and a bottling plant. The current senior is Miroslav Hamari, the preacher of Koranda parish congregation of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren in Pilsen, commonly known as Koranda congregation located in the city center of Pilsen. The seat of the West Bohemian seniorate of Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren is currently set in this city. The Czech Evangelical Lutheran Church is headquartered in Pilsen. St. Paul's Lutheran Church is a church of the Czech Evangelical Lutheran Church in the city. The most prominent sights of Pilsen are the Gothic St. Bartholomew's Cathedral, which was founded in the late 13th century and its tower is the highest in the Czech Republic, the Renaissance Town Hall, and the Moorish Revival Great Synagogue, the second largest synagogue in Europe, after the Dohany Street Synagogue in Budapest. Pilsen is twinned with Birmingham, United States; Winterthur, Switzerland; Limoges, France; Takasaki, Japan; Liege, Belgium; Zilina, Slovakia; and Regensburg, Germany.

  • To contribute positively to the economy of the locals, make sure to visit the local markets for food and lodging.
  • As an eco-friendly tourist, you should follow some of the positive steps to effectively contribute your role to the environment of the city, in addition to providing support to the locals.
  • Use eco-friendly modes of transportation to explore the short-distance localities inside the city.
  • You should visit the national parks to experience the wildlife that is reserved, apart from exploring the major attractions of the city. Also, you can enjoy the beauty of nature in the widely spread environment of flora.
  • Being an eco-friendly tourist, you should opt to stay in the green hotels that are available across the city. Its positive role to use recyclable goods helps to reduce the waste and maintain the pollution level to a limit.
  • You must opt to taste the street foods served in the city lanes. This will help you to understand the traditions of the city.
  • Using local transport to explore the city will provide support to the transportation system in the city. Therefore, rented cars and taxis are some of the best options.
  • Make sure you wisely use the resources available across the city. This will help to preserve the resources for the locals so they can use them in the future.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality in Pilsen is moderately safe. This means that the air quality is generally acceptable for most individuals. However, sensitive groups may experience minor to moderate symptoms from long-term exposure. The government is effectively working on the procedure to fulfill the target of controlling the pollution rate in the city. They are also working to keep the air quality level at a proper rate so that the city air remains pollution-free. Thus, various actions have been taken to decrease the amount of usage of such devices that causes more pollution.

The important steps taken to emit the harmful gases involve the elimination of the various machines extensively used in the city from which the hazardous gases come out. These gases are not only harmful to humans but also negatively affect the flora and fauna of the city. Besides, these authorities have also asked the public to use gadgets that are low fuel-based. Also, the same is has been considered for the public transports.

With continued work of handling and controlling the pollution level, the city has managed to reduce pollution to a certain level and provide a better city life to the people. At the present date, the air quality and pollution are very much in control. Therefore, you can plan a comfortable trip to Pilsen, Czech Republic.

Respect the Culture

Pilsen has been the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pilsen. The rich cultural and economic standard of life in Pilsen is particularly enhanced by its heritage. The ancient town center was declared as a historical landmark, which is to be carefully preserved. The rich architectural gems here include the Gothic St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, Renaissance City Hall, Baroque reconstruction of the Archdeacon’s house and Franciscan Monastery, and the recently re-opened Great Synagogue of Pilsen. The Puppet Museum is located in the completely adapted historical house in the Square of the Republic. It is known for holding exhibitions and workshops that will map the unique history and present of Pilsen puppetry and offer interactive activities for both children and adult visitors. In addition, the Diocese Museum is the exposition of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque sculptures in the cloister of the Franciscan monastery, the chapel of St. Barbara with Gothic frescos, an exhibition hall in the Baroque monastic refectory.

Pilsen is a center of international cultural events and festivals. The Liberation Festival is celebrated around 6th May, when the city of Pilsen was liberated from Nazi Germany by George Patton's 3rd Army in 1945. The city is full of music and other culture. Another sight of culture is displayed by the Puppet Rock Festival, which is held on the last weekend of July. This music festival brings in Pilsen the best of Electro, Rock, and World music.

The In the Streets Festival, which is generally celebrated in the first half of August, you will find small stages around the city center along with a big stage on the Square of Republic. Music, theater, and street performances are held and are enjoyed by every individual. The Pilsner Fest is the biggest and most famous beer festival in the Czech Republic that takes place every year around September when Pilsner Urquell Brewery celebrates its birthday.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Pilsen is one of the best cities for tourist attractions. It holds several sites of attractions and people love to visit the place. It is because there you will get some beautiful spots that have the most attractive views for your holiday trip. So, continue to read to check some of the interesting names that are worth visiting, during your tour to the city.

  • St. Bartholomew's Cathedral – Located on the Main Square in Pilsen, this is a Gothic church that was founded in the late 13th century. Its tower is the highest in the Czech Republic. The church was roofed only with a frame-shaped into a tall tent roof, with a tower for smaller bells. Besides, the cathedral is included on the list of National cultural monuments of the Czech Republic.
  • The Town Hall – This stunning building is situated in Republic Square in Pilsen. This is a Renaissance masterpiece, which is based on the designs of an Italian architect, Giovanni de Statia. It is a very impressive three-story building and is beautifully decorated with Neo-Renaissance graffiti from the early 20th century.
  • Patton Memorial Pilsen – The only American Army museum in Bohemia, opened on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Pilsen and South-West Bohemia. It features the stay of the American soldiers in the region. The exposition at this museum commemorates the historic events that took place at the end of the Second World War. A huge number of the exhibits on display features items given to the museum by private collectors. It is here that they present visitors with the realities of Pilsen’s liberation by the American army, a fact that was suppressed during the country’s communist era.
  • Historical Underground Network – It is a sophisticated system of cellars and tunnels of up to three levels under the whole Old Town area. It is accessible from the Brewery Museum in Veleslavinova Street. It consists of one of the longest networks of tunnels in Central Europe, which was originally created for storage and to transport water and sewage. But now it is just another feature of the city’s rich beer brewing history.
  • Ghost Museum – This museum is a very small toy store and haunted house combination, features the themes of fairy-tale worlds and legends. The haunted house is extremely musty and it and the tour are best avoided. When no longer scared, visitors will certainly recognize among them Radous, the terrible lord of the nearby castle Radyne. The museum is designed especially for children. The toy shop situated here is nice and is centrally located across from St. Bartholomew's.
  • The Great Synagogue – This is the second largest synagogue in Europe and third largest in the world, after synagogues in Jerusalem and Budapest. The mixture of styles is truly bewildering; from the onion domes of a Russian Orthodox Church to the Arabic style ceiling to the distinctly Indian-looking Aron Kodesh. Besides, this Jewish Temple served the community for just 50 years before the local population was decimated in the Holocaust.
  • Techmania Science Center – This center is one of the first science centers in the Czech Republic and an important institution of informal education. The mission of Techmania was to help the public, especially young people, to get more familiar with science, technology, and with the development of human knowledge in general. Besides, the intention was to build up a modern, interactive center, often known as a science center, in the industrial estate of the Skoda Company.
  • Bohemia Sekt Winery – The Bohemia Sekt Winery is located in Starý Plzenec, which is also known as Old Pilsen, as it was the original site of the town. The grapes used in Bohemia Sekt wine come from South Moravia, which is located on the same latitude. There are two different processes used by Bohemia Sekt to make their sparkling wine: the classic method & the more modern method.
  • Pilsen Municipal Armoury – This museum ranks among the best-preserved armoires of the European medieval towns. Globally outstanding, this is the oldest part which includes a set of firearms. An extensive set of battlement guns with simple fuse systems is also displayed here. The firearms collection is completed historically by muskets from the Thirty-Year War period. Cold weapons are represented in the armory by Morgenstern and arquebuses. The armors of Pilsen burghers are represented by a great number of chest and back plates, shoulder and arm protecting plates, as well as many helmets of different types.
  • West Bohemian Museum – This is one of the largest museums in the Czech Republic with a collection of more than 2 million items. This monumental Neo-Renaissance building with a large circular fountain is located in the city park ring. The museum’s unique exhibits include a rare European collection of arms from between the 14th to 17th centuries and an Art Nouveau library with valuable first editions.
St. Bartholomew's Cathedral


You can explore a wide number of popular tourist attraction places in Pilsen that are worth watching. Let us check out some of them.

City Parks

  • Borsky Park – Located on the southern outskirts of the city, this is the largest and most visited park in Pilsen. The southern part of the park is bordered by the river Radbuza. It is very popular and is often visited by the inhabitants of the southern part of Pilsen. In addition to peace and relaxation, you will find plenty of sports here. There is a mini-golf course, gym, and tennis court in the area of TK Slavia Pilsen.
  • Lochotin Park – This popular park is located near the Pilsen zoo. It was built as a spa resort and contains the Empire Lochotin Pavilion. Besides, the park also includes Lochotin Amphitheatre that makes it one of the largest open-air venues in the Czech Republic. This park is connected to the city center by a tree-lined lane called Kilometrovka.
The beautiful Borský park

National Parks

  • Pilsen Zoo – This zoo is a part of the zoological and botanical garden of the city of Pilsen, located north-west across the Mies River. The main entrance to the zoo is near the riverbank, and the facility of the parking lot is also available. This zoo is the home to over one thousand species of animals in natural conditions without bars. Further, the zoo also maintains the European studbook for grey lemurs and fat-tailed lemurs.
The Pilsen zoo is more of a sanctuary and it is very sustainable


  • Lhota Beach – This beach is located at a distance from the main city of Pilsen. It lies on the Lhota River in Prague and is surrounded by beautiful pine forests and a sandy beach. It offers a perfect ambiance for tourists to relax and have fun. Besides, one would find beach equipment and swimming floats for kids, parasols or canoes for rent, and food stalls that serve the most delicious langos and fried cheese that one must try.
Lhota Beach


  • The Plague Column – This is a beautiful statue located in the Main Square of Plzen, the biggest city in the West part of the Czech Republic. The Marian plague is in front of the Cisarsky dum and was built in a Renaissance style. The column is finished with a Gothic sculpture of the Pilsen Madonna. It is a column to remember diseases.
  • Franciscan Monastery – Located near the Main Square in Pilsen, the Franciscan church and monastery are among the city's oldest buildings. Church of Assumption of Virgin Mary, Chapterhouse, and Chapel of St. Barbara also belong to the monastery complex.
The Plague Column


  • West Bohemia Museum – With a collection of more than 2 million items, this is one of the largest museums in the Czech Republic. The monumental Neo-Renaissance building with a large circular fountain is located in the city park ring. This museum’s unique exhibits include a rare European collection of arms and an Art Nouveau library with valuable first editions.
  • Brewery Museum – Located in the historical center of the city, this is the only museum of its kind in the world that is located in an original house with brewing rights from ancient times. The house has been preserved in its original form. It displays a Gothic malt house, malt drying kiln, a rolling room, ice room, two-level cellars, and parts of the former taproom. Hundreds of unique exhibits narrate the history of brewing from ancient times to the present day. In the vicinity of this museum, there is one of the oldest pubs in Pilsen named Parkan, which is derived from its location in the space between the medieval city walls called parkan.
Inside the West Bohemia Musuem


Česnečka is the staple garlic soup part of the Czech Cuisine

Being a part of the Czech Republic, Pilsen serves Czech cuisine, which has both influenced and been influenced by the cuisines of surrounding countries and nations. The body of Czech meals typically consists of two or more courses; the first course is traditionally soup, the second course is the main dish, and the third course can include supplementary courses, such as dessert or compote (kompot). Contemporary Czech cuisine is more meat-based than in previous periods, the current abundance of farmable meat has enriched its presence in regional cuisine. Czech cuisine is also very strong in sweet main courses and desserts, a unique feature in European cuisines. There are various popular and traditional Czech dishes for example Sirloin in cream is basically marinated sirloin. It is a popular dish that consists of braised beef covered with a thick, creamy sauce of parsley root and carrots. It is mainly accompanied by a side of cranberry sauce and whipped cream. Baked mincemeat is another popular Czech dish. It is the Czech version of meatloaf, which is made by combining half pork and half beef mince along with adding slices of bacon, onions, and garlic. Sometimes, herbs like marjoram and parsley are also added to it.

Cesnecka is a garlic soup with croutons. It also contains a raw egg, which is added near the end of the cooking process and left alone to cook in the heat of the soup. Sometimes, small pieces of sausage, pork, or cheese are added to it as well. Smoked meat is also one of the famous Czech dishes, which is made with meat, usually pork. Juniper berries and peppers are often used as an aside. Goulash is a pork stew with lots of onions. It is mainly served with bread dumplings or slices of dark bread. Besides, it is a common meal during winter and is also one of the simplest and cheapest Czech dishes you can try. Tomato sauce is basically beef in any type of tomato sauce or soup, although soup is the usual liquid of choice. The soup is often made using a mix of chopped tomatoes and tomato paste, to which already cooked beef, onions, and spices are added. Moravian sparrow and Carbanates are other well-known Czech dishes.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Restaurant U Mansfelda – Located next to the historic walls in Pilsen Center, this restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the city. With traditional décor and authentic menu options including high-quality International and Czech Cuisine such as pork knee, smoked ribs, goulash with dumplings, roast duck with cabbage, and many other delicious dishes, this restaurant is very popular among tourists as well as the local population. Its outdoor seating gives a beautiful view of the park during summer.
  • Rango Restaurant – This popular restaurant is located in Prazska in Pilsen and is known for serving great menu options. You can consider this place to enjoy the Italian, Mediterranean, steakhouse, and seafood that will definitely suit your tastebuds. This is a family-run hotel restaurant that has been popular for its delicious food, beautiful environment, and excellent customer service. You can opt to visit this place for lunch, dinner as well as drinks. Besides, the prices are reasonable too.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Indian and Nepalese Restaurant Everest – This restaurant is located in Lochotinska in Pilsen. It is quite popular in the city for serving amazing Indian and Nepali dishes. The meals that are served here are based on the original dishes as you get it in their homeland. With good parking at the Kaufland and basement small spaces along with a few outdoor tables, this place attracts many locals and tourists. The staffs are friendly and attentive. You can visit this place with your friends and family to enjoy the lip-smacking dishes at a reasonable price.
  • Ngon Ngon – Located in Solni, Pilsen, this restaurant serves vegetarian-friendly and vegan food options, which include Asian, Vietnamese, Soups. The ambiance is quite decent with a cozy environment. The staff is very friendly and helpful. You can consider visiting this place to enjoy the delicious eateries for lunch and dinner.

Street Food

Sausages are widely available on every corner in the Czech Republic. There are sausage stands that are highly preferred by the tourist who has been out drinking beer all night and is in need of a late-night snack to soak up the alcohol. Hence, you will find a variety of sausages based on the type of meat and seasoning you prefer, but the sausages are typically served up on white buns with every topping you can think of, like ketchup, hot sauce, sauerkraut, and mustard. The best way to feel like a local is to grab a bite to eat at the nearest sausage stand. Halusky is another hearty dish that is perfectly suited for cold winter days.

Traditionally Czech and Slovak in origin, this dish is comprised of either thick, pillowy noodles or small dumplings made from flour and finely grated potatoes. Trdelnik is a famous pastry available all across the Czech Republic. It is originally known as Kurtsoskalacs in their native Transylvania. These rolled pastries are dusted in cinnamon sugar or left plain and glazed with butter. Other famous street foods that are extensively offered all across the country include fried cheese sandwiches, ham, potatoes on a stick, and many more.


This popular city of the Czech Republic is not only famous for tourist attractions and delicious eateries but is also known for serving a wide range of drinks that available across the country. Becherovka is the official drink of the Czech Republic. It is basically made from a combination of more than 20 herbs and spices, which is why people like taking it for digestive purposes. Pilsner beer is another famous alcoholic drink that is known for its fine quality and taste. Further, this beer is highly popular among the locals as well as across the world. Mulled wine is one of the best ways to warm up on a long winter stroll around the city. Called svarak in Czech, this hot sweet drink temporarily surpasses beer as the locals’ favorite beverage during the Christmas season. It is a mixture of red wine, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, vanilla, citrus fruits, and apples that produces a unique flavor, which is the perfect pick-up after a long day of exploration and shopping.

Beton is the most popular cocktail made from the Becherovka drink. It essentially means the combination of the drink and tonic. Slivovice is a fruit brandy that is one of the famous drinks of the Czech Republic because of its unique taste. Matonni is a soft drink made from mineral waters with added flavors and is widely available across the country. Fernet Stock is a special drink that originated from Pilsen-Bozkov, Czech Republic. It is made from a combination of 14 herbs sourced from different parts of the world. Besides, it is available in two variants, while this bitter one is the most common and popular, there is a sweeter version called Fernet Stock Citrus.


The tap water of Pilsen is drinkable. Tap water is regulated by the Czech Republic government officials several times a day, and they monitor the quality of water very thoroughly. Further, you are advised to always take extra precautions, the water may be safe to drink but when it leaves the sewage treatment plant but it may pick up pollutants during its way to the tap. Besides, you can ask the locals or hotel staff about the quality of the tap water. Also, note that different cities have different water mineral contents, hence, you can also prefer to use bottled water that is widely available across the city.

Organic Cafés

  • The Frenchie Café – Located in Smetanovy sady in Pilsen, this café is known for serving excellent coffee and great snack options. It is a wonderfully decorated cozy cafe where you can relax over the best coffee in Pilsen with skilfully decorated milk foam. The atmosphere was very nice and pleasant. The staffs are attentively at their work and provide good services without making you wait longer. You can prefer to visit this place to enjoy your afternoon and evening here and enjoy the coffee at an affordable price.
  • Pappa Coffee – This traveler’s choice café is located in Veleslavinova in Pilsen. This place is known for great coffee and snacks. Besides, one can spend quality time in the cozy environment along with sipping coffee and enjoying the fantastic brunch served here. It is a great place to sit down, chat, relax and enjoy the delicacies with your friends. The staff is welcoming and the menu options are available at pocket-friendly prices.


  • Pilsner Urquell Brewery – This Czech brewery was the first brewery to produce pale lager, branded as Pilsner Urquell. Pilsner Urquell is the largest beer producer in Czechia and is also the largest exporter of beer abroad. Pilsner Fest is a two-day beer festival held each year by the brewery, with music by local bands on four stages in the town. Further, this brewery has been the largest exporter of beer produced in the Czech Republic.


Apart from offerings several tourist destinations including top places, museums, parks, galleries, and others, the city also serves various activities that can make your trip more excited. The unique recreation area around the Bolevec ponds is virtually unknown outside the Pilsen region. It is an extraordinarily valuable location that offers numerous opportunities for tourists including swimming, walking, and even spots for the physically impaired. This Bolevec pond system is a unique late Gothic work from the mid-15th century, which makes it older than the better-known system of the Trebon. It consists of many ponds namely Velky bolevecky that are suitable for swimming. Other ponds such as Senecky, Tremosensky, Sidlovsky, and Kamenny are also located here. There are also several smaller ponds that are primarily used for fish breeding. The best natural swimming area is at Velky bolevecky, on whose sandy north shore there is a public recreation area with the Ostend swimming area. It includes changing rooms, toilets, food stalls, a maintained beach, and a long pier. The beach is lined with pine trees, which provide shade to the beachgoers. You can prefer to visit the former millstream, which is a small lake in the Pilsen City Center. This is the right place for your relaxation. You can sit on the grass or on the bench in tries shadow, and observe the silent water and fishes or listen to the quiet music from one of the colorful masks. In addition, you can also take a tour to Dinopark that offers tens of models of prehistoric animals in their original size and performing authentic sounds. The largest model of the park is a gigantic Apatosaurus and the smallest is the Compsognathus. This park also features a paleontological playground for children and a 3D cinema.

Yoga and Retreats

Pilsen, Czech Republic offers a number of yoga retreats that are known to assist you to keep your mind relaxed and aid to restore your energy. These yoga sessions are held every day. Therefore, you can consider taking part in some of them to feel more calm and energetic. Many people visit this place to get medicinal treatment through yoga. In addition to other healing retreats, these centers offer you various techniques to gain the energy that you lost after great exploration around the city. Also, you can opt to practice meditation to get a peaceful mind as you travel through the city. Besides, your mind and body will feel composed, after the constant scouting duration in the city. Hence, you are free to compare and select the best yoga center available in the city depending on your preferences.


While you opt for traveling to different parts of the world, accommodation is the most vital requirement. They assist you with a place for your stay and help you to get relief from your tiredness. Therefore, the options of accommodation that are offered by the city include green hotels, apartments, hostels, and guest houses. Further, the city remains crowded with tourists almost throughout the year, you will find accommodations ranging from expensive to reasonable ones. They are highly maintained and built with all necessities. Therefore, you can choose according to your needs before booking one.

Green Hotels

Green Hotels are widely available in the city and the cost of these hotels is usually low or similar to the normal hotels. Hence, they are very much in demand, especially among eco-friendly tourists. They are known to provide all the basic facilities that any individual gets in an average hotel. Though they are reasonable if you opt to add advance amenities provided by the hotel management then other surplus charges would be applicable. These hotels play a positive role in the improvement of the city’s atmosphere. This might increase the charge of the hotel. Some of the well-known green hotels that you can select for your stay in the city include:

  • Vienna House Easy Pilsen
  • Hotel Purkmistr
  • Ibis Plzen
  • Hotel Rango
  • Parkhotel Plzen
  • Hotel Rous
  • Primavera Hotel & Congress Center

Hostels and Guest Houses

The city offers a wide range of hostels and guest houses that are quite affordable. The facilities provided by these accommodation options are nearly similar to those facilities that are offered by an average hotel. Therefore, you can check various options as per your preference on the online platforms before making any reservations. These lodging systems are highly suitable for the ones, who are planning to stay in the city for several weeks. Here is a list of some of the top lodging options that you can consider for your comfortable and safe stay.

  • Hostel Kasperske Hory
  • Euro Hostel Plzen
  • Hostel River
  • Pension by the Water
  • Wellness Pension U GIGANTU
  • Pension of the small breweries
  • Pension U Gigantu
  • Pension Vion


Available on a rental basis, these apartments would be the best option of accommodations option for your comfortable stay in the city for business purposes or for study. They provide all the required facilities and are a great choice for those who are planning to stay in the city for more than a month. Being ranging from low to high cost depending on the locations, various types of apartments are available in the city. Therefore, you should consider booking an apartment beforehand to avoid last-minute problems. Some of the best known rental apartments available in the city include:

  • Avantgarde Apartments
  • Apartsee Wellness Pilsen
  • Apartments under the Kladruby Monastery
  • Apartments Homer Pilsen
  • Aparthotel Hartmanice
  • Hotel Republika 24 Apartments


This method of lodging is highly practiced in Pilsen. The locals help the outsiders with the facility of food and shelter during the visit to their hometown. Hence for tourists, Couchsurfing is the best way to explore the interior of the city like locals. It helps to know the culture of the city and assists to save money. It is completely safe and a very good option for your stay in the country as long as you want. As it takes a lot of time to find someone as a host and discuss the stay and other things with them, make sure to look for it from a very early time.

Choosing this method of lodging to stay in the city will help you to enjoy a lot by providing some benefits such as scouting the unknown places in the city, observing the lifestyle of the local population more keenly, to know about the traditions, taste the local dishes, learn the local language, and many more.


Camping is one of the best ways to admire the open sky and enjoy the mesmerizing views of different mountains, forests, and lakes. Pilsen has a lot of camping spots in different corners of the cities. Tourists all around the globe book these camping spots to experience a unique stay in Pilsen. Some popular camping grounds offered by the city include Autocamp Ostende, Camp for People, Autocamp Zelezna Rud, and more.

Most of these camping spots have all the basic facilities like toilets, food arrangements, and others. Tourists all around the globe book these camping spots to experience a unique stay in Pilsen. They are available at affordable prices and provide very eye-catching and amazing views that tourists look for.

How to Get There

The transportation facility of Pilsen is well-maintained and interlinked with various routes. Being an eco-friendly tourist, you should opt for bicycles to avoid pollution and travel to cover minimal distances. The best mean of getting in the city is through airways. Besides, if you are traveling from nearby cities you can also opt for the options like trains and buses. You can also prefer to select cars to get in the city.


The Prague International Airport Ruzyne is the nearest airport to Pilsen. It is located in the west of the center of Prague. The nearest airports to Pilsen in Germany are Munich (MUC) and Nuremberg (NUE). Airport Pilsen-Line is not used for public flights.

The Prague International Airport


Pilsen has direct bus connections to most towns in West Bohemia and also some other Czech and European cities. All buses leave from the central bus station (centralni autobusove nadrazi) in Husova Street approx. 5 min walk from the city center. There are also direct international bus connections to Germany (Munich, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Regensburg, Cologne, etc.), France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Slovakia, and Ukraine, which are mainly operated by Regiojet, Eurolines, and Flixbus.

Pilsen bus station


Pilsen is located on a crossroad of railways to Prague, Ceske Budejovice, Klatovy, Domazlice, Cheb, and Most. All trains leave from the main railway station, which is just 5 minutes walk from the city center. From Prague's main station or Prague's Smichov station, the trains leave on an hourly basis during the daytime. From Munich, the trains leave with the interval of 4 hours, which makes 4 schedules in a day.


If you don’t want to spend much money on transportation, then hitchhiking is the best way. As Pilsen is well connected by road to other nearby cities, you will easily be able to hitchhike your way through the city. It is a method of taking a lift on the way from people who are heading toward the country. You will gain some of the best experiences on your way to the country as there are plenty of views to admire along the way.


You can prefer to choose cars to get in the city if you are traveling from nearby destinations. Therefore, Pilsen is best reachable by freeway D5 connecting Prague with Nuremberg in Germany.

Moving Around

The city provides various options to get around the city to scout different spots in the city. Hence, you can opt for transport services like bicycles, cars, motorcycles, etc. Besides, getting an idea about the different types of transportation will help you get familiar with transport services available in Pilsen. Being a tourist, you should always opt to go with the transportation options that will help you to spend less money and get the chance to explore more.


Walking is not only the best way of traveling around the city streets and lanes, but you will also get the chance to meet the locals as you come across the localities while shopping through the paths of the market. This mode of scouting the city will help you to explore the interior of the city and is also an eco-friendly way of touring. In addition, it will also help you to understand the culture of the city.


Bikes or bicycles can be considered as the most effective ways to explore the lanes and streets of the interior of the city. They are comparatively cheap and fast modes of traveling as compared to walking. You can also prefer to ride bicycles for fun purposes.

Electronic Vehicles

Pilsen is working effectively and is said to be a few steps closer to sustainable mobility after the local authorities inaugurated its first charging station for electric vehicles. It is operational and free for the users of the Pilsen Zoological and Botanical Gardens parking lot, as announced by the Czech city authorities.

Public Bus

The municipal mass transit system in Pilsen is composed of 24 bus lines serving Pilsen and the suburbs, and three-night bus lines. The Integrated Pilsen Transportation (IDP) project makes it possible to use a single proof of payment that is valid throughout the entire system. The price of the ticket depends on the zone where you are traveling. The inner P-zone includes a total of eight cities and towns including Dysina, Chrast, Kysice, Pilsen, Smedcice, Stary Plzenec, Tlucna, and Vejprnice. The external Z-zone is made up of 36 towns.

Tram, Train and Subway

The PMDP operates trams, buses, and trolley-buses in Pilsen. A single ticket for a journey up to 30 minutes costs CZK 18 using tram, bus, or trolley-bus. Travelcard is valid for 24 hours and costs CZK 60. Tickets can be bought at any newsagent stand, from bus and tram drivers or from onboard ticket machines, which offers contactless payment only. All tickets need to be validated by inserting them into the top of the yellow validating machines near the vehicle door with the numbers at the bottom of the ticket facing towards you and pulling the top of the machine forwards. Doing this punches holes in the ticket and failing to do this may result in a fine of CZK 1000.

Sustainable Shopping

Instead of casual shopping, people around the world are now opting for sustainable shopping that helps to shop lovely things at low costs and decreases the waste of the city. Purchasing some of the unique things such as souvenirs or items for loved ones is a very common activity for tourists. Purchasing items from the small shops will support them a lot, as most of them are dependent on tourism. From clothes to accessories, you will find various types of items while exploring these markets.

Food Markets

The city holds various food markets that serve the locals as well as the tourists. With numerous shops, stalls, and stores, this market serves a great variety of options including restaurants, fruit and fish stores. Therefore, you can prefer to visit this market to experience the variety of food available in the city.

Flea Markets

The flea market held in the city is known to a great part of the world’s best flea markets. These markets are known to serve some fantastic antique stores and antique markets that are growing in the city year after year. Historical items found here reflect the handicrafts of the city and the country as a whole. They also give collectors plenty to choose from.

Second Hand Stores

In Pilsen, you will find some thrift stores that are known for offering a big collection of used books, souvenirs such as handicrafts, paintings, and many more. These stores often provide charitable support to the city locals. Hence, as an eco-friendly tourist, you should visit these markets to supports the locals of the city.


Eco-fashion offers a wide range of sustainable, organic, fair trade, vegan and recycled apparel. They positively affect the environment and help to maintain an eco-friendly atmosphere. These clothes are very much in demand and are offered by some of the stores and shops located in the city. These clothes are manufactured under the label of eco-fashion and are made using raw materials that are obtained from organic plants and natural dyes.


The recycling process applicable in Pilsen is working effectively to decrease the by-products by recycling. The government is planning to increase the recycling product percentage to bring change in the city. Hence, it has been acknowledged as having the best management practices in the country. These recycled products are used in different production industries to ensure the betterment of the atmosphere.


The waste is collected on a daily basis and they are emptied in one of several operational recycling facilities in the system. These facilities are managed by cooperatives, which effectively helps in the waste management program. Besides, the collection of waste helps to keep the city clean and free from impurities.

Work and Study Abroad

Education in the Czech Republic is far better than in comparison to many other countries. Therefore, the city of Pilsen offers attractive courses to foreign students. Benefits like exchange students are available in the city that helps the students to study at a low cost. In addition, the city also provides work opportunities to the people who are willing to build their future in Pilsen. During your tour of the city, you will get to see a lot of foreigners from different countries who are staying in the city either to complete their education or for job purposes

Exchange Student

The exchange student program is getting popular around the world. The colleges and universities of the city provide an exchange student program for foreign as well as local students. The best thing about this facility is that students can study at foreign universities only with the college fee. Further, this program also helps to boost the extra skills such as learning about new culture and language. Most of the reputed universities have partnerships with other universities in different countries and cities across the world.

Au Pair

The facility of au pair is widely available in the city. The benefit of this facility is that it will provide you the convenience to be able to get shelter, food, and even some pocket money. All you need to do is work for the host family. Most of the people take the help of this facility in the early stage of their settling down in the country. Hence it is a useful facility, which is popular around the world.


As an eco-friendly tourist, you can volunteer for different works that are offered by the city. As volunteering is highly conducted across the city, it is known to be one of the best ways to give your contribution to the country and make it a safer and cleaner place for tourists. Various programs like teaching, animal caring, organizing foods for the poor, etc. are held that contribute towards the noble cause. Many people love to participate in these social events organized under volunteering.

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