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Eco-friendly travel guide to San Pedro Sula advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

A view of San Pedro Sula, Honduras taken from Gran Hotel Sula

  • Air quality: 4.4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.0 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3.3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.8 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.6 / 5
  • Safety: 2.9 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$32 - $200
  • Budget per day: US$110 - $294

Responsible Travel

Are you a tourist wanting to visit San Pedro Sula and also be a responsible traveler at the same time? If yes, you have some specific responsibilities which any tourist visiting San Pedro Sula must perform some of them are:- Understand the local traditions, customs, and cultural norms throughout the community you want to visit. To connect with the immediate community as well as its peoples, the tourist must learn a few words in the host country's primary language. From its heritage, architecture, culture, dress, and communication codes to its musicians, art, and cuisine, experience and appreciate all that makes a tourism destination different and unique. Always seek permission before picturing others, as their privacy can be just as essential as yours. Do not render a lucrative offer to gain the necessary photograph. Before you criticize local living conditions or traditions, take a moment to think about it. Learn to listen and leave your biases at the door. Workers and service suppliers at all tourism facilities should be handled with courtesy and respect. One must opt for public transportation and electronic cars as responsible travelers, such as available buses, underground trains, and railways to reduce environmental damage. Eco-friendly hotels should be selected. A traveler should prefer local and artistic companies to international brands to buy and use them.

Air Quality and Pollution

The main environmental factors that affect our health are air pollution. It affects all groups, but the most affected groups are infants as well as the elderly. San Pedro Sula has a relatively good air. PM 2.5 is the dominant eye- and nose- and blood oxygenation pollutant. Prolong exposure causes heart and lung diseases.

Respect the Culture

The capital of the department of Cortés, Honduras, is San Pedro Sula. It is located about 50 km south of Puerto Cortés on the Caribbean Sea in the north-west corner of the Sula Valley country. It is the primary industrial center of the nation and the second-largest city after Tegucigalpa, with 671,460 people in the central city area and 1,445,598 in its metropolis in 2020. Spanish is the official language. The city was almost totally rebuilt and was founded in 1536. It is at the center of an important agricultural area generating export bananas and sugarcane, rice, maize, sweet potatoes, manatee, and domestic livestock. It is also a trade, economic, and marketing center for northern and western Honduras. San Pedro Sula, the country's leading industrial center, has plants manufacturing food products, foodstuffs, feed for animals, textiles, clothing, hat-work, beer, soap, processed woods, paper-like materials, furniture, plastics, paints, cement, glass, and electrical appliances.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Coca-cola sign - You find very good frozen coconuts when you reach the summit. I highly recommend this place for one to exercise, to clear one’s mind, to keep in touch with nature and to enjoy the company of friends, and family. The scene at the summit is truly rewarding. Between 5 am and 8 am in the morning is the best visiting time. Do stop in halfway to listen and watch birds.
  • Museum of Anthropology and history - A block from Central Park and the Cathedral is the museum. From the outside, it might not appear very impressive, but from the inside, it is truly impressive. In the old municipal buildings and built by a private initiative, this cultural redoubt is a historic testimony of the Mesoamerican heritage and of the area of San Pedro Sula which contains many ceramic pieces, objects, stone sculptures, works of art, and engravings from the conquest. It contains a great number of artifacts and articles showing the history of the Sula and San Pedro Sula valleys. The ground floor has a recreation of older homes and shows a local mode of life. It is especially interesting for children. They have sheets in the entire museum with English clarifications. It is very good and I'd advise. San Pedro Sula's Museum of Anthropology and History is a well-organized spot to visit for all these lovers of history.
  • Catedral de San Pedro Apóstol - A very prominent place in the city; from many corners of the city the color and the framework are noticeable. The church was built in 1949 in architectural Mission Revival style by the architect José Francisco Zalazar and is also called locally San Pedro Sula. A beautiful place to take pictures in the area. It is a historic place of this kind. The local residents go to pray. It's very old architecture. The cathedral's doors look original and are marvelous. Mass is offered in the early morning hours (about 6:00 AM) and for some special occasions in the evenings. It stays open all day long. In front and back, there is a lovely altar of holy people.
  • Mercado Guamilito - This place has the most typical food you're not going to find elsewhere. The Guamilito Market is a good place to dine every day of the week because there are so many choices. Besides the many souvenir shops available, they offer a number of things like fruit and vegetables, tortillas, dairy, natural medicine, and dog food can also be purchased here. This is the best place to buy Souvenir as there is plenty of Souvenir shop all scattered across the place. Each to communicate with shopkeepers even if you are not very good in Spanish. It has adorable flower stalls and I truly recommend visiting the place.
  • Zezima eco water park - Very clean family water park with a good amount of area for children with lifeguards in the vicinity. There were an adequate amount of floats for people visiting the park. Pollo Hondureño was delicious, but we wish we had more choices because we can not bring any food outside the park. There is a nice food court which is very affordable. I recommend highly visit this place and play the extreme sports which are available there.
  • El Bazar del Sabado - It's a good place to start a business and to buy Honduran products for families. It has the cheapest prices and high-quality products. It has the most affordable prices and the products are of great quality. One must definitely buy from this place in order to help the local entrepreneurs and local artisans. It has a great atmosphere and is the most interesting place to see in Honduras. A fun, safe place to go on Saturdays on SPS (with AC!!!) is this indoor market. Without heat, it has a Feria or a market feeling. They are provided with food (good for dinner, lunch, snack, coffee, and a variety of crafts, clothing, and other local produce, for sale in a sac and for drinking). They sometimes perform with dance groups or artists locally and internationally. They have no ATM, so bring lempiras with them in cash. one can go to buy regular soap, coffee, and vegetable plus splurge for a well-maintained gift or personal use every once and for all. They also have tourist gifts, so this is also a great place to visit Honduras for people. Try a Mangada to enjoy a cool snack.
  • City mall - The only issue, maybe, is that this is a small mall and you can find a few bigger shopping options but if you're nearby, this is good. This is a great place for relaxing, clothes, shoes, a nightclub, and desserts. It does not have a lot of restaurants and there are some good cinema halls within the mall. It is a safe place to visit and there are lots of guards who are cautious at all times and provide the best security. It is not very crowded and has got free parking facilities. They have most of the banks inside the premises of the mall. It is in a very good location and is very accessible. One must visit this place during Christmas to witness a great Christmas celebration which is done inside the mall. It has got a biometric scan at the entrance.
  • Parque Central Luis Alonso Baraona - The Cathedral on one end and the Municipal House on the other is a block of the town park. It is very lively by day. There is a market on one side of the park and tall buildings on the other side, and there is no specific information concerning the place. In the park, there are a lot of homeless. One felt Okay to walk around but we strongly suggest that you don't go there following sunset because tourists could be easy targets for robberies. The cathedral gardens are not well maintained and it is not a very safe place to visit by the night.
  • Korpus life - Spa services in the city are unparalleled. Extremely professional people, cleanliness, care, services, everything spectacular. We highly recommend this place in order to detox yourself and feel free. The professional people provide a spa which eases all stress and tensions and also cures body aces and helps one feel fresh and energetic. Korpus offers a number of packages for the massage. One of the top favorites is the aromatherapy of 45 minutes. The lymphatic drainage massage was also great. Korpus frequently offers excellent promotions. They give you an infusion at the end of the massage. The lemon grass with a hint of sweetness is the best. The smells of the oil are truly arousing and relaxing.
  • Fifth element divers - It is the best place for one to enjoy their weekend. The divers are very skilled and professional and treat the visitors with respect and courtesy. The divers make one feel very safe. You can get anything related to the beach here at the most affordable price. This is the best place to visit in San Pedro Sula. The divers also provide certifications.


San Pedro Sula is a great tourist destination. You can visit this play to have a great holiday. It is a paradise for historians as it has great museums. It has a great spa which can help you relax and calm yourself from your hectic life. The magnificent cathedral is a must-visit on Sundays. The water parks and the diving resort are a must-visit. There are good malls and very affordable shopping centers for one to buy cheap and high-quality goods.

City Parks

  • Parque Infantil Presentacion Centeno - It is a recreational park with trees, animals, and vegetation at the foot of the El Merendon mountain range, which provides oxygen to the city. Parque Infantil is a large park with cement slides and swings to play on. Childhood memories for many Hondurans in the San Pedro Sula area. The location is both safe and enjoyable for children of all ages. They have a couple of large slides where kids can go faster by sitting on a crushed soda bottle or a piece of cardboard. A great place to visit with children or as a family. Currently, he is well cared for. Attractions that are enjoyable in the midst of nature. It is highly recommended that you go.
  • Angeli Gardens Hiking Trails - Overall, friendly guides, good food, cool locally brewed beers, and a must-see location with a variety of activities in San Pedro Sula! Mountain Adventures was a first-rate company. It is completely safe and enjoyable, as well as the fun and beauty of each canopy. The trail ride on the Gator (type vehicle) was just as exciting as the canopy! The guides were professional, made the activity enjoyable, and put safety as their first priority. There are several restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious meal. The taste, freshness, and beautiful presentation of the meals will leave you speechless. You must also visit the Brewery to enjoy the best brews and food in San Pedro Sula! The beer manufacturing process is right behind the bar, giving you the impression that you are a part of it. And the beer is just as good as the atmosphere at Cerveceria-CDB. It has the feel of a well-established Cerveceria/Beer Bar/Restaurant, despite the fact that it has only been open for less than a month. I don't want to reveal any secrets, but after speaking with the owner, I can say that the Zip-Line will be available soon. Oh, no! While you're there, take a hike on the trail or have breakfast on the amazing Deck with a view. There is no need to wait because the trail and Deck are now open. There are beautiful birds all across the trail and the ambiance of the place will truly make you feel like you are in a paradise. Kids also enjoy this place and we truly recommend you to visit this place at the earliest.

National Parks

  • Cusuco National Parks - Connectivity is through a sloping dirt road; 4x4 vehicles are recommended during wet weather. Cloud rainforest in excellent condition, with several areas of highly specialized and alienated dwarf forest. A diverse range of plant and animal species, many of which are endemic to the park. Several trails, most of which are relatively hilly, and a good parking area with a sheltered eating area. Cusuco National Park is unquestionably worthwhile. The biodiversity in this park is astounding. It's a fantastic spot for birdwatchers to see spectacular sabertooth tigers, frog admirers to see just a few organisms of infections tree frogs, and entomologists to see decorated scarab beetles. It is a great place for hiking and tracking.
Cusuco National Park


There are no beaches in the city but one can visit the tela bay to see the magnificent beach and have plenty of adventure there. Beaches are generally less crowded and have all the basic amenities.


San Pedro Sula has lots of important landmarks all across the city. Coca-cola sign is the most well-known landmark of the city followed by the Museum of Anthropology and history and the Museums and the Catedral de San Pedro Apóstol. There is also a lot of different cathedral and churches which are important landmarks. The markets, city mall, and the bus station are also very important landmarks of the city.


  • Museum of Anthropology and History of San Pedro Sula
  • Museo de la Infancia el Pequeno Sula
  • Galeria Nacional de Arte


The food of the city is mouthwatering and delighting. There are all sorts of delicious cuisines and dishes which are offered across different restaurants in the city. There is a lot of variety in the restaurant and one should definitely try new dishes every day as long as one stays in the city. Some of the best restaurants in the city are:

  • Bambu Restaurant - Bambu restaurant offers the best food in the city it has the best service and the best and most friendly staff. It offers a variety of dishes. It offers a great buffet which tastes like heaven. They cook food with the freshest ingredients. It is an ideal place for birthday breakfast. Once you visit you would want to go back and order again.
  • Nau Lounge Bar - It would be the greatest bar you would ever visit. The beers here are excellent and it has a great ambiance. They have a pool and offer great and quick service. The staff is great and the food offered is delicious.
  • Factory Steak & Lobster - They try their best to offer the best service. They have great service and five-star food. You must definitely try the mouthwatering steaks and other dishes here.
  • UNO Chicago Grill - It is a paradise for pizza lovers. The menu offers a variety of food and the service is really quick. You must try the beer here, the beers here are amazing. It is recommended to have bookings before you visit because the restaurant at times gets overcrowded.
  • El Portal de las Carnes - They offer the best cocktails and the restaurant is truly beautiful from the inside. The service is not as great as the other restaurants but one must surely visit this place to get delicious food. The steaks are a must-try here.
  • Pisco - They have a large selection of dishes. We ordered two of them, one with seafood and one with red meat, and they were both perfectly cooked and delicious. Our appetizer was a traditional combination of ceviches, which was delicious. The prices are reasonable. Because there are so many options, the menu can be a little overwhelming. Parking is difficult because they only have a few public space that do not accommodate the number of guests they can accommodate.

Traditional Local Restaurants

San Pedro Sula is Honduras' second-largest city, and as such, it has a diverse range of restaurants to suit every palate. There is most likely no other Central American city with such a high proportion of US franchise restaurants. Everything from Fridays to Chillies and Denny's is available, as well as Burger King, Wendy's, McDonald's, Church's Chicken, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and others. If you want to eat at a franchise, simply ask the front desk clerk and he will direct you to the appropriate location. If you want to have a nice lunch or dinner, then browse our list of the best restaurants in San Pedro Sula Honduras and choose the best option for you. You will not be dissatisfied!

  • Bel Paese - Bel Paese is an excellent Italian restaurant. Piero, an Italian, and his Honduran wife own and run the business. The restaurant serves a wide range of pasta as well as delectable Italian specialties. 5 Calle A NO, between 13 and 14 Av. Los Andes is located in the Los Andes district of town. If you have a sweet tooth, try their eggplant parmesan or their outstanding Italian desserts! Monday through Saturday, noon to 2:30 p.m. for lunch, and 6 to 9:30 p.m. for dinner.
  • Barnada - San Pedro Sula has some of the best fusion cuisines in the world. A wide range of options, from Thai curries to French and Italian specialties, all with a nicely spiced flavor. Anna Maria, the chef, does an excellent job in the kitchen. The tables are elegantly set with white linens, and there is a nice if small, wine list to complement your meal. The ambiance is pleasant, with a very inviting outdoor lounge that serves as a bar while you wait for your table or work up an appetite. The address is 21 Ave entre 1-2 Calle NO Colonia Moderna.

Vegetarian and Vegan

The city has loads to offer for vegetarian people and most of the city restaurants are vegan friendly. Some of the restaurants a vegan should try during their visit are:

  • Trattoria Bel Paese
  • Kesef Cafe
  • Welchez Cafe

Street Food

San Pedro Sula offers a variety of street food which one should definitely try. Some of the best street food Restaurants of the city are

  • Janeth"s Restaurant
  • The Coffee Mug
  • PapaYuka's


The drinks served here are wine and vodka. There are various wines served, and it is truly a heaven for alcolics. It is also necessary to sample the various beers available at the establishment.


San Pedro Sula's tap water is safe to drink. When drinking tap water, take extra precautions. There was no general information available in WHO data about safely managed drinking water in Honduras, but the tap water in San Pedro Sula is extremely pure and healthy.

Organic Cafés

There is no organic cafes in the city at the present.


Cerveceria La 20 offers the best breweries and in the town and is a must-visit for any Brewerie lover.


End up making San Pedro Sula your next international travel destination. Its fantastic culture prepared meals, and museums would absolutely make it the ideal destination. The area also has excellent activities that should be thoroughly investigated and completed.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga practice aids in the maintenance of an individual's mind and body. It also aids in the maintenance of flexibility, muscle strength, and body tone. People should find a way to rejuvenate after a busy and hectic schedule, and yoga is the simplest way to do so. The list of some Yoga center at San Pedro Sula are:

  • Beyoga Honduras
  • Amanda yoga Studio
  • Gym ananda Yoga Studio


San Pedro Sula has a great variety of Hotels and accommodations. The hotels are very affordable and safe. The hotels are very hygienic and clean and have all luxurious facilities. The hotels are very beautiful both on the inside and as well as from the outside. Some of the hotels are at the very heart of the city and provide very good transportation to all other parts of the city. The hotel staff is very friendly and they go out of their way to help you. Some hotels also have transport facilities. The toilets are nicely maintained and are very hygienic. One must truly visit San Pedro Sula and must stay at any of the magnificent hotels which are available. The hotels also provide stable high-speed wifi and some of the hotels have a swimming pool which is very clean. Some hotels are very pet-friendly and also provide separate smoking rooms.

Green Hotels

Not many green hotels around so you will have to research properly before booking,

Hostels and Guest Houses

There are great hotels and guest houses in San Pedro Sula. Some hotels provide an airport shuttle and very high-speed wifi along with great room service. The hotels have a great room and have all sorts of beds ranging from queen size double to a single bed. One can even relax by the pool which is available in some hotels. A guesthouse is a small and private house that is available for daily rental. If you are traveling with a friend, getting a private room is usually cheaper or around the same price. The Hotels are very secure and are guarded by guards at all times. Some of the hotels in San Pedro Sula are:-

  • Hyatt place san Pedro Sula
  • Hotel grand
  • Hotel Gran Mediterraneo
  • Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula
  • Guacamaya Inn B&B
  • Hotel Casa Del Arbol


An apartment or flat is the best home away from home if you want a place to relax at the end of the day. Furnished rooms and kitchen facilities allow groups and families to relax separately or plan the next day's activities over a shared meal. Short and long-term rentals are frequently available. Some of the most well-known apartments in San Pedro Sula are as follows:

  • Real Guanacaste - Real Guanacaste is located in San Pedro Sula and offers free WiFi as well as a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, and a fitness center. A sun terrace is available at the aparthotel. Real Guanacaste's indoor pool and garden are available to guests. The room was very spacious and comfortable. Room service is consistently excellent. Everyone, from the administrator to the kitchen staff, is amazing and friendly.
  • Sap city apartments - SAP City Apartments is a San Pedro Sula accommodation with free WiFi and mountain views. This apartment's guests have access to a fully equipped kitchen. This city-view apartment has two bedrooms and a bathroom with a bath or shower. A flat-screen television is provided. You'd love the apartment because it has two bedrooms, each with air conditioning, and a living room in the front. A kitchenette was provided so that you could prepare your own meals. The beds are extremely comfortable. Pillows have a lumpy texture. The surrounding area was satisfactory. However, you should be aware that increased security measures will be implemented throughout San Pedro Sula.
  • Apartmento Corparativo - The apartment has two bedrooms, a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a kitchen with a dishwasher and a microwave, a washing machine, and one bathroom with a shower. Towels and bed linen can be provided for an additional fee as an added convenience. It's easy to find and close to everything in the city.


Couchsurfing is a worldwide traveling community with millions of members that is the best way to experience San Pedro Sula like a local. Contact over hosts in San Pedro Sula to find out about unique places to stay and locals to stay. Use Couchsurfing to find lodging in San Pedro Sula, meet locals and travelers, and thoroughly explore the city.


San Pedro Sula nature is quite good for camping. The beautiful city is covered with a perfect ecosystem that would surely allow one to set for camping in and around the city. The city provides the basic amenities as well as all the modern amenities which are essential for a perfect living. Some of the great camping sites are;-

  • Parqueo de Lubrisula
  • Estacionamiento Siboney
  • Col vista hermosa

How to Get There

The city of San Pedro Sula is located in northern Honduras. It is Honduras' second largest city after the capital, Tegucigalpa. It is primarily a modern city and the center of industry in Honduras. It is a good starting point for exploring the country and visiting other parts, and it has modern amenities.


San Pedro Sula is home to one of Honduras' busiest international airports. International flights arrive in Panama City, Mexico City, San Salvador, and San José from New York City, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Panama City, Mexico City, San Salvador, and San José. San Pedro Sula is connected to domestic destinations such as La Ceiba, Roatan, Tegucigalpa, Utila, and Guanaja via air viva. It should be noted that all passengers departing the country via San Pedro Sula airport must pay a $40 exit tax. ATMs are available at the airport, and payments in USD and HNL are accepted.

Aeropuerto Internacional Ramon Villeda Morales, San Pedro Sula


A few kilometers south of downtown is the massive Gran Central Metropolitana de Autobuses. It is not only the largest bus station in Central America, but it also houses a shopping center, a food court, and a variety of other amenities. There are numerous bus services of varying quality and price to all major cities in Honduras, as well as to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. If you are traveling from the Corinto border crossing with Guatemala, you will need to take two buses to SPS(San Pedro Sula). The very first bus from the border will cost you 70Lps and will take you to Puerto Cortez. Tell them you would like to go to San Pedro Sula then they will put you on a bus going to the city in the suburbs of Puerto Cortez for 50Lps.

A minibus on the streets of San Pedro Sula


Railways in Honduras had all been built by two competing U.S. corporations in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries: United Fruit (Tela Railroad Company) and Standard Fruit (later nationalized). They were all on the Caribbean coast and never made it to the capital. The combined network had 785 km in 1993 only three separate segments remain in operation under the management of FNH - Ferrocarril Nacional de Honduras, with only one of them operating in San Pedro Sula, namely the line between San Pedro Sula and Puerto Cortes, which is 50 kilometers long and is primarily used to transport lumbar.


If you only have a limited amount of time and want to travel a short distance, you could try purchasing the world's best footpath maps and walking a few miles a day along some of the most beautiful and well-marked paths, whether in a valley, through a forest, or over mountains. There are many kilometers of well-maintained and well-documented hiking trails, but it is rarely safe and is not recommended.


Cars are the most common mode of transportation for common tourists within Hondurus' borders.

Moving Around

The city center is relatively compact and can be explored on foot; cars, taxis, and buses circulate throughout the city and immediate neighborhoods. Although the airport is approximately 5-10 miles from the city center, taxis are plentiful at the airport.


The beautiful ambiance of the San Pedro Sula is walking heaven. One can enjoy the fresh air and watch some exotic birds while walking. One must also be cautious while walking and must not go to the deserted and dark side of the city while walking.


Bicycle is the best way to explore the city after waling as the city has a good network of road and there are lots of free parking spaces available around the city for one to park their bicycle. It is recommended that One must wear necessary gears and headsets to protect themselves from any sort of accidents.

Electronic Vehicles

The city has various plans to implement electric vehicles and is developing the necessary infrastructure to run electric vehicles on its roads. There are plans for a number of charging stations to be installed all across the city to charge the electric vehicles. San Pedro Sula at this time has no electric vehicle running on the road.

Public Bus

There are a number of bus stations at San Pedro Sula but the main Station is the San Pedro Sula bus station is a modern facility that greatly simplifies travel to and from San Pedro Sula. This terminal serves as the arrival and departure point for all intercity bus services. It is, in fact, Central America's first metropolitan bus terminal of its kind. This makes getting around Honduras much simpler! Shops, banks, a food court, and transportation services are available at the bus terminal. To serve passengers, the terminal has a variety of shops, banks, and a full food court. The building is designed in the shape of an L, with the food court located at the intersection of the two sections. The more exclusive bus companies can be found in the top area.

Tram, Train and Subway

There is only one functional train that is in operation and it operates between San Pedro Sula and Puerto Cortes, which is 50 kilometers long and is primarily used to transport lumbar. There are no trams and Subways which are currently operational in San Pedro Sula.

Sustainable Shopping

San Pedro Sula is a hallucinatory vacation destination for everyone. San Pedro Sula is equally enthralling and fantastic for shopping. When visiting San Pedro Sula, one should always bring extra luggage because the central American city has a lot to give. Famous picks include fashionable clothing, perfumes, accessories, and, of course, chocolates. The beautiful Malls are well-lit and completely mesmerizing. San Pedro Sula is full of excitement and fun.

Food Markets

Inviting market stands selling local food or one-of-a-kind art and accessories is truly a place where a visitor could get lost for hours just exploring the market. The friendly atmosphere of the shopping center entices buyers to purchase the most from the markets. The food's delicacy and flavor will drive you insane. The best food market in San Pedro Sula is Mercado Guamilito

Flea Markets

The stunning scenery of San Pedro Sula is shown to visitors, and the flea markets make up the majority of the magnificent landscape. San Pedro Sula is home to some of America's most beautiful and rewarding flea markets. El Bazar del Sabado is the city's best flea market.

Second Hand Stores

San Pedro Sula is a thrifty and miser's paradise. Shopping at a thrift store is no longer about finding the right design for yourself, but about finding the right history that you can proudly display. Some of the most well-known second-hand stores in San Pedro Sula are:

  • Yonker Reconco
  • Megapaca


Sustainable Eco-fashion is the process of bringing about a positive change in the development of fashion products. It also includes the fashion industry in order to achieve greater environmental integrity and social justice. San Pedro Sula at present do not have any eco fashion store.


Recycling is a very important part of the city manager in San Pedro Sula. There are a number of recycling plants across the city that generate a huge amount of revenue some of them are:

  • Inversiones Materiales S. de R.L. de C.V.
  • Interdeco
  • Reciclados de Sula S. de R.L.


The city has several waste management and water management program which is currently functional inorder to get rid of the waste in the most efficient and green manner. The city every year is increasing its budget in waste management programs.

Work and Study Abroad

There are a number of opportunities provided to study at the San Pedro Sula. There are also a lot of internship as well as skills development program offered by various universities for the international students.

Exchange Student

Student Exchange programs are not very common in the universities of San Pedro Sula.

Au Pair

An au pair is a helper who is typically from a foreign country and works for or lives with a host family in another city or country. Au pairs assist the family by caring for children and doing some housework in exchange for a monetary allowance for personal use. There are numerous Au pair opportunities available in San Pedro Sula.


Volunteering is the process by which a person voluntarily agrees to perform service for a non-profit organisation at no cost. Professionals, nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals can find work in San Pedro Sula.

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